apacheloggerLaserJock: rc100:00
apacheloggercoming up in about 2 days00:00
LaserJockapachelogger: I see a bzr revisioned tagged as 4.1.96-0ubuntu1, is that pre-emptive?00:02
apacheloggerLaserJock: KDE releases the tarballs one week before release to packagers for additional QA, build checks and binary preparation00:03
LaserJockis it a public download but they don't announce it widely?00:05
LaserJockor do thet send them in the mail :-)00:05
apacheloggerLaserJock: packagers get direct access to the internal KDE ftp server, only once the appropriate directory is made world readable the public ftp server can sync it00:06
apacheloggerusually there are some modifications being done, or important last minute bug fixes that didn't make it in before tarball creation00:07
apacheloggernot many, but it happens00:07
LaserJockdo they do that even for Betas?00:08
apacheloggeryep, IMHO it makes our lives easier since we have a good amount of time to prepare packages and deploy them at the same time KDE publishes the source00:09
apacheloggeralso makes the users happier I suppose :)00:09
JontheEchidnaunless we're a week and a half late anyways, of course :P00:10
apacheloggernot often, but it happens :P00:10
apacheloggerthat should also improve if/when we get a server where every ninja has access00:11
LaserJockso can you not upload the packages untill KDE officially releases the tarball00:12
ScottKExcept when we do.00:12
JontheEchidnait is very strongly suggested that we don't, since fixes can be made at the last moment00:12
ScottKDebian uploaded 4.1.4 and it doesn't release until Monday.00:12
ScottKMonday, right?00:12
apacheloggerdepends on the timezone00:13
apacheloggerTue UTC00:13
ScottKFriday in .au.00:13
ScottKQuassel git snapshot test building now.00:13
apacheloggerLaserJock: we upload before the embargo ends to meet our own release schedule for example00:14
LaserJockok, so if only a couple people in Kubuntu have access to the tarballs does it make it harder to collaborate on getting the packages ready?00:14
ScottKapachelogger: In KDE the quassel notifications only work if focus grabbing protection is disabled.  I'm wondering if we should make that the default?00:14
ScottKLaserJock: We have a process ....00:15
JontheEchidnaLaserJock: apachelogger mirrors them on a non-publicly-disclosed-but-accessible-to-those-who-know server00:15
LaserJockok, makes sense00:16
apacheloggeryou have no idea... in june I did a release on my own because Riddell was busy and I guess Riddell did pretty much the same for every release before00:16
ScottKThen suddenly he was in charge.00:17
ScottKWhich was funny because he wasn't core-dev then.00:17
* apachelogger certainly got a lot of the core-dev experience through being in charge though00:19
LaserJockyes, I can imagine00:19
apacheloggeralso we have come a long way, we started off by downloading stuff manually, now we just call a couple of scripts, do some changes and watch pbuilder build ;-)00:20
nixternalapachelogger: and you documented all of this on the wiki right? :p00:21
ScottKnixternal: You saw my reply to his latest proposal, right?00:22
apacheloggernixternal: actually I did, it's just not public :P00:22
nixternalScottK: yup :)00:22
nixternalI can haz wikipage or something00:23
nixternalI was going to respond with the same thing :)00:23
* apachelogger will write something up once he is done with .96 reviews00:23
ScottKlolspeak and everything?00:23
apacheloggerI was thinking about writing it in whitespace :P00:24
apacheloggeralso, it's actually all pretty straight forward if you know what all the scripts are doing ;P00:24
JontheEchidnablack magic otherwise00:24
JontheEchidna"ZOMG! It makes teh packagez!"00:24
* ScottK hands https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/i386/python-stepic/0.3-1 for his documentation project.00:25
* ScottK tries to remember where to push the packaging branch for quassel ....00:28
ScottKFound it.00:29
ScottKSput: It built and the depends are good now.  Thanks.00:33
* ScottK tests....00:33
ScottKNote to self: Build for the release you're running.00:36
Hobbseealways a help00:36
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
vorianScottK: ok, what version of mysqyl does amarok need? the ones i keep plugging in are failing in pbuilder01:01
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: trying resumes here01:01
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: kquitapp plasma && plasma now?01:02
ScottKvorian: apachelogger knows the details.01:02
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: yus01:02
* vorian looks to apachelogger 01:02
apacheloggervorian: more information required01:02
vorianremeber earlier today, i showed you the pbuilder failuer with mysql?01:03
apacheloggervorian: no universe?01:03
voriani have universe01:03
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: it wasn't default but it shows up now01:03
apacheloggervorian: post a complete build log then01:03
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ok, need a strace now01:04
apacheloggertechnically system.kdeglobals should override kdeglobals01:04
* ScottK returns with his 45.0 ounce/1275.8gram bag of Peanut M&Ms.01:04
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: what command?01:05
apacheloggerstrace plasma --nofork > ~/plasma-strace 2>&101:05
JontheEchidnabig file01:07
apacheloggergzip and send01:07
JontheEchidnaoh, only line-wise though01:08
ScottK-laptopOK.  Here on the quassel git snapshot now.01:08
* JontheEchidna uses signature volia misspelling01:09
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: sent01:09
apacheloggeranother wrong path01:12
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: change your wallpaper to something else01:12
* JontheEchidna changes to KDE 4.0 default01:12
JontheEchidnanow restart plasma?01:12
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: yah, best make sure that plasmarc-applets applied it01:13
ScottK-desktopScottK-laptop: Hey.  This is a test to see if notifications work.01:14
JontheEchidnastill no snow :(01:15
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: nah, you need a new package01:15
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: same url01:15
apacheloggerthen restart plasma and you should have snow01:15
apacheloggerwith a bit of luck at least01:15
JontheEchidnano luck here01:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: strace again please01:18
* apachelogger reinstalls his jaunty vm to try for himself01:18
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: sent01:21
apacheloggerare you sure you upgraded the package?01:23
JontheEchidnayes, wget, dpkg01:24
JontheEchidnaoh, unless wget tried to be smart01:25
JontheEchidnaand renamed the deb01:25
JontheEchidnastill no snow, though01:26
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: strace :P01:26
apacheloggerah well01:27
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: grep the strace for /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/config/system.kdeglobals01:27
apacheloggerit shouldn't say (No such file or directory)01:27
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103347/01:29
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: grep for wallpaper-of-the-month-profile01:31
* vorian retries amarok01:32
apacheloggerhm, apparently I am speaking a lot01:33
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: that is no good01:33
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: anyway, thanks01:33
* apachelogger will have to look into this more closely01:33
JontheEchidnamaybe if I removed the appletsrc...01:33
JontheEchidnahaha @ my quote01:34
vorianapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103348/01:34
apacheloggerroot@osiris:/# apt-cache show libmysqlclient-dev01:37
apacheloggerroot@osiris:/# apt-cache show mysql-server-5.101:37
apacheloggerW: Unable to locate package mysql-server-5.101:37
apacheloggervorian: either these packages are stuck in new, or they are just not available01:37
vorianah, that's prolly it01:37
apacheloggervorian: yeah, all in new launchpad sez01:38
JontheEchidnano luck with new appletsrc either01:38
voriani just checked too :)01:38
apacheloggerso, here is the question01:39
apacheloggeranother glass of bloody mary, or going to bed?01:40
vorianbloody mary01:40
* apachelogger opens another bottle of vodka01:40
ScottKapachelogger: Looks like your SSL cert magic works.01:43
apacheloggeryay :)01:43
ScottKCouldn't sniff my own password this time.01:43
ScottKSput: I'm here on the git snapshot with split client server.  The monolithic one works too.01:44
ScottKSput: I'm about convinced this git snapshot is working.  Is there some upstream person that would be willing to subscribe to Quassel bugs in Ubuntu?01:47
ScottKapachelogger: Any reason I shouldn't upload this?01:47
apacheloggerScottK: unless I told you some earlier there is probably none01:48
ScottKNot that I recall.01:48
* apachelogger is not 100% sober but thinks there was only some testing on the cert stuff to be done01:49
JontheEchidnakubotu: chat01:51
kubotu08] <Tonio_> Riddell: I already packaged smb4d, and planing to prepare the wiki static?01:51
JontheEchidnawhee, lag01:51
apacheloggerwho is lagging?01:56
apacheloggeroh dear, my bf just fell a sleep watching television02:03
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: please check if your .kde kdeglobals contains a Directories group02:04
* ScottK wonders what decorations apachelogger has available.02:04
apacheloggerScottK: decorations?02:04
ScottKIf it's a deep sleep you might decorate them with something.02:05
ScottKShaving cream and lipstick are traditional.02:05
ScottKNair is you've got a serious nasty streak.02:06
* apachelogger notes that decoration from the christmas tree is still somewhere *evilgrin*02:06
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: no Directories group02:07
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: hm, ok, I'll take a look at it02:12
apacheloggermaybe we really need to edit kde4rc, altough I'd rather avoid that02:13
torkianohello, I have a little problem with your KDE 4.2beta packages, Can I report a bug in launchpad?02:13
torkianosummarizing: http://imagebin.ca/view/Us-dl8.html02:13
torkianothe trash applet not shows its elements02:15
apacheloggertorkiano: if you are on jaunty you can report a bug, if you are on intrepid this issue might very well be caused by the fact that we don' t deploy updated localization for it02:15
torkianook apachelogger, I'm in intrepid02:15
voriantorkiano: that should be fixed when RC1 comees out next week02:15
apacheloggervorian: are you sure?02:16
vorianor that02:16
torkianovorian: grear news, thank you vorian02:16
vorianapachelogger: it's connected to the kdm.init bug02:16
* apachelogger is wondering how that connects to kdm02:16
vorianit doesn't02:17
apacheloggeryou are not making sense :P02:17
vorianyeah, i'll stop talking now02:17
* apachelogger continues decorating and then goes to bed, still a lot of reviewing to do tomorrow02:17
ScottKapachelogger and Sput: quassel uploaded.02:19
ScottKseele: There is now a git snapshot of quassel with KDE integration enabled in Jaunty and on my PPA for Intrepid https://launchpad.net/~kitterman/+archive/03:07
ScottKseele: This is, less one small commit, the current state of the development tree. It might be worth a quick relook to see if any new usability things pop up.03:08
* ScottK discovers there is a "Emoticons Themes Manager" and despairs.03:12
torkianoScottK: Wow, Kvirc4 is very impressive, thank you for the PPA03:26
ScottKtorkiano: You're welcome.  I think it's a bit much for newbies, so not great for our default, but it's a good client.03:27
ScottKI should probably upload that to the archive too.03:27
torkianoMaybe, quaseel is a little confusing, too. Mainly because of its distributed architecture03:31
torkianobut as dar as I Know they are working in it03:31
ScottKYes.  The client/core is.  We're intending the monolithic client as the default.03:32
torkianoI wonder if you mind if I put links to your PPA in this thread in kde forum: http://forum.kde.org/kde4-qt4-replacements-for-konversation-t-23842.html03:35
ScottKNo.  I don't mind.03:36
ScottKIf I get bug reports, I'll mind.03:36
ScottKrgreening: Still up?03:37
torkianoScottK: I understand. I'll wait until you upload kvirc4 to the archive03:42
ScottKIt may be awhile.  I built my package on work rgreening did and I'd rather let him finish it and get the credit if he's interested.03:53
rgreeninghey even04:14
rgreeningScottK: Im around... I have been a bit tied up with $work :)04:14
rgreening+ holidays... I should have some time starting Monday...04:15
ScottKrgreening: I updated your kvirc package to a newer snapshot and then played with it some.04:15
rgreeningThat's cool04:15
ScottKrgreening: I think it's good enough to put in the archive as kvirc (modulo fixing the comments I gave you).04:16
ScottKrgreening: So would you be up for updating it next week then (as kvirc, not kvirc-kde4)?04:16
ScottKI take it that's a yes?04:16
rgreeningsure nthing.04:16
ScottKrgreening: Ping me when you need a sponsor.04:17
rgreeningok. ty.04:17
ScottKtorkiano: ^^ Next week some time.04:19
rgreeningScott: what changes besides the -kde4 do I need? Obviously update the tar.gz to current snapshot/release/ver04:20
ScottKrgreening: Do you still have my comments in your IRC logs?04:21
torkianoScottK: I upgrade the post when that happens ;-)04:21
ScottKWell grep kvirc * acrosss my IRC logs tells me who uses kvirc.04:22
rgreeningprobably. If those are the ones, I am pretty sure I did those..04:22
ScottKI didn't see an upload after I gave you the comments.04:22
rgreeninglet me look04:23
rgreeningScottK: https://launchpad.net/~roderick-greening/+archive04:25
ScottKrgreening: That's after I gave you comments.04:25
ScottKSo I guess you did.04:25
rgreeningScottK: If you have a look and see any glaring bad things... feel free to let me know. I'll update hte package next week without the -kde4 extension.04:27
ScottKOK.  If I get motivated I will.04:27
ScottKrgreening: Since it's a Universe package, when you ask me, ask me in #ubuntu-motu.04:27
ScottKWhen you apply for MOTU we want these people to know who you are.04:28
rgreeningfor sure04:28
ScottKNo problem.  The more people who know what they are doing and have upload rights, the less for me to do ...04:28
rgreeningtrue dat04:29
ScottKMan with one big eyebrow and no mouth?04:30
ScottKor nose04:30
Tm_Tleft-handed smiley04:30
Tm_Trgreening: ?04:31
vorianyou can put a sftp address in folderview :D04:32
vorianthat is awesome04:32
rgreeningoh I need sleep04:32
Tm_Tvorian: sure04:32
voriani'm always the last to notice things :)04:33
Tm_Tvorian: well there will be thousands of people noticing after you so no worries04:33
ScottKThat's one of the things I love about KDE is you can pretty much to that anywhere.04:34
ScottKGnomish stuff seems to fall over and get upset.04:34
LaserJockvorian: that rocks05:36
* LaserJock comes late to the "sftp in folderview" party05:37
torkianoSckott: I have problems with your quassel packages: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/quassel-client_0.4.0~git090110-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa2_i386.deb (--unpack):07:22
torkiano trying to overwrite `/usr/share/kde4/apps/quassel/quassel.notifyrc', which is also in package quassel07:22
Tm_TRiddell: knew this? http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/11/business/11ubuntu.html?_r=107:54
briseightI'm building digikam09:51
briseightfrom svn09:52
briseightI need libkipi09:52
jussi01briseight: you do realise there is a recent version in ppa?09:52
jussi01briseight: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/digikam-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main09:53
briseightbut I would like to build it from svn09:53
jussi01briseight: thats just a few days old09:53
briseightthere are a lot of libkipi version09:53
briseightlibkipi5 libkipi6 libkipi009:54
briseightwhat is the difference?09:54
jussi01no idea tvh09:56
Tonio_hi there ;)10:51
Tonio_finally got internet at home !!!10:51
smarterhey toma10:51
smarterhey Tonio_10:51
Tonio_Riddell: I'll push some packages today... they're offline for a moment right now10:51
smartertoma: sorry :p10:51
Tonio_hi smarter10:51
Tonio_7 month without internet connection at home..... so goot to be connected outside of work10:52
Tonio_is jaunty usable right now ? I'm currently upgrading....10:52
Tonio_smarter: any info about it's status ? I've been offline those last weeks so I have no idea wether it works or not :)10:53
smarterTonio_: didn't try to upgrade, imho it's not really useful at the moment10:54
Tonio_smarter: hum, well to test latest kde packages, it is imho10:54
Tonio_we'll see if it reboots or not :)10:54
smarterTonio_: we backport everything to intrepid10:55
smartergood luck :p10:55
smarterI just have a jaunty schroot set up10:55
Tonio_smarter: hum, yeah, but backports are generally poorly maintained and don't receive lots of fixes...10:55
smarterthat's what we try to avoid10:56
Tonio_it's the very first time I have a 3.5 MB/s upload speed at home... impressive...10:56
Tonio_that'll be usefull :)10:56
Tonio_and 50 MB/s download (theorically 100 but hard drive + wifi is the limit !!)10:57
Tonio_Mb, not MB, sorry :)10:57
Tonio_anyway that's still pretty good :)10:58
Tonio_smarter: do you know if guidance replacement by powerdevil was discussed recently ?11:02
Tonio_smarter: I need to get infos on what's going on now I'm really back ;)11:02
smarteriirc, it was decided to keep guidance in the repo, but to switch to powerdevil by default11:03
Tonio_smarter: okay11:03
Tonio_hey danimo !! long time no see !!11:03
smarternot sure how we'll handle the transition11:03
Tonio_smarter: what about pataching the powerdevil applet so that it goes in the systray in the first place ?11:03
danimoquestion:does anybody know if the gtk-qt-kde4 theme is finally good enough to make firefox look good?11:03
danimohi Tonio_ :)11:04
Tonio_smarter: to many applets in the bar take up to much space....11:04
danimothe one in 8.10 has a quite some issues11:04
Tonio_smarter: better have them in the systray imho, as for networkmanager too11:04
Tonio_danimo: yeah, but that's a long time plan discussion :)11:04
smarterTonio_: this should be discussed with the plasma devs, I think the idea is to get the plasmoids in the systray11:04
Tonio_danimo: also, I hope the kde crew will do something with notification... there are WAY to much of them right now11:05
Tonio_smarter: should probably be an option btw...11:05
danimoTonio_: it mostly annoys me with kopete11:05
Tonio_danimo: and what about file copy :)11:05
danimoTonio_: well, I never liked that anyway11:06
Tonio_danimo: have you tried to load ktorrent with a bunch of torrents loaded ?11:06
Tonio_your screen get full of notifications :)11:06
smarterTonio_: report bugs everytime you see them when you shouldn't, the devs need to specify it explicitely in the code so that they don't appear11:06
danimoTonio_: the problem is that kio does not distinguish between downloads and file copy operations11:06
Tonio_smarter: yep, that's probably a ktorrent issue11:06
smarterand the fix should be easy11:06
Tonio_smarter: I think so...11:07
Tonio_danimo: interesting...11:07
Tonio_what about the policykit applet ?11:07
Tonio_last time I tried it didn't work at all...11:07
danimoTonio_: you can make them silent, e.g. if you  know the operation is probably local, but nobody seems to do thgat11:07
* danimo goes for breakfast11:08
Tonio_danimo: I'll check if that can simply be kiosk configured for the softwares causing problem...11:08
danimoTonio_: I doubt it11:17
danimoTonio_: about the policykit applet: no idea. I'm still not very involved in KDE dev again11:17
danimoTonio_: you can now ask me all about Qt Creator though :)11:18
Tonio_danimo:  :)11:18
Tonio_the problem is that whenever you need to take a break..... everything changes so fast....11:18
danimoTonio_: tell me about it11:21
danimoTonio_: I finished studies and suddenly everything's changed11:21
danimowhich is good to see, since there is progress11:21
danimobut well, it's quite some effort to get going again11:21
Tonio_true that....11:24
Tonio_danimo: running through personal issues, I couldn't contribute much for 7 month... alike11:24
danimoTonio_: last thing I heard about you was getting married and stuff11:29
Tonio_danimo: that's old stuff :)11:35
Tonio_danimo: we split....11:35
Tonio_danimo: in fact she had another guy for month when we where planning to get married....11:35
Tonio_danimo: pretty rude :)11:35
* Tonio_ crosses fingers and reboots.... jaunty please, give me a good feeling !11:36
Tonio_hum it works surprisingly well....11:44
wesleyive reported more bugs for 9.0412:12
apacheloggerScottK: seeing torkiano's error I would suppose share/kde4/apps/quassel also ought to go to quassel-data12:52
apacheloggerwesley: reporting bugs against kde*-kde4 products doesn't make much sense because we don't monitor them anymore12:55
apacheloggerwesley: apt-cache show juk | grep Source12:56
apacheloggerthat should spitout the appropriate source package to report the bug against12:56
wesleyow though that already, but some are distro related13:29
wesleygues the problems will be fixed in kde4.2 final13:30
wesleygoing see if in kde4.2 rc is the problem, if not its fixed within kde13:32
=== akonadi is now known as nihui
apacheloggerwesley: that has nothing to do with distro related or not, it's about reporting bugs against the right package13:35
apacheloggerusr/bin/juk was never created by kdemultimedia-kde413:36
wesleywhich package is it then? kdemultimedia ?13:37
wesleykdemultimedia-kde4 is from 8.04 isnt it ?13:39
apacheloggerwesley: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Bugs/FindRightPackage13:39
apacheloggeryes, -kde4 is from hardy13:39
wesleyYou know that people por linux drivers to osx ?13:45
apacheloggerwesley: I suppose you mean port?13:46
wesleyyeah port13:46
apacheloggerdidn't know that13:47
apacheloggerbut I imagine that would be rather pointless13:47
apacheloggerosx is based on bsd, now while both linux and bsd are posix compatible the way their driver stacks are quite different AFAIK13:47
wesleyits not really for legal purpose but its nice to see such a commiuty, it reminds me about Linux :)13:48
apacheloggerwesley: well, they make use of the linux driver's implementation details, so they don't have to analyze the hardware themselfs, so one could say they only "borrow" knowledge ;-)13:49
apacheloggersomething not possible for most linux drivers though13:50
wesleyyeah, they doing pretty well if you ask me, i dont get why osx wont be there for the pc, but those drivers that people make should be in handy for say external wlan devices13:52
apacheloggerwesley: apple would loose it's main advantage if osx was available for anything but macs13:53
wesleysay is juk unmainted ?13:53
apacheloggerwesley: again13:53
wesleyjuk is ontopic13:53
apacheloggernot so much either :P13:53
* apachelogger knows no one who actually uses juk13:53
Tm_Tapachelogger: I do13:53
Tm_Twhen Amarok fails that is13:54
apacheloggerTm_T: mom, then I would have to use juk all the time :P13:54
wesleyis it maineted by kde? because there are no responds on my bug reports13:54
Tm_Tapachelogger: I don't, as my amarok is just fine13:54
Tm_Twesley: ot13:54
wesleyi prefer juk over amarok13:54
Tm_Twesley: gah, sorry13:54
wesleyot ??13:55
Tm_Twesley: it's part of kdemultimedia13:55
wesleyoh, doesnt really seem to be maintned if you ask me13:55
apacheloggerwesley: help -> about juk13:55
apacheloggerand just because you didn't recive a reply on your bugs doesn't mean it's unmaintained13:56
apacheloggerRiddell, JontheEchidna: did anyone fix bindings?13:56
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: kdepimlibs bug which was fixed, it builds fine without any modification to Riddell's first package13:56
apacheloggerRiddell: I'll mark it reviewed13:58
wesleyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/guidance-power-manager/+bug/269592 i think this is fixed in 9.04 ?13:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269592 in guidance-power-manager "[Kubuntu 8.10 Alpha] Guidance Manager doesnt set brightness good at startup" [Undecided,New]13:59
apacheloggerwe don't use guidance-power-manager by default anyway14:01
wesleyyeah found another bug, this time in package usb-creator14:02
wesleyapachelogger , gues that solved the problems, because in 8.04 and 8.10 it wasnt working like i wwanted14:05
wesleyhow do i find package detalil ?14:05
wesleyubuntu is hard working on the intel issues ???14:07
apacheloggerwhat kind of package detail?14:07
apacheloggerand for which package14:07
wesleyand how can i report against 9.04? i always fill this in [ Kubuntu 9.04 Alpa 2 ]14:08
apacheloggerwesley: you should stop that14:11
apacheloggera bug affects all series unless someone proofs it is only vaild for 9.04 or 8.10 ...14:11
apacheloggerwesley: usb-creator is an ubuntu thing, so you might want to ask in #ubuntu14:11
wesleyi have found the info, why not use tags like which branch i am uing? i though that would be better for developers14:12
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: join ##club-ubuntu for bug squashing purpose :P14:12
wesleyso if i get it right, its better to report without pointing which branch i use?14:14
JontheEchidnamy dog is chewing on my dad's beard...14:14
wesleyi only have cats14:14
Nightroseapachelogger: another 2 hours to release I hope - getting started on the announcement now14:15
wesleyapachelogger what if i know sure its related to 9.04 ? because ive used usb creator on 8.10 and it worked14:15
apacheloggerNightrose: packages for intrepid are ready14:16
apacheloggerwesley: that doesn't mean it can be fixed for 9.04, so it might as well affect 9.1014:17
wesleyoh okay, anyway if i spit the file, see this ImportError: No module named gnomevfs14:18
wesleyshould i name that in my title ?14:18
apacheloggeryeah, probably a dependency issue in sub-creator14:18
apacheloggerwesley: for example14:18
apacheloggerthe triagers will change the title to the most productive form anyway if necessary14:19
wesleyokay, then, i going test maby to on my acer machine14:19
wesleyits better to test on more machines isnt it ?14:20
wesleythen i going run unstable on both14:21
apacheloggerwesley: having a virtualmachine ought to be enough in most cases14:22
wesleyive something must better, i have a stable osx on my machine so i dual boot with osx and ubuntu is unstable14:24
ScottKapachelogger: I agree I put the notify thing in the wrong package for quassel.14:30
wesleycant i help on lauchpad for people who want to ask something about kde4 in there dutch laugugae?15:02
apacheloggerwesley: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase15:11
apacheloggerit's organized by source package, so you might want to subscribe to more than just kdebase15:11
apacheloggerit's like subforums for every source package15:11
wesleyyou added me :) thanks,15:12
wesleyi can answer also in dutch15:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdenlive15:26
JontheEchidna!info kdenlive15:39
ubottukdenlive (source: kdenlive): A Non-Linear Video Editing Suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.svn20071228-0.0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 871 kB, installed size 2624 kB15:39
JontheEchidna!info kdenlive jaunty15:39
ubottukdenlive (source: kdenlive): A Non-Linear Video Editing Suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7-0.0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 1300 kB, installed size 3916 kB15:39
seeleScottK: which one do i want? quassel or quassel-client?15:42
* seele waves to jjesse 15:42
jussi01seele: quassel for the monolithic build15:42
seelejussi01: thanks15:42
wesleyI need someone with a credit card to pay some flight tickets15:51
* seele blinks15:52
jussi01err, what?16:02
doc__hi there16:28
alleeHol\sh: mhmm, happy birthday \o/16:50
torkianoHello, what is the kubuntu policy with KDE3 bugs?16:57
ScottKtorkiano: Depends on the package.16:58
torkianoFor triaging this: bug 4742916:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 47429 in kdenetwork "kopete does not connect through proxy" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4742916:58
torkianois kopete16:58
ScottKAlso I'm fixing the quassel conflicting file problem right now.  Thanks.16:58
torkianoYou are welcome16:59
ScottKtorkiano: Does the KDE4 version do it?16:59
torkianoAs far as I know, no16:59
ScottKThe it's still a valid bug.16:59
torkianoThen, this is not a valid response: http://pastebin.ca/130599317:01
ScottKapachelogger: Do I need to conflict/replace or just conflict when I shuffle files from package to package?17:03
* ScottK didn't get enough sleep in the last few days to remember.17:03
apacheloggerScottK: replace17:03
ScottKapachelogger: Thanks.17:03
apacheloggerboth only when the package completely replaces another one17:03
ScottKtorkiano: I'm not a fan of such replies.  I tend to believe it's a bug until someone has reason to believe it's not.  Can you try it with a proxy?17:06
ScottKBut that's just me.  Asking everyone to reproduce every bug in every release and invalidating the bug is all the rage these days in bugsquad.17:07
ScottKJontheEchidna: Weren't you working on updating kdenlive to a new version or something?17:07
JontheEchidnaI don't think I was17:08
torkianoScottK: not here, I try tomorrow in the work17:08
ScottKtorkiano: I think that's a much more useful triaging action.17:09
torkianoScottK: And if tomorrow I can't reproduce the bug with my KDE4, what is the next step?17:11
ScottKIf you can connect via a proxy, then the bug is fixed.  Just mark it fix released.17:11
ScottKGenerally you invite the reporter then to try it in a new release and reopen the bug if it still doesn't work for them.17:12
ScottKapachelogger: Please double check me on this...  For quassel-data:17:16
ScottKConflicts: quassel-client (=< 0.4.0~git090110-0ubuntu1), quassel (=< 0.4.0~git090110-0ubuntu1)17:16
apacheloggerScottK: ah, I am being silly as well17:16
apacheloggeryo need a replaces17:16
ScottKThat's the correct syntax though, right?17:17
apacheloggernah <= not =<17:17
* ScottK fixes17:17
apacheloggerand I thought my hangover had bad influence on my work :)17:18
apacheloggerit's 11th again17:22
apachelogger~order birthday package for \sh17:22
* kubotu is running to the corner shop to get a birthday present.17:22
* kubotu slides a birthday cake and a present down the bar to \sh and gives everyone a nice frosty mug of beer.17:22
kubotuHappy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday \sh, happy birthday to you!!!! - Wooooho!17:22
kubotuHappy Birthday \sh :D17:22
kubotuTo your health!17:22
apachelogger\sh: happy bday *hug*17:22
* apachelogger hands \\sh a box of cookies17:23
Tm_TKubuntu Kookies!17:23
apacheloggerthat makes KK17:23
apacheloggeryou don't want to have KK, really17:23
Tm_TKool Kubuntu Kookies then17:23
ScottKNo, that's worse.17:23
Tm_Thow so?17:23
ScottKKKK is a severely racist organization in the US.17:24
apacheloggerwhy do your racist organizations have K's in their names?17:24
Tm_Toh I know, and we have big crocery stores called KKK-Supermarket here17:24
apacheloggerin europe they at least use something with N17:24
apacheloggerTm_T: oh dear17:24
Tm_Twell K KK KKK and biggest ones are KKKK17:25
apacheloggerwe should just use kenji signs instead17:25
Tm_Tapachelogger: why not Kubuntu signs?17:25
ScottKWell it's ~ a century and a half old, so I think they got there first.17:25
apacheloggerTm_T: because we only have one :P17:25
Tm_Tapachelogger: but that's enough!17:26
apacheloggerif you say so :P17:26
apacheloggerwe need a font though17:26
apacheloggerand make it default, otherwise we can't use the sign on IRC17:26
Sputhappy birthday \sh!17:26
Sput\sh: we shall have a (two, three, many) beer(s) as soon as I've started drinking again :)17:27
apacheloggerSput must be sober, he is so unproductive :P17:27
SputI am :(17:27
* ScottK points out http://techbase.kde.org/Development/CMake_KDE_4_217:27
apacheloggerback in the days you broke and rewrote quassel in one day17:27
SputI'm busy figuring out why QFormLayout sucks in Oxygen theme17:28
Sputcan't give seele her middle alignment stuff with that bug :/17:28
apacheloggerScottK: something interesting about it?17:28
ScottKIt summarizes build system changes 4.0/4.1 -> 4.217:29
ScottKSput: Did you see the minimize bug discussions from last night on #quassel?17:32
SputScottK: yeah, didn't get around to look at it though17:33
nixternaldo we have the amarok in intrepid yet?17:33
ScottKnixternal: vorian was working on it yesterday.17:33
ScottKSput: OK.  As long as it goes on the list.17:33
ScottKnixternal: It's punted to Universe so mere MOTU can deal with it.17:33
nixternallooks like there is an amarok-kde4 update in intrepid already :)17:34
ScottKYes, but it doesn't use the official mysql 5.1 packages, so there's more work for Jaunty to get it more right.17:34
apacheloggerScottK: he worked on jaunty17:35
apacheloggeralso for jaunty 5.1 is still in binary new17:35
ScottKapachelogger: Right.  You did the Intrepid one.17:35
ScottKThat too.17:35
* ScottK wonders if Riddell can find a moment to fix that (get mysql 5.1 out of binary New)?17:35
apacheloggerRiddell: what does one have to do to become archive admin? :P17:36
ScottKWorking for Canonical helps a lot.  AFAIK, Hobbsee is the only exception, but has limited access as a result.17:45
nixternalHobbsee: no more Vista for me! Windows 7!!! :P17:47
ScottKNightrose: So Amarok works with Audible?17:47
Tm_Tnixternal: 7lover!17:47
* Tm_T hides17:47
Tm_Tnixternal: damn you, we have to change all factoids17:47
nixternaldon't know yet...they opened up beta testing to everyone...so I am going to see if it is all people are saying it is17:47
nixternalI will give an un-biased report of course :p17:47
ubottuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, and help on the MIRC client too! <nixternal> I LOVE MIRC!!!17:48
NightroseScottK: it did in 1.4 - i don't think Alejandro got around to making it work in 217:48
Nightrosebut it is planned17:49
ScottKNightrose: Audible is the thing that stands between my wife and being Windows free ...17:49
* ScottK is interested ...17:49
Nightrosexevix and aumuell are the guys to talk to about it17:49
Nightroseaumuell being the guy who did it for 1.417:50
ubottuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Windows7 lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, and help on the MIRC client too! <nixternal> I LOVE MIRC!!!17:50
Nightrose*lol* nixternal17:50
Nightroseso you love it, he?17:50
Tm_Tsorry, had to fix that17:50
nixternalNightrose: haven't even tried it yet, downloading it now17:50
Nightrose;-) ok17:50
nixternalI need to go get another hard drive17:50
Nightrosetell us how much you love it once you tried17:51
Nightroseapachelogger: JontheEchidna: can one of you update http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Download:Kubuntu please?17:54
nhandlerWhat is the best way to test out the latest kde on intrepid? I'm still getting used to not running the Development version of Ubuntu18:01
apacheloggernhandler: kubuntu-experimental PPA18:01
apacheloggernhandler: also I think JontheEchidna could use some help with backporting18:01
nhandlerThanks apachelogger18:01
nhandlerapachelogger: What is he backporting?18:01
apacheloggernhandler: 4.1.9618:01
nhandlerTo intrepid?18:02
apacheloggeror at least I am hoping he started backporting already :)18:02
apacheloggernhandler: yes18:02
nhandlerSure, I could give him a hand. Is the progress being tracked anywhere? Or should I just ask him what he has done?18:03
seeleScottK: i saw you made a comment about notifications in quassel, is it using knotify now?18:09
ScottKseele: Now it is.18:09
ScottKIt wasn't before.18:09
seeleScottK: ok great18:09
ScottKIt was actually better before.18:09
seeleScottK: i didnt get to install .4 yet (i'll get to it in about 30 minutes after i finish emails).. but does Quassel have an option to run in the systram without having an entry in the task panel?18:10
seeleScottK: i'm annoyed with the plasma notifications, but i forget if they were improved for rc1.  theyre too big and block too much of my work area18:10
ScottKseele: It does, but it's currently bugged.  Sput's aware of it.18:10
seeleScottK: ok.. as long as it's planned.18:10
* ScottK is using it with 4.1.3, so dunno what it's like with 4.2.18:11
ScottKIt'd be handy if someone running 4.2 would take a screenshot of a quassel notification using the Jaunty package or the one from my PPA?18:11
* ScottK looks around.18:11
SputScottK: actually, close-to-tray seems to work fine here18:12
ScottKSput: Clost to try works.  It's minimize to try that was the problem.18:12
* ScottK needs more coffee18:12
jussi01ScottK: I can take a screenie of git +4.2 if you like?18:13
ScottKjussi01: With the KDE integration enabled?18:13
jussi01ScottK: yeah18:13
SputScottK: that works here too :(18:13
ScottKYes.  Please.18:14
jussi01ScottK: please hilight me then :)18:14
ScottKSput: With KDE integration.18:14
SputScottK: yes of course.18:14
ScottKjussi01: Hello from #kubuntu-devel18:14
ScottKSput: Dunno what to say then.  Definitely no workee here.18:14
SputScottK: I have tried both checking and unchecking the box, and Quassel minimizes fine with both minimize and close button18:15
SputI'm running KDE trunk though18:15
ScottKMaybe that's it.18:15
* ScottK looks at jussi01 to try it too.18:15
* Sput updates and restarts quassel just in case18:15
SputScottK: so you have both options checked?18:16
ScottKSput: I've tried it with both and only one.18:16
jussi01ok, hilight again? (sorry)18:16
ScottKjussi01: Does minimize-to-tray work for you?18:16
ScottKSput: It did not work both with both options checked and with just minimize-to-tray checked.18:17
jussi01minimize to tray doesnt work here18:17
jussi01just remaximises18:18
ScottKSame here.18:18
ScottKSput: close-to-tray works fine.18:18
jussi01ScottK: this is annoying, cant seem to get a screen - the notifications disapear on me. can you hilight me a few times in a row?18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
SputScottK: I can't reproduce :(18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
ScottKjussi01: Sure.  Repeated notifications here we come ....18:19
nhandlerRiddell: ping18:19
ScottKSorry everyone else.18:19
ScottKI hope that was enough.18:20
ScottKSput: What KDE are you  running?18:20
Sputminimize on minimize, minimize on close, tray icon all work fine18:20
Sputbut I couldn't reproduce that issue last time I tried either18:20
Sputwhich makes fixing a bitch, obviously... I'd need somebody who can reproduce who is willing to have a look at our code and can debug this18:21
ScottKUnfortunately that would not be me.18:22
jussi01Sput: I can give you vnc to my machine...18:22
Sputjussi01: that might be an option, not right now though (have some other things cooking in my workdir currently)18:23
ScottKjussi01: Was that enough notifications?18:23
Sputplasma's notifications are broken still, they seem to ignore the "persistant" flag18:23
jussi01ScottK: yeah, ive got it... (though with my other client - stole the wifes lappy fo a min)  1 sec18:23
ScottKjussi01: Did you have to disable focus stealing protection?18:24
ScottKOne does on 4.1.18:24
Sputon 4.2 as well, afaics18:24
SputKNotification has a flag to raise the window on click, with a TODO: No working yet18:25
jussi01ScottK: I just had another app running next in line (terminal) http://omploader.org/vMTQ5YQ18:25
* ScottK looks18:25
ScottKjussi01: Looks much better than what I get in 4.1.18:26
jussi01ScottK: yeah, MUCH bettefr :D18:26
Sputah, 4.1 still had those ugly rectangles18:26
jussi014.2 does on occaision still18:27
nixternalseele: you tweeted to me about "browser stats" being misleading...please explain, because I am quite confused right now...this was from jan. 818:28
ScottKjussi01: Here's my recursive look at it: http://kitterman.com/kubuntu/notify.notify.png18:29
seelenixternal: i posted a message on one of your articles and it said i was on XP.  i assume that is because i set my user agent to XP so i can view websites which check for Windows18:29
jussi01ScottK: heh... I like the look of my setup much better... ;)18:30
jussi01anyone tried the new network manager plasmoid in the last few days? (updating mine now)18:31
apacheloggerScottK: problem is the positioning of the passive popup?18:31
apacheloggerjussi01: it looks better :P18:31
jussi01apachelogger: usable yet?18:32
apacheloggerno :P18:32
apacheloggernot for me anyway18:32
apachelogger2 packages to go18:33
ScottKseele: Did you get the updated quassel working OK?18:39
ScottKtorkiano: I just uploaded the fix for the conflicting packages.18:39
torkianoScottK: downloading...18:42
ScottKGiven the huge amount of change in the quassel package from 0.3.1 (thanks again apachelogger), if that's the only thin that's bugged in the packaging, I'm pretty pleased.18:42
torkianoScottK: Works fine now, thanks18:42
ScottKtorkiano: Great.  Sorry for the trouble.18:42
torkianoI'll try it, see you soon ;-)18:43
seeleScottK: sorry.. still going through a pile of emails.  as soon as i finish this one i plan on installing .418:45
seelesometimes i think i work hard on kde than the job that pays me18:45
Sputseele: why do I know that feeling :)18:45
torkianoI  believe i found a little bug XD18:47
torkianoin help->about quassel18:48
torkianoshow 0.3 version18:48
ScottKtorkiano: It's not a 0.4 release yet, just a git snapshot, so it's up to Sput when he wants to change that.18:49
Sputyeah, probably gonna take a couple weeks until we release 0.4 proper18:49
torkianoScottK: I know, forget what I said then18:50
ScottKBut please test and file bugs.18:50
torkianoScottK: ok, but in the quassel tracker or here (they are your packages)18:52
* Sput wonders if launchpad can relay to redmine18:52
ScottKSput: I don't think so.  If you have a launchpad account it's easy enough to subscribe and get the bugmail.18:53
ScottKtorkiano: The easy answer is if it's a packaging problem put it in Launchpad and if it's a quasell problem put it in their Redmine.18:53
ScottKOf course knowing the difference isn't always easy.18:54
* Sput will subscribe to launchpad if redmine can't be integrated18:54
ScottKSput: I'm sure it can't.18:54
seeleSput: is there a changelog thusfar?18:54
nhandlerIs there a better way to setup multiple pbuilders than the way mentioned here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Multiple%20pbuilders18:55
ScottKnhandler: You can do it with pbuilder-dist very easily.18:55
Sputseele: there is one, but it just contains major features (and I don't think it's quite up to date currently)18:56
torkianook ScottK, thank you for the information. I'll do the best we can18:56
nhandlerScottK: Will that work with k-d-t ?18:56
Sputseele: there is git log, of course.18:56
ScottKseele: The current snapshot we have packaged includes the commit from 01/10/2009 06:42 PM, but nothing after.18:58
seeleok thanks18:59
Riddellnhandler: you pinged?18:59
apacheloggernhandler: you can override pbuilder in kdt using the env var $PBUILDER18:59
apacheloggernhandler: smarter knows more about that18:59
* smarter switched to sbuild, pbuilder-dist sucks :p19:00
apacheloggernhandler: also, I prefer to have multiple .pbuilderrcs for different series19:00
Riddellapachelogger: to become archive admin you need to hang around on #ubuntu-release and express and interest, I'm not sure what's available through launchpad these days (hobbsee will know), I use the command line but that needs ssh to datacentre so Canonical only19:00
apacheloggerso ultimately I need to become canonical employee first -.-19:01
Riddellapachelogger: I think most stuff is available through launchpad now19:01
apacheloggerRiddell: do you think they need someone to cleanup canonical tower? ;-)19:01
nhandlerRiddell: Could you add me to k-u-t19:02
Riddellnhandler: updates-testing?19:02
apacheloggerhm, hold on19:02
Riddellnhandler: what's your LP id?19:02
apacheloggerRiddell: we could make -ninjas a member of it?19:02
* apachelogger thins it would make much more sense to have all ninjas be member of -ninjas and indirect member to all the other teams we have19:03
* nhandler likes that idea19:03
apacheloggerRiddell: please make ninjas a member of kut19:06
apacheloggeror make me admin and I make ninjas a member :P19:06
vorianScottK: nixternal, waiting for mysql5.1 to get through new first19:07
nhandlerThanks Riddell19:11
Riddell"Kubuntu Ninjas (kubuntu-ninjas) has been invited to join this team.19:12
Riddellvorian: mysql 5.1 accepted19:14
vorianRiddell: AWESOME!19:14
vorianthanks so much19:14
Riddellkubuntu-ninjas accepted19:14
apacheloggeris it me or is rsync borked?19:31
apacheloggerfrom the cdimage server19:32
apacheloggerhm, now it works19:33
Sputseele: I think you had the great idea of replacing the giant Quassel logo by some sort of welcome page where users can choose to edit network/identity and/or connect to a (possibly predefined) network19:42
Sputseele: Would you like to provide a mock-up (either as .ui or a graphics file) how that could/should look like?19:42
* ScottK wonders how much more junk mail these team changes will get him.19:52
* ScottK is not kidding.19:52
apacheloggerScottK: you should see what I get at releases19:53
* ScottK can imagine.19:53
* ScottK would really like for the entire concept of merge notifications to just die and go away.19:53
* ScottK could really care less if some mozillathingy has a branch that wants merged.19:54
apacheloggerI am not sure but I think you can unsubscirbe $team from the branch ;-)19:56
ScottKapachelogger: Unfortunately those branches are owned by ubuntu-dev.19:56
ScottKSo that might not make everyone happy.19:57
ScottKThey need to disambiguate 'can commit to the branch' from 'cares if it wants merged'.19:57
apacheloggerScottK: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/ReleasePackaging20:00
apacheloggerenough information?20:00
* ScottK guesses too much before he looks.20:00
apacheloggeroi vei20:00
* apachelogger burns jaunty20:02
ScottKapachelogger: The only thing that leaps out as missing is where/how one gets the correct batrc.20:03
ScottKIs that automagic now?20:03
apacheloggerthe idea is that that is private :P20:03
ScottKFair enough.20:04
apacheloggerScottK: you just need to download the .batrc_path which defines where exactly the .batrc lives ... if no .batrc is around the batscritps will try to download one via the url in .batrc_path20:04
* JontheEchidna tries quassel20:54
* JontheEchidna purges config for pure experience20:55
JontheEchidnameh, gotta go20:57
torkianobug 20129121:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 201291 in audacity "Add ogv (video) and oga (audio) as recognized extension for Ogg Theora and Ogg Vorbis, respectively" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20129121:23
torkianomy ogv video appears without its video icon21:24
torkianois it a bug in kubuntu-default-settings?21:25
torkianoI use KDE4.2 4.1.8521:25
torkianoif I change the extension to ogg, I get the correct video icon21:27
ScottKkdesvn could really use a merge from Debian Experimental if someone were in the mood.23:00
ScottKWe're quite behind.23:01
Nightrosecheaters (@ amarok screenshot in the news) ;-)23:58
Nightrosethat is clearly an old beta screenshot23:59
Nightrosethx for the story though23:59

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