jpdsnewz2000: Flaw would like to know about the ubuntu.com Drupal theme, is there a source code location you could point him to?21:22
newz2000jpds: yes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Templates21:24
newz2000Flaw: ^21:24
FlawThanks, newz200021:24
newz2000my pleasure21:24
jpdsnewz2000: Brilliant, thanks. How's the Canonical blog I pointed out concluded by the way?21:25
newz2000jpds: can you remind me what that was?21:26
jpdsnewz2000: http://blog.canonical.com - the "Test category" down the left side.21:27
newz2000oh, yes. No change yet, it's something we want to change but kind of low priority21:27
jpdsOK, cool :)21:28
newz2000I'm going to suggest moving from wordpress to drupal and have one fewer web app to manage.21:28

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