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cprofitthello folks... anyone hear that can handle a cloak?18:13
[NikO]cprofitt, you have already one no ?18:13
cprofittI do... but the ending of it says privatevoid18:14
cprofittI would like to get that changed to cprofitt18:14
cprofittif possible18:14
[NikO]well, is more a #freenode issue i think, because you want to change your main account18:14
[NikO]( i think )18:14
cprofittI changed my main account...18:15
cprofittI asked them and they told me they could fix it, but needed an Ubuntu GC18:15
cprofittto approve it18:15
[NikO]so wait here i think :)18:15
cprofittpleia2, are you a GC in terms of cloaks?18:22
cprofittyea... I want to get my cloak fixed and he freenode ops need a Group Contact for Ubuntu to authorize the change18:23
cprofittI want it to have cprofitt at the end instead of privatevoid18:23
cprofittI think the vHost has to change and the Last addr18:24
cprofittnormally I ask PriceChild but I have not seen him last night or this morning18:24
cprofittI was not sure if you had the same cow-powers or not18:25
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cprofitthello nizarus18:27
nizarushello cprofitt18:28
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[NikO]sad away nick:/18:28
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cp_outsad... yes18:29
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cprofittnizarus, are you a GC for Ubuntu?18:29
nizaruscprofitt, GC = ?18:30
cprofittGroup Contact18:30
cprofittI am trying to get my cloak adjusted18:30
nizaruscprofitt, i'm loco contact but not a group contact :)18:31
jpdscprofitt: You'll just have to wait till Price.Child comes back.18:31
cprofittthanks jpds18:31
cprofittI will wait...18:31
cprofittjpds, is he the only one we have?18:31
nizarusfor your irc cloak you need a member from irc admins18:31
jpdscprofitt: As far as know, yeah, they're getting reorganized.18:32
cprofittnizarus, yep... I know PriceChild is one... but not sure of any others18:32
cprofittjpds, ok...18:32
jussi01nalioth: or elkbuntu can help also18:33
jussi01Im not a GC yet18:33
cprofittoh.. cool18:33
cprofittthe name elkbuntu is cool18:33
[NikO]jussi01, launchpad page is confuse18:33
jussi01[NikO]: in what way?18:34
jussi01[NikO]: yes...???18:34
[NikO]i mean18:35
jpds[NikO]: They still have to change the stuff with Freenode staff.18:35
cprofittI think he is saying that it would be nice to know the IRC nicks that we should contact18:35
cprofittbut I am sure it will happen in good time18:35
PriceChildcprofitt: what's up?19:00
cprofitthey PriceChild just want to get my cloak adjusted19:00
cprofittremove the privatevoid from the end and replace with cprofitt19:00
cprofittsorry for the problem19:00
cprofittI was not certain I wanted to change my name to real at first...19:01
cprofittbut as I am spearheading LoCo things it make sense19:01
cprofitt'real world non-tech' people have trust issues with 'screen names'19:01
naliothjpds: jussi01: it will help us greatly if you can get the users launchpad page from them and have it posted here19:36
jpdsnalioth: I do, most of the time. :)19:36
[NikO]jpds, the new bot of #ubuntu-irc :)19:36
jpds[NikO]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXa9tXcMhXQ19:38
[NikO]ahah :)19:38
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