qensenand: Do you think using the __autoload function <http://nl.php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.autoload.php> would be a good idea?18:49
qensefor UW of course18:50
nandqense: One friend use it on a project, but I didn't like it that much... But that's useful, yeah18:51
* nand gogo dinner18:51
qensehave a nice dinner :)18:51
qensemaybe it would be better to not use it and keep complet control of the included classes18:52
nandit's really up to you :)19:18
nandqense: so how's the project going?19:18
qenseI was busy with school during the last week, but am now working again at reorganizing the code to make it easier to work with (in my eyes). There are still some things from Brainstorm that were left and I want to use proper models, the things I've written so far weren't that consistent.19:19
nandok, yeah, better to reorganize and tidy thing a bit first before going deep into development!19:20
qenseYou should do things right from the beginning, otherwise you'll be sorry later on.19:21
qenseIt notice how important well designed code is when doing some maintenance on the website of school written by two other pupils previously. It's horrible to extend.19:22
nandmaintainability of code is a very important thing indeed!19:25
nandOr you can easily spend hours to correct design mistakes19:26
qenseI'm learning important lessons here. :) useful for alter19:26
qenseDo you think a separate user model is needed or does Drupal has already got a mechanism for retrieving user data?19:27
nandqense: if you mean attaching custom data to users, you need to create your own tables.19:50
nandotherwise you can load and search users with user_load19:50
qenseok, that will probably do fine. Thanks! :)19:51
nandDrupal API doc is difficult to find, but useful. Be patient :)19:51
nandor just read the source code :)19:51
qensethe API doc works great, most of the times typing the functions in the firefox address bar works fine, just like the PHP documentation19:52
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