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petafileSo I have a tablet and there's buttons on the side for stuff like rotate/open journal/stuff, xev doesn't detect the events but the buttons light up when I touch them.  Any ideas on how to get them to be recognized00:41
persiaTry installing input-utils, and seeing if you can use them to determine what events should be sent.00:45
persiaYou my find that the events provided are not seen by the kernel (needs patches), or more commonly, you may find that the events simply aren't progressing to X.00:45
persiaIn the latter case, you can either fiddle with xorg.conf, or better, with .fdi files to get HAL to tell X to recognise them.00:46
petafilewhat tool of input utils should I be using?01:13
persiaI generally start with lsinput, just to make sure I understand which devices are which.01:19
persiaI then tend to use input-kbd to try to get a map from each (this is incomplete for a variety of reasons essentially related to poor mapping between "keyboard" and HID)01:19
persiaOnce I have a good idea what I'm seeking, I'll use input-events to find the keycodes for the specific key that won't work.01:20
persiaNote that some devices send "button" presses or ACPI events, rather than keypresses.  For buttonpresses, you can check with jstest from the "joystick" package.01:21
persiaI'm fuzzy on how to determine which ACPI events are being passed.01:21
mcgrofpersia: thanks, installed intrepid though on this eeepc, upgrading to jaunty now, but I still see no packages when I apt-cache search for ubuntu-netbook02:19
mcgrofmaybe I need to update my sources.list with some entries02:19
persiaShouldn't need do so.  You've main and universe enabled?02:20
persiaTry apt-get update.  `apt-cache search ubuntu-netbook` should return something.  The metapackage name is "ubuntu-netbook-remix"02:21
mcgrofyeah I have both main and universe, but searching for ubuntu-netbook yields nothing02:22
persiaEven after running apt-get update?02:22
persiaYou're using jaunty?02:22
mcgrofdeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jaunty main02:23
persiaVery odd.  Which arch?02:23
mcgrofdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jaunty-updates main restricted universe multiverse02:23
persiaOh, yeah.  You've only universe enabled in updated.  Add the other components to the first line.02:23
mcgrofpersia: i debootstrapped using i386 but uname -m is 68602:28
persiaThat's fine.  add "restricted universe multiverse" to your first line above.02:28
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mcgrofpersia: ok thanks02:29
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