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RainCTIs there some way how I can see which gtkrc file I'm using? (I'm using a theme installed with Epidermis and I don't know where it palces the files.. ~/.themes is empty)12:07
SiDihey zniavre12:09
SiDican i pm you please ? :P12:09
zniavrefor sure12:10
zniavre> /usr/share/themes is the other place for gtkrc theme12:10
RainCTzniavre: yes, but there it isn't neither :/12:14
zniavreRainCT:  i got a command line to change theme (gconftool-2 --type=string --set /apps/metacity/general/theme [theme_name])you should find your current theme into gconf-editor > my string12:20
RainCTyeah, LinuxMint, but I don't know where the files are12:22
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SealVafternoon all21:19
SealVfinished tail added some details. had some fun with swirls. http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/3927/rabbit31610hh0.png21:32

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