Faust-Chow would one "install" a new device in ubuntu server?01:23
Faust-Ci want to have my home server use a linksys wifi card01:23
Faust-Cor maybe i could "route" my existing wifi to my lan card then to the router for now01:34
tonyyarussoFaust-C: Plug in.  Reboot.  Configure the card just like your other interfaces.02:04
techsupportis anyone here familiar with hlstatsx ?02:09
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Wickedhello all. doing upgrades...and its saying linux-image-server linux-server are being kept back.....i was originally using safe-upgrade and it wouldnt install them...neither would just plain upgrade04:06
popcornPanicmine too.04:10
popcornPanictry apt-get dist-upgrade04:10
popcornPanicWicked: ^04:11
Wickedahh. im a tard..i knew that too.. just didnt think of it. thanks =)04:12
popcornPanicno prob :)04:13
techsupportis anyone here familiar with hlstatsx ?06:12
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techsupporthow can i get nano to show line numbers ?07:38
LMJI don't know techsupport but Alt+g will bring you at the needed line07:56
orogorhi here ,anyone use lvm2 ?09:47
orogorhi here ,anyone use lvm?12:08
Nafalloorogor: you might be better of asking your actual question.12:08
orogorlvm doesnt  activate at boot and that causes the boot process to be interupted it ask to press ctr-d to continue12:09
orogorthen i finish the boot process and active the lvm partitiona nd mount them and it s ok ... but that su*ks a bit12:10
Nafallohmm. I can't reproduce that.12:10
orogorNafallo, if you can tell me some info helpfull for yout o help me , i can do a reboot and give you back the infos12:24
Nafalloorogor: I'm quite tied up at the moment. sorry.12:26
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orogorhi here13:25
orogorcan anyone help me tracking a bug in startuip script/udev/lvm ?13:25
_rubenstating the actual problem/question might yield more responses, orogor13:31
orogorlvm doesnt  get activated at boot13:32
orogoractivation is done by an udev rule13:32
orogorrestarting udev does activate the rule and the lvm13:32
orogorbut at the system startup udev start doesn t seems tyo do that13:33
orogori dont know what to check13:33
_rubenso you installed without lvm, and added it later on i guess?13:33
orogorbut not for system13:34
_rubenperhaps rebuilding the initrd would help (in case it lacks some lvm stuff or so) .. never had that happen to me13:34
orogorsystem is on a separate disk and the other one is full lvm13:34
orogoralready tried13:34
_rubenno errors during boot process?13:34
orogorsomething like exec env 34  error13:36
orogorplus i tried to get bootlogd workign , but i dont have the logs yet13:36
_rubenlast i checked bootlogd was known to be broken13:38
_ruben(which was quite a while ago)13:38
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Jeeves_Hi all14:24
SmokeyD´╗┐hey people. A question about running tripwire on hardy heron server. Should it be safe to change the monitoring of /var/log from $(SEC_CONFIG) to $(SEC_LOG)?14:36
nijabakirkland: if you are around, I just pushed the toggles to fix bugs LP: #315884 and LP: #31588515:31
peter_hello all16:08
aibohi, question about MTA, i installed exim4 as Internet Site, just, didn't configure sasl, etc. I need possibility to send mails from my servers and doesn't need to be able to get replies (not spam), THE QUESTION IS: is such installation safe? I checked smtp port is listened locally, not opened to all world..17:01
aiboanybody alive?17:17
* ScottK uses postfix though.17:19
xinelI'm having a little problem with firewall rules, I've explained it best on the forums here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6534264#post653426419:10
SylphidIm trying to convert my single disk install to a 2disk raid 1 setup folloing instructions here http://www.howtoforge.com/software-raid1-grub-boot-debian-etch however when i try to reboot into the raid volume it fails to an initramfs prompt and also fails when trying to boot to the original volume... i believe that the  update-initramfs -u command screwed it up but im not sure how to repair this19:59
ballSylphid: software RAID?20:00
Sylphidball, yes20:01
ballI'm cold.20:05
* ScottK hands ball some fire.20:06
frojndhello there20:50
frojndanyone willing to help me establish connection ?20:50
frojndno voulenteers ?20:52
Logi_KhooHi, i'd like to have subdomains creation GUI, just like cpanel. Is it possible for ubuntu?21:50
ScottK!ebox > Logi_Khoo22:00
ubottuLogi_Khoo, please see my private message22:00
frojndWhere is the package list ?22:53
frojndin ubuntu 8.4 ?22:53
owhfrojnd: Which package list?22:54
hads"the package list"?22:55
frojndwhre is the repository list ?22:55
frojndowh: sorry reposiotry list22:55
owhfrojnd: What are you trying to do?22:55
frojndowh: to see what repository are commented and which are not22:55
frojndhads: thanx22:56
frojndI have put in the server extra 200gb ata disk, how can I format it ? with cfdisk ? sfdisk ?22:58
frojndis it possibnle to format it into ext4 already ?22:58
owhfrojnd: You can partition it with cfdisk or sfdisk and use mkfs to create a file system. Don't know about ext4.22:59
ScottKfrojnd: The installer for Jaunty includes an option for ext4.22:59
frojndScottK: I'm on 8.422:59
ScottKI don't know if you can.  I'm fairly certain you don't want to unless you know what you are doing.23:00
dazmanI'm sure ext4 is still marked as experimental isn't it? in the kernel?23:00
frojnddazman: dunno23:00
frojndbut I heard nothing but faster and more stable23:00
* hads has doubts23:01
ScottKFor the 8.04 kernel it is definitely experimental.23:01
dazmanHmm, faster would be good, but in terms of stability I've never had a problem with ext2 or ext3.23:01
ScottKFor 2.6.28, it's not.23:01
frojndScottK: 8.04 can upgrade to 2.6.28 so I don't see any problem with that23:02
frojnd...it's just kernel upgrade23:02
ScottKOK.  Well once you're using a different kernel than the one we released with, I think you're on your own.23:02
owhfrojnd: Yeah, unless you have a compelling reason to run a server with that, I'd recommend against that.23:03
frojndowh: nope :)23:03
dazmanIn a server, I'd probably be recommending ext3.23:03
frojndI wait untill it's in repos23:03
dazmanAt this point.23:03
frojnd Wrote partition table, but re-read table failed.  Reboot to update table.23:07
frojndreboot the system ?23:07
frojndalso it wouldn't let me write untill selecting boot flag to the only partition I've created23:08
frojndwith cfdisk23:08
frojndis this normal ?23:08
frojnd      sda1              Boot              Primary        Linux23:08
frojndcan I make filesystem with mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sda1 now or should I reboot ?23:09
erichammond /join #lilax23:09
frojnderichammond: why ?23:09
erichammondsorry, apparently there was a leading space in my input buffer23:09
frojndanyone here that know how to automount partitions ?23:35
frojndI have now 2 disks23:35
frojndone is internal /sda1 and one is external /sdc123:35
hadsOh, external23:36
frojndhads: one is internal and one is external23:36
frojndany ideas ? or any useful howtos ?23:38
jmarsdenfrojnd: Partitions in /etc/fstab get automounted, basically.  So stick your new partitions in there.23:54

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