MythbuntuGuest05hi.  I would like to know how I can determine if mplayer was compiled ready for xinerama. ie: -xineramascreen flag00:19
MythbuntuGuest05Hello. I can't seem to get mplayer correctly displaying on my second X session. Myth shows nicely there, but when I try to watch a DVD, there is audio but no visible video.00:37
MythbuntuGuest05saw this "http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Running_MythTV_Dual_Headed#Xinerama_.28One_X_server.2C_two_displays.29" but still can't get visible player on the second display.00:42
MythbuntuGuest05!dualhead display00:44
ZinnSorry I don't know about dualhead display00:44
ZinnSorry I don't know about -xineramascreen00:44
MythbuntuGuest05!multiple session00:44
ZinnSorry I don't know about multiple session00:44
MythbuntuGuest35can someone help me out with the black screen thing? my permissions are fine. Here is the relevant part of the mythbackend console. It is complaining about ivtv i think. http://pastebin.com/m7430523a01:07
stegelcany anyone help me get audio working over hdmi? i have an ati hd34001:08
stegeland I see a HDMI sound option in my Sound settings, but the only think I have in VOlume Bar is iec95801:09
novice_geekIs anyone here familiar with the directv.pl script?  When I run it, I get "getattr: Input/output error".  Thanks.01:18
novice_geekI should also mention that I'm using a homemade 4P4C to Serial cable that I made and it does work with a windows application that's out there somewhere online.  Thanks again.01:19
novice_geekAnd the receiver is a D10-200.01:20
MrSmurfingI'm having trouble getting my serial port ir blaster working... I haven't found a good explanation as to how to get it going...01:30
MrSmurfingBest one seems to be here, but it has huge gaps as to what steps you need to take... http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Using_an_IR_Blaster_with_MythTV01:30
dashcloudnovice_geek: can you get the script to work if you run it in a terminal?01:59
mustangg1hello.   Can someone help me get mplayer output on my second X screen.\02:02
novice_geekdashcloud:  that's what I tried.  If I run "perl ./directv.pl setup_channel 10", as an example, it will return "getattr: Input/output error".02:03
dashcloudyou shouldn't need to put perl in front02:03
dashcloudit should have a line at top that says something like #!/bin/perl or something like that02:04
novice_geekIf I don't run it with perl at the front, I get this:  "-bash: ./directv.pl: /usr/bin/perl^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory02:04
novice_geekyeah, it does have that line, and it points to the correct location (as far as I can tell), but it still fails02:04
dashcloudhuh- try /usr/bin/perl ./directv.pl02:05
novice_geekI'm not sure I understand what you mean by that.  Do you want me to run /usr/bin/perl ./directv.pl from the command line?02:06
novice_geekas a single command02:06
novice_geekok, that does work.02:09
dashcloudtry changing the first line of the script to /usr/bin/perl then02:09
dashcloudthen try just ./directv.pl02:10
novice_geekok... I removed the # and ! characters from in front of /usr/bin/perl, and then ran the command as you stated, and got several errors:  : No such file or directorybin/perl02:11
novice_geek: command not found2:02:11
novice_geek: command not found10:02:11
novice_geek: command not found16:02:11
novice_geek: command not found21:02:11
novice_geek: command not found67:02:11
novice_geek./directv.pl: line 68: $: command not found02:11
novice_geek./directv.pl: line 68: =1: command not found02:11
novice_geek: command not found68:02:12
novice_geek./directv.pl: line 69: syntax error near unexpected token `('02:12
novice_geek'/directv.pl: line 69: `use POSIX qw(:termios_h);02:12
dashcloudcrap- I meant just substitute /bin/perl with /usr/bin/perl02:12
dashcloudthose other characters are imporant02:12
mustangg1can anyone suggest how I might get one tv ouput dedicated to mythtv ?02:13
novice_geekoh... ok then, I'll change it back02:13
novice_geekit was "#!/usr/bin/perl" before I changed it02:13
novice_geekIt should be clear by now that I have no experience with Perl, and all I recognize in this script is the print command and the comments.02:14
dashcloudthe script itself is quite well-commented (which is good, because I don't know perl either), so I was able to set it up to control my D11 box02:14
dashcloudwait- put it back the way it originally was, and then make the file executable chmod u+x directv.pl (if it isn't already)02:17
novice_geekI ran chmod +x earlier, but not u+x.  Let me try that real quick...02:18
novice_geeksame error still02:19
dashclouddo you have the right serial port selected? (in my case, it's /dev/ttyUSB0)02:20
novice_geekit's /dev/ttys0, which is right as far as I'm aware.02:22
novice_geekThe system only has one serial port, so I'm assuming that would be it02:22
dgarr 02:22
dashcloudso you've connected to a serial port then?02:23
dashcloudokay- can you try /usr/bin/perl ./directv.pl and tell me what the output is?02:25
novice_geekIt outputs "Usage: ./directv.pl command ...02:26
novice_geek" and then lists all of the commands.02:26
dashclouddid you set the script to your correct box?02:27
dashcloud(inside the script)02:27
novice_geekIt's set to D10-20002:28
dashcloudokay- can you run it with a command?02:29
novice_geekIf I try "perl ./directv.pl setup_channel 501", it still returns "getattr: Input/output error"02:30
dashcloudcan you try a different, non-channel change command?02:31
novice_geekI tried show, reboot, on, and off.  They all gave that same error.02:33
dashcloudcan you bring up the user management dialog, and add yourself to the serial group? (create the group if it doesn't exist)02:37
novice_geekThe group doesn't exist, so I added it and added myself to the group02:40
dashcloudI just checked my box downstairs, and it works just fine- I don't bother with a setup_channel thing, but that shouldn't matter02:56
mustangg1Question: Is there any way to get the video to properly output to a different X session? ie: instead of session 0, to session 1 .. relating to xinerama/mplayer and twinhead nvidia  ..03:01
Hoody47Hello, I have a problem with diskless client setup.  When I add the diskless server role from the control centre the installer hangs at "enabling overlay directory for mythbuntu-diskless.03:37
stegelhmm, got hdmi audio working in vlc...but can't seem to get it to play in myth...anyone with experience here?04:26
MrSmurfingI have a serial ir blaster set up to change channels on my directv set top box. I configured it in mythbuntu control center... but it's not working. I'm not getting any errors when I try irsend -d /dev/lircd SEND_ONCE DIRECTTV power04:44
MrSmurfingIs that the correct device? It's plugged into the serial port.04:45
MrSmurfingIf I change the transmitter type, do I have to restart anything before I try to transmit again?04:48
tritiumsuperm1: trying to set the mythweb access password06:07
tritiumsuperm1: the MySQL tweaks, XFS defrag, and mythtv database optimization/repair settings don't take effect on the first few attempts to set them06:10
tritiumsuperm1: also, the MySQL server information remains greyed-out06:10
tritiumNote that the installer is buggy too, in that it offers you the option to set the mythweb and mysql passwords, neither of which get set properly06:11
jordilerelerehi somebody out there knows how can I tell mythtv to start recording a program 20 minutes before EPG shedules it?06:16
tritiumjordilerelere: that is an option you can set in mythweb, and possibly also if you schedule via the program guide06:17
jordilerelereive tried to search it but no luck06:19
jordilerelerethe idea is that when i shedule a recording06:19
jordilerelereon web interface06:19
jordilerelereit have alot of options lots of them like chyphered06:20
jordilerelerethere is a button06:20
jordilerelereavancades opcions06:20
tritiumjordilerelere: yes, you need to unhide the Advanced Options06:21
jordilerelerehere i can say it to start before06:21
tritiumThen, enter "20" after "Start Early:"06:21
jordilerelerecan i make something like default recording before time somewere els06:21
tritiumjordilerelere: yes, somewhere in the mythtv setup that setting resides06:22
jordilerelerethe problem was all that recype-long and all things that i didnt understand.. feared me a bit06:22
jordilerelerecould be this?06:24
jordilerelerei''been searching06:24
jordilerelerebut today this options have pooped out easier than the other attempts06:25
jordilerelerethanks alot!06:25
tritiumsure, jordilerelere.  Good luck.  :)06:26
Hoody47Hello, I have a problem with diskless client setup.  When I add the diskless server role from the control centre the installer hangs at "enabling overlay directory for mythbuntu-diskless.06:37
tritiumI've noticed on 8.10 that xine and mplayer can't find my DVB card.  Later, when installing dvb-utils, I see a ton of errors when dvb-utils is being setup where mknod and makedev fail06:46
tritiumjust a few lines from that:06:47
tritiumudev active, devices will be created in /dev/.static/dev/06:47
tritiummkdir: cannot create directory `dvb': Read-only file system06:47
tritiummkdir: cannot create directory `dvb': Read-only file system06:47
tritiummknod: `dvb/adapter0/video0-': No such file or directory06:47
tritiummakedev dvb/adapter0/video0 c 212 0 root video 0660: failed06:47
tritiumI suspect this is why xine and vlc can't find my dvb device.  I'm not sure how mythtv is working with it, but it is.06:50
tritiumI had no trouble using my DVB card with xine and VLC in 8.04.  What has changed in 8.10?07:01
tritiumHere's a URL of the errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103400/07:02
tritiumPerhaps another reinstall...Maybe third time's a charm.07:19
oobetritium, its possible hal is misconfiguring your dvb card07:24
tritiumoobe: it has worked fine for several releases.  I wonder what might have changed for 8.1007:25
oobe8.10 uses hal to configure xorg devices as of 8.10 and hal somtimes accindentally made my tuner remote reciever a pointing device07:26
oobewhich prevented my remote from working at all07:26
tritiumWhich card/remote?07:27
tritiumMy DViCO card has an IR receiver that is supported by an i2c driver, and it ends up being /dev/input/event607:28
oobehmm thats the same card07:29
oobeanyway the device dvb part worked fine07:29
oobels /dev/dvb07:30
oobeare you using the dvico dual 4 tuner07:30
tritiumI have the Fusion HDTV5 RT/Gold07:30
oobeok i dont know that one07:30
oobeare you using the stock kernel07:30
oobehave you checked dmesg07:32
oobedmesg | grep DViCO07:32
tritiumThe card works fine with mythtv07:32
oobedmesg | grep dvb07:32
tritiumAnd there are entries for it in /dev/dvb/adapter0/07:32
tritiumBut, for some reason, xine and VLC crap out on it.07:32
oobemaybe you need firmware07:33
oobeanyway you should check dmesg07:33
tritiumIf that were the case, I'd expect it not to work with myth.07:33
oobeso it does work with some software only xine07:34
tritiumAnd, vlc and xine complain about "No DVB input device found."07:34
oobeoh ok07:34
oobesorry i misunderstood07:34
tritiumI completely regret wiping out my working 8.04 install.07:34
oobeyeah i backed up my 8.04 install before upgrading to 8.1007:35
oobethen i ended up restoring i still using 8.0407:35
strexsup folks07:35
tritiumoobe: Good call on that.  I've had nothing but trouble so far.07:35
strexso I just installed mythbuntu on a FE only box.. and I got a few questions on it's internal workings..07:36
oobestrex, just ask07:36
oobetritium, i dont think i can help you with your xine and vlc prob nothing comes to mind07:36
strexcoming from mythdora, it had a mythtv use, and gdm logged into x with that user. Is that still the case in mythbuntu?07:37
tritiumNo problem, oobe.  Thank you for your reply, and trying to help.07:37
strexor is it a different user.07:37
oobeunless mythtv is hogging the tuner07:37
oobeyou can shutdown the backend and test xine07:37
tritiumstrex: on mythbuntu, it's the first user that you configure07:37
tritiumoobe: don't think so, as I configured it to release the card when not in use in the backend setup07:37
tritiumI'll double-check that, though.07:38
tritiumoobe: that _was_ the issue.  I'll have to double-check the capture card settings.07:43
oobecool glad i could help07:48
tritiumStrange, it was configured as I expected in the backend to release the card when not in use.07:53
tritium(Open DVB card on demand -- This option makes the backend dvb-recorder only open the card when it is actually in-use, leaving it free fro other programs at other times.)07:55
strextritium: so in my situation, my first user is 'strex' so can I set mythfrontend to launch when I first login instead of xfce, or any other gui for that matter, besides like ratpoison (so I can give focus to mythfrontend).08:10
tritiumstrex: not exactly.  strex will be logged into an xfce session, and then the frontend will auto-start08:11
strextritium: ok, so how would I configure the mythfrontend to autostart.08:12
tritiumstrex: outside of xfce?  I'm not sure.08:13
strexAlso need to enable auto login for my user then,08:13
tritiumstrex: mythbuntu is setup to auto login your user, and auto start mythfrontend.  You don't want that?08:13
strextritium: no I do want that..08:14
tritiumYou said "instead of xfce"08:14
strexbut apon boot, it didn't log me in, and after loggin in, it brought me to a desktop..08:14
strexsorry, xfce is a x manager, and so is ratpoison, I would prefer a less mem/cpu intensive x manager than xfce.. (such as ratpoison)08:15
tritiumSorry, I just stick with the default install, and it logs in my user automatically, and auto-starts mythfrontend.08:16
tritiumI need to get to sleep.  Good luck.08:16
strextritium: thanks for the help, shouldn't be a problem08:18
Fafhrd_hi all13:29
Nixon<all> Hello Fafhrd_!13:29
lagahi all13:29
lagaah, so it's not a bot :)13:29
Fafhrd_is there a way of manually tweaking Myth's zoom modes (kbd "W" zooms)?13:30
Fafhrd_to be more precise: I mean the zoom when watching LiveTV, not videos (PgUp/Dn, left/right arrows)13:38
RobertLaptopanyone here use commandir?14:15
mac_wfhI've never used mythtv before, and have 0 experience using it.  I can fair reasonably well in linux in general.  After installing what I believe is everything I need to run this, I don't know how to create a database.  I've had mysql on this box since I stood it up, but the myth install never asked me for the root password to create user or database, only which credentials it should use to connect to the same.14:18
mac_wfhany help figuring how to create the database would be greatly appreciated.   thanks in advance.14:18
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mac_athomeso to sum it up, (and have at least one line with my changed nick) how do I create the mythtv user, and mythconverg database?14:22
mac_athomefound it.  I had not installed mythtv-database.  Seems on that this would not be one of the 100+ packages it decided to install14:29
willembHi guys15:17
willembI am not managing to get my tvout working on either of the 2 cards I tried15:17
willembusing mythbuntu 8.1015:17
willembis it worth trying, or am I guaranteed to fail.15:18
willembtrying a geforce 4mx and a radeon 960015:18
willembwith a crt tv with s-video15:18
superm1tritium, please be sure to file bugs including the versions of MCC you are using for these issues15:31
superm1tritium, and the mysql information being greyed out is intended on master backend installs15:31
superm1also need detailed bug reports on the situation in the installer that causes mythweb or mysql passwords to be set wrong15:32
gregLsuperm1: I installed just last night..I had no problems with anything...This was a fresh install..Mythweb and mysql passwords were set right on my setup...Just thought you would like to know...Thanks for the effort....17:03
superm1gregL, great thanks.  tritium see that's why it's very important to provide all aspects of the install questions, there are tons of corner case bugs where items input into the installer can affect other items, but people need to report them for them to get fixed17:44
MythbuntuGuest64hello folks. I have set my mythfrontend "Screen Settings->Display on screen" = 1 to match my second X session where the output is to a tv but get no video output from mplayer.17:49
MythbuntuGuest64so any ideas on getting some output from mplayer to my X screen?18:49
MrSmurfingAnyone know how I can make only the channels that I actually receive show up in the mythtv guide? I tried removing them and adding them in the mythtv backend setup, but it doesn't effect the list on the guide on the mythfrontend18:53
phunyguyhey folks, I was told to come in here and ask about the latest mythtv bugfix package...19:10
phunyguyi need this: r19222 or higher of 0.21-fixes19:12
phunyguy(according to #mythtv-users)19:12
strexneed some lirc help, luckly it's almost there. (new to mythbuntu)19:20
strexso I'm using iguanaIR, the driver's working fine. Lircd is started, and ircat reports valid keys.19:20
strexalso running 'irw mythtv' works also..19:20
strexbut none of then are being used my mythtv in mythbuntu (gui).19:21
phunyguyi had this same issue19:28
phunyguybut i have since reinstalled and forgot what i did19:28
phunyguyi do know that some docs led me in the wrong direction19:32
phunyguythere is a different config19:32
willis there anyway to edit/add/change the streams without going into the GUI?19:33
tgm4883phunyguy, you need to activate weekly builds http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds19:36
tgm4883will, nobody knows what you are talking about19:37
willthe streams section of myth where it shows like shoutcast streams19:38
willyoutube and what not19:38
tgm4883you could manually edit the db I suppose, other than that, the frontend gui is the only way I know of19:38
willis that something i could do on my laptop if i put in the live cd?19:39
tgm4883IIRC, yes19:40
willok thanks.19:40
willjust dont want to bring up a keyboard and plug it into my mythbuntu box19:40
willthough i guess it might end upb eing the easiest way19:40
whoDatgetting this error on mythbuntu, any ideas? http://imagebin.ca/view/Ly3zAe.html19:41
tgm4883will, you could also use VLC19:41
tgm4883whoDat, no idea, what were you trying to do?19:43
whoDatinstalled uvcvideo for my webcam, rebooted and got that.19:44
tgm4883whoDat, yea I don't know.  Maybe try booting into rescue mode and uninstalling that19:44
whoDatdoes same thing in rescue mode19:45
willtgm: use VLC for what?19:49
tgm4883will, heh, my bad, I meant VNC19:51
tgm4883you could VNC into the machine and use your keyboard from another computer19:51
willtgm: good idea19:54
willthis laptop i'm on runs ubuntu19:54
willmaybe i can tunnel the frontend over ssh19:54
willdarn. pre scaling theme images loads up19:58
willthen the screen just stays blue19:59
willoh nice it worked20:04
willjust had to wait a few moments20:04
phunyguytgm4883, thanks!20:18
tgm4883phunyguy, np20:19
MythbuntuGuest56how can i stop videos from showing up on my sons myth, i have a server that has all of my movies stored on it, but there are some that i don't want him to have access to.20:23
hadsThe mythvideo database is currently common to all frontends.20:25
superm1i think the best you can do is have a different mount point for those videos that doesnt get mounted on his20:26
MythbuntuGuest56so there is no way to filter the content locally?20:26
hadsYeah, that's what I was about to say :)20:26
hadsHe will still see the video titles but won't be able to access the videos20:26
MythbuntuGuest56oh okay, what does the toggle browseable do20:27
hadsYou could probably do it with fancy permissions but mount points would be easier20:28
hadsNo idea about the browseable20:28
MythbuntuGuest56i cannot find anything about it20:29
tgm4883IIRC, browsable will show everything in the mythvideo directory(s), not what has been scanned into the db20:29
tritiumsuperm1: will do20:30
tgm4883there is a parental setting in mythvideo20:31
tgm4883although i've never used it before20:31
hadsYeah, i recall seeing it, not used it either though.20:32
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest56, i'd set the parental setting in the frontend.  It's under Setup > Setup > Media Settings > Video Settings > General Settings pages 6 and 720:34
tgm4883not sure if that will show the videos or not, but it should stop them from being played20:35
RobertLaptopAnyone here using commandir transmitter?20:36
MythbuntuGuest56i will try that thanks guys20:38
hadsSeems to work20:38
strexanyone ever heard of this error: "Waited too log for fingbuffer pause.."?20:59
whoDatafter i installed uvc video drivers,my hd-5500 is not recognized. anyone heard of this issue?21:15
strexso.. this is a fresh install, and I'm still kinda new to ubuntu, but what's up with not being able to login as root by default?21:55
phunyguy 5842 tty7     RLs+  22:33      \_ /usr/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -dpi 100 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7   <----  why does this kick up the cpu to 100% when trying to view program guide?21:56
phunyguyyou have to change the root password21:58
phunyguysudo passwd root21:58
phunyguythat is for your own protection21:58
strexphunyguy: overall I like ubuntu as an os, but I wish the install wizard had like a 'im not a noob' setting.22:02
strexand would enable more advanced setup options, like setting the root password22:03
strexGetting mount errors, when trying to mount an nfs path, any idea why?22:04
lagait's simply not necessary. use sudo.22:05
strexlaga: umm yea it is,22:05
strexlaga: that's like telling someone they can only ride in a car as a passanger, it's just not necessary to every drive yourself..22:06
strexwell that's also kind of irritating, would would nfs-common not be installed by default.. seems pretty common for use with mythtv??22:12
tgm4883strex, thats not exactly the same, but since you said it, if you always have a driver, then it's not necessary to drive yourself22:12
strextgm4883: I agree it's not the same, I guess overall it would be nice if the installer wasn't so lite and friendly, and had an initial option at the start of install that said: "1. I'm new to linux, 2. I'm not a linux n00b".22:14
tgm4883strex, is there something you can do with the root account that you cannot do with sudo?22:15
Shadow___Xanyone here fix a portmap problem22:15
Shadow___Xor know how to fix one22:15
Shadow___Xdkpg --configure -a does not fix the problem22:16
Shadow___Xthe problem when seeting up portmap is not a symlink /etc/rc2.d/S18portmap22:16
strextgm4883: no, but when you have used *nix for 10+ years and are suddenly told you can't login as root by default it's kind frustrating (it's not a sudo config change, that can be made).22:16
Shadow___Xdangling symlink /etc/rc2.d/S18portmap22:17
Shadow___Xnot a symlink /etc/rcS.d/S43portmap22:17
strexShadow___X: so.. what is the actual problem?22:17
tgm4883strex, you should download the advanced user ISO then22:18
Shadow___Xit wont let me set it up strex22:18
Shadow___Xbecause of the symlink issues22:18
strextgm4883: didn't know there was such an option. (I got my iso from the mythbuntu site, not the regular ubuntu one).22:19
tgm4883strex, http://www.debian.org/CD/22:19
tgm4883theres also LFS22:19
strextgm4883: thanks, I'll know that for next time.22:19
tgm4883strex, you could also use sudo su -22:22
Shadow___Xany ideas to fix the portmap issue :(22:22
Shadow___Xshould i delete the symlinked files22:22
hadstgm4883: sudo -i22:38
Shadow___Xthats what my problem looks like22:58
RobertLaptopHas anyone here been able to setup commandir under 8.10?23:07
superm1strex, or just *set* a root password after install is done.  "sudo passwd root"23:13
superm1problem solved, you've got your root password23:13
superm1the more common case is that people dont want to set one23:13
hadsAnd pretty much every case is they don't need one.23:23
RobertLaptopYea if you really need to log in as root good old "sudo su -" to the rescue?23:26
superm1this argument has replayed in octagons around the world countful times23:27
hadsRobertLaptop: sudo -i23:27
RobertLaptophads that saves a few char.23:29

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