* LimCore gives Hobbsee the correcting-trivial-typos-while-reading award00:00
* Hobbsee gives LimCore the "12 errors in 2 screens of text" award back00:02
Hobbseeinteresting.  there are later versions of tor, even packaged.00:03
* LimCore wonders why Hobbsee picks on spelling mistakes, and hands a copy of netiquete, however is that spelled00:04
LimCorewell I am on 8.04 (amd64) on this box00:04
Hobbseenot just spelling, grammar too.  and it makes it hard to read.00:04
* Hobbsee points out https://wiki.torproject.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorOnDebian00:05
Hobbsee(found from the tor site)00:06
LimCoremhm, yet in ubuntu 8.04 amd64 this version is the newest available. What to do to have the newest debian one in ubuntu 8.04 also?00:07
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates00:07
Hobbseeguess it could get backported too, if someone tested the jaunty version on 8.0400:07
LimCoreOverall tor seems to be in havy development. Many bugfixes including security fixes. I guess it would be really good for secuirty to keep it up-to-date, same as I ssh is (I hope)00:49
persiaLimCore, well, tor tends to mix bugfixes & security updates with new features still.  I don't yet have the impression that they are handling long-term support for any releases.01:07
persiaTo keep something up-to-date for a release post-release, it's typically expected that upstream is maintaining the versiown that was released separately from trunk (which many upstreams do).01:08
persiaWhen this isn't the case, it needs lots of review and testing for each version to be considered.01:08
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Rocket2DMncprofitt, youre changing your name too?01:58
Rocket2DMnand congrats on membership01:58
cprofittthe investigation is over...01:59
cprofittso I can be me again...01:59
Rocket2DMni still have your resume around somewhere, too...01:59
cprofittthough PrivateVoid has more zip than my real name01:59
Rocket2DMndo they let your LP name change, too?02:00
cprofittI have to wait for the forum staff to say ok to the name change though02:01
Rocket2DMnwait why are we talking in this channel, back to the BT02:01
Rocket2DMnmy bad02:01
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anakronHI all02:39
anakroni have some problems to reproduce a bug of qterm02:40
anakroni dont know how to compile it, because i get a problem when i tried to compile:   'Unknown CMake command "qt4_wrap_ui"02:41
anakronsomeone can help?02:42
Hobbseehave you installed cmake?02:42
Hobbseeoh, make install cmake.  hrm.02:42
anakronwhere? anywhere?02:43
anakron...im not compiling cmake02:43
* Hobbsee suggests adapting http://www.nabble.com/newbie-compile-question-td14422765.html for your use02:44
anakronok thanks02:44
* Hobbsee also suggests googling errors, as that was the first google result...02:44
* Ryan52 thinks that Hobbsee must really like to talk in third person ;)02:47
LupinePlease mark as WishList: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/30586503:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305865 in gnome-screensaver "changing sound turns off screen saver" [Undecided,New]03:21
* hggdh thinks nobody talks in the third person -- it is just a figment of a deranged imagination04:23
* Palintheus agrees04:28
Rocket2DMnLupine, added that bug to wishlist05:02
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marmutahi, I'm trying to get a backtrace for gnome-system-monitor. are there dbg symbols in the repos? can't find them09:35
persiamarmuta, Have you enabled the ddebs repo?09:38
ubottuTo get a backtrace of a failing application please read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace09:38
marmutathanks, didn't know about ddebs. is that ddebs.ubuntu.com?09:42
persiaSome packages provide a -dbg package, but just about everything has a -dbgsym.09:43
marmutaalmost there, where do I get the public key for ddebs? can't find anything about it in the wiki09:51
* persia digs at the wiki09:51
marmutathank you persia, symbols are installed, but now gdb doesn't stop anymore :/10:08
persiaheh.  heisenbug.  Annoying those.  If you enable apport, does it trap it?10:09
marmutadoes apport get better backtraces?10:10
marmutai'll try10:10
persiaapport doesn't get better backtraces, but sometimes it works when things don't run under gdb.10:10
persiaapport traps the coredump into a .crash file in /var/crash, and you can use apport-retrace to dig out a stack trace, so the program isn't actually running under gdb.10:11
marmutagood, i'll see what i can do10:13
marmutabut wait, g-s-m still doesn't run, the bug is still there, just gdb doesn't stop10:15
persiaNow I'm confused.  Is the bug not a crash?10:15
marmutai tried handle SIGABORT stop nopass10:15
persiaThat ought to crash it.10:15
marmutano, i believe its an uncaught exception10:16
persiaHow is the application failing?10:16
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marmutai just comes back in the terminal and gdb said before Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.10:17
marmutanow it says exited normally but nothing shows up10:18
persiaStepping back.  Before you did anything, how was the application failing?10:18
marmutarunning it on the comand line just came back, no error10:19
persiaAnd what did you expect it to do?10:19
marmutain gdb i got sigabrt and a callstack in terminate, the clibs finall exception exit10:20
marmutai expected it to open the window :) which it didnt10:20
persiaAnd you installed the debugging symbols, and now what does it do?10:21
marmutastill the same, with the difference that gdb doen't show anything unusual...still no window10:22
persiaAnd if you enable apport, does it trap a crash?10:22
marmutai was about to do that, i'm currently figuring out how i disabled it :)10:24
persiaIt was probably disabled for you when the release happened :)  Look in /etc/default10:25
persiaI don't advocate doing more than enabling apport, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed provides instructions.10:25
marmuta... it was already enabled=110:26
persiaAnd if you run a while true; echo hello and then kill it, does apport trigger?10:26
persiaSorry, that's `while true; do echo hello; done`10:27
marmutai did the sh -c 'kill -SEGV $$' from the wiki, didnt trigger10:27
persiaHave you restarted apport since you enabled it?10:28
marmutayep i did what the wiki you gave me said: sudo /etc/init.d/apport start10:29
persiaOdd.  Should have worked.  You have apport installed, I presume?10:29
marmutalol, i'll check10:30
marmutayes, but not apport-retrace10:30
persiaWell, I'm confused how to suggest you proceed.10:34
persiaSounds like you've got a crash, but when you install the debugging symbols, you can't get the crash.10:35
persiaUsually, the way around this is to use apport to catch the crash without gdb, and apport-retrace to get the trace.10:35
persiaWith apport not working, I've no idea how to get a useful trace.10:35
persiaOr if the application just works normally with the debugging symbols, that means the strip caused an issue, but that doesn't sound like what you've found.10:36
marmutai wouldnt call it a crash, it's more a forced exit, maybe that's why apport doenst pick it up10:36
marmutaan it doesnt work normally with the symbols, the window never shows up10:37
persiaHow is a "forced exit" different from a crash?  Is the application exiting normally, and just not doing what it's supposed to do?10:38
marmutaI'll go and file the report with what i have, some libs symbols show up already.10:38
persiaWhat's the exit code from the application?10:38
persiaWithout a complete stack trace, it's extremely unlikely anyone will actually wade through it.10:38
marmutamhmm, ok10:39
marmutanow it gets stuck, there is a zombie g-s-m, i'll restart and get back to you10:39
persiaThere's lots of complete traces in Malone, so those of us who like the investigation of tracking down that class of bugs have lots of good ones to choose from.10:39
persiaGood luck.  It probably just needs some persistence to find the exact issue: if well described, with a clean trace or other pointer to the problem, it shouldn't be that hard to fix.10:40
marmutayes, it just needs an exception handler i guess10:40
marmutathank you for now10:41
persiaProbably.  90% of crashes seem to be unintialised pointers, ignoring return codes, or unhandled exceptions.10:41
marmutapersia, I can't reproduce it anymore, installing the dbgsym must have fixed it and uninstalling them didn't break it10:55
persiaExceedingly odd.  I wonder what happened in the meantime.10:56
persiaYour system now works as expected?10:56
marmutayep, gsm comes up no problem, from terminal and panel10:56
marmutai'll keep an I on it10:58
marmutaand thank you, you've been a great help10:58
persiaWell, you're welcome.  Sorry that we didn't actually find the problem.10:58
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orogorhi here12:46
orogori do have some problem with lvm2 on amd64 , lvm partitiosn arent  activated at boot12:46
orogorthis  and at boot time i do have some strange error , "env 34 not found"  or something liek that12:46
orogorhi again13:06
orogoranyone around ?13:06
orogorlvm doesnt  get activated at boot time , saw this is suposzed to be done by an udev rule , unfortunatly i find it hard to read udev rules and woudl gladly accept some help13:09
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orogorcan anyone help me tracking a bug in startuip script/udev/lvm ?13:26
albert23orogor: you are using jaunty I suppose?13:32
albert23orogor: If you do, the fix is in bug 31487913:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314879 in lvm2 "root on LVM broken since latest udev 136-2" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31487913:33
orogoralbert23, using ubuntu amd6413:35
orogorubuntu hardy13:36
albert23orogor: Then I don't know. You can try and see if vgscan finds the partition13:39
orogorit does13:39
orogorall works fine , just partitions fdont get activated at boot time13:39
orogoractivation is done by an udev rule13:39
orogorrestarting udev does activate the rule and the lvm13:39
orogorbut at the system startup udev start doesn t seems to do that13:39
albert23orogor: then you will need to check your initrd. You may want to boot into busybox and do some testing there13:41
albert23I have lvm on hardy/amd64 as well, and it works for me13:42
orogoralbert23, how do i do that ?13:46
orogorhumm i think i rememebr13:47
albert23orogor: append break=bottom to your kernel line in grub. That will bring you in busybox13:48
albert23You can do that in /boot/grub/menu.lst or in the grub menu when you boot13:48
albert23Then in busybox try lvm vgscan13:48
albert23Also check if /etc/udev/rules./85-lvm2.rules exists13:49
orogorit does13:49
albert23I mean, in the busybox13:50
orogorthats  why when i restar udev , the lvm get activated13:50
orogorwhats the busybox fs ?13:50
albert23busybox is a small shell in the initrd13:50
orogorwell i meant initrd13:51
orogorafair , gunziping initrd and loopback mounting it is ok13:51
albert23To prevent a lot of testing, just updating your initrd with update-initramfs -u and make sure grub/menu.lst points to the correct initrd may save you some time13:52
orogori did that already13:53
orogordpkg-reconfigure lvm2 make a new initrd13:53
albert23make sure it updates the right initrd13:53
albert23i.e. I have both -generic and -server, and sometimes only -server gets updated13:54
albert23So look in grub/menu.lst which initrd is used, and make sure that one gets a new timestamp if you update initramfs13:57
orogorsomethign around taht yes13:58
orogoroot@pascalou:/tmp# dpkg-reconfigure lvm213:58
orogorBacking up any LVM2 metadata that may exist...done.13:58
orogorupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.24-23-generic13:58
orogorroot@pascalou:/tmp# uname -a13:58
orogorLinux pascalou 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 17:53:40 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:58
albert23Ah, that may explain....13:59
orogorwhich package hold the wizard for grub ?14:02
albert23it may be easier to just edit menu.lst manually14:04
orogortrying the reboot14:08
orogorworks now , thanks a lot14:12
albert23orogor: no problem14:13
orogorthere s  still the small error about exec 34 not found14:15
orogorno idea what it s related to14:15
orogorand i looked and apparently i ll have some issues to get booglogd working14:16
orogorbianry isn t installed only the init script14:16
orogorbootlogd binary belongs to sysvinit , which would replace a lot of low level script14:17
albert23orogor: you probably don't want sysvinit. It's replaced by upstart in Ubuntu...14:24
CheesyMcPuffscan someone help me?16:10
CheesyMcPuffsmy cd drive is not being recognized16:10
persiaCheesyMcPuffs, How is it connected?16:11
ograin jaunty ?16:11
CheesyMcPuffsit is through a SATA16:11
CheesyMcPuffsin 8.10 intrepid16:11
CheesyMcPuffsand WinXP recogniyes it16:11
* ogra just knows jaunty had a fix yesterday for cd drives16:12
persiaIf you run dmesg | less, do you see anything shown?16:12
CheesyMcPuffswait, do dmesg | less16:12
CheesyMcPuffsyes, quite a bit is shown16:13
persiaRun that in a terminal.  It should show *lots* of output.  Somewhere in there should be some information about a CD drive.16:13
persiaIf you don't see anything there, it's a bug in "linux".  If you see something there, and it's just not accessible, it's a bug somewhere else (and there are several candidates).16:13
CheesyMcPuffsno there is a lot, goign though it16:14
CheesyMcPuffsok: this is all it says about my ata2, where the cd drive is located: [    4.580031] ata2: SATA link up 1.5 Gbps (SStatus 113 SControl 300)16:15
CheesyMcPuffs[    4.588028] ata2.00: NODEV after polling detection16:15
persiaRIght.  Sounds like a kernel thing.  File a bug against the linux source package, including your dmesg output, the output of lscpi -vvnn, and describe the specific model of your drive, how it is connected, and that it doesn't work.16:17
persiaYou'll probably be asked to perform some testing after a while, and then someone ought be able to fix it.  No idea about scheduling or anything.16:17
CheesyMcPuffsis there any way to see if linux does recognize it but didnt mount16:18
CheesyMcPuffslike in /dev16:18
CheesyMcPuffsthen try to add it to fstab?16:18
persiaYes.  You've just done that.  It said "NODEV after polling detection", which means it didn't find the device.16:19
CheesyMcPuffsnevermind then16:19
persiaYou could look around at your /dev/sd* files to see if there's something we missed, but I suspect it didn't get recognised.16:19
ograwell, should be /dev/scdX16:19
ogra*if* there is a cdrom16:19
CheesyMcPuffsoh idk, if this helps, on start up, i have the boot sequence going, and it hits a few errors along the way with i think it was device sr016:20
ograerrors ?16:20
ogra(they should be in your dmesg output)16:20
CheesyMcPuffsit will say: I/O error sector: xxxxxxxxxx16:21
CheesyMcPuffsthen the next line will list the block16:21
CheesyMcPuffswell ty for ur help, ill submit it, goes to launchpad right?16:22
persiaRIght.  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug16:22
CheesyMcPuffsany other info i should send beside the dmesg and lscpi -vvnn16:24
persiaMake and model of your drive, and precise description of how it's connected.16:26
CheesyMcPuffslike, Sata, through ata2, molex power?16:28
CheesyMcPuffsoh, when it asks for package, what should i put?16:28
persiaThat sounds about right.  If ATA2 has multiple attachment points, then you'd want to specify which as well.16:28
persiaIt's a kernel issue, because it didn't recognise the device at all (I think).  If I'm wrong, the kernel devs will quickly kick it back into userspace.16:29
persiathings not the kernel :)16:30
CheesyMcPuffsWindows XP is able to read and write from it, so.. i know its connected and functioning, just not being recognized, sry if this seems redundant16:30
CheesyMcPuffsohh ok16:30
persiaNo, that's why I say file a bug.  If you hadn't said that, I'd ask you to check your cables first :)16:31
CheesyMcPuffsis this good, for the extra info? This is my second CD drive, it is plugged into the second Sata slot on the motherboard, it goes through the Sata interface and uses a Sata power cable.16:35
CheesyMcPuffsLite-on it corp.16:35
CheesyMcPuffsCD-RW/DVD-ROM DRIVE16:35
CheesyMcPuffsMODEL SHC-52S7K16:35
ubottuPackage  does not exist in intrepid16:35
persiaI think so, but I'm not great with kernel bug triage: if it's insufficient, someone will ask for more information.16:36
CheesyMcPuffshow can i get read out from terminal?16:37
CheesyMcPuffsis it saved to a file?16:37
ograsmells related to bug 26783816:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267838 in cdrom-detect "Intrepid installer doesn't detect SATA DVD-ROM" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26783816:37
ograand cjwatson seems to seek for more info on that actually16:37
ograyou could mention there that you have an installed system and the kernel doesnt recognize the drive either16:38
persiaCheesyMcPuffs, dmesg is in /var/log/dmesg.  For saving lspci -vvnn, you'll want to do something like `lspci -vvnn > lscpi-vvnn.out` froma terminal.16:38
ograthat would help him a lot since he doesnt need to seek the bug in cdrom-detect of the installer anymore :)16:38
CheesyMcPuffswant me to comment?16:39
CheesyMcPuffsso just comment, but not send in bug16:39
persiaIf you could incude your lcpci -vvnn there, and report that the installed system also doesn't recognise the drive, it would certainly make cjwatson happier.16:40
torkianohello, if a bug is about KDE3 it will be resolved or I tell buf reporter to try with the KDE4 version?16:43
CheesyMcPuffspersia, i did the lspci -vvnn > lscpi-vvnn.out, where does it save to?16:44
torkianobug 4742916:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 47429 in kdenetwork "kopete does not connect through proxy" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4742916:44
CheesyMcPuffsoh nevermind, it was in my folder, lol16:46
persiaCheesyMcPuffs, lspci-vvnn.out in whatever directory you ran the command.16:46
CheesyMcPuffssry about that had a brain fart, i must sound pretty dumb, but im just kinda nervous, this is my first time really doing something like this with ubuntu16:46
ogradont worry, we have all once started like that ;)16:50
CheesyMcPuffswait, should i have done the command with sudo, or does it matter with permission16:50
persiaCheesyMcPuffs, For lspci, yes, please do with sudo.  Sorry.16:52
persiatawmas, Hello.16:52
CheesyMcPuffsoh... already posted.. does it really matter?16:52
tawmasI have a bug whereby all multimedia and otherwise extended keys on my keyboard log me out abruptly (a la CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE). What would be a good package to file that against? Also, what kind of information do I need to provide? I've checked keyboard shortcuts and they seem ok16:53
persiaCheesyMcPuffs, Do it again, into lspci2-vvnn.out, and see if there is a big difference.  It may not matter.16:53
tawmaspersia, Hello to you!16:54
CheesyMcPuffsoh, yea, there is16:55
persiaThen if it's a big difference, you'll want to repost.16:56
CheesyMcPuffsis there a way i can edit or delete my posts on launchpad?17:03
ograjust add a new comment saying the former was incomplete17:04
CheesyMcPuffsi just said: Sry for the double post, forgot to run commands under sudo, and say that the drive is recognized while running windows XP.17:05
tawmasSorry I got disconnected. If anybody replied, would you please repeat?17:07
CheesyMcPuffsnothing happened17:08
CheesyMcPuffs* tawmas (n=tawmas@adsl203-149-091.mclink.it) hat #ubuntu-bugs betreten17:09
CheesyMcPuffs<tawmas> Sorry I got disconnected. If anybody replied, would you please repeat?17:09
CheesyMcPuffs* bdrung (n=bdrung@p4FE21EBE.dip.t-dialin.net) hat #ubuntu-bugs betreten17:09
CheesyMcPuffs<CheesyMcPuffs> nothing happened* tawmas (n=tawmas@adsl203-149-091.mclink.it) hat #ubuntu-bugs betreten17:09
CheesyMcPuffs<tawmas> Sorry I got disconnected. If anybody replied, would you please repeat?17:09
CheesyMcPuffs* bdrung (n=bdrung@p4FE21EBE.dip.t-dialin.net) hat #ubuntu-bugs betreten17:09
CheesyMcPuffs<CheesyMcPuffs> nothing happened17:09
CheesyMcPuffsits in german17:09
CheesyMcPuffsoops... copied wrong posts17:10
CheesyMcPuffsoh well17:10
CheesyMcPuffs* tawmas hat die Verbindung getrennt (Remote closed the connection)17:10
CheesyMcPuffs<CheesyMcPuffs> i just said: Sry for the double post, forgot to run commands under sudo, and say that the drive is recognized while running windows XP.17:10
CheesyMcPuffs* tawmas (n=tawmas@adsl203-149-091.mclink.it) hat #ubuntu-bugs betreten17:10
CheesyMcPuffs<tawmas> Sorry I got disconnected. If anybody replied, would you please repeat?17:10
CheesyMcPuffsthere we go, that correct17:10
tawmasK, thnx17:11
CheesyMcPuffsdaß ist gut? jk17:11
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torkianoHello, Can someone mark bug 296814 as triagued?18:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 296814 in linux "Presario R3000 hang during boot with device connected to USB 2.0 port" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29681418:02
andresmujicabug 30496918:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 304969 in flashplugin-nonfree "Hardy: Flash can't be installed since install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz can't be retrieved " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30496918:14
ToHellWithGAdo y'all know roughly how long it takes canonical and adobe to figure out how to get old versions working?18:14
ToHellWithGAthanks andresmujica18:14
ToHellWithGAi just installed 8.04 because of its long-term-edness but can't put flash on, kind of a bummer18:14
andresmujicahmm.. that issue is a recurrent topic....18:15
ToHellWithGAit seems like the kind of thing that would be an excellent candidate for a backport18:15
ToHellWithGAthen again, i can understand that changing from version 9 to 10 could introduce other issues18:15
andresmujicathis is probably the bug you're looking for18:18
andresmujicabug 23513518:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235135 in flashplugin-nonfree "[MASTER] Please backport flashplugin-nonfree version 10 beta and asound-plugins from Intrepid so we can drop libflashsupport and the crashes it causes" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23513518:18
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ToHellWithGAandresmujica: 235135 seems much more complex than 30496919:30
ToHellWithGAif backporting could be avoided by updating a single broken link i'd settle for 9 rather than 1019:31
andresmujicayeap.. you're right19:36
andresmujicathe problem is that flash has an ecosystem around it.. that involves pulseaudio and alsa...19:37
andresmujicawhy don't you check the adobe-plugin at the canonical partner repo19:38
Bit_Breakerhello. does anyone have any trouble with banshee?19:38
andresmujicado you have a specific bug?19:40
Bit_Breakeri will pastbin it19:41
Bit_Breakerhere you go http://pastebin.com/m44eeb5d119:42
Bit_Breakeralso i am using the PPA instructions here https://edge.launchpad.net/~banshee-team/+archive19:43
Bit_Breakeri get the same error from synaptic as well19:44
Bit_Breaker andresmujica: are you still there?19:46
andresmujicabit_breaker: i was referring to an already reported bug, maybe you can ask for some support at #ubuntu.19:53
Bit_Breakerhas this bug been reported already?19:53
andresmujicahmm don't know really, take into account that you're using the banshee-team PPA , so the support probably goes for them.  let me check a sec...19:54
andresmujicatake a look in here https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/banshee  maybe you'll find the bug, if not don't hesitate on report it there19:55
torkianohello, i'd like to participate in 5-a-day iniciative but when i should upload my bug numbers? ( 5-a-day --add 29685320:02
torkianoWhen the bug is confirmed? triaged? when the bug has the correct package assigned?...20:03
greg-gtorkiano: when you have done some kind of postive work on the bug.  There isn't a hard and fast rule.  But, the more work you put into a triaging a bug the better.20:06
torkianook, thank you greg-g20:06
greg-gnp, thanks for participating!20:07
torkianois there a plan to integrate 5-a-day on launchpad?20:07
andresmujicatorkiano, you can use the applet... about the launchpad what do you mean?20:10
andresmujicasomething like autoreporting?20:10
torkianoandresmujica: more integrated, with statistics in your launchpad / team account, not only in daniel.holba.ch20:11
torkianopeople like the statistics ;-)20:12
andresmujicaohh yeap.. :)20:18
andresmujicaask daniel, maybe it's on the path20:18
andresmujicaroadmap i mean..20:19
greg-gandresmujica: there is talk of that, not sure who is working on it now or what the progress is.20:19
greg-gI'm sure if someone wants to help out we can find the right person to talk to.20:20
andresmujicayeap, i've been thinking about auto reporting, something like every time you touch a bug the 5-a-day stats would be updated, but i came to the conclusion that it would be against the spirit of 5-a-day20:25
andresmujicabut the statistics into launchpad itself would be nice..20:26
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andresmujicasomeone recalls the url for making a stacktrace search in gnome's bugzilla?21:30
tawmasHi! What is the best package for filing a bug about multimedia keys and all other "special" keys on extended keyboards causing X to crash?21:35
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