huayragoing drupal 6 and being a lot more consistent in the apporach we take (translations specially)00:00
RafikI'd love to be more involved in00:00
RafikIs there any road map ?00:02
huayrathere is, but it's not updated :(00:03
Rafikhuayra: I'm with you. don"t you think a meeting can be useful ?00:05
huayrathe idea is basically to keep our work coordinate with ubuntu releases in order to get attention from the community just before the release 00:05
huayraso people upload their materioal and it still is relevant ;)00:05
huayraI proposed a meeting next saturday, but realized wednesday that I can't attend :(00:05
huayraAs I posted to the list, we need this project reorganized and our wiki cleaned up00:06
RafikOk. I'll try to organize some ideas and post them to the list. just let me finish mes exams first :)00:08
huayraactually our milestones are kind of a roadmap... https://edge.launchpad.net/spreadubuntu/0.2/+milestones00:09
huayracheck it out to get an idea of where we want to go00:09
Rafikhuayra: thank you. talk to you in five days00:14
huayragood luck in your exams Rafik  :)00:20
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johnc4510-laptopnew issue of UWN is out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue12420:12

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