Slart_batcoder-7: using desktop effects?00:00
Doc8404jrib do you happen to know what install i need to make these macros function http://pastebin.com/m3c28941800:00
mogi22Slart_, ok i do have dig00:00
batcoder-7Slart_: if i am i dont notice them, i didnt enable anything00:00
Slart_mogi22: try doing a dig on one of your own hostnames.. see if your dns has them..00:00
mogi22Slart_, dig google returned lots of data, dig (myclient HN) didnt return as much00:01
mogi22Slart_, i guess i dont understand the output of dig to tell00:01
Slart_batcoder-7: hmm.. I think desktop effects is disabled by default... then I don't really know what could be causing it00:01
eseven73batcoder-7: i have not tried xubuntu 8.10 but I have heard it's put on a few pounds00:01
Doc8404eseven73 i wouldnt do it yet00:02
eseven73oh no way, LTS for me00:02
batcoder-7eseven73: few pounds in what way ?00:02
eseven73just general performance00:02
batcoder-7eseven73: what do you think they did ?00:03
eseven73who knows00:03
batcoder-7i want to reverse that00:03
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batcoder-7i got some wifi stuffrunning dont need that hmm00:03
mogi22Slart_, dig HN produces same output as dig rubbish, so i guess its failing, but dig server hostname fails too, so i dont think dig is a good way to test.00:03
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eseven73batcoder-7: have you tried Icewm? its slimmer than XFCE00:04
mogi22Slart_, meaning if i dig dhcpserverHN i get same output as dig blahblah00:04
Slart_mogi22: hmm.. I'm looking at the man page for dig.. give me a second00:04
batcoder-7eseven73: i mean, no but i have seen screens of i, i mean a celeron 2.8 isnt that bad ;) it can handle xfce00:04
mogi22Slart_, i think dig is useful for fqdn on the net.  perhaps not on the lan?00:04
batcoder-7i think its just those daemons they got running in the background00:04
eseven73batcoder-7: ah ok then.00:05
batcoder-7eseven73: its not that bad, i just notice small stuff00:05
batcoder-7maybe its just me00:05
batcoder-7i do got firefox and like 20 tabs open00:05
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owhmogi22, Slart_: dig is the "DNS lookup utility", unless you are running a DNS, it's not for your LAN.00:06
mogi22Slart_, what i dont get is why it all worked on gutsy/feisty but now not on hardy.  i have same configs, so what changed?00:06
mogi22owh, dhcp server is running bind00:06
owhmogi22: What's the actual problem?00:07
amossHi guys! I use dual monitors.. how can I get a new window to open in my primary display?00:07
mogi22owh, basically i want the HN set by the clients on LAN (via dhcp) to work again (i used to be able to ping/ssh into boxes on LAN from my LAN client)00:07
mogi22owh, i can still do so if use their IP, and the HNs do appear in the server leases file00:08
rodsanyone able to help with virtualbox?00:08
ryanakcaAt boot, how can I have my swap be decrypted *after* my home partition? (the swap key is a file on /home, both partitions are in my crypttab, LUKS)00:08
eseven73try #Vbox rods00:08
Slart_owh: but mogi22 *is* running a dns on his lan00:08
amossrods: u can join virtualbox channel00:08
mogi22owh, but for some reason i cant ping the HN since upgrading to hardy (both clients and server)00:08
n8tusmogi22 -> what is HN? can you be more clearer or use the correct terms?00:08
Slart_owh: but we're trying to check if it's being updated properly from dhcp00:09
owhn8tus: hostname00:09
rodsI tried #vbox, no one responding00:09
ubuntupeanyone can help me with grub?00:09
mogi22n8tus, HN is hostname ... is that not the correct term?00:09
Siertubuntupe: what's the problem?00:09
amossrods: ok.. what is your problem?00:09
owhmogi22: Are you running the same DHCP server?00:09
n8tusowh -> it is not good to invent your own acronyms, hostname is correct but not HN, confusing as heck00:09
amossHi guys! I use dual monitors.. how can I get a new window to open in my primary display?00:09
ubuntupei make dual boot ubuntu and xp and i cant boot from xp00:10
owhn8tus: That's fair enough, though from the context it was pretty obvious to me.00:10
mogi22n8tus, how is hostname an acronym (i think you meant abbreviation) for "hostname"00:10
owhmogi22: It was the reference to HN00:10
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mogi22owh, dhcp server is same box but upgraded to hardy or is that not what you meant?00:11
Siertubuntupe: do you have the systems on one harddisk?00:11
n8tusmogi22 -> whatever you call it, dont invent hn as hostname00:11
ubuntupeyes i do00:11
owhSlart_: I've only come in on the tail of this and I was just responding to the comment about "i think dig is for ..."00:11
mogi22owh, yes i know what the reference was, but it sounded like he/she was saying use hostname as an abbreviation for hostname00:11
Siertubuntupe: XP is on the primary partition?00:11
owhmogi22: :)00:11
jinja-sheepUpon lock-screen you have the ability to leave message.  When you resume back to the Desktop, there are popups with the messages in them.  What is it called?  notify-something?00:12
Siertubuntupe: take a look int he file /boot/grub/menu.lst, make sure the Windows section contains "root (hd0,0)"00:12
Siertubuntupe: followed by the lines "makeactive" and "chainloader +1"00:12
supertankerMy user crontabs don't seem to be working. I've added a crontab with crontab-e to run every minute, I've made an /etc/cron.allow with the user's name in it, but it is not working00:12
supertankerAny ideas?00:12
owhSlart_, mogi22: Have you tested to see if bind is responding with something like nslookup?00:12
Slart_owh: I understand.. I just thought I would clarify00:12
ubuntupe# on /dev/sda100:12
ubuntupetitleMicrosoft Windows XP Professional00:12
FloodBot3ubuntupe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:12
bzwingzeroI'm trying to add programs through the Add/Remove programs app, however nothing is listed. Any ideas why?00:12
mogi22n8tus, anyway its cool, i agree with you about not making up your own abbreviations.  i just thought HN was standard.00:12
mogi22owh, well all clients have full dns and web access.00:13
mogi22owh, i have 0 problems after the upgrade (and lots of troubleshooting) except this one weird difference00:13
owhmogi22: Yeah, but the clients need to be using *your* DNS, unless all your clients are visible on the Internet.00:13
oofusr13, this is eut from earlier. i have tried going to system -> hardware drivers but its just saying that "no proprietary drivers are in use on this system"00:13
Siertubuntupe: can you add "chainloader +1" on a new line?00:14
mogi22owh, well the only dns in their resolv.conf is the local dns/dhcp server00:14
mogi22owh, its one box00:14
ahddmHey guys I just bought a laptop with no cd drive and want to install linux but I don't have a large enough usb drive. Is there anything I can do my HD has 2 partitions if that helps00:14
mogi22owh, dhcp sets the dns entry for all clients00:14
owhmogi22: So my suggestion would be to run nslookup and lookup some stuff, including local names and see what it does for starters.00:14
tiyowan_Hi folks. Just wanted to let you know that the three undersea Mediterranean cables which were damaged about two weeks seem to have been completely repaired.00:14
Siertubuntupe: also make sure your harddrive  still contains XP, e.g.: fdisk -l /dev/sda00:14
mogi22owh, i have dhcp setting most everything for the clients except hostname00:14
mogi22owh,  ok gimme a sec00:15
bzwingzeroI'm trying to add programs through the Add/Remove programs app, however nothing is listed. Synaptic still sees all avaliable apps though. Any ideas why add/remove doesn't?00:15
owhahddm: You could setup a network boot image and install it across the Internet.00:15
Guest_560Thx tiyowan for the update00:15
ahddmowh: how I do that? network boot shows up but i dont know how to use00:15
ubuntupe2min to restart00:15
owhbzwingzero: What does the menu option next to the search bar say?00:15
Siertubuntupe: ok00:16
Lanais there a more advanced way to customize the colors of all the different parts of everything? I'm having the same problems that I did in windows with programs setting text to black or boxes to white so when I make my theme black background with grey text I can't see some things in programs because of how the programs set it00:16
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bzwingzeroowh: All Available Applications00:16
owhahddm: No you'd need to create a USB image of a network installer.00:16
Lanaand sometimes programs don't have a way to change certain colors00:16
ludditehi my laptop screen keeps flickering all the time. 8.10. any reason for this?00:16
maraboutowh: sorry to easedrop but can you direct me to a web source that will explain  network boot images and how to use them.00:16
owhluddite: Intel graphics card?00:16
LanaI thought the color configurations were all affected by ubuntu instead of the programs00:16
mogi22owh, ok so clients can lookup google just fine, but looking up local hosts "server cant find hostname:NXDOMAIN" which doesnt surprise me00:16
ahddmowh: so i still need a larger usb?00:17
mogi22owh, since  i cant ping them either00:17
ludditeowh - yes. Mobile Intel Graphics00:17
def my debian(it isnt mentioned in dmesg output ) doesnt detect my sata dvd drive(/dev/sr0) even I have loaded all necessary modules . Any solution , please ?  Kernel 2.6.26   Thinkpad R6000:17
Lanabut for example, I'm using the calendar in evolution right now, the task that I made in the calendar is white so I can't see the text on top of it00:17
owhahddm: No, the image is small. Lemmie look for a Ubuntu source for you and marabout00:17
ubuntupeok its works now but i have some quetion00:17
jinarion1 small question, in the theme manager, how do i "apply" a theme once i select it?00:17
Slart_jinarion: I think it's applied when you click it00:18
emerald_wurxAnyone know why installing linux-virtual installs and configures a -server kernel in my 8.10 install?00:18
owhahddm: marabout: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot?highlight=(network)|(installer)00:18
ahddmowh: I have a miniture image of ubuntu that fits i think its installer your saying but when i boot with it all i get is a flashing dot on screen00:18
jinarionhmmm..... doesn't seem to apply anything when i select or click it00:18
ubuntupeSlart_: how i can make to boot 1st the Xp and 2 ubuntu?00:19
mogi22owh, Slart_ i'm just baffled what has changed btwn gutsy and hardy that causes this?  obviously my config doesnt account for that change and thats the problem ... ?00:19
Slart_jinarion: you are in the system, preferences, appearance dialog, right?00:19
maraboutowh: thanks as I have a house full of children and am looking to set up ubuntu on a number of machines in the near future...00:19
Doc8404does anyone here know what a gpgme development package is?00:19
owhahddm: marabout: Same link, no highlights: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot -- that should cover it. Check the issues with Hardy.00:19
jinarion1 sec00:19
Lanaany suggestions about my coloring problem? I don't see any way to change the color of it in evolution00:19
ryanakcaAt boot, how can I have my swap be decrypted *after* my home partition? (the swap key is a file on /home, both partitions are in my crypttab, LUKS)00:20
ahddmowh: thanks alot hopefully it works00:20
Slart_ubuntupe: set the default setting in your grub configuration file00:20
owhluddite: On my machine it's because the TV output is being checked. If you have a little while, I can see if I can find the bug that outlined the issue. It's to do with the automatic resolution detection which queries the card including the TV output, which causes the flicker.00:20
ubuntupeSlart_: can you explein me how or show me?00:20
jinarionstart_ bingo thank you :)00:21
bzwingzeroI'm trying to add programs through the Add/Remove programs app, however nothing is listed, All available Apps is selected. Synaptic still sees all avaliable apps though. Any ideas why add/remove doesn't?00:21
owhbzwingzero: I'd use synaptic to update the package list and try again. Remember to quit the Add/Remove as well.00:21
emerald_wurxAnyone know why installing linux-virtual installs and configures a -server kernel in my 8.10 install?00:21
bzwingzeroowh: tried that already.00:21
gen5x4anyoe can help me to format a hardisk in ubuntu????00:21
ludditeowh - wow - thats amazing- ok - thanks. my laptop has the vga out - so thats probably the one being queried00:21
Slart_mogi22: well.. they changed a lot in gutsy and hardy.. I just use dhcp and dns for my small home lan consisting of a impressive 3 computers =)00:21
gen5x4i try gparted but its isnt working ?????00:21
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owhmogi22: So, then bind isn't talking to DHCP. I saw something to do with that. Which DHCP server are you using?00:22
maraboutohw: by the way do you know of a resource that discuss which machines are preferable for installing Ubuntu and which to avoid. I ask as i have an everex stepnote nc1502 that was a pain to get Ubuntu on and would like to steer clear of any other machines that have known issues.00:22
Slart_ubuntupe: run this in a terminal, "gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst"00:22
owhbzwingzero: Then I'm fresh out of ideas.00:22
gen5x4hey, does anonye can help me????00:23
mogi22owh, how do i tell00:23
ubuntupeSlart_: ok00:23
mogi22owh, i just use whatever ubuntu repos install00:23
owhmarabout: I'm guessing that was for me, no recommendations, the list is too variable. I get bitten regularly and I've been at this caper for 27 years :) Buy from a place where you're allowed to test or return if it doesn't work. Laptops are worst.00:23
ryanakcaAt boot, how can I have my swap be decrypted *after* my home partition? (the swap key is a file on /home, both partitions are in my crypttab, LUKS)00:23
Slart_ubuntupe: scroll down to where the long list of kernels are00:23
perilluxhow do I know what is using eth0 and what is using eth1?  I'm trying to set up firestarter and it's asking for both...00:23
ubuntupeSlart_: ok00:24
Slart_ubuntupe: starting on the first kernel, count how many there are.. start at 100:24
owhmogi22: dpkg -l \*dhcp\*00:24
SplexMy mousewheel suddenly stopped working on a recent update00:24
n8tusperillux -> what do you meant by what is using eth0 ?00:24
Splexany idea how to fix?00:24
bthorntonThose of you who use Evolution to manage your calendar: Can you recommend a good PDA that will synch easily with Evolution?00:24
Slart_ubuntupe: ie, count all the lines that start with "title"00:24
_sickwhen i login as a newly created user i just get a dollar sign, no matter in which folder i am. Is it normal?00:24
mogi22owh, 3.0.6.dfsg-1ubuntu900:24
Slart__sick: nope00:24
n8tus_sick yes it is normal00:24
owhmogi22: Huh?00:25
perilluxn8tus: not sure.. but when I set both options to eth0 it says: "The local area and the Internet connected devices can not be the same."00:25
mogi22owh, thats the version00:25
exodus_ms_sick: is ther anything in front of the $00:25
perilluxn8tus: so how do I know which is which?00:25
Slart__sick, n8tus: oh? I thought ubuntu did some fancy prompt thingy by default00:25
owhmogi22: Yeah, which application?00:25
n8tusperillux -> are you reading any  tutorials at all on how to create a router?00:25
_sickexodus_ms: no00:25
mogi22owh, what you mean dhcp3-server?00:25
exodus_ms_sick: no, that is not normal00:25
owhmogi22: Yup.00:26
n8tusSlart_ -> thats the common prompt  $ for the regular non-root user00:26
perilluxn8tus: no I just installed firestarter and I'm trying to run it00:26
maraboutowh:  yes sorry about the misspell.  that's good info on the laptops Thanks. I was planning to search some thrift stores for the computers so the return issue is kind of out but I will keep my ears open for which machines are better candidates. Thanks again00:26
ubuntupeSlart_: you mean to change root(hd0,1)  with (hd0,0)?00:26
emerald_wurxAnyone know why installing linux-virtual installs and configures a -server kernel in my 8.10 install?00:26
n8tusperillux -> what exactly are you trying to acomplish?00:26
Slart_ubuntupe: nope.. just count the lines that start with "title" see which number is the XP install00:26
mogi22owh, oh well yeah i have client server and common installed on server and client and common on clients00:26
perilluxn8tus: I just want to run firestarter thats it.00:26
n8tusemerald_wurx -> seems to make sense to have a server for running a vm00:26
_sicki used "useradd -d /home/testuser -m testuser" and "passwd testuser" and logged it. what else i have todo ?00:26
bzwingzeroI'm trying to add programs through the Add/Remove programs app, however nothing is listed, All available Apps is selected and I've reloaded my sources. Synaptic still sees all avaliable apps though. Any ideas why add/remove doesn't?00:26
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).00:27
ryanakcaAt boot, how can I have my swap be decrypted *after* my home partition? (the swap key is a file on /home, both partitions are in my crypttab, LUKS)00:27
n8tusperillux -> to do what?  to protect one interface or two or three?00:27
emerald_wurxn8tus: I'm trying to install the linux-virtual kernel onto my Ubuntu 8.10 server, which IS a virtual machine, for lack of software PAE emulation.00:27
perilluxn8tus: interface?00:27
eseven73!info luks00:27
ubottuPackage luks does not exist in intrepid00:27
ubuntupeSlart_:  its in 6 line00:27
n8tusperillux -> yes, nic card or so call network interface card00:28
unopryanakca, is swap declared before home in /etc/fstab?00:28
owhmogi22: Yes, but there are different dhcp servers available, so now we know which one you're using. I'm hunting docs for you at the moment.00:28
TheFunkbombAccording to the subject line in #bcm-users, b43-fwcutter is broken in Intrepid.  What do I use then?00:28
Slart_ubuntupe: then go to the top of the file.. look for the setting for "default"00:28
perilluxn8tus: I don't know if I have any network interface cards00:28
n8tusemerald_wurx -> i dont know what will come out of it, virtual over a virtual00:28
ubuntupeSlart_:  ok00:28
Johneim trying to get my ibook g4 'ctrl+click' for my right click since i only have a 1 button track pad, any ideas why mouseemu isnt working when i uncomment out the ctrl + click portion?00:28
Slart_ubuntupe: it's set to "0" right? might be "saved" too00:28
n8tusperillux -> you have to have at least one to communicate, without it, you have an anchor on your desktop00:28
emerald_wurxn8tus: I just find it weird that even though I'm specifying the virtual image it is installing the server image...or is that expected on a server install?00:29
_sickexodus_ms: i used "useradd -d /home/testuser -m testuser" and "passwd testuser" and logged it. what else i have todo ?00:29
ubuntupeSlart_:  ok 2min00:29
n8tusemerald_wurx -> why dont you just let it go through its pace?00:29
smacnaywhen doing a dialup ppp connection in ubuntu, should there be a listing with the "route" command - It just hangs (like the attempted ppp connection) when I use "route" to see the status.00:29
perilluxn8tus: I just connect to a linksys router which connects to the internet00:29
emerald_wurxn8tus: The virtual machine will not start with the -server kernel - no PAE support.00:29
mogi22owh, if you tell me what to google, i can happily hunt too.  e.g. dhcp not talking to bind?00:30
smacnayI think the dialup problems I have stem from there being no route with the ppp connection.00:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind00:30
smacnayNot sure how to address this so that it works when I use either wvdial or pon/poff.00:30
emerald_wurxn8tus: The -virtual kernel is supposed to fix that, and does, in 7.04 and 7.10...00:30
MOUDgood night all00:31
ubuntupeSlart_:  i am sorry man i cant understand what i have to make 000:31
frankS2Hi, I am running ubntu hardy.. should i upgrade? It would be great with some new apps00:31
frankS2but i dont want the bleeding edge00:31
frankS2thank you =)00:31
n8tusemerald_wurx -> if it does not work, then you have to ask the folks that created those for the distro00:31
Slart__sick, n8tus: ok, I just created a new user and the default command prompt for a terminal is <username>@<computername>:<path>$00:31
emerald_wurxn8tus: Arighty then, thanks00:31
perilluxn8tus: I just want to know which one is eth0 and which one is eth1, "Internet connected device" and "local area device"00:31
n8tusperillux -> in a terminal  type      ifconfig   and it will tell you00:32
Slart_ubuntupe: near the top of that file is a line that says "default           0", can you find it? on my computer it's line number 1400:32
ryanakcaunop: yes00:33
perilluxn8tus: ok I see eth0 and eth1 with a bunch of stuff after each, but I still don't know how to tell which is which...00:33
WebcamWonderGuys, how do I check which version of nvidia is loaded currently?00:33
Slart__sick: you didn't select sh as shell for the user, instead of bash?00:33
ubuntupeSlart_:  aa yeah00:33
ubuntupeSlart_:  i find it00:33
Slart_ubuntupe: change the 0 to whatever number you came up with before..00:34
_sickSlart_: when can i define it ?00:34
unopryanakca, what i might do is have the swap partition mounted by a command in /etc/rc.local00:34
n8tusperillux -> may i suggest you read up some tutorials on networking?  pull the cat5 cable out and experiment, see what happens to the ifconfig  command results00:34
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_sickSlart_:sry, where....00:34
Slart__sick: I think it's in the file /etc/passwd .. you can look at it by running "cat /etc/passwd" in a terminal00:35
ryanakcaunop: oooh, yes, that would work. Many thanks :)00:35
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Slart__sick: find the line with the username of the user you created00:35
garrettjman, I have some messed up sound issues going on and nothing seems to help00:35
perilluxn8tus: why do I have to be an expert on this stuff just to run the firewall?00:35
vjacobhello all. If I get a VFS error upon booting my new kernel, is it due to not having an initrd file (and if so where do I get it from) or can it be because kernel options needed by ubuntu were left out during kernel configuration?00:36
owhmogi22: http://www.debianadmin.com/howto-setup-dhcp-server-and-dynamic-dns-with-bind-in-debian.html00:36
Slart__sick: see if it says ":/bin/sh" or ":/bin/bash" a the end of the line00:36
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n8tusperillux -> firewall stuff is for experts, you want it secured? you hire a professional okay?00:36
ryanakcaWhen encoding with lame, is it possible to use '--new-vbr -V 3 --freeformat'  ? --freeformat requires a -b (minimum bitrate), but isn't that handled by the VBR quality (-V 3)?00:36
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vjacobryanakca: you might want to check out also #hydrogenaudio00:37
_sickSlart_: it says: testuser:x:1000:1000::/home/testuser:/bin/sh00:37
perilluxn8tus: I want to learn, but it just makes sense to me to at least be able to use the firewall while I learn about it.. i can't even use it until i get past this setup, and I can't do that until I figure out which is eth0 and which is eth1..  can't u just tell me?00:37
ryanakcaperillux: You want to run firestarter?00:38
perilluxryanakca: yes00:38
addo65How can I set the behavior of rt-clk-empty-trash to use sdelete or a custom command?00:38
ryanakcaI've never used it, but, I'm guessing you have two cards and that you're trying to figure out which card is eth0 and which one is eth1 ?00:38
n8tusperillux -> i gave you a hint,  ifconfig  will tell you00:38
ryanakcavjacob: thanks00:38
Slart__sick: ok.. on the end of it it says ":/bin/sh" ... that's the login shell.. sh is a ... slimmer shell used mostly for running scripts.. bash has some extra features for when you use it in a terminal00:39
Slart__sick: is this a desktop install?00:39
cexpert1All: Any good sight to find Admin work?00:39
Slart__sick: ie, you run gnome?00:39
Slart_cexpert1: #ubuntu-offtopic00:39
_sickSlart_: no00:39
markpeewhat are you00:39
n8tuscexpert1 -> they seemed to outsourced it to india, i cant find one for me self :(00:39
saerahow to get my microsoft lifecam xv-1000  running on ubuntu ibex?00:39
vjacobryanakca: looking closer at the irc channel, I'd check out their forums instead if I were you. They're buffs with this kind of stuff.00:39
ryanakcan8tus: If he is having a hard time with firestarter, I doubt he'll be able to figure out what ifconfig's output means...00:40
ryanakcavjacob: *nod*, thanks00:40
agentdentonDoes the installer allow me to select an already existent LVM Logical volume as root partition?(I already have LVM all settled and the ubuntu logical partition ready to be used)00:40
n8tusryanakca -> thats why i suggested to him to do a tutorial on networking, and he quipped, its too hard00:40
owhluddite: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/275152/comments/2100:40
owhSo, everyone's problems fixed now -- I've done my good deeds for the day? :)00:41
* owh waits patiently for an avalanche...00:41
eseven73!cookie | owh00:41
ubottuowh: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:41
_sickSlart_:it wouldn't bother me, to not see where i am. but i also cannot run apps. i mean: "./setup" fails...00:41
ryanakcan8tus: Setting up a basic firewall should *not* require aquiring a vast amount of knowledge about networking.00:41
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Slart__sick: mm.. hang on.. just a sec00:42
ryanakcaperillux: (repeat) I've never used it, but, I'm guessing you have two cards and that you're trying to figure out which card is eth0 and which one is eth1 ?00:42
WeezzZlooking for french chan pls ???00:42
cexpert1n8tus: Naw they are out there. Personnally my company builds high end servers, and we usually get Admin retainer for 10-40 hrs a month, cause they don't want full time, but need an Admin.  Got to have 50-100 of these contracts to make enough to eat.00:42
ryanakca!fr > WeezzZ00:42
ubottuWeezzZ, please see my private message00:42
perilluxryanakca: that is correct00:42
owhvjacob: Yah?00:42
Cadman21can someone tell me where to find some good desktop themes? that are easy to install?00:43
kgodwinOh, for anyone who was dying of interest about my DVD issues...it turns out that DVD's soundtrack was fucked up. Apparently, that was enough to stop libdvd from letting me play it...but it sort of played in windows ;)00:43
vjacobowh: i get a VFS error when booting my new kernel, is it most likely due to not having an initrd setup working or could it besomthing else?00:43
Slart__sick: ok, run this "chsh"00:43
batcoder-7the more i use xubuntu the more i think xfce and gnome are similar00:43
kgodwinCadman21, what desktop?00:43
tiyowan_Cadman21: Gnome-Look's a pretty popular place.00:43
garrettjI keep reading that pulse is horrible for audio and to remove it, is this true?00:43
owhvjacob: What is the actual error?00:43
ryanakcaperillux: ok. Do you have any means for identifying the two cards? Do you know the ip address of each card?00:43
Slart__sick: it will ask you for your password.. then it will ask you for a new shell.. tell it to use "/bin/bash"00:44
vjacobowh :/ didn't write it down must admit00:44
eseven73kgodwin: please keep it clean in here.00:44
owhvjacob: Then all we're doing is getting wet :)00:44
kgodwinI'm a terrible person ;(00:44
frankS2? intrepid00:44
perilluxI know the address of eth100:44
frankS2?? intrepid00:44
markpeehang on00:44
vjacobowh: hmm, that's a wonderful expression00:44
Slart_garrettj: some people have problems with it.. it just works for other00:44
perilluxryanakca: I know the address of eth100:44
agentdentonwow this chan is pretty fervent00:44
markpeewhats the off-topic channel ?00:45
Cadman21tiyowan: I have ubuntu.8.10 I have used Gnome-look before but I always have trouble installing the themes correctly.?00:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:45
owhvjacob: Akin to: "Don't eat the yellow snow."00:45
vjacobowh: why is it that I'd rather read man initrd than simply reboot+write?  ;)00:45
TheFunkbombdoes anyone know to get a working copy of b43-fwcutter?  I hear the one in Intrepid is broken00:45
perilluxryanakca: when i do ifconfig it shows an address for eth1 but no address for eth000:45
xineltry ifconfig -a00:46
tiyowan_Cadman21: Interesting. I'm on 8.10. Could you please describe what type of trouble you had? Perhaps someone could look into it.00:46
ryanakcaperillux: ok. And what is it that firestarter is asking you?00:46
ryanakcaTheFunkbomb: worked here...00:46
_sickSlart_: Thank you very much !!!00:46
TheFunkbombthan ryan00:46
TheFunkbomberr ryanakca00:47
Slart__sick: you're welcome00:47
Cadman21tiyowan: I can never get the menu bars/panels to change or anything like that and my icons on the panel freeze. or don't show up00:47
Lanais there a plugin for xchat or another irc program for linux that can allow me to set a certain nickname to highlight, like in mirc? so that every line a certain user says is highlighted and makes my taskbar flash00:47
barnAnyone know how to massage a csv file with Thunderbird contacts into something I can import into gmail?00:48
perilluxIt has 2 dropdown boxes, both have two options "eth0" and "eth1".  One dropdown box is for local area device and the other is connected network device.00:48
Slart_Lana: I think xchat does that without any plugins.. have you checked the preferences?00:48
perilluxryanakca: It has 2 dropdown boxes, both have two options "eth0" and "eth1".  One dropdown box is for local area device and the other is connected network device.00:48
vjacobdo I even need initrd at all, or can it just be disabled?00:48
unopLana, xchat has that under "Nick names to always highlight"00:48
Lanayeah I've set highlights, but from what I can see it only lets me select words in lines00:48
Lanaoh, I didn't see that, I'll look now00:49
tiyowan_Cadman21: Does this happen when you try to install just one particular theme? Or with different themes as well?00:49
ryanakcaperillux: Is 'lo' one of those options?00:49
perilluxryanakca: no00:49
rubysohohi there... are there anyone here from the philippines00:49
rubysohohi there... are there anyone here from the philippines00:49
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ninjabuntuanyone know of an out of box Duplex Laser printer that works with ubuntu? I'm running 8.1000:50
LnxSlckrubysoho, we heard you the first time00:50
linkmaster03What package in the repos contains the 'libglade' module for Python?00:50
Lanaunop, hm I don't see where it says that00:50
LnxSlcklinkmaster03, apt-cache search libglade00:50
perilluxryanakca: I found a tutorial for setting up firestarter, it says to use eth0 for first box, then uncheck a certain option which disables the second dropdown box.  I tried it and it works00:50
n8tusninjabuntu -> HPlaserjet 4si the old workhorse00:50
Slart_!ph | rubysoho, not sure if this is the right channel.. check it out00:50
ubotturubysoho, not sure if this is the right channel.. check it out: Join #ubuntu-ph for tagalog00:50
unopLana, Settings - Preferences - Chatting - Alerts - Highlighted Messages - Nick names to always highlight:00:51
ryanakcaperillux: the connected one is eth1 because, well, it's connected to your network and eth0 isn't :)00:51
cuchyanibody speak spanish !!?00:51
ninjabuntun8tus: 4si00:51
Cadman21tiyowan: I tried probably ten different ones. do I have to install the menu panels separately?00:51
Slart_!es | cuchy00:51
ubottucuchy: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:51
linkmaster03LnxSlck: i tried that and i have libgladeui-1-7, libglade2-dev, and libglade2-0 installed00:51
LnxSlcklinkmaster03, so?00:51
LanaI have a different copy of xchat I guess, I don't have that menu00:51
linkmaster03LnxSlck: ...so i'm in here asking the question because python has no libglade module00:52
Dr_willisLana,  theres xchat, then theres xchat-gnome also.  I perfer xchat.00:52
LanaI just installed the one in the add/remove ubuntu app manager00:52
Slart_Lana, unop: are we talking about xchat or xchat-gnome?00:52
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perilluxryanakca: ok it actually gave an error, and then I switched it to eth1 and it started the firewall properly, thanks for you help00:52
LanaI don't know, this is my first day using ubuntu heh00:52
LnxSlcklinkmaster03, so you need something like python-libglade00:52
ryanakcaperillux: at least, I believe that that is the correct answer. If not, try  switching them. If not, ping me and I'll try to help you.00:52
garrettjI love ubuntu, but I'm sick of having to be an expert on every single thing just to get simple stuff to work... like SOUND00:52
unopSlart_, Lana, Xchat 2.8.600:52
tiyowan_Cadman21: No, actually. You don't need to customize the panels separately for themes. Are you willing to do some testing with me? :)00:53
Slart_Lana: in the applications, internet menu.. is it called Xchat or xchat-gnome ?00:53
Lanaah, I have xchat-gnome 0.1800:53
Lanajust looked at the about in help00:53
Cadman21tiyowan: could you recommend one that has mac like menu bar?00:53
Lanait's the only copy of xchat in there, guess I'll have to install that one manually00:54
Cadman21tiyowan: yeah I would be glad to00:54
samdive read about speeding boot by enabling multicore in the boot process, aparently this is done by changing a line in /etc/init.d/rc, does this seems safe?, anyone heard of this, link = http://www.dailygeeks.com/howto/make-ubuntu-boot-faster-by-running-boot-time-scripts-in-parallel/00:54
garrettjAmarok plays mp3s through my 3 front speakers, but totem only send it through the front speaker00:54
Slart_Lana: look in synaptic.. system, administration, synaptic package manager.. search for xchat00:54
ninjabuntuAny other options? 500+ is a little steep for me...00:54
phrostbiteIs there a way for me to transfer files from my laptop which has ubuntu to the family pc that has windows vista?00:55
unopsamd, it's safe and does not make much of a difference00:55
Slart_Lana: it is available from the "Add/Remove" thingy too.. you might have to change to "Show: All available applications" though00:55
unopphrostbite, sure, samba00:55
samdunop, alright, do you recomend making it?00:56
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209800:56
phrostbiteoh ok. Thank you. Also is there a way to install windows xp on a partition and share some of the media like music that i have with ubuntu on the other partition that has windows?00:57
n8tusphrostbite -> you can have putty running scp in windows to securely download the files from ubuntu, but that does not mean you can easily use the files in windows format00:57
Barridushmmm, what's the best way to install a flash player for hardy? download it from adobe or use synaptic00:57
tiyowanCadman21: I apologize for the delay; my connection was lagging badly due to too many torrents. I've paused them.00:57
Barridus(a recent flash player(00:58
LanaI see it, it's just called xchat and has the version 2.8.400:58
Jack_Sparrowphrostbite, yes00:58
phrostbiteHow would I do that?00:58
phrostbiteOr does it do it by default?00:58
Cadman21tiyowan: its cool00:58
Slart_Lana: that sounds like the one00:58
tiyowanCadman21: If you want to run a quick test, we could install some extra themes from one of the packages in the repos. Perhaps you could first test those to see if we could pinpoint the problem?00:58
batcoder-7anyone here know any really good keyboards ?00:59
Cadman21tiyowan: sounds good which one should I download?01:00
tsrkis there any way for a user to see their own password?01:00
tiyowanCadman21: Splendid. Let's get cracking. Open up a terminal and type the following cmd, please: "sudo apt-get install community-themes"  The community themes package contains three or four themes, like Dust, Kin, and New Wave.01:01
unoptsrk, not really - as passwords are stored internally as one-way hashes01:01
tsrkunop, are they readable by the user?01:01
tsrkunop, in fact, where are they stored on ubuntu?01:01
unoptsrk, well yes and no - if shadow passwords are enabled - only the superuser can read them01:02
aprilhare!ipv6 > aprilhare01:02
ubottuaprilhare, please see my private message01:02
unoptsrk, /etc/shadow01:02
jacktowis there a way to set 'date of last metadata change' of a file to an arbitary date on linux?01:02
tsrkunop, is that enabled by default?01:02
Cadman21tiyowan: ok its installed.01:02
unoptsrk, i believe so, yes01:02
tiyowanCadman21: After the package is installed (the cmd has finished running), I would like you to go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance, and verify whether some new themes have showed up in the box. Then, I would like you to try some of them out, like especially Dust, and verify whether the menu panels change.01:02
tsrkunop, ok, thanks01:02
jrib!cn | tianhua01:02
ubottutianhua: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:02
BenBhey... "apt-get update" and friends hang for me when fetching from the network... it says "waiting for headers..." and sits there. only release.pgp works. wget from the same server works fine.01:03
tiyowanCadman21: If the community themes do in fact work, then that would suggest that the themes you are getting from gnome-look aren't being installed properly.01:03
unoptianhua, what language is that?01:03
Lanathank you, I didn't even have to re-do the settings01:04
Lanait's perfect01:04
dragobrdoes anyone recommend me a irc server?01:04
dragobran irc server for home usage01:04
Cadman21tiyowan: there are there the panels don't change but the windows look different01:04
unavailablehey is there a way to prevent redirects?01:05
unavailableserver redirects?01:05
tiyowanCadman21: Do the panels become a dark grey when you try out the dust theme?01:05
grendal_primehey guys..i got a couple of things that are making me nuts here...01:05
maraboutunop: looks like Pinyin01:05
BenBdragobr: I had the same problem... I only found the custom ones for the big IRC networks (and maybe crappy ones), but none suited for single server use for a closed circle :(.01:06
unop!info  ircd-irc2  | dragobr01:06
ubottuircd-irc2 (source: ircd-irc2): The original IRCNet IRC server daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.11.1p1+dfsg-2 (intrepid), package size 361 kB, installed size 828 kB01:06
Barridusargh, i got a problem and i don't even know the terminology to describe/search for it.  this "dropdown" menu in the network settings window just comes up with a small white line instead of a list of possible network connections to configure.  screenshot -> http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i44/solidus0079/Screenshot-2.png01:06
grendal_primefirst of wich...i cannot run x11vnc on my ubuntu boxes..i get an error about there being some sort of higher level xserver running?01:06
Cadman21tiyowan: yeah they do this one seems to work.01:06
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J0niiHello, I wonder if there is anyone who would like to give me with some help?01:07
Cadman21tiyowan: is there a theme that I can get from the repositories that has a a dock kinda like mac?01:07
tiyowanCadman21: Well done. :) The good news is that your graphics are fine. Right then.01:07
danielejoin /#ubuntu-it-chat01:07
grendal_primesecond of wich..has anyone got ekiga working?  I have tried on 3 different machines now..i get an error that is two big for the dialog box its displayed in and i cannot resize it (something about my router and stunn?  i think)  the video seems to work fine but i cannot get the sound to work at all.01:07
shoto1699Does anyone here know how to install a driver for 2wire?01:08
habitHello. I have not sound @ 3gp movies. Advice me please.01:08
danielejoin/ #ubuntu-it-chat01:08
tiyowanCadman21: If you'd like a mac-ish doc, then there is an application you can install for that. Avant Window Manager.01:08
shoto1699I cannot seem to get my internet to work.01:08
tiyowanCadman21: It's an application which will put that Mac dock on your desktop. Then you could hide the bottom panel and use that instead.01:08
BenBhabit: you don't have the right audio codec for the files that you try to play.01:09
Cadman21tiyowan: so can I sudo apt avant window manager?01:09
markpeefucking hell01:09
markpeeare we allowed to swear here????01:09
tiyowanCadman21: If you'd like to try it out, I think the proper command is, "sudo apt-get install awn"01:09
Barridusno ideas anybody?  i need to change what's on the "hosts" tab for my wireless and i can't get there because the dropdown is messed >_>01:09
habitBenB, how can I know which is right?01:10
ardchoilletiyowan: on Intrepid it's: sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator01:10
J0niiAnyone willing to help a complete Linux newbie?01:10
tiyowanCadman21: Just a quick tip. Some the package names are quite abbreviated, so if at any point you aren't able to find a specific package, then use the synaptic package manager from system -> admin.01:10
Cadman21tiyowan: so is it better to try and find themes that are the repositories?01:11
ardchoilleCadman21: apt-cache search avant01:11
Cadman21tiyowan: ok01:11
BenBhabit: depends on the program you use... if you use mplayer on the console, it usually tells you about the codec and complains that it can't play it.01:11
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox01:11
Cadman21ardchoille: thanks01:11
tiyowanCadman21: Not at all. :) Let's get you started with the dock first, eh? "sudo apt-get install avant-window-manager"01:11
ardchoilletiyowan: s/manager/navigator/01:12
vooxanyone know why urban terror has really poor performance even with compiz off? (i can barely move the mouse)01:12
procoderselam karprensi01:12
ludditewh : thanks for your good deeds Sir :-)01:12
karprensiprocoder a.s nere geldim ben:)))01:12
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procoderingilizce konu015fmazsak atarlar çakt0131rma :):01:13
karprensiprocoder harici turk varm0131 heyyoo:)))01:13
ardchoilleEnglish only here please01:13
J0niiI can't seem to get Ubuntu to connect to my network01:13
procoderoki. ardcholle01:13
BenBit seems that drescher.canonical.com is not working right. security. or cc.archive. redirects me to it, and drescher redirects me to archive.ubuntu.com, which redirects me back to drescher, which then just sits there and doesn't return any headers.01:13
procoderyour from01:13
karprensiprocoder ne dior bu kufretmesin:))01:13
unop!tr | karprensi01:14
ubottukarprensi: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.01:14
procoderanlad0131klar0131 dilden ( langue ) konu015f ( speak )01:14
tiyowanCadman21: Once you get the dock installed, then browse over to gnome look and tell us the theme you'd like to install. Then we'll give that a go and see how it pans out.01:14
karprensiheyyyyyyyyyyyy ne dionuz lem:)))01:14
Cadman21tiyowan: that didn't work. I got couldn't find package error...01:14
unopkarprensi, we only speak English here01:14
phixhey, well this is annoying, ssh'ing to a debian box, using irssi within a screen, when switching windows (or actually using any program that uses ncurses) it doesn't clear and display screen properly01:15
BenBdrescher.canonical.com broken: http://pastebin.ca/1304823 - who to contact?01:15
phixI need to press CTRL+L to refresh the screen01:15
karprensiprocoder ne dior bu Bungatti01:15
J0niiI can't seem to get Ubuntu to connect to my network01:15
phixwhat could be causing this? ssh? irssi? libncurses? screen?01:16
eseven73karprensi: English please01:16
Bugattivecino de la france!!!01:16
BotLobstaso i just resized my root, home, and swap partitions and now whenever I try boot into my newest kernel, it beeps very loudly at me until I have to hold the power button to shut it off.  Does anyone have any idea as to what is wrong?01:16
Bugattii am in spain!01:16
maraboutanyone know if Ubuntu will run on an emachine with Celeron 600MHz (w/128KB L2 Cache) ?01:16
karprensieseven73 bilmiom ingilizce:))01:16
tiyowanCadman21: I went a bit wrong with the name. ardchoille pointed out the correct one. It's "sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator" I'm sorry about the silly typos, but I've been looking at some code for the last few hours.01:16
Bugattijojo amigo karprensi xD01:16
eseven73!english | all three of you01:16
ubottuall three of you: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:16
phixBotLobsta: how did you resize it?01:16
phixBotLobsta: did you reinstall grub to the master boot record after resizing?01:16
BotLobstaphix, I booted into a livecd and used gparted01:16
unopphix, i would say screen - try setting   flow  auto   in your ~/.screenrc01:16
phixunop: ok01:17
karprensiyahu bilmiom ben ingilazca:))01:17
BotLobstaphix, no, but I did rerun update-initramfs.  and my other, older kernels can boot01:17
phixBotLobsta: hmmmm01:17
phixunop: I will try that now, BRB :)01:17
karprensiprocoder 015f015f015f015f01:18
Lanawhat will allow me to do more customized color configurations? I want to color window borders and title bars, etc01:18
Cadman21  tiyowan: yeah that one worked. so then I need to pick a theme from gnome-look?01:18
ardchoilleCadman21: if you're going to use avant window navigator, also check the repos for awn-plugins, there were two sets last I looked.01:18
marabouthow does one take a picture of the screen in hardy?01:19
mrwesprint screen key01:19
ardchoillemarabout: hit the Print Screen key01:19
phixhmmmm that didn't work as expected01:19
fumanchu182you need to use hte screen cap program01:20
fumanchu182gnome or kde?01:20
phixok lets try again01:20
phixsweet, pressing CTRL+A CRTL+F to use flow on seemed to have worked01:20
spydroidfinally have everything working perfectly on my toshiba 305d-6851 notebook  :)  thanks to those that helped01:20
tiyowanCadman21: Yep, I'll leave playing around with the dock up to you. So now try going over to gnome look and checking out a theme which you want. Paste the link here please so I could walk you through installing it.01:20
phixok, maybe not01:20
ludditehow can i open the Service Manager from command line ?01:20
phixwhen I type something in irssi and press enter, it doesn't clear it properly on the typing line thingy, and it doesn't show the text correctly, it may show the cursor in a random position but htat is it01:21
unopluddite,  gksu services-admin01:21
maraboutthanks - will http://paste.ubuntu.com take .png images?01:21
phixforcing flow on seems to have caused it not to happen as much01:21
tiyowanardchoille: I've got a slight problem I could use help with. For the last five minutes, I've got the force quit applet window stuck smack dab in the centre of my desktop. Pointers to killing it? :)01:21
phixunop: any other ideas?01:21
TheFunkbombdoes anyone know how to work b43-fwcutter well?01:22
ardchoilletiyowan: alt+f2 and xkil?01:22
Flannelmarabout: No, try imageshack.us01:22
Cadman21tiyowan: this one looks nice. http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Yakano+-Colors-?content=9588501:22
tiyowanardchoille: The process is dead already, but the window's still there. :)01:22
Barriduscan someone point me in the direction of a guide on how to install stuff that was installed via command line?01:23
ardchoilletiyowan: try dragging another window over it and see if it disappears01:23
ardchoilletiyowan: may be an artifact01:23
Barriduserr, UNininstall stuff?01:23
maraboutFlannel: thanks i'll try. I've been getting persistent screen freezes on my machine. Any tips on running diagnostics/troubleshooting to find out what could be causing it?01:23
tiyowanardchoille: Other windows go under it. X)01:24
ardchoilletiyowan: :(01:24
ludditeunop - thanks man - i googled it but no go01:24
ardchoilletiyowan: No idea, sorry01:24
TheFunkbombI can't get my wireless card to work01:24
ardchoilletiyowan: Is it waiting for input via the window or a tray app or some such?01:24
Flannelmarabout: Is it just the screen?  Can you switch to a tty? or REISUB your way out of it?01:24
Serachtis ubuntu 64 more difficult to use than ubuntu 32?01:24
CircsHow does one forcibly unmount a volume?01:24
steroHello guys! After I updated my system I cant access the Network share anymore .. I can access the "share" but i cant see my other computer01:25
tiyowanarchoille: "Click on a window to force the application to quit. To cancel press <ESC>"01:25
tiyowaner, ardchoille.01:25
adam7Seracht: no, not really01:26
ardchoilletiyowan: did <ESC> do it?01:26
tiyowanCadman21: Right. Download the Compiz/Beryl theme.01:26
tiyowanardchoille: Hehehe. Nope. It's ok. I'll get rid of it.01:26
steroHello guys! After I updated my system I cant access the Network share anymore .. I can access the "share" but i cant see my other computer01:26
unopphix, you could try my .screenrc out - i can't remember the option name :)  http://pastebin.com/f25803ee01:26
ardchoilletiyowan: acn you alt+left-click and drag that window out of the way?01:27
Cadman21tiyowan: ok got it01:27
gaintsuracould someone help me figure out why my system is doing this? Jan 10 05:44:19 systemx kernel: [ 5009.987488] APIC error on CPU0: 40(40) | Jan 10 05:44:19 systemx kernel: [ 5009.983447] APIC error on CPU1: 40(40) it just started after the latest kernel (I only have enough room on my /boot for 1 kernel)01:27
Cadman21tiyowan: it comes in a tar.gz?01:27
maraboutFlannel:  just a sec i'll try to do something01:27
TheFunkbombCould someone please help me?  I'm trying to get my bcm4306 wireless card to work.  I've tried ndisgrk, ndiswrapper and b43-fwcutter without success.  Although I do have the driver in the restricted driver menu, pressing activate won't activate it01:27
adam7TheFunkbomb: plug into the internet with a cord and run sudo apt-get update, then try the restricted manager01:28
Flannelmarabout: Another good 'diagnostic' tool is after the freeze, can you still ssh in and do stuff?  (since then its just a graphical/software issue, instead of a full lock up)01:28
TheFunkbombI don't have an ethernet wire :(01:28
TheFunkbombI lent it to my brother01:28
TheFunkbombstupid brothers :/01:29
grendal_primedoes anyone have ekiga working?01:29
Melio1i always wondered how to get that app to work01:29
tiyowanCadman21: Yep. tar.gz is equivalent to zip in linux. :) Now just hang on a second while I try to install this.01:29
Melio1we should probalby ask in the ekiga channel wherever it is01:30
Cadman21tiyowan: ok01:30
adam7TheFunkbomb: you have to run apt-get update before using the restricted manager; I don't know why, but it has never worked for me without that01:30
maraboutFlannel:  yeah i just ssh'd into it no problem01:31
TheFunkbombadam7, I'll get an ethernet cord and give it a shot01:31
steroHello guys! After I updated my system I cant access the Network share anymore .. I can access the "share" but i cant see my other computer01:31
LexvegasTheFunkbomb, try this, it has good reviews. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20190201:32
tiyowanCadman21: Ah ok. :) I understand your problem now. See the themes you selected, it's not a Gtk+ theme.01:32
DoomHello all01:32
DoomIs andy or mak on?01:32
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:33
Cadman21tiyowan: so it has to be a GTK?01:33
Serachtadam7 with ubuntu 64 should i look out for anything?01:33
futsuriai_Hello, been trying to figure out why 'tsocks' doesn't play nice with things, when run with, say, Opera, it gives an error saying the library can't be preloaded from LD_PRELOAD01:33
Doomhaving trouble installing01:33
futsuriai_Using 64 bit 8.1001:33
tiyowanCadman21: Not really. See...customizing the linux is a bit different than other OSes. It's not like "one whole thing".01:33
TheFunkbombLexvegas, I will try that as soon as I get an ethernet cord01:34
TheFunkbombwait, what time is staples open til?01:34
TheFunkbombanyone know?01:34
Cadman21tiyowan: does it matter between GTK1.x or GTK2.x.01:34
tiyowanCadman21: You have the choice of individually customizing different *parts* of your GUI, like the widgets.01:34
Doomhere anyway01:34
tiyowanCadman21: Pick something from GTK2.x01:34
Cadman21tiyowan: ok01:35
tiyowanCadman21: I'm trying to find a link that really helped me to customize Ubuntu. Wait one.01:35
steroMy Network share has been messed up after updating :(01:35
maraboutFlannel: I can run the gnome-terminal on the machine can I use that to diagnose any issues since it appears to be graphical/software01:35
DoomI cant even get it installed i got ya beat01:35
rambo298just replaced my R/only CD with a rewritable DVD/CD (Sony) drive; works fine but I want to copy a DVD/movie and Brasero shows the drive as "Status: the medium is not writable"; does that mean the DVD is not writable or the "drive"?01:36
BotLobstaSeracht, about the only big thing is that adobe flash plugin doesnt work the best using the one in the repository.  but you can find one that works well on the adobe site01:36
futsuriai_No tsocks experts, then =( ?01:37
Flannelmarabout: well, you know its not a hardware issue (that's good) and not a kernel issue (also good).  But, I... don't really have any good methods fr tracking down the offending software unfortunately01:37
T1whats the best bittorrent client for ubuntu01:38
rambo298anyone for this => just replaced my R/only CD with a rewritable DVD/CD (Sony) drive; works fine but I want to copy a DVD/movie and Brasero shows the drive as "Status: the medium is not writable"; does that mean the DVD is not writable or the "drive"?01:39
ddr4anyone know how to show X errors on the desktop background01:40
SerachtBotLobsta how about drivers?01:40
Serachtdo they work straight out of the box01:40
ayandeim chaning from suse to ubuntu, is it a big change?01:40
Serachtliek the nvidia experimental drivers?01:40
maraboutFlannel: i'm thinking it is the track-pad software/driver (gsynaptics?) Is there a way to  pursue my hunch?01:40
Seracht(I have a dell xps 1330 if it matters)01:40
Doomanyone from the forum here?01:41
BotLobstaSeracht, every driver ive seen works for me including the nvidia ones01:41
unop!forums | Doom01:41
ubottuDoom: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.01:41
BotLobstathe only ones that might not is if you get a driver for some external piece of hardware01:41
McFrostyAnyone know the Download link for Gnash PowerPC?01:42
adam7Seracht: the only thing to watch out for is that some proprietary 32bit apps may not run01:43
adam7Seracht: if you plan on using only free software there is no reason not to go 6401:43
Cadman21tiyowan: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/BlueSpace+II?content=78633 does this one work?01:44
Serachtok cool adam701:44
SerachtI'll try it out01:44
tiyowanCadman21: http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2008/12/compiz-emerald-metacity-what.html <- This is what I was looking. It's a good explanation of what the different themes are for. Like what does an emerald theme change, what's metacity/compiz, etc.01:45
ddr4what nvidia drivers would i use for the  nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)01:46
kroffewhat is ssh? and is it better then ftp?01:46
vjacobdoes a "make" in kernel compile usually do some spring cleaning, before it gets started, or will it just go through directories and skip files that are already compiled?01:47
YoyotoI'm trying to get a better grasp of how to use linux in general, could anyone point me in a good direction of where to start please?01:47
Cadman21tiyowan: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/BlueSpace+II?content=78633 this is the GTK one that I picked.01:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about documentaion01:47
vjacobyoyoto: try looking on youtube for easy to get started tutorials01:47
BotLobstaddr4, the nvidia-glx-96 package01:48
ddr4BotLobsta: ok01:48
Yoyotovjacob, Thanks, preferably I'd rather not watch videos, I want to have like a basic knowledge of commands and such, I've learned a bit through trial and error01:48
Melio1acer aspire one , ubuntu 8.1o works well01:48
tiyowanCadman21: That Bluespace is a GTK theme. Ok, I'll describe how to install those. Just open up System -> Pref. -> Appearance | Theme. And just click and drag the tarball you downloaded into the theme window.01:49
vjacobyoyoto: how do you prefer to learn, continually through trial and error or by reading a book01:49
Melio1i'm testing it out. the site doesnt really get into the webcam config ect. but i don't care about it01:49
maraboutanyone know where I can find the minimum system requirements for installing Ubuntu on a celeron machine01:49
Yoyotovjacob, Well I like examples that I can try that way i can get a grip on what to do, but I prefer to read because I don't like rewinding and pausing videos01:49
vjacobmarabout: they're the same as most other pcs, you probably want >512Mb of RAM01:50
usr13marabout: I don't think there are any "minimum system requirements"  It just runs slow on slow machines and faster on faster ones.01:50
vjacobyoyota: if I were you I'd just google with some keywords like 'linux introduction book" or "linux tutorials step-by-step"01:51
Lexvegasmarabout, I run ubuntu normal install on an old laptop with 256Mb, but i wouldnt reccomend it01:52
maraboutvjacob: so if the machine doesn't have that much ram forget it. Or are there some work arounds, use an earlier Ubunut or...01:52
vjacobmarabout: as laxvegas writes01:52
rainabbaWhen I use sudo in a terminal, it frequently takes up to a minute for a password prompt, or for the password to get confirmed. My system is a Q6600, with 8GB DDR21066 RAM, 4x500GB SATAII drives in RAID5 and is otherwise VERY responsive. What's going on?01:52
vjacobmarabout: you could try something lighter than ubuntu however01:52
Yoyotovjacob, i'm kind of looking for some reccomended guide.....01:52
vjacobrecommended by who, all of us, or one of us01:52
vjacobthere are soo many guides man :)01:53
Cadman21tiyowan: that worked :) so how do I get the dock program to run?01:53
usr13marabout: I have a P2 800MHz machine and it's not fast but it runs ok.01:53
tiyowanCadman21: Applications -> Accessories -> Avant Window Navigator. :)01:53
=== DRNK-E is now known as drnk-e
rainabbaAvant didn't impress me.01:53
rainabbaTrying Kiba right now.01:54
tiyowanCadman21: Do check out the link I posted. It has a good explanation of the different parts of the GUI you can "skin" in Ubuntu.01:54
Yoyotovjacob, one, all, whatever, the google option was my instict, but I thought maybe I'd find something recommended by people01:54
Yoyotoinstinct ***01:54
maraboutvjacob: ive got an old emachine 600mhz 128ram just pulled out of the garage  I was hoping to put Edubuntu on for the children. Is that just wishful thinking?01:54
vjacobmarabout: edubuntu... I'd say yes, you don't want them falling asleep01:54
tiyowanrainabba: Agreed.01:54
vjacobmarabout: what you could do is to get some ram for them, however I'd venture to say next moment you01:55
Lexvegasmarabout, maybe xubuntu with educational software?01:55
usr13marabout: Put more RAM in it.01:55
vjacobwillbe upgrading the next component (video)...then processor...even a real low end computer these days is better than that old machine01:55
tiyowanCadman21: I guess what I'm trying to point out is, you have a *lot* of choice over how you want to mix and match the different parts of your GUI. It'll take a while, so don't get frustrated. :)01:55
vjacobyoyota: one of the things I've noticed after starting to use linux is that there is no right/wrong in terms of alternative except what you like. Personally, I've never read such a book01:56
usr13marabout: But if you run fluxbox rather than gnome or KDE it will use quite a bit less memory.01:56
TheFunkbombokay, I got me an ethernet card.  As soon as the room is clear, I'll hook it up01:56
vigomarabout: There is a Xubuntu that is rather minimalist.01:56
Yoyotovjacob, I guess it will be a long night of googling and going guide to guide >.<01:57
TheFunkbombI don't want to lay a 14 foot cable across the room while people are still mulling about01:57
steroHey Guys! this is really strange sometimes I cant see my network shared folders and when I see I cant access them01:57
jalonsoHey guys Wondering if you could help me with something01:57
=== jesse__ is now known as rikkimaru
maraboutvigo: tell me more...01:57
usr13jalonso: Just state your questions01:58
vjacobyoyoto: start with "ubuntu guide", linux.com... personally I just google on a case by case basis, e.g. "problem ubuntu" and read01:58
vigomarabout: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements check that out01:58
tiyowanmarabout: openbox is a good one I think if you're low on resources.01:58
sterohow can I fix my network share?01:58
maraboutusr13: dont know anything about fluxbox. Tell me more please01:58
Cadman21tiyowan: Well thanks for all the help. I'm great full. so can I download themes for awm dock as well?01:58
Yoyotovjacob, I like to be preventative rather than wait till a problem arises, if I can learn how to do things before they happen01:58
rikkimaruCan someone with some knowledge of driver support for Creative Labs X-Fi sound cards give me a hand?  I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get my sound working (preferably ALSA)01:58
vigomarabout: That link is for you,,and any one else that is interested in minimal specs01:58
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.01:58
Dexihey guys, frets on fire didnt reset my resolution when it quit, so now i can only see a small portion of my screen and its in a HUGE resolution01:58
jalonsoI just bought an nvidia  9800 geforce card for my pc and my power supply blew out is there any way these two could be connected ?01:59
Dexijalonso, yes.01:59
exodus_msYoyoto: --> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/free-ubuntu-linux-e-books.html01:59
rambo298any use k9copy and brasero to copy/burn a dvd?01:59
usr13marabout: http://fluxbox.org/01:59
NeantHumainWhat I find wrong about Ubuntu is that regular system/security updates regularly break driver settings. Every time the kernel is updated, I have to use EnvyNG to reinstall the NVidia drivers.01:59
Dexijalonso, you should have at least a 500watt for that01:59
tiyowanCadman21: No problem at all. :) Yes, you can download individual themes as well for some applications. AWN has plenty of themes, too. Just look around, take it easy, spend a couple of days setting up your desktop, and you'll be all set.01:59
vjacobyoyoto: okay, that's good too, just don't forget that linux is also trial/error01:59
vigoexodus: Good one!01:59
Yoyotovjacob,  I realize, but one of my friend keeps calling me lower than a Noob when I ask him questions, I'd like to not have that02:00
qqxcould anyone explain this to me please?: http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices#ServiceActivation02:00
Cadman21tiyowan: well thanks again.02:00
vjacobwell we've allbeen there02:00
Yoyotothanks exodus_ms Is this a good thing to subscribe via RSS? I'd love some new content02:00
zelrikriandoCadman21, do you like docks?02:00
jalonsoDexi: I was using a 500wt02:00
Yoyotovjacob, Ya know I assumed that, but when I responded with I have to start somewhere he just bashed me more >.<02:00
gizmoyou here using bot also?02:00
qqxhttp://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices#ServiceActivation <-- do i type this into terminal or add this to .asoundrc?02:00
sterohow can I fix my network share? I Really need some help02:01
glennsomeone i nreally need help with my nvidia drivers and my desktop effects!!!02:01
vjacobyoyoto: as they say... consider your own progress, not in comparison to others02:01
Cadman21zelrikriando: yeah02:01
exodus_msYoyoto: try it out, see what you think, there is usually some good things on there, but I will let yoube the judge of that :)02:01
tatvjacob good saying!02:02
steroDo I actually have to use the "sudo nautilus" to share files in ubuntu?02:02
Yoyototat, I wanted to say that, but they left >.<02:02
usr13marabout: but you can do a normal install and the system will run ok, will just be slow.  Firefox will take 10 seconds or so to load, but the file manager will only take about 3 or 4 seconds.  Something along  those lines.02:02
vigoHow do I access a CAD program on the Windows partition of this box?02:02
tatYoyoto: haha02:02
TheFunkbomboh sweet, Predator is on Cinemax02:02
Yoyotoexodus_ms, anychance you've read any of these books?02:02
qqx!ot | TheFunkbomb02:03
ubottuTheFunkbomb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:03
rambo298any use k9copy and brasero to copy/burn a dvd?02:03
glenncan someone help me i have a issue with my nvidia drivers02:03
Yoyotooh also, just being curious I'd like to know if anyone uses a twitter application? neither of the ones on the add programs list work for me, and I don't like prism, currently I settled for spaz which uses adobe air, I don't like adobe AIR02:03
MikeHis there any other way to get java working in firefox on an x64 box other than with IcedTea? A particular applet that apparently works under hardy isn't working correctly for me (Intrepid)02:04
maraboutusr13: that's not too bad sounds. kind of like Vista with only 1.5gb of Ram LOL02:04
qqxhttp://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices#ServiceActivation <-- do i type this into terminal or add this to .asoundrc?02:04
BotLobstaglenn, whats wrong with them?02:04
exodus_msYoyoto: I can't say that I read any of them completly, I usually just browse for a subject I'm intersted in at the moment02:04
maraboutusr13: but it sounds like I should install with an alternative CD to get the best results right?02:05
usr13marabout: Well, yea... way better than vista.  Vista is a hog.02:05
glennbotlobsta, i don't know i installed the restricted drivers but i can't enable the desktop effects.02:05
Yoyotoexodus_ms, well what has helped you?02:05
BotLobstaglenn, are you trying to use compiz?02:05
usr13marabout: You could probably go either way, but alternate CD would be a safer bet.02:05
ayandewhats the root password for ubuntu?02:05
usr13ayande: There isn't onw02:05
usr13ayande: There isn't one02:05
exodus_msYoyoto: more importantly I was trying to express that there is too many resources to list here for what you are looking for.02:05
carandraug!root | ayande02:06
ubottuayande: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:06
Lexvegas!root | ayande02:06
steroDo I actually have to use the "sudo nautilus" to share files in ubuntu?02:06
Yoyotoexodus_ms, well firs thing I'd like to tackle is basic terminal use02:06
glennbotlobsta, yeah. but the thing is before i installed the drivers i turned off the compiz effects via appearance (if that has anything to do with it02:06
ayandebut i cant install anything without the rights02:06
exodus_msYoyoto: hold on...02:06
usr13stero: Why not?02:06
steroayande: sudo02:06
qqxhttp://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices#ServiceActivation <-- do i type this into terminal or add this to .asoundrc?02:06
sterousr13: ?02:06
shoto1699Anyone here know how to install a driver for 2wire(usb)02:07
shoto1699I get errors when trying to install the driver02:07
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)02:07
carandraugayande: in the few cases sudo doesn't cut for you and, you really really have to be root,  try "sudo su"02:07
BotLobstaglenn, are there any error messages when you start compiz?02:07
tiyowanshoto1699: A driver for what?02:07
glennbotlobsta, when i try to enable the effects via appearance i get a error saying cannot enable effects02:08
maraboutusr13:  ok I will do alternate. I have to go back to a prior response as someone mentioned install via USB and it looks like the CD tray on this is not happening. thanks02:08
shoto1699tiyowan: 2wire02:08
shoto1699tiyowan: 2wire does not have a drivver for linux02:08
sterogetting so pissed of at this network sharing thing :( damn updates :(02:08
shoto1699tiyowan: without it i cannot go on the internet02:08
BotLobstaglenn, does anything show up when you run02:08
usr13marabout: Very well, I'm sure you'll do ok.02:08
Lexvegasshoto1699, i think he means what is 2wire02:08
glennbotlobsta, run what?02:09
BotLobstaglenn, when you run 'lsmod | grep nvidia' in a terminal02:09
shoto16992wire is my modem name02:09
glennbotlobsta i'll try it. can i open a PM with you?02:09
BotLobstaglenn, sure02:09
Oversheein xfce, how do I get the 'taskbar' back?02:09
tiyowanshoto1699: Um, it's a DSL modem right?02:09
kantlivelonganyone here have an nvidia 9800GTX and have drivers 180.22 working??02:09
shoto1699tiyowan: yes02:10
tiyowanshoto1699: Ok...how are you trying to connect to your computer? Through USB?02:10
shoto1699tiyowan: yes02:10
steroCant anyone help me with network sharing? I can access the computer folder where I have stored some files but it does not show any files02:10
Oversheein xfce, how do I get the 'taskbar' back?02:11
jtz100how do ya change gui in ubutu02:11
tiyowanshoto1699: Hmm...do you see it when you type "lsusb" from a terminal?02:11
AndyCAre there always this many problems with the Ubuntu forums?02:11
shoto1699tiyowan: nope02:11
usr13AndyC: What problems?02:11
vigoNvidea Driver stuff>>>https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia02:11
carandraugAndyC: no02:11
tiyowanjtz100: To try out the different desktop environments, you'd use "sudo apt-get install *ubuntu-desktop" where * is x for xfce, k for kde, and empty for gnome.02:12
qqxhttp://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices#ServiceActivation <-- do i type this into terminal or add this to .asoundrc?02:12
carandraugusr13: "Looking into issues with database corruption. We'll be back shortly. Ubuntu-geek "02:12
usr13AndyC: You mean people having issues.  Well, did you see how many there on this channel?02:12
Gun_SmokeIs there no i368-desktop jigdo available?  I only see amd64, alternate, and server files available?  What gives?02:12
AndyCYep, that error02:12
tiyowanshoto1699: Is it not possible for you to get a standard gateway from which you could connect to your gateway via wire or wireless?02:12
shoto1699uh wut?02:13
shoto1699i only have one gateway02:13
Lexvegasshoto1699, using ethernet02:13
shoto1699i cant use ethernet02:13
Jack_SparrowAndyC, offtopic, this is a support channel, most of these 1200+ users are idle02:13
tiyowanshoto1699: Why can't you use ethernet?02:13
shoto1699this is a old computer02:13
shoto1699doesnt have it02:13
vigojtar100: Do you mean background or complete interface ?02:13
tiyowanshoto1699: It has USB, but it doesn't have ethernet?02:14
shoto1699no the modem has ethernet and usb02:14
shoto1699but my computer does not have a ethernet card02:14
shoto1699and if i do get one i have to buy a router02:14
shoto1699which i do not want to spend money on right now02:14
Oversheecan you change resolution from terminal >.<02:15
tiyowanOvershee: "man xrand"02:15
Oversheewrong channel02:15
patxthen leave02:15
tiyowanshoto1699: Ok, has someone already setup your 2wire in your home?02:15
AndyCJack_Sparrow: Sorry for going off topic.  I was just wondering if the Ubuntu forums alway have as many issues problems as they have the last two days.  (Issues as in errors with the forum, not user issues.)02:15
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209802:15
Fracturedsamba is slooow02:16
Oversheetiyowan, no manual entry for xrand02:16
Oversheeim in xfce02:16
Jack_SparrowAndyC, forums occasinally get overloaded or get updated they are seldom down for long02:16
tiyowanOvershee: Google's your friend. xrand works with X; your desktop env. would be irrelevant to its functionality I think.02:17
maraboutanyone had any experience putting Ubuntu onto a USB drive to do an install?02:17
Oversheei am googling02:17
tiyowanshoto1699: Could you please give me the model number of your DSL modem, please?02:17
Lexvegasmarabout, i believe 8.10 has a boot usb creation tool pre-installed02:18
Oversheenothing is helping02:18
shoto1699model is 1000SW02:18
Gun_Smokemarabout, look at unetbootin02:19
goudkovis there a way to enter ascii code similar to using alt+number?02:20
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:20
=== cs278|laptop is now known as cs278
hibby having cifs/samba troubles... anyone reckon they can throw a hand in my direction?02:21
tiyowanshoto1699: http://www.pcliquidations.com/item.asp?id=1096 <- According to the specs the USB functionality will only work on Windows 98, ME, or 2000. For other OSes you need Ethernet.02:21
shoto1699i partitioned my hd for no reason02:22
RichardWolfVIHello, I'm looking for a simple videoconferencing app for Ubuntu, any suggestions?02:22
evinI formatted a hard drive I never mount and when I restarted my computer the notification area no longer worked properly02:22
tiyowanshoto1699: You've been suckered into one of those "WinModem" type things.02:22
kantlivelonganyone here have nvidia drivers 180.22 working??02:22
shoto1699tiyowan: some ppl got it working02:23
tiyowanshoto1699: Just buy an inexpensive NIC and put it in your PC to get ethernet working.02:23
shoto1699tiyowan: but iono02:23
shoto1699tiyowan: the ethernet slot is taken02:23
eliYo, how do I enable ExpressCard support in ubuntu02:23
shoto1699tiyowan: so i will have to spend money for a router -_-02:23
LexvegasRichardWolfVI, Skype?02:23
tiyowanshoto1699: No. You don't understand...buying a router won't solve the problem.02:24
maraboutGun_Smoke: looks good! checking to see if the emachine is usb bootable. thanks02:24
huff3rdoes Ubuntu satanic edition have their own channel?02:24
Gun_Smokejigdo i386-desktop?  Not the server or alternate.. anyone know why it isn't available?02:24
shoto1699tiyowan: i know that i need a ethernet card02:24
FibonacciLexvegas: Not Skype - it's not free.02:24
RichardWolfVILexvegas: Well, I've already tried it, but I found some quirks on it.02:24
Gun_Smokemarabout, good to hear.. saves a lot of disks.02:24
shoto1699tiyowan: i've tried ethernet on another computer and it works02:24
hibbyRichardWolfVI: Ekiga?02:24
Jack_SparrowLexvegas, Yes it is02:25
FibonacciI couldn't get it to work from behind a router, not in my machine or RichardWolfVI's.02:25
evindoes anyone know how to reset the notification area so that the icons don't appear in windows?02:25
Jack_Sparrowhuff3r, Offtopic..02:25
RichardWolfVIhibby: The person I'm trying to reach is behind a router, and has been unable to use it.02:25
hibbyJack_Sparrow: It's not open, though... and has terrible linux sound support02:25
tiyowanshoto1699: I'd recommend visiting your local PC store. :)02:25
wrb123i installed ubuntu 8.10 and tried to set up networking. chose manual, clicked and added my ip, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS, clicked OK, and it wont connect. when i went to edit it again, the netmask ( entered) is showing up as just 2402:25
shoto1699tiyowan: iono i think ill just un partition my hd02:26
linux_newbieI've installed ubuntu/winxp can someone please tell me how to recover grub inorder to dual boot?02:26
* tiyowan thanks Jack_Sparrow02:26
Jack_Sparrownp we dont need that02:26
Fibonaccilinux_newbie: grub-install I think02:27
RichardWolfVIlinux_newbie: !grub02:27
markpeeid like to no how to get RID of multiple boots...02:27
Lexvegas!grub | linux_02:27
ubottulinux_: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:27
Lexvegas!grub | linux_newbie02:27
ubottulinux_newbie: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:27
RichardWolfVILexvegas: Thanks02:27
linux_newbieFibonacci: thanks for replying.02:27
tritiummarkpee: do you mean multiple kernel entries in the grub boot menu?02:27
LexvegasRichardWolfVI, np02:27
eliHow do I enable ExpressCard support in ubuntu?02:28
dkulchenkowhy is my system using 400MB of swap, when I can see by htop that there is 600+MB free memory?02:29
FibonacciLexvegas: also, does Ekiga support text chat? I think not...02:29
LexvegasFibonacci, I wouldnt know I never use Ekiga02:30
cmv583can anyone assist with usb ( ext. HDD )install from iso. i've read a ton and still can't figure this out. Used unetbootin and have ldlinux.sys file that I don't know what to do with. I checked properties and it is read/write and executable ( i think).02:30
tiyowandkulchenko: What applications are you running?02:31
cmv583gedit doesn't recognize it either02:31
Dante123hi all, just helping a buddy setup his new DYI barebones kit.  There is a fan in the middle of the case....what kind of power does it plug into?  Standard plug like for cdrom drive or one of the cables coming from the front of the unit which I *think* is for led lights, extra fans etc.  Or does it plug into someplace on mobo?02:31
Jack_SparrowDante123, offtopic, but they plug onto the board . read the manual02:32
woody86can someone help me out? For some reason my USB drive went from 2GB to 300mb capacity for no reason? I've tried formatting it in Windows twice now, but still same thing02:32
linux_newbiethanks for all the helping me fix the grub... imma gonna restart and see how it goes02:32
Jack_SparrowDante123, or at least look at the pretty pictures02:32
dkulchenkotiyowan: Drapes(wallpaper switcher) using 200MB of swap, Firefox using ~350MB of swap, and Terminal using about 140MB of swap. (all these programs are using about 65KB of res memory each)02:32
tiyowanDante123: The folks in #hardware could help you out.02:32
kristian_could someone please explain why my results for traceroute: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103001/ differ from for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Traceroute.png ?02:32
Jack_Sparrowwoody86, Were you using it for an OS?02:33
tseughello I'm using Ubuntu, and my firefox will not close when I try clicking the x, or alt+F4; how do I force this to close?02:33
tiyowandkulchenko: Would this be firefox 3 by any chance?02:33
dkulchenkotiyowan: you are correct.02:33
wrb123what does everyone suggest here for # of partitions for an ubuntu install, and what / to put on what partition?02:33
Dante123Thanks Jack_Sparrow!  (BTW- I hate manuals!!! ;-) ) Second question, we want to partition his hard drive so that his home folder resides on its own partition.  He has a 1000 gb (1 terabyte) sata drive.   What amount would you recommend for Ubuntu OS and what size for Home (likely the rest of space)02:33
woody86Jack_Sparrow, I was using it as a means to install an OS, but didn't actually have one installed on the USB02:34
Jack_Sparrowtseug, Which version of ubuntu, which version of firefox02:34
xineltseug: open a terminal window and type "ps aux | grep firefox" with out the quotes02:34
tiyowandkulchenko: It's a firefox memory leak problem.02:34
dkulchenkoDante123: if you're going to be gaming, 200GB for Ubuntu would be good. if not, 60GB will be plenty02:34
dkulchenkotiyowan: is it documented somewhere?02:34
tiyowandkulchenko: Lot of folks suddenly find firefox taking over their system all of a sudden. 3.0.4?02:34
xineltseug: then find the one that says /usr/lib/firefox02:34
tseugJack_Sparrow, the latest version, the "Ram animal"02:35
tiyowandkulchenko: Google for "firefox memory leak"; you'll find loads and loads of reports.02:35
xineltseug: the type "sudo kill -15 the first number"02:35
dkulchenkotiyowan: 3.0.502:35
tseugxinel, ok I see a x-3.0.5/firefox02:35
xinelagain without the quotes02:35
Jack_Sparrowtseug, Please type lsb_release -a in a terminal and tell us exactly what it shows02:35
tiyowandkulchenko: It's an OS-independent problem. (read: Mozilla's fault)02:35
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
tseugxinel what is "the first number"?02:36
dkulchenkotiyowan: thanks. I'll look it up online.02:36
xinelno that doesn;t sound right02:36
tseugxinel  4969?02:36
tiyowandkulchenko: No worries, mate.02:36
tseugor 58572?02:36
Jack_Sparrowtseug, Please type lsb_release -a in a terminal and tell us exactly what it shows02:36
xinelshould be the one right after your name02:36
Fibonaccitseug: pgrep firefox02:36
Lanacan anyone help me with advanced color customization? any other interfaces I can use for it? the normal appearance menu in preferences doesn't give me much to work with02:37
tseugxinel, that worked02:37
xinelFibonacci: nice trick that one, will remember that02:37
tseugwhat does that do?02:37
tseugpgrep firefox02:37
xinelgives u the number straight away02:38
Fibonaccithat's it.02:38
WebcamWonderxinel: Or you could use killall firefox :)02:38
qqxhttp://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices#ServiceActivation <-- do i type this into terminal or add this to .asoundrc?02:38
xinelWebcamWonder: doesn;t always work for me02:38
xinelso i go with what always works for me :P02:38
Fibonaccixinel: you could try killall -9 firefox then.02:39
xinel-9 is a hard kill02:39
xinel-15 is a nice kill02:39
tiyowanLana: What are you trying to achieve?02:39
tritium!enter | xinel02:39
ubottuxinel: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:39
WebcamWonderqqx: The first is a script in python, and the second is a command line script02:39
LanaI just want to be able to put borders around windows and in between menus in windows and change the color of the title bar in windows02:39
Fibonaccixinel: -9 always works, so I use it as a last resort.02:40
xinelis tritium a bot?02:40
tritiumxinel: no, I'm not.  ubottu is.02:40
Jack_Sparrowxinel, No he is  not02:40
xineli knew ubottu is02:40
WebcamWonderLana: Emerald provides more customization in terms of window borders, but requires compiz02:41
kristian_could someone please explain why my results for traceroute: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103001/ differ from for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Traceroute.png ?02:41
qqxWebcamWonder, how do i go about executing the script02:41
tiyowanLana: http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2008/12/compiz-emerald-metacity-what.html <- to get stated. Then just get some themes off of Gnome-Look. If you are unsatisfied with the themes there, then I'd suggest into looking into designing your own, if you have the time to spare.02:41
WebcamWonderqqx: You need python, which I do not know about much. Your best bet would be ##python perhaps02:41
qqxthanks WebcamWonder02:41
xinelwhats the file extension of the script?02:41
seaqkristian: because you're behind a firewall with ICMP restricted02:42
sharmz_754hey all anyone abble to help with dual monitors?02:42
Lanaok, thank you, I'll look02:43
Jack_Sparrowsharmz_754, HAve you read through the factoids02:43
tiyowanWebcamWonder: Are the compiz people continuing development on emerald?02:43
sharmz_754yeah the config i have looks to far from the 1-2-3 noob guilds, im scared to risk it02:43
BenBheh, X evdev thinks my USB audio is a keyboard :-) http://pastebin.ca/130486902:43
rhetorichi, having a bit of trouble after dist-upgrade to hardy here02:44
rhetorici removed all the screenlets i previously had set to load on startup in the prefs->sessions dialog, but they all still load at startup02:44
WebcamWondertiyowan: Compiz people aren't doing development themselves, I doubt they will do anything with regards to emerald02:44
rhetoric i tried closing them all and saving the session, to no avail02:44
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
tiyowanWebcamWonder: Roger.02:44
maraboutFlannel: here is the link to that screen freeze I was getting a little while ago. http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/7412/stuckscreenshotxz4.png - I am showing you this since the window dragging that I am getting happens infrequently. Perhaps you have encountered it before.02:45
Flannelmarabout: Not I, no.02:45
tiyowanRight, I'm off. Bye folks, and thanks for the help.02:45
sharmz_754Its a ati 9600 video card, i let ubuntu upgrade to another driver, and the config doesnt make sense to me, i was wondering  if somone can help?02:46
Yoyotohmmm Ya know I'm kind of curious as to what a good antiviruis software is02:47
nicestar999có ai không???02:47
sharmz_754trying to setup  dual monitors02:47
=== jonathon is now known as valros
Flannel!vn | nicestar99902:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vn02:47
verso I try to run my live cd and I get the error buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block....etc etc, anyone know how to remedy this problem?02:47
Yoyoto>.< ok problem, Suddenly my add/remove application thing is not populated02:47
FibonacciYoyoto: I myself use Avast! for Windows machines, but you don't need one on Ubuntu.02:47
YoyotoI use NOD32 on windows02:47
mrgenixusYou can use CLAM on ubuntu02:47
valroshey how can i install 64bit flash(firefox) must i really use a 32bit browser02:48
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava02:48
Melio1i use opera for flash these days02:48
xinelwell isn;t that handy02:48
chrishi, i was wondering if someone could help me find out why i can't delete files in my samba share from a windows machine. im using ubuntu 8.1002:48
Melio1it seems to be more stable in opera..02:48
nicestar999i don't like ubuntu.......02:48
mrgenixusif I have a binary tarbal, is there a way I can create a package from it, in order to uninstall i later?02:48
Melio1nicestar999: what do you like02:48
verso I try to run my live cd and I get the error buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block....etc etc, anyone ???02:48
mrgenixusnicestar999: don't start a flame war here02:48
Jack_Sparrownicestar999, Then you are in the wrong channel, this is ubuntu support.02:49
BotLobstavalros, flash has come out with an alpha 64bit flash plugin.  it works perfectly for me02:49
mrgenixusver: you probably have a failing optical drive02:49
mrgenixusOR it's SATA and not fully supported02:49
verit's not recognizing the dvd rom correctly02:49
valroscan anyone answer this, i386 and i686, 32bit and 64bit intel architectures or what?02:49
Yoyotoanyone ever have this problem? where add/remove is empty?02:49
WebcamWonderBotLobsta: Any websites that refuse to work in that alpha plugin? I would like to scrap my nspluginwrapper02:49
tokyoaheadguys I have an application here that fails w/o any error (lotus notes 8.5), is there anyway I can generate a logfile to see what goes wrong?02:49
BotLobstaWebcamWonder, not that ive found02:49
mrgenixustokyoahead: are you running it from terminal?02:50
chrisi've been working on this for three days is there someone who can help?02:50
BotLobstahere is the link for it: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html02:50
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:50
rhetoricanyone know the file(s) that actually get changed when i edit startup programs in the gnome sessions dialog?02:50
mrgenixustokyoahead: or from the menu?02:50
tokyoaheadmrgenixus: no, but you are right I should do that, then I would see right/02:50
mrgenixuschris: I missed your question02:50
WebcamWonderBotLobsta: Yeah, it would be a pain to redo the 32bit with nsplugin if something doesn't work properly02:50
mrgenixustokyoahead: if there's an error...02:50
vermrgenixus: yes it's sata02:50
exodus_msIs there an application to extract html links from a file using the terminal?02:50
mrgenixusver: might not be supported yet, what liveCD?02:50
tokyoaheadmrgenixus: how can I find out the binary of the progr4am in the menu?02:50
vermrgenixus: sorry 8.1002:51
tinker_I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 on a 6 year old PC. I have been using Ubuntu for several years and everything done to that machine in terms of drivers has been done by Ubuntu.02:51
tinker_I recently tried to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 and got this error message02:51
tinker_This computer is currently using the NVIDIA 'nvidia' graphics driver.02:51
FloodBot3tinker_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:51
BotLobstaWebcamWonder, i never really got nsplugin to work for me.  i would have to restart it all the time02:51
chrismrgenixus i have samba set up to fat32 on 8.10 and my windows machines cannot delete files from the share02:51
kristian_seaq : could it be my modem?02:51
mrgenixuschris: the issue is in your samba config probably02:51
tinker_What is flooding?02:51
vermrgenixus:should I run 6.06?02:52
kristian_tinker_ : writing multiple lines fast.02:52
mrgenixusfirstly, check the fs permissions anyhow, just because the fs doesn't natively support them doesn't mean the kernel hasn't limited access anyhow02:52
tokyoaheadtinker flooding is pasting or wiriting more than 3 lines in short succession02:52
FreeTuxTepaneed some help02:52
tinker_okay, thanks02:52
mrgenixuschris: you can reset them with chmod 777 -R /media/fat32-disk02:52
chrismrgenixus yes, in smb.conf but i've done everything i can think of, i really need someone to help me find out what im doing wrong02:52
mrgenixusver: 6.06? I don't know02:52
FreeTuxTepai got a flatbed scanner artec_eplus48u02:52
mrgenixustry a different drive if you have one02:52
kristian_tinker_ : write all as one line or post your text at http://paste.ubuntu.com02:52
chrismrgenixus logged in as root?02:52
rhetoricanyone know the file(s) that actually get changed when i edit startup programs in the gnome sessions dialog? i deleted a bunch of screenlets but they still load every time... (saved session w/o them also)02:53
FreeTuxTepaand i install kubuntu 8.1002:53
mrgenixuschris, you're logged into samba as root02:53
YoyotoHmm I can't find anything about the add/remove programs list being empty02:53
tinker_I'm trying to upgrade from 8.04 -> 8.10, the update manager complains it can't find a driver for my video card, yet I've had ubuntu on my box for years.  Anyone know why this now a problem?02:53
maraboutmy emachine disk drive is broken and it cant be booted via USB. is there a way I can connect it to my machine which is running hardy and do an install from it to the emachine?02:53
mrgenixuschris: do I have that right?02:53
VSpiketinker_: nvidia dropped support for anything older than 6-series in the nvidia proprietary driver02:53
chrismrgenixus nop i just sudo, but i did /bin/bash the other nite02:53
mrgenixuschris: logging in via samba as root is a bad idea, and that might be why you're locked out02:53
mrgenixusI see02:54
tinker_VSpike, so Ubuntu can't get it because Nvidia no longer has it to offer?02:54
rhetorici can find tons of forum posts about folks who cant get things to load at startup, but nothing about folks who cant get things to NOT load at startup :(02:54
nicestar999because i can't speak english and i don't known.02:54
chrismrgenixus o boy how do i fix that?02:54
Jack_Sparrowmarabout, You can swap hard drives, install and swap back, there is no copy protection like windows to prevent that from working02:54
tokyoaheadhow can I find out the binary that is opened if I click on a netry in the applications menu?02:54
=== john is now known as Guest81218
mrgenixusto reset the permissions? yeah, logged in as root, or not, as long as you can write the files, you chould be able to make them readable,writeable,and executeable by anybody02:54
vermrgenxius:do you know if my sata controller has the dvd rom as a slave if that would afect it?02:55
mrgenixusbut chmod 777 makes them pretty-much free-and-clear02:55
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:55
mrgenixusver: sata doesn't support master/slave02:55
WebcamWondertokyoahead: Right click on the menu, select edit menus, and there you can edit and find the path of the executable02:55
chrismrgenixus not on this machine02:55
verit says it is in my BIOS02:55
monkey_d_luffyIsn't this the way to output stdout and stderr to a file?    2>&1   1>  LOG.txt02:55
mrgenixusver: then it's not Sata02:55
monkey_d_luffyit's not working02:55
tinker_I'm I stuck in 8.04 because my video card is too old to have a new driver for 8.10?02:55
mrgenixusver: how old is the drive?02:55
markpeever, please dont intefear in my business..02:55
vernot what the bios says, everest says it's scsi02:55
mrgenixustinker_: what card?02:55
verbrand spankin02:55
tokyoaheadWebcamWonder: thansk02:56
Dante123dkulchenko we took your advice...thanks!02:56
VSpiketinker_: what is your card?02:56
mrgenixusver: how new is the liveCD?02:56
crdlbmonkey_d_luffy: command &> file is a shortcut02:56
vergot it today02:56
tinker_Im getting the info02:56
IndyGunFreaktinker_: somehow i'd find that very unlikely, but until you tell us what card, its hard to say02:56
tinker_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x] (rev a2)02:56
timmydcan someone help me get my mouse working under X11? ubuntu 8.10 screwed it all up. i was happy on 8.04 because it worked02:57
mrgenixusyou need the legacy driver02:57
kafaenanyone know how to get ubuntu to stop asking for pass every time i log on from suspend?02:57
mrgenixusit's supported02:57
mrgenixusI've using02:57
IndyGunFreaktinker_: use the legacy driver, it should be fine02:57
rhetoricanyone know the file(s) that actually get changed when i edit startup programs in the gnome sessions dialog? i deleted a bunch of screenlets but they still load every time... (saved session without them also)02:57
level_5anyone here using a Sprint Broadband with Ubuntu? I'm told it self configures but mine isn't working02:57
mrgenixuskafaen: it's an option on the user-login/out icon under preferences, I think02:57
maraboutJack_Sparrow:  I dont have a desktop that I can use to do that just a laptop. the desktops in the house are all running mac OS X02:57
mrgenixusver: have you tried a memory check02:57
WebcamWonderrhetoric: Try Administration -> Services02:57
tinker_INdyGunFreak,  how do I do that?  Do I install the driver myself then run update manager?02:57
IndyGunFreaktinker_: uh, no.. it should be in restricted driver manager I would think.. (System/Admin/Hardware drivers)02:58
sharmz_754i need help configing dual monitors i have read the DIY and cant make heads or tales02:58
maraboutJack_Sparrow:  I can access the BIOS on the emachine but since their is no O/S I guess I am stuck there correct?02:58
IndyGunFreaksharmz_754: nvidia or ATI?02:58
WebcamWonderrhetoric: http://library.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/2.14/sessions-3.html02:58
tinker_IndyGunFreak; do you mean go there before running update manager, ask for a new driver then run update manager?02:58
mrgenixuschris: how's it going? may I pm you direct so I don't lose the chat?02:58
IndyGunFreaktinker_: no,  after you update, it *should* work after you enable it.... do you have it enabled on 8.04?02:59
mrgenixuskafaen: fix your issue?02:59
rhetoricwebcamwonder: that might help, thanks02:59
chriswhats the chmod thing again?02:59
WebcamWonderrhetoric: npz02:59
vermrgenxius:yes memtest86, md5s on the disk image, burned @ 4x02:59
tinker_IndyGunFreak;  Yes there is just a single thing at that path and it is enabled in 8.0402:59
kristian_ka faen02:59
valroswhat would most likely be causing a spontaneous absence of an internet connection, happens randomly for about 20 secs at a time03:00
IndyGunFreaktinker_: ok, does it reference your nvidia driver?03:00
mrgenixusver: and you're getting seek errors?03:00
mrgenixusdid you md5sum the machine you burned on?03:00
vermrgenxius:buffer I/O error03:00
mrgenixuser memtest03:00
mrgenixusver: what drive is it?03:01
tinker_IndyGunFreak;  I think so,  it lists one nvidia proprietary driver and it says it is in use and enabled03:01
FreeTuxTepahere again03:01
kafaenmrgenixus: Nope cant find it.03:01
mrgenixusvalros: ip-address conflict03:01
IndyGunFreaktinker_: ok, so what makes you think it won't work in 8.10?03:01
vermrgenxius:make n model?03:01
jinja-sheepI'm trying to learn the command 'screen'  -- It allows me to display what I'm doing on the terminal to other side?03:01
IndyGunFreakmrgenixus: i had a horrible time w/ ISO's i downloaded this weekend, none of them would work (was mailing disks)... finally found a couople on other sites and downloaded them and they worked03:01
tinker_IndyGunFreak,  when I run update manager it stops with an error message saying it can't find a new driver for me03:01
IndyGunFreaktinker_: doesn't make much sense....03:02
mrgenixuschris: chmod -R 777 /media/your-disk03:02
tinker_IndyGunFreak, it didn't occur to me that I could tell update manager to go ahead anyway, let me try that03:02
mrgenixusthat will give "Everyone" "Full Control" on that disk03:02
vermrgenxius:HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH15F03:02
IndyGunFreaktinker_: if that doesn't work, try disabling the restricted driver, restart, run update manager, then once everything is updated, try to reenable the driver.. but it should work in 8.10 w/ the legacy driver (note *should* make sure you have stuff backed up just in case)03:03
fulat2k1hi folks, is there a way i can apply the same font properties which i've set to gnome for qt/kde apps in 8.10?03:03
mrgenixusver: doesn't seem to be a device issue.03:03
SharmZyeah so trying to do the x11 config file for duel monitors, no luck03:03
mrgenixusno other reports for that model03:04
tinker_IndyGunFreak;  thanks for the idea.  What should I back up?03:04
SharmZits a ATI 960003:04
IndyGunFreaktinker_: any important files, etc..03:04
vermrgenxius:no, the device works like a champ03:04
Yoyotothe ubuntu forums which seem to be the only place with the answer I need are down, so does anyone know what to do if my add/remove thing is empty?03:04
tinker_IndyGunFreak;  I just told it to go ahead anyway.  I'll let you know how it turns out03:04
vermrgenxius:ok, say the drive was a slave, would it boot proper?03:04
kantlivelongcan someone help me with an nvidia 180.22 issue?03:04
IndyGunFreaktinker_: lol, good luck03:04
SharmZATI 9600 card03:05
mrgenixusver: I'm stumped03:05
mrgenixusand I have to go03:05
level_5anyone here using the sprint mobile broadband card?03:05
T1hi all, whats the best media player for ubuntu03:05
timmydcan someone help me get my mouse working under X11? after using X for a while all the buttons stop working.. the mouse still moves around visually but X doesn't pass any of it's events to anything03:05
mrgenixusver: sorry03:05
mrgenixuschris: I'm out of here, got dinner03:05
kdc1956ATI 9600 card work good for me here03:05
SharmZduel monitors?03:06
FreeTuxTepaartec scanner under kubuntu 8.1003:06
FreeTuxTepahow configure it?03:06
linux_newbieHow do I find out which partition is windows installed in grub ?03:06
level_5can anyone help with sprint mobile broadband card?03:07
SharmZmay i PM somone that knows about x11 config and duel monitors?03:07
msuttonI screwed up trying to expand my RAID and stuff is broken. Anyone familiar with raids in Ubuntu and willing to give me a hand?03:08
SharmZmay i PM somone that knows about x11 config and duel monitors?03:08
w3wsrmnhow i mine for fish?03:08
msuttonThe damn forums are down03:09
linux_newbiecan someone please tell me :what is the command to show partition list in grub ?03:09
BigMikehi all03:09
BigMike?????every day fsck starts up and says force check not check 29 times - how do I stop it ?????03:10
Oversheeany estimate on when the forums are coming up?03:10
FlannelOvershee: Try #ubuntuforums03:10
keystr0kHow do I check a usb drive for errors?03:11
msuttonDoes anyone have any experience growing RAIDS? I'm really screwed here if I can't fix this...03:12
w3wsrmnkeystr0k: fsck device03:13
keystr0karg. I was trying fschk03:13
BrettMeisterTrying to update but I get this error message after I enter my password: The underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program. etc.03:13
vigo_Ut Oh! I have a tail03:13
BrettMeisterWhat's going on?03:13
SharmZcan someone please help with duel monitors?03:13
usr13BrettMeister: Have you added additional users?03:14
BrettMeisterusr13: Nope.  Tried to install a virtual machine a while back though.  Could that be it?03:14
xMopxHey, I have ubuntu installed  to a thumbdrive. The thumbdrive also has Grub installed, however, the entries are wrong. How can I fix them?03:14
msuttonI need some RAID help, anyone got some expertise?03:14
vigo_Updates are not working?03:15
tortisehi, i'm having a bit of trouble with 8.04.  I installed wicd, but wasn't pleased with it, so i reinstalled networkmanager. the problem is that networkmanager no longer appears to start in the tray automatically.. This is odd, because i've done the same thing many times before without trouble.03:15
w3wsrmntortise: System -> Preferences -> Sessions -> Startup Programs. Is NM listed and/or checked?03:16
Sa[i]nTAnyone else have a mac screw up the filesystem on their flash drive? To the point where it is unreadable by linux, or windows.03:17
tortisew3wsrmm: Network Manager is checked in sessions.03:17
BrettMeisterusr13: Thanks.03:17
BaxI'm trying to setup an extended Desktop on ubuntu fiesty with a dual head ati card.  Before login at the gnome interface, it is doing EXACTLY what I want in that the right monitor is just an extension of the left monitor.  However as soon as a login this setting disappears and my right monitor is back to copying the screen contents of my right monitor.  Any ideas on what I need to fix in my xorg.conf file?03:20
adam7Bax: you probably should upgrade to 8.1003:20
Gamboahi, anywone kwon any free server for homeworld 2 ??03:23
msuttonI screwed up trying to expand my RAID and stuff is broken. Anyone familiar with raids in Ubuntu and willing to give me a hand?03:23
alex-82If I do sudo apt-get install xcfe4, will that give me the option to login as a xfce session OR as my existing gnome session?03:23
huwenfenghi, i want to do this: i want to left click a link, and a new tab will appear, but do not jump to that new tab, how to configure firefox to do this?03:23
tortisew3wsrmm, i can see NetworkManager starts ok as it's booting, and that the applet is checked in sessions.  Wicd was checked still in sessions, so i removed it. and problem persists.03:24
nickrudhuwenfeng, edit-prefs, tabs tab. Open in tab03:24
Sa[i]nTalex-82, You can choose your session at the login screen.03:25
huwenfengyes, it opens on new tab, but i jumped to that new tab immediately.03:26
huwenfengi do not want this.03:26
[elektron]hi there03:26
BotLobstahuwenfeng, middle click on the link03:26
jinja-sheepLinux-4-host.  Vista-4-guest.  The installation progress seems to be stuck at a certain progressbar for quite some time.  Anybody aware of the solution for this kind of behavior? (VirtualBox).  Everybody is dead in #vbox03:26
semanticpchow do i run a java program using a shell script03:26
level_5anyone here using a Sprint Mobile Broadband card?03:26
nickrudalex-82, yes03:27
[elektron]i'd like to implement ubuntu-like driver autodetection in my distro.  any help???03:28
Dexicompiz is AWESOME03:28
Sa[i]nTYes, it is.03:28
[elektron]video autodetection, i mean03:28
huwenfengBotLobsta: OH, good! you are right03:28
Dexiahhh water effect all over the screen!03:28
Sa[i]nTConverted windows user?03:28
nickrud[elektron], you might get some info about where to start looking if you ask on #ubuntu-motu03:28
kristian_is "traceroute" and "tracert" the same thing? they both give the same man page, from "man traceroute" and "man tracert", but they give me completely different results. when i type "traceroute google.com" i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103003/ - while from "sudo tracert google.com" i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103004/ - so there has to be a difference? (strange that i have to run tracert as sudo and not traceroute as sudo!) i ha03:29
DexiSa[i]nT, yeah pretty much03:29
BotLobstahuwenfeng, yea i love that.  I use it all the time03:29
Dexianyone know of a macro program? i wanna make linux draw my name in fire every time i log in03:29
Dexihow sick would that be?03:29
Sa[i]nTDexi, Compiz does have some good eye candy.03:29
msuttonI screwed up trying to expand my RAID and stuff is broken. Anyone familiar with raids in Ubuntu and willing to give me a hand?03:29
LexvegasDexi, then have the rain effect put it out!03:30
markpeemsutton, this is not the appropite place..03:30
w3wsrmnkristian_: check the traceroute man. tracert = traceroute -I (pings)03:30
kristian_192.168.0.1 is my wireless router*03:30
markpeemsutton, please leave NOW03:30
DexiLexvegas, YES!!! i dont see rain effect03:30
zetharxwhat is the best linux raid software?03:30
Lexvegasit should be under the water effect03:30
Dexioh ok03:30
nickrudmsutton, keep asking, at the rate you've been doing so far. Someone probably will come through. markpee you're not an op03:30
nsadminzetharx none. best raid is hardware raid03:31
markpeemsutton, if you do not leave NOW you will be removed by force03:31
huwenfengBotLobsta: yes, it is useful!03:31
msuttonLol, thanks :P03:31
Dexii have thing i didnt even know about03:31
nsadminconnection reset by pee03:31
Dexii just pressed Super R and Super E and i had no idea what was going on03:31
nickrudmarkpee, if you want to talk about it, #ubuntu-ops03:31
markpeenickrud, care to explain that '?03:31
Flannelmarkpee: Please behave yourself.03:31
kristian_w3wsrmn : ok thanks. :-) but tracert/traceroute -I still gives a less complete route than tracert in cmd/windows, how can i get the complete route? :-)03:32
nsadminmarkpee: yer feeling the power... usually this happens about 6-10 months after you become an op03:33
DexiLexvegas, super C is supposed to be used by amarok but something in compiz is making it center my cursor, do you know whats doing it?03:33
heloi'm trying to install NBR, but after adding the deb entries, there are several packages that aren't found which are listed, like clutter, clutter-gtk, desktop-switcher...03:33
mogi22is this a nonissue: when i stop my bind9 i get error about rndc connection to remote host closed, key may be bad etc.  but i can start bind9 with no errors or log entries and all works well.03:34
mkquisthey all - just curious is there a way to automatically rebuild fstab?03:34
mogi22why do i get errors only upon stopping bind?03:34
mogi22and should i care?03:34
LexvegasDexi, i dont know what it would be, but it sounds like something in the accesability section03:34
w3wsrmnkristian_: oh, sorry, my response wasn't clear. you'll want to use traceroute, not tracert. And don't use the -I switch as most hops won't respond to the pings.03:34
nsadminmkquist: what info would be available to build fstab from?03:34
msuttonI'm inn need of some RAID expertise! Messed up my raid while trying to grow it. Anyone able to help me out?03:34
mogi22i see similar error msgs on google but ONLY for those who cant get bind to work, my bind works!03:35
nsadminmsutton: he's a sicco, she'03:35
Robert__!skype > Robert__03:35
ubottuRobert__, please see my private message03:35
nsadmins a sicco, I'm a sicco, we're a sicco, wouldn't you like to be a sicco (specific informative concise complete on topic) too?03:35
mkquistnsadmin: if i created directories and mounted the disks I wanted in them... it might build from current configuration...03:36
nsadminmkquist: perhaps you could build a script that parses the output of mount when invoked with no parameters03:36
zer0my wicd cant search wireless network..how can i fix my problem???03:36
msuttonnsadmin, eh?03:36
mkquistnsadmin: so no command already made huh... oh well, just a thought03:37
=== KC2ORE is now known as matt
mattI have a perl question, anyone up for it?03:38
Flannelmatt: If its an actual perl question, you may try the perl channel (#perl?) or #ubuntu-offtopic03:38
zer0my wicd cant search wireless network..i already set it to my wireless interface=wlan003:38
DexiLexvegas, you were right, thanks :)03:38
nsadminmsutton: what part were you not understanding? I'm suggesting that you providing specifics might get you more help, better quality help faster than if you repeat the phrase...03:38
helocan i just ignore the packages that are missing from the netbook remix list?03:38
LexvegasDexi, np glad to help03:38
mattFlannel, ahh ok, thanks.03:38
kristian_w3wsrmn : well, if i use traceroute alone i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103003/ - no results. and i dont think "tracert" = "traceroute -I", because i get much better results from "traceroute -I" than from "tracert". basically "traceroute" = no results, "tracert" = some result, "traceroute -I" = more complete result, but still the result from cmd in windows is more complete, showing more accurate. :-/03:39
Dexiomg compiz is so nice i gotta go pee03:39
nsadminmsutton: lots of times really specific detailed information could help people to help you who didn't even realize they had info that's useful to anyone03:40
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:40
msuttonI attempted to grow my RAID using mdadm --grow, it started throwing a lot of errors, I didn't think at the time and started expanding my system RAID 1. It stopped the grow and now I am unable to boot my machine off the RAID 1.03:40
msuttonI've 3 raid partitions, two RAID 1s (Root and Swap) and a RAID 5 on 4 disks. I added a 5th and attempted to grow my root partition.03:41
msuttonI didn't think about growing the live system partition.03:41
tortisefixed. i did not have network-manager-gnome.  thank you very much.  have a wonderful weekend.03:42
nsadminso the 4 disk raid is the one that's having the problem... me, never did raid... but someone might have03:42
StargazerIs there an official iTunes port or do i have to use wine ?03:42
randalhey can anyone help me im trying to install a usplah screen but it doesent work can anyone help me plz03:42
adam7Stargazer: wine03:42
StargazerTy, adam7.03:43
msuttonWell, technically they are all 4 disk raids. The 3 different RAID systems are on the same 4 disks. But I don't think thats where the problem is.03:43
msuttonIt's that the grow stopped in the middle of doing it.03:43
msuttonand the errors it was throwing before that03:43
w3wsrmnkristian_: the traceroute manpage states tracert = traceroute -I. Anyways, what do you mean by "windows is more complete"? Do certain which respond under windows provide only * under linux?03:43
randalhey can anyone help me im trying to install a usplah screen but it doesent work can anyone help me plz03:43
rambo298any k3b users here?03:43
Flannel!doesntwork | randal03:44
ubotturandal: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:44
nsadminI don't know much about raid... but do you have backups?03:44
w3wsrmnkristian_: *Do certain hops, rather03:44
msuttonThis server is supposed to be the backup03:44
randalhey can anyone help me im trying to install a usplah screen but when i go to test it out i got no boot screen just code03:44
msutton :(03:44
chilli0whats wrong with the site?03:44
rambo298k3b anyone?03:44
nsadminmsutton: so howbout the thing it's the backup for?03:44
msuttonIt's fine03:45
bastid_raZorrambo298; #kubuntu may be a good channel to check too.. k3b is native to kubuntu03:45
rambo298bastid_raZor: txs03:45
Javierjow are you people?03:45
chilli0whats the best wysiwug for ubuntu?03:45
Javierhow are you people03:45
msuttonI suppose I could just blow it all away and start over. But I'd rather not.03:45
FloodBot3Javier: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
nsadminthen maybe you could rebuild it from the existing machine03:45
nsadminmsutton: let's just say a coupla things: one, total rebuild is definitely a choice on the table... and 2, back up the original soon!03:46
kristian_w3wsrmn : "Do certain which respond under windows provide only * under linux?" - yes! this is what i was trying to say, sorry about my crap explaining. :-P03:46
Javieri need help i can't type my password in the terminal03:46
chilli0whats the best wysiwug for ubuntu?03:46
zirodayJavier: what doesn't work?03:46
FlannelJavier: When you type it, it won't echo (for security reasons), but its still being typed03:46
zirodaychilli0: wysiwug?03:46
nsadminchilli0: what's a wug?03:46
msuttonnsadmin: *sigh* 9 hours of building the server down the tubes I guess.03:46
gandhiidon't imagine there is a darkroom theme for windows XP?   it would be nice to have the windows match when running xp in vbox03:46
chilli0wysiwyg i meant03:47
nsadminmsutton: one choice, perhaps out of a handful...03:47
zirodaychilli0: wysiwyg for what...?03:47
randalhey can anyone help me im trying to install a usplah screen but when i go to test it out i got no boot screen just code03:47
nsadminchilli0: what do you wnat to do?03:47
chilli0html pages03:47
zirodaychilli0: take a look into kompozer03:47
LexvegasJavier, the password doesn't show up when you type03:47
bastid_raZor!usplash > randal03:48
ubotturandal, please see my private message03:48
zirodaynsadmin: kompozer03:48
Javiernop it doesn't03:48
w3wsrmnkristian_: ah, okies. Hrm... try increasing the response timeout to 15 or 20 seconds with the -w switch (eg -w 15) with and without -I03:48
Javierbut now i know why thanks03:48
LexvegasJavier, it shouldnt, it is a security feature. just type your PW and hit "enter"03:48
zer0how can i set ALT+Z = to open gnome terminal..where to set this shortcut??03:49
zirodayzer0: System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts03:49
randalbastid_raZor: i already shose the one i want and i changed the rezalution on the start up to but when i test it i get no splash screen just code any ideas03:49
randalbastid_raZor: chose*03:49
nsadminwheres KB1?03:50
zirodaynsadmin: KB1?03:50
mogi22what is rndc anyway?  i read its to control named but i seem to be working just fine w/o it?03:50
zer0i cant see gnome terminal in keyboard shortcuts..03:50
Javieri have another question, i use ubuntu 8.04 and i've been using it for about two days now, and i haven't neen able to create a driver for my sound card, i've checked all over the internet for especific instructions different to the ones provided by genius, because i find them hard to understand03:51
nsadminziroday: I think that's a ham callsign...03:51
Javiercould somebody help me with it03:51
zer0i cant see gnome terminal in keyboard shortcuts..03:51
zirodayzer0: apologies it was in there03:51
RonPauljavier: what kind of card?03:51
tonyyarussoziroday: Note that kompozer is really broken in 8.10 currently, although I hope to get an alpha fix up in a PPA at least shortly.03:51
Javiergenius "sound maker value 5.1"03:51
RonPauli had the same problem last week03:51
randal hey can anyone help me im trying to install a usplah screen but when i go to test it out i got no boot screen just code03:51
nsadminron paul AND arron russo?03:51
Javieri ounly get sound out of 4 speakers03:52
zer0launch web browser,calculator...but no gnome terminal..03:52
zirodayzer0: its not in there, it has since changed03:52
Javierthe other two remain silent03:52
zer0then,where it located?03:52
zirodayzer0: I am trying to find that out, please be patient03:53
ziroday!shortcuts | try using keytouch03:53
ubottutry using keytouch: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts03:53
zirodayzer0: see ^03:54
DexiLexvegas, i have one more for you... system beep when i am pressing backspace with nothing to erase causes this ugly wavey line thing that almost made me reach for the degauss button... (and im on an LCD screen)03:54
nsadminout of idle curiousity anyone an rme hdsp multiface owner?03:54
RonPauljavier: try http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/SOUND-CARD/GENIUS/Genius-Sound-Maker-Value-51.shtml03:54
John`AHello again everyone03:54
John`AI've reached yet another problem...03:54
LexvegasDexi, sorry, i have never seen that before :)03:54
RonPaulif not then it may not be supported but i doubt it03:54
Dexiok ill keep looking03:55
redvamp128Okay I have a bigger swap file on my second hard drive-- what file and how edit so that it would use it03:55
Lexvegasgood luck!03:55
zirodayredvamp128: /etc/fstab03:55
John`Atrying to install linux on a 15gb harddrive, everytime i run the installer it lands up saying theres an error with the disc.. before it was going halfway through then saying "cannot read from disc". I've tried different CDs/Burn Speeds etc.. whats the problem here??03:55
John`AApparently i'm not the only one whos expierenced this...03:55
zirodayDexi: that could be the "visual beep"03:55
Dexiziroday, that'd be it, but its a compiz setting03:56
=== jonathan__ is now known as beilabs
Dexii think03:56
zirodayJohn`A: you do md5 checks of the .iso?03:56
zirodayDexi: there is a metacity one as well. look in System > Preferences > Accesability03:56
John`Ayes i did the checksum... matched.. downloaded from torrents also03:56
alienman# Appears as LANCE03:56
redvamp128okay now what line to add to get it to use it03:56
John`Athe discs i first tried now wont even start up the install process..03:56
redvamp128/dev/sdb2            2220        2482     2112547+  82  Linux swap / Solaris03:56
starshineee# Appears as KWENSA03:57
kristian_w3wsrmn : thanks! :-) "traceroute -w 30" still gave only *, but "traceroute -I -w 30" gave no * results. :-) one last question, the "traceroute -I -w 30" gives no *'s, but it only gives 19 routes, while cmd/windows gives 29 routes, how can this be?03:57
John`Ai was able to install damn small linux on it however, so i know the harddrive is okay03:57
zirodayJohn`A: are there any specific errors?03:57
redvamp128I got the fstab open in gedit03:57
John`Aummm lemme look it up03:57
zer0i dun think that helped me lot03:57
John`Aone moment pleae03:57
redvamp128sudo gedit03:57
Lexvegaszer0. i was able to set a shortcut key in sys/pref/keyboard shotcuts to open a terminal03:57
Dexiziroday, i dont have that menu option03:57
zirodayDexi: sorry System > Prefs > Assistive Technologies03:57
John`Ainstallation error (errno 5),03:58
zirodayzer0: did you install the keytouch package...03:58
John`Acannot read from input/output device or something03:58
zer0what is it??03:58
zirodayJohn`A: at which point does it error out?03:58
ziroday!shortcuts > zer003:58
ubottuzer0, please see my private message03:59
redvamp128anyone know what the last line should read to add swap to this drive /dev/sdb2            2220        2482     2112547+  82  Linux swap / Solaris03:59
ziroday!info keytouch > zer003:59
zer0what sudo to install??03:59
ubottukeytouch (source: keytouch): A program to configure extra function keys in multimedia keyboards. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.2-2.1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 170 kB, installed size 816 kB03:59
John`Aoriginally it would error out midway through the installation using the GUI @ the 62% mark03:59
Dexiziroday, not in there. oh well. :p do you know what could cause (since this login) my screen refresh rate to be limited to 50 or 51, not 75 like it was before?03:59
w3wsrmnkristian_: the difference in a number of hops could be due to the lovely redundancy of the interwebs. one hope may be sending you down a path which requires communicating with more switches/routers, hence the additional hops.03:59
John`Ausing the alternate CD i found the errors quicker.. generally corrupt .deb files03:59
zirodayJohn`A: tried the alternate cd?03:59
Javierit only has windows drivers03:59
John`Athose would error out during within 30% of completion04:00
zirodayJohn`A: right, and you certain you md5sum'd both cds and they checked out?04:00
John`Ai didnt md5sum them after they werre burnt no04:00
Lexvegaszer0, look for "run a terminal" in the shortcut settings controll pannel04:00
zer0let me fix wicd first04:00
John`Ai ran a validation on one cd and it had a bunch of bad sectors... i tried burning these again using a slower speed but didnt check them that time04:00
w3wsrmnkristian_: another thing, by default traceroute used UDP (-U), which gave you only *. It's possible your firewall (on linux, since windows was fine) is blocking the UDP packets.04:00
zirodayDexi: sorry its moved, let me find it04:00
Seahi what is ubuntu forums04:01
zirodayJohn`A: I would md5sum them04:01
zirodaySea: http://ubuntuforums.org04:01
maraboutif I copy an Ubuntu .iso onto a hard drive and then put that into a machine that's cd drive is broken will it boot from the iso or do I need to actually install the ubuntu OS onto the hard drive?04:01
nsadminSea the forums of ubuntu!04:01
redvamp128I think brasero has a check md5 option04:01
zirodayJohn`A: after they've been burnt that is, using the alternate cd to install04:01
SeaWe are still looking into key corruption issues as they arise. Hang in there! ubuntu-geek04:01
zirodayJohn`A: also what are you system specs?04:02
Seathis is message on web site04:02
redvamp128anyone know what to add on the line to get it to use the second hard drive swap on at boot -- /dev/sdb2            2220        2482     2112547+  82  Linux swap / Solaris04:02
redvamp128 already have sudo gedit fstab open04:02
=== christiekoehler| is now known as christiekoehler
zirodaySea: the forums are down for maintanence. You can whine about it in #ubuntuforums04:02
bastid_raZormarabout; if it is broken.. how is it suppose to read the cd?04:02
Javieror could comebody teach me how to follow the intructions to install the reiver?04:02
LexvegasDexi, try looking in the compiz zettings window04:02
Javieror could somebody teach me how to follow the intructions to install the driver?04:02
John`ASystem Specs.. AMD Athlon 1 gig memory04:03
DexiLexvegas, thats where im looking... cant find a thing on it04:03
alienman(#G310E010RM1) noes04:03
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
Javierthey're far too complex for me04:03
zirodayalienman: do you have a question we can help you with?04:03
John`AAMD Athlon xp 2400 to be exact04:03
Javieri'm a second day ubuntu tuser04:03
maraboutbastid_raZor: I am referring to copying the iso onto the hard drive to get it to run off of the hard drive04:03
John`Ai was able to install it before when i only used one harddrive04:03
DigitalFizdoes anyone know of a method to use the ipod touch without jailbreaking it?04:03
DigitalFizin ubuntu04:03
zirodayJohn`A: okay that should be enough. So try the alternate cd and make sure to md5sum it04:04
John`Ait was when i tried installing it to the master harddrive with the slave attached that i began receiving these errors04:04
bastid_raZormarabout; you can't boot that way, maybe onto a USB drive though..04:04
John`Ahow do i checksum the CD??? is it possible since there are so many files on it after i burnt it04:04
faryshtaHi, on the game Wesnoth, how can I add campaigns to play?04:04
ziroday!md5 | John`A04:04
ubottuJohn`A: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:04
nsadminget them from the net, look in the menu04:04
kristian_w3wsrmn : ok, i understand that the number of switches/routers will increase the number of hops, but ever time i traceroute with ubuntu the hops is 10 less then when i traceroute with windows. i've tried several times now, and i cant see how this can just be a coincident, it has to have something to do with the os. any thoughts? - got no firewall on ubuntu so it should be fine. i am not sure how the wireless router or my modem/router is co04:04
John`Aokay i have a chcksum checker installed on here04:04
John`Adoes it matter if i change the speed04:05
John`Aits default is 4x04:05
John`Ai changed it to 2x and have since had more errors..04:05
kristian_w3wsrmn : ubuntu/win machine - wireless router - modem/with firewall config - internet04:06
maraboutbastid_raZor: the machine in question (emachine 600ix) cannot boot from the USB. someone mentioned getting Ubuntu onto a hard drive and then just putting that HD into the machine. I am unclear if it needs to be actually 'installed' on the HD or can it be the disc image, e.g.  the iso04:06
zirodayJohn`A: slower is usually better, but its your choice. Run a cd check as well before starting the install04:06
redvamp128==/dev/sdb2 none   swap    sw  0  004:06
redvamp128without the == does that seem right04:06
redvamp128now there is a command to run to have it check the fstab--04:07
Javiercould somebody help me to create the driver of my sound card?04:07
semanticpc_how to run java program using shell script ??04:08
bastid_raZormarabout; that i don't know.04:08
redvamp128javier what sound card04:08
redvamp128anyone know the command to type for it to check the fstab04:08
w3wsrmnkristian_: hrm. as for the additional hops, i'm at a loss. the only difference i'm aware of between linux/win traceroutes are linux by default = udp (-U) and windows by default ICMP (-I), hence the differences you saw after adding -I and upping -w.04:08
msuttonWhat is the Aptitude package that provides all of the build utilities and header files??04:08
bastid_raZormsutton; build-essential04:08
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msuttonThanks you Bastid_raZor04:08
rwwmsutton: build-essential provides build utilities. Different packages provide different headers.04:09
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maraboutbastid_raZor: what do you know about via a floppy disc. if I could just get something on there I imagine I can then download via the internet....04:09
faryshtaSomeone here plays Wesnoth?04:10
takamarouHi, I just installed a new video card, and was forced to use acpi=off in my kernel to boot.  Now I'm getting an error in my X server, and am getting booted to a failsafe gdm console thing.  can anyone help?04:10
zer0CTRL+SHIFT+N =  open terminal in new window.the problem is need open terminal by clicking first04:10
rwwzer0: Are you asking how to open a terminal window with a keyboard shortcut if you don't already have one open?04:12
zer0just need press key..04:12
rwwzer0: set a keyboard shortcut in System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Desktop > Run a Terminal04:12
John`Aok once the iso burns to disk...04:12
John`Ahow do i check the md5sum on it??04:12
rww!md5 | John`A04:13
ubottuJohn`A: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:13
zer0there is no such option in 8.10 i think04:13
rwwzer0: I'm using 8.10 right now; there is.04:13
John`Aso i can  use winmd5 to check the contents ON the disc??04:13
LexvegasDexi, have you tried diabeling "audible Bell" in the general settings tab of compiz?04:13
iiiiiiiiiianyone noticing X forwarding issues w/ 8.1004:14
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cojhi, i'm on 8.10 and was wondering how to check if my ports were being forwarded correctly (using ktorrent)04:14
iiiiiiiiiiman netstat04:14
cplab2-58hey i have installed one sever and around 60 client systems in our lab and we want to connect all client systems to the sever. Only the sever will have net connection and the client systems are to be updated from the sever. Can anyone help with this04:14
rwwcoj: One easy way is to visit http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=INSERTPORTNUMBERHERE04:15
takamaroucan anyone help me with a new video card problem?  I'm getting dumped into a failsafe gdm when I boot?04:15
nsadminiiiiiiiiii let me guess... you are?04:15
maraboutanyone know if I can install Ubuntu onto a hard drive in a mac then take that hard drive out and put it in my emachine that has a broken cd drive and is unable to boot via USB?04:15
cojrww: yeah, that site reports that it's closed04:15
nickgarveymarabout: I see no reason why not04:15
randaling to get a usplash screen to work but when i go to thest it i get this error randal@randal-desktop:~$ sudo usplash -c04:15
randalusplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:15
randalusplash: No usable theme found for 1280x102404:15
nickgarveymarabout: as long as it is a x86 mac04:15
cojso i'm not quite sure where the problem lies, because the forwarding is correctly configured in my router and works when i boot to windows and use that port for torrents04:15
Lexvegasmarabout, make sure you unplug the Mac HD just to be safe :)04:16
rwwcoj: Hrm. What version of Ubuntu are you using?04:16
cplab2-58hey i have installed one sever and around 60 client systems in our lab and we want to connect all client systems to the sever. Only the sever will have net connection and the client systems are to be updated from the sever. Can anyone help with this04:16
redvamp128not sure if anyone has answered or not04:17
coji've tried opening another port and using, but no dice04:17
cojusing it04:17
rccunickgarvey: niggerway?04:17
redvamp128what is the command that makes os check fstab04:17
randalhi i am trying to get a splahs screen to work when i go to test it i get this error  randal@randal-desktop:~$ sudo usplash -c04:17
randalusplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:17
randalusplash: No usable theme found for 1280x102404:17
cplab2-58hey i have installed one sever and around 60 client systems in our lab and we want to connect all client systems to the sever. Only the sever will have net connection and the client systems have to update packages through the sever. Can anyone help with this issue04:17
nsadmincplab2-58: that sounds like custom work04:17
cojso i was wondeirng if ubuntu has any default blocks04:17
nsadmincplab2-58: that sounds like custom work04:17
rwwcoj: Open a terminal and issue "sudo ufw status". Does it say "Status: loaded" or "Status: not loaded"?04:17
cojon ports04:17
cojnot loaded04:17
maraboutLexvegas: not sure what you mean. If have a G4 tower which can hold 3 hd's I would boot from the one which has OS X on it and install the ubuntu on the other 'empty' drive. that sound ok?04:18
cplab2-58nsadmin; i have been assigned to do this work and as a student and as part of my interest I converted the whole lab to ubuntu. do you have any solution to this04:18
Luxmuxis it possible to Partition my HDD while ubuntu is installed on it? i want to get /home on a different Partition, so that i can reinstall the OS parts04:18
randalhi i am trying to get a splahs screen to work when i go to test it i get this error  randal@randal-desktop:~$ sudo usplash -c04:18
randal usplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:18
Lexvegasmarabout, no clue, I have no experiance with Mac04:18
Flannel!separatehome | Luxmux04:19
Lexvegassorry :)04:19
ubottuLuxmux: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:19
ussercplab2-58: you'll have to setup a local mirror of ubuntu repositories on the server, probably setup NIS too04:19
rwwcoj: Hmm, so you don't have a firewall set up. Are you sure that your computer's getting the same internal IP address in both Windows and Linux? 'cause it's possible that it's not, and that's throwing off the forwarding.04:19
maraboutLexvegas:  you said to 'unplug' the Mac HD. What did you mean by that?04:19
cplab2-58usser; whats NIS?04:19
LuxmuxFlannel, ah, nice04:19
LuxmuxFlannel, thx04:19
iiiiiiiiiinis is the active directory of unix04:19
ussercplab2-58: its really a custom pretty large project, i doubt you'll find someone to lead you through it here04:19
cojrww: when i checked my router page, it listed my machine as having the same internal IP that i assigned it -
cojlet me reconfirm that04:20
ussercplab2-58: NIS= Network information system, equivalent of active directory on linux04:20
rwwcoj: You could double-check with the "ifconfig" terminal command.04:20
nsadminiiiiiiiiii: perhaps ldap is closer04:20
iiiiiiiiiiah yes04:20
Lexvegasmarabout, when I decided to "dual Boot" windows and ubuntu on 2 seperate HDs i unpluged the windows one just to be extra safe, so i wouldnt risk losing anything04:20
cplab2-58usser; but since I have done an installation of ubuntu, I have to solve this problem.04:20
cplab2-58usser;I converted the whole lab to ubuntu04:21
ussercplab2-58: google for local repository server04:21
cojrww: eth0: inet addr: <-- yup04:21
ussercplab2-58: this should get you started http://www.arsgeek.com/2007/02/14/how-to-set-up-your-own-local-repositories-with-apt-mirror/04:22
randalhi i am trying to get a splahs screen to work when i go to test it i get this error  randal@randal-desktop:~$ sudo usplash -c04:22
randal usplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:22
cplab2-58usser; and i didnt know that the server is without graphical04:22
dragobrcan anyone suggest me a irc server for "home usage"?04:22
woody86what do you guys use for your filesystem type - ReiserFS, ext3 or something else? Which one is quickest with the current Ubuntu?04:22
kristian1w3wsrmn : ubuntu crashed on "traceroute -U google.com". ^^ oh well, anyways "traceroute -I -w 30 google.com" gets no *'s, so im relativly happy, except for the fact that windows seems to get 10+ hops constantly. oh well, i don't really care, as long as there are no *'s, it doesn't miss anything, i guess.04:22
unop!aptproxy | cplab2-5804:22
ubottucplab2-58: apt-proxy is a program that acts as a local apt repository server for a LAN, only fetching from the internet when required. To set it up see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptProxy04:22
Baxwhen I upgrade from 7.04 to 8.10, will I lost the data on my HDD and/or my user settings, such as the programs I have installed and such?04:22
ussercplab2-58: thats right server doesnt need gui04:23
cplab2-58unop; usser; thank you for the links. I am checking them04:23
maraboutLexvegas:  Ok I see what you are saying. I was thinking of just 'copying' the iso onto the hard drive but you did an actual 'install' onto the hard drive.So If I wanted the emachine to boot off of that HD Ubuntu would need to be installed onto to. as opposed to just 'copying' the iso onto the drive.04:23
rwwcoj: Okay, so you're definitely forwarding it properly on the router, you don't have a firewall set up... KTorrent is definitely using the right port? I haven't used "netstat" much, but I hear that's the way to check that.04:23
randalhi i am trying to get a splahs screen to work when i go to test it i get this error  randal@randal-desktop:~$ sudo usplash -c04:24
randal usplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument usplash: No usable theme found for 1280x102404:24
YoyotoMy add/remove programs list is empty still, noone has had this problem? the ubuntu forums are down which looks like the only answer04:24
cplab2-58usser; why is that so? I think with gui its much easier to use04:24
ussercplab2-58: its a tad outdated, apt-mirror is in the repositories by default now, to install it sudo apt-get install apt-mirror04:25
cplab2-58usser; so i have to install this on both the server and client machines04:25
cojrww: yeah, the port is set correctly in ktorrent, but the thing is that the port itself is reported as closed in that utorrent port checker04:25
ussercplab2-58: server's main role is to serve other computers with content and gui just wastes cpu cycles04:25
unopcplab2-58, servers are supposed to have small footprints04:25
w3wsrmnkristian1: the fact ubuntu didn't like -U might be something to look into. but i'm glad you're getting better results tracing than before. i for one am off to bed, g'night04:25
Lexvegasmarabout, well just copying the iso wont work. you need to install somehow treat the HD as a cd and make it live (much slower)04:25
cojrww: one thing though - different sites detect my IP differently, because of my shitty ISP's proxy04:25
cplab2-58usser, unop; oh i see. great info04:26
rwwcoj: Heh. Well /that/ might explain it.04:26
cojrww: GRC shieldsup detects my IP wrongly but shows the port as open04:26
cojso i'm not sure if that's the answer04:26
ussercplab2-58: no apt-mirror is installed on server only, its used to make a local snapshot of ubuntu repos locally, then you just point your clients to your local server so that they fetch updates from it not from ubuntu.com04:26
rwwcoj: Sounds like it, because as far as I can tell, everything's set up correctly on your local network.04:26
coj14847: stealth / 14848: open / 14849: stealth <-- what GRC says04:26
cojeh ok. but how do i tell what my actual IP is?04:27
isilionhi, i was trying ipmasq, i rebooted, and now i cant get access to internet. im using ubuntu 8.10 and a wired ethernet connection. all work great in windows..04:27
rwwcoj: most routers have that information in their status page04:27
LuxmuxHow do i allocate 2 Hotkeys for one function?! i want to allocate a key on my keybord AND on my remote control for "next track" but System -> Pref -> Keyboard shortcuts only allows me to allocate ONE key04:27
unopcoj, www.whatismyip.com  http://ipchicken.com04:27
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cgiwraphow can i put /usr/local/bin a system wide global path ? so all my apps can pull apps directly out of that folder with the full path?04:27
coji usually use whatismyip.org because it's always been correct in the past04:27
kristian1w3wsrmn : good night. thanks for your help/time! much appreciated! :-)04:28
cojbut now, if i assume the IP that it reports is correct, then the port's found to be closed04:28
ussercplab2-58: sorry that guide is severely outdated now that i glanced through it, just google for setting up local repositories with intrepid or hardy04:28
dragobrLuxmux, you can use xbindkeys04:28
cojwhatismyip.com and whatismyip.org give me different addresses :/04:29
maraboutLexvegas:  hmm sounds interesting I need to find more info on that. I am concerned that the HD may format as HFS to work on the mac but an HFS hard drive (to my knowledge) wont then work on the emachine...04:29
unopcgiwrap, append it to PATH in /etc/profile04:29
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:30
rwwcoj: According to Freenode, your IP address is Not sure if that helps.04:30
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Lexvegasmarabout, yeah, deffinatly look it up. i have to go, but good luck!04:30
cojthat's what whatismyip.com reports. i guess i'll take that as "real" then. weird that some sites misdetect my ip :|04:30
cojthanks rww, you're a pal.04:30
redvamp128okay -- can someone answer this-- there is a command to check the fstab04:31
DexiLexvegas, whataya know, audible bell WAS causing it04:31
maraboutLexvegas:  yes thanks take care04:31
cplab2-58usser; okk. so in the sources repositories I can just change it to update from the main server and this will solve the issue? is it so?04:31
Dexiactually no it wasnt04:31
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems04:31
Dexibut its gone now so who cares04:31
rwwcoj: No problem :). One last point: some bittorrent clients have an icon on the status bar that says whether your port is blocked. I don't know if KTorrent does, but it might be worth looking in to.04:31
Dexii think it mighta been part of the water feature04:31
marabout!ntfs -3g04:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfs -3g04:31
redvamp128Actually wondering if Ext4 will be used in 9.0404:31
ussercplab2-58: yes thats the idea, but you have to create the local repositories server first04:31
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions04:32
isilionhelp please i cant connect to internet after using ipmasq04:32
randalhi i need some help im geting this error how do i fix it04:32
randalusplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:32
John`A i got the cd burnt04:32
John`AHOW do i check the MD5sum of the cd using WinMD5??04:32
rwwredvamp128: Per Colin Watson on the mailing lists, it's enabled in the Jaunty daily builds, so I'd guess it'll be enabled in Jaunty release.04:32
John`Ado i click the cd and select send to md**04:33
cplab2-58usser; I just found out that there was an error in installation of server. so i need to reinstall it.04:33
rwwredvamp128: see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-January/006641.html04:33
ussercplab2-58: gotta make sure server works right04:34
randalhi i need help im geting this error usplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:34
cojrww: ktorrent doesn't, but transmission does, and it shows the port as closed. might be wrong though since it might not be using the correct IP04:35
John`AHOW do i check the MD5sum of the cd using WinMD5??04:35
Flannel!md5 | John`A04:35
John`Ai just burn ubuntu alternative to disc04:35
ubottuJohn`A: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:35
John`Ayeah it says ISO image04:35
John`Aive already checked the image the md4 sum matches04:35
John`Abut someone said i could check the disc itself after being burnt04:35
FlannelJohn`A: Boot to the disc, then from the boot menu, there's a "Check CD for defects" entry04:36
cplab2-58usser; thank you for the help. I'll try rectifying the server problem and then contact you04:36
rwwcoj: Does transmission have a yellow or red icon? If it's red, it's detecting it as closed. If it's yellow, it's not sure yet (and will change to red or green eventually).04:36
Baxwhen I upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10, will I lose the data on my HDD and/or my user settings, such as the programs I have installed and such?04:36
FlannelBax: No04:36
cplab2-58usser; the server installation is same as client installation?04:36
cplab2-58usser; We are setting the server only for ther sake of updations04:36
FlannelBax: but, as with everything, you should have backups04:36
overriderhi, how can i get a list of installed packages? thanks04:37
BaxFlannel: so for instance, I don't have to close my IRC window or close all my programs to update?04:37
ussercplab2-58: no, for the server you really need the ubuntu server cd because it has an optimized kernel and doesnt include all the bloat the client has04:37
John`Alemme try it04:37
Dexiis there a setting to disable the cache cleaner i keep seeing?04:37
FlannelBax: When doing large updates like that, its probably best to close everything yes, but no I don't think you're actually required to.04:37
isilionhelp please i cant connect to internet after using ipmasq04:37
rwwoverrider: open the terminal and issue: dpkg -l04:38
cplab2-58usser; yes i meant we used the server cd itself, but i am just asking whether the installation procedure is same?04:38
overriderrww: thanks04:39
ussercplab2-58: yea pretty much04:39
BaxFlannel: so there shouldn't be any drastic changes when I update, just a "different engine under the hood" sort of speak, right?  It's not like it's going to move my files everywhere or something?04:39
FlannelBax: Nope, just an upgrade.04:40
redvamp128can someone please pm me with the command to check the fstab04:40
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:40
Flannelredvamp128: What do you mean 'check' fstab?04:40
gogereaverBax lol no upgrades = systemm files04:40
gogereaverBax not anything you have stored04:41
qqxis there anyone that could please help me get my bluetooth headset working with my computer?04:41
Hilikusi used to have a swap partition but it's not there anymore, i think my server crashed and something got corrupted, how do i fix that?04:41
rwwredvamp128: what do you mean? Do you want to mount partitions you've added to fstab? If so, "mount -a" should do that...04:41
joljamhow can run a program "as root" in linux04:41
cplab2-58usser; thank you very much. Ii'll get in contact with you soon after I finish with the server. How long will you be around04:41
Flannel!sudo | John`A04:41
ubottuJohn`A: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:41
Flanneler, joljam ^^04:41
qqxjoljam, sudo su04:41
rwwjoljam: command-line programs: sudo commandname. Graphical programs: gksudo commandname04:41
Hilikusi still see the partition but there seems to be something wrong with the partition table04:41
redvamp128ahh that was the command04:41
ussercplab2-58: i  was about to go sleep sorry04:42
Hilikus/dev/sda3 4636 4867 1863540 5 Extended04:42
redvamp128(sudo mount -a) and it didnt' give me an error04:42
Hilikus/dev/sda5 4636 4867 1863508+ 82 Linux swap / Solaris04:42
redvamp128so that means it took my swap04:42
rwwqqx: "sudo -i" works better than "sudo su"04:42
Hilikustwo devices have the same Start and End, is that normal?04:42
cplab2-58usser; keep your system on. Is there any facility that I can beep ur box so that you wake up??04:42
qqxrww could you help me with my bluetooth headset04:43
rwwHilikus: Yes, if one is an extended partition and the other is inside that extended partition.04:43
rwwqqx: nope04:43
Dexioh wow am i stupid04:43
Hilikusrww ok, that seems to be the case so the partition table is not corrupt04:43
Dexiive been playing the same 5 songs over and over because i accidentally put "ss" in the search field of amarok04:43
rwwHilikus: that's correct. Extended partitions are kinda like boxes that can hold other partitions. It's entirely normal ;)04:43
cojrww: there's no icon that i can see within the transmission window itself. are you perhaps thinking about utorrent?04:43
alex-82is the proper way to add a start-up script to ubuntu to use update-rc.d ?04:43
Hilikusso whats the mount point for a swap partition??04:44
unopalex-82, that's one way04:44
rwwcoj: Heh. It appears that I'm thinking of deluge-torrent, actually. Sorry about that.04:44
BaxFlannel: I just had a problem upgrading, it can't finish.  It's blaming my Internet connection, but I think it can't find the necessary files from the error message I'm getting04:44
Hilikusin fstab my swap entry has "none" as mount point04:44
cojrww: oh ok04:44
unopHilikus, that's normal - a swap entry is not mounted somewhere - because it would be useless if it were04:45
alex-82unop: is there a file somewhere where I can just add the code?04:45
_2Hilikus none is as good as anything for a mountpoint for swap space04:45
rwwHilikus: swap partitions don't have mount points, so that's also normal ;)04:45
Hilikusunop sigh, ok, so whats wrong then?? my system is reporting 0k swap space04:45
unopalex-82, what do you mean?  you want to run some code when the machine boots?04:45
FlannelBax: You're on 7.04, right?04:45
qqxcan anyone tell me how the $%#$ to install blueman?04:45
_2Hilikus show us the line from fstab04:46
unopHilikus, what does this give you?   cat /proc/swaps04:46
alex-82unop; yes, just a bash script04:46
BaxFlannel: yep, want to see the error message?04:46
randalhi i need help im geting this error usplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:46
nsadminis blueman available?04:46
HilikusUUID=71532ed9-6746-4bd9-9f72-c0a6090c5413 none swap sw 0 004:46
FlannelBax: Nah, 404 about not finding the repos, right?04:46
unopalex-82, you can place it in  /etc/rc.local  then # just before the exit at the end04:46
BaxFlannel: yep04:46
Hilikusunop, just this: Filename Type Size Used Priority04:46
Luxmuxis there a way to merge Gajim History Files? backed some up from a live session and now want to integrate it in my Home installation04:46
qqxnsadmin, what do you mean?04:47
unopHilikus,  how about this.   sudo mount -a;  cat /proc/swaps04:47
FlannelBax: right, you need to move your repos to using http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/, see the note about it on the upgrades page (linked from here...)04:47
Flannel!upgrade | Bax04:47
ubottuBax: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:47
alex-82unop: thanks, what if I just want it to run for a particular user (ie can i put it in the home dir somewhere?)04:47
_2Hilikus you might check with "blkid" to make sure that the uuid for the swap is correct.  also you might add either auto or defaults  as an option in the fstab04:47
rwwHilikus: try "sudo swapon /dev/sda5" then check again.04:47
unop!startup | alex-8204:47
ubottualex-82: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot04:47
incadudeFthe forums is down. does anyone know how long it will be down for?04:47
unopalex-82, you can also use sudo  in /etc/rc.local  to run the code as another user04:48
Hilikusunop same result04:48
us3rXAnyone point me in the right direction to get Atheros AR242x wifi working? Since the forums are down. =p04:48
Hilikus_2 i'll do that, thanks04:48
nickrudincadudeF, if anyone knows, they'll be in #ubuntuforums04:48
unopHilikus, I suspect your swap partition's UUID has changed04:48
us3rXI tried a few aways on google, but none seem to be working =s04:48
Hilikusrww now it reports something!04:48
unopHilikus, what's on the line above the swap entry in /etc/fstab?04:48
Hilikusafter swapon04:48
Hilikus/dev/sda5 partition 1863500 0 -104:49
_2Hilikus so it's probably the uuid as i first said04:49
rwwHilikus: swapon / swapoff is the "correct" way to "mount" swap partitions. So, I guess your question now is why it didn't get swapon'd in the first place. I'd guess UUID change too.04:49
Dracieanyone here have an ipod touch?04:49
rww!anyone | Dracie04:49
ubottuDracie: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:49
_2Hilikus also the fstab "may" need the auto option before  mount -a will pick it up.04:49
Draciehah thx04:49
qqxGREAT Ubuntu Forums is having "Database Corruption Issues"04:50
Dracieor how about this.. how do i do a usb sync of my 2.1 firmware ipod touch04:50
Draciein gtkpod04:50
Hilikus_2 sw, auto ?04:50
nsadminqqx http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php/blueman04:50
_2Hilikus sw,auto   no space04:50
Hilikusoh ok04:50
lianimatorhow does a bash script take in a filename with spaces in the filename?04:50
rwwlianimator: ask in #bash04:50
_2lianimator quote them or escape the spaces04:51
nsadminlianimator: info bash, look for the section on quoting rules04:51
incadudeFwhat is this channel for then?04:51
_2incadudeF to help beginners find their C:\04:52
rwwincadudeF: Ubuntu technical support. Not forums discussion or bash scripting help.04:52
nsadminlianimator: quoting something takes away special meaning of each char in it04:52
qqxyeah nsadmin i tried downloading it. its only available for hardy, not intrepid04:52
nsadminlianimator: for example, what is the special meaning of the space char?04:52
rwwnsadmin: lianimator left #ubuntu already ;)04:52
us3rXmuhahahaha! the forums seem to be working again.04:52
incadudeFwhere can i talk about ubuntu then?04:52
nickrud_2, inadvertently correct, in a way.04:52
_2nsadmin depends on the quote.04:53
rwwincadudeF: if you have a support question, here. If not, #ubuntu-offtopic.04:53
nickrudincadudeF, #ubuntu-offtopic is general chat about ubuntu04:53
_2nickrud i know, that's why i said "sorry"04:53
randalok im being ignored is there anyone here i can talk to that knows how to use usplash plz help04:53
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:54
nickrudrandal, you're probably not being ignored; ask every 5 minutes or so and someone will step in04:54
Jack_SparrowEvening nickrud04:54
rwwrandal: You're not being ignored. If anyone knew the answer to your question, they'd help you. Unfortunately, most people don't bother playing with usplash, so this is outside of most peoples' expertise.04:54
incadudeFthanks nickrud and rww04:54
randalya i know ive been asking for 30 min04:54
nickrudJack_Sparrow, you also.04:54
randalsorry im just geting mad at this usplash04:55
incadudeFlater all04:55
Flannel!usplash | randal04:55
ubotturandal: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork04:55
Flannelrandal: Have you tried the things on that page?04:55
randalim geting errors04:55
randaltwant me to send you ther errors04:55
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:55
randalFlannel: randal@randal-desktop:~$ sudo usplash -c04:55
randalusplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:55
randalusplash: No usable theme found for 1024x76804:55
randalscreen init failed04:55
FloodBot3randal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:55
nsadminrandal: also the more specific you are, the more information you supply make it more easier for more people to try to think about your problem... maybe they're not expert, but they still might be able to help (if you help them)04:56
Flannelrandal: I don't see sudo usplash on that page anywhere.04:56
Flannelrandal: Are you following some other howto?04:56
ganymedehello, my computer has been locking up recently and i suspect it is a hard drive/SATA controller fault, so i looked at dmesg and got some errors on ata2.00 and some ata resets. here is the dmesg: http://pastebin.com/d4e7a904d can anyone see whether it is a fault in the cheap $9 SATA controller or whether my cheap power supply damaged my hard drive?04:56
randalFlannel:  that code there test the uspash to see if it set up right04:56
huwenfengis there any tools to schedule your job daily under Ubuntu?04:57
ganymedehuwenfeng, cron04:57
nickrud!cron | huwenfeng04:57
_2randal and you are running that in a tty console not the gui    right ?04:57
ubottuhuwenfeng: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm04:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about macfuse04:57
nsadminplease don't get cheap power supplies if they power expensive stuff04:57
randal_2:  thats the gui console how do use the other console04:57
huwenfengno, that's not i mean, i mean some application that i can use to reminder me what i should do ,  something like that.04:57
randal_2: this is just to test i restarted my computer and it doesent work im geting an error usplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument04:58
randal Flannel04:58
munk_can anyone help me with a pcmcia wireless card? i have no ideea how to use it, i put it in and nothing happens..04:58
Jack_Sparrowhuwenfeng, mozilla has a calendar todo thing04:58
nsadminmunk_: I remember one time, nothing happened when I tried to think...04:58
TheFunkbombhello my lovelies :D04:58
_2randal the first seven consoles can be accessed via  ctrl+alt+f#  where # is one through seven,  the gui is probably running in tty704:58
TheFunkbombI got my wireless to work on Ubuntu.  All it took was updating via an ethernet wire04:59
munk_nsadmin ?!04:59
maraboutcan anyone tell me 1: can I install Ubuntu on a FAT HD and 2: whether ubuntu will run smoothly in a machine with a celeron processor on a FAT HD04:59
TheFunkbombadam7, you around?04:59
Jack_Sparrowmarabout, No fat04:59
nsadminmunk_: can you use wired ethernet temporarily?05:00
randal_2:  ok i c ill try it like that 1 sec can i copy past in that console05:00
Jack_Sparrowmarabout, It wont handle  the permissions05:00
_2marabout syntax error,  FAT HD  unknown05:00
cplab2-58In one of our systems, we have created a user called student, and due to some problems the user was deleted. but now the we are unable to create the same user as the home directory already exists. Can anyone tell how to solve this issue for creating the same user05:00
maraboutJack_Sparrow:  gotta be NTFS? Can05:00
munk_nsadmin yes i can...05:00
_2randal only with "gpm" installed and running05:00
maraboutJack_Sparrow:  **Cant be HFS either?05:00
Jack_Sparrowmarabout, ext3 would work.05:00
TheFunkbombwell, anyway.  Adam7, jussi01, and all others, I want to thank you for your help05:01
munk_nsadmin: thats how i have it hooked up now...but i never had to work with pcmcia so i dont know anything, i tried google and i cant find any useful info...05:01
TheFunkbombeveryone, thank you so much05:01
unopcplab2-58, you can delete that user's home directory (should be at /home/student/ )05:01
meoblast001how does one install mod_rewrite on a copy of apache from the ubuntu repositories?05:02
Hilikusyou guys were all right, it was a UUID change05:02
Hilikusthanks a lot!05:02
rwwmeoblast001: I think it's installed along with apache. That's my impression from someone asking that the other day, anyway.05:02
randal_2 Flannel ok if i use this cosole it gets rid of one error but the error im getting is usplash: No usable theme found for 1024x76805:02
rwwHilikus: yeah, UUID's aren't supposed to change... but sometimes they do and things get odd. Glad you figured it out :)05:03
nsadminmummy's all right... daddy's all right... they just seem a little weird...05:03
Dracie_i dislike how the ubuntu default boot has the quiet option on... nobody wants to sit and wait and look at just abar05:03
meoblast001rww: the only other possible reason this installation is failing is... lack of some JSON thing.... i'll look into that and ask if i have any more questions05:03
cplab2-58In one of our systems, we have created a user called student, and due to some problems the user was deleted. but now the we are unable to create the same user as the home directory already exists. Can anyone tell how to solve this issue for creating the same user05:03
_2cplab2-58 two methoods from the command line,   sudo rm -r <users home> ;adduser student      2.  useradd -h <users home> student      better man the command i might have pulled the wrong switch -h05:03
meoblast001rww: or a bug05:03
maraboutJack_Sparrow: what about an install of Grub or some other CLI via floppy which I can then attach an ethernet cable and install via net05:03
Jack_SparrowDracie_, edit out quiet and splash05:03
unopmeoblast001, i guess it's just a matter of enabling that module (see a2enmod)05:03
rwwmeoblast001: I don't know if it's turned on by default, though. Do you know how to enable Apache modules?05:03
randal_2: Flannel so what do you guys think05:03
meoblast001rww: no i do not05:04
Dracie_Jack_Sparrow, yeah i know.. just an observation.. i am bored05:04
Dracie_my cable is going at 54 k modem speeds05:04
rwwDracie_: eh, that's debatable. Personally, I turn off usplash altogether, though apparently not everyone agrees with that aesthetic ;)05:04
Jack_Sparrowmarabout, We have a ton of ways to install.  YOu have a  hardware restriction stopping you ..  I wont be of any help05:04
kBangcplab2-58, unop answered you...delete the /home/student dir05:04
cplab2-58_2; the home directory cannot be deleted simply. It needs special previledges05:04
Dracie_rww, yeah i keep splash on but put disable quiet.. i like pretty and functionality05:04
rwwmeoblast001: as unop said, check the man page for a2enmod05:04
_2randal sounds like you don't have a correct picture for the size or, it's in the wrong location,  or, fbcon doesn't support that rez on that hardware05:04
huwenfengJack_Sparrow: what's the name of the calender?05:04
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)05:04
meoblast001rww: k05:05
Jack_Sparrowhuwenfeng, sunbird or sunfire05:05
_2cplab2-58 that's why i said sudo05:05
albechis there a way i can disable the automounter for certain devices?05:05
kBangcplab2-58, root is required, surely someone has root privs?05:05
Dracie_kBang, sudo05:05
nsadmincplab2-58 you might as well look at the man pages of: useradd, usermod, userdel, groupadd, groupmod, groupdel because with what you're doing you might need it05:05
randal_2: the read me that came with the theme said to use it on that size and where shold it be located\05:05
kBangthanks, but I don't need it Dracie_ >.>05:05
Dracie_weee im totally out of it05:05
munk_Dracie_: you romanian05:05
John`Aback again05:06
meoblast001rww: so a2enmod mod_rewrite?05:06
_2kBang root is not required,  'superuser' is required, it just happens to be called root on 99.99% linux systems05:06
randal_2: you said it could be in the wrong location what location should it be in05:06
munk_Dracie_: oh sorry05:06
rwwmeoblast001: I'd assume so, yes. Like I said, I'm going off what I remember from someone else talking about this the other day. That sounds right, though.05:06
meoblast001rww: wait... its rewrite... not mod_rewrite05:06
_2randal that i'm not familear with, sorry.05:06
unop_2, having said that - you wouldn't date rename the root user :)05:06
unop_2, dare*05:07
randal_2 ok what about this fbcon doesn't support that rez on that hardware05:07
_2unop i have.05:07
maraboutJack_Sparrow: by 'restriction' do you mean that the HD has no OS on it? as my problem is that CD drive is broken and I cant boot from USB. The HD i have is blank no OS whatsoever.05:07
_2unop that's why i said it.05:07
nsadminunless the root user looked like jessica alba, I wouldn't date her :)05:07
randal_2 so you mean it could be my hardware05:07
_2randal test with an 800x600 maybe ?05:07
randal_2 i think your right i tried puting a bottscreen on windows but i could never get it to work becasue my computer wouldnt handle it05:08
_2randal or if a lappy maybe 1200x80005:08
Jack_Sparrowmarabout, right, you have a broken cd, cheap and easy to fix and an older system that wont boot a usb.. It really isnt something we can deal with05:08
bullgard4What is the purpose of the usbfs filesystem?05:08
John`Ai checked the INSTALL CD for integrity... found two problems right away...both linux-restricted-modules-common_2.6.24.13-19.44_all.deb and  nvidia-kernel-common_20051028-1ubuntu_all.deb failed mdchecksum05:09
John`Ai may have the file names written incorrect i scribbled it on paper.. :|05:09
_2bullgard4 to make nountable usb devices show up  ?05:09
nsadminto provide info about usb devices in your system to programs that run outside kernel space05:09
_Cid1234 members in the room (useless information, sorry)05:09
maraboutJack_Sparrow: I see...05:09
randal_2 lappy????05:09
bullgard4_2: Hm.05:09
_2randal lap top computer05:10
John`Ai went ahead and tried to install despite these cd errors and this time it couldnt even detect the harddrive05:10
John`Ai gave up..05:10
munk_so nobody can help me with pcmcia?05:10
unopbullgard4, http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/~tjuerges/ALMA/Kernel/usb/ch07.html05:10
theshadowIf you have a ecryptfs directory and Nautalus has seen the unencrypted directory it keeps a cache of thumbnails is there a way to prevent that or to clear the cache when I unmount the folder?05:10
huwenfengyou should ask the vendor05:10
randal_2: i have a gaming desktop computer05:11
Hatoyuhow can I fix the error:insmod: error inserting 'shdpci.ko': -1 Invalid module format05:11
qwexerdoes anyone know of an openoffice irc channel?05:11
cplab2-58_2; KBang; thanks it worked05:11
randal_2: but i have a feeling its my motherboard i have never with anyoperating system able to get a bootscreen working05:11
_2cplab2-58 welcome05:11
nsadminqwexer tried #openoffice?05:11
cplab2-58nsadmin; thank you. it woked05:12
qwexerno, I will...duh05:12
_2randal sounds like the trobble i have with my lappy with ati everything.05:12
cplab2-58_2; there is a problem to one of our systems. The internet is working but updations or installation of packages are not taking place. Can you help05:12
nsadmincplab2-58: cool... those six commands form the basics of the unix user/group system as they've been implemented under linux05:13
randal_2: i dont have ati i have nivida but i think its my motherboard my motherboard always has been werid05:13
Jack_Sparrowcplab2-58, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit (Provide Pastebin link in channel)05:13
qwexerthere are 4 people including me, hope they aren't all taking bio breaks, haha05:13
cplab2-58nsadmin; I didnt use the commands. Directly I went to administration----> users and groups.05:14
bullgard4unop: Thank you very much for hinting me at a very interesting website describing the usbfs.05:14
_2cplab2-58 if it's network related prolly not.   if it's package management related  maybe.   have you tried   sudo dpkg --configure -a     on the box to make sure it's not a hung package config ?05:15
qwexeranyone familiar with OOo macros?05:15
qqxcan anyone tell me how to downgrade to ubuntu hardy?05:15
unop!downgrade | qqx05:15
ubottuqqx: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.05:15
nickrudqqx, by reinstalling05:15
IdleOneqqx: backup and re-install05:15
nickrudheh. four people with personal experience at it ;)05:16
unopJack_Sparrow, you do realize you can just .   pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list  (uuoc, btw) :)05:16
IdleOnelol nickrud yup05:16
_2qqx fresh install the older system is supported.05:16
nsadmindowngrading of any debian based system is specifically and purposely not supported... they decided a long time ago that downgrades would be way too much work05:16
Jack_Sparrowunop, Yep..05:16
J-a-k-ehello, is there anyone here who's had experience with creative beta drivers on an x-fi card running alsa ? I'm wondering how sound quality compares to windows.05:16
TheFunkbombtheoretically, how long can I leave Ubuntu running without having to reboot?05:16
unopTheFunkbomb, till the cows come home?05:17
nickrudTheFunkbomb, theoretically years05:17
_2TheFunkbomb for ever05:17
TheFunkbombsweet :D05:17
nsadminTheFunkbomb: 5 years?05:17
nsadminlonger maybe05:17
cplab2-58_2; no there is no problem with any broken packages or synaptic manager.05:17
nickrudTheFunkbomb, but there's a few upgrades that require reboots05:17
us3rXTill an update makes you reboot? =p05:17
TheFunkbombso it isn't like windows where I have to reboot after 48 hours?05:17
TheFunkbombor things get buggy05:17
_2TheFunkbomb in practice, the unix time limitation will shut it down in about 2031  if it makes it that long05:18
unopTheFunkbomb, never say never , things get buggy on linux too05:18
qqx_2 "the unix time limitation"?05:18
TheFunkbombyeah, but I can expect a longer uptime than 48 hours, right?05:18
Cadman21can someone lead me to a good program for loading music to an ipod?05:18
qwexerthefunkbomb: depends on what you run,05:18
nsadminTheFunkbomb: You have typed a line in this irc chat. FOr windows to understand what this means, you must reboot. Choose: one second, now05:18
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, firefox 3 seems to have a memory leak, but in general.. yes05:18
qwexerthefunkbomb: I've had my laptop on for almost a week with no problems05:18
_2cplab2-58 then it's probably something im not aquainted with.05:18
_2qqx yes.  time stamps are going to run out of digits05:19
qqx_2 im sure they'll invent a patch before then05:19
us3rXCan anyone point me in the right direction to getting my Atheros AR242x wifi card working? I followed a few guides i seen, but none of them seem to be working. =s05:19
huwenfengis there anyone using the Hurd Kernel here?05:19
Jack_Sparrowunop, All of those are cut and pieced together from a notepad..  I need to clean it up and write more specific notes05:19
_2qqx the patch is start using 32 bit05:20
alex-82ok, what's the best way to set some environment variables at startup (I only want it to apply to one user)05:20
unopus3rX, sounds like the same chipset i have - i used the madwifi drivers05:20
TheFunkbombnext question.  I like to humiliate my ex-girlfriend playing literati.  It requires Java.05:20
nsadminTheFunkbomb: I ran a lab server that was doing mail, primary dns, web service, shell accounts (including for the java, c++, c, web design and programming, unix use, unix admin courses)05:20
unopalex-82, edit that user's  .bashrc05:20
TheFunkbombI have java 6 but it's not enough for them05:20
James2432Webforums are down?05:20
TheFunkbombor something like that05:20
us3rXunop, Thanks I'll look in to madwifi. =)05:20
TheFunkbombJames2432, I just posted to them05:20
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository05:20
nsadminone time at least, had the server up the entire semester05:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about awesome05:21
qqxok i have a question, ill stop asking about bluetooth forever if someone tells me is ubuntu bluetooth-microphone-capable?05:21
TheFunkbomboh yes you do05:21
James2432sorry just joined05:21
ldiamondCan anyone tell me how I can resize my home partition?05:21
unopJack_Sparrow, that sounds like what i keep having to do constantly - as of late :)05:21
James2432I must have missed it05:21
qqxwell ill continue if the answer is yes05:21
anhdhi tried to install the package wxgtk2.8 so that i can install playonlinux but i got this  http://paste.ubuntu.com/103021/ can smb help me05:21
IdleOneqqx: try05:21
Cpudan80ldiamond: use gparted05:21
_2ldiamond boot a gparted live CD05:21
Cpudan80ldiamond: Its a live CD05:22
* nickrud 's notpad is still google05:22
ldiamondNo other way than a live CD?05:22
TheFunkbombthe ubuntu live CD partitioned it very easily05:22
James2432TheFunkbomb, may I have the link to webforums, please?05:22
ldiamondWell, other than that...?05:22
cplab2-58Jack_Sparrow; http://paste.ubuntu.com/103022/05:22
nickrudldiamond, you can boot in recovery mode and use parted,05:22
nickrudldiamond, not for the faint of heart05:23
ldiamondThat's starting to sound more like something useful05:23
anhdhi tried to install the package wxgtk2.8 so that i can install playonlinux but i got this  http://paste.ubuntu.com/103021/ can smb help me05:23
TheFunkbombthey're good people05:23
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:23
Aji-Daha1aso...my touchpad doesn't seem to two-finger scroll and I'm not sure how to set that feature.  Ideas?05:23
Jack_Sparrowcplab2-58, that looks fine.. did you sudo apt-get update?05:23
_2ldiamond if you like living on the edge,  temporarly set a root password, run   sudo kill -9 -1   login as root dismount the home partition and use parted05:24
unop_2, that's not a good idea using SIGKILL right off the bat - especially as the superuser05:24
James2432TheFunkbomb, thats the URL I had it said: ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved...now it says undermaintenance .... thanks anyways05:24
* nickrud shudders every time he hears the command parted05:24
* Dam-man Laba ryta.05:25
TheFunkbombsorry.  I must have gotten in just under the wire05:25
ldiamond_2, that wouldnt allow me to resize the main linux partition right?05:25
_2unop i didn't say everyone should now try that.05:25
TheFunkbombJames2432, they had some issues yesterday.  Forums were down for 10 hours or so05:25
Cadman21has anyone used gtkpod for managing their ipod before?05:25
TheFunkbombmust have been one of those rare linux reboots05:25
unop_2, i say you should never have to try that05:25
rww!anyone | TheFunkbomb05:25
ubottuTheFunkbomb: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:25
James2432TheFunkbomb, I think they are updating their database to cope with all the posts05:25
_2ldiamond yes actually, i think you can even resize /  if you mount it ro first.  but i'm not going to hand hold on that one.05:26
TheFunkbombrww, ???05:26
rwwTheFunkbomb: oops, sorry. I accidentally mixed up your nick with the one above yours.05:26
TheFunkbombIt happens all the time ;)05:27
ldiamondrww, why bother about people starting questions with "anyone".... who cares really..?05:27
_2ldiamond at any rate, editing partitions is always at the risk of losing all data on the entire disk.  so use at your own discresion05:27
rwwldiamond: I don't care. However, the people who ask questions like "Has anyone used PROGRAMNAME before?" and ends up getting no responses, when they could have just said what their actual question/problem is and gotten responses, probably should care.05:28
TheFunkbombldiamond, maybe to cut down on those questions?05:28
James2432TheFunkbomb, I lol'd05:28
TheFunkbombI'm new here and think it's a silly rule but hey, these dudes helped me so I'll follow the rules.  Not a big deal05:28
ldiamondThey'll eventually figure it out...05:28
cplab2-58Jack_Sparrow; http://paste.ubuntu.com/103024/05:29
_2anyone know anything about something ?05:29
James2432ldiamond, what the rule of RTFM?05:29
cplab2-58_2; nice question05:29
unopno, everything about nothing05:29
ldiamondJames2432, what the hell are you talking about?05:29
* _2 </shrugs>05:29
nickrudeverything about nothing is my forte05:29
James2432<ldiamond>They'll eventually figure it out...05:29
nickrudunop, you're my sole mait ;)05:30
cplab2-58_2;, unop; no, everything about everything05:30
* unop eeeks!!05:30
ldiamondJames2432, what about that? what does it have to do with RTFM?05:30
TheFunkbombI do have another issue though.  When I open up OpenOffice, the bar at the top doesn't have any text, just dashes05:30
unopnickrud, that's a daunting prospect :)05:30
TheFunkbombI assume this is an issue with my video card?05:30
James2432When in doubt/trouble RTFM?05:30
ldiamondJames2432, ok, you've lost me there Betty.05:31
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer05:32
James2432ldiamond, my name isn't betty05:32
Jack_Sparrowcplab2-58, I can bring that repo up here.  can you type  in.archive.ubuntu.com             in a browser and get to it05:32
Cadman21can anyone tell me why brasero might freeze up when I'm trying to burn a normal audio cd?05:32
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:32
nickrud!msgthebot | TheFunkbomb05:32
ubottuTheFunkbomb: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:32
TheFunkbombsorry I'm new05:32
nickrudTheFunkbomb, np, it's just easier for us lazy people to trigger the bot ;)05:33
ldiamondJames2432, I guess it is now!05:33
James2432ldiamond, *sad face*05:33
_2play nice kids05:33
_2freenode rules forbid blessing people out  so, play nice.05:34
James2432whois _205:34
tritium_2: what?05:34
nickrudrflol James243205:35
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, I was shocked looking at the logs that I have averaged 1000 responses a day every day of the week for months at a time.. Yep, we will take any shortcuts05:35
TheFunkbombYou guys do good work.  I've been in non-Ubuntu channels and people can be jerks05:35
James2432TheFunkbomb, 2nd05:35
TheFunkbombI'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to computers but that doesn't mean people should look down their noses at me05:36
TheFunkbombyou guys rock05:36
James2432"Ubuntu: Linux for human beings"05:36
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, we dont look down at people unless we are helping them up..05:36
_CidI forget what Ubuntu means...isnt it something about togetherness ....helping eachother..I forget05:36
mogi22hey what is the serial declaration for in zone files?05:37
James2432_Cid see my last post05:37
Cadman21i'm new to ubuntu and I'm having problems with brasero freezing up on me or just closing the second it opens? does anyone have any help?05:37
TheFunkbombJack_Sparrow, well, I'm new and people have been pretty welcoming here.  I can't wait until I know enough to where I can help people05:37
Aji-Daha1aso...my touchpad doesn't seem to two-finger scroll and I'm not sure how to set that feature.  Ideas?05:37
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate05:37
linux_newbiehi, after I recovered grub; i can't boot into window05:37
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, that does not mean financially..05:38
TheFunkbombI'm looking and seeing what I can do to help :)05:38
_Cid"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". Ubuntu also means "I am what I am because of who we all are". ...05:38
_Cidthere we go05:38
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, Just passing on the info you get from here helps imensly05:38
nooomemdamn it... just can't get samba flowing. keep getting "network path not found" on the windows box but can ping the ubuntu-running file server.05:38
James2432_Cid oh you wanted the definition of the word XD05:38
TheFunkbombJack_Sparrow, I will.  I'm going to get a few more days under my belt before helping tho05:39
linux_newbiecan some one please tell me how to boot back into window after recovered grub ?05:39
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, welcome to ubuntu, I am calling it a night..05:39
unopUbuntu is an african word that means "I won't use windows"05:39
TheFunkbombJack_Sparrow, good night and thanks for the help05:39
Cadman21is there a better program for burning CDs than Brasero?05:40
mogi22Aji-Daha1a, hey is that your real name?  aji?  i've a friend w/ that name but never met anyone else w/ it.05:40
Jack_Sparrowlinux_newbie, gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.list   there is an example of the windows option near the bottom05:40
cplab2-58Jack_Sparrow; ya I have come to the site. now what do i do05:40
Jack_Sparrowcplab2-58, Just wanted to make sure your network could see it..05:40
James2432@linux_newbie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows05:41
linux_newbiejack_sparrow: I've done that changing hdx,y but it doesn't work05:41
Jack_SparrowHave patience someone will help. I am calling it a night05:41
_2unop hehhe05:41
Jack_Sparrowlinux_newbie, sudo fdiak -l where is windows   sda105:41
Jack_Sparrowfdisk -l05:41
linux_newbieon sda405:41
Jack_Sparrowat least that way you will have the right partition.. goodnight05:42
ZiberHow can I check the status of a service?05:42
linux_newbiejack_sparrow: oh ok thx so which means counting from 0 so it's located in 3 ?05:42
cplab2-58Jack_Sparrow; i have entered the site05:42
_2caution, bios hd0,# != /dev/sda#05:42
Jack_Sparrowyes   it starts at 0... Please goodnight05:42
James2432linux_newbie: did you change your /boot/grub/grub.conf?05:43
linux_newbiejack_sparrow: thx for the help, gn05:43
linux_newbiejames2432: nope05:43
James2432leave it that way05:43
cplab2-58Jack_Sparrow; i didn't get you??05:43
nickrudJames2432, menu.lst in ubuntu05:43
_2Jack_Sparrow but you can have only sda1 and sda5   i.e. only two partitions  so it could be hd0,105:44
nickrudJames2432, linux is linux, there'll be a few things you'll catch up on quickly ;)05:44
nickrudcplab2-58, jack left for the night05:44
_2can have only,  meaning that it is possable...05:44
ozzloyi have my laptop connected to my bluetooth headphones, but sound is still only going through the laptop speakers.  how do i fix that?05:44
James2432I'm so use to gentoo/debian from work x_X05:44
linux_newbieimma gonna reboot and see how it goes05:44
tritiumJames2432: ubuntu is debian-based05:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufs05:44
James2432@ tritium, I know, but there are many things that are different05:45
nooomemI can't telnet localhost @ 139 after having just started samba... is there something wrong?05:45
_2nickrud yes i saw it,  i lag.05:45
tritiumJames2432: hardly05:45
James2432For example the grub.conf is menu.lst05:45
nickrudcplab2-58, you were having problems with 404's ?05:45
flashkidddoes someone knows how to trobleshooting k3b?05:45
James2432Ubuntu boots faster than debian(because of server services)05:46
cplab2-58nickrud; no. the thing is that I am not able to do updations05:46
James2432@flashkidd, what's wrong?05:47
_2James2432 boot speed is related to services being started at boot time and whether each script waits on the other to finish or not.05:47
nickrudcplab2-58, put the results of  sudo apt-get update  on http://paste.ubuntu.com please05:47
James2432@_2...thats what I just said with (because of server services)05:47
linux_newbiesparrow: it didn't work can you please check my grub menu05:47
tritiumJames2432: these are minor point.  In terms of package management, configuration, etc., debian and ubuntu share a common base.05:47
_2James2432 not exactly,  but ok.05:47
flashkiddJames2432: Sometimes my cdrom isnt recognized05:47
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:47
James2432@tritium, I totally agree05:48
Aji-Daha1aooh, xinput did the trick, I wonder if that gets preserved05:48
James2432@flashkidd, you mean when you insert a blank media? or one that is burnt?05:48
linux_newbiejames2432: can you check my grub menu.list ?05:49
=== fenris_ is now known as e-jat
flashkiddJames2432: I cant record in linux, only windows works05:49
MK-AdminSo if I leave my desktop on for a few days the sound goes away.05:49
MK-AdminComes back after a reboot.05:49
MK-Adminand Flash player on Firefox keeps freezing.05:49
James2432@linux_newbie sure05:49
_2MK-Admin that's a bug   shouldn't happen.05:49
daredeviltherewht is the command to see alsa mixer settings05:50
_2MK-Admin finding it is the challange.05:50
MK-AdminI am on fairly proprietary hardrware...05:50
MK-AdminGateway FX540 box.05:50
MK-Admin_2: Where do you suggest looking?05:51
oxymoronI kind of need some major help. *somehow* (no time to explain) a user was created with root privileges and either someone maliciously did an rm -rf / (though I can't see it in ps aux | grep rm) but I cannot sudo at all anymore05:51
ozzloymy bluetooth headphones are successfully paired to my laptop, but sound still only goes through the laptop speakers.  how do i fix this?05:51
oxymoronand the system is slowly disappearing.05:51
oxymoronkeep in mind this is a remote box05:51
James2432@linux_newbie your grub seems in order05:51
_2MK-Admin /var/log/*     and when the sound fails also run the command,,,    dmesg | tail05:51
flashkiddJames2432: The cdrom disapears when I put a media in05:51
oxymoronadmin@ks357677:~$ sudo updatedb05:51
oxymoronsudo: no passwd entry for root!05:51
daredevilthereoxymoron: go in resume mode and add username to sudoers by usermod command05:52
linux_newbiejames2432: but it still boots directly into ubuntu05:52
James2432@flashkidd is a blank media or one that you just burnd?05:52
linux_newbiejames2432: what might be wrong with ?05:52
flashkiddJames2432: A blank media05:52
James2432line 2305:53
James2432add a #05:53
James2432it hides the menu05:53
_2oxymoron you changed the name of the superuser from root to something else.05:53
flashkiddJames2432: It doesnt write to the cd05:53
MK-Adminoxymoron: Can you do locate lsattr05:53
oxymoronIIRC daredevilthere, that's a recovery mode. I only have SSH and 'rdesktop'-sort of access to it05:53
_2oxymoron that's what the error message is saying.    ^05:53
MK-Adminoxymoron: If the person did indeed rm -rf / DO NOT reboot05:53
daredevilthereHAs anyone got any info of connecting Nokia device to ubuntu through Gnubox and browsing internet05:54
oxymoronlocate requires admin privs05:54
James2432@flashkidd, dunno o_O never seen that b405:54
semanticpc_has any one used sun grid ??05:54
oxymoronMK-Admin, I actually think it wasn't a hack attempt05:54
oxymoronhere's the thing05:54
linux_newbiejames2432: thx, gonna reboot and see if it works. brb05:54
daredevilthereoxymoron: but since u are not in sudo anymore i think its recovery mode that can reset passwd and add sudo entry05:55
flashkiddJames2432: I tried a fresh install but dont help05:55
_2oxymoron    sudo -u `grep ':0:0:' /etc/passwd` echo boo05:55
James2432@flashkidd, lemme google this05:55
Y-TownHow can I get F-Spot to see my samba shares to use as my default folder of pictures?05:55
Flanneloxymoron, MK-Admin: Lets stop mentioning that command, thanks.05:55
flashkiddJames2432: I am using the live cd with the 4.1.85 (kde beta 2)05:56
oxymoronquestion. If you have a server with X/Gnome installed will it show up checked in Tasksel? Because I simply entered tasksel to install LAMP05:56
oxymoronthat's the exact time it started happening05:56
_2oxymoron ooops  sorry,    sudo -u `grep ':0:0:' /etc/passwd | cut -d':' -f1` echo boo   <<<<05:56
oxymoroncould it be an issue of it removing all sorts of graphical interface?05:56
=== cary__ is now known as Commie_Cary
_2oxymoron what does that command do ^  ?05:57
James2432@flashkidd do you have multiple drives?05:57
oxymoronsudo -u `grep ':0:0:' /etc/passwd | cut -d':' -f1` echo boo   <<<<05:57
oxymoronadmin@ks357677:~$ sudo -u `grep ':0:0:' /etc/passwd | cut -d':' -f1` echo boo05:57
oxymoronsudo: no passwd entry for echo!05:57
coolbam14i need help installing ubuntu with wubi05:57
coolbam14i restarted computer05:57
_2oxymoron without the <<<<  on the end please05:57
flashkiddJames2432: No just one connected with the hd in a ide cable05:57
coolbam14and it gave me a command prompt with grub on it05:57
oxymoronthat's exactly how I pasted it from openssh _205:57
coolbam14idk what to do05:57
oxymoron(the <<< was a mistake copied from the irc)05:58
_2oxymoron errmmm   then you have deleted the superuser account from the passwd file05:58
oxymoronapparently apparently this baby is pretty f-ed up, isn't it?05:58
coolbam14i need help installing ubuntu with wubi05:58
James2432@flashkidd, then how are you booting off of live cd? or did you install it from the live cd?05:58
coolbam14idk what to do05:58
coolbam14i restarted computer05:58
coolbam14and it gave me a command prompt with grub on it05:58
flashkiddJames2432: yes05:58
FloodBot3coolbam14: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:59
Y-TownIs there a way to get f-spot to see samba share directories?  the browser it uses does not show that ability05:59
flashkiddJames2432: I installed from livecd05:59
dr_willisY-Town,  mount  the share to a local directory. dont use the 'file browser' browing of shares.05:59
linux_newbiejames2432: greate the menu is shown now.. but it has error 12 when selecting windows05:59
Y-Towndr_willis: whats the best way to do that?05:59
_2oxymoron solution.    boot a live cd  (or anything that can access the linux filesystem)  and copy these two backup files to their origenal in /etc/  passwd~ to passwd   and  shadow~ to shadow05:59
oxymoron_2 and others thanks for your quick help, I really don't think it's rm -rfing / but rather just deleting all graphical interface AND I messed up bad with the root acct06:00
dr_willisY-Town,  mount command, or edit /etc/fstab06:00
flashkiddJames2432: It works fine to read just record is bad06:00
linux_newbiejames2432: in fdisk -l the windows partition should state something like win95 ex'd right ?06:00
SmegzorIs there a guide to playing dvd's in ubuntu written for 8.10?  I've found a few but they're quite old.  I have installed all the media codecs etc, but no joy.  I'm running Ubuntu amd64.  I even tried playing them in virtual XP, but that didn't fly either.06:00
Cadman21from root folder where are the program files located that are in the applications menu?06:00
James2432@linux_newbie: error 12 =12 : Invalid device requested.06:00
oxymoron_2 this is a server that I use but don't have actual access to, it's remote and a friend who is overseas can only use the support system06:00
oxymoronit can be wiped clean and reinstalled without much loss. nothing personal on there.06:01
_2oxymoron only known cure is physical contact admin06:01
oxymoronI figured as much _206:01
coolbam14i tried installing ubuntu using wubi but when i restarted my computer chose the partition it just booted up with a command prompt thats says <Grub>06:01
dr_willisSmegzor,  i was thinking it was just a matter of installing the decss stuff from medibuntu,  - I tend to use mplayer or vlc however. they may make it easier.06:01
James2432@flashkidd sorry can't find a solution :/06:01
Y-Towndr_willis: I tried but didnt have much luck... the share folder is actually "pictures" under a different user name...Can you sorta guide me to the correct format to work with to get it to moun please06:01
flashkiddJames2432: no problem06:01
James2432@linux_newbie, what version of windows are you trying to boot?06:02
Smegzordr_willis: I've done all that, tried vlc too.06:02
_2oxymoron if you had a root shell open at present you could fix it from there though06:02
dr_willisSmegzor,   trouble shoot the problem. Perhaps  your /dev/dvd link or somthing is wrong06:02
flashkiddJames2432: I am thinking in buy a new sata cdrom it is not so expensive, and is better than ide drives06:02
_2oxymoron i was answering on the assumption that you don't have superuser shell/s at present.06:02
Smegzori'm going to try another codec..06:03
James2432@flashkidd, i'll pm you something06:03
linux_newbieflashkidd: check ur cd read speed06:03
oxymoron_2, btw the remote desktop JUST shut down btw. That's not the point though. I have two shells open06:03
sarmisakgood morning all06:03
oxymoronlet me see if any of them still has sudo non-expired06:03
oxymoron(both admin accounts)06:03
_2oxymoron no. not a normal user that has sudo rights, but real superuser only.06:04
oxymoronno, sorry.06:04
flashkiddhow I can see that?06:04
James2432i meant06:04
James2432linux_newbie, i'll pm you something06:04
Y-Towndr_willis: I tried but didnt have much luck... the share folder is actually "pictures" under a different user name...Can you sorta guide me to the correct format to work with to get it to moun please06:04
_2oxymoron ok then my assumption was correct and my answer is also accurate.   only through hands on access now.06:04
=== Gandalf is now known as Guest41346
oxymoronI am pretty much conceded to the idea that playing around with useradd and userdel without knowing wtf you're doing has cost me.06:05
Guest41346I need a video card to use with flight gear,  any suggestions would help06:05
semanticpc_has any one used sun grid ??06:05
oxymoronvaluable lesson. at least not a production server, just a tester06:05
dr_willisY-Town,  theres 1000's of docs/guides out on how to mount a remote share to a local directory  the 'samba-doc' package has several books on samba that have a chapter on the topic ;)06:05
neil_d_I am trying to run sshd in a chroot jail.  at the moment I am getting an error "Privilege separation user sshd does not exist"  I have entries in the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow (copied from the main system) what else do I need ?06:05
James2432@linux_newbie, please check PM for grub config06:06
Y-Towndr_willis: ty06:06
=== _acyd_ is now known as acydlord
James2432@flash_kid have you tried burning at a lower speed?06:07
_2oxymoron like i said, if someone on site can copy passwd~ and shadow~ to their passwd and shadow   you are fixed.   it's a simple copy process.      cp /etc/passwd~ /etc/passwd ;cp /etc/shadow~ /etc/shadow06:07
Aliveshow do i find what a package was configured with when it was built?06:07
_2oxymoron else you are sol06:08
oxymoronI'll definitely consider that06:08
oxymoronwould require going through two people while I was going to wipe the server clean anyway and install ubuntu without the burden of x/gnome06:08
bullgard4unop: http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/~tjuerges/ALMA/Kernel/usb/ch07.html is slovenly authored. Can you tell me what the author means by the sentence: "You can also poll() this to learn about new devices"? (I can read the file /proc/bus/usb/.usbfs easily using mc. Why does the author mention a need of poll()?)06:08
Smegzordr_willis: I got it working with medibuntu.  I've had that installed previously.  It must have dropped off in the last dist upgrade.06:09
huwenfengwhat the hell are the Isreal doing now!06:09
GrayhaneI need a video card to use with flightgear, any suggestions ?06:10
msuttonWhere does aptitude install header files for libraries? I just "apt-get install libavcodec-dev" and I can't the files.06:10
oxymoron_2, actually here's one for you. all of the files that I need salvaged are located in my $HOME and I have a session open (normal user). Could I just SCP them over?06:10
oxymoronscp shouldn't need sudo. I'm not sure though.06:10
neil_d_I am trying to run sshd in a chroot jail.  at the moment I am getting an error "Privilege separation user sshd does not exist"  I have entries in the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow (copied from the main system) what else do I need ?06:10
_2msutton a command to remember,   dpkg -L <installed package name here> | less06:11
_2oxymoron probably   yes06:11
coolbam14i tried installing ubuntu using wubi but when i restarted my computer chose the partition it just booted up with a command prompt thats says <Grub>06:12
msutton_2: I love you.06:12
venportAnyone willing to help someone new to linux? I installed Ubuntu on a project PC, and now the Screen Resolution is stuck at 800 x600,  and when i06:12
_2neil_d_ user named  sshd  is in /etc/passwd ?06:12
oxymoronthanks again for all your help :). I think I'll idle here and maybe learn something.06:12
neil_d__2: yes06:12
_2msutton it's ok,  you'll get over it,  i'm a jerk.06:12
venporttry and change it, i don;t have any optoins06:12
coolbam14i tried installing ubuntu using wubi but when i restarted my computer chose the partition it just booted up with a command prompt thats says <Grub>06:12
James2432@coolbam14 ... is wubi the windows installer for ubuntu?06:13
nickrud!wubi | James243206:13
ubottuJames2432: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.06:13
_2neil_d_ and sshd's home exists    "in the jail"06:13
daredeviltherevenport: go2 system -> prefrences -> screen resolution06:13
James2432*sigh* i've heard so many problems associated with wubi06:13
mogi22if bind is the group for my rndc.key file, and dhcpd user is in the group bind, shouldnt dhcpd user be able to read the key file?06:14
mogi22its perm is 64006:14
neil_d__2: yes06:14
mogi22i just find it odd that dhcpd cant access the file unless its 644 or gorup = dhcpd.  i thought adding dhcpd user to group bind would do the trick06:15
_2neil_d_  hmmmm ok, i struck out.    maybe someone else can help you with that error06:15
venport@daredevilthere: thanks but I gave that a try and it only lists 800 x 600 and 640 x480 and i was hoping for somthing like 1680 x 1050 (or somewhere around that size)06:15
mogi22actually is it a bad idea to add dhcpd to the group bind?06:15
ryanCHubunut, normally detects PCI wifi devices as well as it detects USB wifi devices, right?06:16
msuttonWhy god! Why won't the forums come back?06:16
msuttonI'll be good I swear.06:16
James2432ryanCH not always, but yes06:17
nickrudJames2432, wubi is good, *if* people install exactly as recommended06:17
_2ryanCH  update-pciids ;lspci    see if it finds your wifi that way06:17
daredeviltherevenport: that means ur monitor only supports that resloution06:17
neil_d__2: ok06:18
bazhang!give me a test06:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test06:18
daredevilthereHow do i block access to certain programs  for other users?06:18
James2432@nickrud .... it's that "*if*" that scares me06:18
venportWell i'm using the same monitor for my Windows computer at 1680 x1050 (using a KVM to switch)... so i'm not sure why it would not let me use a larger resolution06:18
bazhangdaredevilthere, kids?06:18
nickrudJames2432, eyup.06:18
daredeviltherebazhang: no not kids. other users to which i have given shell and access06:19
daredeviltherebazhang: is there any type of file where i can put all names of programs that certain user cannot use . just like access.conf file06:20
daredeviltherevenport: which graphics driver do u have06:20
venportCould my crappy video card not like ubuntu?06:20
_2daredevilthere one way, though it's very convoluted and not reccomended, is set their executable to 750 and put the people that are supposed to run them in the group06:20
bazhangdaredevilthere, you want to create a guest account?06:20
eseven73Forums please! kthxbai :)06:20
akahige1can anyone tell me how xorg and usb are interrelated? my mouse seems to have started effecting video performance...06:21
gharzguys, why do i always get this error whenever i run an update => The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>06:21
gharzit was working before06:21
venportNot sure daredevil, i just installed ubuntu today, (very new to linux)06:21
nsadminyou have to get the key from the key server06:21
venportis there a place where i can read about drvers06:21
daredeviltherevenport: check it with this command sudo lspci | grep VGA06:22
gharznsadmin: get the key?06:22
bullgard4venport: Yes06:22
qqxcould anyone pls help me with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/103031/06:22
garrettjUbuntu really needs a distinct walkthrough of everything important. Like a help file pointing out all the different options in the sound section. Specifically why there are 1000000000000000 options in the drop down menus.06:22
daredevilthere_2: thats an option but wht if i want to block access to so many programs than?06:22
venportok BRB06:22
molsonhello, I have a question about wifi drivers for ubuntu...06:23
garrettjand each option in those drop down menus makes different sounds come out of different speakers06:23
garrettjmakes no sense06:23
molsonI'm using a HP Pavilion DV5139us which has a Broadcom card built into it...06:23
qqxmolson | ask06:23
neil_d__2: about that sshd user, could sshd be using an external program to check?06:24
qqx!ask | molson06:24
ubottumolson: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:24
z28  464  irssi -n LtL -c irc.freenode.net06:24
daredeviltherebazhang: no not guest account , accounts are already created06:24
_2daredevilthere another option would be dir perms.  you could move executables to something like /usr/local/bin  and limit the access to the dir    but again,  you are talking about a very custom approach in either case.06:24
carlfIs there any way to get gdm in intrepid to pay attention to an .xinitrc or .xsession in my home directory? It seems to only see the stuff in the xsessions directory.06:24
eseven73garrettj: well theres man pages for that, granted they're kinda hard to understand at times, but they're there.06:24
_2neil_d_ "pam"06:25
qqxcould anyone pls help me with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/103031/06:25
garrettj"man pages?"06:25
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:25
dr_williscarlf i was thinking there was some entry in gdm/kdm sessions menus that read the .xinitrc or .Xsession. but im not sure what installs it.. or  where it came from06:25
huwenfengshao: please do not use chinese here.06:25
eseven73garrettj: type man find in a terminal06:26
daredevilthere_2:  but there has to some kind of approach i mean some type of conf file where i can write the names of all the programs and username that i dont want them to access.Somthing like /etc/security/access.conf06:26
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい06:26
molsonI'm using a HP Pavilion DV5139us, which has a broadcom wireless card in it.  I cannot seem to get this card to work with ubuntu.  I've tried installing the broadcom STA drivers and it hasn't worked so far.  I haven't been able to install ndiswrapper or ndisgtk (the "make install" command returns a ton of errors) so I can't get the windows drivers to work.  Any help or advice?06:26
garrettjwow thank you esven7306:26
_2daredevilthere selinux    which i don't like.06:26
daredevilthere_2: selinux whts that?06:27
neil_d__2: found something the sshd user says .....:/usr/sbin/nologin  but this program isn't in the jail, I will put it in a have another go.06:27
daredeviltherevenport: c this might help u
garrettjhere's another question: How do I get pulseaudio back, in full, when I followed a tutorial to take it off and correct my sound (which it didn't). I never got to mess around with PULSE06:27
eseven73'back'? meaning you uninstalled it garrettj ?06:28
garrettjto be honest06:28
qqxi cant seem to get pulse audio to work. here's the error i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103031/ any help or advice?06:28
eseven73'sudo apt-get install pulseaudio' should do it06:28
garrettjI can't really remember what I did to get it off06:28
nickrudmolson, did you try sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper?  Better yet, try system->admin->hardware drivers, see if it shows a driver for your card06:28
garrettjI followed some tutorial eseven7306:28
eseven73!pm | franklin06:29
ubottufranklin: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:29
garrettjeseven73 when I go to synaptic manager, there are like 100 things to do with pulse, do I install them all?06:29
molsonnickrud, I've tried both.  the apt-get install ndiswrapper does not work (it says it cannot find the package).  the hardware drivers do not show up in the second method listed.06:29
huwenfengeseven73: what does "pm" mean?06:29
_2oops .06:29
neil_d__2: that wasn't it, still giving the error. :(06:29
molsonnickrud,  ndiswrapper does not show up in the synaptec manager either06:30
nickrudmolson, go to system->admin->software sources, make sure main, restricted, universe and multiverse are enabled. It'll update your sources, and try again06:30
James2432@huwenfeng, private message: double click on his name06:30
eseven73garrettj: hmm i would just install pulseaudio, that other stuff listed there are just extras i beleive, at any rate, once you choose pulseaudio, it will pull in everything else it needs anyways06:30
eseven73huwenfeng: private message06:30
_2neil_d_ #openssh  might find help in there, i'm not much of a networking nofin06:31
garrettjeseven73: thanks I appreciate it, I'll give it ago... I'm also having a problem getting sound with flash06:31
neil_d__2: I will try thanks for the tip/06:31
qqxcan anyone help me with this error message? http://i40.tinypic.com/20sj9jq.png06:32
_2neil_d_ also  ##linux   at times that is the place for advanced networking questions.  and some times it's not.06:32
Dexidoes anyone here know of a program for macros? recording keyboard & mouse and outputting it?06:32
eseven73garrettj: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'  *MIGHT* work for that flash sound issue, im not a flash guru really, but try that.06:32
garrettjeseven73: I'll give a quick try06:32
molsonnickrud, these options are all enabled.  I also went ahead and enabled "source code"06:32
James2432@Dexi shell scripting is pretty much well macros06:33
nickrudmolson, if you still can't find ndiswrapper, then your sources.list got messed up somehow.   sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list ~/Desktop , then run through the system->admin->software sources again to rebuild them.06:33
nickrud!hardysources | molson (here's complete instructions, works for hardy on up)06:34
ubottumolson (here's complete instructions, works for hardy on up): In System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (hardy-security) and (hardy-updates).06:34
molson...this is a fresh install of ubuntu...  I'm a relative noobie to this stuff but learning lol06:34
nickrudmolson, it happens sometimes06:34
James2432@molson .... everyone is at one point06:35
garrettjeseven73: what is this downloading? seems like a lot of stuff :D06:35
_2James2432 not me,  i'm at two points   :)))06:35
nsadminif everyone's at one point, that would be a crowded point!06:35
eseven73garrettj: various codecs and what not needed to for flash, mp3, dvd stuff06:35
* nickrud gags on bad puns06:36
huwenfengwhat's guru?06:36
James2432@_2, what do you mean?06:36
molsonok I'm rebuilding the list now06:36
qqxcan anyone help me with this error message? http://i40.tinypic.com/20sj9jq.png06:36
garrettjeseven73: you may be the most awesome guy ever06:36
_2sorry nickrud06:36
im51is there anything that is similar in functionality to ices2 but with mp3 support, but that is not ices0?06:36
venportdaredevilthere-- Thanks, i'll do some reading them come back, mabye i'll have more questions...06:36
James2432@_2 .... i hate you for bad pun06:36
James2432just got it -_-;06:37
cNOOBI have a question.  Is Doom 3 worth buying and running on Ubuntu 8.04?06:37
_2James2432 that was a gag too     :)06:37
eseven73garrettj: lol I'm still kinda new at this myself but I've learned a few basics in this channel to be able to help you with those questions you had :)06:37
dr_williscNOOB,  if you want it.. :)06:37
nsadmindoom3 and quake4 are pretty good06:37
James2432you can check the stability of Doom 3 @ WineHQ.com06:37
dr_willisDoom3 should have a native linux port06:37
cNOOBI just want something to do..and WineHQ says Starcraft doesn't work very good...so...I dont want to waste my money06:37
molsonok, followed the instructions you gave me nickrud..  gonna attempt to apt-get install ndiswrapper (under a sudo environment of course)06:38
nsadminit does06:38
nsadminI run both on linux06:38
dr_williscNOOB,  FreeCol - is my fave.06:38
cNOOBDoes Starcraft run perfect?06:38
garrettjeseven73: reboot time woooo06:38
dr_willis!info freecol06:38
ubottufreecol (source: freecol): an open version of Colonization. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.4.dfsg-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 13153 kB, installed size 20092 kB06:38
molsonno luck on that, still not able to find it06:38
nickrudmolson, put a copy of /etc/apt/sources.list on http://paste.ubuntu.com06:39
cajetaok..trying to get xchat figured out..it changed since I last used it :)06:39
_2cajeta xchat or xchat-gnome  ?  they differ i hear.06:40
cajetathis is xchat-gnome!06:40
nickrudmolson, never mind. I'm behind the curve, I don't have ndiswrapper in my packagelist either, and I know mine are good06:40
z28cajeta: dump that, use xchat.06:40
cNOOBWhat would be a good game to buy or play on my machine that works well on Linux that I can play both offline and online?06:40
molsonok nick06:40
cajetathanks for the advice06:40
eseven73xchat-gnome is rubbish06:40
cajetaok, off I go!06:41
nickrudmolson, install ndiswrapper-utils-1.906:41
molsonusing apt-get?06:41
nickrudmolson, yes.06:41
qqxis irssi better than xchat?06:41
z28Question, why do people use that bastardized xchat-gnome over the 'real deal'?06:41
dr_willisqqx,  install it and see06:41
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:41
garrettjeseven73: man it didn't work, but my sound settings may not be right in the generic section. Do you mind if I pm and pick your brain on basic sound stuff?06:42
molsonok installed06:42
nickrudmolson, either my memory of package names was faulty, or the naming got changed. Almost certainly the former06:42
qqxeseven73, you just made a qualitative comparison and here you are using a bot to b#$%#$% me out06:42
eseven73garrettj: im not a sound guy, so i prolly wouldnt be much help sorry06:42
z28qqx: xchat is GUI, irssi is curses, terminal based06:42
im51what can record from my sound card (or rather pulseaudio, with a monitor source) and broadcast that as an mp3 stream to an icecast server...or what can transcode from ogg to mp3...i've been using ices2 but the majority of programs dont support ogg without a codec (atleast on losedows) means i need to use mp3...06:42
molsonyeah, I think its the naming06:42
garrettjeseven73: ok thanks anyway :D06:42
=== im51 is now known as im5
nickrudmolson, you should be good to go06:43
garrettjis there anyone on here willing to pm me and tolerate basic sound questions? :D06:43
eseven73garrettj: np good luck :)06:43
xinelmeh i use kvirc06:43
molsonwhere should I go from here?  afer the ndiswrapper is installed (which it now is) should it just...work?06:43
cNOOBAnyone here have Doom 3?  If so do you think it is a worth while buy with good replay ability?06:43
im5molson: you need a windows driver for it06:43
eseven73qqx: well whatever, polling is a no no here. ;)06:43
nickrud!ndiswrapper | molson06:43
ubottumolson: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:43
molsonok thanks06:44
im5what can record from my sound card (or rather pulseaudio, with a monitor source) and broadcast that as an mp3 stream to an icecast server...or what can transcode from ogg to mp3...i've been using ices2 but the majority of programs dont support ogg without a codec (atleast on losedows) means i need to use mp3...06:44
nickrudmolson, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper06:44
silv3r_m00nhi there06:45
silv3r_m00ni want to open excel files(xml format) in openoffice.org spreadhseet06:45
silv3r_m00nhow can i do that ?06:45
daredevilthereI neeed some help for LTSP network boot06:45
im5silv3r xml or xsl?06:45
silv3r_m00nim5: xml06:46
im5silv3r can you link to an example of one?06:46
im5idk i'll check first nvm06:46
silv3r_m00nim5: do you have access to ms-excel ?06:47
im5silv3r_m00n: i think i got it06:47
daredeviltherewhere does apt-get downlaod and keep pacakages06:47
silv3r_m00nim5: just create an excel file type something and save as xml format06:47
im5you go to file->open and then on that drop down box choose Microsoft Office 2003 XML06:48
nickruddaredevilthere, /var/cache/apt06:48
silv3r_m00nim5: let me try06:48
daredeviltherecan i change the default apt-get downlaod path06:48
im5silv3r_m00n: no i dont have access to ms-excel06:48
im5what can record from my sound card (or rather pulseaudio, with a monitor source) and broadcast that as an mp3 stream to an icecast server...or what can transcode from ogg to mp3...i've been using ices2 but the majority of programs dont support ogg without a codec (atleast on losedows) means i need to use mp3...06:48
daredeviltherenickrud: do u recommend me to backup deb pakages which i download or install from internet evrytime06:48
nickruddaredevilthere, it can be done, but why?06:49
mrgenixusim5: um ogg codec is free on windows...06:49
whitedoxWould ethernetting 2 PC's together, one being a Linux OS and one being a WIndows OS work for just file browsing? Like I need to access some files on my linux box on my Vista box, and copy them over. Would this work?06:49
nickruddaredevilthere, the cache is limited to 500mb, I never worry about backing up myself other than normal backup routines06:49
mrgenixuspretty decent support in most players (winamp?)06:49
poboy975linuxhi, I got a question for someone...06:49
mrgenixuspoboy975linux: nope06:49
daredeviltherenickrud: bacause some times my internet works slow06:49
mrgenixuspoboy975linux: I'm pretty sure you would have asked them already06:49
im5mrgenixus: but people wont want to download it just to listen to my station06:50
poboy975linuxlol, dont usualy get a response right away06:50
John`Aran into more problems.. this time it couldnt detect the harddrisk also during a check o06:50
John`Ai checked the INSTALL CD for integrity... found two problems right away...both linux-restricted-modules-common_2.6.24.13-19.44_all.deb and  nvidia-kernel-common_20051028-1ubuntu_all.deb failed mdchecksum06:50
daredeviltherenickrud: Oh so can i increase the cache size limit or how can i back them06:50
im5mrgenixus: and it wasnt working on my friends winamp...06:50
brmassa_i think i overwritten my main user (using useradd i think), so i lost all groups, including sudoers. how can i restore it?06:50
John`Awhat can  i do about this??06:50
silv3r_m00nim5: no it cudnt open it06:50
nickruddaredevilthere, there's a lot of ways you can handle repositories, you might find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/ interesting reading06:50
daredeviltherenickrud: alrite thanks06:50
nickruddaredevilthere, after reading that you might have some fresh ideas about what you really want06:51
im5silv3r_m00n: well just look through those...thats about the only way i could think of...look for the ones that say "XML"06:51
gharzguys how do i deal with this apt-get error -> W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-security/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch06:51
James2432gn pplz06:51
im5silv3r_m00n: try DocBook06:51
nickrudbrmassa_, you can restore admin to your main user by booting into recovery mode and running adduser <username> admin06:51
gharzi'm getting 4 of these errors :(06:51
John`Anoone can help me with my issues?06:52
daredevilthereDoes any one knw how do i configure ltsp server settings06:52
brmassa_nickrud: thanks a lot. i was thinking about it, but i was not sure...06:52
nickrudJohn`A, if the disk is bad, you need to reburn it06:52
John`Anickrud this is like the 7th disk ive burnt of it06:52
John`Adifferent ISO's at times06:53
nickrudJohn`A, you should burn as slowly as possible, and make sure the iso is good06:53
mrgenixusJohn`A: I don't know anything baout your issues...  as far as the bad cd you burned, you have to brun a nw one06:53
im5John`A: ummmm...check the md5 sum of the iso? if that is good just reburn...if the check fails re download ubuntu06:53
nickrud!md5sum | John`A06:53
ubottuJohn`A: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more06:53
poboy975linuxI have two extra hard drives in my ubuntu box...they show in the file browser as size listed..but they are unable to be mounted. I ran the ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/ -alh and it shows a sdb1 device...but when i type  sudo parted /dev/sdb1 p it says unrecognised disk label06:53
John`Athe checksum was perfect06:53
John`Acomplete match06:53
mrgenixusthen your ram is porbably bad06:53
John`Ahow much ram do i need?06:53
mrgenixusif the disk matches but individual files don't06:53
woody86Does anyone know how to setup an auto-login without having GDM installed?06:53
mrgenixusnot the issue06:53
mrgenixusrun memtest8606:53
nickrudJohn`A, usually its burning too fast.06:53
whitedoxWould ethernetting 2 PC's together, one being a Linux OS and one being a WIndows OS work for just file browsing? Like I need to access some files on my linux box on my Vista box, and copy them over. Would this work?06:54
mrgenixusyou'll find bad areas in your ram06:54
im5poboy975linux: what format are the disks?06:54
John`Alast cd i burnt wasthe alternate cd ver06:54
mrgenixusnickrud: the disk checksums were ok though, which means he's not reading the disc consitently06:54
im5what can record from my sound card (or rather pulseaudio, with a monitor source) and broadcast that as an mp3 stream to an icecast server...or what can transcode from ogg to mp3...i've been using ices2 but the majority of programs dont support ogg without a codec (atleast on losedows) means i need to use mp3...06:54
nickrudmrgenixus, iso checksums I think he said06:54
John`Athe original one i burnt was with the gui installer and i got it to install on the hd alone but when i wanted to reinstall so it would detect BOTH harddrives then it started problems06:54
poboy975linuxI dont know.. they are used hard drives...I have never been able to do anything with them....gparted doesnt see them06:54
mrgenixusright -- oh -- nvm I get it06:54
nickrudJohn`A, same disk that installed correctly?06:55
poboy975linuxis there a way for me to reformat and partition for linux?06:55
im5John`A: ummm...it should detect both hdds...its not like its a retard disk..it knows if theres a hdd...06:55
John`Athats what i dont get06:55
im5poboy975linux: you wanna reformat?06:55
John`Ai know but i didnt try instaling with both harddrives connected06:55
poboy975linuxthese two extra drives....not my main drive06:55
John`Athatswhy i tried reinstalling06:55
im5poboy975linux:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive06:56
mrgenixuspoboy975linux: use gparted if you have gnome06:56
nickrudJohn`A, strange.06:56
John`Ai dont think the harddrive is bad, cause i was able to install damnsmalllinux with no problem06:56
mrgenixuspoboy975linux: that's probably the easiest way06:56
im5what can record from my sound card (or rather pulseaudio, with a monitor source) and broadcast that as an mp3 stream to an icecast server...or what can transcode from ogg to mp3...i've been using ices2 but the majority of programs dont support ogg without a codec (atleast on losedows) means i need to use mp3...06:56
poboy975linuxI'm on that site....thats where I got the commands to run....but it doesnt tell me what to do when errors06:56
mrgenixusJohn`A: you can install dsl?06:56
John`Awith the ubuntu cd's they seem to error out midway through (gui ver installer) then within the first 15% on the text installer06:56
John`Ayep, i have no problem with DSL06:56
poboy975linuxgparted doesnt see the devices06:56
ce_imoetzis indonesia06:56
John`Anow im guessing it could be the disc06:57
mrgenixusim5: mp3 is non-free which means you'll have to use non-ubuntu sources afaik06:57
im5poboy975linux: are they plugged in?06:57
im5mrgenixus: gah...06:57
John`Athe disc i have dsl on is a different brand than the ones im burning for ubuntu.. of course its size is 650mb06:57
John`Aso  i cant burn ubuntu to it :|06:57
mrgenixusim5: which is to say?06:57
poboy975linuxthey are internal sata drives....they show in the cmos ok06:57
im5mrgenixus: in other words: DAMNIT06:57
John`Ait really is a bit mind boggling06:57
John`Aespecially cause last time i tried the alternate cd install it couldnt detect the hd06:58
duhenim5 type in google medibuntu and try to install win32 or 64 codecs to work with non free formats06:58
im5duhen: but the source im trying to use doesnt support mp3...ices206:59
im5and ices0 is just retarded...06:59
John`Athe WEIRDEST thing is..06:59
gharzguys, if i run a command 'mkdir -p folder' ............. how do i reverse this? can i just simple delete this? i check the mkdir man page but i don't understand... it was too techy for me about parent :(06:59
John`Athe SAME disc i used to install originally, the one that worked, wouldnt work afterwards06:59
John`Alanded up giving me the "errno 5" error06:59
im5and oddcastv3-jack ...ofcourse, does jack...which would take ALOT of f***in around with pulse and jack to get it to work...07:00
poboy975linuxwhen I tried the ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/ -al command it listed sda1 main sda5 swap, sdc1 external drive, and sdb1 unknown and sdb2 unknown07:00
im5gharz: if you figure out all the dirs it made...just do rm -rf (path to the top directory that it made)07:01
im5just DONT do rm -rf /*07:01
im5whatever you do DO NOT07:01
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!07:01
Flannelim5: Please don't even do things like that here.  And watch your language.07:01
im5Flannel: i told them not to do it, so stfu you ass07:01
im5ima leavin07:02
nsadminis will robinson here?07:02
poboy975linuxi guess so07:02
noodlesgcno hes not, he's lost.... in space07:03
krlhc8hell all07:03
poboy975linuxthats right....probably forever since the other two movies arent ever goin to be made07:03
dr_willisAnd we are truely thankfull for that...07:03
nsadmindr_willis: any relation to gary willis?07:04
gharzim5: thanks!07:04
krlhc8I'm having problems with webcams in general on my Intel Inspiron 640m laptop.  Webcams work fine on my other laptop (gateway) but not with the intel laptop.  What's up with that?07:04
dr_willisnsadmin,  who?  - willis - is my first name. :P07:04
gizmoanyone know where to find good shell here?07:05
_Cidbash? :)07:05
dr_willisgizmo,  clarify that question a bit to the channel...07:05
nsadmingizmo: the good shells are on the beach07:05
gizmonsadmin, lol07:05
krlhc8gizmo: koopas07:06
gizmodr_willis, just asking maybe in here also know about this07:06
whitedoxWhat filesystem does Ubuntu use?07:06
gizmokrlhc8, you mean?\07:06
dr_willisgizmo,  im not sure anyone knows what you are really asking about...07:06
krlhc8whitedox: depends, usually ext3 by default07:06
nsadminwhitedox: a filesystem supported by thelinux kernel07:06
krlhc8gizmo: I was kidding.07:06
duhenwhitedox ext 2 ext 3 reiserfs an dmore07:07
gizmodr_willis, like FloodBot1  its a bot that come from shell right?07:07
whitedoxI am using a default install of Hardy. Straight off the disc.07:07
bazhang!ot | gizmo07:07
ubottugizmo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:07
dr_willisgizmo,  it could just be a program running on someones  pc at home. :)07:07
bazhanggizmo, take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here07:08
whitedoxSo...If I installed Ubuntu Hardy fresh off the disc, then it is ext3? Or is there a way to check?07:09
krlhc8I'm having problems with webcams in general on my Intel Inspiron 640m laptop.  Webcams work fine on my other laptop (gateway) but not with the intel laptop.  What's up with that?07:09
poboy975linuxso anyone have any ideas for me?07:10
rwwwhitedox: Yes, by default it's ext3. You can check by running "mount" and looking at the "type" of the partitions you care about.07:10
nsadminwhitedox: it's what's cool... it's what's powerful... it's your choice, and you get to make it when you install07:10
krlhc8poboy975linux: can't see your question...07:11
whitedoxnsadmin: The thing is, I don't remember what I chose.07:11
duhenwhtiedox if it works you have no problem07:11
garretthi, I lost my bottom panel which applications minimize to, how do i get it back?07:11
nsadminpoboy975linux: I don't have very many ideas... the last one I had involved chocolate ice cream, a thorn off a rose and about 10 truckloads of peeled garlic07:11
poboy975linuxok I have two devices that show when I run this command ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/ -al....sdb1 and sdb2....they should be two extra hard drives, that are installed but gparted isnt  seeing them07:12
nsadminwhitedox: so you have an existing installation?07:12
duhengarett right click on another panel and click on add panel07:12
rwwgarrett: right-click a remaining panel, click "New Panel", configure the new panel.07:12
whitedoxnsadmin: yes07:13
Kruxerhi all :)07:13
nsadminwhitedox ok are you running it now?07:13
whitedoxnsadmin: yes07:13
nsadminok, as root, type mount07:13
nsadminit should tell you what you have mounted07:13
Kruxercan i install apache web server from ubuntu dvd?07:13
nsadminand if it says angelina jolie, I'm jealous!07:14
whitedox/dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro). So ext3?07:14
FlannelKruxer: yes07:14
nsadminsda1 is, yes07:14
ubuntu_is there any implementation of the sudden motion sensor in Macs for hard drive protection in Ubuntu?07:14
Kruxerflajann, does it have all the dependencies?07:15
krlhc8poboy975linux: not sure.  nobody seems to be answering my questions right now either.  i'd just try back later.07:15
KruxerFlannel, ^^07:15
_Cidubuntu_: humm..if there is, I would think it would be part of the mactel project, might want to check that07:15
whitedoxnsadmin, well this PC only has 1 harddrive. lol.07:15
FlannelKruxer: yes07:15
nsadminwhitedox: oh, ok...07:15
Flannelubuntu_: There are things like it, I don't know if the mac hardware is supported though.07:15
Kruxerthanx :)07:15
ryanCHwhat package would "xine" be under?07:16
whitedoxnsadmin, Is it possible other things could be listed there as well? I mean, there is other stuff there, but they all had things listed that are not even filesystems...07:16
sparris there a way to make usb storage devices automatically mount, instead of having to use the launcher to open them in dolphin?07:17
dr_willisI hate when file manager windows auto popup when ya plug in a device. :)07:17
_CidFlannel:  most of it is, I run a ubuntu-server on a mini mac, plain out rocks :-)07:17
garrett_okay guys, I loaded the new panel but I cant figure out how to configure it to have programs minimize to it. how do i do it07:18
duhengarrett_ use add to panel07:18
duhenor sth like it07:18
sparrdr_willis: ditto07:19
nsadminwhitedox: since you don't have any other mounts, it's not... but if you did, it would show them07:19
gizmocan i have my window xp after i install ubuntu??07:19
gizmoi mean 2 os in one time07:19
yogandraWhere is temp files of opera store?07:19
sparrdr_willis: im getting less and less happy with kubuntu as time goes on, due in no small part to the crappification of kde07:19
gizmocan i have my window xp after i install ubuntu??07:20
yogandraWhere is buffer files store by opera?07:20
Odd-rationalegizmo: yes... you just might have to reinstall grub.07:20
Odd-rationalegizmo: see !grub07:21
poboy975linuxgizmo: try virtualbox ose07:21
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:21
gizmopoboy975linux, what the command?07:21
onefiftyone_rumvirtualbox ftw07:21
onefiftyone_rumrunning belenix on it as we speak07:21
gizmoi dont really understand..07:22
gizmointsall grub in terminal?07:22
poboy975linuxuse add/remove to install virtualbox07:22
Odd-rationalegizmo: read that first link... it has the info07:22
davitHello, I instslled ubuntu using Wubi on one of my partitions and was wondering how to conver to to full ubuntu07:23
onefiftyone_rumis their a way i can upgrade from 5.10 to 8.* ??07:24
yogandraI am listening song online from browser opera. Can anyone tell me where those files are store locally?07:24
nsadminyou should probably upgrade one step at a time07:24
davitnsadmin: what you mean?07:24
onefiftyone_rumup[grade one step at a time??07:24
onefiftyone_rumcould you please elaborate that for me?07:24
nickrudonefiftyone_rum, you'd be far better off doing a reinstall; much less chance of breakage, much less downloading vs. going through every release07:24
onefiftyone_rumwell every time i try installing 8.10 it doesnt load up07:25
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: you'd upgrade from 5.10 to 6.06, then from 6.06 to 8.0407:25
=== damo is now known as Blackedge
onefiftyone_rumit just sits their with a blank screen07:25
onefiftyone_rumand i just now got 5.10 to use my screen properly07:25
nickrudonefiftyone_rum, you'd have to go to 6.06 -> 8.04->8.1007:25
onefiftyone_rumi see07:25
davitnsadmin: what would happen if i partitioned the partition with windows on it07:25
onefiftyone_rumwell how about just going from 5.10 to 6.06?07:25
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: 6.06 to 8.04 will go off without a hitch, 5.10 to 6.06 may require some light massaging.07:25
=== damo is now known as blackegde
onefiftyone_rumwell, prolly not worth it then07:26
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: Its not the end of the world, its actually relatively easy.  And please, watch your language.07:26
onefiftyone_rummy apologies07:26
onefiftyone_rumthnx for the help fellas07:26
davitonefiftyone_rum why dont you just reinstall with new version07:26
sol1tudehi! does propietary ati drivers work with HD3850 ?07:26
onefiftyone_rumit wont07:26
onefiftyone_rumi have been trying to get an os to install on this p.o.s laptop for hours07:27
davitonefiftyone_rum whst error u getting07:27
sol1tudeor open-source07:27
nsadminonefiftyone_rum: you might try installing the 6.x dpkg, libc and perl first07:27
blackegdewhen i load my ubuntu i have several ubuntu``s to choice from. how do i delete my old ubuntus>07:27
onefiftyone_rum5.10 was my only choice07:27
gizmoReboot (to hard drive). Grub should be installed and both Ubuntu and Windows should have been automatically detected. <---what is this mean?i need to restart my laptop after doing grub?07:27
nsadminany idea why?07:27
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: To do it, your best bet is to go the manual route; you need to first upgrade to "uptodate" 5.10.  You can get those repos by moving you stuff to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:27
onefiftyone_rumthe laptop isnt online07:27
blackegde when i load my ubuntu i have several ubuntu``s to choice from. how do i delete my old ubuntus>07:27
gizmoReboot (to hard drive). Grub should be installed and both Ubuntu and Windows should have been automatically detected. <---what is this mean?i need to restart my laptop after doing grub?07:27
davitonefiftyone_rum: download slax(not slakware) and try with that run off live cd07:27
onefiftyone_rumi was hoping i could download it all in an iso image07:28
bakermdIs there a way to create a custom install for Ubuntu? i.e. specify a specific list of packages to be installed?  Ideally I would run something that inventories the installed packages and creates some sort of Kick Start file for the installation - Any ideas?07:28
onefiftyone_rumand do it from the cd drive on the lappy07:28
onefiftyone_rumdavit: i have tried many flavors but not slax yet07:28
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: once you've done that (and rebooted to get the new kernel), make sure you have your appropriate metapackages: ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-desktop (or kubuntu, whatever), and a proper kernel metapackage (linux-image-686-smp would be one example)07:28
onefiftyone_rumdavit: i might give it a try07:28
gizmoanyone can help me on my quesrtion?07:28
onefiftyone_rumty flannel07:28
davitonefiftyone_rum: yah its small it works when i having trouble with ubuntu07:28
davitonefiftyone_rum: slax.org if im not mistaken07:29
blackegde when i load my ubuntu i have several ubuntu`s to choice from. how do i delete my old ubuntus?07:29
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: Then once you've made sure you've got that, move your sources from breezy to dapper, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.  Once it's done, reboot, you're on dapper.  You can then use the instructions on the page ubottu is going to give you to go from 6.06 to 8.04 (and I suggest sticking with 8.04, LTS releases seem like they agree with your schedule)07:30
Flannel!upgrade | onefiftyone_rum07:30
ubottuonefiftyone_rum: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:30
davitOk lol back to what I was asking if i delete my windows partition while using wubi what effect will it have07:31
duhendavit you will have some more space:)07:31
duhendavit sorry for my english07:32
davitduhen: will it delete off my boot manager?07:32
venportwhy oh why are the ubuntu forums not working? oh well mabye i should get some sleep and try it again tomorrow Thanks for helping everyone07:33
davitduhen: im afraid to do it because my drive sizes are showing up incorrectly in ubuntu and i dont want to mess up more07:33
matt0Forums down again07:33
duhendavit only one drive works incorrect?07:34
davitduhen: all of them are a bit off on size07:35
tozetreHey guys. I have a ghostscript question. :3 Anyone want to help? I'm getting an error that it can't open the initial device (pdfwrite). I checked permissions and tmp space already.07:35
duhendavit oh, if you have boot files on it drive you'll lose it07:36
duhendavit oh, if you have boot files on that drive you'll lose it07:37
Flannelmatt0: #ubuntuforums for forum stuffs07:37
matt0O I c.07:37
davitduhen: I installed ubuntu through wubi because i dont have a cd drive or large enough usb but did it on a partition other then the windows one I dont know how wubi handles booting07:38
duhendavit ubuntu works with fat fat16 and fat32 portition ntfs(maybe) but you should install it with linux portition07:42
duhendavit if you used default confing07:43
duhenit has linux portition07:43
davitthe partition i used was a fat32 i believe07:43
_bugz_is there a wxPython package for ubuntu?07:44
davitok ima just take a gamble a partition windows partiion how do i use gparted?07:44
duhendavit switch to win and look for it07:44
duhendavit gparted has a wizard07:45
duhendavit use it07:46
mogi22is it normal for rndc-confgen -a -b 256 to take a looooong time?07:46
duhenits easy07:46
IraimbilanjaHi. In Ibex, Rhythmbox won't play anything. mp3s emit a series of cracking noises, while ogg&wav don't even start playing. Madplay works fine, and I think it was some update that broke Rhythmbox. Ideas?07:46
IraimbilanjaTotem is broken also so I guess it's a gstreamer thing07:46
duhenremove it and use madplay:)07:47
cojiraim - have you installed mp3 libraries?07:47
cojubuntu doesn't come with MP3 capability07:47
davitduhen: ok i opened gparted theres 3 partitions 1 windows fat32 1 linux extended 1 recovery i wanna destroy windows lol07:47
IraimbilanjaYes I have coj ;) I was nicely prompted and accepted, and all worked fine, until an update I believe07:48
duhendavit yeah  f*ck you Bill GAtes07:48
coji was recommended to get Amarok straightaway and not bother with rhythmbox so that's what i did07:48
davit:) lol07:48
duhendavit i like you and i know your problem with win07:49
duheni hat eit07:49
IraimbilanjaWell I've been an Amarok and KDE for years now, thought I'd try something different now ;) I'll look it up in launchpad07:49
duheni hate it :)07:49
davitduhen: yah its annoying especially on a netbook07:49
IraimbilanjaI've been a fan, that is07:49
duhenchoose win part which you want to remove07:50
davitduhen: when i right click on windows partition i only have option to unmoiunt07:50
duhendo you have win disc?07:50
onefiftyone_rumwhen i click on my windows partition it says i dont have permission to view it07:51
DwightShroothow do i unblock my network07:51
onefiftyone_rumany idea why?07:51
davitduhen: nope I dont even have a cd drive07:51
IraimbilanjaHmm actually I lied - oggs also "play", with a cracking noise07:51
duhendavit oh07:51
=== Smirnoff_ is now known as Smirnoff
davitduhen: lol yah thaty why im having trouble or else i would just use ubuntu cd07:52
digiforI have installed sahana- on ubuntu 8.10. It is not showing up in
davithow do i format in terminal07:53
eraggogood morning07:53
duhenit s a good idea07:53
Iraimbilanjadigifor, you probably have to run it somehow -- like /etc/init.d/sahanad start07:53
DwightShrooti set it up my network so surrounding neighbors can't use my internet and i want to undo it07:53
duhenwait a minute07:54
digiforIraimbilanja, I'll give that a shot thanks07:54
duhendavit see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+question/852107:55
=== d is now known as Guest38480
iameliteHi anyone know anything about yaboot and PowerPC G3 Imacs?   Everytime i boot, i have to put "video=ofonly nosplash" or it freezes, fine ill deal. but how to i set that to put that in automatic07:55
IraimbilanjaWTF! Youtube _also_ only plays this cracking noise07:56
digiforThat wasn't it. Sahana's detructions are geared towards compiling: http://wiki.sahana.lk/doku.php?id=doc:installunix:english07:56
IraimbilanjaHeh, detructions07:57
redheathi everyone07:57
redheatoh, and a happy new year to you all07:58
digifordestructions I mean! [instructions]07:58
=== SPFhome is now known as SPF
redheatI'm running intrepid ibix, and I was wondering which video program, like windows Real player can I use to download .flv videos, that is flash videos like You Tube?07:58
davitduhen: turns out i had to unmount partiton before formation07:58
Iraimbilanjaredheat, look it up on gnome-apps.org, pretty sure there is something07:59
caiotorminhey everyone07:59
redheatok thank you so much07:59
gizmoi dont understand about the grub.07:59
gizmocan anyone help me on this..or should i install virtualbox07:59
davitduhen: ok done what kind of partion format should I makew it?08:00
caiotorminI'm having some problems with ubuntu's installation, probably caused by my vga08:00
caiotorminanyone can help me?08:00
duhenfor ubuntu you may choose ext2 ext 308:00
duhenor maybe reiserfs08:00
ElTimohow do I change the amount of video ram being used by an integrated graphics card08:00
duheni recommend ext3 partitoni08:01
ElTimoduhen: reiserfs is incredibly fragile08:01
davitduhen: it only lets me use as primary partition is that ok08:01
caiotorminwhen I try to install, after the loading (orange bar) there was a black screen with the white cursor totally freezed/distorted08:02
coji hope future linux filesystems create additional date fields as metadata :( there's no "Date Created" in linux08:02
duhenits ok08:02
mogi22hey can i get linux on a floppy just to boot up and mount my hd and make a few changes?08:02
caiotorminmy vga is VIA Chrome S#08:02
duhenyou may redo it later08:02
Iraimbilanjacaiotormin, drop into a console and look at /var/log/messages/X*08:03
DimitreeAre ubuntuforums down ?08:03
savvasyes Dimitree08:03
gizmocan anyone help me on this..or should i install virtualbox08:03
Dimitreety savvas08:03
caiotorminIraimbilanja, even my ubuntu has not been installed?08:03
IraimbilanjaYeah, still it's one way to go about diagnosing the problem.08:04
gizmocan anyone help me on this..or should i install virtualbox08:04
davitduhen: ok done :) now lemme try to reboot lol08:04
davitif all goes well ill be back08:04
caiotorminright.. sorry but i'm very noob on it.. how can I access the console Iraimbilanja?08:04
Iraimbilanjacaiotormin, try Ctrl-Alt-Backspace at the distorted screen. It kills X so you get the console, hopefully.08:05
onefiftyone_rumwhere do i put the codec files for mplayer @ on ubuntu 5.10???08:05
savvascoj: isn't modified time the same as created time?08:05
caiotorminIraimbilanja, I've seen this tip before, but when the screen is distorted, any command works :/08:07
caiotormincan I try this before?08:07
frybyecan sbdy tell me why I cant find flashplugin-unfree since yesterday...???08:07
frybyefor intrepid08:07
Iraimbilanjacaiotormin, you mean NO command works?08:07
frybyeI thought it was in universe...??08:08
frybyeah ha - part of restricted metapackage or...?08:08
caiotorminbtw sorry for my bad english08:08
rainabbaI'm running hardy on LVM, on Linux Software RAID. What'd the best way to make a backup which I'd be able to restore later on dissimilar storage (or the same)?08:08
savvasfrybye: flashplugin-nonfree08:09
savvasnot unfree08:09
Iraimbilanjacaiotormin, Then reboot, and at the first Ubuntu menu, look at the options. I believe there may be stuff like "safe mode", or "select videomode" (somewhere at the bottom). For the latter, try a few different videomodes08:09
caiotorminsometimes as I try with 'noapci nolapic', it shows a colored screen, changing the collors08:10
cojsavvas: nope, not under windows anyway08:10
caiotormintottaly distorted08:10
Iraimbilanjacaiotormin, Also just in case, from the same menu, run "check cd integrity" AND "memory test"08:10
DefamedPrawnis there any way I can pump the amount of volume available from pulseaudio? It's a bit quiet on this Intel Imac.08:10
cojit's convenient to have at least two date fields so you know when a file was first created and when it was copied08:10
cojand/or when it was modified08:10
onefiftyone_rumi just installed ubuntu 5.1008:10
onefiftyone_rumand i dont have permissions to do anything08:10
onefiftyone_rumhow do i get permission?08:10
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: You need to use sudo08:10
onefiftyone_rumfor everything?08:11
IraimbilanjaDefamedPrawn, in your volumecontrol/mixer, there's a crapload of interrelated channels you can adjust, not just one. Try and crank them all up08:11
onefiftyone_rumi cant copy files on the graphical interface?!08:11
davithey back08:11
duhenis it ok?08:11
davitnot totally08:11
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: If you're just starting out, I strongly suggest you upgrade to a newer version.  8.04 is ... a long way from even 6.06 (which was a large improvement over 5.10)08:11
savvascoj: windows is windows.. linux is linux :) the last time it was modified gives you the last time a file was created/changed08:11
caiotorminIraimbilanja, I tried this, memory and CD was OK.. so, do you know some cheatcode to put on boot line? I tried also xforcevesa08:11
Iraimbilanjaonefiftyone_rum, why the hell 5.10? this was 3 years ago08:12
duhenwhat problem08:12
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: As a regular user you can't do any system level tasks, no.  That's a security feature.08:12
hdmounthey, can someone help me locate mysecond HD, I want to make it a perm storage drive08:12
DefamedPrawnIraimbilanja already looked. Only ones that seem to have any effect are Master, PCM, and Front. Is there no conf file anywhere I can just edit to make it louder?08:12
onefiftyone_rum5.10 is the only one that will run on my laptop08:12
FlannelIraimbilanja: That tone isn't really necessary.08:12
onefiftyone_rum8.10 stalls all day during install08:12
davitduhen: nothing lol nothing happened08:12
gizmoany helper here???08:12
savvasonefiftyone_rum: have you tried xubuntu?08:12
cojsavvas: yeah i'm just saying that it's an idea that linux could use (and would be usefult o many people)08:12
onefiftyone_rumno i havemnt08:12
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: Alright, lets upgrade you to at least 6.06 then.  Did you check the integrity of the 8.10 CD? or 8.04?08:12
cojjust because windows has it doesn't mean it's bad08:12
onefiftyone_rumyeah, the integrity check was good08:13
davitduhen: it like everything i did had no effect08:13
Flannelcoj: Please take the non-support discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.08:13
gizmoi want to make 2 os ...ubuntu and windowxp...anyone can help?08:13
savvascoj: i don't see the reason for it, but http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com :)08:13
cojum ok08:13
onefiftyone_rumthnx flannel08:13
Flannel!dualboot | gizmo08:13
bazhang!dualboot | gizmo08:13
ubottugizmo: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:13
onefiftyone_rumi'll upgrade to something newer08:13
hdmounthey, can someone help me locate mysecond HD, I want to make it a perm storage drive, thk you08:13
bazhanggizmo, read those links08:13
davitonefiftyone_rum hey did slax work for u08:13
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: Alright, still have my instructions from earlier?08:13
Baz_hi, i installed "Windows Wireless Driver" (ndiswrapper i think) and borked up my wireless driver... I used the program to try and remove the driver, then i uninstalled the program itself but my wireless card is still not being detected... how do I revert back to the default working driver that was there right after installation??08:13
onefiftyone_rumyeah, i got it08:13
gizmobazhang, i dont eally understand about the link08:13
Iraimbilanjacaiotormin, not really. But keep googling.08:13
onefiftyone_rumdavit: havent downloaded it yet08:13
onefiftyone_rumstill working on it08:14
duhendavit use windwos08:14
duhendavit use windwods08:14
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo gizmo08:14
duhendavit use windows08:14
caiotorminIraimbilanja, thank you anyway :)08:14
DexiIs there a way to turn of the automatic HTTP cache "cleaner"08:14
hdmountam I next in the queue :) ?08:14
davitduhen: i wont stoop that low im gonna do an excersism08:14
onefiftyone_rumhdmount: lol08:14
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: Ok, so, to move over to old-releases, you'll need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list, since its a system file, we'll have to use sudo.  hit alt-f2 to open a run dialog, then type `gksu "gedit /etc/apt/sources.list"` (without the ``, but with the "") hit enter, you'll get a text editor (after typing your password)08:14
Flannelonefiftyone_rum: In there, change all of the URLs (likely something like http://cc.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu) to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu08:15
caiotorminIraimbilanja: which distro you uses?08:15
savvashdmount: there's no cue :)08:15
jxanderis there a way to browse gvfs in xfce? (8.10)08:15
gizmobazhang, how to install virtualbox in terminal?08:15
hdmounthey, can someone help me locate mysecond HD, I want to make it a perm storage drive08:15
gizmoi cant make the grub without the guide(step by step)08:15
hdmountI am using ubuntu studio, which is a prob in and of itself:(08:15
=== Guest38480 is now known as D--
davitduhen: lol wow i forgot to press apply in gparted08:16
bazhanggizmo, what does virtualbox have to do with grub?08:16
Iraimbilanjacaiotormin, giving Ubuntu a spin right now08:16
Ham1979I did a distro upgrade yesterday and now mysql won't start Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'08:16
rainabbaI'm running hardy on LVM, on Linux Software RAID. What'd the best way to make a backup which I'd be able to restore later on dissimilar storage (or the same)?08:16
duhencheck some things08:17
bazhangduhen, please chat elsewhere08:17
davitduhen: i just partitioned what you mean stop lol08:17
jxandercould i use nautilus in xfce without it changing my desktop?08:17
duhenyou ll may have some problems08:17
Ham1979also  /var/lib/mysql is too full but I'm not sure what I can delete08:18
davitbazhang: hes helping me with my problem is it illegal to joke a lil?08:18
Flanneljxander: I believe there's a --no-desktop flag or something that accomplishes that08:18
Baz_how do I revert my wireless driver back to what was original installed by ubuntu?08:18
davitduhen:lets hope for best to late to go back brb08:18
jxanderFlannel: cool, thanks!08:18
bazhangdavit, this is support only; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:18
duhenwubi use a windows booter08:18
sarujihi ubuntu forum site seems to be down08:18
davitbazhang: he is supporting me08:18
Flannelsaruji: try #ubuntuforums08:19
hdmounthey, can someone help me locate mysecond HD, I want to make it a perm storage drive08:19
sarujiok thanks08:19
Baz_hdmount: did you check in the closet?08:19
sarujione more question though08:19
bazhangdavit, that is fine. keep the offtopic chatter to another channel please08:19
davitduhen lol wow hope i dint kill it ill be back with other comp if it doesnt work08:19
duhenbazhang i supporting him08:19
hdmountBaz, Ha ha...08:19
sarujicould someone point me in the right direction on how to install an archived minefield tar file?08:20
FlannelBaz_: That's not really helpful08:20
Baz_hdmount: try opening 'partition editor'08:20
sarujiok give me a quick low down?08:20
hdmountI do not have partition editor08:20
Baz_Flannel: neither is commenting on it08:20
hdmountI guess it does not come with ubuntu studio?08:20
thenoobeveryone, How do i make my vista corect boot?'08:20
nsadminyou have fdisk08:20
bazhangthenoob, with ubuntu?08:20
sarujilol @ thenoob08:20
thenoobeveryone, My internet is shot and takes forever to load08:20
FlannelBaz_: The theory behind commenting on it is so that you won't do it in the future.  If you'd like to actually have this discussion, I welcome you to come have it in #ubuntu-ops08:20
nsadminI shot the internet... but I did not shoot the arpanet08:21
hdmountnsadmin, are you asking me about fdisk?08:21
Flannelhdmount: Is this other harddrive already partitioned, etc?  You just need to mount it?08:21
Son_of_DemetriusGood Evening all :)08:22
nsadminfdisk is a partition editor... very primitive, but it does the job08:22
hdmountFlannel, it is installed, and was when I installed ubuntustudio; however, I do not know where it is on the computer08:22
duhenSon_of_Demetrius good morning :)08:22
Flannelhdmount: you mean in your filesystem? or the actual device location?08:22
hdmountnsadmin, oh, see I know very little about computers, i do the best I can08:22
Son_of_DemetriusI have a codecs issue if you guyz have a moment08:23
hdmountFlannel, I mean it is physically in hthe computer, but thats all I know08:23
=== benjamin_ is now known as Benjamin_FOX
bazhang!codecs | Son_of_Demetrius08:23
ubottuSon_of_Demetrius: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:23
thenoobBazhang, yep08:23
bazhangthenoob, which was installed first08:23
Flannelhdmount: type `df` and it will list all of the mounted partitions, you can look for it there.08:24
Son_of_Demetriusthx ubottu...but I'm a very complicated beginner :)08:24
thenoobbazhang, well i just need the correct grub command08:24
bazhangSon_of_Demetrius, install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:24
thenoobbazhand, got my internet is so slow it is having trouble loading this converastion08:24
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub thenoob08:25
bazhangthenoob, that is if vista is installed second08:25
thenoobbazhang, i have grub restored08:25
Y-Towndoes samba work well for linux to linux sharing?08:25
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd08:25
hdmountFlannel, it is just showint one08:25
Son_of_DemetriusI loaded a dvd on Ubuntu 8.10...gr8 video dispaly but no sound...I can't d/load at the moment from the archives..is there an external link to a file somewhere?08:25
hdmountFlannel, but I do have a second in the computer08:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nautilus08:25
thenoobbazhang, that is guna take forever08:25
thenoobbazhang, you could just tell me lolz it takes forever for that page to load08:26
hdmountFlannel, I want to make it a permanent storage drive to house all my media08:26
bazhangthenoob, if grub is restored what is your issue08:26
thenoobbazhang, corecly booting windows08:26
Son_of_Demetriusw32 codecs or something..I'm not sure where to turn08:26
Flannelhdmount: Alright, it's possible then that it's not mounted.  type `sudo fdisk -l` (thats a lowercase L) and you'll list all of the partitions on your drive.  If you want to add it so it gets mounted permanently somewhere, you'll need to edit your fstab, this page walks you through doing that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab  Feel free to ask about any questions08:26
Y-Towndoes samba work well for linux to linux sharing? or will I need to use NFS?08:26
bazhangthenoob, does it not show in grub?08:26
FlannelY-Town: Either will work.08:26
bazhangSon_of_Demetrius, from medibuntu.org08:27
Y-TownFlannel: k thanx08:27
hdmountit says my second one, the one that ends in b, doesn't contain a valid partition table08:27
sakoduhen: Lol that didnt go well I cant even boot now08:27
nsadminspal: look at www.debian.org08:27
sakoduhen: this is davit by the way lol08:28
Son_of_Demetriusthx bazhang...but that link confuses me...I'm talking about downloading a file and installin it within the Terminal...but it can't 'fetch' the address...what ami I doing wrong?08:29
duheni know i taping08:29
bazhangSon_of_Demetrius, no need for the repos; just need the one file08:29
Son_of_Demetriusif you have a moment..I'll type slowly what I'm trying to grasp ok?08:29
duhenwubi use windows boot i wrote it08:30
ilianhello, can anyone help me with zipping files in Ubuntu08:30
sakoduhen: ima load up DSL and boot from it08:30
hdmountFlannel, would it be possible to put it in Computer so it shows up by the dvd and cd drive and filesystem08:30
sakoduhen: i have a 64mb usb so that most i can do now08:30
iliani need to compress about 10 pictures into one smaller file08:30
duhencan you boot in ubuntu?08:31
Y-Townilian: fileroller08:31
ilianwhat is fileroller08:31
_Cidduhen:  you mean ... reboot from command prompt? or ...err?08:31
Iraimbilanjailian, won't work for pictures, they're as small as they can be.08:31
Flannelhdmount: Yes, I believe if your mount point is in /media/ it will show up in places.  But if that doesn't work, yes, I'm sure theres some other way to do it (I just don't know what that may be)08:31
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression08:31
Baz_ilian: like zip or ar them?08:32
duheni mean boot from bios08:32
sakoduhen: no im getting a no operating system found its ok it doesnt matter ill have full ubuntu up my tomorow08:32
ilianzip, I want to send as attachment to a Windows user08:32
Son_of_DemetriusFirst of all...I was weaned on the heretic windows :(...now I'm trying to understand the d/load process within Ubuntu...the problem is...I can't at this moment access the archive download pepository...I'm lookinfg 4 a way in...without being online...I'm trying to grab a file on a windows comp to install on to an offline Ubuntu OS...am I being unrealistic?08:32
hdmountFlannel, can I use storagedevicemanager to get the second drive up and running?08:32
bazhangSon_of_Demetrius, just download the .deb08:33
Baz_ilian: highlight the files, right-click on one of them, click 'create archive', choose zip and done08:33
duhenoh does it mean that everything fine?08:33
BarnoseDoes anyone know if I put another hard drive in my pc that already has windows on it.. OR how can i format another hard drive that already has stuff on it to use for extra storage on my own pc... Thank you08:33
bazhangSon_of_Demetrius, from your browser08:33
nsadminhow can you download something from a net you're not connected to?08:33
ilianI tried but they don't compress...I guess they can't be compressed08:34
Son_of_Demetriuswhat's the magic link pleasae...desperate to watch a movie here :)08:34
bazhangmedibuntu.org Son_of_Demetrius08:34
Son_of_Demetrius@nsadmin...yep...I confuse myself 2 :(08:35
savvasSon_of_Demetrius: on a dvd?08:35
Polysicshi all08:35
Baz_ilian: oh, you are more woried about the size rather than them being one file - you need to actually shrink the size of the photographs in a program like gimp08:35
Polysicsanyone knows if the unstripped ffmpeg in 8.10 is good?08:35
duhenbye :)08:35
Polysicsor should i force the medibuntu version?08:35
Son_of_DemetriusI have a music dvd..It loads on Ubunt with MPlayer..no sound tho?08:35
digiforWhat can I do for this error? You don't have permission to access /sahana on this server.?08:35
savvasnsadmin: you can't08:35
dr_willisPolysics,  i think the medibuntu version has some extra features08:35
ilianreally, is it easy to explain how to do that?08:36
savvasSon_of_Demetrius: applications > accessories > Terminal and execute: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:36
dr_willisa music DVD?08:37
savvasSon_of_Demetrius: then if it asks, type in your password and press Enter08:37
Y-TownI am trying to get a shared directory on another linux box to mount on my linux laptop at boot by using fstab.  I am trying to do a simple share with no security or passwords since its on my home network only...anyone know how to set up in fstab to properly mount?08:38
alex-82if I type 'firefox FILENAME' in the terminal, shoudl the file open in firefox?08:38
alex-82because it doesn't seem to work08:38
Son_of_DemetriusUbuntu tells me I'm missing codecs...thx guys...but I really sound ridiculous here...I am not online in order to 'fetch' the addy....I'm looking for some external mode of downloading within a Windows OS at the moment...burn the file...and install it on to my other Ubuntu PC...stoopid or what?08:39
tfhow are you08:39
BarnosePlease, Does anyone know if I can put a hard drive from another machine into mine as a slave and reformat it to use for extra storage? And this hard drive may have virus/spyware stuff on it.. Would that mess up my other hard drive or OS ? I think I can use a partition manager to reformat? Thank you!08:39
nsadminBarnose: sure, why not?08:39
FlannelBarnose: Stick it in, fire up gparted and format it.  It'll be safe then.08:39
BarnoseFlannel, What is gparted?08:41
onefiftyone_ruma partition manager08:41
FlannelBarnose: It's a partition editor.  It may be listed in your menus as "Gnome Partition Editor"08:41
onefiftyone_ruma very nice one imo08:41
BarnoseFlannel, Oh I'm sorry .. i will be using windows xp to do this... shouldn't matter, should it? I will be using partition manager 3.0 ultimate or something....08:42
savvasBarnose: what Flannel means is: burn an ubuntu desktop live cd, boot using that cd, go to System > Administration > Partition editor to do your work08:42
gharzguys, i've been having sleepless nights with these hash sum mismatch whenever i run apt-get update... how do i fix this? i've been searching google but can't find the solution :( please help08:43
FlannelBarnose: erm... sure... you can use a liveCD, or... some windows partition editor.  You realise this is #ubuntu though, right?08:43
gharzhow do i re-install or reconfigure my apt-get and keys08:43
diskmounthey I am using gparted to partition my second (empty hd) what parameters should I give it, I want it to be a permanent media drive that I can share over the network my movies and music and pictures08:43
dns53gharz your mirror may be corrupt, try the official ones08:43
diskmountI need to determine free space preceeding, new size, file system08:44
diskmountso since the drive is empty, would I change free space preceeding from 0 to full?08:45
diskmountso confused08:45
BarnoseFlannel, yes, im sorry this is the only place i know to go to get anwsers... I have ubuntu but only as a application... Do you know if it's possible to format a hard drive with stuff on it inside the OS? I mean like from my desktop.. I don't wanna install the hard drive and have it completly destory my stuff.. I have 160gb drive now full08:45
gharzdns53: i didn't change anything since it has been installed... how do i fix the keys?08:45
dns53df gives disk free in the partition08:45
gharzdns53: i remember last time there's a site in ubuntu wherein i can generate my sources.list and instructions on how to get the gpg keys08:46
dns53gharz reinstall the package ubuntu-keyring08:46
FlannelBarnose: #ubuntu-offtopic would be the place to ask stuff like this in the future.  But, just install the hard drive (power is off), then fire up the liveCD first, clear it, then reboot off the windows harddrive.08:46
dns53gharz i think the gui system > administration > software sources should allow you to reset to the original ones08:47
gharzdns53: i ran dpkg-reconfigure ubuntu-keyring and the message was "Automatic..." not changed08:47
gharzdns53: and by 99% i'm getting a message saying bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing ... blah blah08:48
dns53gharz run apt-get --reinstall install, change your apt sources08:48
gharzdns53: ok i'll try that08:48
Ham1979i keep getting a message saying disk full but when I do df only dev/sda is 100% usage08:48
BarnoseFlannel, kk thanks.. just to be clear.. cause i am dumb... I put in the hard drive with my other one? or by it'sself.. and you mean my windows xp disk to format the drive.... ?? Can I format without putting an OS on it? Thanks for your help08:48
Ham1979I don't know what I can dete08:48
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Flannel!paste > franklin_08:50
ubottufranklin_, please see my private message08:50
Flannel!virtualbox > franklin_08:51
diskmountanyone available?08:51
diskmountI need help using gparted08:51
onefiftyone_rumbeautiful! thank you everyone for your help, especially you flannel!! u rock;08:52
dns53diskmount what are you trying to do?08:52
Dexican anyone point me in the direction of an ISO mount for linux?08:52
diskmountI have a second hard drive that is empty, I want to make it a permanent media storage drive to share over the network08:52
diskmountso in the gparted tool I am trying to decide what parameters to put08:52
wuz7362Dexi: mount -o loop image.iso /mnt08:53
diskmountshould it also be a primary partition, or should it be extended08:53
Son_of_DemetriusI'm halfway there guys...I d/od win32 and amd64 codecs from meibuntu...and the icon shows up as a tmp file in windows...If I burn the files on cd...how can I open them on my Ubuntu system..please be patient...I'm trying to understand this new changeover08:53
diskmountsshould there be space preceeding or leave it at 008:53
Dexiwuz7362, oh thanks08:53
Son_of_Demetriusmedibuntu...my typing still sux so bad :(08:53
diskmountand should it be ext3 or something different08:53
diskmountthis is for my empty sdb drive08:54
Flanneldiskmount: ext3 will be good08:54
jack_When I try to open vlc it says this, what does it mean? vlc: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion `xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.08:54
TulgaI have 4 servers and I want configure them like 2 big fast computers. then if one big down, run another big. is it clustering? or something other?08:55
diskmountFlannel ok so that is step on, ext3, next what to I do about space preceeding08:55
Dexiwuz7362, turns out its actually a bin and a cue08:55
FuLioHOw do i enable compiz fusion?08:55
Flanneldiskmount: What?  Oh, just format the whole drive as one big ext3 partition08:55
zeekwhy isnt any one in Debian room?08:55
DexiFuLio, do you have it installed yet?08:55
wuz7362Dexi: then you have to convert it to iso. don't know how to do that.08:55
diskmountok Flannel08:55
Flannelzeek: debian has moved to oftc08:55
alex-82how can I tell firefox to open a html from a terminal window?08:55
zeekoh ok thanks08:55
gharzdns53: i'm still getting this error => W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-security/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch08:56
FuLioDexi, yes i do, just like after i did this update it messed up everything and now i just need to enable it, just dont remember the commmand08:56
wuz7362Dexi: bin/cue is not a filesystem, so it cannot be mounted08:56
diskmountFlannel since sda is primary should sdb be extended08:56
gharzchanged the repository to server to main instead of my current location08:56
Flanneldiskmount: No, that has to do with the drives themselves.  You're making sdb1, and it'll be primary as well.08:56
Dexiwuz7362, arent there programs that trick it into thinking its a CD?08:56
diskmountFlannel, thanks for spending some time helping me08:57
Flanneldiskmount: No problem.  That's what we're here for08:57
DexiFuLio, one second08:57
FuLioDexi, ohk08:57
wuz7362Dexi: afaik no. look for some convert to iso tool, i don't know the name08:57
jack_Does anyone know the answer to my problem I mentioned above?08:57
DexiFuLio, do you have the compiz settings in System > Prefs > whateveritscalled?08:58
jack_When I try to open vlc it says this, what does it mean? vlc: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion `xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.08:58
Dexiwuz7362, okay08:58
HectorMerry christmas everyone.08:58
FuLioDexi,  yes08:58
jack_Christmas ended 4 days ago08:58
micro01hey guys, im new to ubuntu and linux, i got ubuntu cuz i heard it was easy to use and learn..... What are some good sites or online videos to help get me started?08:59
diskmountunrelated ? Flannel, would my rt_kerne be responsible for hiccups during multitasking (I am on a p4 with 2g ram)08:59
DexiFuLio, check mark the things you want, and then logout/login08:59
gharzanybody who knows how to handle a Hash Sum mismatch when running apt-get update? please ... please... please... this is an annoying error message :(08:59
AliRezaTaleghanii have one script in my Session(which i added in GUI mode), how can i restart it, with out reboot! or relogon?08:59
rww!documentation | micro0109:00
ubottumicro01: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com09:00
Flanneldiskmount: -rt does lots of things differently.  Do you understand how -rt works?  Oh, first off, why are you using the realtime server?  What are you using medibuntu for?09:00
FuLioDexi, I have done that. it wont work ineed to enable it agn09:00
jack_micro01,  I know of another distro that is even easier, but we are forbid from discussing it in here :p09:00
micro01is ubuntu easy to learn?09:00
AliRezaTaleghaniyea, very easy09:00
dr_willis!training | micro0109:00
ubottumicro01: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com09:00
jack_micro01, yes most Linux distros are easy to learn09:00
DexiFuLio, oh, sorry then, im not sure if i can help there. I only just installed it a few hours ago for the first time. :p09:00
micro01what is the easiest one09:00
FuLioDexi,  oh lol its ohk09:01
jack_micro01, as said we are not allowed to talk about that here09:01
AliRezaTaleghaniwas not any idea4me? :| plz09:01
AliRezaTaleghanii have one script in my Session(which i added in GUI mode), how can i restart it, with out reboot! or relogon?09:01
diskmountFlannel because I wanted to play with the music production stuff09:01
micro01jack can u msg me09:01
dr_willismicro01,  it just takes   a little effort to read and start 'thinking' and  getting away from the Bad habbits that MS has trained people in.09:01
Flanneldiskmount: Are you doing it in real time? or batch type stuff (editing a sound file, etc)?09:01
FuLioDexi, Btw like earlier i got this update, so i updated it and it messed up my screen resolution and my cf so thats whyi was asking =\09:01
diskmountFlannel, butnow I just care about the video and picture editing09:01
diskmountFlanel, I will not have time for many months to play with the music software anyway09:02
kj4hy you fakers09:02
Flanneldiskmount: Right, the video editing: is that like streaming stuff? (from the camera through your computer out to people watching?) or where you open up a saved movie file, make changes/whatever, then save it again?09:02
kj4heloo all09:02
gharzi don't want to reinstall my system again... please help regarding the hash sum mismatch09:02
DexiFuLio, something messed up my screen refresh rate... i think it was compiz09:03
Flannelkj4: We don't suggest you IRC drunk.  You may consider signing off for the night and doing something else.09:03
diskmountFlannel, the latter, editing and sharing stuff by uploading09:03
FuLioDexi, i just did compiz --replace, something is wrong -.-09:03
diskmountFlannel no shoutcast servers or live streams09:03
DexiFuLio, sorry i dont know09:03
Flanneldiskmount: alright, you don't really need the -rt kernel.  I'd suggest removing linux-rt and installing linux-generic09:04
kj4Flannel, thanks09:04
diskmountFlannel is there a way to do that without destroying everything I have done so far09:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about macro09:04
Son_of_DemetriusLet me try and simplify things for myself..how do I inpack a .deb file in Ubuntu 8.10...does it contain a native program to do that?...I installed it very recently...do I need to load the live CD again to open these blank icon files that have a .deb extension?09:04
diskmountFlannel, is it as simple as dl the reg kernel with synaptic09:04
Dexi!refresh rate09:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about refresh rate09:04
Flanneldiskmount: Oh, it won't destroy anything.  Just open up synaptic, remove the linux-image package, and install the linux-generic package.09:04
Dexiubottu, youre no help!09:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about youre no help!09:04
Flanneldiskmount: Mmmm, let me... double check the package names.  Do install linux-generic though.  It's just that you may need to remove some more -rt packages.09:05
Flannel!fishing | Dexi09:05
ubottuDexi: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:05
diskmountFlannel, I need to backtrack a second, I did the gparted thing, but I never was prompted to pick an instal point and I do not see a mount prompt09:05
diskmountFlannel, thanks09:06
Flanneldiskmount: right.  Your drive is now partitioned, and just sitting there.  You'll manually edit your fstab to add it to your filesystem.09:06
Flanneldiskmount: the packages to remove: linux-rt, linux-image-rt, linux-restricted-modules-rt.  Don't remove anything that looks like that but has numbers in it (like linux-image-2.6.27-3-rt)09:07
ProbelemAnyone have any idea why Cairo-Dock won;t update?09:07
gharzdns53: how do i get a key from ubuntu? i've restored my sources.list back up and i'm getting this error now... => W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 40976EAF437D05B509:07
diskmountFlannel can I remove those before I instal a new kernell?09:08
ProbelemI've got an update reminder in taskbar and it keeps saying update availiable.09:08
Flanneldiskmount: You can do them both at the same time, actually.  Those are just metapackages, they won't actually touch the installed kernels.09:08
dns53gharz well the way i know is install ubuntu-keyring, there are probably better ways of verifying it, that is a warning not an error09:09
eweb100Can somone help me with compiz? The settings don't do anything.09:10
ProbelemHave you turned on 3d capabilities?09:10
dns53gharz the apt-key util handles this, apt-key netupdate,  though i have never done this09:11
downstreammicro01: PING09:11
gharzdns53: ok thanks so much...09:11
eweb100problem, ummm?09:11
eweb100everyone, no but i do have a graphics card driver that works09:11
sony_boywhere in the file system is my webcam located?09:11
diskmountso Flannel, what do I want to replace those with09:12
Flanneldiskmount: Hmm? Oh, install linux-generic09:12
Probelemeweb100 - Go System>Preferences>Appearance09:12
wardolbive never messed with that stuff look pretty cool though09:12
gharzdns53: apt-key net-update didn't work :(09:12
ProbelemThen go to Visual Effects09:12
dns53gharz should i export mine and send it to you?09:13
diskmountok Flannel, with it it is going to instal some kernels with numbers after them, will they cancel out the rt ones with numbers after them that are not marked for uninstal?09:13
Dexiwhats the chmod command to make something executable09:13
Flanneldiskmount: Right.  Those packages are the actual kernels for -generic.  No, they won't touch the other packages.09:13
FlannelDexi: chmod +x foo09:13
dns53gharz what does apt-key list show?09:14
Dexifoo=file im assuming09:14
diskmountso I will just have 2 diff sets of kernels Flannel?09:14
Flanneldiskmount: Indeed.  Two different types of kernels.09:14
diskmountFlannel, where will I be able to decide which one to use?09:15
Flanneldiskmount: Although, since we removed the -rt metapackages, you won't get updates for -rt anymore, just -generic.  And once you've rebooted to -generic you can remove the -rt kernels if you want.09:15
DefamedPrawnthat's funny. Every time I try and launch gnusound, x restarts.09:15
Flanneldiskmount: When you boot at your GRUB menu you choose (just like between version number differences currently)09:15
diskmountFlannel, cool, it is prompting me to restart, but before I do, do you think you could walk me through the terminal (scary) so that I can have my newly partitioned sdb mounted?09:16
sony_boywhats the easiest way to caputure a picture with my webcam in ubuntu?09:17
sony_boyin windows i can do it with explorer09:17
DexiFlannel, ugh, i cant get this... i have a bunch of .dat files and a file with no extension, idk how to make it run09:17
Flanneldiskmount: You can actually restart whenever you'd like.  But the new kernel wont come into effect until then.  You'll be editing fstab, it's not *that* scary.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab  has a good deal of information on the subject.09:17
FlannelDexi: Remember for stuff in the current directory, you need to expliticly state a relative (or full, I suppose) path: ./filename09:18
gharzsony_boy: speaking about webcam.. my laptop has inbuilt webcam and i haven't used it since i used ubuntu.. what software are you using to use it? can u use with with yahoo chat?09:18
gharzdns53: i think it's working now.09:18
herraI didnt like the name "admin" so I've tried to change it to "herra" with sudo usermod -l herra admin the account seems to work but the folder in /home hasn't chnaged there is still one folder called admin. DO I need to a)Rename this folder, b) add another folder called herra, c) nothing d) go to bed ?09:18
JohnathanLawshey i am running Ibex on Eee 1000HD and I am having problems with firefox, When I try to add an addon I get a little tiny icon in the middle of the screen that freezes the rest of firefox and when I left click and maximize it /is a blank forefox window.  also the same thing happens when i try to use the keyword search. anyone got any ideaas09:19
gharzdon't know how... but the last command that i ran was apt-key update... delect all the keys in my software sources09:19
DexiFlannel, i was in /home/dexi and did chmod +x file09:19
Flannelherra: You don't have to do anything.  You *can* make it so the home folder matches your username though if you'd like.09:19
Dexithen I do ./File?09:19
FlannelDexi: yes.09:19
sony_boygharz, i use amsn client, dont know about a yahoo linux client but forget pidgin it doesnt support webcam09:19
DexiFlannel, nothing happened09:19
FuLiohi i need help, im trying to get into Synaptic package manger and i got an error saying 'dpkg --configure-a' how can i fix that problem?09:19
FlannelDexi: Did you get an error?09:19
DexiFlannel, no output09:19
FlannelDexi: Then the file ran.09:19
gharzsony_boy: thanks for the info! i'll try that.09:19
dns53FuLio open a terminal and run sudo dpkg --configure -a09:20
DexiFlannel, actually i got one this time :p09:20
dr_willisJohnathanLaws,  ive seen a similer thing  also.. but my FF dident freeze.  its a small firefox window thats blank and resized to be real real tiny.  I cant really get it to repeate. it just seems to do it on sokje sites. that sort of tells me its my adblocker blocking a popup or similer09:21
DexiFlannel,  ./upl: symbol lookup error: ./upl: undefined symbol: __glutRoot09:21
diskmountFlannel, so if I do mkdir /media/home how will it know to mount sdb there, or am I replacing media with sdb?09:21
herrawhen I try to rename the folder "admin" to "herra" I get the error: Bareword "admin" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 1) line 1.09:21
drtrolllo! how does one add multiple dns suffixes in ubuntu? i have tried with networkmanager/dhclient.conf, but the domains always end up on one single line (e.g. "search foo.bar bar.baz") which sadly does not work (splitting them manually to 2 and it does!)09:21
FlannelDexi: Those are errors inside the script.  You'll... have to consult whomever wrote the script09:21
DexiFlannel, dangit09:21
dr_willisFuLio,  its proberly sayind    dpkg --configure -a  with a space.. or somthing similer.. you need to proberly run the command it suggests with 'sudo  Whatever-it-suggestes'09:21
FuLioalright thanky you09:22
vjacobhello all. after booting with my new kernel, I get fuss over not having map, and boot not being able to find certain files09:22
KazurikHello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but does anyone know when the ubuntuforums will be comming back up? I am having a hard time with my wireless card09:22
vjacobis there something one should ALWAYS do after doing make install; make modules_install?09:22
Flanneldiskmount: each line in fstab consists of a few  things: device (thats the drive), mount point (thats where it lives in the filesystem, where to put it), and then some bookkeeping stuff.  so you'll edit it and tell it to mount that partition at /media/home (although, personally, I'd call it storage or something, calling it 'home' may cause confusion)09:23
FlannelKazurik: try #ubuntuforums09:23
Kazurikah ha, thanks09:23
JohnathanLawsha! I have absolutely no idea but my problem fixed itself  after a reboot, so cheers09:24
herraanyone go a clue bout my rename problem?09:24
Flannelherra: What command are you using?09:24
herrawhen I try to rename the folder "admin" to "herra" I get the error: Bareword "admin" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 1) line 1.09:25
montgomery_xI would like to install ubuntu on my 486 but I cannot find the "mouse click button"09:25
kingwhat is with the forums.09:25
FlannelKazurik: #ubuntuforums09:25
Flannelherra: What *command* are you using?09:25
dns53herra that from a script?09:25
Flanneler, king, #ubuntuforums09:25
kingFlannel, Try opening.09:25
herrasorry, rename admin herra09:26
Flannelking: Right.  #ubuntuforums is the place to go to ask09:26
Flannelherra: you're going from herra to admin or the other way around? use mv instead.09:26
Flannelherra: mv admin herra09:26
rwwmontgomery_x: The minimum system requirements for Ubuntu include "300 MHz x86 processor". The 486 can only get up to 100MHz. Even if you do find this mythical button, you'll be unable to install Ubuntu :(09:26
dns53herra there is no rename command, instead you move it to a different name09:26
herraok thanks09:26
pratik1how to resume downloads of firefox from terminal09:27
rwwmontgomery_x: That said, is there a genuine support question we can help you with today?09:27
herrawell Ive got a perl rename script on here09:27
herrabut doesnt seem to do owt09:27
Flannelherra: And then you'll need to use usermod -d to move where the world thinks your homedir is, too.09:27
Flannelherra: right, rename uses a regular expression to rename.09:27
herradon't undertsand that one flannnel?09:27
herrausermod -d ?09:28
diskmountFlannel, it says the mount poiint is already there in my /media/home09:28
Flannelherra: Don't worry about it.  Just use mv.  Oh, yes.  usermod -d /home/herra herra09:28
Morchuboodrtroll: you need to edit /etc/resolv as sudo, you can put your search domains there.09:28
Flannelherra: That tells the system to look for herras homedir in /home/herra, instead of /home/admin09:28
herraah yeah cheers09:28
Flanneldiskmount: Um... what does?09:28
=== dungnt is now known as vnese
diskmountthe terminal09:29
kingI am trying to get external mic jack on Dell 1525 working. I am following http://www.practicalweb.co.uk/blog/08/06/24/configuring-audio-skype-dell-inspiron-1525-ubuntu-8 and http://www.linux-archive.org/kubuntu-user/225109-mic-issues-dell-inspiron-1525-a.html. But it still doesn't work.09:29
diskmountso I guess all I have left to do is actually mount it lol, and that is where I am stumped09:30
KazurikWell looks like th forums are down for the count so ill just ask here. Does anyone know why I wouldnt be able to use my WN311T in ubuntu? I have used the ndisgtk thing and it says the driver is installed and present but iwconfig does not show any wireless device09:30
diskmountFlannel, I did sudo mkdir /media/home09:30
Flanneldiskmount: ok, now you edit your fstab like it says on that webpage.09:30
Flanneldiskmount: actually, you'll also need the UUID of that drive, so: sudo blkid09:31
herrawhen i poull donwe menu, places, home it still looks for admin.. should I log out and back?ç09:31
Flannelherra: Yes, you'll need to.09:31
daredevilthereHey i m using obexfs to mount my cell09:32
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
herrathanks Flannel09:32
kingFlannel, Do you have pointers for me?09:32
daredeviltheresudo obexfs -u 1 /tmp/mnt but i cant browse /tmp/mnt unless i login as root why is tht so?09:32
Flannelking: Nope09:32
savvasdaredevilthere: sony ericsson?09:33
daredeviltheresavvas: no Nokia phone09:33
savvasdaredevilthere: have you tried: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /tmp/mnt09:34
=== greg_universe is now known as greg_sleeped
diskmountOh well this is way too hard09:35
diskmountthanks for helping09:35
daredeviltheresavvas: says function is not implimented09:35
Flanneldiskmount: It's really simple actually.  Mostly just copy/paste.09:35
herraFlannel, afyer loging back in I get the error message : The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_MixerApplet". Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration? .. what do you suggest?09:35
=== Bowo_27 is now known as cwek_imoet
simplenewbwhen I connect to my router at home and later try to switch to  a new router at a coffee shop or relatives house the wifi login icon in the top right corner disappears until I reboot. How do i find out why it's crashing and how do I connect manually so I can stop rebooting all the time?09:36
savvasdaredevilthere: try: sudo chmod -R +r /tmp/mnt09:36
JHook101Hello does anyone have a moment to assist me?09:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:36
nsadminI don't have a moment, but I do have a minute09:36
jack_When I try to open vlc it says this, what does it mean? vlc: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion `xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.09:37
Flannelherra: um, I suppose yes.  Your guess is as good as mine.  You can always re-add the mixer applet afterwards09:37
JHook101!ask I would like to know if there is a equivalent to Microsoft Office available for Ubuntu09:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:37
nsadminnote, please be specific informative concise complete when yuou ask09:37
daredeviltheresavvas: Same says  Function not implemented09:37
hetiihi :)09:37
nsadmintry openoffice09:37
jack_JHook101, OpenOffice.org09:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kexi09:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about base09:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about database09:38
JHook101thank you so much :D i will check that out now!09:38
JHook101and btw i lvoe this os already09:38
nsadminking: you can /msg the bot09:38
Tulgahow to configure 3 servers like 1 big server?09:38
dns53it's cross platform09:38
JHook101so cool09:38
* king feel stupid talking to the bot in private09:38
* king +s09:38
dns53Tulga you want high avalability?09:38
rww!fishing > king09:39
ubottuking, please see my private message09:39
Tulgadns53: I have 5 servers. I was planning to work like 2 frontend (load balance) + 3 high avalability. but application not support it09:39
nsadminare you afraid that if you're alone with it, it will try something? :)09:39
jack_When I try to open vlc it says this, what does it mean? vlc: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion `xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.09:39
JHook101!ask Will I be able to play multi player games on ubuntu?09:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:39
Tulgathen I changed mind, and now 2 frontend + 1 big server09:39
nsadminJHook101: you don't need the !ask09:40
edemhi everybody ! where can i get information on terminal configuration09:40
jack_JHook101, depends, what games do you want to play?09:40
dns53Tulga yeah the applications need to support it, you can get some stickeyness on the router to make it more likely the request always goes to the same server09:40
JHook101ok i apologize I am wanting to play steam games such as counter strike09:40
savvasjack_: go to #videolan09:40
JHook101or world of warcraft09:40
dns53Tulga what application?09:40
Tulgadns53: kannel09:40
JHook101can i be in more then one irc channel?09:41
JHook101if so how do i join that chat and still be in this one09:41
FlannelJHook101: yes, /join #channel09:41
jack_JHook101, Yes through WINE you can play WoW & I have never heard of the other game as I am not a gamer.09:41
Tulgadns53: I tried heartbeat and howto for apache. apache works, but kannel not support it.09:41
jack_JHook101, Yes you can young more then one channel by click on theother channels name, & it will not take you out of this one.09:42
jack_JHook101, stop asking stupid questions :p09:42
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
gh0stanyone try building the newer transmission on 8.10 and have any success? im having some issues regarding openssl, anyone have any insight/experience?09:42
Tulgadns53: kannel requires only 1 connection to SMSC. then if I run 3 servers, they try to create 3 connections to SMSC. it is problem. then I think solution is 1 big server09:42
JHook101im not asking stupid questions i have never used linux and i have never used irc09:42
alex-82I'm trying to install mpd and i get an error during the installation (sudo apt-get install mpd), it tries to start mpd and it says "unable to bind port 6600: cannot assign requested address"09:42
savvasjack_: stupid is the one not asking :)09:43
jack_JHook101, I was just teasing :p09:43
Cation_H`JHook101: that's alright, u r welcome09:43
jack_JHook101, you can go ahead & ask me questions any time you want, I am always here to answer the best I can.09:43
dns53Tulga well if it's a j2ee application the application server can be configured to run in ha09:43
gh0stanyone try building the newer transmission on 8.10 and have any success? im having some issues regarding openssl, anyone have any insight/experience?09:43
JHook101ok what was that channel again for video game questions09:44
jack_JHook101, I am not sure, they gave me a channel for movie watching questions.09:44
herraMy desktop seems to be caught ina loop.. constanatly saying it reuires a restart for security upgrades.. any ideas?09:44
Tulgadns53: it is not j2ee app.is it possible to configure like 2pcs 2ghz PCs to 4ghz PC?09:44
jack_JHook101, however just ask people about videogames & WINE09:45
JHook101O I am looking for a channel that supports video game use on ubuntu unless someone can tell me if I can play world of warcraft or steam counter strike09:45
KazurikJHook101 you may want to look into a program called WINE. I know it will let you play World of Warcraft in linux09:45
rwwgh0st: Have you tried using the PPA at https://launchpad.net/~transmissionbt/+archive , instead of building it?09:45
JHook101ok cool09:45
jack_JHook101, I already told you yes you can play WoW09:45
JHook101i mostly wanna know for steam games09:45
Cation_H`JHook101: using wine to play windows games09:45
JHook101:p i am trying to quit wow :p09:45
Cation_H`JHook101: you can google for it09:46
dns53Tulga not sure about os clustering, i have not heard about it, you could probably have 1 server at a time working and automatic switchover with it runnng on xen or something09:46
jack_JHook101, do you means treaming games liek flash?09:46
rww!wine | JHook10109:46
ubottuJHook101: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help09:46
KazurikJHook101, look at http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=1554 it has a HOWTO for installing steam with wine09:46
gh0strww: had no idea a site like that existed, thanks man09:46
JHook101ok also I think this ubuntu already came with openoffice I start my first semester of college monday and pretty much I can open a .doc or any other ms office ext in open office correct09:46
jack_JHook101, yes ubuntu does come with openoffice :p09:47
Cation_H`JHook101: open office can't open .docx09:47
Cation_H`JHook101: it's not very compatible09:47
vltHello. I just upgraded the packages "libssl0.9.8" and "openssl". Why does usn say "After a standard system upgrade you need to reboot your computer to effect the necessary changes"? Is this really necessary?09:47
rwwgh0st: no problem. FYI, apt-get will warn you about unauthenticated packages when you use PPAs; read the warning then decide whether or not you trust what is, essentially, packages made by some random person :)09:47
jack_JHook101, that is why I mentioned stupid questions as a tease, because you was asking about something that is already on you system :p09:47
JHook101o lol09:48
rebel_kidwhat is the most standards compatible web browser for linux (with xhtml support) preferably a GUI and CLI09:48
JHook101well is there a way to read ms office extensions then?09:48
=== scientes_ is now known as scientes
Cation_H`JHook101: you should use open office, then export to pdf for windows09:48
dns53JHook101 openoffice.org version 3 (not in the latest release) can open it, you need to track down this version as it was relesed too late to make it in the release09:48
jack_JHook101, Yes open office can read MS Office files, just not Office 2007 files.09:48
jack_Well wait that is wrong09:48
savvasrebel_kid: opera and firefox probably09:49
jack_it can read 2007 files, it just cannot write them09:49
rebel_kidsavvas, im looking to get away from the fox, it swayed far from standards on <div>09:49
gh0strww: i understand, thanks many my friend, btw quick n00b question, this reply i sent you, is it all red and stuff like how you sent me?09:49
jack_But it can read & write all previous MS files.09:49
rwwgh0st: yes :)09:49
JHook101like 2005?09:49
diskmountFlannel, can I show you what I have come up with so far?09:49
savvasrebel_kid: well you can use opera: www.opera.com/download09:50
ishbibenobanyone have any good ideas for grabbing flv streaming video?09:50
gh0strww: excellent, unfortunatley the PPA failed09:50
JHook101lol what is funny is I am majoring in computer forensics but just now started using linux lmao09:50
Flanneldiskmount: Sure.09:50
mrwesOpen Office 3.0 can read MS Office 2007 files09:50
JHook101k i will dl that then09:50
rebel_kidsavvas, ty09:50
jack_mrwes, yes but it cannot write them.09:50
savvasJHook101: shouldn't you grab a book instead then?09:50
rwwJHook101, Cation_H`, dns53: The version of OpenOffice 2 in the repositories contains non-standard additions, including the ability to read .docx files.09:51
diskmountFlannel, # /etc/fstab: static file system information. # # <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>  proc  /proc  proc  defaults  0  0 # /dev/sda1 UUID=f0815b03-682b-4351-b973-7a7d80a4de34  /  ext3  ,errors=remount-ro  0  1 # /dev/sda5 UUID=4de81698-5a6b-4872-a7a1-50376bf10472  none  swap  sw  0  0  /dev/sdb1  /media/cdrom0  udf,iso9660  user,noauto,exec,utf8  0  009:51
JHook101i want fast answers it is 3:52 i need to get to sleep soon but this new os is exciting09:51
diskmountFlannel, though I do not know where to put the last uuid that corresponds to sdb109:51
dns53rww i believe those non standard addons are in the official release of 309:51
Flanneldiskmount: the line you'll be adding will look like this (except with your uuid): UUID=fee986fe-7ecc-48a7-a2ed-9686750997fa /media/home ext3 defaults 0 209:52
jack_JHook101, do not worry about d/ling anything OpenOffice 2 the one that is on your system can read even the newset MS files.09:52
=== JuRiJ_ is now known as Havis
JHook101o ok then09:52
rwwdns53: That's probably correct. No need to go hunting down OOo3 to read .docx files, though, hence me mentioning it.09:52
JHook101I am at http://www.winehq.org/download/09:52
FuLiohow can i get my cf to work after a update has happen?09:52
rwwgh0st: "failed" how, specifically?09:52
JHook101am i supposed to download the one by scott ritchie?09:52
gh0strww: i might not have a choice but to build @ this time!09:52
Cation_H`diskmount: If you don't know the UUID09:52
mrwesjack_: ahh..yah, read only09:53
diskmountflannel does that come after my current last line, or do I erase everything after /devsdb109:53
Cation_H`diskmount: you can use the /dev/sda1 to replace UUID09:53
ctuxi have problem with the installation of nvidia drive on kubuntu 8.1009:53
jack_JHook101, as said do not d/l anything09:53
gh0strww: broken dependency (cache) apparently im not sure what that means, but im gunna plug @ it 1 more time before i try building again09:53
KazurikJKook101 you could just open up a terminal and type sudo apt-get install wine09:54
Flanneldiskmount: Just add it on to the end.  open it (alt-f2, gksu gedit /etc/fstab) go to the bottom, hit return, paste it in there, hit return again (or for good measure, two more times), then save, and you're done.09:54
ctuxthe hardware driver menu shows the appropriate driver but wont install it09:54
JHook101where is the terminal lol09:54
ctuxhow to manually install nvidia driver?09:54
JHook101and is the terminal like dos?09:54
jack_JHook101, yes09:54
JHook101where is the terminal09:54
jack_JHook101, the terminal is in your menu.09:54
hetiimy dmeseg repor me : [26242.876120] console-kit-dae[13470]: segfault at 1d0 ip 00007f567866be09 sp 0000000040515090 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.1800.2[7f567863f000+c3000]09:54
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:55
hetiifor what is this library ?09:55
diskmountFlannel, # /etc/fstab: static file system information. # # <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>  proc  /proc  proc  defaults  0  0 # /dev/sda1 UUID=f0815b03-682b-4351-b973-7a7d80a4de34  /  ext3  ,errors=remount-ro  0  1 # /dev/sda5 UUID=4de81698-5a6b-4872-a7a1-50376bf10472  none  swap  sw  0  0  /dev/sdb1  /media/cdrom0  udf,iso9660  user,noauto,exec,utf8  0  0 UUID=d29c0aff-560d-493f-80d709:55
JHook101and what do i type in the terminal again09:55
Cation_H`JHook101: application > accessories > terminal09:55
jack_JHook101, you type cammands into the terminal09:55
Cation_H`JHook101: the command09:55
tokyoaheadhi all... I have a 8.04 installation here but the update manager wont show the 8.10 upgrade, do I have to do something special?09:55
hetiibtw i have ubuntu server 8.1009:55
Flanneldiskmount: Um, use pastebin.  IRC gobbles up carriage returns.09:55
Divyeshany one knows how to remove IcedTea JVM from F 8 ?09:55
Flannel!paste | diskmount09:55
ubottudiskmount: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:55
rww!upgrade | tokyoahead09:55
ubottutokyoahead: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:55
KazurikJHook, you can also push Alt + F2 and type gnome-terminal to open it, Once you get it open type sudo apt-get install wine09:55
JHook101no somebody told me what to type to get win installed09:55
Divyeshany one knows how to remove IcedTea JVM09:56
lianimatorcan I configure evince to not take over the Media Next and Previous keys?09:56
savvasDivyesh: System > Administration > Synaptic ?09:56
jack_JHook101,  sudo apt-get install wine09:56
mrwesJHook101: open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install wine09:56
mrwesdoube vision09:57
Divyeshhmm not in ubuntu09:57
diskmountFlannel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/103075/09:57
JHook101now i did that and it is downloading will it automatically install to where i can then access it from the start menu09:57
Divyeshin fedora09:57
DubDubanyone running intrepid on an aspire one? I've got some wifi questions.09:57
savvasDivyesh: /join #fedora09:57
Divyeshfedora channel is dead09:57
JHook101I also  appreciate the help guys I am soaking alot in at once09:57
Cation_H`JHook101: application > wine09:57
rwwDivyesh: for support with Fedora, ask in #fedora, not here.09:57
KazurikJhook, you dont actively use wine. Wine will allow you to double click .exe files though and it will run them as if you where in windows09:57
bootlacesHey everyone. Using NetworkManager to VPN into a network, how do I get ubuntu to route *all* traffic thru the VPN?09:58
Flanneldiskmount: Um, line 7 of that paste... is there a "defaults" before ,errors=remount-ro?09:58
KazurikJhook, There is a nice howto on how to get steam working on the wineappdb (http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=1554). After you do the sudo apt-get install wine you will be on step 209:58
diskmountFlannel, it said realtime but I erased it09:59
Flanneldiskmount: but yeah, that looks good as long as there's a newline after the last line. (always make sure theres a trailing newline in everything)09:59
gh0strww: i win :)09:59
FuLioDid anyone else got an update today 01/09/09 and it messed up your screen resolution and your Cf?09:59
gh0stit was a conflict in left over packages09:59
KazurikJhook, all of those things in the offset boxes are command you run in the consle/terminal09:59
Flanneldiskmount: odd.  Go ahead and add defaults there...09:59
gh0strww: gtk stuck around for some reason but everything else was removed so it messed up10:00
diskmountFlannel, I put b ack realtime10:00
diskmountFlannel that is how they have it on the page you linked me10:00
rwwgh0st: Ah, that'd explain it. So the PPA ended up working?10:00
rwwgh0st: or did you build it from source?10:00
JHook101wow this is so awesome lol10:00
rwwdiskmount: that should be relatime, not realtime.10:01
Flanneldiskmount: shrug.  The lack of defaults is just odd.  But if its working for you so far... by all means go with it.10:01
vixeyhi, does anyone know if it's possible to type unicode symbols using preset names? For example <some control code> alpha <space>, should give the actual alpha symbol? Control-Shift-u almost works but it needs codes instead of names. if not.. where would you start looking for something like that also?10:01
rwwdiskmount: it stands for RELative Access TIME10:01
gh0strww: the PPA worked, thanks for the advice, btw is there anywere i can read more about these "PPA's" or even just what they stand for or are used for?10:01
diskmountFlannel, I havent typed anything in yet, this is all me in textedit10:01
diskmountFlannel, I doubt any of this will work10:01
Flanneldiskmount: Erm... what is your current fstab?10:02
Flanneldiskmount: close without saving changes... then paste your fstab10:02
rwwgh0st: PPA stands for Personal Package Archive. They're basically little mini apt repositories that people use to upload unofficial packages they've built.10:02
diskmountFlannel fstab = bad command10:02
gh0strww: sweet great idea10:02
jack_When I try to open vlc it says this, what does it mean? vlc: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion `xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.10:02
Flanneldiskmount: fstab is a file.  /etc/fstab, you can display it with... cat /etc/fstab10:02
rwwgh0st: Looks like there's more information about it at https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA?action=show&redirect=PPAQuickStart , though that may be a little technical.10:03
TerrorBitediskmount: don't paste it here btw, use pastebin10:03
Dr_futureHello, I'm new to Ubuntu, and I installed it on a Vmware, but I can't figure out how to install the vmware tools, could anyone help me please?10:04
gh0strww: exactly what im looking for, i may be a bit new to some things but, thats exactly how people learn, im not afraid of learning ;)10:04
diskmountFlannel it is not in /etc10:04
Flanneldiskmount: Mmmm... it is.  cat /etc/fstab10:04
jack_!Ubottu I choose you!10:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:05
Dr_futureubottu : vmware tools10:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vmware tools10:05
Dr_futureubottu : install10:05
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:05
Dr_futureubottu : install programs10:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:05
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:06
Flannel!synaptic | Dr_future10:06
ubottuDr_future: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto10:06
Dr_futureFlannel : I have already those tools on my desktop, but I don't know how could I install them10:06
jack_!Thank you10:06
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:06
diskmounthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/103076/ flannel10:06
Dr_futureFlannel : 2 files, with these extensions .rpm and .gz10:06
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)10:07
rww!fishing > jack_10:07
ubottujack_, please see my private message10:07
arvind_khadrithere used to be a script to automate the mounting of disks... where can i find it?10:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about oo310:07
dns53Dr_future untar the tar.gz and run the install script10:07
jack_!rww hi10:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rww hi10:07
Dr_futureok dns53 :)10:07
jack_rww so do you go fishing often?10:08
Flanneljack_: Please stay on topic.  #ubuntu-offtopic is the place for general chatting10:08
diskmountFlannel, you see it?10:09
jack_Flannel, sorry I was just tired & being a troll.10:09
rwwjack_: and take a look at that message ubottu sent you, while you're at it10:09
gharzanybody here who's using acer crystal eye webcam? it doesn't seem to work.10:09
Flanneldiskmount: Right, so... that's whats working for you now (without defaults), so we won't add defaults. Now, we'll want to add that line to the end, so, alt-f2, gksu gedit /etc/fstab, then paste that line at the end (on a new line), then hit enter again after it.10:09
lianimatorcan I configure evince to not take over the Media Next and Previous keys?10:09
jack_rww no need to I wasn't the one fishing, so do you like to catch bass or tuna?10:09
Flanneljack_: Please stop.10:09
diskmountFlannel, you mean paste all the stuff dealing with second hd?10:10
Flanneldiskmount: "that line" being the new line for your spare partition... yeah.  Just that one line.10:10
alex-82I'm trying to install mpd on ubunutu 8.10. During the install process it tries to launch mpd and fails because it finds that it can't bind the port10:10
jack_Flannel, you I am jusat really tired I going a little crazy right now, I should temp ban myself from the room.10:10
alex-82I've tried editing mpd.conf to different ports but it always fails in the same way10:10
alex-82so the problem isn't that something is using the port10:10
diskmountFlannel so confused because it is like 5 liknes, I never typed any stuff into termina for second hd, only in txt edit10:11
Flanneldiskmount: There's only one line dealing with the second partition.  UUID=fee986fe-7ecc-48a7-a2ed-9686750997fa /media/home ext3 defaults 0 210:11
Flanneldiskmount: No, you won't type anything into the terminal.  And it's not four lines.  Each line in fstab deals with one partition10:11
kingNeed help getting external mic on DELL 1525 working.10:11
king!moin | kraut10:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about moin10:11
rwwlianimator: That's a known bug that is fixed in the development version of Ubuntu, but which hasn't made its way to Intrepid (yet?). See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/26377910:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about moinmoin10:11
lianimatorrww: thanks10:11
diskmountFlannel so what did I do this for? lol10:12
diskmountFlannel # /etc/fstab: static file system information. # # <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>  proc  /proc  proc  defaults  0  0 # /dev/sda1 UUID=f0815b03-682b-4351-b973-7a7d80a4de34  /  ext3  relatime,errors=remount-ro  0  1 # /dev/sda5 UUID=4de81698-5a6b-4872-a7a1-50376bf10472  none  swap  sw  0  0  /dev/sdb1  /media/cdrom0  udf,iso9660  user,noauto,exec,utf8  0  0 UUID=d29c0aff-560d-4910:12
Flanneldiskmount: Er... You need to edit that file and append that line...10:12
Flanneldiskmount: I have no idea where you got that.  (Append the line I gave you, *but* change your uuid)10:12
jack_rww how about we call it a night in here & just go fishing tomorrow?10:13
sh1is there a yahoo messenger for ubuntu 8.10?10:15
KenBW2is there a way to make an installation disc from an existing installation?10:15
rwwsh1: Do you need video/audio chat capabilities, or is just text-chat okay?10:15
sh1just text chat okay10:16
rww!fr | fifi10:16
ubottufifi: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr10:16
rwwsh1: Take a look at Pidgin (GNOME), Kopete (KDE), and Empathy (GNOME, kinda unpolished).10:16
fifithank you!10:16
sh1can text chats be tapped by a firewall?10:17
diskmountFlannel, when i did alt f2 a little run windo popped up and I put the stuff you said in, but I do not see how I pasete the uid in on a separate line,a s there is only one line in the window10:17
ProbelemI like Kopete10:17
sh1i mean yahoo chats. im behind a corporate firewall10:17
Flanneldiskmount: No, no.  That command, hit enter.  That'll open a text editor.10:17
sh1i dont want anyone to read my messages10:17
Dr_futuredns53 : Are you still around?10:18
rwwsh1: Yes it can, by default. You could look into OTR ( http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/ ) or a similar scheme if you want encrypted messages in Pidgin.10:18
diskmountFlannel so when the fstab window opens, I just press enter and paste the uuid in?10:18
rwwsh1: both sides of the conversation would need to be using an OTR plugin for that to work, though.10:18
gh0stokay, im loosing my mind with trying to open a port, ive done this litterally 150+ times. can someone please help me? (it shouldn't take to long, i have a decent understanding on how this works)10:18
dns53Dr_future yes10:19
=== DRNK-E is now known as drnk-e
TerrorBitesh1: It might also be possible to connect to the yahoo servers using SSL encryption, but I'm not sure10:19
Dr_futuredns53  I unrared it10:19
Probelemrww, Where do you get Empathy from, I'd like to try it out.10:19
savvassh1: just send them an email instead. use https://mail.yahoo.com instead of http://mail.yahoo.com10:19
Dr_futureand I think I should install it from the terminal10:19
savvasProbelem: applications > Add/remove10:19
dns53Dr_future yes from a terminal in that vm10:19
rww!info empathy | Probelem: the Ubuntu repositories10:19
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.24.1-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 269 kB, installed size 760 kB10:19
Flanneldiskmount: go to the bottom, paste my line, then edit the uuid on it, then go to the end of the line and hit enter twice (because we want to make sure the file ends with an empty line)10:20
sh1savva: do you mean to say if i use https://mail.yahoo.com and chat using webchat it will be encrupted?10:20
Dr_futuredns53 : ok, how can I use it, when I type the command in the terminal, it says that this directory doesn't exist10:20
Dr_futurehow to determine the directory of that file?10:21
Flanneldiskmount: It'll look like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103081/10:21
Dr_futureit has.pl extension10:21
diskmountFlannel, I did, but the only thing is your line is shorter and where all the other lines end in 2 numbers, your 2 numbers end way before the other rows last columns10:21
dns53Dr_future cd to the dir and run ./app10:21
Flanneldiskmount: That merely has to do with spaces versus tabs.  If you want you can space it out to match the others, but it's not important10:21
Dr_futuredns53 : I extracted that folder on the desktop, its name is vmtools10:22
diskmountFlannel now do I save?10:22
Flanneldiskmount: yep10:22
Flanneldiskmount: Then close, then go to a terminal and type `sudo mount -a`10:22
dns53Dr_future well cd ~/Desktop10:22
Dr_futureok dns53, I'm going to try this10:22
Flanneldiskmount: That will remount everything according to your fstab (including the new drive)10:22
cojcurrently there's still no way to view Adobe ebooks (EBX) on linux natively, right?10:23
diskmountFlannel, mount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/d29c0aff-560d-493f-80d7-0ecc2ee31470 does not exist10:23
bsusacould someone please help me, how do i install flash on the mythbuntu frontend to play online videos?10:24
Flanneldiskmount: Pastebin the output of your sudo blkid please10:24
gh0stMe trying to open port- (20426) use a gui to "ufw" add (20426) for both tcp and udp , router SUPPORTS upnp, try it out, no go. :( | set static ip and manually forward port, no go. :( | set my pc as DMZ! no go :( | anyone see what im doing wrong here? Please!?10:24
diskmountFlannel http://paste.ubuntu.com/103083/10:25
sh1how can i download pidgin using apt-get10:26
coji couldn't get my port open but it seems to be related to my ISP's stupid policies and proxy10:26
rwwsh1: "sudo apt-get install pidgin"; if you're using a default Ubuntu install, it's already installed in Applications > Internet > Pidgin Instant Messenger10:26
gh0stcoj, they block even non-standard ports like that?10:27
Flanneldiskmount: Hmmm, that's odd.  Ok, pastebin your fstab (cat /etc/fstab) again please.10:27
Dr_futuredns53 : Could I private you please?10:27
dns53Dr_future why not10:27
Dr_futurethanks :)10:28
FuLiomy compiz fusion isnt working, after the last update what could be wrong?10:28
diskmountFlannel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/103084/10:28
quibblercoj, natively no however with wine look here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/ebx-40-bits-encrypted-pdfs-in-linux-404089/10:28
sh1thanks. where are the encryption settings10:28
gh0stthis is a huge pain, i cant get anything forwarded, anyone have any insight?10:29
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herra//server irc.efnet.net10:30
herra/server irc.efnet.net10:30
S[h]O[r]Tim having a really problem installing mysql-server on a fresh hardy server i keep getting Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:30
Flanneldiskmount: huh.  Well, that *is* interesting.  Ooooh.  We just reformatted this disk, yes?  It could be that the /dev/disk/by-uuid/ is only generated at boot.. even if that sounds sort of stupid.  (Actually, there's probably some command we can do to make it re-generate, but I don't know it).10:30
Flanneldiskmount: Go ahead and reboot, we need to do it for your kernel anyway.  Once you reboot, that drive should be there.  If not, we can use the old-style of naming stuff for fstab.  But it ought to work.10:31
diskmountFlannel what ever you think, I have no clue what I am doing10:31
ProbelemAnyone have any idea why Cairo-dock won't update?  I'm sick of this update icon in the taskbar.10:31
diskmountok brb Flannel10:31
rwwFlannel: why don't you just use the /dev/sdwhatever notation instead of a UUID for now?10:31
IllusionHello, I have restored mysql databases in /var/lib/mysql. But all databaes have root permissions, how can I change the owner to mysql?10:32
Flannelrww: Because he has to reboot for a kernel update anyway, and there's no real reason to change it twice more.10:32
ProbelemIt says E: /var/cache/apt/archives/cairo-dock_1.6.3.1_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/cairo-dock/icon-mouse.png', which is also in package cairo-dock-data10:33
rwwProbelem: Do you have an unofficial cairo repository active?10:33
ProbelemI don't believe so, I downloaded cairo-dock from the ubuntu repos.10:34
JHook101So as far as security goes would you say linux by far is way more encrypted then windows?10:34
raevolcould someone help me troubleshoot getting my sound working? i've tried whats on the wiki with no luck10:35
new-userHello channel,10:35
JHook101how old is yoru computer10:35
raevoli'm sure it's a simple configuration thing, I installed xubuntu kind of backwards, just not knowledgable enough to troubleshoot it myself10:35
JHook101and are you using on board sound or a sound card10:36
raevolmine? just put a new mobo in, asus p5q se plus, onboard sound10:36
Digital7does anyone know what's up with the update servers (and the rest of the internet) right now? is it because of windows7 distribution?10:36
raevolit's VIA HD Audio if that helps10:36
ProbelemIt says NOT AUTHENTICATED when i go to update it.10:36
JHook101ok well i do not know much about linux yet but I would look into making sure there is no conflictions10:36
mountdiskFlannel, it showed up right by the dvd drive and cd drive10:37
JHook101same thing happen to my video card it said it does not support it but gave me a option to enable it and download the proper drivers10:37
raevollike... irq conflicts? it works in windows10:37
Flannelmountdisk: sounds good.10:37
mountdiskFlannel, but how the heck to I give it network sharing10:37
rwwProbelem: That would be a reasonably-good indicator that you're using non-Ubuntu repositories. Can you open your /etc/apt/sources.list file, copy it to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and give me a link to the pastebin page you create, please?10:37
Probelemraevol, have you tried running alsamixer in the terminal?10:37
Flannelmountdisk: Er..... What sort of network?10:37
raevolJHook101, that's the proprietary drivers, that's supposed to happen10:37
raevolProbelem, yes, there's only master and pcm listed, but both are max10:37
Flannelmountdisk: with windows computers? or all OSX/linux?10:37
rwwDigital7: The update servers and general internet work fine for me :/10:37
apollo_liecan someone tell me how to set a default soundcard (i have 2 -> 1 onboard & 1 pci)10:38
mountdiskFlannel just my little home network so that way my laptop and wirelessly acess files from that drive and play movies or music off of it without having to download them10:38
Digital7rww: i've been drawing 3 - 15kb/sec from nearly every server i've hit tonight10:38
JHook101does anyone know any tweaks to speed up firefox and the desktop movement with this lin