FlannelJack_Sparrow: #ubuntu *is* community support00:44
Jack_SparrowWe havent been supporting the ppc version00:45
FlannelOf course, ppc specific stuff is in -powerpc00:45
FlannelMmm, his particular question belongs in -powerpc, but a blanket attitude like that is a poor policy00:46
FlannelUsually because the people don't know what the problem is, and may be something like "how do I use synaptic", and they mention theyre on PPC jsut because they don't know any better, etc.00:47
Jack_Sparrowmint is community supported like many deriv's.. we dont support it00:48
Jack_SparrowHis question belonged in a diff channel.  but I will watch the tone of my response to that00:48
naliothCan you European folks text message folks in the USA w/o paying with a pint of blood?01:02
elkbuntusigh... why must it become ##windows-offtopic :( :( :(01:49
elkbuntui got screamed down for trying to reclaim the channel yesterday, who wants to try today?01:49
Seeker`which channel?01:50
Seeker`just ban everyone01:51
elkbuntuofftopic of course01:51
Seeker`yeah, just ban everyone01:52
* bluesmoke will ban you all :P01:52
elkbuntuthey seem to have corrected themselves for the moment01:53
elkbuntubluesmoke, try not to let it be ##windows-offtopic in there please. we are not a windows 7 advertisement agency01:53
Seeker`elkbuntu: really?01:54
Seeker`Wow, I'm in the wrong channel then01:54
bluesmokeelkbuntu: It's the latest tech topic, unless you have something more interesting to talk about?01:54
elkbuntubluesmoke, it might be the latest tech topic, but if i wanted to talk about windows, i'd go to ##windows01:55
elkbuntusince i dont want to talk about windows, i chose a linux distro channel. i kind of expect it to be about the distro, not windows01:55
bluesmoke#ubuntu-offtopic has never been all ubuntu-related talk01:56
elkbuntusee what i did there?01:56
bluesmokeit's people who use ubuntu talking about things, big difference01:56
elkbuntuof course not, but i find it really insulting that it be nothing about ubuntu and all about windows01:57
elkbuntureally really insulting01:57
bluesmokethat makes Ubuntu sound like a religion01:59
elkbuntuno, it makes ubuntu sound like something that has values, such as, oh i dont know, bug #102:01
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)02:01
elkbuntubluesmoke, -offtopic doesnt belong to ubuntu users any more. the loudest people in there have often not installed it or stepped foot in #ubuntu. they're there purely because it's one of the largest offtopic-named channels on the network.02:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, dmsuperman said: !42 is 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything02:12
ubot3In #ubuntu-offtopic, dmsuperman said: !42 is 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything02:12
Jack_Sparrownickrud, Who da bot?02:21
nickrudu da bot!02:22
Jack_SparrowI Have been accuded of being a bot, but I'm not running one02:22
nickrudI still haven't run you thru a turing test02:23
* nickrud wonders about all but nalioth, he's the only one he's seen in person02:23
* nalioth blinks02:44
Seeker`i reckon nalioth is a bot really02:46
Seeker`maybe a form of AI02:48
Jack_Sparrownickrud, <kelbizzle> VideoSmith: HAHAHA MY NIG!             I warned should we do more02:49
nickrudone of those iffy's, I'd say. They know each other, and if they stay ok otherwise. If it's a one time thing of course02:50
bazhang<VideoSmith> kelbizzle:  cmon m8 lets go hit Microsoft.02:51
Jack_SparrowHE was understanding and said it wont happen again02:52
bazhangdont know whether to redirect to ##windows or #ubuntu-offtopic02:52
nickrudwith followup jk. Again, high spirits, mostly on topic that I've seen since02:52
bazhangerr #ubuntu-win702:52
nickrudlol, elkbuntu made that?02:53
bazhangno wai02:53
nickrudthat has to be one of the best channel names I've seen :)02:53
bazhangcheck the /topic in -ot :)02:53
nickrudheh. 02:54
FlannelNothing wrong with the topic in -ot02:54
bazhangindeed not.02:54
nickruddon't think anyone thinks so02:54
bazhangnever implied as such02:54
FlannelNothing wrong with talking about win 7 in -ot either, for that matter.02:54
elkbuntuFlannel, anneshirley is a fedora op?02:58
Flannelelkbuntu: I have no idea.02:58
FlannelShe "learned about it" in #fedora02:58
Flannelthat doesn't mean shes an op02:58
FlannelI assumed she meant that she learned how to act annoying... but, that may be reading into it ;)02:59
FlannelNo, she's not.03:00
FlannelOr at least, not on the current access list03:01
elkbuntushe definately seems pseudotrollesque03:08
Flanneler, with another /03:09
FlannelShes been "told" the rules, and now she's "enforcing" them overzealously.03:10
FlannelOr, she was.  I noticed that chatter in there went down to a low din, so I stopped paying so much attention03:10
FlannelHi n00b-helper, how can we help you?03:37
n00b-helperNot that it's a big deal or anything, but someone is using two handles to waste people's time03:37
FlannelWhere and who?03:37
n00b-helper#ubuntu and i'ts ben_m and eimh03:37
Jack_SparrowFlannel, I asked n00b-helper here to find out what he wanted03:38
n00b-helperbasically one is pretending to be a complete newbie while the "other" is pretending to have hacked him03:38
n00b-helperHi jack!03:38
Flanneln00b-helper: I don't see eimh in #ubuntu currently, did he leave?03:38
n00b-helperit's nothing horrible, just kind of annoying when you're tryingto help03:38
n00b-helperhe might have03:38
FlannelAh, he did.03:38
n00b-helperi can paste the conversation if you want, but again, it's not a huge deal03:38
n00b-helperjust kind of annoying lol03:38
n00b-helperbut if they're gone, i guess it's problem solved03:39
FlannelI've got in the buffer.03:39
n00b-helpereven better!03:39
n00b-helperanyway, i'm gonna head back to #ubuntu, unless I'm needed.  In any case, have a good evening, guys03:41
Flanneln00b-helper: thanks for your help03:41
FlannelI doubt they're the same people.  Although they're both in arch-ot, which has been known to troll in the past.03:41
FlannelI didn't see any interaction between the two though.03:42
Flanneljust ben_m being an idiot.03:42
Flannelbut he's left now too03:42
FlannelIs Oinkness trollingtoo?04:56
* Pici sighs as well04:56
nickrudnot sure, I think he' just enjoying attention. See how he plays out04:56
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
nickrudmasacre666, hi, what's up?05:48
masacre666yo whats up05:48
nickrudmasacre666, this is the 'fix problems with irc stuff' channel, you got something we can help with?05:49
masacre666i want a woma 05:49
masacre666who want05:50
nickrudmasacre666, irc's a lousy place to be looking. If you don't have some ubuntu irc issue, please part05:50
Tm_Tnickrud: that person saved my day05:51
nickrudman, your day must not have needed much help :)05:52
Tm_TI mean, see his nick and what he wanted05:52
Tm_TI bet with that nick you will get much that kind of company05:52
nickrudwent right over my head05:52
nickrudoh, I know clubs that would fit right in ;(05:53
Tm_TI too, but in #ubuntu channels ?05:53
nickrudah, The Commitments, great movie05:53
nickrudthe fight sceen, with the record producer getting his first impression of the band05:54
ubottuIn ubottu, RyeBrye said: CDDA Paranoia is a program that lets you rip CDs. but I have no clue how to get it in Ubuntu so you are on your own07:11
Tm_Treal nice factoid that would be07:12
ubottuBeer is always appreciated.07:13
nickrudI like that one too ;)07:13
Tm_Tthat should be fixed07:13
Tm_Tor, more like, removed07:14
nickrudsad, but true. Probably a holdover from the joke wars07:14
bazhangmy fave was the !why07:14
Tm_Tit could be like "beer is something we don't use here"07:14
Tm_Tor something07:15
nickrudnow now, no lies07:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about why07:15
bazhangthe bot said 'because...................satan'07:15
Tm_Tnickrud: lies?07:15
bazhangdays of ubotu07:15
nickrud'beer is something we don't use here'07:15
Tm_Twell I don't use07:15
nickrudneither do I, but I won't say we :)07:16
Tm_Tif you use alcohol to poison yourself, you shouldn't be in irc IMO07:16
Tm_Tand yes, I have done that too, shame07:16
nickrudme also. Actually had a bearing on my quitting07:16
Tm_Tinteresting crazyness going on in -ot07:37
tritium-ot is the definition of craziness07:38
nickrudoh baby07:39
Tm_TI notice07:39
nickrudearlier version of Ubuntu, Debian? rflol07:41
nickrudTm_T, thanks for the link07:41
tritiumYeah, thanks, Tm_T.07:41
Tm_Tinteresting, isn't it07:42
nickrudpretty balanced article really.07:47
nickrudbut that characterization of debian is going to cause some heads to steam rather madly07:50
Tm_Tis it false?07:51
nickrudearlier version implies dead or superseded, neither is true07:51
Tm_Tnickrud: no it doesn't imply that IMO07:52
nickrudwell I guarantee many are going to read it that way. No skin off my nose though07:52
Tm_Twell it's their perception then07:52
Tm_Theh, I did print that article08:13
stdinit would read better if "earlier" was replaced with "another"08:45
stdinbut reading it twice, I don't think it's a big issue08:45
Tm_TI saw nothing in it08:54
Tm_Tit just says it has been founded earlier08:54
Tm_Tor so I read08:54
Tm_Thmm, #u is getting offtopic?08:57
stdincould have been, but it seems quiet now08:59
zirodaySomeone might want to talk to shepherd10:44
zirodayis in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic discussing his need for an ascii porn player or something10:44
topyliremoved not banned from -ot, will observe if it comes back10:53
Myrttinalioth: I can msg UK with the same 0.069€ per message, IIRC same to US12:55
topyliMyrtti: i think our sms always costs the same, international or not13:34
Myrttihave I mentioned lately I love the Finnish mobile operators?13:34
MyrttiI love the Finnish mobile operators13:35
topylii do like saunalahti at least. the choice of geeks13:35
elkbuntuMyrtti, what about to australia?13:37
topylii bet they have dedicated personnel for finding out the latest coolest things, then convincing their exects that "we SO have to offer that"13:37
Myrttielkbuntu: prolly the same13:37
topyliexecs even13:37
Myrttitopyli: atleast when the PR person of Elisa/Saunalahti was in the Summercode Finland jury last spring, he was so cool13:38
Myrttigave Wellark some mobile phones and stuff to make MBCA13:38
Myrttifor loan, not to keep13:38
Myrttibut then didn't even bother to ask afterwards for return13:38
MyrttiI don't know if Wellark has returned them already13:39
elkbuntuhrmph. trying to install the array.org kernel onto the eee for kicks and giggles, and the restricted modules package is too old :(13:39
topylielkbuntu: afaik the array.org kernel has the worse wifi driver. our linux-backports-modules has the latest ath5k, and array.org still ships madwifi13:40
topyliso, we have the better, more free thingy13:40
topyliMyrtti: ongoing testing is of great importance. he mustn't return them13:41
elkbuntudoes the array.org kernel not offer anything else to warrant the downgrade there?13:42
topylimaybe better acpi scripts or something. do your hotkeys work? mine do, but that might be leftovers from my earlier array.org experiment13:43
elkbuntutopyli, hotkeys such as?13:43
elkbuntuoh, the fn things?13:43
topylifn+volume for example yes13:43
elkbuntuthe screen dims and un-dims13:43
topylimost importantly, the wifi toggle used to be broken13:44
elkbuntuwifi toggle still seems broken13:44
topyliworks for me, i guess it got fixed when i installed array.org stuff. either that or i've fixed it and forgotten all about it13:45
topylientirely possible too :)13:45
elkbuntuvolume doesnt appear to be functioning either13:45
elkbuntuthis could be why the projector didnt want to listen to me last month too13:45
topyliyou can try the array.org kernel. it won't break anything and give you a chance to compare13:46
elkbuntuyeah, except i *cant* because the modules are out of date13:47
topylioh yes, you said as much :(13:47
elkbuntucest la vie with 3rd party stuff and all13:48
MyrttiI'm trying to install Ubuntu to my nephews new laptop13:50
Myrttisadly the both the wubi and the desktop installation segfault quite early on in the process13:50
MyrttiI would have like to make a wubi installation so he could've uninstalled Ubuntu easily from Windows if he doesn't like it, but now that it doesn't work, I don't know what to do13:51
jpdsMyrtti: Any useful debug in /var/log/installer?13:53
Myrttiif I could get my hands on it, probably yes.13:53
MyrttiI'm just procrastinating now, I should do the accounts of an association for years 2007 and 200813:54
Myrttiand i really don't want to13:54
jussi01Myrtti: get to work!13:58
Myrttibut daddy, I don't wanna13:59
=== elkbuntu is now known as elkeee
=== elkeee is now known as elkbuntu
topylielkbuntu: just for curiosity, do i have acpi stuff that you don't? http://pastebin.com/f542ad24414:09
topyliso we can know if my hotkey hotness comes from array.org14:10
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:42
ubottuIn ubottu, Padhu said: THen what is the solution sir15:12
nalioththank you, Myrtti 15:43
* Mez is now a DD :D15:44
nickrudMez, you want that list now, or later :)  Congratulations16:06
Tm_TDD ?16:10
Tm_TMez: you got silicon manboobs?16:11
naliothDoctor of Divinity?16:23
naliothDestructive Device?16:23
naliothDelbert Dekellan?16:23
MezTm_T: Debian Developer :D16:29
Meznickrud: mail it to mez@debian.org (/me quickly adds you to his bounce list)16:30
Tm_TMez: ah ok, good job, son16:32
* Myrtti yawns16:39
nickrud /me whines, again, about his brilliance at telling others what to do once again being unrecognized16:49
* Myrtti grunts at kids complaining about Ubuntu EOL versions16:59
Tm_TMyrtti: where?16:59
MyrttiI wonder where my bookkeeping 101 is17:15
Tm_T!nixternal ~=s/Vista/Windows717:49
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Tm_T said: !nixternal ~=s/Vista/Windows717:49
Tm_Tubottu: login17:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:49
ubottuuse @login17:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:49
Tm_T!nixternal ~=s/Vista/Windows717:50
ubottuMissing end delimiter17:50
Tm_T!nixternal ~=s/Vista/Windows7/17:50
ubottuI'll remember that Tm_T17:50
Tm_Thappy now?17:50
Tm_Tdid I fail?17:50
ubottuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Windows7 lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, and help on the MIRC client too! <nixternal> I LOVE MIRC!!!17:51
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:53
Myrttiin reality, mIRC is a good irc client.17:57
Myrttiand yes, I'm failing, badly.17:57
MezMyrtti, was it you who said you'd found a way to get out of a broken SSH session?17:58
Myrtti#define broken17:58
Mezas in, say, for example, someone's shutdown the server, and you're "still connected"17:59
Myrttinope, wasn't me18:00
cprofitthello folks... anyone hear that can handle a cloak?18:12
Tm_Talways somewhere18:12
cprofittusually talk to PriceChild but he is not on currently...18:13
* cprofitt whistles to the hunting dog18:13
Jack_Sparrownickrud, dkey was quite polite in PM..  and he now understands that it was the store he bought the disk from that is  the problem.  Now that he knows it is free  he will dl a fresh version18:17
Jack_Sparrownickrud, I suggest we pull the ban as he wont ask any more questions about a key18:17
nickrudJack_Sparrow, kk. I pm'd him, but never got an answer.18:18
Jack_SparrowHE was talking with me18:18
Myrtticprofitt: cloak issues are in general handled in #ubuntu-irc as they are Ubuntu IRC council matters.18:18
Jack_Sparrowand quite polite and understanding once I explained things18:18
nickrudwell, I am feeling really small ;(18:18
cprofittMyrtti, yep... in that channel now... thanks18:18
Myrtticprofitt: since you already are there, you can leave this channel18:18
nickrudsniff. mez bounces me, dkey ignores me, next thing I know the dog will turn his back :(18:18
cprofittis this channel an off-limits channel?18:19
Myrttinickrud: better that than they all humping your leg18:19
Jack_SparrowMyrti.. did you hear something just now..18:19
nickrudMyrtti, heh18:19
Jack_Sparrownickrud, take care, back to my football gamer18:19
nickrudJack_Sparrow, you also18:19
Myrtticprofitt: well, the cloaks are offtopic to this channel18:20
cprofittMyrtti, no problem... just wanted to make sure that it was not an issue being in here...18:20
Myrtticprofitt: actually, if you'd please read the topic...18:20
* cprofitt ciao18:21
MyrttiFYI: http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article5489134.ece18:49
Myrtti"Everytime you do a Google search, a kitten dies. So please, think of the kittens"18:49
Myrttino, wait.18:49
Myrtti"Performing two Google searches from a desktop computer can generate about the same amount of carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea, according to new research."18:50
jpdsBut we love tea.18:50
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=== Mez_ is now known as Mez
ikoniacan a staff member please remove Tom_Welling19:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:49
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu oskude <oskude> so you say if i use ubuntu (the os) to kill little children its ok, but when i say WTF on the #ubuntu irc im a bad person ? (sorry, im just bored)19:50
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:50
Jack_Sparrowikonia, Got a sec for pm19:52
oskudeit seems i got banned (by Jack_Sparrow) from #ubuntu without reason, could you unban ?19:54
Mez<oskude> so you say if i use ubuntu (the os) to kill little children its ok, but when i say WTF on the #ubuntu  irc im a bad person ? (sorry, im just bored)19:55
MezI think that's the reason you got banned19:55
oskudethat was not on #ubuntu, that was on private chat...19:55
oskudeand the GPL doesnt disallow that...19:56
* Mez head desks19:56
oskudeyes, its a little harsh, but thats the deal!19:56
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:56
oskuderepeat, that was not on #ubuntu19:56
* Mez isnt dealing with this btw. Jack_Sparrow your call19:56
oskudei said WTF on #ubuntu, got kicked. rejoined #ubuntu, didn say a word on #ubuntu = ban. you call that ok ?19:57
Jack_SparrowI had enough of this in PM... HE did not seem to want to listen.. <oskude> users of ubuntu or #ubuntu irc chat ? ;) i assume these are 100% american bans, where killing is still allowed but not human boobs or bad language...19:57
Jack_SparrowMez, I can paste more.. but not really necessary19:57
oskudeJack_Sparrow, still thats personal between you an what else, not the #ubuntu19:58
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.19:58
oskudeso you say if an admin of #ubuntu has personal problem with someone, he/she is allowed to ban from #ubuntu ?19:58
oskudewasn kindergarten...20:00
Jack_SparrowYou were askin in channel to not use wtf..  you wanted to discuss policy in channel.. and you came back with wtf again and continued in PM..20:00
Myrttithe rules are we don't allow cursing in #ubuntu. that includes acronyms. those are the rules. if you can't live with that, then you're welcome to find another channel.20:00
oskudeJack_Sparrow, you mean WTF is ALSO not allowed on PMs with #ubuntu admins, i could say W**20:01
Jack_SparrowW** is still not allowed as wel all know what you intend 20:01
oskudeas i said WTF on #ubuntu, got kicked. rejoined #ubuntu, didn say a word on #ubuntu = ban. you call that ok ?20:01
Jack_Sparrowyou said wtf and got warned.20:02
oskudeand then i didnt say a word on #ubuntu20:02
oskudeand got banned, why ?20:02
Jack_SparrowObviously you dont want to listen to the rules of the channel20:03
oskudewhat rule did i break IN THAT CHANNEL to get banned ?20:03
Jack_SparrowTrying to explain it to you in PM does not give you the right to be abusive20:03
oskudewhat does p20:03
Myrttioskude: if you're bored, how about you find something else to do than picking fights you can't win, wait for couple of hours, do something productive and then come back?20:03
oskudewhat does PMs have to do with   #ubuntu ?20:04
Jack_SparrowIf it involves an op that is trying to discuss with you the reasons for not swearing.. everything20:04
oskudeso #ubuntu is for people +1 years and you gotta watch out what you say ?20:05
oskudemay i suggest the programm "kill" to someone ?20:05
Jack_SparrowI gave you the benefit of the doubt by not banning you after you came back with wtf after the warning20:05
Myrttioskude: yes, the channel is meant for everyone who uses Ubuntu. That includes 8 year olds.20:06
Myrttiand even younger.20:06
Jack_SparrowYou gave no impression that you intended to follow the rules and continued your abuse.20:06
oskudeand what do YOU say instead of WTF ? cmon, were all humans!... wait, what was the ubuntu slogan again ?20:06
oskudeJack_Sparrow, i asked if your over 18, so i want ***** speak normally..20:07
Myrttioskude: I personally don't curse on Ubuntu IRC channels or anything that's related to Ubuntu.20:07
oskudeMyrtti, well, i now know why ;P20:07
Myrttioskude: yes, I'm mature enough to know that cursing achieves nothing20:08
Jack_SparrowThere is no need to use profanity in a room  full of mixed ages in order to make your point..20:08
oskudewhy not ? whats so bad about cursing ?20:08
oskudei never got it20:08
Myrttioskude: because we have people of different cultures and different ages20:08
oskudeall says its cause of the children, but why ? in the end all freaking curse20:08
Myrttioskude: there are ways of getting your message heard and understood without cursing20:09
nickrudoskude, generally it's because of lack of imagination or vocabulary20:09
Myrttiso, now that we're settled on "we do not curse on Ubuntu IRC channels" is there something else?20:09
oskudeyeah, and "internet acronyms" shouldnt exists in the first place...20:09
nickrudoskude but you do realize now why we have zero tolerance for swearing in #ubuntu-* ?20:09
oskudenickrud, yes, we all like to be more than what we are, but fail miserably ...20:10
Myrttithat still doesn't mean that trying is futile and useless20:11
nickrudamen, sister :)20:12
Myrttiwe all try to excel ourselves every day20:13
* nickrud has to admit that only happens on his good days20:14
oskudehmm, i just asked on #debian if i get banned if i say WTF, no one even noticed me...20:15
Jack_Sparrowoskude, All we have asked is that you not use profanity or shorthand that can be interpreted as profanity..  And if you had not noticed.. this is not #Debian20:15
oskudeso, lets recap, #ubuntu is for kids, and all the #ubuntu admins too ?20:15
nickrudoskude, offering a warm welcome to kids, yes. Sorta like an all age party.20:16
oskudecould you please add some #ubuntu+18 channels and admins ? ;P20:16
Myrttioskude: are you done trolling anytime soon?20:16
Myrttibecause that's what you seem to be doing20:16
MyrttiI'm sorry if you're not in your opinion20:17
oskudeMyrtti, you mean i should press my anger and maybe get come complex ?20:17
Myrttioskude: I mean have you figured out anything else to do to pass your time since you have been quoted to say you're bored20:18
Myrttiyou've wasted a lot of our time and I find it boring and annoying20:18
MyrttiI hope you've gotten the kicks you've expected to get20:18
Myrttino, there will not be #ubuntu+18 channel.20:19
oskudeand what about my time ? all did was type WTF in a program ? and now that this is "YOUR" OS, why not just filter all those so ugly words from ever irc client ? 20:19
Myrttiyes, #ubuntu is for everyone, including muslim, female, transgender, preschooler etc.20:19
Myrttiyes, rude language will not be tolerated20:20
Myrttiand finally...20:20
oskuderude is SO relarive !20:20
Myrttiyes, you've wasted a lot of time, both ours and yours20:20
oskudeplease give me the fill list of rude words so i can filter them! i dont wan to be rude again ...20:20
oskudeas you said, ubuntu is for all (but not for "rude" people") so please educate me!20:21
* jussi01 huggles Myrtti20:21
Jack_Sparrowty..  20:21
Myrttiam I too tartly and sarcastic?20:22
Jack_SparrowMyrtti, Hope your fuzzy friends had a good new year20:22
nickrudMyrtti, not even close. 20:22
nickrudtoday, anyway. Must be a good day :)20:22
Myrtti[22:22] <oskude> and again i see that ubuntu is pressing down the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!20:23
Myrtti[22:22] <Myrtti> IRC is not a democracy20:23
Myrtti[22:23] <oskude> or dont say that #ubuntu takes admins that are under 18 years ?20:23
nickrudIRC is not a government 20:23
Myrtti[22:23] <oskude> so in IRC freedom of speech doesnt matter ?20:24
* Myrtti headwalls20:24
nickrudMyrtti, I'm assuming he's american: point out that the first amendment speaks only to government, not private bodies20:25
Myrttinickrud: german20:25
nickrudMyrtti, if you're not simply ignoring him.20:25
MyrttiI am as of now20:25
MyrttiI've got better things to do than to waste my time on him20:26
nickrudMyrtti, hm, I should look up the speech laws there, but since it allows laws against certain speech ...20:26
Myrttilike, painting my toenails pink20:26
Jack_SparrowI paint Ms Sparrows toenails for her all the time20:27
nickrudhow homey :)20:28
Myrttithat's true love, boys ♥ 20:28
Jack_Sparrow30 years together has benefits20:30
nickrudMyrtti, you can throw article 5 section (2) of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, expressly provides exemption for protection of young persons. (my final comment)20:30
Myrttinickrud: bwahahah :-D20:31
Jack_SparrowGood one20:32
FlawHow do all ubuntu locoteams get the 'same looking' site as ubuntu.com?20:36
FlawDo they all share the source code?20:36
Myrttithey don't20:38
Myrttiloco teams are welcome to make their websites look pretty much as they wish, though respecting the trademarks and good common sense20:38
FlawHow does ubuntu.ru make their site look so similar (more than less exactly the same) as ubuntu.com?20:39
FlawSomething must be shared, surely?20:39
jussi01is this really the place for these questions? ;)20:40
Myrttijussi01: you're welcome to come up with the right place, dear ;-)20:40
Myrttijussi01: haha, gotcha :-P20:40
Myrttijussi01: you're it, neener neener20:40
Flawjussi01: Got a better place?20:41
FlawIt's probably all the same users (ubuntu members) anyway.20:41
nickrudhttp://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=183 ?20:41
jussi01Myrtti: #canonical-sysadmins for ubuntu site stuff, and #ubuntu-ru for the loco?20:41
FlannelFlaw: #ubuntu-locoteams20:41
Flawjussi01: #canonical-sysadmins there is no such channel. :)20:42
Myrttinickrud: and that's only those that are on ubuntuforums20:42
jpdsFlaw: s/s$//20:42
FlannelFlaw: Also, the loco contacts mailing list covered this recently20:42
nickrudyep. but -locoteams is better, I didn't find that one fast enough ;)20:42
jpdsFlaw: Please note that they're out on weekends.20:42
Flanneler... I thought I remember reading about it20:42
jussi01jpds: was about to say same ;)20:42
Myrttiours doesn't look a bit like ubuntu.com20:42
nickrudMyrtti, that' sounds flaw'ed20:43
Myrttinickrud: you're such a horrible pun'dit20:43
jpdsMyrtti: Yeah, but you lot have Mirv. \o/20:44
Myrttijpds: true. I also have him personally, as he's my boss.20:45
Myrttineener neener.20:45
jpdsPS: For ubuntu.com website stuff - I think it's better to prod the users to #ubuntu-website.20:45
jussi01jpds: ahh, thanks20:47
ikoniaJack_Sparrow: sorry, missed your pm, was away from desk20:47
Myrttiikonia: where?20:47
Jack_Sparrowikonia, np handled20:48
ikoniaMyrtti: sorry, I still had jack's pm open, didn't mean to paste that20:48
* jussi01 waves to ikonia20:48
* ikonia waves20:48
jussi01ikonia: pm ;)20:48
Myrttiless than a week, tadim tudum lalalala20:48
Myrttiexcuse me20:48
Myrttimy brain hurts20:52
MyrttiI think my brain has become allergic to ASUS-tek20:54
Myrttiit's the only explanation20:54
ikoniaI don't see why he's not long term banned to be honest20:54
ikoniaI know I've said that before20:54
Myrttiikonia: funny, that's what I've been wondering too. There's a lot of people who complain about his behaviour that have the power to ban him, but haven't. Fortunately I have decided just before I started my IRC time off that I won't touch him with a ten foot pole.20:57
Myrttibut I'm just about to become too tartly and sarcastic again, and I think that's my cue to get away from IRC for tonight.20:58
ikoniaokey dokey20:58
ikoniaI'll stick my hat in the ring now publicly, I'd ban him, 20:58
Jack_SparrowWait, so Im the only one that had not hear of him before20:59
FlannelJack_Sparrow: I suppose ;)20:59
ikoniaJack_Sparrow: your so yesterday21:00
Jack_SparrowGReat last to know.. again..21:00
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Seeker`hmm, is My rtti coming to the UK soon?23:10
Myrttion Friday23:14
MezMyrtti: whereabouts in the UK ?23:14
FlannelMez: the united parts23:14
Mezooh, it's purdy round there :D23:15
jussi01Myrtti: for how long?23:15
Myrtti*might* end up visiting London and/or Littlehampton/Brighton area, but that's not sure yet23:15
Myrttijussi01: two weeks \o/23:15
Seeker`sounds fun23:15
MezMyrtti: lucky you :D23:16
MyrttiMez: I'm very, very aware how lucky :-P23:16
MezMyrtti: :P indeed23:16
Mezhmm - I might be down in London next week23:16
Seeker`I live near london23:17
nickrudyou europeans are so lucky - the only interesting cities within 1500 miles of me are San Francisco, Seattle and Mexico City ;(23:18
Myrttieven my plane tickets were paid for me, though I'd like to think it was more because of the credit card identification theft...23:18
Flannelnickrud: Eh?  You're the lucky one... you *live* in an interesting city.23:19
nickrudI've lived in them all, true. And LA is interesting, but heck, it'd be nice to be a few hour train ride from *somewhere else* :)23:19
FlannelOh, you live in LA?  nevermind then.23:20
nickruderm, not Mexico city23:20
* Flannel thought you were down here with the rest of the cool kids.23:20
Flannelnickrud: You going to be at SCaLE then?23:20
nickrudSan Diego :> been there, done that. That 72% year round temp got to me 23:20
Flannels/be at/attend/23:20
Myrttiif someone thinks Finland is an intresting place and that there are intresting cities within 1500km's from here, they need their heads checked. Fortunately miles != kilometers.23:20
nickrudFlannel, yep. I work just around the corner. Intended to make last year's, but events interfered23:21
Flannelnickrud: Good, good.  You can check out our awesome booth ;)23:21
jussi01Myrtti: wrong. you need your head checked23:21
Myrttijussi01: Stockholm. PFT.23:21
nickrudGonna be doing key signings? It would finally be nice to have one that actually had value23:21
MyrttiTallinn... pft.23:21
jussi01Myrtti: berlin, tallin, riga23:21
Tm_TMyrtti: Joensuu <323:21
jussi01Myrtti: st petersburg23:22
Myrttiok, St. Petersburg might be a bit more intresting23:22
MyrttiI give you that23:22
jussi01Myrtti: brussels, amsterdam23:22
MyrttiBerlin... well, Knut's all grown up already23:22
* nickrud pines23:22
jussi01Myrtti: as much as you think its not true, rovaniemi23:23
Flannelnickrud: We could, sure.  Not officially, but I'll let everyone know to bring their stuff.  We also do keysignings at other things... although, I don't know if we'll have another event before then and now... except to do testing on the software we're writing for SCaLE23:23
jussi01Myrtti: I win. :)23:23
Myrttijussi01: pft.23:23
Meznickrud: come to UK, I can sign your key :D23:24
* nickrud makes a note to, again, work out his key password23:24
Flannelnickrud: Heh.  I did that recentlyish.23:24
nickrudMez, someday .... 23:24
Meznickrud: there's always LRL23:24
* jussi01 thinks a lot of cities are interesting, and you just have to dig a little deeper in some than others23:25
MezMyrtti: Was birmingham interesting?23:25
MyrttiMez: I didn't get to see it that much23:26
Meztrue, you were there for what - 2/3 hours?23:26
Seeker`Myrtti: where have you been in the UK?23:26
nickrudtime for sunday chores. You be nice to the trolls23:26
Myrttisomething like that23:26
Mezand most of that was spent buying CDs :D23:26
MyrttiSeeker`: mainly Wolverhampton for LRL0823:27
MezSeeker`: she's been to wolves (poor thing!)23:27
Myrttidon't diss the place23:27
Seeker`Cambridge is nice for a vist23:27
Seeker`as is Bath23:27
MezMyrtti: wolves is a craphole :D23:27
MyrttiI saw double decker buses and those funny english houses23:27
Myrttiand canals23:27
* Mez chuckles at the memory of you being so excited :D23:28
MezMyrtti: coming to LRL this year?23:28
Myrttidon't know yeet23:28
Myrttidepends on where life decides to place me at that time23:28
Mezyou should :D It'll be fun :D23:28
MyrttiI don't know if I'm going to FOSDEM either.23:29
Myrttiand that's less than a month away23:29
* Mez will be bringing a few people with him (that dont really know much about open source but are interested)23:29
Tm_TMyrtti: atleast you have opportunity, I don't23:29
* Mez would love to goto fosdem23:29
Seeker`Myrtti: why are you nervous aobut your trip?23:30
Tm_TI still haven't been outside Finland except Kuopio23:30
Mezooh, actually, might not goto LRL :D23:30
* Mez might goto debconf23:30
MyrttiSeeker`: lots of reasons ;-)23:30
* Myrtti wipes her eyes and goes to bed23:31
* Mez should too23:35

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