gmbwgrant: It might amuse you to know that our favourite spammer asked to have his accounts reactivated the other day, much to my amusement.00:02
Hobbseehahaha, nice.00:03
wgrantgmb: Haha.00:04
Hobbseegmb: how did you manage to diplomatically reply to that?  :)00:04
wgrantI remember he filed lots of questions after his first two accounts were really properly disabled asking why.00:04
gmbHobbsee: I didn't; I left that for mrevell. I couldn't have managed to not responed with "AHAHAHAHANo."00:05
wgrantmrevell is useful for that sort of thing.00:05
Hobbseegmb: that's what I suspected :)00:05
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andrea-bsHello! demo.launchpad.net gives me 503 (Service Temporary Unavailable)11:55
wgrantandrea-bs: I think I heard that demo is gone for the time being.11:59
wgrantandrea-bs: Use staging instead, I suppose.11:59
andrea-bswgrant: demo.lp.net is the only that sends mails :(11:59
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extrakrisphi, I was wondering if the launchpad project itself (the application which powers launchpad.net) is open source, and if so, where can the sources be gotten and development tracked?13:51
persiaextrakrisp, Best answer is "not yet".  There was a presentation in December indicating that large portions of LP should be open-sourcing progressively over the first half of 2009.13:55
extrakrispah, and is there any URL on dedicated mailing list which allows one to be kept up to date on the progress of this effort?13:57
persiaI'd guess launchpad-users, but that's only a guess.13:58
extrakrispok, thanks a bunch!13:58
thekorn_there is also a usefull wiki page https://dev.launchpad.net/OpenSourcing13:58
wgrantJuly 21 is the big day.13:59
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persia24 February is the interesting date for me.  Key in so many ways.14:03
extrakrispah, very cool14:03
extrakrispthe wiki is exactly what i was looking for14:03
extrakrispthanks folks, thats exactly what I was interested in :)14:04
extrakrisphappy coding14:04
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tcrI just saw that you can set up mailinglist with launchpad; can you also subscribe such a mailing list to the bug tracker?14:06
persiatcr, Yes.  What you cannot do is allow people who are not members of your team to subscribe to the mailing list.  The admin interface also isn't ideal.  Other than that, they do just about anything you would expect from a mailing list.14:07
tcrpersia: My final goal is to make the mailing list available through gmane as a read-only group.14:09
tcrHas anyone done that before?14:09
persiaDunno if anyone did it, but LP MLs are uniquely suitable because it's really hard to subscribe.14:13
tcruniquely suitable?14:16
tcrI think I'll add a feature request for gmane support. And ask for advice what scenario deems the developers best.14:16
tcrThe issue is available for comments under https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/5707214:27
bebrawhow can i cancel a VCS import? i figured out a way to handle it manually14:27
bebrawcan i just delete my trunk somehow and start anew?14:27
Goundybebraw I got same problem before and just asked an admin and he kicked it out for me :)14:28
bebrawGoundy, cool. :) i come from svn background so getting in grips with bzr takes a while. the concept is neat though :)14:29
Goundybebraw I came from svn also... and to be honnest I feel like svn is a crap compared to bazaar ^^14:29
bebrawGoundy, any idea how to find an admin?14:30
Goundywell I asked on this channel :/14:31
Goundyhow admins ! show up !14:31
LarstiQheya bebraw14:38
bebrawheya LarstiQ :)14:38
mok0Please remind me, what is the generic form of your personal LP page? (something with +me?)14:54
persiamok0, Yes, +me14:55
persiae.g. https://launchpad.net/+me/+archive14:56
Nafallo~person ?14:57
mok0persia: hm, clicking on that gets me a 40414:57
Nafalloi.e. https://launchpad.net/~nafallo/+archive for example.14:57
mok0Nafallo: yes, but I would like the generic form for documentation purposes, so anyone clicking the link would get his/her own LP page14:58
Nafallooh. didn't know there was one :-)14:59
mok0wgrant, that worked! Thanks!15:00
Nafallohaha. kewl.15:01
vadi2I'm having a small issue with "bzr commit --fixes lp:#". It links to the bug report, but does not set status to fix released.15:13
vadi2I'm not sure why, and I didn't find any launchpad page for this feature (just read it off an interview)15:14
wgrantvadi2: It's not intended that it will close the bug, and there are good reasons for this.15:28
wgrantYou need to close the bug manually.15:29
wgrantI would explain further if it wasn't 2:30am.15:30
Nafallowgrant: it isn't.15:31
NafalloSun Jan 11 15:31:05 GMT 200915:31
* wgrant sends Nafallo to the corner.15:32
wgrant(the corner of .au)15:32
Nafalloyes please.15:32
Nafalloyou live there!15:32
wgrantI do.15:32
Nafalloand it should be warm this time of year :-)15:33
wgrantIt'll be rather too warm later today, IIRC.15:33
Nafallothere is no such thing as "too warm" ;-)15:33
wgrantWhere by later today I mean tomorrow.15:34
wgrant38C isn't too warm?15:34
Nafalloalmost a bit cold15:35
wgrantIt doesn't get cold here :(15:35
vadi2well, that's unfortunate15:51
SebastianCan I delete https://launchpad.net/php-object-freezer/couchdb somehow?15:55
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Gjergj_Sheldijahi, can i ask for some help regarding packages in launchpad ?19:04
Adri2000Gjergj_Sheldija: ask your question19:11
f4Gjergj_Sheldija, I think you should just ask you'd have more answers :)19:11
Gjergj_Sheldijahow to i delete erroneous branches i created in lauchpad ?19:12
Gjergj_Sheldijaand start importing the correct one from sourceforge19:12
idnarso, I had a bug with an associated branch, and I merged the branch into trunk (which is my "development focus"); should this not be reflected on the bug report in some way?19:18
idnarI sort of expected it to change to status "Fix Committed"19:20
nhandleridnar: I believe it won't mark it as Fix Committed unless the bzr commit was marked as fixing the LP bug19:22
nhandlerI think there is a --fixes flag for bzr19:22
idnarI used --fixes lp:123424619:22
idnarand once I pushed the branch to launchpad, it was automatically associated with the bug, which is fine19:23
idnarmaybe the problem is that I didn't repeat --fixes when I committed the merge?19:24
LarstiQiirc bzr --fixes support in launchpad isn't done yet19:27
idnarI just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something I was supposed to do, really19:29
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thumperLarstiQ: --fixes will create a link between the branch and the bug, but it doesn't yet change the status of the bug task20:13
lunatechpage says " Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.  "  ---->  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~drizzle-developers/drizzle/development/revision/78420:19
thumperI'll poke an admin20:21
thumperLOSA even20:22
djsiegel2Launchpad peeps, we did a Launchpad shoutout on the new GNOME Do homepage: http://do.davebsd.com/development.shtml21:02
lunatechthanks thumper21:17
lunatechworks now21:17
* thumper looks21:18
thumperdjsiegel2: nic21:18
djsiegel2thank you for LP!21:19
FAJALOUhi i have am trying to upload a package to my ppa.... I have a .dsc, .orig.tar.gz, .build, .diff.gz and .tar.bz2, how can (and what) do i need to upload? THANKS!22:23
RAOFFAJALOU: The .source :)22:23
FAJALOUhmmm ;)22:23
FAJALOUi have no idea what iam doing :((( lol.22:23
RAOFThis can be built by running 'debuild -S' in the extracted package directory.22:23
FAJALOUah ok22:24
RAOFmok0: Ok, if you want to be actually _correct_, then yes :)22:24
mok0I do22:24
FAJALOUand how can i upload it RAOF ?22:24
FAJALOU(is it ok if debsign failed?22:25
mok0no debsign needs to suceed22:25
FAJALOU:( lol22:25
persiaMost common error with debsign failing is that the latest entry in the changelog isn't an exact match for the Name, Comment, and email address of one of the identities on the GPG key.22:26
FAJALOUdebuild:  fatal error at line 150:22:26
FAJALOUOh ok....22:26
FAJALOUthat makes sens, what to do then?22:27
persiaNo, just fix the changelog to match.22:27
ScottKOK.  That too.22:27
persia-k is like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer22:27
FAJALOUo are you flipping kidding me!22:27
FAJALOUi did this all on my laptop; i am now on my desktop...22:28
FAJALOUok i will do this later...22:28
persiaBest practice is to have a mapping between keys and identities, rather than a mapping between keys and computers.22:29
mok0FAJALOU: change top changelog entry to be signed by you22:31
FAJALOUmok0: even if the key is on a diff. computer?22:31
mok0FAJALOU: you should use an ID which is also in your gpg key22:32
FAJALOUand in what file should I change it?22:32
mok0FAJALOU: debian/changelog22:32
FAJALOUis there a way to dll my key from the internet?  i have the url for my key for my ppa22:33
mok0FAJALOU: you need your secret key which is not on the internet, but in ~/.gnupg22:34
FAJALOUmok0: but it is a different key than my key online.... the one i used to sign my ppa...22:35
mok0FAJALOU: you need your signing key on the machine you are working on22:35
FAJALOUmok0: ok, it has nothing to do w/ the internet?22:36
mok0FAJALOU: no22:36
FAJALOUah ok22:36
mok0FAJALOU: ... but your public key may be on the internet22:37
mok0FAJALOU: on a key server22:37
FAJALOUhow can i figure out my 'passphrase'22:38
FAJALOUisn't that my pw?22:38
mok0FAJALOU: no, that's what you defined when you created your key pair22:38
FAJALOU...... hmm...... can i find it if i have seahorse open?22:38
mok0FAJALOU: if you've forgotten it, you're toast22:38
mok0FAJALOU: Not even the CIA could recover it :-)22:39
FAJALOUi never remember setting a passphrase22:39
mok0FAJALOU: you have to22:40
FAJALOUyah for randomly typing in password until you find the right one :D22:41
mok0good luck :-)22:41
FAJALOUit worked :DDDD22:41
FAJALOUok so now i have .source.build22:42
FAJALOUand .source.changes ...22:42
FAJALOUso where to from here ?  I have tried following the forum stuff, but it confuzzled me.22:42
FAJALOUdput the .changes?22:42
mok0FAJALOU: have you set up your ~/.dput.cf file?22:42
mok0FAJALOU: then go22:42
FAJALOUwell 'yes' ;)22:42
mok0dput xxx ...source_changes22:43
FAJALOUand isn't it source.changes ??22:43
mok0FAJALOU: whatever you've called your ppa in .dput.cf22:43
mok0dput ppa <changesfile>22:44
mok0dput myppa <changesfile>22:44
mok0or whatever22:44
FAJALOUwith tilde?22:45
mok0eerrr... no22:45
FAJALOUincoming = ~cunninghamlouis/ubuntu/            No host cunninghamlouis found in config22:46
mok0FAJALOU: can you pastebin your .dput.cf file?22:47
FAJALOU1sorry mok022:53
FAJALOU1froze up22:53
FAJALOU1ok so did you get the incoming=   and the no host thing?22:53
mok0FAJALOU1: the first line in the entry has brackets around it22:54
FAJALOU1which line?22:55
FAJALOU1the my ppa?22:55
mok0FAJALOU1: look here: http://pastebin.com/f57671e5b22:55
FAJALOU1mine says my-ppa22:56
mok0FAJALOU1: then you use "dput my-ppa changesfile22:57
FAJALOU1i thought i was supposed to put in my name thing ;)22:57
FAJALOU1ok it _says_ that it installed it22:58
FAJALOU1how long does it take to show up?22:58
mok0FAJALOU1: 5-10 minutes22:59
FAJALOU1so can i just retrace my steps here?22:59
FAJALOU1first you do dh-make ...... right?  and then .......22:59
FAJALOU1i guess first you dll the source, and un pack it.23:01
FAJALOU1and then ?23:01
mok0dh_make gives you templates for debian/23:02
FAJALOU1so after you extract, then dh_make ..........  then the command you gave me?23:04
FAJALOU1debuild -S -k<key>23:05
FAJALOU1and then dput my-ppa <path to .dsc>23:05
mok0FAJALOU1: well, yes, after you've edited all the files in debian/23:06
FAJALOU1edit files?23:06
FAJALOU1i refreshed... is there anything in it?23:07
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FAJALOU1this is bad?23:08
mok0you'll get a mail from lp saying if the upload was accepted or rejected23:08
FAJALOU1ah ok23:09
FAJALOU1for dh_make i used dh_make -e <email>23:09
FAJALOU1does that look right?23:13
FAJALOU1oops. that has numbers in it :|23:13
mok0FAJALOU1: no, you need to customize the files dh_make has created. They are only templates23:14
FAJALOU1oh..... i didn't do that ...23:14
FAJALOU1does it matter?23:14
oojahFAJALOU1: Very much so :)23:15
FAJALOU1i didn't do it on this one...23:15
oojahFAJALOU1: Try reading through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete - it's quite a lot to take in but it does cover just about all you need.23:16
FAJALOU1oojah: that is where i took most of the info i found... but even that was too much ;)23:16
mok0FAJALOU1: you have work to do23:17
FAJALOU1yah...... :( i don't have time...23:17
mok0you need time23:18
FAJALOU1very much so23:18
FAJALOU1there's no automated way to do this all?23:20
FAJALOU1and where should i put a [needs packaging] ticket?23:21
FAJALOU1in ubuntu bugs?23:21
oojahFAJALOU1: Yes, in ubuntu23:26
FAJALOU1ok that's what it thought ;) thanks oojah23:27
oojahno problem23:29
FAJALOU1ok thank you all for your work.  have a good night23:33
RAOFArgh.  Can someone have a look at https://edge.launchpad.net/~do-testers/+archive/+build/833678 to verify that there's nothing that I've crazily overlooked?  I *have* gnome-do in that PPA!23:47

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