R1cochetOdd-rationale: i still am not sure how to go about modding it00:01
R1cochetnor does the device show in the interfaces file00:01
Odd-rationaleR1cochet: what manual settings are you trying to set?00:02
Odd-rationalewell... idk then... doesn't it use ipv4 by default?00:04
grapbarack obama is a monkey00:05
Odd-rationale!offtopic | grap00:05
ubottugrap: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:05
R1cochetyea but its on automatic and i need to make it manual and have it save it after restart00:05
ArmadaHey. I need some help getting Xubuntu to boot from a USB HDD for the first time. It's kind of a unique situation. PM me if you might be able to help.00:08
aldo65How might one set the default behaviour of emptying the trash to use sdelete?00:19
R1cochetgot it fixed00:22
R1cochet1 more thing00:22
R1cocheti have 2 internal hdd formatted NTFS and have them mounted by the nftsconfig tool. they show up in /media but i was wondering if i could get them to show on desktop and places menu as a drive and not a folder00:26
DaDa|Urkahelp! my symbols and panels are gone!00:28
R1cochetrt click00:28
R1cochetright click on mouse00:28
R1cochetdoes it bring up a menu?00:28
DaDa|Urkano effect00:28
DaDa|Urkai can start terminals00:29
DaDa|UrkaAlt+F2 dosnt do anything00:29
DaDa|Urkaand my desktop?00:29
R1cochetdid u get panels?00:29
R1cochetwhat u mean desktop?00:30
DaDa|Urkano everything okay00:30
DaDa|Urkawhy did that crash?00:30
R1cocheti dunno00:30
R1cochetive had it happen a couple times and lucky enough i came across that command 2 days ago00:31
R1cochetdoes xfce manage the desktop?00:31
DaDa|Urka"let xfce4 handle my desktop" the hook alsways disappears00:31
DaDa|Urkaat the moment yes00:31
DaDa|Urkano nautilus00:32
DaDa|Urkajust xfce00:32
R1cochetwell in display options under behavior there is option for menu on rt click00:33
DaDa|UrkaSave Session automatically on quit?00:35
R1cochetthats up to u00:35
R1cocheti get it where i like and save 1 time00:35
DaDa|Urkalogging out and in again00:36
DaDa|Urkaeverything okay, but nm-applet00:36
DaDa|Urkathx R1cochet00:39
J0niiAnyone around?01:16
J0niiI need some help01:17
Odd-rationale:P j/k01:17
J0niiI am a complete Linux newbie01:18
Odd-rationalejust ask! if someone know the answer, they will help. :D01:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:18
J0niiI think Ubuntu has detected my NIC card, but i wont get a DHCP address01:19
Odd-rationaleJ0nii: i suppose you are not on that machin atm?01:19
J0niiI am01:19
J0niiBooted to XP01:19
Odd-rationaleoh ok...01:19
Odd-rationaleis this wired or wireless connection?01:20
Odd-rationaleok. well. perhaps the easiest way would be to do this.01:21
Odd-rationale(might want to write some of this down)01:21
Odd-rationaleFirst, open a terminal from the Applications menu.01:21
Odd-rationalethen, to see if you card is detected, run "ifconfig". it should return at least two device: lo (loopback) and another for your ethernet card, usually eth001:22
J0niiIt can see wth001:23
Odd-rationaleif it is detected. then try "sudo dhclient -x eth0" to release any connection it might have.01:24
Odd-rationalethen try "sudo dhclient eth0" to try to get an address from the dhcp server...01:25
J0niiThe DHCP server is Windows 2003 Server, is than an issue?01:26
Odd-rationalenope, shouldn't be01:26
J0niiI have also tried with manual settings " / 255.255.250"01:29
J0niiWith DNS & Gateway set to the router01:29
J0niiit says connected but i can't ping anytihng01:29
Odd-rationaleJ0nii: did "sudo dhclient eth0" give any error message?01:29
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batcoder-7what is the best xubuntu ish way to see what system services are running and which ones i could turn off ?01:30
J0niiOdd-rationale: I will try those commands out and come back on here to let you know01:30
J0niithanks for your help so far01:31
Odd-rationalebatcoder-7: i use htop. cli app01:31
Odd-rationaleJ0nii: no01:31
batcoder-7i mean for the turning off Odd-rationale?01:31
Odd-rationalebatcoder-7: turning off? you mean like kill?01:32
batcoder-7Odd-rationale: making them so they dont start anymore01:33
batcoder-7like i am not using wifi so i dont need wpa supplicant01:33
Odd-rationaleoh i see.01:33
J0niiwhat were those commands again?01:34
Odd-rationaleJ0nii: sudo dhclient -r eth0; sudo dhclient eth001:34
Odd-rationalebatcoder-7: well, i'm not using a debain-based system atm... so i'm not 100% sure how that is done. somthing like "update-rc.d -f <daemon> remove"01:36
batcoder-7yea hmmm01:37
batcoder-7casue with the 8.10 update xubuntu atleast on my end got a bit more bloated01:37
batcoder-7or amybe just ubuntu in general01:38
batcoder-7but i could prolly turn off alot of stuff01:38
batcoder-7wigi stuff for one01:38
batcoder-7bluetooth stuff as well01:38
Odd-rationalebatcoder-7: can i pm you real quick?01:38
=== Juan is now known as juanantonio
J0niiI did the commands you suggested, and saved a complete log file if that helps01:55
J0niiNo DHCPOFFERS received.01:57
J0niiNo working leases in persistent database - sleeping.01:57
J0niiYou there Odd?01:57
Odd-rationaleJ0nii: well, the probably has to be with your dhcp server now...01:58
J0niiI thought that, but should manuel settings not work?01:59
Odd-rationaleJ0nii: again, that can depend on your server..02:00
J0niiI can use Manuel settings with windows and everything works fine02:00
Oversheein xfce, how do I get the 'taskbar' back?02:11
Odd-rationaleOvershee: try "alt+f2" and run "xfce4-panel"02:17
Oversheecommand not found02:17
Odd-rationalexfce-panel ?02:18
Overshee-bash: xfce-panel: command not found02:19
Oversheeim sshing in, if that matters02:19
Odd-rationaleok. i just totally forgot the command... try doing xfce4<tab><tab> and see what tab completion gives you...02:20
Oversheecannot open display02:20
Oversheenew question02:21
Oversheemore important02:21
Oversheecan i change my resolution from terminal02:21
Odd-rationaleyeah... sometimes... what resolution do you wnat?02:21
Oversheeidk, i was experimenting on how high i could set it02:22
Oversheeand i got one out of range02:22
Odd-rationaletry running "xrandr" from the terminal and see what options ar available.. then try something like "xrandr -s 1200x1050"02:24
Oversheecan't open display02:24
Oversheei just changed my resolution lol02:25
Oversheeim in pure terminal btw02:27
Oversheebecuase the GUI was out of range02:27
Oversheeoh bajeesus02:30
Oversheelinux kills me sometimes02:30
Odd-rationaleOvershee: maybe reboot into recovery mode, and select, fix x ?02:30
Oversheehow do i do that?02:30
Odd-rationalewhen grub is loading press esc. then choose recovery mode from the grub menu. then select fix x. then reboot...02:31
Oversheewish there was an easier way to find my max res02:32
Oversheeon this tv02:32
Oversheefound it XD02:33
Oversheeit dodesnt have 1366x768...02:35
Oversheecan i add it?02:36
Oversheeof course ubuntu forums are down02:37
DarkTanok, somehow i managed to make all my menus, task bars and what have you dissapear04:29
DarkTanhow  di i get them back?04:29
j1mcDarkTan: did you have a lot of custom settings in your task bars?04:29
DarkTanno, i was going through the display themes when everything bu my open Konversation dissapeared04:30
j1mcyou use konversation on xubuntu?04:30
DarkTani also have kubunto installed04:30
j1mcoh, ok04:30
DarkTani also don't like pidgin for IRC04:31
j1mcxchat is the default irc client for xubuntu04:31
DarkTanhmm...never noticed that one on there04:31
j1mcjust started including it in xubuntu 8.1004:31
DarkTanahh, i have 8.0404:31
DarkTanso any ideas how to get my menu's back?04:32
j1mcdo you think you could file a bug?  will logging out and logging back in bring them back?04:32
DarkTanwell i can't log out04:32
DarkTanunless i cold-boot it04:33
j1mcpress alt-f204:33
j1mcand then enter, "xfce4-panel" into the menu that comes up04:33
DarkTanw00t, that fixed it04:33
* DarkTan files that down for remembering04:34
j1mcnot sure why it crashed, though.04:34
DarkTanmaybe i was scrolling through the themes too fast04:34
j1mcmaybe... you can try again and see if it crashes on a certain theme.04:34
DarkTanon a different note, is there any way to pick my own color scheme, rather than use the supplied themes?04:35
DarkTanwell i don't really like any of 'em04:35
DarkTanwant my own colors04:35
j1mcyou could modify one of the theme files, but you'd kind of need to know what you're doing.04:39
j1mcotherwise, for a selection of other themes, check out xfce-look.org04:39
j1mca good number of themes from gnome-look.org will also work.04:39
DarkTanwill do, thanks for the help04:40
j1mc:)  yw04:40
R1cocheti have a couple screensavers that dont show up in xscreensaver setup. how can i get them to list in screensaver setup04:53
R1cochetthey show in gnomescreensaver and they are in /usr/lib/xscreensaver and /usr/share/xscreensaver/config04:57
j1mcR1cochet: xscreensaver and gnomescreensaver are two different apps, and they aren't able to always use the screensavers that the other one uses.05:00
j1mcfor example, gnome-screensaver doesn't display the "phosphor" screensaver05:00
R1cochetok but xscreensaver used to display it05:01
R1cochetjust b4 i did a fresh install05:01
j1mcit used to display a screensaver, and now no longer does?  same one?  same name?05:01
j1mcthere are some extra screensavers that aren't included by default05:02
j1mcxscreensaver-data-extra and xscreensaver-gl-extra05:03
j1mctry installing those two packages, and see if that helps05:03
R1cochetand if i click on settings>advanced in xscreensetup and change the command to what i want it will run it just fine05:03
R1cocheti have both of those05:03
R1cochetthe screensaver i want is matrixview05:03
j1mcperhaps file a bug against the xscreensaver package?05:05
j1mcsounds like a bug05:05
R1cochetwell do u have it?05:05
j1mci can select "matrixview" from my xscreensaver setup05:06
R1cocheti think i might remove all then reinstall05:07
j1mcR1cochet: i just tested it, and it worked ok.  :/05:09
j1mcwhat version of xubuntu are you using?05:09
j1mcdo you also have gnome-screensaver installed?05:09
j1mcthat's ok - good05:09
R1cochetwell i removed them all05:09
R1cochetshould i restart b4 i reinstall?05:10
j1mctype "apt-cache search xscreensaver --names-only" and make sure that you have all of those packages installed05:10
j1mcall of the ones that come up in the list.05:10
j1mcyou can even do "sudo apt-get install (names of programs) --reinstall"05:11
R1cochetwell i already completely removed through synaptic05:11
R1cochetso can i just reinstall or should i reboot05:12
j1mcreinstall those programs?05:12
j1mclogging out would suffice, anyway... you wouldn't need to fully reboot for this.05:13
R1cochetthe screensavers that i want to show up were not removed05:13
R1cochetcan i delete the two xscreensaver folders?05:14
R1cochetok brb05:15
kebis there a way to get a minimal xscreensaver that just fades to black and then turns off the monitor05:15
j1mckeb: yes, just select the top option from the screensaver menu...05:16
j1mcblank screen05:16
kebok but then can the rest be deleted05:17
j1mckeb: any special reason why you want to delete the others?05:17
R1cochetok should i apt-get or synaptic?05:17
kebwaste of disk space05:17
j1mcR1cochet: if you're comfortable typing or copying and pasting the commands, apt-get would be fine05:18
j1mcsynaptic is a graphical front-end to apt-get05:18
kebif you prefer curses you could use aptitude05:19
R1cochetso can i get all at once or should i get one then the next?05:19
R1cochetif so should i log  out between05:20
j1mcR1cochet: you can type all of the package names into the same command - just put a space between them.05:20
j1mcsudo aptitude install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extras ... etc05:20
R1cocheti nkow05:20
R1cochetbut should i just do one at a time logging out between05:21
j1mcno, it's ok.  :)05:21
R1cochetstill the same05:22
R1cochetnot there05:23
R1cochethmm i no longer have the file at all05:24
j1mcthe matrix view one?05:25
R1cochetnote that when i installed the packs again it grabed from cache and didnt dl them05:25
j1mcR1cochet: try installing "rss-glx"05:26
j1mctry "sudo apt-get install rss-glx --reinstall"05:27
kebdidnt there used to be a xscreensavers-gl package05:27
R1cochetthere still is05:28
j1mcR1cochet: did that help?05:29
R1cochetwell it installed them but they still dont show in screen setup05:30
R1cochetstill not there05:37
R1cochetare u on x64 or i38605:39
keb[00:31] * j1mc has quit ("leaving")05:39
R1cochetoh well05:42
R1cocheti thank him anyway05:42
R1cocheti think i mighta found an answer tho :)05:43
jxanderis there a way to browse gvfs in xfce? (8.10)08:15
jxandercould i use nautilus in xfce without changing my desktop?08:17
maxamillionjxander: technically yes, but you have to run it from a terminal or edit the command in the launcher to be 'nautilus --no-desktop'08:18
jxandermaxamillion: thanks!08:19
jxanderany ideas why gvfs volumes don't work in xfce only in gnome?08:20
maxamillionno idea, never messed with gvfs volumes08:21
maxamillioni assume they just don't automount in Thunar but they do with Nautilus08:21
maxamillionso you would probably have to mount it by hand and then browse with Thunar08:21
jxanderwell... that nautilus thing fixed this too :)... nautilus sees my gvfs volumes...08:22
jxandermaxamillion: do you by any chance know how to fix the video playback as it looks like the frames don't complete and the next frame comes over... some horizontal lines appear in movies. like it would run on a really old computer. any idea?08:25
maxamillionjxander: what graphics chipset do you have?08:26
jxandermaxamillion: ati mobility radeon x1400 graphics card... all the 3d games work fine, compiz too. i don't use compiz though.08:27
maxamilliongenerally if compiz works you shouldn't have any video quirks ... what media player are you using?08:28
jxandervlc and smplayer, but even with totem is the same thing :(08:28
maxamillioni think totem and smplayer rely on some of the same stuff, but vlc is completely different so that rules that out08:29
maxamillioni honestly don't know ... i've never heard of video playback issues while the 3d drivers are in place08:29
jxanderi thought the codecs have something to do with it, but i don't know how to get other codecs...08:29
maxamillionjxander: have you tried other distros to see if it is just some ubuntu-base issue?08:29
jxanderwell... not in a long time...08:30
maxamillioni don't either, i don't do much with media on my computers and i don't run *buntu so i can't be sure08:30
maxamillioni used to dev for xubuntu ... long story, but i like the people so i stick around08:30
jxanderoh... :)08:30
maxamillioni'm a fedora developer now and i'm currently studying to become an upstream kernel dev ... those will be the days :)08:31
jxandernice... you do this for a hobby, right?08:32
maxamillioni'm a college student, computer science undergrad currently, then off for my masters and hopefully for my phd ... i'd like to make a living doing all of this one day, but right now its just a pipe dream08:33
jxander:)... lol... i'm in the 3rd year at computer science and information technology...08:35
maxamillionjxander: where at?08:36
maxamillioni graduate in may with my undergrad :)08:36
jxandereurope ;)... Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania... it's in Transylvania :P08:38
maxamillionah ok08:40
maxamillioni'm in the states08:40
maxamillionTexas to be exact08:40
maxamillionschool called Sam Houston State University08:40
maxamillioni just don't sleep much :/08:40
JHook101Hello, Does anyone have a moment to assist me?09:33
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jarnosWhat makes Xfce so much slower to start than LXDE in ubuntu 8.10?13:45
TheSheepjarnos: awesomness ;)13:46
jarnosTheSheep: Could you be a little bit more specific?13:49
TheSheepjarnos: how am I supposed to know what is started on *your* system?13:50
TheSheepjarnos: you have all the tools needed to check it13:51
TheSheepI wonder if bootchart would work at this stage too13:52
jarnosTheSheep: bootchart?13:54
TheSheep!info bootchart13:54
ubottubootchart (source: bootchart): boot sequence auditing and chart generator. In component main, is extra. Version 0.9-0ubuntu7 (intrepid), package size 97 kB, installed size 192 kB13:54
TheSheepjarnos: but simple top running on a separate console would be enough, I suppose13:54
jarnosTheSheep: Like in a console that you get by e.g. Ctrl-Alt-F1?13:57
alienkidHi guys I need my mom's windows XP to print to my HP PSC 750 on my Ubuntu samba server15:28
alienkidwhen I try and set it up on windows it tells me "access denied,  unable to connect to printer"15:28
alienkidI think I have samba set up correctly aand I can print to it just fine15:29
alienkidanyone know why I am getting access denied?15:31
charlie-tcaAnybody tried Xubuntu Jaunty? I seem to have lost the desktop; After the login, I get a blank15:41
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Grabhello, does xubuntu close all running apps if cpu goes 100% ?? i was running a terminal when suddenly it disappeared??!!16:27
jarnosGrab: no16:28
Grabjarnos, what can i do to understand why the terminal window disappeared ?16:29
Grabhelloooo ?16:30
jarnosGrab: Maybe it crashed.16:30
Grabyeah.. :(16:30
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adrifthello all. I have a very simple question (I think). I17:38
adriftI'd like to stretch my desktop icons to make them bigger17:38
adriftis this possible in Xubuntu?17:38
gabkdllyadrift: hi17:41
gabkdllyyes you can17:41
gabkdllyright click on the desktop17:41
gabkdllychoose desktop settings17:41
gabkdllyin the "Behavior" tab, you can set the icon size17:41
adriftawesome, thanks gabkdlly17:42
adrifti thought it'd be fairly simple17:42
AraneidaeIs there a gui tool to eject a dvd?18:27
charlie-tcaright-click the icon on the desktop18:28
AraneidaeYes ... stupid me.18:29
AraneidaeUnfortunately I've tied myself into a knot.  Having inserted a new disk, nothing appears on the drive :(18:30
AraneidaeThe file manager sees it as empty, as does the program I'm trying to use to read it.18:30
charlie-tcatry going to /media/cdrom18:31
TheSheeptype 'eject' in a terminal or alt+f2 dialog18:31
Odd-rationaleuse a paper clip! :D18:32
* TheSheep uses a paper clip on Odd-rationale 18:33
TheSheepOdd-rationale: I see you are writing an e-mail, would you like me to help? (yes|yes please|argh please stop it)18:33
AraneidaeAlas, I've tried all of those things (including umount -l, which probably really got me into trouble)18:35
Odd-rationaleAraneidae: a paper clip never fails...18:35
TheSheepmake sure you power off the computer when you use it, thoug18:35
AraneidaeIt wouldn't open the tray (though I'd already managed to remove the disk eaarlier)18:35
Odd-rationalejust unbend it a little and stick it in the hole.18:35
* charlie-tca likes a paper clip18:36
AraneidaeAhhh... No, I'm not at the switch the machine stage off yet -- I'm trying to complete a two dvd install!18:36
AraneidaeSo trying the paper clip with power on probably wasn't very clever18:36
Odd-rationalei've used the paper clip even though the machine was on...18:36
batcoder-7i still think 8.10 has become more resouceful18:36
AraneidaeWell, doesn't seem to have broken anything.18:36
charlie-tcaDoing the paperclip with power off won´t let the drawer close when you hit the button!18:37
TheSheepAraneidae: so it won't open because there is an application using it...18:37
AraneidaeI think what's happened is that `umount -l` let me remove the disk ... but now I've put a new disk in I guess the application (a wine game) that's clinging onto the old mount won't let it mount properly.18:37
AraneidaeYep, think that's the shape of things.18:38
TheSheepreport a bug in the windows application XD18:38
AraneidaeI mean, there is a wine problem here, clearly18:39
TheSheepah, so now it's problem with wine18:39
AraneidaeBut there's also a bit of a subtle interaction mixed in18:39
AraneidaeYeah, well, I guess wine is at the heart of the problem18:39
TheSheepI still think it's the problem with the application you are trying to run :)18:40
AraneidaeWell, whinging about Windows applications is going to get me precisely nowhere!18:40
TheSheepespecially here :)18:41
TheSheepyou might ask on #wine18:41
TheSheepmaybe there is a workaround18:41
batcoder-7top is not showing anything crazy18:42
batcoder-7resource wise18:42
TheSheepbatcoder-7: what about powertop?18:43
Araneidae`lsof /media/dvd` is showing steam.exe clinging desperately onto the file18:43
TheSheepaargh, kill it! with a crowbar!18:43
AraneidaeUnfortunately there's nothing there, and there won't be anymore ... so I guess that's that18:43
batcoder-7TheSheep: i dont have powertop enabled18:43
AraneidaeHas to be a crowbar, quite so!18:43
* Araneidae is installing HL2 -- hope to meet some headcrabs18:44
batcoder-7i wonder wy my swap is being used ?18:45
AraneidaeCrowbar not required: cancel => lets go nicely.18:46
batcoder-7gome system monitor is using 8 percent of my cpu18:46
batcoder-7is that thing needed?18:46
batcoder-7what exactly is gnome system monitor doing ?18:47
batcoder-7i take gnome-system0notifier is pretty much a really needed thing to have running huh ?19:11
batcoder-7what is the default theme xfce uses in xubuntu ?19:19
jarnosAnybody tried midori on 8.10? No address bar!19:21
BlueLagunaHmm, for some reason my top xubuntu panel randomly screwed up.  The application menu is missing and my other apps on the top suddenly disappeared19:22
BlueLagunaAnyone know what causes this?  This isn't the first time this has happened19:22
jarnosBlueLaguna: Is the panel still there?19:28
BlueLagunaYeah, the panel itself is still there.  My CPU usage randomly got high and then my application menu and all the other apps on top panel disappeared except firefox, help, and system tray19:29
BlueLagunaThis has also happened on my Xubuntu laptop several times before.  Usually I just delete the panel folder in .config and restart, but this has gotten annoying so I'm trying to figure out what's causing this19:31
AndyIBanyone able to point me in the direction of slightly less than volatile NTFS read drivers?19:37
AndyIBas in, I'd prefer not have my laptop combust during my first attempt.19:38
Odd-rationalentfs-3g is quite stable now...19:40
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions19:40
AndyIBsomeone just told me to go with fuse19:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfs-fuse19:43
AndyIBguess I'll go with 3g19:44
Unggnuhi all19:45
UnggnuDoes Xubuntu have Synaptic installed per default?19:45
charlie-tcaUnggnu: yes19:48
charlie-tcaif you mean synaptic package manager19:48
Unggnuyes, thx19:48
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retour-awayEasiest way to disable user from changing Xfce setup? Mostly not to change/install wallpaper?20:23
batcoder-7that default pdf viewer that comes with xubuntu20:25
batcoder-7that thing for 1 mb pdf file uses 60 mb of ram20:26
retour-awaywhat about xpdf?20:26
retour-awaybut for advanced PDF formats Adobe is still best20:27
=== retour-away is now known as retour
TUWI'm using compiz on xubuntu (installed xfce from ubutnu) and compiz can't or rather, won't let me use more than two workspaces21:37
TUWwhen I use xfwm4 I can use as many workspaces as I want21:37
TUWgoogle's failed me, which is why I'm here21:37
TUWso humour me, or I'll have to go back to gnome. Compiz without the cube isn't fun at all :|21:38
Odd-rationaleTUW: install compizconfig-settings-manager, open it (applications --> Settings), then go to General Options --> desktop size21:58
Odd-rationaleTUW: set horizontal to 4, vertical to 1, and no. of desktop to 1.21:58
Odd-rationale(we need a factiod for that...)22:00
cawvavinoI need some help removing a potential virus from my xubuntu system22:10
vinnlA virus?22:11
DaDa|Urkatell me more! :D22:12
cawvavinoI think so, or something went wrong with my system,(bear in mind I am kinda new to linux) All my windows keep going to sleep(turning gray and not allowing me to do anything, and my browser keeps telling me that that i might need virus software but i know that it is a trap.22:12
vinnlcawvavino, do you have Compiz installed?22:12
* CppIsWeird facepalms22:12
cawvavinoI don't know, let me check22:12
vinnlRest assured that it's not a virus though22:13
cawvavinoyes i do have compiz22:13
vinnlThen that's the reason it's turning gray: when a window's busy and doesn't allow for interaction, Compiz does that22:14
vinnlWithout Compiz, you wouldn't see anything strange but you still wouldn't be able to interact with the window22:14
cawvavinoOh, well that makes sense.22:14
cawvavinothen maybe i need to clean some stuff up, cuz it didn't really do it that often until today22:15
vinnlHmm, I guess22:15
cawvavinowell thanks for the info guys22:16
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