judgenIs it possible to use kde3 in jaunty02:51
DanaGArgh, my fingerprint reader seems to have gone MIA.04:21
DanaGI know there's no Linux driver.... but now it's even missing from lsusb.04:22
lucentDanaG: your device might be in conflict with EHCI-HCD module06:22
DanaGOh, the thing is broken even in Windows.07:05
DanaGProbably a hardware issue.07:05
enycwhere may i find daily/testing images of jaunty ?  -- or must i just use alpha-2 ?09:06
enyc(cd images)09:06
MadsRHI haven't yet tested any of the Alpha releases, but can anyone tell me if there's been any progress with cutting down boot speed?11:41
xanax`will Ubuntu Jaunty have ext4 by default (thanks to the kernel 2.6.28) ?11:49
spitfire_xanax`: No.12:16
spitfire_I doubt 9.10 will do.12:16
spitfire_But devs consider is as default in 9.1012:16
spitfire_But you CAN use it iin 9.0412:16
spitfire_It's just not default.12:16
spitfire_You can use it if you want.12:17
spitfire_It's there.12:17
spitfire_But I wouldn't recommend it.12:17
spitfire_Better try reiserfs.12:17
danboidWill EXT4 be an option to install 9.04 with or will there be no EXT4 support in the installer until 9.10 or later?12:40
danboidie will I be able to install jaunty straight to ext4, at least with the alt installer12:43
adam7danboid: to quote from the scrollback12:45
adam7No / I doubt 9.10 will do / :-( / But devs consider it as default in 9.10 / But you CAN use it iin 9.0412:46
danboidadam7: Cool its already in Jaunty is it? I not asking if it'll be the DEFAULT in jaunty- of course it won't12:52
danboidanyone here tried it? Does it shorten boot time noticeably?12:53
adam7danboid: I have no idea, but a couple of people were talking about it 30 minutes before you joined so I just quoted them for you :)12:53
danboidoh right! :)12:53
danboidEXT4 is the new cool thing obviously :)12:53
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tretlehi, my sound has stopped working on jaunty and I was wondering whether this was a common problem?15:33
funkyHatconduit in jaunty depends on scrollkeeper... is scrollkeeper going to be installed in jaunty instead of rarian?15:41
funkyHat(i'm trying to install conduit 0.3.15 in intrepid to see if a bug is still present and it's depending on scrollkeeper)15:42
funkyHatMy guess is it's a dependancy error by whoever packaged conduit for jaunty, I thought here might be the best place to ask15:43
bhaleis there a way to make network manager ignore the vmware bridge interfaces - unchecking Connect Automatically will not persist15:43
albert23funkyHat: rarian provides scrollkeeper, so there shouldn't be a problem with that dependency15:57
Grapzhisto, I'm having problems getting sound in Totem and Rhythmbox using Pulseaudio. I get sound when I use gstreamer-properties and press 'test', or when I use gst-launch-0.10 playbin, but not when playing videos in Totem16:03
Grapzand why can't i find the option to remove auto-completion of nicks in X-Chat Gnome :p16:05
IdleOneGrapz: Settings>Prefferences>Input Box and uncheck the approriate box16:22
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funkyHatalbert23: ah, in intrepid it doesn't 'provides' only 'replaces', is there a difference?17:41
albert23funkyHat: yes, there is a big difference. But also in Intrepid, rarian-compat provides scrollkeeper17:44
funkyHatalbert23: oh yeah, was looking at the wrong list!17:44
albert23and rarian-compat is a dependency of ubuntu-desktop17:44
funkyHatalbert23: yeah that's the reason I was having an issue with installing conduit17:45
funkyHatIt wanted to install scrollkeeper, so it was trying to remove rarian-compat and therefore ubuntu-desktop, so I thought something must be up17:46
funkyHatI'll try installing it with dpkg instead of gdebi17:47
albert23funkyHat: Well, that is strange. As rarian-compat provides scrollkeeper, the system should not want to install scrollkeeper17:47
funkyHatalbert23: worked fine when I installed using dpkg, looks like a gdebi bug17:48
albert23funkyHat: that may be worth to report on LP17:49
funkyHatYep will do17:50
funkyHatLooks like it's already reported #19293917:51
mnemomy sound has stopped working in jaunty all the sudden... when I play stuff in totem I see the visualizer plugin running but there is no sound... how can I debug this futher (rule out problems) so that I can file a good bug on it?17:51
funkyHatOh no it17:51
funkyHat's not17:51
charlie-tcamnemo: this seemed to work yesterday; asamixer -Dhw:0  and see if unmuting stuff helps17:53
mnemothanks thats a good idea17:56
mnemodidnt help though17:56
mnemoi unmuted everything and increased all the volumes... nothing17:56
mnemocard is an intel hda Realtek ALC889A btw17:57
Alexia_Deathmnemo: it should work for you aswell17:59
Alexia_Deathmnemo: do you have multiple sound cards?17:59
mnemonope just this one (its built-in to the motherboard)18:00
mnemoit worked out of the box on intrepid and also on jaunty while it still had the .27 kernel18:00
Alexia_Deathmnemo: do aplay -l18:01
mnemothe kernel module seems properly loaded as well -> http://rafb.net/p/Izyxz228.html18:01
Alexia_Deathand tel me what you get.18:01
mnemoeven if there is two sub devices that no problem right?18:03
Alexia_Deathmnemo: can I see your screenhot of alsamixer18:43
DurandalCan someone help me? After I upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10, the login screen goes white and freezes18:49
mnemoAlexia_Death: http://mnemo.minimum.se/Screenshot.png18:51
Durandalis there anyway to downgrade from 8.10 back to 8.04?18:52
Alexia_Deathmnemo: hmmm.... no extra clues. sometimes devices have some switches or alike... perhaps theres a mute shomewhere in pulseaudio side?18:53
mnemojust running "alsamixer" with no params also has all levers on max and no MM mutes18:54
Alexia_Deathsee what pulseaui control shows?18:55
mnemoAlexia_Death: where can I find that?18:56
spitfire_Alexia_Death: alsamixer Dhw18:56
Alexia_Deathclick on the volume icon?18:56
spitfire_mnemo: rather pavucontrol18:56
mnemoAlexia_Death: it has changed in jaunty18:57
Alexia_Deathyes. thees a button18:57
spitfire_mnemo: run pavucontrol18:57
mnemoI can see the output device playing inside pavucontrol18:58
spitfire_mnemo: alsamixer -Dhw18:59
Alexia_Deathspitfire_: his alsamixers controlls are unmuted19:00
mnemodoh, sorry guys I screwed up big time19:00
mnemoI got the mic and output cables switched19:00
mnemoomg sorry for wasting your time19:00
mnemothanks a bunch for helping out though19:00
* mnemo blushes19:01
DurandalCan someone help me? I get a frozen login screen after upgrading to 8.10, I used ALT+CTRL+F1 to get to the terminal and get this error:19:07
Durandalusplash: setting mode 1152x864 failed19:08
Durandalusplash: using mode 1024x76819:08
spitfire_usplash doesn't have anything tp do with gdm19:09
Durandalso, is there another way to get past the frozen white screen?19:10
Alexia_DeathDurandal: what graphics driver you use?19:11
DurandalI'm not sure, how can I find out?19:12
TheInfinityhmm. wrong channel?19:14
TheInfinityand: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:14
ikoniaDurandal: what version of ubuntu are you using ?19:15
ikoniaDurandal: this channel is for jaunty development talk only19:15
ikoniaDurandal: #ubuntu is the correct support channel19:15
DurandalI'm using 8.10. what version is jaunty?19:18
ikoniaDurandal: #ubuntu is the correct channel please19:18
I_Ami get an error when trying to upgrade to jaunty20:13
spitfire_I_Am: clean install is always a better way20:26
I_Ami know but i'd like to try an update20:27
I_Amits my testing machine20:27
legodudeupdate worked fine for me20:31
Alexia_DeathIve been doing updates for ages:P20:32
Alexia_DeathThis machine was installed as edgy20:32
Alexia_Deathall have worked, half of them have been to alphas and needed some trick in the process...20:33
spitfire_lol 520:40
MelikVersion: 180.22 << is that the latest nvidia drivers?21:02
Alexia_DeathMelik: yes21:06
MelikAlexia_Death, have you tried it? Can you confirm if they work with new xorg?21:07
Alexia_DeathI havent tried .2221:07
Alexia_Death180 kernel module does not buld for 2.6.2721:07
Alexia_Deathbuilds for .2721:08
Alexia_Deathwith .27 kernel it can be loaded with ignoreABI true, but its not stable21:08
Melikah i see, thanks mate21:09
Alexia_DeathMelik: as a side issue, nv driver was causing issues in kernel for .27.21:13
Melikman i did a really dumb thing :/21:14
Meliki upgraded my REAL ubuntu partition to jaunty21:14
Alexia_DeathMelik: I do that habbitually. im a masochist :P21:16
Melikall i know is its a pain to be in 800 x 600 :(21:16
Melikeverything is so HUGE21:17
Alexia_DeathMelik: use nv21:18
Alexia_Deathall but 3d should be ok21:18
Melikeh, i think im going to go ahead and just wait for the new nvidia drivers21:19
Melikall i know is, i'm not quite font of the new sound preferences thing21:20
DomiXwhy should I do '/etc/init.d/alsa-utils reset' to have sound?21:20
ikoniaDomiX: to load the settings you saved ?21:21
Melikso i just use alsamixer -Dhw21:21
DomiXikonia: no21:23
DomiXikonia: I didn't touched anything about alsa, only updating via update manager21:24
Alexia_DeathDomiX: theres a bug in the latest alsa_utils21:24
DomiXAlexia_Death: ok thx21:25
DanaGargh, the new audio thing is not a good replacement for the old gnome volume control.21:33
DanaGThe old one gave all real device mixer controls; the new one does not.21:33
DanaGThe new one also doesn't do what it claims to, which is to supersede pavucontrol.21:34
DanaGUnless I can route different apps to different devices... the gnome thingy fails.21:34
Alexia_DeathId love pulse audio if it worked perfectly21:38
DanaGAnyone know where to get a nice, high-quality Ubuntu sticker?  I want one that looks just as modern as the Vista one, not one that looks like the old XP stickers.21:42
DanaGI'd like PulseAudio even more if it had an easy way to make it automatically bind certain HID devices to control the volume of certain audio devices.21:43
DanaGRight now, I have that, but it's not automatic.21:44
DanaGI had to create a hal fdi file, a udev rule, AND add a manual load-module command.21:44
DanaGargh, keyboard lag, that was.22:48
DanaGargh, new udev doesn't create a /dev/input/by-id for anything.22:48
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DanaG... and no /dev/input/by-path for my usb device.22:53
DanaGudevinfo: command not found22:57
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anderskapport reporting seems broken.  It opens Firefox with a URL that starts file:///ubuntu/+source/package/+filebug/...23:12
DanaG  24.4% (1132.2)   USB device  6-1 : USB Audio ()23:21
DanaGwow, that's a lot of wakeups, isn't it?23:21

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