james_wnew fridge mockups :-)03:32
boredandbloggingjames_w: yeah, nand is kicking butt05:24
tycheMorning, kennymc015:40
tycheHow goes it?15:45
kennymc0it goes alright15:45
kennymc0just finished putting everything that i normally do into the uwn15:45
kennymc0would have done it last night before i went to bed but it said that johnc4510 was still in it15:46
tycheGreat.  Now all we have to do is wait for myrtlebeachbums.15:46
kennymc0i was working on it while watching saturday night live15:47
kennymc0with Neil Patrick Harris hosting15:47
tycheOh, DEAR.  Maybe I should check it, then.  Hee hee15:47
kennymc0well i'm going to go get myself some breakfast bbl15:48
tycheYea, I'd done a bunch of work yesterday, but there were holes (things I didn't know how to handle).  Went out on errands with my wife (and supper), and when I got back johnc4510 had beat me to them ALL.15:49
LirazSiriHi, I'd like to try and do the security and package updates for this issue. Who usually handles that? (I'd like to prevent duplicated effort)16:09
tycheLirazSiri: They're already done for this issue.  And the best way to get involved is to get trained.  We have certain procedures that help make the job simpler and more consistent.16:11
LirazSirityche: who usually does that?16:11
tycheIf you'd like to get involved, I'd be happy to share my knowledge with you.16:11
tychekennymc0 is doing them, at present.16:12
LirazSiridoes he always handle them?16:12
tycheSince he started, yes.  Before that, there have been others including myself16:12
LirazSirilet's say I want to pick up that role, by what time should I have that ready?16:13
tycheThe whole package that includes Security and Updates is usually done as LATE as possible, to include information on the whole week.  The whole package includes not only Security and Updates but Upcoming Meetings and the Statistics.16:14
LirazSiristatistics such as?16:14
tycheThe work involved in it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, usually.  Sometimes longer.16:15
tycheThe Ubuntu Stats include Bug Stats, Translation Stats, and 5-a-day bug stats16:15
LirazSiriWell, I volunteer to take care of the security and updates section. I've taken a look at the 4 last issues and I think I can handle that. As for training, I propose to prepare the security and updates section for today independently and then submit that to you for review. If it's satisfactory I can begin doing this regulary16:16
LirazSiridoes that sound ok?16:17
tycheWhen I started with the UWN, I developed a text file template that we use to help find where the information is, and how to present it.  You might be better off letting me go through that with you, so you understand the job.  I have no doubt that you can pick up a lot on your own, but it's better to have the whole picture.16:17
LirazSirityche: thanks but I don't want to waste your time unnecessarily. You sent me the template a few weeks ago. What works best for me when I'm learning is to first try and figure out things on my own and then have someone more experienced give me feedback and complete the picture.16:19
tycheLirazSiri: You wouldn't be wasting my time.  It's part of what I do.  Besides, I'm retired, and my time is my own.16:21
tycheAlso, since I'm only an associate editor, I'd have to get direction from johnc4510 and boredandblogging as to what section(s) you should take over.16:23
LirazSirityche: ok, I'll go and do my homework, and be back when I have something for you to review. I'll also send you wiki text by email (I prepare it in a text editor).16:23
LirazSirithat's ok, I've talked with Nick and he has urged me to get more involved, so I think we'll figure it out.16:24
LirazSiricheers. I'll be back soon16:25
* myrtlebeachbums is alive and jumping into UWN 124 now. :)16:29
tychemyrtlebeachbums: Morning.16:29
tycheGlad to see you could get up so early.  Hee hee16:29
myrtlebeachbumsGood morning.16:29
myrtlebeachbumsWell you know me on weekends tyche ;)16:34
tycheYep.  That's why I said "up so early".  It isn't noon, yet.  hee hee16:34
johnc4510morning -news16:41
tycheYea, but by the time it gets out, it's evening -news.  Hee hee16:42
myrtlebeachbumsIs Dan Rather joining our team?16:43
johnc4510tyche: did you look over the jono piece on good people, great teams16:43
myrtlebeachbumsBad "Evening News with Dan Rather" joke.16:43
johnc4510kennymc0: ping16:43
tycheNaw, we don't aspire that high.  With us, we just use all the news that print to fit.16:44
tycheYea, I read it over, then you beat me to it.16:44
tycheBesides, I like yours better.16:44
johnc4510ah ok16:44
johnc4510i wasn't sure, the piece was written a bit differently16:45
johnc4510anyone working on the edubuntu meeting minutes??16:47
johnc4510if not i'll jump in there16:47
johnc4510tyche: ping17:09
myrtlebeachbumsTTL expired in transit ;)17:09
johnc4510myrtlebeachbums: don't forget to add your credit to the issue :)17:30
myrtlebeachbumsWill do.17:31
myrtlebeachbumsWorking on the last ITP article now and will post. I'm definitely up for ideas on how to revise the "What Ubuntu Must Do" article, but I like the way the others worked out. Youll see soon.17:31
myrtlebeachbumsITP pasted in.17:40
johnc4510ok, the welcome and In this Issue is up17:48
johnc4510proof readers now appreciated17:49
johnc4510no pay of course17:49
tyche*-I'm going through and proofing, and checking for glossary terms now.17:49
johnc4510great minds17:49
johnc4510well, mine anyway hee hee17:49
tycheThank you for acknowledging the fact . . . that mine is great, I mean.17:50
johnc4510i took it back shortly after lol17:50
tycheNo, you only TRIED to take it back.  Hee hee17:50
boredandbloggingjust a reminder to everyone, please don't include wiki-style links in the UWN18:01
boredandbloggingthey won't work when copy them for the email and forums18:02
tycheYep.  Part of what the proofing is about is to remove camelbacks18:02
myrtlebeachbumsITB pasted in.18:03
johnc4510k, thx18:03
* myrtlebeachbums writes this date down because he missed no camelbacks in any articles this week. 18:03
myrtlebeachbumsI did however seem to forget to click save after telling you I posted ITB. Duh Dave...18:04
tychemyrtlebeachbums: second entry in ITB, "in order to make them useable for people East Palo Alto." should be "in order to make them useable for people in East Palo Alto."18:11
myrtlebeachbumsGotcha. Fixing.18:12
johnc4510myrtlebeachbums: nice job, only minor edits18:18
myrtlebeachbumsThanks johnc!18:19
johnc4510boredandblogging: ping18:19
tycheWhy am I18:20
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: yo18:20
johnc4510we ended up with 2 Freescale articles, one ITP and one ION   should i leave both in?18:20
tycheWhy am I "Waiting for wiki.ubuntu.com..."18:20
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: nah18:20
johnc4510it saw you coming18:20
boredandbloggingkeep the best one18:20
boredandbloggingor merge them18:20
tycheGlossary in.18:21
myrtlebeachbumsCareful - I thought the same thing on the Freescale articles, and after review they do seem to complement each other.18:21
myrtlebeachbums...but that's just my opinion.18:21
johnc4510yeah, i'm going to try and merge them18:22
myrtlebeachbumsGo for it.18:22
tychejohnc4510: should I add a link to the glossary page I created, for those who might have references outside the UWN to use?18:23
johnc4510depends on how you handle it i think18:26
rhaggehello---just testing---don't mind me!18:26
johnc4510put it in and let me see18:26
johnc4510rhagge: hey18:26
tychedantrevino is in there currently18:27
johnc4510who's that hee hee18:29
johnc4510ah, florida member it looks like18:29
tychedantalizing, he's in #ubuntu-us18:29
boredandbloggingdantalizing runs the Florida team18:30
johnc4510loco news maybe then18:30
LirazSirityche: I sent you the practice security & updates section by mail18:30
johnc4510LirazSiri: hey18:30
LirazSirihi john18:30
johnc4510i saw your earlier conversation with tyche18:30
LirazSiriah great18:30
tycheLirazSiri: Yea, I haven't had a chance to check them, yet.  I'm a bit busy right now.18:31
johnc4510we'd be glad to have you do the stats, meetings and update and security if you want18:31
LirazSiriShould I send it to someone else?18:31
tycheRight now, the UWN staff is kinda busy getting the UWN finalized and out.18:31
johnc4510so they match up with what we have in the issue?18:31
myrtlebeachbumsSunday afternoon is usually crunch time for the latest UWN. Any other day is probably good.18:31
LirazSirijohnc4510: I don't know I haven't checked18:32
johnc4510the current stuff is in and should be right18:32
LirazSirialright, maybe I should use that for comparison then18:32
johnc4510that would work great18:32
LirazSiriI'll just compare my practice run with the actual wiki text and see if it's ok18:32
LirazSirihaving done the practice run today, I can commit to doing this every week if you guys will let me18:33
johnc4510great, what parts did you do exactly?18:34
LirazSirithe security and updates sections18:34
johnc4510they need to be done late sat. night or early sunday morning then18:34
johnc4510to be current18:34
LirazSiriI'll have to stake a look to see what the statistics and meetings section are about. I don't know anything about how to do that yet, so I can't commit.18:34
johnc4510ok, look it over18:35
johnc4510it's not any harder than the other though18:35
myrtlebeachbumsPaging tyche the trainer. One n00b coming up.18:35
kennymc0the security and updates is a piece of cake18:35
kennymc0usually only takes about 10 min18:35
tychemyrtlebeachbums: SegFault . . . paging did not work.  LOL18:35
LirazSirireally? tyche told the whole section usually takes 2-4 hours18:36
kennymc0if it's just after a release maybe a little longer since there are usually a ton of updates :)18:36
myrtlebeachbumsMaybe... That's funny kennymc018:36
johnc4510yeah, it varies on time18:36
johnc4510right after a new release comes out it is usually longer18:36
kennymc0it can take 2 hours for everything i do if it's just after a release and there are over 100 updates18:36
johnc4510for a week or two, then settles down18:36
kennymc0first issue i worked on was just after a release and i had to put in 150 updates total18:37
myrtlebeachbumsThat's when you start asking "Isn't there some new guy that wants to join the UWN team that I can pass this off to?"18:37
kennymc0that was a _TON_ of fun18:37
kennymc0THAT'S why I got started then18:37
myrtlebeachbumskennymc0 - have I told you that your joining the team was perfectly timed? :D18:37
kennymc0it all makes sense now18:37
tycheBeen there, done that, worn the T-shirt . . . out.18:37
LirazSirikennymc0: when do you usually work on this stuff?18:38
LirazSiriSunday? Sat evening?18:38
kennymc0i started at about 10 last night18:38
tycheLirazSiri: that's AZ time18:38
johnc4510ok i merged the two freescale pieces by just adding the other links and indicating what they were18:38
kennymc0i did the bug stats translation stats, 5-a-day bug stats, upcoming events and the security updates and stuff18:39
LirazSirikennymc0: since you seem to have a bit more experience doing this, maybe I could send you the wiki text by email next Saturday/early sunday?18:39
dantalizingi'm done editing guys18:39
johnc4510dantalizing: hi18:39
dantalizingsorry for the last minute editing18:39
dantalizingmorning johnc451018:39
johnc4510what did you add?18:39
LirazSirithat way if I make any mistakes you can catch them18:39
dantalizingflorida loco news18:39
johnc4510cool   thx18:39
tychedantalizing: bookmark the channel.  We usually work in here, to avoid confusion.18:39
kennymc0LirazSiri: you can even just post them and i can check them when you have them up18:40
kennymc0that would probably be fastest18:40
kennymc0then I could let you know if you did anything wrong and teach you how to fix it :)18:40
tychejohnc4510: I added the link at the bottom of the Glossary.  you can take a look.18:41
johnc4510tyche: k18:41
johnc4510tyche: yeah that's ok18:42
tycheGood.  I tried to make it as generic as possible.18:42
johnc4510tyche: add it to the template too please18:43
tycheWill do.  That's an EASY fix18:43
tycheLoCo News, one camelback and 3 inline links.18:44
tychedantalizing: Do you happen to have the information on the Tampa Linux Meetup posted on a wiki or blog page?18:45
dantalizingthe meetup page18:46
dantalizingone sec18:46
dantalizingwant me to add it?18:46
tycheGreat, then we can add that link underneath, as the reference point.18:47
johnc4510i cleaned up the hotlinks18:47
johnc4510just add the link18:47
tychekk.  Can do18:47
LirazSiriwhen are the bug and translation stats done? if I do them on Saturday evening will that be ok?18:49
johnc4510tyche: i missed the last hotlink for the global bug jam :(18:49
tycheI was about to mention that.  I'll get it.18:49
tycheI'm in right now.18:49
johnc4510got to step away for a few, bb shortly18:50
tychedantalizing: Thanks for your help and your addition.18:56
dantalizingguys this doesnt look right : https://launchpad.net/~thelupine and https://launchpad.net/~itnet7 where Lupine and itnet7 sat down with several of us for a mini bug ja18:59
tycheHow about if I pulled the links out and put them underneith, just referencing them with a number, like [1]?19:00
tycheThat would be the easiest fix.  Would the sentence read properly then?19:01
dantalizingi think so19:01
tycheOK, hold on.19:01
tychedantalizing: take a look now.19:04
johnc4510dantalizing: we can't have any hotlinks in the issue since we email it out and the links don't work19:04
tycheOK.  Now you see why we work in here.  Hee hee19:05
dantalizingjohnc4510: gotcha.. i'll remember that19:05
johnc4510tyche: looks good thx19:06
johnc4510i'm going to do some wiki cleanup now19:06
johnc4510dantalizing: give me your name and i'll add it to the credits19:07
dantalizingDan Trevino19:07
tycheSee what happens when you add things to the UWN?  You get KNOWN.  LOL19:08
myrtlebeachbums"The Usual Suspects" ;)19:08
tycheNaw, we're VERY unusual.  Hee hee19:09
myrtlebeachbumsVery true19:09
johnc4510ok, we're looking pretty good, i'll do the spell check and final run thru and publish a little later19:14
johnc4510thanks folks19:14
johnc4510great job again19:14
myrtlebeachbumsThanks johnc4510.19:14
johnc4510ah, now for a little work in the lazyboy19:15
johnc4510hee hee19:15
tycheOh, I mis-read that.  I thought he said that he was going to do a little work AS a lazy boy.  Hee hee19:16
johnc4510-laptopoooooooooh cut!!19:17
kennymc0ok i'm back19:21
kennymc0modem decided to lose its internet connection for a bit19:21
kennymc0parents hadnt tightened the coax cable going into the back of it down enough19:22
johnc4510-laptopok, i'm going to release and publish folks    thx again!!19:52
johnc4510-laptopboredandblogging: ping19:55
kennymc0boredandblogging: ping19:55
kennymc0johnc4510-laptop: wants you19:55
johnc4510-laptopi got like 50 unsubscribe notices from the -news mailing list at 2:00AM this morning. seems kind of strange to have that many at the same time. Wondering if it was a cron job or a hack??19:56
johnc4510-laptopboredandblogging: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^19:56
tycheI think you just haven't been keeping up.  There have been that number, but they happened over time.19:57
tycheI've also gotten a bunch of subscriptions.19:58
tycheCheck the dates of the notices19:58
johnc4510-laptopdates all show 2:00AM this morning19:59
johnc4510-laptopthat's why i was wondering about it19:59
tycheHmmm.  Strange.19:59
tycheLike I said, I've gotten them, but over time.19:59
tycheSame with bounce notifications and action needed notifications.20:00
johnc4510-laptopsure, but this looks odd right off to me20:01
boredandbloggingjohnc4510-laptop: sorry20:01
boredandbloggingwas getting some food20:01
johnc4510-laptopyou see my above note20:02
boredandbloggingnah, it probably processes stuff like that in batches20:02
johnc4510-laptopjust struck me as odd20:02
tycheWHAT???!!!!???  boredandblogging eats???  When was he allowed to do that!!!  Hee hee20:02
johnc4510-laptopall at once20:02
boredandbloggingi do try to maintain my girlish figure20:02
tycheSo do I.  But now it's a rather FAT girl.  LOL20:03
boredandbloggingthanks everyone for UWN #124!20:08
tycheYou're welcome.  :-D20:08
LirazSiriwhen does the UWN template for the next week go up? (e.g., will it be setup by Saturday night?)20:42

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