nubaeu wanted to talk to me yesterday I believe03:54
LaserJocknubae: yeah03:54
LaserJocknubae: wanted you to look at the new homepage we were working on03:54
nubaeyeah I published it :-)03:54
nubaethere are still a couple other pages that need the 'edubuntu is a distribution' parts taken out03:55
LaserJockah, cool03:56
nubaethat, and I need your help with the community and help pages03:56
LaserJockI did a quick triage of all the edubuntu.org pages03:56
nubaeboth have contacts that are probably out of date03:56
LaserJockyeah, I actually got an email from one of the contacts today asking for it to be updated :-)03:56
nubaeok, so what should we change there... I put you up there, since you weren't mentioned03:57
nubaestarting with the help and support page..03:57
nubaeteh education realm should probably be switched to Riched right?03:58
nubaeTechnical/General, to you?03:59
LaserJockI don't have time to work on it tonight03:59
LaserJockI think we can discuss that one via mailing list03:59
nubaeok no worries, shall we set a time?03:59
LaserJocksince we're putting people's names down I think we should get broader discussion03:59
nubaeI doubt anyone is going to answer on the mailing list :-)04:00
nubaebut sure we can try...04:00
LaserJockI'm not sure if we even want to do a ton for specific contacts, especially since they often go away04:00
LaserJockwell, even if it's me and you04:00
nubaeand then set a time when me and you can go over specifics in the page04:00
LaserJockit's a little hard to work on lists, etc. on IRC04:00
LaserJockI do want to talk to you a little about the Download page04:00
nubaeyup... ok yeah I agree, 3 contacts at most04:01
LaserJockspecifically that there is 3 similar but different Download pages04:01
nubaehmmm, I only see 204:01
LaserJocknode 3, 47 and whatever node /Download is04:02
nubaebut are they all published?04:02
LaserJocknot sure, at least 2 are04:03
nubaeon the front page, we have a link to downloads, and then the banner at the top brings you to a kind of download page too04:03
nubaeI guess those 2 links could go to the same place04:03
LaserJockthe link on the frontpage goes to a different node than 3 and 4704:03
Ahmuckgood evening04:03
nubaeit goes to 5304:05
nubaewhich seems to be the only active one04:05
nubaethe other download-like page is the new release announcement04:05
LaserJockok, let's come up with a syntax or naming scheme04:06
LaserJock1) I'd like to archive release announcements and release notes for each release04:06
LaserJock2) rather than updating the same page for each release we should just change the url aliases04:07
nubaeok, by archiving them, we take out the url rewrite, unpublish and leave as a node04:07
nubaeyeah we normally do that04:07
nubaeat least I've been doing that, like in the case of the homepage04:07
nubaeproblem is, that gets messy04:07
nubaethere are a ton of unpublished pages that serve no purpose04:07
LaserJockwell, for the homepage I don't think we really need to do that so much04:07
LaserJockI don't think we need to unpublish them either04:08
nubaeok so for which pages04:08
nubaewell, the thing is the url changes to a node04:08
nubaeso no one will find it anyway04:08
LaserJockgoogle might04:08
nubaeunless we link to old release announcements some how04:08
LaserJockand what I'm thinking is that we can make an archive page that links to them04:09
nubaeok, so we do this for announcements and which other pages?04:09
LaserJockI think the application lists, any release-specific documentation, release notes, and release announcements should be done this way04:09
nubaek I'll jot that down in a tomboy note04:10
LaserJockthe thing is I want to keep info on there04:10
LaserJockso that the site is not only useful for people getting the very latest release04:11
LaserJockfor instance, a lot of people will be using 8.04 for a while04:11
nubaewell, the release notes from 8.04 hardly changed to 8.1904:12
LaserJocki know04:12
LaserJockbut that may not always be the case04:12
nubaeonly the release name was changed, which of course is something that should be remedied... we should mention what is new with the releases04:12
nubaeso people have a feeling that the thing is growing04:12
nubaenot just cloning itself04:13
LaserJockit's just that nobody did it for 8.1004:13
nubaeok, so back downloads, what should we do?04:13
nubaein the release annoncement we could point to the download pages instead of repeating the full instructions there04:14
LaserJockwell  so do we have duplicates or are a couple actually release announcements?04:14
nubaethe places where instructions for downloading are is in the release notes (/news/8.10-release) and the downloads page (/Download)04:15
nubaemy thinking is we can keep release notes just about that, and point them to the download page for full instructions04:16
LaserJockI think so04:16
LaserJockbecause I want to keep the actual release notes and announcments04:16
LaserJockbut if they include download instructions that gets oudated04:16
LaserJockso /Download should be basically the only place with downloading instructions04:17
LaserJockI renamed a few pages04:18
LaserJockbut I think we should go through and make sure that the release-specific pages have the release in them04:18
LaserJockperhaps using 8.10: <whatever>  etc.04:18
nubaealso, the edubuntu wiki is a bit of a mess04:19
nubaepointing to there is like going to an outside source that is very out of date04:20
nubaeI think it does more damage than good at this point04:20
nubaeapart from the develop part, the rest is duplication of what is already on or should be on the edubuntu.org page04:23
nubaethe wiki should really be about how to get stuff working, describing and rating the apps, projects being undertaken by us...04:24
nubaewhatcha think?04:26
LaserJockthere's points both ways04:27
LaserJockmany fewer people have access to edubuntu.org04:28
nubaewell from a maintenance point of view, we shouldnt be duplicating data04:28
LaserJockso it's often been more outdated than the wiki04:28
nubaewell, thats not the case now04:28
nubaeright now the wiki is far more outdated, and duplicate04:28
LaserJockhow duplicative?04:29
nubaecommunication, participate, teams, contact us, faq04:31
nubaeanyway I have to go, but its an idea to think about what exactly we want to do with the wiki.... It shouldnt just be another edubuntu.org with some extra material04:32
nubaeoh b4 I forget04:33
nubaethere was  a bug report about moodle... its related to postrgres and permission04:33
nubaeI suggest making moodle depend on mysql instead, its far more common04:34
LaserJockit does04:34
nubaeand easier to auto install04:34
nubaeanyone wanting to use postrgres, will more than likely know how to install that manually04:34
LaserJockour package does either, but default so mysql04:35
nubaeand will want to too, postgres isnt something u should be installing unless you know what u are doing04:35
nubaehmmm, last I checked it defaulted to postgres04:35
nubaeand it would seem from that error report that his did too04:35
nubaeI'll try it on a fresh ubuntu vm04:36
LaserJockoh, you're right04:36
LaserJockyou can just check the package04:36
LaserJockapt-cache show moodle04:36
LaserJockpostgresql-client |mysql-client04:36
nubaeyah right :-) ok so if we switch to mysql, we'll get far fewer problems and be able to strike that bug away04:36
LaserJockthere was a reason for doing postgresql but I can't remember it04:37
nubaewell, its a better db for sure, for scaling...04:37
nubaebut anyone that is going to be doing 1000s of users will need to know what they are doing04:38
nubaeso its kinda moot... mysql is easy enough for everyone04:38
LaserJockwell we can discuss that04:39
nubaeoh, there is another server side app we can look at, that links into moodle a bit... its an e-portfolio type software... very powerful, like a school based facebook, but geared totally towards learning04:39
nubaeits called Mahara04:39
nubaemaybe u've heard of it04:40
LaserJocki have04:40
nubaeI wrote an article about it a while back: http://www.nubae.com/mahara-e-portfolio-for-moodle04:40
nubaeits in universe04:41
nubaeoh, u wanna check out a live mahara, I have one here on my server?04:41
nubaeok, created a user for u: laserjoch04:44
nubaelaserjock even04:44
nubaewith pass mahara504:44
nubaeits actually really neat... its like a common place for students to store their data, post resumes, interact, grab posted files for whatever reason, etc04:46
nubaeneeds some more research but could be a good addition to the edubuntu server packages04:53
LaserJockyeah, i'd like to beef that up04:53
nubaeoh, its totally modular04:53
nubaecan be easily adjusted to whatever we want04:54
nubaeso from a server side we have php mysql ejabberd, moodle right now04:54
nubaeand possibly mahara and schooltool+04:55
LaserJockI don't know about schooltool04:55
LaserJockwe don't have ejabberd right now, but it'd be nice to add it04:55
nubaewell, what do u mean we don't gave04:55
nubaeI've installed it just fine04:56
LaserJockin Edubuntu04:56
nubaeoh k04:56
nubaeis it in uni?04:56
LaserJockI guess04:57
nubaeand with schooltool I really think it would be a good idea to talk to tom hoffman04:57
LaserJockapt-cache madison ejabberd04:57
nubaeok so that requires an MIR04:57
nubaeshall I do that?04:58
LaserJockyeah, you can start working on that04:58
nubaeok cool, there is also the case with kolourpaint 404:59
nubaevs gpaint04:59
nubaeboth are in main04:59
LaserJockI've been thinking about that04:59
nubaeso it should just be an agreement to push that through04:59
LaserJockand a little about the role of KDE in Edubuntu04:59
* nubae listens05:00
LaserJockwell, it does seem like KDE is more edu-minded05:01
LaserJockI think making ubuntu-desktop-kde more of a priority might be useful05:02
LaserJockthere aren't that many Gnome edu apps left05:03
nubaeu mean focus on kde apps05:04
nubaeor make it kde4?05:04
nubaewhich I all up for05:04
LaserJockthere's a few thing05:05
LaserJockwith the app bundles there's much less lock-in to the DE05:05
LaserJockwe're mostly just after educational stuff, regardless05:05
LaserJockbut there are little things we wrap around the purely eductional apps05:06
LaserJocklike gpaint vs kolourpaint05:06
LaserJockand then there are issues like Gnome's user admin tool being kinda dead and buggy05:07
LaserJockso I'm not saying drop gnome or replace it with KDE05:07
LaserJockbut just having a stronger KDE option in edubuntu-desktop-kde05:07
nubaeok sounds good05:12
nubaekdefy it05:12
nubaeso how do we do that?05:12
nubaeit would be nice too, because the look and feel would have a nice change05:12
LaserJockessentially just pay attention to edubuntu-desktop-kde metapackage05:12
LaserJockand work with Kubuntu folks05:12
nubaeso can we user their widget based approach at all?05:13
LaserJockI wonder how many edu people use KDE though05:13
nubaeor does that reuiquiren kd4 outright05:13
nubaehmm, at least 10%05:13
LaserJockhow do you mean?05:14
LaserJockwe have KDE405:14
nubaeyes, but more integrated into the gui05:14
LaserJockjust bits of it in KDE Edu and Kolourpaint405:14
nubaei know05:14
nubaeI'm talking look and fee05:14
LaserJockright, what I'm saying is that edubuntu-desktop-kde would be installed on top of Kubuntu05:15
nubaebe able to us some of their plasma and widget stuff05:15
LaserJockso whatever we do in there we can use KDE 4 to our hearts content05:15
nubae,so maintiain 32 version then05:15
LaserJockso yeah, we could write plasmoids or whatever05:15
nubaewell, who do we talk to at kde?05:16
LaserJockI don't know that we need to exactly talk to kde05:16
LaserJockwe can just start doing things05:16
LaserJock1 task is to get the edubuntu-desktop-kde metapackage in shape in the seeds05:17
LaserJockI have an idea about that that I'll try to get going shortly05:17
nubaebut that would mean installing on top of a kubuntu, right=05:18
LaserJockso say on our download page we could have05:18
LaserJockfor Ubuntu users:05:18
LaserJockblah blah05:18
LaserJockfor Kubuntu users:05:18
LaserJockbla blah05:18
nubaewould the apps all still be the same05:20
nubaeor woudl we put something different in gnome than in kde05:20
nubaeok, so shall we open a discussion on the lists concerning this?05:22
LaserJockI don't think we need to right away05:23
LaserJockwe can see where it takes us05:23
nubaeok a possible future roadmap05:23
nubaeok, I gotta go05:24
nubaeanything else?05:24
LaserJockI think we could put it in the Jaunty announcment/release notes05:24
LaserJockI gotta go too05:24
nubaeye we can start, and maybe at next weeting we know enough to write something05:25
nubaeanyway bye05:25
highvoltageogra: ouch, this is running windows: http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/10/video-intels-convertible-classmate-pc-hands-on/06:59
Meshezabeelalways good to have a weeting08:24
MeshezabeelWell, it was nice talking to you HedgeMage, cya next time.08:27
HedgeMageI just got here... I'm not leaving yet. :)08:28
Meshezabeelyeah, it was nice talking to you with the double question marks at least :)08:29
MeshezabeelI'm the one leaving :)08:30
stgraberhey LaserJock21:43

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