tseliottjaalton, bryce: how come IgnoreABI is no longer in hw/xfree86/parser/Flags.c ?17:02
tjaaltontseliot: isn't it a driver option?17:07
Alexia_Deathnope. server option17:08
Alexia_Deathworks too...17:08
tseliotI have noticed that if I start X with startx -- -ignoreABI the driver starts17:09
tseliotwhile if I set Option "IgnoreABI" "True" in the xorg.conf17:09
tseliotit doesn't work17:09
Alexia_DeathMine works17:09
Alexia_DeathIn section server flags17:10
tseliotyes, I put it there17:10
Alexia_Deathhmm. interesting.17:11
tseliotAlexia_Death: how is it going with your work on (sane) tablet hotplugging with dbus?18:00
Alexia_Deathtseliot: it somewhat works18:01
Alexia_Deathtseliot: but you cant test it with current x...18:01
Alexia_Deathnot withiout some serious patching18:02
tseliotAlexia_Death: why?18:02
tseliotlike rebuilding it with dbus support?18:02
Alexia_Death1.6 input is baadly broken18:02
tseliotoh, right, you said "serious" patching18:02
tseliotdoes it segfault or what?18:03
Alexia_DeathThere are at least 4 separate patches to X(one of hem is a hack because fix isnt made for 1.6 branch yet) and one patch to wacom driver18:03
Alexia_Deathbut you can test it with intrepid and x 1.518:03
Alexia_DeathI even have the packages in my ppa18:04
Alexia_DeathTheres one crash in X and one crash maker in wacom driver18:04
Alexia_Deathto get buttons to work right on tablet theres the hack18:04
Alexia_Deathand to fix event history theres 2 distinct patches or GIMP wil act weird18:05
tseliotdoes it affect GTK at large or only GIMP?18:05
Alexia_Deathit affects anything that uses XGetHistorybufer18:05
Alexia_Deatherr... or something like that.18:06
Alexia_DeathGimp does.18:06
Alexia_DeathI havent seen anything else that does.18:06
Alexia_Deathxournal does not18:06
Alexia_DeathI traced them and posted bugs at sorg bugzilla. history buffer fixes have patches and Ive tested them. Buttons issue has patc but does not apply to 1.6 obly to master, wacom issue is reported and hopefully will be fixed...18:08
tseliotok, I have to postpone my configuration app anyway. Hopefully the missing bits will be ready for Jaunty+118:10
Alexia_Deathtseliot: dont18:10
Alexia_Deathtseliot: configuration app has a place in the hoplug trick18:10
Alexia_Deathcurrently it runs wacomcp18:10
tseliotAlexia_Death: I have to because there's not enough time until feature freeze18:11
Alexia_Deathtseliot: make it a standalone using xsetwacom?18:11
Alexia_Deathwhen is feature freeze anyway?18:12
tseliotyes, it will use xsetwacom too18:12
Alexia_DeathI have settings dunping/loading implemented in my daemon18:12
tseliotFebruary 19th18:12
tseliotwhich may not be enough for me to design and implement something that doesn't suck ;)18:13
Alexia_Deathtseliot: think positive18:14
Alexia_DeathIT jsut has to do better than wacomcpl18:14
Alexia_Deathtseliot: I can give you my X packages if you want18:15
Alexia_Death32 bit tho18:15
tseliotthe ones in your PPA? https://launchpad.net/~alexiade/+archive18:15
Alexia_Deaththose a re for intrepid18:15
Alexia_DeathI dont have jauntys there because I dont have signing set up here.18:16
Alexia_Deathbut I can just give you a deb set18:16
tseliotcan you give me a link to the source?18:16
Alexia_Deathbetter plan18:17
tseliotor to the patches18:17
Alexia_DeathIm going to give you the patch set;)18:17
tseliotgood idea18:17
Alexia_Deathtseliot: http://a.death.pri.ee/series.tar.gz18:20
Alexia_Deathbut you need to isntall patched wacom driver too18:20
Alexia_Deathor the X will die in unplug18:20
Alexia_Deaththat pach is a hack too because I could not get the fix to work18:21
tseliotAlexia_Death: any links to the patch for the wacom driver?18:21
Alexia_Deathtseliot: I dont have that in patch form, but i can pack and post an already patched version18:22
* tseliot would rather not see X die when tablets are unplugged18:22
tseliotAlexia_Death: if you give me the source, I'll make a diff18:23
Alexia_DeathI can give you just one file then18:23
Alexia_Deathits ftom 0.8.218:23
Alexia_Deathtseliot: it has a bit of noise, but the two lines commented out are the catch18:25
Alexia_Deathx tries to free the priv struct even tho wacom has freed it already and aborts. Not freeing it lets it slip18:26
* tseliot has a look at the code18:26
Alexia_Deaththeres a null check in X side but it does not work if I set priv=NULL18:26
tseliotwhat is priv set to? Or where does it point to?18:29
* tseliot > dinner18:30
tseliotthanks for your patches18:30
bryce_tjaalton: bug #316136 - offscreen pixmaps problem is baack22:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316136 in xorg-server "Xaa Offscreen Pixmaps regression" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31613622:09
tjaaltonbryce_: yes, tormod already commented that it's fixed upstream22:42
tjaaltonit wasn't merged to master the last time, because there was supposed to be a more correct fix on the way, but wasn't22:43
bryce_tjaalton: ahh22:43
bryce_is that something we should backport, or does it come automatically with the xserver now in our git tree?22:43
tormodI just posted what Timo said to the bug report :)22:43
tjaaltonheh, so it seems22:44
tormodbryce: it's in the 1.6 branch, one commit after the last jaunty merge22:44
bryce_ok kewl22:45
tormodbryce, have you considered maintaining -ati on git.d.o?22:46
bryce_tjaalton: btw, I've posted a few little xserver patches to lp22:46
bryce_they're the ones marked In Progress22:46
bryce_tormod: I've had some fairly mixed experiences using git to maintain X stuff so far22:48
bryce_tormod: it's probably my own just lack of git-specific know-how, but it seems like it always takes me more time to do something when git's involved22:50
tjaaltonbryce_: ok cool22:50
tjaaltonbryce_: we never went through it at UDS :)22:50
bryce_but I will say I've had good experiences maintaining xorg in git so far22:51
tormodbryce_: I see. there's a certain overhead, true. but sometimes it can be very efficient.22:51
bryce_xorg-server I've had such frustrating problems with that I am scared to commit anything to it now ;-)22:51
tjaaltonwe could also have other branches there..22:52
tjaaltonif we wanted to backport some stuff22:52
bryce_tormod: mostly I post my patches back upstream.  We've pulled new -ati git snapshots regularly enough that it's worked adequately22:52
tormoddo you think they will take your "exa by default" soon?22:53
bryce_when I proposed it to alex it sounded like he was thinking that it was about time to switch22:54
bryce_one thing I'm thinking is we may need to build in some structure for quirking certain cards back to XAA; I've seen at least one bug report on that so far22:54
tormodasac's bug I guess :)22:55

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