bryceok up to 5 now - #30760900:07
brycetjaalton: you might want to peek at that bug 30760900:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307609 in pixman "libpixman is built with Altivec on ppc" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30760900:08
tjaaltonbryce: the configure script doesn't have an option to turn it off00:16
tjaaltonso upstream should provide one00:16
bryceok, so this should go upstream then.  thanks00:17
brycednl Check for VMX/Altivec00:22
bryceif test -n "`$CC -v 2>&1 | grep version | grep Apple`"; then00:22
bryce    VMX_CFLAGS="-faltivec"00:22
bryce    VMX_CFLAGS="-maltivec -mabi=altivec"00:22
bryceconfigure.ac does seem to have stuff for altivec support00:23
tjaaltonyes, but it only checks the arch00:23
bryce--disable-vmx seems to be the switch associated with it00:23
bryceok, I guess I don't understand exactly what we require... if you can jot a few notes I can upstream it right now00:24
bryceoh, it needs to have a check of some sort to not use altivec support with ppc?00:25
tjaaltonoh, right00:25
brycedo you think appending --disable-vmx to the configure line should be sufficient?  maybe I should ask the original reporter00:28
tjaaltonshould be enough00:31
brycehuh, `xkbcomp -C :0` busted00:32
brycethanks kees00:32
tjaaltonwhat did he do this time?-)00:35
bryceah, remember that presentation he gave at UDS about new compiler security checking stuff?  seems xkbcomp is being naughty00:36
tjaaltonah ok00:37
tjaalton02:36 < Atomo64> lp should be designed to cope with the kind of users it has; one should be  able to split, remove, merge, clone, and more (all forms editing, IOW)00:37
tjaaltonfrom #debian-x00:37
tjaaltonmakes sense..00:37
brycecompletely agreed00:37
bryceI think I've filed wishlist bugs for at least a couple of those capabiltiies :-)00:38
tjaaltonanyway, night ->00:40
keesi've got it fixed01:01
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19490 in App/xkbcomp "Buffer overflow in WriteCHdrKeyTypes running 'xkbcomp -C :0'" [Normal,New]01:05
keesah, cool01:07
brycekees, are you going to package and upload the patch, or shall I?01:08
keesbryce: well, I wanted to test it first, but the patch system hates me01:08
bryceyeah looks like there isn't a patch system01:09
keesdebian/xsfbs/xsfbs.mk says "quilt"01:09
bryce  - Add "dpatch" to debian/control Build-Depends01:09
bryce  - Change debian/rules to include dpatch makefile01:09
bryce    "include /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make"01:09
bryce  - Update the "build" and "clean" rules01:09
bryce    "build-stamp: -> build-stamp: patch"01:09
bryce    "clean: -> clean: clean-patched unpatch"01:09
bryce    "clean-patched:"01:09
brycenevermind that01:09
bryce  - Copy xsfbs dir into debian/ if needed01:10
bryce  - In debian/control add quilt as a Build-Depends01:10
bryce  - In debian/rules, add these lines:01:10
brycePACKAGE = <packagename>01:10
bryceinclude debian/xsfbs/xsfbs.mk01:10
keesOH! it _missing_ quilt as a build-dep01:10
brycebuild: patch build-stamp01:10
keesit's got all the support for it, it's just not actually pulling quilt in01:10
bryceok, feel free to upload that once you've confirmed it 01:10
keesCould not load keyboard geometry for :0.0 ... 01:24
keesshould it be able to run?01:24
bryceI think that might be an acceptable response01:24
bryceI get the same thing if I run just 'xkbcomp :0'01:25
brycein any case if that's wrong, it's unrelated to the buffer overflow I think01:25
keescool.  I fixed 2 more overflows before it'd give me a normal exit.  :P01:26
keesupdated the upstream bug patch and am uploading to jaunty now01:26
bryceI'm not certain that 'xkbcomp -C :0' is correct usage01:26
bryceoh, yeah I guess it is01:27
brycebut I just get error messages, strange01:28
brycebryce@chideok:~/src/xorg/xorg-ubuntu-git/debian/apport$ xkbcomp :001:28
bryceWarning:          Could not load keyboard geometry for :001:28
bryce                  BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)01:28
bryce                  Resulting keymap file will not describe geometry01:28
Rocket2DMnHey guys, I ran across a few X related bugs this evening, I kept my eyes open for them at your request.  I need help triaging them though since I'm not an X pro.01:48
Rocket2DMnI'll be chilling here for awhile, so just ping me if/when you're ready01:49
bryceI'm just going through bugs01:51
bryceheh  "lspci -vvnn ? what things are these and can it be done on desktop, no command line to me."01:51
Rocket2DMnlol, nice01:52
Rocket2DMnalright, let's start with bug 31560301:52
ubottuBug 315603 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/315603 is private01:52
Rocket2DMnlooks like the retrace failed, thought idk how useful those are to you guys.  There is no backtrace but there is a CoreDump01:53
Rocket2DMni haven't a clue how to access a coredump or if there is anything useful there for the humna eye anyway if it does get interpreted from its binary format01:54
bryceyeah the retracer often fails01:54
brycebut the backtraces it gathers are hardly ever sufficient.  we almost always end up asking the user to collect a full backtrace and reference them to wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Backtracing for directions01:55
Rocket2DMnyesterday you guys suggested getting a dump rather since getting that backtrace was such a pain, is there enough info in a dump to do a triage?01:55
Rocket2DMnseems like the guy who filed that report doesnt know much either, and may not be able to reproduce the crash at will01:55
bryceI've never actually tried that myself.  in theory though it should work (that's what the retracer is doing)01:55
brycequite true01:56
Rocket2DMnso i guess the question is - what do we do with that report? mark it as triaged?  how do i know if there is enough in the coredump (and how would i even check)?01:56
brycetry this02:01
brycesudo gdb /usr/bin/Xorg /whatever/core02:01
bryceThen run the "backtrace full" command inside gdb. 02:01
Rocket2DMnyou mean me download the coredump and do that?02:01
Rocket2DMnhow i wish intrepid ran in a vbox02:02
brycethat's right02:03
bryceI'll try it too02:03
Rocket2DMni need to install the necessary packages on my intrepid laptop first02:03
brycewell looks fairly useless to me so far...02:04
bryce(gdb) bt full02:04
bryce#0  0x0000000000000000 in ?? () from /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.202:04
bryceNo symbol table info available.02:04
bryceCannot access memory at address 0xbfd725080000000102:04
Rocket2DMnyeah thats not good02:05
Rocket2DMndoes that dump need to be extraced first?02:06
Rocket2DMnbryce, i got the same error you did (different address)02:08
bryceyeah I'm not sure what to do from here02:09
brycenormally I'd ask the user to reproduce the crash and collect a backtrace manually02:09
brycelike you said, most of the time that's way over their head so we kind of get collectively stuck at that point02:10
Rocket2DMnwell we still can, but we're likely to get a no response or a "duh what?"02:10
Rocket2DMni guess it's worth setting to incomplete and asking, if they dont get back in 60 days, close it as an expired bug02:11
Rocket2DMnis there a reason you keep 2 copies of that X/Backtracing page? the one on the wiki and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingXorg02:12
brycenope, that latter one can probably be removed.  Thought I'd already done that.02:13
Rocket2DMnyeah not so quick though02:13
bryceyeah I've just finished looking through gdb help to see if there's any commands that'd be useful, but am not seeing something obvious02:14
Rocket2DMnwait hold wrong link02:14
bryceMy stock backtrace-needed reply is "Are you able to reproduce this issue? If so, please collect a full backtrace - see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Backtracing for directions."02:14
Rocket2DMnok that second page is linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash02:15
bryceoften I also ask for steps to reproduce the problem if not given already02:15
Rocket2DMnlol that page is just and include of X/Backtracing02:16
brycethat's probably fine then; there are probably old forum posts and bugs and stuff referencing that old link02:17
bryceI've been trying to consolidate all the X info under the X/ namespace02:17
Rocket2DMnyeah probably just leave the wiki page02:18
Rocket2DMnill post back to that bug02:19
bryceok cool02:20
Rocket2DMnalright done.02:21
Rocket2DMnnext one, bug 31554202:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315542 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "X hangs on ubuntu 8.1 intrepid laptop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31554202:21
Rocket2DMnthe gal is using unofficial drivers to try and get it working02:21
Rocket2DMnand there is possibly an infinite loop - can a backtrace actually catch that?02:22
bryceusually not02:22
Rocket2DMndidnt expect so02:23
brycethese infinite loop bugs are a bit harder to debug.  I spent some time with jesse (from Intel) asking about tricks for debugging these02:23
brycein this case the problem looks like this:02:23
bryce(EE) intel(0): Mode 1280x1024 does not fit virtual size 1024x1024 - internal error02:23
bryceusually whatever gets printed out before it starts with the mieqEnequeue gobbltigook is what's relevant for the issue02:24
brycehere's my notes...02:25
bryce* Black screen, with stuff otherwise still functional - mode issues, so collect intel_reg_dumper output.02:25
bryce* hard hangs - pipe quirks, could be modesetting related02:25
bryce* wait lp ring soft hangs - render accel or 3d bugs.  Try turning off DRI or EXANoComposite to try isolating where they occur.  I\02:25
brycef it occurs with a specific application with/without DRI.02:25
bryce* Screen corruption.  Having a photo helps.  Short lines 8px wide, will be GPU related.  Long lines will be tiling issues.02:25
bryceScreensaver just pulls from the framebuffer02:25
brycesysprof can help with high cpu issues02:25
bryceltrace sometimes useful02:25
bryce 02:25
bryceIn general, with these kinds of bugs triaging is going to be limited to making sure they have the usual files, and a good precise set of steps to reproduce, and the conditions under which the bug occurs02:26
brycee.g., with or without compiz, with certain programs loaded, etc.02:26
Rocket2DMnthe usual files? you mean xorg.conf, Xorg.0.log, dmesg?02:27
bryceXorg.0.log, lspci -vvnn, xorg.conf, yeah.  Sometimes photos if there's screen corruption.02:29
Rocket2DMnalright ill get as much as i can from this person02:33
Rocket2DMnshould i have them remove that testing driver?02:34
brycenah, that's not a big deal02:35
Rocket2DMnok, in that case the bug is filed against the intel driver, not xorg-server, should i switch it02:36
Rocket2DMnok, but the error above is from the driver still: (EE) intel(0): Mode 1280x1024 does not fit virtual size 1024x1024 - internal error02:37
Rocket2DMnill put it on xorg-server02:37
bryceoops wait, I read your comment backwards (sorry, wife just came home so I'm distracted)02:38
bryceyes leave it against the -intel drivers02:38
Rocket2DMnhehe oops, ok i changed it back02:39
bryceas a general rule, if in question, default to filing against the driver, because there are more active engineers focusing on drivers than there are on the xserver02:39
Rocket2DMnbugmail spam heading your way02:39
Rocket2DMnok, noted.02:39
Rocket2DMnand on the topic of drivers, bug 31527402:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315274 in patch "Updating of ATI drivers crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31527402:39
Rocket2DMni assume that should be filed against fglrx-driver and not patch02:40
bryceyep, that's right02:40
Rocket2DMni guess that is just an update failure, not an X crash02:41
brycealso fwiw oftentimes these problems with crashes from upgrades with fglrx are due to them having mixed up -ati and -fglrx installs02:41
bryceeach of them provide certain glx files, so having both installed end up causing toe-stepping02:41
brycethe solution is to do a complete purge of the driver they don't want, and a full reinstall of the driver they do want02:42
brycenot enough info in this bug report to know for certain that's the problem here, but that'd be my gut guess02:42
brycealso, most flgrx bugs are not going to be going anywhere02:42
Rocket2DMnyeah ive noticed restricted driver bugs dont get a lot of love02:43
bryceI am an contact with the ATI guys and able to pass a >few< bugs up to them, but really only ones that are pervasive, easily reproduced, and/or very well reported go up02:43
bryceimho it's barely worth the trouble to triage fglrx bugs02:43
Rocket2DMnalright ill leave this one alone, it looks like a bad download or something anyway02:44
bryceok, sorry wife wants me to take her out to dinner so I gotta run.02:45
Rocket2DMnok, we're done, thanks bryce , have fun02:45
* bryce waves to tseliot09:50
tseliothey bryce09:50
pwnguinwhat else is needed for triage on bug #315882?19:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315882 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "[Jaunty] synaptics fdi file does not contain entry for touchpads know as "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" starting with 2.6.28 series kernels" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31588219:07
jcristaujust needs a new upstream, afaict19:13

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