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adiroibanmdke: hi19:55
mdkeadiroiban: hi21:10
adiroibanfor hardy I have changed the ubuntu-doc folder organization to match the one from intrepid21:11
adiroibanand in this way I can use the same script for doing all the work21:12
mdkeadiroiban: that's not something we can use I'm afraid - the changes to the directory structure are too invasive to upload to hardy21:13
mdkeadiroiban: but, most tranlators are not focusing on hardy now anyy21:13
mdkeadiroiban: in your last email you asked if I can request the translations for intrepid, but I sent those to you already, you got them, right?21:15
adiroibanbut the hardy POT files were not changed, so I can use my local folders to generate the report and other stuff21:15
adiroibanI got a set21:15
adiroibanbut I don't know if they were for hardy or intrepid21:15
mdkeI said in the covering email which release was applicable, hardy or intrepid21:16
mdkeyou should have got them both21:16
adiroibanAh. my bad21:16
adiroibanI got both of them21:17
adiroibando you think we need to create jaunty reports?21:17
mdkeI've uploaded the intrepid translations to our ubuntu-intrepid branch21:18
mdkejaunty reports would be useful, but not yet - we haven't yet uploaded the pot files for jaunty21:18
adiroibanI will update the stats page using the new Intrepid po files21:19
adiroibanbrb... about 15 minutes21:20
Rocket2DMnhey mdke21:21
Rocket2DMnfyi i was accepted for membership, thank you again for your testimonial!21:21
mdkeRocket2DMn: hiya. Yes, I saw that, good job!21:23
Rocket2DMni also have a question for you:21:23
Rocket2DMnwhy can't we set importance on bugs filed against Ubuntu Documentation?21:23
mdkeRocket2DMn: are you in the ubuntu-core-docs team?21:35
mdkeubuntu-core-doc, sorry21:35
mdkeRocket2DMn: looks like you're not; ubuntu-core-doc is the bug supervisor for the ubuntu-doc project so that's the team that can set importance for bugs21:38
Rocket2DMnno, im not in that21:46
Rocket2DMni didnt notice that team was set as the maintainer21:47
adiroiban back21:48
Rocket2DMnwell, i have no intention of being a committer, i'm not familiar with bzr or the process21:52
mdkeRocket2DMn: it's really easy to learn if you're up for working on some of the system documents - we always need new contributors :)21:56
mdkeRocket2DMn: obviously, we can help you as you learn21:56
Rocket2DMnif you or somebody else wants to teach me, then i'm willing to learn21:58
mdkesure, you'll always find help. The only skill you need is to be keen to contribute21:58
Rocket2DMni havent used bazaar at all, and dont actually know anything about the system documents and ubuntu-docs package21:58
mdkeand having seen your work so far, I know you have that skill21:58
Rocket2DMnive done most of my work on the wiki21:58
mdkeRocket2DMn: have a read of the pages under https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation and see if things start to make sense or if you have other questions21:59
Rocket2DMnalright, i'll have a look at that shortly, looks like there is a lot of info there22:00
Rocket2DMnoh, and did you get my message a week or two ago about your forums howto22:01
Rocket2DMnits a little outdated22:01
mdkeRocket2DMn: yeah, we should definitely update that, I'll put it on my mental todo list22:04
adiroibanmdke: the intrepid xml and html generation and status script is running and in a couple of hour we should have a result. you only need to put the achive form Launchpad in the docs root folder and the script will do the job :)22:14
Rocket2DMnmdke, i had a look through those pages, they seem straightforward enough.  I'll setup my local copy/branch later tonight when i'm back in Ubuntu.22:19
mdkeRocket2DMn: great22:23
mdkeadiroiban: great as well :)22:23
adiroibanmdke: what do you say about the idea of having the Glossary as a docbook?22:57
mdkeadiroiban: the question is whether it would be useful for inclusion in the system documentation? I'm not sure really23:04
mdkeI'm not sure whether people would use it, or how much work would be required to make it high quality23:05
adiroibannow we have the "windows" glossary23:06
adiroibanI find it useful for new computer users23:06
mdkethat's part of the "Switching from Windows" document, yes23:06
mdkemaybe we could adapt the wiki glossary page to be used in the system documentation. Quite a few irrelevant items would be removed, but reading through it, it doesn't look to be in bad shape23:11
adiroibanI found it more useful in the translated form23:17
adiroibanas a user can see a concept (maybe translated)23:17
adiroibanand search to see what's that23:17
adiroibanfor example if I want to search yelp for "sesiune" (the romanian translation for session) , it will return 0 results23:17
adiroibanif I will try "session" (but I don't know if a user will do that) , yelp returns to many results, from different applications23:17
adiroibanbut the term is not described in any result23:17
mdkethat's strange23:18
mdkeyelp should find translated words as well, I wonder why sesiune doesn't have any results23:18
adiroiban"session" is popular in gnome-user-docs23:20
adiroibanbut gnome-user-docs is not yet fully translated23:20
mdkeI see23:20
mdke"session" doesn't appear in the Glossary on the help wiki though...23:20
mdkemaybe we could add items from other glossaries23:21
adiroibanI like the idea of having a wiki as it is easy to edit23:21
adiroibanbut that glossary is not included in yelp23:22
adiroibanmaybe create a script to parse the wiki and create a yelp document23:22
adiroibanlooking after other glossaries is  another step23:22
adiroibanthere is an Gnome one... but it was not updated23:23
adiroibanit would be great to have one glossary for all open source projects23:23
mdkethere are no good tools in existence for converting wiki markup to docbook, otherwise we'd have our whole project in a wiki23:23
adiroibanbut I don't know if this is feasible23:23
mdkethere are some, but they all have quite significant defects23:24
mdkeso the best we can do is to export the wiki page into xml using one of the existing tools, tidy it up, and continue to maintain it in xml23:26
adiroibanI would like to have a translatable glossary for 2 reasons. 1. Help users, 2. Help translators23:26
mdkeright, but a glossary for Rosetta would be very difficult to a glossary for Ubuntu documentation23:27
adiroibantrue... maybe have the translators glossary and from a subset of those term to create the documentation glossary23:28
adiroibanI could imagine that for translators, this glossary will look more like a terminology23:28
adiroibanbut a least for Ubuntu, from the user point of view, I can imagine a common glossary for Ubuntu and GNOME23:31
mdkeright, that's what I meant by adding items from other glossaries23:31
adiroibanapart from GNOME, what other glosarries were you thinking of?23:32
mdkeany others that exist, I don't know23:32
adiroibanI will start a discussion on the mailinglist to see what other glossaries we could use23:33
adiroibanand what people say about it... maybe the glossary will not be of to much help in ubuntu-docs23:34
mdkeyes. You can carry on the existing thread23:34
* mdke goes to bed, night all23:39
adiroibangood night23:39
adiroibanthe script is still translating xml files23:39

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