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speakmanhi folks!01:01
speakmanI'm having this common webdevelop issue with bzr. A few users to commit to a central repo. There's still no authentication within Smart Server right?01:03
speakmanAnother issue with this web developing (actually php), is there any "proper" way to get the remote working tree updated when committing?01:05
Peng_speakman: There's a bzr-push-and-update plugin. If you're using checkouts, I dunno if it would work.01:05
speakmanBut then it will be required on all clients?01:07
speakmanIsn't there a post-commit hook to be used on the server side for such things?01:08
speakmanHow about the bzr+http approach, will it work with simple htdigest for auth?01:09
Peng_I'm sure you could set up http auth in your web server.01:13
speakmanAnd is there any reason not to use the mod_wsgi with bazaar? No howtos seems to cover that setup.01:14
Peng_It might be difficult to secure though..01:14
Peng_speakman: Eh. It's probably just that nobody's written the documentation.01:14
speakmanEasy as that. :)01:16
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Pete_Hello.  Can anyone help me get loggerhead to work on apache?  I have it running on the localhost:80, but cant get it to work when someone types in : http://bzr.website.com03:14
james_ware you using ReverseProxyPass?03:14
james_wyou're using mod_python and apache directly?03:14
Pete_i want to just use apache03:15
Pete_or do w/e is needed to just get it working03:15
james_wcan you access it at "<your ip>:80" ?03:15
Pete_if i go terminal and use lynx, i can03:15
james_wusing the IP address?03:16
james_wor using the domain name?03:16
Pete_one sec ill put it in pastebin03:16
james_woh, 8080?03:17
Pete_ya, sorry it was a typo earlier03:17
james_wyou said 80 before03:17
james_wok, so it sounds like you are not using mod_python, but running loggerhead by another method, is that correct?03:18
Pete_i suppose03:18
Pete_what is the mod_python way  of doing it?03:18
james_wI'm not positive you can03:18
Pete_i was just running serve_branches from the directory i wanted to start the branches in03:18
james_wI assume you can03:18
james_wah, ok03:18
Pete_oh ic03:18
james_wif you want to keep using serve-branches then look for a ReverseProxyPass tutorial03:19
james_wI think that's what you need to use03:19
Pete_sorry, im also learning the whole server apache thing. :( sorry for the lack of knowledge there03:19
Pete_i was able to get it to work by using a Proxy and mod_rewrite03:20
Pete_but it only worked halfway, half of the links would show up as localhost:8080/filename and not work....03:21
Pete_that is the apache config file i used03:21
james_wthere may be a serve-branches option to change what those links are generated as03:21
Peng_Pete_'s nick is really confusing me. D:03:21
Pete_--host=USER_HOST      Host Loggerhead should listen on.03:25
Pete_would that be my ip or the url?03:25
Pete_Ugh, and now when i try using the --host=bzr.petederemer.com option i just get an error: socket.error: (98, 'Address already in use')03:30
nDuffPete_, I don't have the loggerhead source handy, but by convention the default should be, ie. to listen on all interfaces.03:41
nDuffPete_, it sounds, though, like something else may have the port open.03:41
Pete_nDuff: i got it working. now i just have to figure out how to get
Pete_to show up as bzr.petederemer.com03:44
nDuffPete_, is doing a redirect from http://bzr.petederemer.com/ http://bzr.petederemer.com:8080/ unreasonable?03:45
nDuff(if so, you certainly do have other options, but it's the easy/quick/cheap approach)03:45
Pete_nDuff: i would like to keep it cleaner03:45
Pete_i think my iptables are blocking port 8080, so im opening those up right now03:46
nDuff...hmm, it's using paste... doesn't Paste support WSGI?03:46
Pete_what is wsgi?03:46
nDuffa protocol for communication between webservers (say, Apache) and webapps.03:46
Pete_well hot damn03:46
Pete_any tips on using it? or should i just hit the website straight up03:47
nDuff...actually, looking at the README, looks like the preferred deployment approach is still mod_proxy...03:48
nDuff...given that that's what the devs prefer, I'm surprised you were having trouble with redirects.03:48
Pete_what readme are you seeing this in? the one i looked at was like 10 lines long :(03:48
nDuffyou *were* using a ProxyPassReverse directive, right?03:49
Pete_i tried that03:49
Pete_but had very very limited succes03:49
Pete_but had very very limited success03:49
nDufferr, the README.txt in the loggerhead source directory I'm in is 117 lines per "wc -l".03:49
nDuff...and has an explicit section "SERVING LOGGERHEAD FROM BEHIND APACHE"03:50
Pete_err, that file did NOT look lliek the one i read03:50
Pete_Now im really mad... the different documentation wasted several hours of my time :(03:51
Pete_i think i read the readme in the debian package03:51
Pete_apparently, a very silly thing to do. haha03:52
Pete_ok thanks ill read and let you know if  i have any issues03:52
Pete_nDuff: http://pastebin.com/d4eea86df  i am now getting access forbidden errors :(04:07
nDuffPete_, do you have any Allow clause applying to that Location?04:08
Pete_nDuff: Not that I know of.  but i dont have a deny either?04:09
nDuffPete_, right -- so you're relying on default behavior. Smart (from a security perspective) default behavior for any server is to not allow access to anything unless it's been explicitly granted.04:10
Pete_nDuff: ah, didnt know that, will allow it right now04:10
nDuffPete_, ...that said, the default Order deny,allow makes things which don't match either directive permitted (while Order allow,deny does the reverse)04:11
Pete_nDuff: the location here is the location relative to the site right?04:12
Pete_nDuff: or is it the location of the folder im trying to serve?04:12
nDuffThe former.04:14
nDuffIf you were talking about a location on-disk, you'd be using a Directory section, not a Location one.04:14
Pete_still having issues :(04:18
nDuffPete_, erm, I meant for you to put those directives in the Location clause, not in a separate Directory clause04:24
nDuffPete_, my apologies if I was unclear.04:24
Pete_nDuff: oh04:24
nDuff...my comment about "if you were talking about a location on-disk" was explaining *why* you're putting them in a Location clause rather than a Directory one, as when you're proxying something from a local service, it's not coming off a disk as far as Apache is concerned.04:26
Pete_ah, i see04:27
Pete_http://bzr.petederemer.com/ , still getting getting a service temperary unavailable04:28
Pete_rather now im getting04:28
Pete_nm just took a minute04:28
Pete_nDuff: one issue. now if i click on a link it takes me to another subdomain for some reason :(04:29
nDuffPete_, using it from here it looks fine.04:30
nDuffPete_, can you describe very specifically how to reproduce?04:30
Pete_nDuff: click on the cs350hw link04:31
Pete_nDuff: it takes you to afrolegs.com04:31
nDuffPete_, it brings me to http://bzr.petederemer.com/cs350hw/files... I don't imagine you'd be using an ancient browser that doesn't provide a Host: header?04:31
Pete_nDuff: Google Chrome...04:32
nDuffwell, that's certainly not the problem, then...04:32
nDuff...hang on, I'll try from my Windows VM.04:32
nDuffnope, I can't reproduce it here using Chrome either.04:33
Pete_nDuff: wtf?!04:33
Pete_ie does it fine04:33
* nDuff remembers Chrome having a take-a-screenshot feature, but doesn't remember where it is.04:34
Pete_its chrome 2.004:35
Pete_i dunno if that matters...04:35
Pete_but still thats just gay04:35
nDuffPete_, that *is* bizarre. Can you reproduce it with other browsers?04:37
Pete_nDuff: Nope04:37
Pete_well this is REALLY strange04:38
Pete_but clearing thee cache worked04:38
Pete_im not sure why it was cached like that to begin with though...04:38
Pete_thanks sooo  much!04:38
nDuffGlad to help.04:38
Pete_nDuff: i still cant believe that i wasted a week because the debain readme was incomplete04:39
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wektWhat does LP error message mean?16:06
wekt"Series head on sane-backends has no branch associated with it"16:06
avutonHow do I check the version of a remote repository without checking it out16:17
phanaticavuton: bzr revno remote_address16:21
avutonAah, thanks :)16:21
avutonhrm, that isn't working on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lottanzb/lottanzb/16:22
avutonSays it's not a branch16:22
luksbecause it's not a branch16:23
luksthe currect url is bazaar.lp.net/~USERNAME/PROJECTNAME/BRANCHNAME16:24
luksyou are missing the last part16:24
avutonOh, sorry, I'm so infamiliar with bzr16:24
luksno, this is about launchpad, not bzr16:25
senderhi, can anyone help me installing bzr on my debian box?16:45
senderaptitude show bzr gives me: Version: 0.11-1.1 - is this up to date?16:46
phanaticsender: that's a very old version16:47
senderphanatic, tx.. thought so :/16:48
phanaticsender: this page should help you a bit: http://bazaar-vcs.org/DistroDownloads16:48
sendertx, seen that.. trying to use backports.org now, it gives me a  GPG error ..16:49
sender"The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY EA8E8B2116BA136C"16:49
senderrather different problem.. any idea how do i fix this? :)16:50
phanaticyou should be able to override that somehow. not sure how :/16:51
senderphanatic, this did it: apt-get install debian-backports-keyring.. thanx! off now exploring bzr :)16:53
phanaticsender: that's great, have fun! :)16:54
senderphanatic, shoot i'm now at Bazaar (bzr) 1.5 .. am i missing out with this version (1.10 most recent, right?) is this advanced enough or do you reckon that i compile from source?16:56
phanaticsender: i think 1.5 is still pretty old, so my advice would be to do a manual install (you can remove it later pretty easily)16:57
senderphanatic, ok I'll try this, will be a first17:00
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Sonderbladeis there something like git-svn for bzr that works really well?18:45
LarstiQSonderblade: bzr-svn18:47
asabilSonderblade: and it works better :p19:43
asabil(it is only annoying sometimes when the bzr and bzr-svn versions don't match)19:44
Sonderbladegood to know, git-svn is very nice and if bzr-svn is even better, then i'm happy19:45
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Sonderbladebzr diff is kind of slow, i thought it only operated on local data?20:45
RAOFIt does, yes. It needs to hit the disc a bit, though.20:46
RAOFlifeless: What sort of debug information would be useful for a "bzr search displayed a bunch of binary data and messed up my terminal character map" bug?20:47
Sonderbladea lot it seems20:47
Sonderbladein git, diff, log and blame are instanteous but take a long time in bzr20:48
RAOFSome of that is the different type of output; bzr log shows the topological log, rather than the list of commits in chronological order.20:49
RAOFSome of that is python overhead.20:49
RAOFPerhaps some of it is an outdated repository format, or old bzr?  I don't find the diff time obnoxious.20:49
Lo-lan-doSpeaking of which (I havent whined about it for quite some time)... is there work done on the reduction of the startup time?20:50
Sonderbladeon the same repos, "bzr log | less" takes 7 seconds but "git log" less than one second20:51
RAOFRight. "git log" doesn't have to walk the repository in the same way "bzr log" does.20:51
RAOFIn return, you get what is IMO more useful output.20:52
ronnyLarstiQ: i had to change the abstraction, now i need repo<>workingset<>branch<>workdir20:52
SonderbladeRAOF: in this case it is not the "walk" that is taking the time, both repos are just one long svn HEAD branch20:53
RAOFWe have, at this point, reached the limit of my bzr-internals knowledge.  Are they both native repositories, or is it an bzr-svn/git-svn thingy?  That might make a difference.  Maybe.20:55
Sonderbladeone is bzr-svn, the other is git-svn20:57
lifelessso I have a ew queued questions I see :P20:57
lifeless*few* queued...20:57
lifelessSonderblade: bzr diff slow - should be < 1 second across the board for working tree diffs; for historic diffs it will be slower (potentially radically slower) though that is being worked on20:58
lifelessRAOF: pointer to a repo and a search that does it would be best20:58
lifelessRAOF: patch that fixes it better still20:58
Sonderbladelifeless: historical diffs?20:59
lifelessSonderblade: diff -r x..y21:00
lifelessLo-lan-do: not much happening on startup reduction at the moment21:01
lifelessLo-lan-do: various folk have done analysis of what makes it slow; seems to be most accurately summarised as 'python;21:01
lifelessSonderblade: gits raw extraction speed is extremely fast; I'm actually analysing exactly what at the moment; I suspect its a combination of less copies (e.g. use of mmap) and the IO ordering of packs which is pretty good (we tend to have more recent revisions at the end of the pack not the fount; this is a limitation in current storage not a design goal)21:04
lifelessSonderblade: so when you say diff is kind of slow; are you talking milliseconds or seconds or ... ?21:04
lifelessLo-lan-do: more specifically it appears to scale with codebase size21:05
LarstiQlifeless: a bit higher up:21:51:07 < Sonderblade> on the same repos, "bzr log | less" takes 7 seconds but "git log" less than one second21:05
Sonderbladelifeless: i'm talking 7-10 seconds for bzr blame on a single file21:05
lifelessLarstiQ: thats log not diff21:05
lifelessSonderblade: you said "21:05
lifeless07:43 < Sonderblade> bzr diff is kind of slow, i thought it only operated on local data?21:05
lifelessSonderblade: did you mean blame?21:05
Lo-lan-dolifeless: I see.  There was talk of only loading the required modules, on demand, though.  Did that happen?  Would it help much?21:05
LarstiQlifeless: though, I'm sorry, I'm not in the best of states atm21:06
Sonderbladelifeless: ALL operations are that slow, bzr blame, diff, log..21:06
Sonderbladethey are "subversion slow"21:06
lifelessSonderblade: thats unusual; blame *should* be pretty fast, status, diff, commit should be near instant21:06
Jc2kSonderblade: did you bzr co or bzr branch from subversion?21:07
lifelessSonderblade: could you pastebin 'bzr info' - feel free to sanitise urls21:07
SonderbladeJc2k: bzr checkout21:07
Sonderbladei was told bzr-svn worked very well:)21:07
lifelessSonderblade: oh, in which case its svn slow cause its still doing svn on every operation21:08
lifelessSonderblade: because you've told it you want to act like a svn client21:08
lifelessSonderblade: run 'bzr unbind'21:08
Lo-lan-doI don't think bzr blame runs svn.21:08
Lo-lan-doNor do bzr diff or log.21:08
lifelessLo-lan-do: elimination of variables21:09
Lo-lan-do(Or maybe I've got a secret wireless card in my laptop that works even when in a train in a tunnel)21:09
lifelessLo-lan-do: (and there is a release that does, it looks up the master ranch for the branch nickname)21:09
Sonderbladelifeless: i did checkout all revisions of the svn repos which took a really long time so i don't understand why it should act like svn?21:09
Sonderbladethis is my bzr info: http://pastebin.com/m7ef9bc5321:10
sportman1280hello again.  How do i import a svn repository into bzr 11RC1?21:11
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Lo-lan-dosportman1280: bzr branch svn://foobar/trunk21:13
sportman1280Lo-lan-do:  what if it is a https page that requires login?21:13
lifelessSonderblade: nothing alarming there21:14
lifelessSonderblade: did you try unbinding?21:14
lifelessSonderblade: 'time bzr st' would be useful for me21:14
lifelessSonderblade: also are you running bzr packaged or from source?21:14
sportman1280Lo-lan-do: and i get a unsupported protocol for "svn://websitename.com"21:14
Lo-lan-doThen first do an "svn ls https://foobar/", then "bzr branch https://foobar/trunk" will reuse your SVN credentials.21:14
Sonderbladelifeless: bzr unbind did not help21:14
Sonderbladelifeless: time bzr st -> 0m0.337s21:15
lifelesswhat does bzr inventory | wc -l output21:15
Sonderbladelifeless: bzr --version -> 1.3.1 from ubuntu hardy21:15
Sonderbladelifeless: bzr inventory | wc -l -> 53721:16
sportman1280Lo-lan-do i still get an  unknown protocol for url21:17
Lo-lan-doTry svn+https then21:17
Lo-lan-doYou did install bzr-svn, right?21:17
sportman1280Lo-lan-do i still get an  unsupported protocol for url21:17
sportman1280bzr-svn wont install with 1.11rc121:18
lifelessSonderblade: https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive21:18
sportman1280bzr-svn says it requires a build of bzr less than 1.821:18
lifelessSonderblade: has bzr 1.10 in it21:18
lifelessSonderblade: this has had about 8 months of folk optimising it :P21:19
Sonderbladelifeless: yes but i'm not using latest ubuntu, 1.3.1 can't be so old can it?21:19
lifelessbzr 1.3.1 2008-04-0921:20
Sonderbladebzr can't be very mature yet if an 8 months old version is to old21:21
lifelesssportman1280: there are newer releases of bzr-svn too21:21
Lo-lan-dosportman1280: I guess you need to find a more recent version.  Like 0.5.21:22
lifelessSonderblade: uhm its not too old; its had performance improvements and you seem to have a performance issue21:22
sportman1280Lifeless: where can i find a built one?21:22
Lo-lan-doBuilt for what?21:22
sportman1280Lo-lan-do: i38621:22
lifelessSonderblade: we can sit down and analyse why you're having a performance issue, and hope its not one thats fixed; -or- we could as a start point get the current release21:22
Lo-lan-doWhat distribution?21:23
sportman1280Lo-lan-do: the ppa beta doesnt have it21:23
sportman1280Lo-lan-do: ubuntu intrepid21:23
Lo-lan-doTry the one in Debian experimental.21:23
Sonderbladelifeless: ok, i'll recompile it from source and will try again21:23
Lo-lan-do(Or just grab it from upstream into your ~/.bazaar/plugins, there's no compiling required)21:24
lifelessSonderblade: huh! you don't need to do that21:24
sportman1280Lo-lan-do: oh i didnt realize there was no compiling21:24
lifelessSonderblade: just add that PPA to your apt sources and ubuntu will track it21:24
lifelesssportman1280: intrepid has bzr-svn 0.4.13-2;21:25
sportman1280lifeless: which doesnt work with 1.1021:26
lifelesssportman1280: cause intrepid shipped 1.6.121:26
sportman1280lifeless: it apparently only likes bzr 1.8 or less21:26
sportman1280lifeless: i was getting an error when importing21:26
sportman1280lifeless: it was an invalid character '\'21:27
sportman1280lifeless: and would terminate21:27
lifelesssportman1280: how did you install 1.10 ?21:27
sportman1280lifeless: i installed the 1.11rc1 from the bzr beta ppa21:30
lifelesssportman1280: ah, we don't build bzr-svn in the beta ppa21:31
lifelessperhaps we should21:31
sportman1280Lo-lan-do: the plugin isnt being detected when i put it in the plugins file21:31
lifelesssportman1280: anyhow, I would just use the released ppa, which has bzr-svn included in it21:31
sportman1280lifeless: yes please do. they conflict and it actually removes any bzr-svn u have installed21:31
sportman1280lifeless: but that bzr-svn doesnt work21:32
sportman1280lifeless: because it conflicts with bzr 1.10.21:32
lifelesssportman1280: in the release ppa?21:32
sportman1280or anything higher than 1.821:32
lifelesssportman1280: yes21:32
sportman1280yep it conflicts21:33
lifeless+COMPATIBLE_BZR_VERSIONS = [(1, 10, 0)]21:34
lifeless 21:34
lifelesssportman1280: looks fine to me; I would wager breakfast that you were using the beta ppa which *will conflict*21:34
sportman1280lifeless: gah. apparently i cant read21:35
sportman1280lifeless:  Thanks lifeless and Lo-lan-do. Hopefully i dont get an error this time importing it21:39
sportman1280lifeless: cuz then i really have no idea what to do haha21:40
lifelesssportman1280: well if an import fails file a bug please21:40
sportman1280there was a bug filed when i looked21:40
sportman1280but its been there since 2007 i think so theres little hope of it being fixed21:40
kumiHi guys, I pulled an upstream revision into a standalone tree, and the working tree is now 1 revision behind the tip of the branch.21:41
kumiWhat command will tell me what files will change when I use "bzr up"? Or which command will give me a diff of the changes that "bzr up" will perform?21:41
Lo-lan-dokumi: bzr diff ../upstream --new .21:42
kumiLo-lan-do: thanks. But what if I don't have read access to upstream?21:43
kumi(I mistyped earlier, I didn't pull from upstream, I pushed from upstream)21:44
Lo-lan-doThen you won't be able to update anyway :-)21:44
kumihm, maybe I'm not wording things right21:44
Lo-lan-doOh, no, it's just that I didn't read you correctly.21:45
lifelesskumi: bzr diff -r -2..-1 probably21:45
Lo-lan-doI'm actually wondering about the same question from time to time.21:45
lifelesswe really sould add that ree: revspec21:45
kumiLo-lan-do: me too, I stumble upon this on occasion21:46
Lo-lan-dolifeless: Also probably a "upstream:" revspec or so, for use in "bzr missing"21:47
Lo-lan-do(For bound branches)21:47
Lo-lan-doCurrently, one has to do bzr info, paste the "bound_location" out of that, and do a bzr missing $that_url, which is a bit cumbersome for the equivalent of "svn status -u"21:48
lifelessLo-lan-do: parent:21:56
Lo-lan-doWon't that ignore the new revisions on the parent side since the last update?21:57
lifelessLo-lan-do: no, why would it?21:58
Lo-lan-doI'm probably mixing with ancestor:21:58
Lo-lan-doAnd I'm still on 1.5, where there's no parent:, I guess it was added later.21:59
Lo-lan-doAh, yeah, the changelog for 1.6 has :parent.21:59
mwhudsonwhat's the story with my non system bzr trying to load plugins from the system location?22:01
WurblzapHi all -- I'm getting "No such file" on an initial init-repo using sftp. I can mkdir using sftp manually, though... Can you give my some pointers?22:01
spivmwhudson: that's the intended behaviour, I think.22:02
mwhudsoneven if BZR_PLUGIN_PATH is set?22:03
mwhudsonalso, just no22:03
mwhudsonit seems nuts22:03
LarstiQit can have it's use, but I agree it's often more annoying22:05
mwhudsoni guess i can avoid it by calling load_plugins with just the paths i want22:06
mwhudsoni wonder if this is why bzr trunk fails tests when run against launchpad trunk...22:08
lifelessWurblzap: -Dtransport may add more detail to .bzr.log22:12
* Wurblzap tries22:13
lifelessWurblzap: other than that I suggest filing a bug22:13
Wurblzap-Dtransport literally doesn't add anything (identical logging). Server logs don't shed light either. Unfortunate...22:14
lifelessWurblzap: oh, what url are you using22:15
WurblzapA private one, lifeless... What details do you need?22:15
lifelessbasically do you have a dedicated directory, or is it in your home dir, if its in your home dir, do you have ~ in the url22:16
lifelesse.g. sftp://HOST/~/INMYHOMEDIR22:16
lifelessor sftp://HOST/ABSPATH22:16
lifelessare the syntax for sftp urls in bzr22:16
WurblzapIt's in a home dir, lifeless. There's no ~. It's sftp://user@hostname/path/from/homedir/subdir/22:16
lifelessadd /~22:17
WurblzapAll right, that sounds promising, lifeless22:17
* Wurblzap tries22:17
WurblzapAll right, no error msg... Let's see what happened on the server22:17
WurblzapYeah, lifeless, this seems to have done the trick. Thanks a lot!22:18
mwhudsonspiv: i think this behaviour means that if you have an old bzrtools installed in the system location, bzr.dev's tests will fail22:28
mwhudson(because of the blackbox tests of shelve)22:28
markhdo I still have time to make doc changes and brand tbzr and still have them make 1.11?23:37
lifelessI'd say so23:38
sportman1280hello.  i am getting the following error. is there anyway around it?bzr: ERROR: Unable to convert Subversion path loud-lintian/trunk/testset/filenames/files/'\  because it contains characters invalid in Bazaar.23:40
sportman1280Can anyone help?23:52
lifelesssportman1280: bzr doesn't permit every single possible character in file names23:53
lifelessin particular '\' isn't permitted23:53
sportman1280lifeless: how do i get around this if i am trying to import an svn?23:54
lifeless(as well as \r, \n, \x00)23:54
lifelessI don't know23:54
lifelessyou could fastexport it and write a awk filter for the fastexport stream23:54
lifelessbzr can import fastimport streams23:54
sportman1280what is fastexport a google search isn't really showing me much.  to much random in the results23:56
spivYou could probably filter that file out of an svnadmin dump of the repo too.23:57
spivI've no idea if that'd be better/worse or easier/harder than the fastexport option.23:57
lifelessnote that lintian has changed its repo to remove these files now23:58
mwhudsonas is almost always the case23:59
mwhudsonit makes the restrictions a little frustrating for my vcs-imports hat :)23:59

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