bthompsoni found it it was in regional and language00:02
bthompsonanybody know anyway to may the windows key to kmenu00:02
DarkSmokewhy doesn't kubuntu shipit ofer you the choice of 64bit and 32bit anymore ? :s00:22
yrjokinbthompson: don't you need your windows key? For compiz etc00:24
dstambouthe fonts in my amarok-nightly do not match up with my other kde applications (from kde-svn-nightly)00:30
dstambouany ideas why not?00:30
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hidronicookay so ive extracted the bcmxxx drivers to /lib/firmware after this the alternate driver program or whatever its called does not list any drivers i think the instructions for this fwcutter miss a few steps any suggestions will be much appreciated!01:01
LizardKinghi, all!01:05
g_I upgraded to open office 3 and now it won't even load and keeps giving me this annoying error.  Is there anyone here who knows how to remedy this?01:12
amaroalguem fala portugues?01:17
LizardKingwhere should I go to learn about the file directory? what does each folder and subfolder means?01:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pr01:18
amarolink for ubuntu br or pt?01:19
amarowhat link for ubuntu br or pt?01:20
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:20
HappySmileManNever sure what abbreviation for portugal :S01:20
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vitaeLizardKing: look for File Hierarchy Standard as a start01:34
LizardKingwhere's that?01:36
dr_willisgoogle for the terms01:36
dr_willishttp://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/sect_03_01.html   for starters :)01:37
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:37
dr_willisDefinition: FSH: File System Hierarchy (Linux, LSB)01:37
AdolaHello.  I know this is not for general discussion.  But can I PLEASE ask a quick survey question?01:40
AdolaOfftopic is dead.01:40
dr_willisNot a lot of chatter in here either. :)01:41
AdolaI see that..01:41
AdolaWell, can I ask you> :P01:41
dr_willisSure why not.. i bet  the answer is going to be 'it depends'01:42
AdolaOk, thanks!01:43
AdolaWindowsroom is stuffy and wouldn't let me ask.01:43
AdolaIs levelling up charachters in games fun?  Like Final Fantasy and stuff.01:43
dr_willisPlaying games is fun.. leveling up lets you just know your progress..01:43
AdolaI'm not allowed to ask questions..01:44
AdolaOnly..Yes or no?01:44
AdolaI'm sorry for the ambiguity.01:44
dr_willisThis is a Kubuntu Support Channel.  and thus should focus on Kubuntu SUpport questins01:44
dr_willistheres 10000's of general chatter channels. :)01:45
pteaguetypically questions are should i use this or that... or shouldn't this work... or similar... to which the typical answer is "it depends"01:45
pteague& i have to agree with dr_willis ... play games is the fun part... leveling specifically to level is just a grind01:45
pteaguealthough some people find that fun01:46
dr_willisNo they dont.. they are just habbitual addicted to the 'positive renforcement' aspect. :)01:46
adz21cso the answer to that i guess "it depends" on who you are :-01:46
gerobIs this the right channel to get a little help installing drivers for a 8600 GT in 8.10?01:46
AdolaYes, I understand this is a help cahnnel.  I'm here nearly everyday.01:46
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pteagueadz21c: lol, exactly =)01:47
dr_willisubottu,  is a level 95 helper !01:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:47
gerobCan I get help with Ubuntu 8.10 here or should I try another channel?01:48
pteaguegerob: i'm using an 8600gts... i have nvidia-glx-new & nvidia-settings installed01:48
gerobok let me try that01:48
dr_willisgerob,  basicially i just run the  restricte-driver-manager tool - it installs  nvidia-glx-new, i always install nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig manually01:48
andy__Hello All01:49
gerobso dont use the Synaptic package manager?01:49
andy__10 min ago finish to install Ubantu 6401:49
dr_willis  restricte-driver-manager tool  should have an icon on th epanel somewhere.. and should of poped up a dialog on first boot also...01:49
OxDeadC0dehey the level grind can be fun in a game where fighting is half or more of the interaction with the game...01:50
pteaguegerob: i tend to use aptitude out of preference... it's been a while since i used the gui01:50
dr_willis!find jockey01:50
ubottuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, jockey-kde01:50
dr_willisor run it with 'kdesudo jockey-kde'01:50
pteagueOxDeadC0de: like WoW! ;)01:50
andy__...can't run NetworkManager. From shell type "NetworkManager" and press Enter but system show : you must be a root. Im with root previlegi01:50
OxDeadC0deExactly, or D2/D3 for the first couple days...01:50
dr_willisandy__,  try kdesudo networkmanager01:51
dr_willisand be sure to get the case correct.01:51
gerobIm pretty new to Linux and Ubuntu01:51
pteaguemy preference is actually eve online01:51
dr_willis Synaptic package manager installs the same stuff as apt-get, as jockey should..  they all call the same stuff/do the same things in thebackground01:51
OxDeadC0deeve online is very sexy01:52
dr_willisThats a online chat..with some sort of mineral mining game in the background right?01:52
andy__dr_willis, just do it - no any result. Just second shell line without any message01:52
gerobdr_willis: yah thats what I thought01:52
OxDeadC0delol, it's a space flight sim game01:52
dr_willisandy__,  as far as i knwo network manager just puts a little ocon on the panel somewhere.01:52
pteaguedr_willis: apparently you've not enjoyed pvp ;)01:53
OxDeadC0demmo space flight sim at that01:53
dr_willispteague,  the term 'enjoy' and 'pvp' are 2 words that i rarely see together.01:53
OxDeadC0dehaha I love pvp too in games01:53
dr_willisnow *(#*!&*@ and pvp = all the time.01:53
OxDeadC0deafter I finish killing all the stupid little mobiles, I want a challange.. real people offer the best ;)01:53
andy__yes... but not running :(01:54
andy__when I reboot I will need configure internet manually again :( like sudo infconfig eth  netmask   broadcast etc etc:(01:55
andy__...also when I open file with movie ( .avi) dragon program run (video player) but no voice and screen :(01:56
dr_willisthat sounds like a codec issue. Install the w32codecs from medibuntu repository. and perhaps try some other media players like vlc, and gmplayer01:57
andy__let me try...01:58
SuspectZerohey there. i just installed a lilo and i tried booting into my kubuntu partition but i get a kernal panic saying "unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (8,7)". i tried adding "init=/sbin/init" into the lilo config but init was an unrecognized token. can someone help me please?02:03
dr_willisWhy are you even using lilo?02:03
=== mili2 is now known as evax
SuspectZerocause when i try to install grub through chroot, the grub-install command doesnt work02:04
torkianohello, I have a little problem with my Kubuntu with KDE 4.2: the trash apple no show the elements in it02:05
dr_willisI imagine the same reason grub isent working when chrooted.. is also the reason lilo isent working right..    grub can be annoying to troubble shoot. but its well documented.. LILO is just.. old and  very much  more problematic in some ways02:06
torkianosee: http://imagebin.ca/view/Us-dl8.html02:06
torkianoAnyone have this problem too?02:07
SuspectZerodr_willis well heres the situation. im in a different distro and i load up bash and i type "chroot /dev/sda6 (the kubuntu partition) /bin/bash" then i type "grub-install /dev/sda". but i think its cause the sda's arent even loaded that it doesnt allow it02:08
dr_willisYou must set up /dev/ and /proc/ properly i do recall02:08
dr_willisor else grub-install  from the chrooted enviroment will not be able tio see the proper dev entries02:08
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:09
LizardKingso..... /usr/sbin is the equivalent of Program Files?02:09
dr_willisor you could run the grub command line tool. and  reinstall grub from it02:09
dr_willisLizardKing,  just 'barely'02:09
dr_willis'bin' and 'sbin' where most exeutable binaries live02:10
SuspectZerothts exactly whats happening in which its not able to see the proper dev entries02:10
LizardKingboth under the root directory?02:10
SuspectZeroi'll check out those links. thanks02:10
dr_willis eerything is under the root directory. :) thats why its the root directory02:10
dr_willis there  /sbin and /bin and /usr/sbin and /usr/bin i imagine also02:11
LizardKingheh, I mean /directly/ under it.....02:11
dr_willis /bin gives the full path to the location02:11
dr_willis so yes its under / :)02:11
dr_willis /usr/bin  is in usr02:12
LizardKingso ultimately, if I want to copy the command for a program to access my browser, I'd have to tell it something like /bin/<browser folder>?02:12
dr_willistry 'which firefox'02:13
dr_willis which firefox02:13
dr_willista-da :)02:13
LizardKingwhat's 'which'?02:14
dr_willisa command.02:14
dr_willisman wich02:14
dr_willisman which02:14
dr_willisto learn more02:14
Orbjinzoalso known as sloppy joes02:14
Orbjinzosorry hehe02:14
LizardKingit's not returning anything....02:16
vitaeit will only return something if firefox is installed02:17
LizardKingit is02:17
* dr_willis woudl guess a typo then02:20
Orbjinzoisnt firefox installed with all ubuntu based distros?02:22
LizardKingso..... "which firefox" isn't spelled right?02:22
darkdelusionsIts not installed with Kubuntu by default02:23
Orbjinzoi never noticed.02:23
darkdelusionsapt-get install firefox02:23
* Orbjinzo already has firefox installed02:24
dr_willistype 'firefox' then and see02:24
LizardKingok, something on my system is messed up02:24
* dr_willis agrees02:25
LizardKingI KNOW Firefox is on here, I'm using right this very moment...... but it's telling me that it isn't02:25
dr_willisi would guess your PATH is some how changed.. try it in a new terminal window02:25
LizardKingsame result02:26
Orbjinzowhich firefox02:26
darkdelusionsmitchell: hello02:27
mitchellplease help02:27
Orbjinzowhats the problem?02:27
mitchellhow can I start an application maximized in kde 402:27
mitchellfor example dolphin02:27
Orbjinzoif i remember KDE saves that setting02:28
mitchellnot kde 402:28
mitchellim with kde4 and ubuntu 8.1002:28
mitchelleverytime i start dolphin i have to maximize that window02:29
mitchelland every app02:29
mitchellit's annoying02:29
dr_willisused to be a kde support called 'kstart'  that could do that..02:29
dr_willisi also saw the netbook remix - had a tool called 'maximus' that forced EVERY app to me maxamized. but it may be gnome only02:30
mitchelldoes kde4 has that app?02:30
Orbjinzoim also reading that it might be a kde bug to02:31
mitchelli was thinking it could have something to do with the instruction that executes the program in the icon02:31
Orbjinzoi doubt it.02:32
mitchellfor example, i put some icons in the panel of kde 4 for launching the app faster02:32
mitchellwhen i need it02:32
Orbjinzoyou can look at whats its executing but i doubt its a flags problem02:33
mitchelli also saw in system preferences02:33
mitchellin windows behavior02:34
Orbjinzoim just looking at what im reading from searching with google.02:34
mitchellsorry if i get wrong with the exact translation because in fact i speak spanish02:34
=== patches is now known as patches_
Orbjinzotheres a spanish channel if you need a native speaking person.02:35
mitchellyeah... ive been looking for some help in google all the afternoon02:35
Orbjinzo! mitchell spanish02:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:35
mitchellat all02:35
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:35
patches_Hi ..........................02:35
Orbjinzoi assumed you prolly tried that though.02:36
mitchellwell im trying right now02:36
Orbjinzothis is now the morse code channel02:36
ugaOrbjinzo: you should know there's only two symbols in morse, not 3 =)02:37
Orbjinzocant blame a man for trying eh?02:38
darkdelusionsits a new form of morse code :)02:38
dr_willisTrinary COmputers...02:38
patches_a more verbose morse?02:38
dr_willisya got +1 ,0, and -102:38
* LizardKing thinks trinary computers would be so much better02:39
Orbjinzoon off and ?02:39
Orbjinzono so on02:39
LizardKingon 1, on 2, and off02:40
Orbjinzowhats 2 though?02:40
LizardKinganother switch02:40
Orbjinzoworks for me heh02:40
LizardKingkinda like multi-setting lamps..... there's off, dim, and bright02:41
Orbjinzothat would really awesome02:41
Orbjinzolike run at 1/2 power02:42
LizardKingwell, kinda02:42
mitchellhey,  it seems nobody in the spanish channel knows the answer to my question02:42
LizardKingmore like another channel for on02:42
mitchellthere isn't so much people anyway02:42
Orbjinzocan also try the main kde channel to02:43
LizardKingon 1 would be the bit in the / position, on 2 would be in the \ position, and off would be |02:44
Orbjinzothat just reminds me of my fan.02:44
asobiwhy can't konqueror search partial file names????????????????02:44
Orbjinzolow med high02:44
Orbjinzohave you tried a wildcard char like *?02:44
LizardKingthe way I imagine binary computers working is a small switch, where on (the - position) carries a charge from one end to another, but of (the | position) doesn't connect the two ends, so it can't carry the charge02:47
asobithis is very stupid. who would build default search so you have to search for_the_exact_file_name_no_matter_how_long_or_complex02:47
LizardKingif there's *four* ends-- say top left to bottom right, and bottom left to top right-- then the switch can be from on 1 (\), to on 2 (/), to off (|)02:48
LizardKingmake sense?02:49
darkdelusionscall me crazy but I normally used find in a termal to find what i am looking for02:49
* Orbjinzo thinks darkdelusions is crazy02:50
* darkdelusions knows he is crazy02:50
slimeballIt seems like anything networky doesn't redraw or whatever unless I move my mouse. If I'm sshed into my file server, I don't see anything from my inputs unless I move the mouse. If I'm loading a web page, it doesn't show it's loading until I move the mouse. Apt doesn't look like it's doing anything unless I'm moving the mouse. Any ideas?02:50
patches_keep moving the mouse!!!!02:51
slimeballMy wrist gets tired!02:51
ugaslimeball: could it be that the screen doesn't refresh unless you move the mouse?02:51
judgenIs it possible to use kde3 in intrepid?02:52
ugaslimeball: does the clock change if you don't move it?02:52
patches_too much of it and tou may go blind02:52
ugajudgen: if you build it yourself02:52
darkdelusionsjudgen: if you wanna jump threw 1000 firey hoops of hell yes02:52
slimeballuga, if I click a dir on my hard drive in konqueror, it goes without mouse movement.02:52
slimeballBut if I click a dir on my file server... it doesn't load unless I move the mouse.02:52
judgendarkdelusions ill just stay with hardy then.02:52
ugaslimeball: click == mouse move02:53
darkdelusionsjudgen: start using kde4 its the future :) I didnt like it at first but it keeps getting better02:53
Orbjinzoacutally im on 8.10 and use kde302:53
slimeballClock moves02:53
Orbjinzothats what they said about os/202:53
Orbjinzoand look where os/2 is today02:53
darkdelusionsOrbjinzo: hey now there like 10 people out there still using it :)02:54
Orbjinzoheh i have a copy of ecomstation02:55
=== donald is now known as KWGoD
Orbjinzoits quite nice02:55
Orbjinzoecomstation is the new os/202:55
LizardKingis there some way to set the clock to 12 hours?02:55
KWGoDhey i got an icon that i can´t click and it won´t go away02:55
darkdelusionsI worked for a market research firm that was still using OS/202:55
darkdelusionsI was like oh god02:56
KWGoDicon...wont go away02:56
darkdelusionsWhere is it located02:57
KWGoDbottome left corner above toolbar02:57
KWGoDits just a random folder02:57
KWGoDand i´ve got OCD02:58
KWGoDi cant move it and it wont go away02:58
ugaLizardKing: yes, under system settings, region and language, and choose time & dates02:58
ugayou can specify the time format there02:58
Orbjinzoyou can try opening konsole and navigating to the desktop and using the command rmdir foldername02:59
darkdelusionsOrbjinzo: You beat me to it :)02:59
LizardKinghm, I can't find firefox manually, either......03:00
darkdelusionsLizardKing:  when u did a which earlier did it come up with anything?03:00
LizardKingnot a thing03:01
pteagueis there a way to modify the title on wine windows?03:02
Orbjinzoyou could try removing firefox and reinstalling it03:02
Orbjinzopteague: as far as i know no.03:02
darkdelusionsLizardKing: did u install it threw apt?03:02
mason_This may be an extraordinarily stupid thing to ask, but I'm new to Kubuntu and I'm wondering if there's anything in specific I should do, just as essentials or anything.03:04
Orbjinzothats a open ended question mason03:05
Orbjinzowhat do you need in detail?03:05
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:05
Orbjinzoor !wine03:05
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help03:05
borg-queen_i am trying to install kubuntu and the installation seems to go through correctly but when it tries to boot into the system i get "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/77944048-0d30-486d-856f-8da948837dd6 does not exist. dropping to shell"03:06
mason_So... I should get Wine, any drivers or anything that I need?03:06
Orbjinzowhats your setup?03:06
KWGoDnah my friend was a royal dick and changed the wallpaper when he came over while i was gone03:06
Orbjinzosystem spec wise.03:06
LizardKingit's apparently /usr/bin/firefox-203:07
KWGoDthanks though03:07
mason_Old computer03:07
Orbjinzoabout the only other thing i would say is if you have ati or an nvidia video card.03:07
mason_What do you need exactly...? I'm a really big newb to general computers. I've been trying to get into it, and I'm still learning.03:07
LizardKingexcept for, now that I added firefox-2 to the browser command, the MUD client opens up an instance of the browser, but not the page I'm trying to get to....03:07
mason_I have an nvidia video card03:08
Orbjinzowell youll prolly want install your video drivers03:08
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:08
borg-queen_Orbjinzo: it is a xfx nforce 750a motherboard. 4GB DDR2 2AMD A64 X2 7750 and a 500 GB Western Digital Sata hard drive03:08
=== k4v is now known as m4v
OxDeadC0deten mason_ if you're really new your best help will always be google.com , don't be afraid to look things up to find out what they mean, and there will be terms you have to lookup to find out what the explaination of foo means... and you'll be fine03:09
Orbjinzooxdead speaks truth03:10
OxDeadC0demason_ also, software isn't scary or voodoo, if you have picked up logic in your life "if this then do that" you'll be able to understand them03:10
OxDeadC0deor while this do that03:10
mason_But I must ask, is there anywhere were I can find apt-get install commands in a large list or anything?03:11
adreignssok imhaving a problem with  pulseaudio using a dell ptiplex03:12
OxDeadC0demason_ what do you mean? if you want to find a package to install, aptitude search mp3; then you can do sudo apt-get install package-name (like rhythmbox or something)03:12
adreignssim slow typing03:12
darkdelusionsmason_:  When I frist started I used Ubuntuguide.com it has must of the commin wanted programs on it03:12
adreignsswith this snd card03:12
borg-queen_Orbjinzo: thank you trying now03:13
adreignssneed some help withpulseaudio using dell optiplex gx1 with snd-cs423603:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:15
adreignsspulseaudio is working but no sound fromspeakers03:15
adreignssin 8.04 i couldjust add snd card to ect/modules03:15
Orbjinzoyou could try removing it.03:15
darkdelusionsadreignss: did u try turning you sound up in the mixer?03:15
adreignssyesi did03:16
Orbjinzois your card enabled03:16
Orbjinzoin alsamixer?03:16
adreignssi dont think so03:16
adreignssi dontknow how03:16
adreignsspulseaudiois working when i playmusic and lookat the volume meter03:17
adreignssit moves but no sound fromspeakers03:17
Orbjinzotry killing the pulseaudio process03:18
adreignssr u familiar with crystalsoundcards03:19
Orbjinzoim just doing what i would first,.03:19
mason_Is there a way to make my taskbar go back to   default...? I hit remove something on accident on the bottom and I don't know how to add it back xD03:19
mason_I got rid of the thing that lets me see open applications03:19
adreignsswhenn i killpulseaudio i have to figure out how to make my sound still work bcauseof the snd card03:20
mason_(goot it...03:20
mason_I fail xD03:20
adreignssi did work in 8.0403:20
adreignssand8.04 didnt have pulseaudio03:21
=== jeremy__ is now known as Eruaran
adreignssdoes any1 know how to set this sound card with pulseaudioor something.03:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pulseaudi03:23
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions03:23
adreignssit never talks about dell computers03:23
Orbjinzo... does it matter03:24
Orbjinzoyou didnt have pulse audio in 8.0303:24
adreignssbut i got it now03:24
Orbjinzowhy dont you disable it?03:24
Orbjinzoalsa would take over03:24
pidusi no longer see the services option (to start/stop services) in setting in kubuntu 8.10 it was easily visible in system preferences..does anybody know about it?03:24
adreignsswill it03:24
darkdelusionsHumm I been looking at google and haven't been able to find anything for the Dell sound issue03:25
adreignssthat sucks03:25
Orbjinzoi would just try first killing pulseaudio in the processes03:26
Orbjinzoand see if that doesnt fix it.03:26
Orbjinzoyou might have to set what programs you use to use alsa as sound.03:26
adreignssand change everything to alsa03:27
adreignssoh mannn03:27
adreignsssoo complicated03:27
darkdelusionsI am wondering if killing pluse would fix my annoying headset issue03:28
OrbjinzoMe i totally removed it and havent looked back since.03:29
Orbjinzois it a usb headset?03:29
darkdelusionsif I have my headset plugged in it plays threw both Speakers and headset03:29
Orbjinzomy headset works great03:30
Orbjinzotook me a while get the mic to work right...03:30
darkdelusionsmy mic works great03:31
Orbjinzowell for some reason my hda intel sound card didnt wanna play nice03:31
darkdelusionsI got an HDA intel03:31
Orbjinzoi played with the mux settings03:32
Orbjinzoand it worked03:32
piduswhere can i see non kde services in kubuntu 8.10?..i only see the kde services manager in system settings03:32
darkdelusionsits kinda annoying because I can be listening to music or talking on vent without it playing threw the speakers03:32
Orbjinzoi wonder03:33
erica647Can anyone tell me how to get the alsa wrapper working in Kubuntu?  I just installed it03:33
Orbjinzoyou got vent to work without the window focused?03:33
darkdelusionsOrbjinzo:  only if i am in another wine based app03:33
darkdelusionsOrbjinzo: like wow03:33
Orbjinzothats what i do.03:33
darkdelusionsI really wish they would get off there ass and write a linux client03:34
Kovertwhy is everything greyed out in the Samba - KDE Control Module?03:34
Orbjinzoand erica647 you just add alsa-oss to the command you use.03:34
=== jesse__ is now known as bent-tronics
darkdelusionsI wonder03:34
erica647I tried prefixing with aoss but it doesn't seem to work03:34
Orbjinzowhat are you trying to run first place03:35
adreignsshow could  i just use oss03:35
erica647In ventrilo, it still doesn't see it03:35
Orbjinzoaoss wine "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe"03:35
erica647yeah that's what I'm trying03:35
Kovert>wants to wine about samba03:35
erica647I'm obviously missing something03:36
darkdelusionsHumm Just set amarok to alsa03:36
darkdelusionsand It still did it damn03:36
Orbjinzodoes vent actually run when you type the command?03:36
Orbjinzothen it should be on03:37
Orbjinzoi just did it and vent ran for me03:37
erica647but shouldn't 'the device be listed as alsa wrapper or something03:37
borg-queen_Orbjinzo: ok i tried the "rootdelay=130"and I got the same error and I also tried to look up my uuid for my disk by "cat /dev/disk/by-uuid/" and I got "No such file or directory"03:37
Orbjinzothen i have no clue borg-queen_03:37
Orbjinzosorry :(03:37
Orbjinzono erica03:38
borg-queen_Orbjinzo: I am still looking... this sucks because I just want to boot up03:38
erica647When I open vent, I get a msg said Failed to open input device03:39
Orbjinzoare you using a usb headset?03:39
erica647just a standard mic03:39
Orbjinzohit up console03:39
Orbjinzoand type alsamixer03:39
Orbjinzoer konsole03:39
erica647ok I'm there03:40
Orbjinzohit tab to capture03:40
Orbjinzowhats shown there03:40
erica647It's in red and there's no volume03:40
erica647there's also 2 capture bars03:41
Orbjinzousing your arrow keys03:41
Orbjinzohit up the first one03:41
Orbjinzoand press spac03:41
Orbjinzoand hit up on the arrow key03:41
Orbjinzothis should have linux open it03:42
erica647ok I moved the bars up03:42
Orbjinzoyoull see like L CAPTUR R03:42
erica647do I do that on both?03:42
Orbjinzoshould only be one03:42
erica647I see 2 capture bars03:43
Orbjinzofirst one is normally for the back port and the other one is for front03:43
Orbjinzoya i know03:43
Orbjinzoi have 303:43
erica647so do I need to raise them both?03:43
Orbjinzoim saying location on the computer itself03:43
Orbjinzonah only one03:43
Orbjinzoyoull have to play to find out which one03:43
erica647grrr... I raised them both and I still get the error03:44
Orbjinzowhats the chip: say?03:45
Orbjinzoin alsa mixer03:45
erica647Realtek ALC88803:45
erica647that's correct03:45
Orbjinzoquestion do you have an nvidia chipset in your motherboard?03:47
Orbjinzonforce right?03:47
erica647I had this working with Ubuntu03:47
Orbjinzoyou might have to reinstall your chip drivers03:49
erica647ok thanks Orbjinzo03:49
erica647I didn't realize that KDE was so different from gnome  lol03:49
Orbjinzothis post might help you some to03:50
darkdelusionsOrbjinzo: now you got me started on this damn sound issue :) good job now I am not gonna stop till i fix it :)03:50
Orbjinzoit shouldnt be unless you did the upgrade to ubuntu 8.04 and 8.1003:50
Orbjinzoer kubuntu 8.1003:50
erica647no I did a clean install03:50
Orbjinzoprolly a chipset driver issue.03:51
erica647both 8.10... works great out of the box with Ubuntu03:51
ctwHi! Ever since upgrading from hardy to intrepid (with the KDE 4.2 beta 2) I don't have access to the web shortcuts with Alt+F2 (I can run commands with Alt+F2, but if I try to type something like "gg: search terms" it doesn't work (web shortcuts are enabled and they work if I put them directly into the Konqueror search bar)03:51
ctwAny ideas?03:51
Orbjinzoim trying03:51
Orbjinzohaha dark good luck with that03:51
ctwIt works fine on my other machine on which I have a fresh install (i.e., not an upgrade from hardy)03:51
Orbjinzoyoull go bald!03:51
darkdelusionsOrbjinzo: Probally03:51
darkdelusionscause I cant find anything on it03:51
Orbjinzoyou can have carwax now03:52
Orbjinzoshiny head03:52
darkdelusionsand google.com/linux is almost useless anymore03:53
darkdelusionsI keep getting Windows junk03:53
Orbjinzoi never even knew that existed03:53
darkdelusionsit used to be a good way to cut threw the crap03:54
Orbjinzothis was my favorite though03:54
Orbjinzomeh i just learned google the hard way03:55
darkdelusionsI should go ask in the ubuntu channel to see if anyone has any idea but that channel scares the crap outta me03:57
Orbjinzoheh im in now03:57
Orbjinzohard to read03:57
darkdelusionsYa I am idle in it03:57
darkdelusionseverynow and then i will throw my cheap 2 cents in03:58
darkdelusionsbut I have such a hard time reading it03:58
darkdelusionsok I braved the channel04:00
Orbjinzoyou have more gusto then I04:00
darkdelusionsif I choose mute headset04:05
darkdelusionsit mutes the headset04:05
darkdelusionsbut I i choose mute speakers it laughs at me04:05
darkdelusionsits like ya you wanted to do what... uhhh no04:05
Orbjinzoscrew with your mind?04:06
darkdelusionsPretty much04:06
darkdelusionsmy laptop is evil04:06
darkdelusionslike that04:06
Orbjinzoheh i got a laptop on order now04:07
Orbjinzoim deciding if i wanna install linux on it04:07
darkdelusionsepic answer04:07
darkdelusions[22:02] <KingOfDos> darkdelusions: try to add other sources in the mixer04:07
KingOfDosdid that work? :)04:08
Orbjinzoyou have a stalker now man04:09
Orbjinzoi feel sorry for you04:09
darkdelusionsKingOfDos: for the life of me i can figure it out04:09
darkdelusionsKingOfDos: its driving me INSANE04:09
KingOfDosKingOfInsane :D04:10
darkdelusionsits like the mixer only see 1 input04:10
darkdelusionsStupid HDA intel of evilness04:11
KingOfDosdid you install pulse?04:11
darkdelusionsunless pulse is installed by default and I didnt realize it no04:11
KingOfDosit's not default indeed04:11
torkianohello, are there some plasma applet to use the translation service from Google?04:13
darkdelusionstorkiano: I would look on kdelook.org04:14
torkianothank you darkdelusions04:15
darkdelusionstorkiano: errr04:15
darkdelusionstorkiano: kde-look.org04:15
booleancatAny reason the default konsole profile is so low contrast?04:15
booleancatin 4.2betawhatev04:16
hatoyu libQtGui.so.4 undefined reference to `QCoreApplicationPrivate::checkReceiverThread(QObject*)04:19
hatoyuWhen I make kdevelop 404:19
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=== Eneloop42 is now known as Eneloop
darkdelusionsbooleancat: you can change the konsole color04:25
torkianodarkdelusions: I haven't find anything :-( I search for some plasma applet that works similar to pastebin applet04:25
darkdelusionstorkiano: the only other i could suggest would be to google it04:25
darkdelusionsthere may not be one04:25
darkdelusionstorkiano: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Translate!+(multi-language)?content=5417704:27
rdba todos04:27
booleancatdarkdelusions: I know, I just think that the default (while usable) is too low con04:29
darkdelusionsEvil sound card of doom04:30
Orbjinzokeep going04:31
booleancat\away somewhere, doing something04:32
torkianodarkdelusions: thank you! but it is for karamba... (kde3)04:32
* booleancat grumbles04:32
Orbjinzoaye karamba04:33
darkdelusionstorkiano: Sorry I didn't even look ;)04:39
darkdelusionsI blame Orbjinzo04:39
Orbjinzoyou did it to yourself04:41
darkdelusionsOrbjinzo: so I found this article http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4263007#post4263007 but I have no clue what card is in here :)04:41
darkdelusionsits not in the list :)04:41
Orbjinzodo you feel better blaming me?>04:43
darkdelusionsYa :)04:43
Orbjinzofine then04:44
darkdelusionsWell that was an epic fail04:49
AdolaI've got KDE 4.1.  How do I get 4.2?04:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kde4.204:49
darkdelusionsits in the topic :)04:49
AdolaIs there any upgrade button?04:49
torkianoAdola: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-204:49
dr_williswe dont need no steeenking buttons! :)04:50
Orbjinzono we need many buttons that do nothing04:51
dr_willisI did have some odd quirks/issues when i upgraded to kde4.2 so be warey04:51
dr_willisi had to manually remove some packages.. upgrade. then reinstall them04:51
dr_willisnothing major.. just a bother04:51
dr_willisBUt that may be fixed by now04:51
Orbjinzodid your computer giver you the error: Install windows?04:52
dr_willisactually ive been fighting with windows all day.. XP and Vista Machine cant see each others shares.. bit they both can see the Linux FIleserver shares...04:52
Orbjinzoyay WoW cue04:52
dr_willisfile server can see both xp and vista machine shares...04:52
darkdelusionsthis is the error i get when i installed windows 704:53
Orbjinzothat needs to be bill gates04:54
Orbjinzoinstead of hitler04:54
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=== be is now known as m4rt1n5
spawn57hi, can you guys tell me what services are needed (e.g. portmap, nfs-common) on boot to be able to mount nfs partitions on boot?05:02
=== patches is now known as patches_
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.05:07
dr_willisthat url will tell ya spawn57  :)05:07
spawn57thanks dr_willis05:08
thomas__how can I reset my pannel and plasma widgets to orignal defaults?05:11
dr_willisyou can reset all kde settings by removing the proper files from .kde/   but be carefull :)05:14
thomas__This works too... 'kquitapp plasma; rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-appletsrc; plasma',   Thanks for the tip tho.05:17
dr_willis removing the proper files from .kde05:25
dr_williswas what you did. :)05:25
LizardKingI forget if I installed Kildclient, or if it came default with Kubuntu....05:41
El_Bosshola gente05:45
El_Bossse me lee?05:45
p_quarles!es | El_Boss05:49
ubottuEl_Boss: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:49
El_Bossah, ok, thatś right05:49
El_Bossbut I speak good enough english too, so thats why i have both channels in my favourites05:50
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AdolaHi, I just updated to KDE 4.2.  I can't get Kopete to open.  It says "Qsql Query :: prepare : database not open"06:07
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209806:07
AdolaCan anyone please help?06:17
AdolaI just upgraded 4.206:17
AdolaAnd, Kopete won't work06:17
BrianHI thought it was still beta06:17
BrianHKDE 4.2?06:18
maxmahem__4.2 is still beta, but I'm not having any problems with Kopete over here.06:18
maxmahem__Well other than it doesn't like my webcam.06:18
AdolaQSqlQuery::prepare: database not open06:18
p_quarlesIt sounds like an Akonadi problem06:18
AdolaIs the error I get when I run Kopete06:18
AdolaHJow do I fix that?06:19
BrianHanyone here have experience running Kubuntu from a USB drive through Qemu?06:19
BrianHI created a CD that has grub installed that forces a system to boot from the USB thumbdrive, and it all works nicely on an actual PC06:20
maxmahem__I had a couple problems with Akonadi after upgrading. I never did resolve them, after a couple restarts of X they kind of resolved themselves.06:21
BrianHbut the PC I'm using is pretty slow, so I tried to run it simmilarly through Q (a qemu port for OSX), and it keeps redirecting me to an intramfs prompt06:21
AdolaRestarts of x?06:22
BrianHwhatis intramfs?06:22
AdolaHow do I restart x?06:22
maxmahem__Yeah, log out and hit umm.. Control-E or Alt-E or something.06:22
maxmahem__It should be on the menu down there.06:22
maxmahem__You can also hit ctrl-backspace or something at anytime (mostly) in KDE, but that will obviously dump your whole session.06:23
Tm_Tand is not recommended06:23
AdolaRestarting X06:31
AdolaDidn't work.06:31
maxmahem__Is there a way to test localy if I set up my shares correctly? Like connect login and connect to my own shares?06:36
maxmahem__when setting up SAMBA I mean.06:36
microchip420hey guys, i am having an issue with my external HDD, i connected it to a friend's pc, which is a Windows OS, and now it will not mount06:42
dr_willisYou can access the local shares.  same as you sould assces remote shares..06:45
dr_willisnot a perfect test.. but you can try it06:45
dr_willis there are also some tools to check the smb.conf file for errors.06:45
dr_willis!info samba-doc06:45
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.4 (intrepid), package size 7768 kB, installed size 15976 kB06:45
Orbjinzowhat filesystem is the HD formatted with06:46
aghhi guys06:50
microchip420Orbjinzo: i am unsure06:50
OrbjinzoMicrochip420: find out and thats your answer.06:50
microchip420kk, brb06:51
aghwhats the issue?06:51
microchip420i am having an issue with my external HDD, i connected it to a friend's pc, which is a Windows OS, and now it will not mount06:51
aghhmm it seems like it was filesystema changed06:52
Tm_Tor just broken06:52
cyril11ntfs or fat32 ?06:52
aghit has happened to me with usb flash memories06:53
agha nightmare06:53
* Tm_T typically format all that stuff to ext206:53
Tm_Teven my phone uses ext2 (:06:53
microchip420cool, i was able to force the mount06:54
microchip420problem solved, w00t w00t06:54
dr_willissome neat sfs info there06:55
Tm_Tdr_willis: sfs?06:57
patcheshi all06:58
dr_williswrong channel paste. :)07:13
Tm_TI assumed so07:13
dr_willisPuppyLinux. :)07:13
=== patches is now known as patches_
rio_Hello !07:21
josephhey, rio07:22
rio_I have kinda got myself in some trouble to install 3D Cube :\ and now Kubuntu looks are gone :"(07:22
rio_and its neither Kubuntu nor ubuntu lolz07:23
rio_how do I fix it07:23
rio_I used one very long command just a while ago it removied all GNome but all good aps too07:24
rio_can anyone tell me the ways to restore kubuntu07:24
=== rio_ is now known as Rio_Jan09
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Rio_Jan09Anyone free there ?07:27
[NetSkierrio_, it would help if you would type that long command in here so we could think about it.07:31
rio_Ok KDE is back07:31
rio_but everything gone including firefox07:31
rio_KDE apps only07:31
rio_ok sure07:31
rio_I am reffering to something *cats website07:31
rio_oops that web browsing history is no more since firefox is removed07:34
rio_sorry cant give that07:34
rio_this is the webpage07:35
rio_and thanks to that I m back to KDE07:35
[NetSkierrio_, "sudo apt-get install firefox" will install firefox.07:37
[NetSkierrio_, but don't type the quotes.07:38
rio_yes thanks07:39
rio_I installed07:39
dr_willisreoving firefox -  should not of removed the users firefox settings. :) reisntall it and they should still be there07:40
rio_how do I get that cube btw07:41
robinrhow does one get to see the reason for a package update07:41
rio_I tried my level best07:41
rio_Its updating07:41
robinradept doesn't tell me07:41
maxmahem__rio_: to get that cube effect you need to either install compiz or upgrade to KDE4.207:46
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion07:46
rio_compiz istall07:46
rio_and hor 4 ver 1 and # of desktop = 107:47
rio_yet it wont work07:47
maxmahem__head over to #compiz-fusion then for configuration help and what not.07:47
rio_ok thanks a lot07:47
maxmahem__You might install CCSM from adept to help you configure it as you like.07:47
rio_yes I installed it yet again07:47
dr_willis4.2 has a cube and a 'cylinder' :)07:48
maxmahem__and sphere as well.07:48
dr_willisEnabling the effects actually made KDE 4.2 useable.. :) wasent near as sluggish as when i had them disabled.. figure that out...07:49
maxmahem__Only problem I have with it is it keeps the positoning relationships of your desktop on the cube, which doesn't map very well most of the time, and can be confusing. I wish I could configure where and how it maps my desktops.07:50
rio_I have some plugin for XP which works nice07:50
rio_exctly like that07:50
rio_I was expecting Kubuntu doin it better07:51
Tm_Trio_: it does well07:51
Tm_Trio_: just that if you decide to use compiz, it's not kubuntu territory anymore07:51
maxmahem__Compiz can do it in a very impressive manner, kwin's effects are bit more primative, but more stable.07:52
Tm_Tmaxmahem__: how primative? (:07:52
=== maxmahem__ is now known as MaxMahem
Tm_TI fail to see any big difference07:52
rio_I see so I'd better leave it alone ? suggesions are welcome07:52
rio_its my first day on any Linux07:52
dr_willisI would suggest not mixxing compiz + kde.07:52
Tm_TI second to that07:53
dr_willisstick wht the kde4.2 effects if you want them07:53
MaxMahemWell for example my problem above. If I arrange my desktops as a square (2x2) they map rather strangely to the cube.07:53
* Tm_T doesn't use cube at all07:54
Tm_Tso, who knows07:54
Tm_TI have 9 desktops in use anyway07:54
rio_I guss I'd go back flip effects and desktops07:54
MaxMahemIn fact they don't really map to the cube at all, but maintain their square relationship to one another. Which may be what somepeople want, but not me. It makes the cube effect rather confusing.07:55
MaxMahemAlso some of my favorite compiz effects (like burning the screen up) aren't present on KDE yet.07:55
MaxMahemOr having a hot-spot to minimise your desktop, which is another effect I like.07:55
rio_a very stupid question Will Gnome apps will work in KDE (or Kubuntu) properly ?07:56
MaxMahemrather minimise all your current windows to your desktop.07:56
Tm_TMaxMahem: hot-spot? like having some effect triggered by edge/corner of desktop?07:56
MaxMahemrio_: with the proper librares (which adept/apt-get should get for you) they will. There will be some visual differences.07:56
MaxMahemTim_T: Exactly.07:56
rio_my firefox shows very bad grphics with drop down menus07:57
Tm_TMaxMahem: it's already in KDE 4.2 so... who is this Tim anyway?07:57
MaxMahemYou can trigger an expose effect (which I like) but not a minimise all effect (which I also like).07:57
MaxMahemmy bad, thats what I get for not using tab complete. My eyes are getting bad, I need to increase the font size.07:58
Tm_TMaxMahem: heh, I use font size 7 in terminal usually07:58
MaxMahemWell I have Samba share set up here. But no easy way to test it with no windows client on hand.07:59
MaxMahemThough I couldn't get SWAT working.07:59
MaxMahemrio_: If your new to Linux you should spend some time playing with Amarok, greatest music app ever IMO.08:00
MaxMahemIncredibly awesome.08:00
rio_I think I like this (OS n everything)08:01
rio_I m gonna use it as everyday use and windows for windows only apps08:01
rio_I have been installin and experimenthing since 12 hrs btw LOLz08:02
rio_I expect only thing from apple now Unix release of iTunes :D08:11
zacim looking for someone to explain to me how to install amarok 208:12
zac<--Kubuntu noob08:12
Tm_T!neon | zac08:13
ubottuzac: The Neon Project provides daily Amarok and KDE 4 trunk builds as packages for Kubuntu | See http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon and http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon/KDE/Info for more | Support in #amarok.neon08:13
zaci saw the site.08:13
zacbut i cant make sense of it08:13
zaclike the compiling instructions were hard for me08:13
Tm_Tzac: look what ubottu said08:13
Tm_Tzac: you don't have to compile anything08:14
zacwell not compiling08:14
rio_if ur on kubuntu it must be installed by default right ?08:14
Tm_Trio_: not Amarok 208:14
zacbut theres no update on amarok one v.v08:14
Tm_Tzac: see what ubottu said08:14
zaci did08:15
zacall it took me to was some neon thing08:15
zaccan someone just give me the terminal codec (if there is one)08:16
rio_its cool08:16
zaci want it so bad08:16
zaci like literally installed kubuntu on my pc two days ago08:16
rio_I also installed bout 20 hrs ago08:17
zac lol08:17
zacthis is a pretty nice IRC client btw08:17
booleancatamarok2 is cake. you got that figured out yet zac?08:18
zaci just want someone to help me install it08:18
booleancatk, awesome08:18
zaclike query me or something, it would be much appreciated08:18
booleancatare you using the newest kubuntu (intrepid, I *think*)08:18
rio_you can try website guides dude you place the tar in home then type commands08:19
zacidk how to install the new beta eiter, (which would also be appreciated, if someone toldme)08:19
booleancatk, what i want you to do is type "sudo adept" from the console08:19
zacim sorry08:20
zacwats the console..08:20
zaclike taskbar?08:20
zacsorry im used to vista08:20
=== zac is now known as |zac|-sk|8|er-
booleancat:) k. Type ALT-F2. in the box that pops up, type "konsole" (all without quotes of course)08:20
=== besitzer is now known as besitzer_
booleancatthat's fine, its just easier to explain stuff over console if you're chatting, rather than live08:21
|zac|-sk|8|er-nothing comes up08:21
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
|zac|-sk|8|er-nvm i thought u said f1208:21
booleancatK, just click the "start menu" thing. Does it have a "search bar" at the top?08:21
booleancatyeah, f208:21
MaxMahemto update to KDE4.2 you need to add a different repository to your source list umm...08:22
|zac|-sk|8|er-haha u could of just said that :P08:22
booleancatyeah ;) sorry08:22
|zac|-sk|8|er-no worries08:22
booleancatAnyway, "sudo adept" and put in your pword. When adept opens, go to the Sources option and then Edit Software Sources08:23
jenniferhey room08:23
MaxMahemhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrped main I think (might have spelled something wrong).08:23
booleancatyou got it from here? ;)08:23
|zac|-sk|8|er-not rly08:24
|zac|-sk|8|er-adept manager looks different from normal08:24
jenniferi have a little question. Will adobe cs3 work on my computer using Wine?08:24
booleancatK, go to the "Third Party Software" tab. and then click Add08:24
MaxMahemjennifer: I haven't run it, but I think I heard that it was supposed to be emulated near perfectly.08:24
booleancatwhat do you mean different?08:24
|zac|-sk|8|er-like theres interface, and role, and use08:25
|zac|-sk|8|er-never seen that before08:25
jenniferokay just wondering because I am about to install it up here. thanks08:25
=== patches is now known as patches_
booleancatbasicly, you're looking for a Sources option, or a Repositories option08:25
|zac|-sk|8|er-wheres third party software ?08:25
booleancatMaybe yours is different... Are you using kde 4.1?08:26
jenniferalso I am having issues getting my printer to work. I have a Dell 810 all in one printer. And i was told to install the Lenmark 9500 driver for it since my printer is the same type of build08:26
jenniferonly issue when i go to install it; my computer freezes on me08:26
booleancathrm, I'm on 4.2betawhatev08:26
MaxMahemI have no help for printers, they are the devil.08:26
FirefisheI need the snd_rtctimer module on 8.10, however, it does not appear to be available.  Thoughts?08:26
booleancatwant the hard-core instrunctions? they aren't TOO bad. I promise08:26
MaxMahemadept should look pretty much the same in 4.1. I don't think anything really changed, interface wise.08:27
FirefisheIf you're dependent up on kde 3.5.x on a stable system, I don't know if I'd be switching over to 4.1 just now.08:28
jenniferanyways thnk08:28
MaxMahem4.2 is supposed to be out at the end of this month I think.08:28
MaxMahem4.1 is stable enough, but the user interface still needs some work.08:28
MaxMahem4.2 cleans up most of the issues, and really the 4.2 beta isn't that bad, I'm running it now.08:29
FirefisheI'm running 4.1 in 8.10 right now, and it's fairly stable without having to go into gnome.  I am having a problem with rosegarden complaining of low latency and a missing module called snd-rtctimer. It's for MIDI instrument work.08:29
FirefisheI like the new kde! :)08:30
MaxMahemYeah, but I couldn't stand not being able to have multiple rows on the Pannel, thankfully 4.2 fixes that and several other issues.08:30
FirefisheMaxMahem:  Well, I'll look forward to 4.2 when it goes final08:32
MaxMahemIt will be great. I think alot of people are going to be very impressed. Still some rough edges on KDE, but its getting way better.08:33
MaxMahemIn fact my list of issues is pretty small now. Can't get my webcam working, can't configure my extra buttons on my mouse, and arK is crap. That is about it.08:36
MaxMahemHopefully my arK problems will be fixed in 4.208:36
FirefisheI use the CLI for archive operations08:37
FirefisheI can see what's going on better, imho anyway.08:37
MaxMahemI've had to revert to that at times, but it would be nice to be able to click on a folder in dolphin and have arK compress it into an archive. Or drag and drops files into a open archive.08:38
MaxMahemarK is supposed to be able to do that... but it hasn't worked so good over here.08:39
rio_hello again where do I post crash report ?08:41
FirefisheMaxMahem:  Well, there are alternative archiving gui programs, too.08:42
MaxMahemI haven't had a chance to play around with them just yet, though I have downloaded a couple.08:42
rio_hey that thing crashes a lot08:43
rio_media player08:43
rio_amarok 208:43
rio_I tried to install it. But Adept installer crashes :'(08:47
|zac|-sk|8|er-how did u get it so fast ?08:47
rio_no no not the media player08:47
rio_sorry for that08:48
|zac|-sk|8|er-whats this server called?!08:48
MaxMahemtab on the far left should tell you.08:49
MaxMahemI'm on clarke.freenode.net08:49
rio_damn it now my adept installer wont even start08:50
rio_how do I start installer it just keep crashin08:54
rio_E: Type 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntuhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu' is not known on line 54 in source list /etc/apt/sour08:54
rio_this si wat I see in terminal08:55
rio_and installer wont even start :(08:55
herrspockgood morning, just a question, why the web page of Kubuntu is displayed perfectly in firefox, but not in konqueror?08:59
stdinrio_: you pasted wrong, you need to edit the file and replace the line with "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main"08:59
rio_how do I undoe it09:00
stdinrio_: kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list09:01
stdinrio_: and edit it09:01
stdinherrspock: they look identical to me in both09:01
MuzerHello. Why won't it let me change the icons for file associations? I'm on the right page, but where on the internet and in help pages the icon is supposed to be clickable, it isn't09:02
herrspockstdin: then it must be konqueror 3.5.8, that I am using, I'm going to install kubuntu 8.10 today, let's see then09:03
stdinherrspock: http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/4886/konqjb3.png09:04
rio_you saved my day stdin Thanks a tonne09:04
herrspockstdin: I see, then I'll report the result with konqueror 409:06
AdolaI updated to KDE 4.2  and now Kopete won't work.09:25
robinrseveral apps krasched after upgdrade the first time. Launching them worked.09:26
robinrthose were started on login btw, worked after manual launch09:27
robinrhaven't tried to logout and in again09:27
AdolaSo, anyone know how to fix it?09:30
RurouniJonesAnyone know how you install and activate a KDE Theme manager file (.kth) in KDE 3.5?09:35
RurouniJonesthe install is easy, just click the file and it appears to activate an "Install KDE theme" program09:39
RurouniJonesAfter that...how on earth do you activate teh bloomin thing09:39
marek_hi i have a gigantic problem, every time i install something, with apt-get, it blocks console on "starting bluetooth"09:42
marek_this is some serious case, can you help me?09:42
Walexmarek_: it probably has failed to run a post-install script for some package, and then tries to run it on every installation.09:58
Walexmarek_: what are you using to install?09:58
flipflophi. My laptop mic isn't working.  What do I do?10:03
flipflopKMix doesn't even show an Input tab..10:05
Tung<-- noob XD10:05
marek_Walex apt-get10:05
marek_i just ran some updates10:05
marek_i also tried to reboot10:05
marek_and the same thing happened10:05
marek_it completely demolished my system10:05
marek_please help10:06
marek_flipflop try alsa-mixer in konsole10:06
marek_look especially for mic boost10:06
fjellrev1I am having a huge problem with my laptop here,think it's a conflict between Kwin and compiz,but anyways.it hangs on boot up,worked perfectly before I left the house,now it hangs when loading default applications for my session,anyone know where I should start to fix this?10:06
flipflopmarek_: what package is that?  I don't have alsa-mixer10:07
Walexmarek_: "completely demolished" seems a bit strange, and anyhow your description of your problem is not that clear, so I can only guess.10:07
Tung<-- has also a poblem.. always when i try to install something there are application problems while installing. and its shown me but after installing everything works.. any ideas? XD10:08
marek_Walex i will try to explain it more detailed10:08
marek_i'm starting my computer10:08
marek_and i  can see kubuntu logo10:09
marek_and the sattus bar10:09
marek_but it stops in about 80%10:09
marek_and i can see text10:09
marek_"starting bluetooth" with no "OK" on right10:09
marek_flipflop type in konsole "alsa-mixer"10:11
flipflopI found it.  It's "alsamixer" tho, not "alsa-mixer"10:11
flipflopand there's nothing about mic there :(10:11
flipflopexcept "Mix as output" but I don't think that's what I want10:12
flipflop*Mic as output10:12
Walexflipflop: press F510:12
flipflopoh ok...10:13
Walexmarek_: have you got any Bluetooth hardware?10:13
=== invite is now known as coucouf
marek_yes, bluetooth usb stack10:13
Walexflipflop: or use 'alsamixergui'10:13
Walexmarek_: *hardware*?10:13
marek_Walex but i tried to plug it off10:13
Walexmarek_: ah you meant "stick".10:13
coucoufhi there, I just changed my password for my main account and now KDM refuses to log me in...10:13
marek_Walex - stick thats correct10:14
coucoufgoogling a bit, I found some interesting solutions like "reinstall", so ideas welcome :)10:14
marek_the previous line is "Reloading kernel event manager .,.       [OK]"10:14
Walexmarek_: odds are that if you let wait a long time (20m) it will timeout and then you can disable Bluetooth. on startup. Probably the stick is somewhat incompatible.10:14
marek_it worked befre10:15
marek_Walex, there was a small update, and there was something with bluetoth, sisnce then, it started10:16
marek_i think im having this bug10:17
marek_i also have pvr usb2 tv tuner10:17
flipflopno luck :(10:19
flipflopmy mic still doesn't work10:19
deamoonhi ppl10:23
deamoonwhat command is toupdate repositories?10:24
fjellrev1apt-get install update ?10:25
fjellrev1nto install10:25
deamoonE: Type ‘http://ppa.launchpad.net’ is not known on line 55 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list10:25
deamoonE: The list of sources could not be read.10:25
deamoonim getting this10:26
fjellrev1because you have enabled cd repo also10:26
deamoonbut i cant change anythink10:26
deamoonits not working10:26
deamoonhow can i change it10:26
fjellrev1if you open synaptic and press manage repo and uncheck ch10:26
deamooni cant open it10:26
fjellrev1uncheck cd10:26
deamoonthats a problem10:27
fjellrev1how are you trying to open it?10:27
deamoontrought meniu10:27
fjellrev1try sudo synaptic or sudo adept,depending on which you use10:28
deamoonfatal error occurred10:29
deamoonw8 ill pastebin it10:29
flipflopHow do I get my microphone to work?10:29
deamoonany ideas why10:30
fjellrev1looks like it has something to do with QT10:32
deamoonwhich means?10:32
fjellrev1i am no wizard on this but you could try and download libQt packages, libQtCore .. or sudo apt-get install synaptic and try that instead,i find it better10:33
deamoonok ill trry10:33
deamooni cant10:33
fjellrev1what whaat? :) whats it saying?10:34
deamoonE: Type ‘http://ppa.launchpad.net’ is not known on line 55 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list10:34
deamoonE: The list of sources could not be read.10:34
fjellrev1okay sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list10:34
fjellrev1find the launchpad and E repos and uncomment them with # infron of them10:35
ubottulaunchpad is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']10:35
fjellrev1they should be on line 55 the launchpad10:35
fjellrev1find E as well10:35
ubottuas is not a valid distribution ['dapper', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid', 'intrepid-backports', 'jaunty', 'jaunty-backports', 'kde4-ppa', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'medibuntu', 'partner']10:35
deamoonlooks like its start working10:38
fjellrev1yeah!great success!think you should stay clear of the launchpad repo10:39
deamoon<fjellrev1>.ty fella10:42
fjellrev1np,nice to be able to help10:43
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wathekhello all how can I delete the pppoeconfig configuration ?10:57
keymonecheck /etc/ppp/peers10:58
wathekkeymone, could you help me please ? I cannot find why I cannot connect to wireless network anymore yesterday I used pppoeconfig to be able to connect a network and now the kde network manager don't connect to any network how ever iwlist scan shows me the availble networks but not kde network manager11:01
keymonewell pppoeconf has nothing to do with wireless network11:04
keymonehow do you know kde network manager does not show any networks? did you try adding a network?11:04
wathekkeymone, and when I click on connect to other network I choose my network nothing happens11:06
keymonecheck syslog for errors11:06
wathekkeymone, it says Jan 11 12:07:18 Wathek NetworkManager: <WARN>  impl_manager_activate_connection(): Connection (2) /org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/Connection/8 failed to activate: (2) Device not managed by NetworkManager11:07
keymoneno idea what's wrong..11:08
keymonecheck if you have to install some restricted drivers11:09
keymonebut that's a pure guess11:09
wathekkeymone, euh11:09
wathekkeymone, what's strange is that iwconfig shows me my wireless config11:10
wathekand iwlist scan detects some networks11:10
wathekkeymone, I'm using a non-free driver for my wireless card11:13
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chukwumahello all11:22
chukwumawanna chat11:23
tictricchukwuma: #kubuntu-offtopic11:25
chukwumaany one wanna chat11:48
hyper_chdon't query me11:55
chukwumawuery you ok11:56
=== floown_ is now known as floown
AdolaI need help please12:15
PhilRodAdola: just ask. If anyone knows, they'll tell you12:16
AdolaI updated to KDE 4.2 and now KOpete won't connect12:16
AdolaI get this error12:16
AdolaQSqlQuery::prepare: database not open12:16
Koordinhi is it possible to do such a useless thing as letting only a time t for entering the password (on sudo for example, or on unlocking, or on login, etc.)12:27
=== m4rt1n5 is now known as be
AdolaHey, Tuxguitar isn't in Synaptic or Adept.12:48
orbital_foxAdola: probably too new/unstable12:49
AdolaWell, In like...The dumb Adept.  (The one that has asearch bar and shows you a nice graphical list of applications-Not the one whith all that otehr stuff..Like source code and that good sguff)12:50
AdolaIt shows up in the dumb adept.12:50
AdolaBut not in like...Synaptic Package Manager12:51
Adola(Also, it's doing this with Hydrogen)12:51
diegoolá amigos12:51
=== diego is now known as Guest60157
orbital_foxthat is weird.. cause they should both probably have the same repositories, there for same packages12:51
AdolaYeah.  I know.12:52
orbital_foxwhy dont you install from the one you can get it from?12:52
Guest60157Hi, i am lookingo for a aplication to make my xfce stay like a MacOSX. somebody can help me?12:53
orbital_foxGuest60157: what do you mean by " stay" ?12:53
AdolaI will.  But, THere are extra's that dumb adept wont' show12:54
orbital_foxAdola: by extras you mean recommendations?12:54
AdolaNo, like.12:54
AdolaUmm, just extra stuff.12:54
AdolaLike, for example.12:54
Adola"Kmess" in Kopete12:54
AdolaIf you use dumb Adept.  You can only get Kopete.  But, with smart Adept or SMP, you can get Kmess12:55
Guest60157<orbital> sorry for my terible english.... the aparence. and that toolbar12:55
orbital_foxAdola: so what you are referring to as dump is the simple installer/remover, why the smart is the full package manager?12:56
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Idzmewe're can i tun off that bouncing icon at the start off each programm??12:56
=== rio_dejaneiro is now known as rio_de_janeiro
orbital_foxGuest60157: you should probably go to the XFCE channel then12:57
DragnslcrIdzme- I think it's System Settings -> Desktop -> Launch Feedback12:57
orbital_foxAdola: the package manager has more options for handling less established packages, and giving power users more options12:58
IdzmeDragnslcr: thanks, I'll have a look12:58
AdolaHOw do I get back usablility?12:58
orbital_foxAdola: what do you mean usability?13:00
bthompsonanybody know how to get a kodak easy share digital camera working in kubuntu...it sits on a dock that is connected via usb...in windows when you press the button on the dock it comes up and has you pull pictures of camera...13:01
AdolaWell,Package manager wont' correctly.13:01
AdolaIt won't show many packages13:01
AdolaLike...There are very few.13:01
AdolaAnd yes, I've reloaded.13:01
AdolaLet me try again thtough13:01
bthompsonoh an some how after i rebooted the kmenu is on the right hand screen and not on the left...how do i get it back on the right side..13:02
orbital_foxbthompson: search the forums for the kodak camera13:02
orbital_foxAdola: are you in the simple installer/remover or the full package manager13:03
AdolaFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/kubuntu/dists/intrepid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found13:03
AdolaSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.13:03
AdolaI'm in the advancd.13:03
AdolaI reloaded.  And got that error.13:04
orbital_foxAdola: thats a development branch with nightly builds if i am not mistaken13:04
orbital_foxyou could damage your system if dont know what you are doing13:05
AdolaOk.  I typed in "Inkscape" intot eh advanced installer.13:08
AdolaI have inscpae installed.13:08
AdolaAnd nothing showed up.13:08
bthompsonanybody got any ideas on how the kmenu got to the right of screen instead of left..13:09
MuzerMy on-motherboard sound card, which kmix identifies as "HDA Intel", in Windows can output in 2, 4, or 6 channels, each progressively converting more input ports into output ports. However, on Linux, I can only choose 2 channel or 6 channel, so I can either have the mic working, or surround sound working.13:12
ghostcubehi guys i read about the kde xorg garbage that is resulting from an patch that fc and ubuntu are doing toxorg.conf is there anything known if this gets fixed13:15
ghostcubeits really annoying13:15
ghostcube*xorg server13:16
bthompsonAdola: not finding much on the forums in respect to the kodak camera13:18
AdolaKodak camera?13:18
bthompsonits a z7590....i think it may take some tweaking to get it working on the camera dock13:20
bthompsoni would bet if i had the usb cable to plug it directly in it might work...13:21
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
dr_willisfrom what ive seen most docks are just usb hubs + a power converter thing..13:24
dr_willissome may have extra features I guess. :)13:24
AdolaWhere is the document htat has the reop's on it?13:25
bthompsonwell i feel stupid...i just realized the cable was disconnected from the dock....so its work now..13:26
ghostcubei talking about htis one here http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17046213:27
bthompsonit doesn't pop up a program but you can select import from camera...in digikam program13:27
AdolaWhat is the document's name with the repos?13:35
ghostcubein /etc/apt/13:38
bjornIs it possible to add password to a folder in the file system?13:38
jobjebarajhow to configure touchpad in Lenovo laptop? Please Help me on the driver downloads and configuration13:40
jobjebarajHow to configure laptop inbuilt cam on Lenov Laptop? Help me on the driver downloads and configuration13:40
hatoyu I make install kdevelop4 and run it correctly but some menu can not pop up and I didnot find new project13:40
dr_willisConfigure what aspect of the touchpad?   Theres some Ubuntu/kubuntu forums/docs i think that  have some specific info on laptops.13:42
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MinusSevenI installed Kubuntu. If I'm using one program that uses sound, any other programs I load, the sound doesn't work.13:51
hunt_aloha all, i am pretty new on kubuntu and i would like to backup my system be4 i do something again in my lib and than nothing function anymore. can somebody give me instruction 4 this please?13:52
bvalek2MinusSeven: as far as i know, you are supposed to be able to use 16 distinct programs, that use sound14:02
bvalek2hunt_: all you need to back up, is that you fear to lose :)14:02
ghostcubeMinusSeven, you can try to get this done by jackd if the sound progz you use can communicate with it14:03
ghostcubeit has an own patch bay14:03
hunt_i dont want to lose.. ;-)14:04
hunt_not again, it happens few days ago, some changes in the lib and i couldnt connect to the internet anymore14:05
hunt_i just want to backup the system be4 i install something new where i am not sure14:05
bvalek2hunt_: save your private files, and then experiment around. in the worst case, you have to do a complete reinstall, but you dont have to worry, since you have everything backed up. this is the best way to get familiar with your system14:06
ghostcubehunt_, the home folder is all u need14:06
ghostcubeeverything else is system14:07
hunt_i eisntall the system few days ago because of some new settings and then i couldnt get anymore too the internet.14:08
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flodinhi i installed kubuntu-desktop the other day to try out kde, but i can't find anywhere that i can change keyboard layout. Do i need to install something more?14:21
JontheEchidnaflodin: There is a keyboard layout configuration module in the regional & language section of system settings14:22
bvalek2flodin: select from the start menu -> System settings -> Personal -> Regional & Language ->Keyboard Layout14:24
flodinahh there, thank you14:25
flodinby the way, i was here last week trying to figure out why kde was running extremely slow14:25
lenjoubertflodin: and did you figure out?14:25
flodinit turns out it was the nvidia drivers. I've upgraded from 170 something to version 18014:26
flodinthe speed difference is crazy14:26
lenjoubertI have nvidia drivers as well14:26
bvalek2flodin: i remember that, i am glad that it worked :)14:26
flodinat that time i don't think the drivers were released yet, at least not for 64-bit14:27
lenjoubertI have nvidia 177.8214:27
flodinbut i discovered they were available now14:27
flodinyeah 177 is what i meant14:27
lenjoubertand have nuerious problems with "greyed out" screens14:27
flodinactually the functionality is there in version 177 too, but you had to enable it with special tweaks in xorg.conf. In 180 it's enabled by default14:28
=== Guest95544 is now known as beer
flodinapparently it was some problem with memory allocation speed in the driver14:28
lenjoubertI will immediately download the 18014:28
=== beer is now known as Guest27267
lenjoubertonly problem is about 15 minutes afterwards to get xorg going after any nvidia update :-(14:28
flodinnot with ubuntu. I just grabbed them with aptitude :)14:29
flodinsearch for nvidia-glx-18014:29
lenjouberttnx I usually download from nvidia website14:30
lenjoubertflodin: tnx will do14:30
flodinyou will need to add the restricted package sources if you didn't already14:30
lenjoubertflodin: will do so and report back if there is a speed increase ....14:30
raidenovichsalut, i bought a barebone to us it as an server, i installed kubuntu on it. everything works fine, but when i attempt to start a remote login i get very many graphical issues... i cant see anything... i use the remote login with krdc and an laptop.. could it have anything to do with the framerate supportet on my laptop?14:32
flodinhow can i change the blinking rate of the cursor?14:42
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thomlizwie geht14:58
thomlizhallo arno14:58
febhi, gutentag, bonjour, dag14:58
thomlizwas ist jetzt14:59
feba stupid installer corrupted system files. How do you force a reinstallation of a package without removing and redownloading all the dependencies ?14:59
SlimeyPetesudo dpkg-reconfigure packagename14:59
thomlizbitte duch14:59
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl15:00
febSlimeyPete: does it reinstall libs and all or just reconfigure stuff ?15:00
SlimeyPetefeb: it re-installs the package. I don't think it re-installs dependencies though.15:00
febSlimeyPete: sounds good, gonna try15:01
SlimeyPetefeb: also try "sudo apt-get install --reinstall packagename"15:02
febi think i tried that one15:05
febgonna try to repair the system at distance15:05
Kovertwhat is the default samba for intrepid with kde 4.2 beta (I know it shouldn't matter)15:06
BluesKajKovert , just look for it in adept or install normally with apt in the the terminal15:28
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bobekI hawe a probem witch brownse my disk15:33
ghostcube!it | salvatore15:36
ubottusalvatore: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)15:36
bashiti've got a question concerning bluetooth support in the freshly released kde 4-2 beta15:38
bashitdoes it work yet? :)15:38
rootg'morning...any tips for getting verizon usb modem working15:39
ghostcubefirst never log in to irc as root15:40
wa4chqhello...any tips for getting verizon usb modem working with kubuntu15:41
BluesKaj!pl | bobek15:42
ubottubobek: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl15:42
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore15:49
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cumulus007GTk apps are ugly in Kubuntu15:59
cumulus007I want to se Firefox, but it looks ugly15:59
cumulus007I have had this problem earlier, but I could fix it16:00
cumulus007now, I have forgotten how to fix it16:00
cumulus007does ayone know how to fix it?16:00
flodinhm right, there's some thing to tweak firefox16:05
flodinsome extension16:05
flodinyou'll probably find it if you google16:06
flodinbut fwiw, you should try opera which is a qt application16:06
cumulus007opera, blergh16:07
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doc__hi there16:28
BluesKajhi there to you too, doc__  )16:30
=== tictric_ is now known as tictric
paolohi. I can't install (apt) the headers of my kernel (2.6.24-19-generic). when I do apt-get install linux-headers-386, I have the wrong versions of the headers (25 and 27)16:36
ghostcubesudo apt-get install linux-headers-&(uname -r)16:37
paologhostcube: already tried. it says that the package can't be installed16:38
ghostcubefor what reason16:38
paoloPackage linux-headers-2.6.24-19-generic is not available, but is referred to by another package.16:38
ghostcubewhat distrie is this ?16:40
ghostcubehardy ?16:40
paolo8.10 kde 416:40
ghostcubeso u cant have 2.6.24 normally16:41
paoloit seems I can't16:41
ghostcubewhat does uname -r tell u16:41
ghostcubeis this an update from hardy16:41
ghostcubeok you ticked stay with menu.list16:41
ghostcubeit hasent created an new kernel entry as it seems16:42
paoloso what should I do in order to fix it ?16:42
ghostcubedpkg -l linux-image*   is there an 2.6.27.x16:42
paologhostcube: ?16:43
paololet me try16:43
paololinux-image-2.6.24-19-generic and others16:44
ghostcubeno 2.6.27 ?16:44
paologhostcube: yes, there is it16:45
ghostcubeok now u need to edit youre grub/menu.list16:45
ghostcubeand add the kernel16:45
paologhostcube: I have this line16:47
paolokernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=UUID=4525401c-850b-45d7-a034-f7d75cead19c ro single16:47
ghostcubecan u pastebin the menu.list plase16:47
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)16:47
paologhostcube: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103574/16:48
=== ahmed is now known as Guest72677
ghostcubepaolo, can u ppost the line from the installed linux 2.6.27 kernel i need to know the exact naimg16:52
lovrehi all16:52
paologhostcube: kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=UUID=4525401c-850b-45d7-a034-f7d75cead19c ro single16:52
paolodo you mean this one ?16:53
ghostcubenah :)16:53
jussi01ghostcube: paolo you can just run sudo update-grub16:53
ghostcubejussi01, if he ticked stay with old one this wasent working here but he can try it16:53
lovrei edited a script that runs on startup a few months ago, but now i dont know what script that was. I only know i can see its output in virtual terminal 8 (CTRL+ALT+F8).. does anyone have an idea what could be that script?16:53
ghostcubepaolo, try what jussi01 suggested16:54
ghostcubeclose menu.list16:54
ghostcubeand do sudo update-grub16:54
ghostcubeif this wont work we can try it the other way16:54
paolobut then I have to reboot ?16:54
ghostcubefirst look into the menu.list again if the command added the new kernel16:55
paoloI don't see it in menu.list16:55
ghostcubeu did the sudo update-grub ?16:56
ghostcubeok then it wont work this way16:56
lovrei found it, it was rc.local.. thank you16:56
ghostcubecan u post the output of  dpkg -l linux-image-2.6.27*16:57
ghostcubeto pastebin.com16:57
ghostcubejussi01, this is a strange thing it doesnt detect th enew kernel if u told at hardy update keep installed menu.list16:57
ghostcubei had this many times16:58
Guest72677Hi there every body16:59
Guest72677I need to ask something about kubuntu16:59
=== Guest72677 is now known as Senior
ghostcubepaolo, why do you have so many kernels installed17:00
SeniorMy headphones jack is not working17:00
paologhostcube: I really don't know. I didn't install any kernel manually17:00
paoloI only installed linux-headers-38617:01
Seniorghostcube: My headphones jack is not working17:01
ghostcubepaolo,  dpkg -l linux-image*    and post it with the ii or un infront of it to pastebin.com pls17:02
ghostcubeSenior, no idea have u checked the mixers17:02
paolo ii or un infront of it <--- ?17:02
ghostcubesure if u do dpkg -l  it will list the packages with the state of installation17:03
paoloah sorry17:03
freaky_tcan anyone tell me how i can get that desktop folder display in kde4 when a friend has "accidently" closed it? oO17:03
Seniorghostcube: nop17:03
ghostcubefreaky_t, afaik its an mini programm17:04
freaky_tyea what is it called? oO17:04
ghostcubeor wait just drop the folder to the desktop17:04
ghostcubeit should ask you how to display17:04
flodiner... how do you actually select a file in dolphin17:05
flodinwithout executing it17:05
paologhostcube: by thw way, thnks for your help!17:05
ghostcubepaolo, http://pastebin.com/m6de11a9817:07
ghostcubehmm wait17:08
ghostcubethis one17:09
paologhostcube: does it differs only on lines 127-131 ?17:14
ghostcubethe new entry for the kernel17:14
paologhostcube: should i reboot, obviously ?17:14
ghostcubeafter u added this yes17:15
paololet's try17:15
paologhostcube: thnks for all!17:24
ghostcubeworking ?17:25
ghostcubeok :)17:25
paolonow the actual kernel i 2.6.2717:25
ghostcubeand remain if it asks again keep or install new menu.list for an update17:25
ghostcubeinstall th enew one :)17:25
Bauldricklooking to get a 3 in 1 wifi printer anyone use one here?17:32
bigmandencurious as to whether I could get an answer from anyone regarding the best way to remove a swap partition before I reinstall ubuntu dualboot on an imac17:38
naesais there a way to use the old 3.5-menu in kde4? or atleast something that looks like it17:40
torkianonaesa: yes17:40
naesatorkiano: mind telling me how? :)17:40
torkianoadd component to the panel17:40
torkianothere is 2 diferent start menus17:41
naesawhat's the old one called?17:41
JontheEchidnanaesa: right click on the menu button and select "classic menu"17:41
naesaoh boy is it really that simple?17:41
naesai feel like an idiot.. Thanks JontheEchidna and torkiano17:42
rainarrowHello, I've got a problem with my display resolution: I chose 1280x960 in system settings->Display, but when I restart, it becomes 1280x1024(after loggin in). Once I start system settings->Display without doing anything, the display resolution become correct17:45
rainarrowis there a way to make my system remember my resolution setting?17:45
JontheEchidname knows there's an open bug about that17:47
* JontheEchidna knows there's an open bug about that17:47
rainarrowreally? actually it worked for me before I delete(and let the system rebuild automatically) my ~/.kde directory17:48
JontheEchidnahttps://launchpad.net/bugs/268434 and http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16370717:48
rainarrowconfirmed, my problem is the same as this bug17:50
OxDeadC0deWhen will 4.2RC1 be packaged??17:50
OxDeadC0deor will it?17:50
=== nicolas_ is now known as Bou
rainarrowThanks, JontheEchidna17:53
freaky_tghostcube ok thank you17:56
hollihi. is there a way to become a real superuser in a shell, that saves me from typing "sudo this", "sudo that"? (basically the password for "su")17:57
ghostcubethere is an roadmap for kde 4.217:57
ghostcubehoisn, set the root password and then su17:57
hollihow do i do that?17:57
ghostcubesudo passwd  is for the root password17:57
holliwill try17:57
holliwonderful. thx17:58
liddellhi hi17:58
hollihe he =)17:59
BrianHhowdy howdy18:00
liddellso i am trying to upgrade wine and adept manager is saying that it would break packages. so it tried it with synaptic and it says "Depends: libasound2 (>1.0.17) but 1.0.15-3ubuntu4 is to be installed" any suggestions?18:00
BrianHis atp-get not available from the LIveCD?18:00
ghostcubeapt-get should work fine18:01
BrianHI'm running from my usb thumbdrive right now (made from usb-creator) and it won't recognize atp-get18:02
ghostcubeits apt18:02
ghostcubenot atp18:02
BrianH*sigh* it's been a long day, thanks :)18:03
=== Bou is now known as Bou_afk
* Tm_T slaps Bou_afk with awaynick reminder18:07
rainarrowhow to add the systray icon that let you change screen resolution? mine is lost after deleting my .kde directory18:07
megajosh2Lol why am I in here, I don't even have Kubuntu18:13
estanhm. how can i make the external monitor hooked up to my laptop stay turned on when i close the laptop lid?18:22
ingerashuhi everyone18:23
estani want only the laptop screen to turn off.18:23
ingerashudoes anyone know how to speed up file transfer in pidgin?18:23
ingerashuit's really slow18:23
ingerashumaximum 100kb :|18:24
estananother question; anyone recently gotten bad sound (noisy at high pitch) with intel laptop?18:28
estan(82801G chip).18:29
hollistrange. i have just installed the flash player for youtube, image is ok but there is no sound. strange because the soundcard works. (can play mp3s)18:30
holliso many questions =)18:30
estani don't get the noise in mplayer (alsa), only in KDE apps (kaffeine, amarok).18:30
ghostcubeholli, flashplayer 10 ?18:32
ghostcubethere is something about an bug for this18:32
jevon_having a problem updating repositories. When I try in gui, I get a crash through KDE. If I run apt-get update, I get a list of 302: moved temporarily errors18:33
=== jevon_ is now known as jevon
ghostcubesudo apt-get -f install18:33
jevonno go18:34
hollithe newest, ghostcube18:34
hollii did not really look at the version number18:34
=== mathieu_ is now known as NamShub
TraceRoute87how the heck do you properly rearrange icons on the panel on kde4.118:36
hollibah, never mind18:36
hollisomething has set the mixer volume to zero :]18:37
holliit wasn't me. i think18:37
hollifine. so now flash works in firefox, how to make it so in konqueror18:38
holliah, i had installed the nvidia driver18:40
hollilooks like it comes with its own sound mixer. wtf?18:41
=== bas is now known as idzme
* holli shakes head18:41
KomiaPoikahow can i install a slide show screen saver in kde4 beta?18:45
=== zac__ is now known as |zac|-sk|8|er-
KomiaPoikain kde 4.2 beta i can't put up a single picture in the background of kdm, why?18:47
|zac|-sk|8|er-i just installed amarok 2, without configuring amarok 1.4 audio previously ( i just reinstalled kubuntu) and when i go to configure it, it doesnt work18:49
=== Mez_ is now known as Mez
jevonany ideas on how to fix problems with "repository error 302: moved temporarily"18:55
Bou_afkTm_T: you hurted me!18:56
=== Bou_afk is now known as Bou
mm_عربي ؟19:00
=== mm_ is now known as ksa-24
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية19:05
jevonhaving a problem updating repositories. When I try in gui, I get a crash through KDE. If I run apt-get update, I get a list of 302: moved temporarily errors19:07
jussi01jevon: Id suggest going into adept and changing to a different country or the main archive19:08
jussi01(theres a dropdown box)19:09
jevonany ones you know that works wityh 8.0419:10
=== DS-Out is now known as w0x`t3h`BIG
Tm_T!away > Bou19:13
ubottuBou, please see my private message19:13
=== w0x`t3h`BIG is now known as DarkSmoke
jevonstrange; this computer works fine with the updates, but my laptop is messing up19:15
=== pdl is now known as pdl_
bthompsonhey guys after rebooting my kemnu ended up on the right side of my screen any ideas on what may have caused this and how i get it back to the left side..19:18
jevoncan you just drag it back over19:19
bthompsoni don't know how it got over there in the first place..it wasn't like this when i rebooted..19:22
bthompsonmaybe i should try another reboot..19:22
=== alain is now known as Guest68174
bthompsonrebooting now19:24
=== klaus is now known as klausmost
ingerashuit is possible to save my ubuntu settings on dvd or something?19:28
ingerashui want to installanother os19:29
ingerashuand i want to save these programs i installed on ubuntu and all of the settings for the future19:29
=== rob is now known as Guest5354
=== mm_ is now known as ksa-24
darkdelusionsingerashu: You could back up your home folder19:37
darkdelusionsthat is where most of your setting are stored19:37
=== eddie is now known as dev_eddie
shadeslayerhi everybody19:37
ingerashucould you be more precise?19:42
ingerashuim really disapointed in ubuntu19:43
ingerashui mean linux in general19:44
ingerashumany programs runs much slower than a xp program19:44
ingerashumany times it blocks19:44
ingerashuinternet speed reduced19:44
ingerashuproblems running xp games19:44
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
underdog_can anyone tell me why i cannot connect to my wireless (wpa2 protected) network?  it freezes at 28% and says unable to connect.  it's a linksys wireless pci adapter.19:49
jackpot_200111try wicd..... i was also having issue wtih network manager. wicd works like a charm19:51
jackpot_200111assuming this is not a driver issue19:51
underdog_hmm, i did.  but it showed unable to connect19:51
underdog_and i connect no problem from my laptop19:51
underdog_but the desktop = no dice19:52
W8TAHhi guys in 16 days KDE 4.2 will be comming out -- how can i integrate it into my Intrepid systems?19:56
ghostcubeW8TAH, in 2 days the rc1 is coming19:56
ghostcubeand there is an article gfor beta219:57
ghostcubeand the main updates should be in official repo19:57
W8TAHhow stable is beta 2 prooving to be?20:04
shadeslayerW8TAH:except for a few glitches here and there its quite stabke20:06
W8TAHvery cool20:06
W8TAHi'll do the upgrade on here right now20:06
shadeslayerW8TAH:only the weather and the RSS feed widgets do not work,its better that KDE 4.120:06
W8TAHok -- thats dooable -- will the weather one be functional by final?20:07
shadeslayerW8TAH:yeah they'll probably fix it as its a reported bug20:08
PigeonHDHey i've just switch from ubuntu to kubuntu and my printer doesn't work... do i need to do something special?20:10
shadeslayerPigeonHD:does'nt the HP application thingy in the K menu work???20:12
PigeonHDhmmm HP application thingy ? lol20:12
shadeslayerim new too20:12
shadeslayerjust 2 weeks of usage20:13
PigeonHDwell yeah i got an HP20:13
jussi01PigeonHD: what printer is it and how did you install it in ubuntu?20:13
shadeslayerAND i dont have a printer lol20:13
PigeonHDwith CUPS20:13
PigeonHDHP LaserJet 101820:13
jussi01PigeonHD: also, describe "doesnt work"20:13
PigeonHDwell doesnt print lol20:13
jussi01PigeonHD: but it has installed?20:14
PigeonHDhmmm i guess yeah20:15
PigeonHDbut when i click a test page, it doesnt print20:15
jussi01PigeonHD: have you tried a normal page from open ofice?20:16
PigeonHDyeah, not working20:16
AlukardВсем доброго вечера.20:16
AlukardЕсть русскоязычные пользователи?20:17
jussi01!ru | Alukard20:20
ubottuAlukard: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:20
PigeonHDso that was russian? lol20:21
shadeslayeri thought it was greek :D20:21
jussi01maybe it was... hrm... didnt look closely...20:22
PigeonHDi thought too shadeslayer lol20:22
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes20:22
PigeonHDwell maybe not20:22
PigeonHDthat was strange :P20:22
jussi01nah, russian20:22
ghostcubeyep kyrillic20:23
shadeslayerthe guy had said a good evening to all of us lol20:23
bert_wie setz ich richtig einen einhängepunkt für sda620:24
ubottuქართული ენაზე დახმარების მიღებისთვის გთხოვთ შემობრძანდით #ubuntu-ge / Kartuli enaze dakhmarebis mighebistvis gtkhovt shemobrdzandit #ubuntu-ge20:25
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes20:25
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.20:25
legodudethere we go20:25
=== randagio is now known as randagio_
PigeonHDwhat is the format of the driver?20:25
W8TAHas i am using adept to upgrade im getting a ton of fails on the retreive package lits -- when i try to do it via apt-- its yelling about unauthenticated packaes20:26
legodudebert_: mount /dev/sda6 /mnt/einhangepunkt20:27
shadeslayerW8TAH:just skip the authnentication check20:27
W8TAHexpected behavior?20:27
shadeslayerlegodude:google translate lol20:27
jussi01W8TAH: yeah20:28
PigeonHD"/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed"20:28
shadeslayerW8TAH:well it just authenticates if passages are from ubuntu repos or not20:28
jussi01W8TAH: Im guessing they are ppa's?20:28
shadeslayernot a biggie20:28
jussi01W8TAH: expected then20:28
W8TAHcool by me20:28
shadeslayeri never paid any attention to them20:29
shadeslayerjust followed the instructions20:29
W8TAHwell adept kept failing20:29
W8TAHso im now usig apt20:29
shadeslayerW8TAH:dunno,mine went easily through adept20:30
W8TAHErrors were encountered while processing:20:30
W8TAH /var/cache/apt/archives/pkg-kde-tools_0.2ubuntu2~intrepid1~ppa1_all.deb20:30
W8TAHE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)20:30
=== randagio_ is now known as randagio__
=== anukis_ is now known as anukis
Alukardесли я не говорб по английски это не значит, что не поимаю, что вы пишете gr :(20:32
shadeslayerdont know anything about it,but yeah i did encounter some errors,but it upgraded easily20:32
legodude!ru > Alukard20:33
ubottuAlukard, please see my private message20:33
W8TAHok -- trying again20:33
nctHi. In KDE 4.2 beta, is there a package that I can install to have file information in dolphin, such as the sizes and resolutions of images or bitrates of audio files?20:34
legodudenct:  hit F1120:35
legodudeI thought that gave resolution20:36
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-DvD
nctit doesn't give any more data other then the generic ones such as size, types, and dates20:37
legodudeyup, I thought I've seen it somewhere though20:37
nctin kde 3.x, a right click+properties gave a lot more informations20:37
nctI guess that I am missing some plugin20:37
legodudemaybe it was around in 4.1?20:38
=== randagio__ is now known as randagio
=== randagio is now known as randagio_
nctI've tried to start nepomuk, just in case, but it doesn't help, it just provides rating20:38
=== tweakedeh__ is now known as tweakedeh_
The_ManU_212 hi i use hardy and want to use my saa7134 with vlc, anyone can help?20:50
|zac|-sk|8|er-can someone help me with amarok 2 please20:55
* booleancat just had to perform the "./configure && make && make install" dance for the first time in /years/20:55
booleancat|zac|-sk|8|er-: hi! I'm back now ;)20:55
|zac|-sk|8|er-hey !!!20:55
booleancatgood timing, bit20:56
|zac|-sk|8|er-look at ur pm !20:56
|zac|-sk|8|er-hello ?20:59
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-DvD
|zac|-sk|8|er-booleancat: check ur pm21:00
mx-tvthey... does kubuntu offer any patch to get kde4-window-decorator working with kde4-nightly?21:00
=== kaminix_ is now known as kaminix
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore21:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ping-right21:17
amaroalguem fala portugues?21:22
amaroubuntuuuuuuuuuuuu BRASIIILL  kd o link?21:27
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:27
=== booleanc1t is now known as booleancat
alex13outrosboa noite!21:30
amarofala aew alex21:30
ugaamaro: please no portuguese/brasileiro here21:31
alex13outrosé posivel atualizar kubuntu 8.04 para 8.10?21:34
uga!br | alex13outros21:35
ubottualex13outros: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:35
uga!br | amaro21:35
ubottuamaro: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:35
ugasigh, I hope they know reading their own language at least =)21:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about redneck21:36
dr_willisNo #kubuntu-redneck :)21:36
dr_willisi recall years ago the redhat installer had a 'redneck' language option.  aparently it was a test-case/example that accidently got included in the releae. :)21:36
ugasure people loved that21:36
ugaadd-on love on redhat21:37
amaromessenger for linux?21:45
Tm_T!kopete | amaro21:45
ubottuamaro: Instant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin21:45
=== rajdhani is now known as rajdhani_
=== rajdhani_ is now known as rajdhani__
amarothank you!21:47
ScottG489Hey, I've been using gde for a while but I just installed kde to try it out. All the text is way too large though. Could someone help?21:48
dr_willisYou can set the fonts in the control panel settings areas I recall.21:49
joshua24why is it when i stick a cd it does not even see it? using KDE 4.2 beta21:49
ScottG489how do i find that?21:49
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete21:52
booleancatThere any canadians in here (other than |zac|-sk|8|er- )?22:00
romain_j ai besoin d aide22:01
booleancatromain_: Is that a yes, to me?22:01
romain_i want know my ip22:01
romain_for a ssh22:02
booleancatthat's your ip for whatever you want22:02
romain_yes but putty say is not correct22:02
booleancatIf you are behind a NAT, all bets are off22:03
romain_i have a router22:03
booleancatyou need to configure it to correctly forward port 22 to the computer you want22:04
romain_when i make localhost ip it s ok22:05
romain_but no22:05
romain_i have do ifconfig22:06
booleancatromain_: Are you french?22:06
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr22:06
ScottG489was i talking in kubuntu or kde before?22:07
booleancatyou're welcome22:09
wesleywhats the best way to read and write on the same hd in linux and osx ?22:10
wallabeei wanna be able to put videos from my cellphone (MP4) on my computer to watch. Im able to view the video but not the audio for any of these mp4 movies. Can anyone tell me how i can watch these with audio by a codec etc. or conversion????22:14
=== carlos is now known as Guest26658
wesleyaha hfs can not be written in22:14
IppatsuMan!medibuntu | wallabee22:16
ubottuwallabee: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org22:16
wallabeeIppatsuMan: are the instructions for adding the repositories for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex the same for Kubuntu of the same version or do i need to change something??22:19
IppatsuManwallabee: the instruction are exactly the same for both kubuntu and ubuntu22:21
MaxMahemwallabee: I'm not sure how those instructions work for ubuntu, but the general idea is the same.22:21
MaxMahemadd a new depository to your sources list, and get the packages.22:21
skandehello all22:29
skandeplease can u help me22:30
wallabeeI get the following after  http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/1306070adding the source list and trying to add the GPG :22:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:31
wallabeesorry that was when trying to add the GPG i get : http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/130607022:32
=== prophet is now known as MorbidChimp
wallabeeasking something about the cd-rom?22:33
IppatsuManwallabee: you should remove Kubuntu's cd rom as registered repository, you can do this using adept, or removing the corresponding line in /etc/apt/sources.list22:35
KomiaPoikahow can i watch a 8GB hdtv .ts file?22:43
dr_willis.ts ? Hmm22:44
dr_willistry vlc/mplayer?22:44
jonasfaHello everybody... How can I start an "guest session" on KDE?22:46
dr_willisNot a guest session thing in the user switcher applet? or is that a gnome only feature?22:46
KomiaPoikadr_willis: mplayer does it, thx22:47
jonasfai can't see any "guest session" option on the switch user dialog :/22:47
dr_willisjonasfa,  you did use kdm to login with?22:47
torkianojonasfa: it will be implemented in next release: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntyGapAnalysis22:47
dr_willisahh. :) there ya go.. heh22:48
dr_willisgnome only for now it seems22:48
jonasfanot even through command line?22:48
dr_willisYou could just make a guest user with the password of guest :)22:48
jonasfai'm using GDM as login manager22:48
dr_willisi find that when using gdm to login to KDE and kDM to login into Gnome - often some settings/features change. like the logout options and so forth22:49
jonasfawell.. i'll wait for jaunty so... :)22:49
jonasfathank you all22:49
wesleyis there a filesystem in linux that osx can read and write ?22:50
dr_willisOsx can read/write ext2/3 i thought22:51
dr_willisYou may want to ask in a OS-X channel22:51
dr_willisbut they will proberly ask 'whats this filesystem voodoo of which you speak? and what does it have to do with elegant eyecandy?'22:52
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
KomiaPoikawesley: #macosx22:53
wesleydr_willis osx reads my external hd but not my inyternal ones22:54
knioletOS X cant read/write ext322:54
knioletonly the mac fs (HPFS iirc) and windows FAT and NTFS ones22:55
wesleyso i yhough maby theres one that not only for linux ( i was thinking about jfs ?22:55
knioletfs support is mac os sucks imho22:55
wesleyso ntfs works under osx ?22:55
knioletpretty sure22:55
wesleyi though i could use ext3 with ext2fs22:56
knioletthough ntfs in linux can be kinda sketchy22:56
pedrogarciaolá alguem fala portugues22:56
wallabeeI still have a problem: after installing the w32codecs im still unable to have any audio while watching mp4 files from the cellphone.  Dragon player and others play the video fine just no audio.  VLC player i get the following:22:56
wallabeeNo suitable decoder module:22:56
wallabeeVLC does not support the audio or video format "samr". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.22:56
IppatsuMan!pt | pedrogarcia22:56
ubottupedrogarcia: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.22:56
wallabeeIs there a player or a codec i can get for this "samr" it mentions. If not can i convert this?  I dont think it should be that difficult to watch an mp4 video if my cell phone can play it my computer definately should be able to.22:59
IppatsuManwallabee: try installing the package amrnb from medibuntu and playing it with mplayer23:04
wallabeeIppatsuMan: Thank you for the advice .. will try23:04
IppatsuManwallabee: a quite fast method to install proprietary codecs and other useful (but non free as in speech) stuff is installing kubuntu-restricted-extras23:05
IppatsuManit will install almost anything for mp3, divx, dvd, proprietary audio and video codecs, java, common microsoft fonts, adobe flash and so on23:06
wallabeeIppastsuMan: thank you again. lol. that was my first try before i started searching for another solution23:07
benzssdoes anyone know if it's possible to back up ktorrent?23:08
romain_what is the server for frensh please?23:14
wallabeeIppatsuMan: thanks using the amr lib and mplayer seemed to work perfect thanks for the advice23:14
KomiaPoikaromain_: #kubuntu-fr23:14
IppatsuManwallabee: you're welcome :)23:14
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Szadekhello everyone , ist there any webcam aplication in kde4/qt4 ??23:32
torkianoSzadek: kopete?23:33
Szadekim not searching that , i want to take phots e make movies using my webcam , right now im using cheese , but it has some problem , the photos and videos have too much brightness , and im on kde4 , im looking for something similar but better integrated with the gui23:34
KomiaPoikaSzadek: use gimp to tune your photo's brightness23:35
Szadekand the videos ?23:35
downhill_any way to get the old Adept (2.0) installed and working again? 3 sucks for a number of reasons and KPackage isn't ready yet...23:39
downhill_on Kubuntu 8.10 that is23:39
ahmoshi how i can mount my cd rom please?23:45
downhill_ahmos; should just be able to click it from Dolphin and it'll auto-mount.23:47
ahmosit doesn't23:47
downhill_did you remove some packages from your system or something?23:48
ahmosfrankly i have changed some settings in disk & filesystem23:48
downhill_such as...23:49
ahmosi choosed type iso9660 - cd-rom23:49
ahmosmounted in /media/cdrom023:49
ahmosdevice /dev/sdc23:50
downhill_could you please paste the contents of /etc/fstab into a pastebin, editing out anything sensitive (such as usernames and passwords)?23:50
downhill_pastebin -> www.slexy.org23:50
dr_willis!info pastebinit23:52
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB23:52
downhill_same diff.23:52
tyutinanyone know of any drive encryption software that supports pre-boot auth?23:53
downhill_ahmos; hmm, it *does* say "user" for the mount options. you *should* be able to. does dmesg say anything relevant?23:53
downhill_ahmos; take out "noauto" from your ODD's line (/dev/scd0)23:54
downhill_or rather, change it to "auto"23:54
downhill_that'll fix it.23:55
dr_willisauto/noauto makes the device auto-mount at boot up..23:56
dr_willisit has nothing to do with automounting on disk inserted23:56
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downhill_I thought it mattered for both.23:56
dr_willismount -a --> reads the auto/noauto23:58
ahmosi noticed that some partitions are listed twice is that normal?23:58
dr_willisfstab does not controll 'mounting on the fly' of devices.. thats HAL's job. if i recall right.23:58

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