nrpilhi people12:42
nrpili have a dell latitude d810 and the fan(s) are running all the time on full speed. how does fan control work with ubuntu ?12:45
axisysas funny as it sounds, my cat sat on my keyboard and now my wireless is disabled.. i cannot enable it .. it grayed out and i cannot click it to enable14:00
axisysthe check box with Enable Wireless is disabled14:01
axisysgrayed out14:01
litongSystem sounds not working in ubuntu 8.10, I have pulsleaudoi, alsa   I tried many configuration, nothing working, tried in new user, nothing helped on google, other sounds, video, youtube, skpye, waw, mp3 in media....... are ok , just when I login when log out is without sound PLEASE HELP14:27

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