look2thestarsalso could be useful if you're trying to save energy. No sense in running a system at full power if it's in idle00:00
MindVirusWhen I elect to eject my iPod from the panel applet, it tells me I don't have permission.00:00
MindVirusHow do I give myself permission?00:00
DigitalFizjrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/103327/ for the idjc00:00
unopkevinw_, right click the channel and check "hide join/part messages"00:00
look2thestarsIt's very educational to customize your kernel. With the latest kernel, you could really see a benefit with ext4.00:00
kevinw_ah!  YES THANKS00:00
MindVirusAnyone know?00:00
jribDigitalFiz: file a bug at bugs.ubuntu.com if one does not already exist00:00
kevinw_oops sorry hit the caps lovk00:00
nevisWhen I installed, I chose reiserFS for / and /home. was that wise?00:01
look2thestarsWell, it's a killer filesytem ;-)00:01
Astr4yIf it doesn't kill your files, it will kill your wife :300:02
nevisare there any downsides I should know about? :-@00:02
jribplease don't make those "jokes" here00:02
mogi22look2thestars, well guess what?  grubs must be autheticated error 32 when i try to get into recover mode.   does this mean i set a pw?  one i obviously forgot.00:02
JHook101how do I remvoe frostwire from my desktop00:02
jribJHook101: uninstall it using Synaptic00:02
Zloy_Moderhi all00:03
look2thestarsreiser is okay, there's quite a few filesystems... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems00:03
jeffwheelerIs there any way to get a Mac to stream audio to a pulseaudio sound server? I've got a Linux machine connected to my speakers, but it would be very convenient if I could also use the speakers with my Mac.00:03
jribmogi22: try adding " init=/bin/bash" to the end of the normal kernel line instead then. (pressing 'e' in the grub menu lets you edit it)00:03
jeffwheelerOr, is there some alternative solution that might get me closer?00:03
jeffwheelerI've found "jack", but it seems immature, and an alternative to all of pulseaudio's niceness. Is this incorrect?00:04
Zloy_Moderhelp me please ((00:04
look2thestarsmogi22, yeah, it's got a a password apparently. You've booted up from a linux floppy and try resetting ?00:04
Titan8990jeffwheeler: not sure about pulse audio but VLC is multi-platform and will stream media across a network00:04
look2thestarsZloy what do you need help with?00:05
mogi22 look2thestars i can boot from a linux floppy and reset the grub pw?  using hal91 or some other linux floppy?00:05
jeffwheelerTitan8990: that's something to look at; thanks.00:05
BLZI keep getting this cryptic error when I go to apt-get install something... it reads as follows:  E: system-tools-backends: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1             Anyone know what's up with that?00:05
MindVirusWhen I elect to eject my iPod from the panel applet, it tells me I don't have permission.00:05
MindVirusHow do I give myself permission?00:05
gilHey, I'm using ubuntu 8.04 64-bit, whenever I play games with 3d acceleration like Tremulous or GridWars, the graphics look fine but the screen keeps blinking. Anyone know why this might be happening?00:05
BLZMindvirus:  you might not own the ipod00:05
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> with ubuntu that i install yesterday ((00:05
MindVirusI own the iPod.00:05
MindVirusI can unmount it as root through the console.00:06
look2thestarsYou can boot from a linux floppy and work on the other system. If nothing else, you could see about checking the permissions.00:06
look2thestarsZloy, what's the prob ?00:06
mogi22jrib, pushing e does nothing, by grub menu do you mean the menu where i can choose amongst kernels and recover modes?00:06
BLZMindVirus:  well if you use root you might not  own it00:06
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> may be in private?00:06
BLZMindVirus:  have you tried chown?00:06
MindVirusBLZ, and what should I chown?00:06
jribmogi22: yes00:06
look2thestarshttp://www.toms.net/rb/ for a great linux floppy00:06
mogi22jrib, ok so e did nothing, it does say press p to get into more features ... w/ pw of course00:07
jribmogi22: press e after using the arrow keys to select a kernel and before pressing enter00:07
BLZthe ipod... i'm a bit rusty on the syntax but i'd try sudo chown [device name] 70000:07
look2thestarsZloy, why not tell me here? Maybe it'll resolve your issue faster if more eyes are looking at it.00:07
mogi22look2thestars, actually i have tom's floppy too!00:07
jribmogi22: there isn't a grub password set by default, did you set one?00:07
BLZMindVirus:  or maybe it's sudo chown 700 [device name]  ... yeah i think it's that00:07
look2thestarsmogi22, that's the grub menu, where you see the kernels00:07
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> here i can mix your frases with others. ne hichu meshat drugim00:07
tom_eats_livesis there a way to configure multiple keyboard and mice for one comp ?00:07
=== jgoguen is now known as LinuxFredBot
MindVirusBLZ, that wouldn't work.00:08
look2thestarsmogi22, great minds think alike !00:08
mogi22jrib, i did that and e does nothing.  and yeah i'm guessing i did set one on original install/config.  b/c its asking for it now00:08
MindVirusBLZ, chown changes the owner.00:08
Somethieftom_eats_lives just plug them in and they will work?00:08
MindViruschmod changes the permissions.00:08
MindVirus700 is permissions.00:08
=== LinuxFredBot is now known as jgoguen
jribmogi22: so put in the password00:08
mogi22look2thestars, so what do i do once i boot from tom or hal91 to rm grub pw00:08
BLZMindVirus:  oh yeah, duh.  Try chmod then00:08
MindVirusAnd 700 means only the owner can read, write, and execute.00:08
look2thestarsZloy,  what language is that ?>00:08
MindVirusBLZ, I have tried chmodding the /media/ipod directory.00:08
BLZMindVirus:  you want everybody else to be able to rwx?00:08
mogi22jrib, oh if life were so fortuitous00:08
MindVirusTo 777.00:08
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> Russian00:08
MindVirusIt doesn't help.00:08
mogi22jrib, i dont even recall setting a pw, so no way i'm going to recall the pw00:09
BLZMindVirus:  but try it with /dev/sda1 or whatever00:09
gilAnyone know why my screen might blink during games with 3d-acceleration?00:09
MindVirusGood call.00:09
look2thestarsmogi22, might look at editing grub menu ? I'd see about removing the line with the passwd00:09
mogi22jrib, if you can vanquish the pw w/ a boot floppy (as i hope you can) then seems like grub pw is futile00:09
jribmogi22: try your common ones... try your account's password... in the future try not to set passwords you will forget :)00:09
BLZMindVirus:  yeah sorry... i wasn't clear about that00:09
mogi22jrib, yeah i'm trying several now00:09
MindVirusBLZ, nice!00:09
jribmogi22: sure except you weren't able to mount the partition with the floppy00:09
MindVirusShould have thought of that. :(00:10
look2thestarsZLoy, cool. Welcome. Post at http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and then post the link here. It might be easier for you.00:10
BLZMindVirus;  haha it's always something silly, isn't it?  Glad I could help00:10
DoonzI have Ubuntu acting as my gateway/router but now my internet is extremely slow00:10
mogi22look2thestars, what do you mean edit the grub menu? ... yeah what jrib said00:10
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> Can you help me?00:10
MindVirusI thought adding user to the boot line in fstab would take care of that.00:10
mogi22jrib, so am i correct that my only hope is to recall this pw?00:10
tom_eats_livesSomethief, yes , however i mean each one acts individually , so two people can type at same time00:10
look2thestarsZloy, I don't know until you post some information.00:10
jribmogi22: no, you can boot a live cd00:10
Titan8990Doonz: there are specific linux distros just for use as a router/firewall00:10
BLZI keep getting this error when i apt-get install:   E: system-tools-backends: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 100:10
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> i cann't write in forum any thing - code page is to bad  (((00:10
BLZwhat gives?00:10
mogi22jrib, well ok other than that00:11
DoonzTitan8990:  want to use the ubuntu box . i dont have other pc's kicking around00:11
MindVirusAny way to "upgrade" to ext4?00:11
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> may you know who russian and can help me?00:11
Somethieftom_eats_lives uhm you are trying to get inputs hooked in two different applications or whats your goal?00:11
koolkatDoes anyone know how to version control a website with subversion?00:11
look2thestarsZloy just look at  http://paste.ubuntu.com/ , and if it doesn't work for you , let me know.00:11
JHook101anyone know the sudo command to install  Sun Java Runtime Environment00:11
Titan8990MindVirus: ext4 is not stable00:11
BLZMindVirus:  lol you play a dangerous game... don't you have to patch the kernel for that?00:11
MindVirusNot stable, eh?00:11
MindVirusBLZ, no, it's already in the kernel, I thought.00:12
look2thestarsZloy, I don't know Russian, but you're doing pretty good with English. I speak a few other languages.00:12
Titan8990JHook101: use apt-cache search java jre00:12
BLZJHook101:  you can install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' and JRE is one of the many things installed... i dunno if that helps00:12
jribmogi22: figuring out hal91 I guess00:12
BLZMindVirus:  i thought not, but maybe you're right... i dunno00:12
jribmogi22: I assume you have no working operating system anywhere in your house?00:12
MindVirusAye, since it's not stable, I won't take my chances.00:12
Zloy_Moderlook2thestars> My English too bad for posting my problem, I am russian,00:13
look2thestarsmogi22, I'd see about booting up with the linux boot floppy, then mounting the hard drive, then doing some magic to enable you to bypass PAM authentication.00:13
perillux1if I'm hosting my own website with apache2, is there any way to know how many people have visited it?  Or do I have to get one of those counter scripts?00:13
mogi22jrib, do you mean figuring out hal91 to mount the disk?  well i have this one i'm on on the laptop but it has no rj4500:13
tom_eats_livesSomethief, yes sort of , i have one workstation , with 2 screens , i want to have separate mouse / keyboard input00:13
Morchubookoolkat: is the website static pages? if so then you could set up a cron job to add it to subversion.00:13
look2thestarsZloy, give it a try. please.00:13
ubottuZloy_Moder: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:13
Titan8990MindVirus: MindVirus: actually, it looks like wikipedia has it marked as stable as of 10/200800:13
jribmogi22: if you have an enclosure for the hard disk, you could use that00:13
BLZZloy-Moder:  hope that helps =)00:13
Zloy_Moderubbutu - Thx00:14
Titan8990MindVirus: I still wouldn't take me chances personally00:14
mogi22look2thestars, i'd love that method/option but how do i mount the hd from floppy boot?  it says doesnt recognize device and that i need to load driver for it.00:14
mogi22jrib, not even sure what an enclosure is00:14
Somethieftom_eats_lives sorry dont think i can help you but guess that should be possible but might not be very easy process, tried google?00:14
look2thestarsIs the hard drive SATA ?00:14
koolkatMorchuboo: No, they are PHP files, I im trying to make it so that other people can edit the website00:14
Titan8990MindVirus: If you are looking for something better, you can try XFS but i can be picky about the controller00:14
mogi22look2thestars, nope ata00:15
mogi22look2thestars, old school here baby00:15
Morchubookoolkat: easiest would be to use a crm. silverstripe or concrete5 are both very good00:15
tom_eats_livesSomethief, no , not at all , thought i would ask here see if there was any tips first .. will start googling now00:15
look2thestarsMogi22, I use ATA on my older computers, you shouldn't have a prob using Tom's Root boot00:15
mogi22look2thestars, toms has same prob which is why i went to hal9100:15
Morchubookoolkat: most sorry - cms, not crm00:15
mogi22look2thestars, cant i install the driver from a 2nd floppy?00:16
mogi22look2thestars, i just dont know how to find the driver?00:16
look2thestarsmogi22, I'm trying to see if Tom's has installable modules... but it should be able to see an ATA drive natively.00:16
look2thestarsThere are other linux floppy distros.00:16
look2thestarsmogi22, can you post me some of the information, like error messages to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?00:17
mogi22look2thestars, what others?  i only found those 200:17
look2thestarsAhh... there's a security distro from someone named Franz a long time ago.00:17
Morchubookoolkat: cms systems tend to have some sort of versioning in them. You could do it yourself but would be a lot of work to add history to the data in the db.00:17
mogi22look2thestars, well ubuntu might be on v9.10 by the time that loads for me00:17
look2thestarsmogi22, sorry, sorry. Hmm. so when you try to mount the hard drive, what error do you get ?00:18
mogi22look2thestars,  but the error msg is simple "kernel doesnt not recognize /dev/sda1 as block device.  try insmod driver"00:18
look2thestarsmogi22, thanks, just a sec.00:18
koolkatMorchuboo: I kinda cant use a cms, this is the website for my school district and is already written, but me and some of my friends was going to make it better and we needed to set up a subverion system so that some students can edit the code and upload it00:18
Titan8990mogi22: that is a common error when /etc/fstab is configured wrong00:19
mogi22look2thestars, someone on hal91 had same issue and the replies were load the driver already!  but how00:19
mogi22Titan8990, sda is not in fstab00:19
WDCHello I am getting Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/dists/intrepid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 80] when I update.00:19
look2thestarstry dmesg | egrep '^hd[a-z]'00:19
gurphokay so, i need help00:19
Titan8990mogi22: boot partition?00:19
gurphi log into ubuntu and just my background shows up00:20
gurphno taskbars or menus load at all00:20
gurphall i can do is move my cursor00:20
look2thestarsmog22, i'm looking for hal91 info00:20
gurphany ideas?00:20
Titan8990gurph: what graphics card?00:20
WDCHello I am getting Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/dists/intrepid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 80] when I update. Can someone please help?00:20
mogi22Titan8990, not sure what you mean by boot partittion00:21
gurphnvidia something or other... lemme check00:21
mogi22Titan8990, i'm trying to mount my root partition00:21
look2thestarsmogi22, It hasn't been updated since 1998.00:21
Titan8990mogi22: your root partition needs to be in /etc/fstab00:21
mogi22Titan8990, it is, but not when i boot w/ floppy00:21
gurphNVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 20000:21
mogi22look2thestars, toms was last updated in 0200:22
mogi22look2thestars, they're all old00:22
IndyGunFreakgurph: i don't think that should be the problem... is this a new install, or has it worked before, and now it doesnt?00:22
Titan8990gurph: log in to recovery mode from grub00:22
ubuntuhi guys i could use some help00:22
ubuntui'm kinda up Sh*t street00:22
Titan8990gurph: and check /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:22
ubuntumy encrypted volume no longer mounts00:22
Titan8990gurph: and verify that your drivers are listed as "nv"00:22
caitlincan someone tell me the front end to compiz?00:22
gurphtried it but i dont know what to do in recovery mode00:22
ubuntui entered the correct password and it tells me that it is incorrect00:23
Titan8990the config tool is ccsm caitlin00:23
gurphi've checked this xorg.conf thing before and the whole thing was blank00:23
IndyGunFreakgurph: i don't think this is an issue w/ your graphics card00:23
Morchubookoolkat: ahh i see. You could make an upload script that the students use. This script could take a copy of the page by "wget" ing the page before making the changes and put it in the subversion repo. Another alternative would be to use WebHTTrack daily, hourly or whatever to create a complete copy of the whole site.00:23
IndyGunFreakgurph: has it ever worked, or is this a new install, and all of a sudden, it didn't work?00:23
Titan8990gurph: from recovery mode, you have to do the following command:00:23
gurphit has been running for a few months now00:23
SiDicaitlin, compizconfig-settings-manager00:23
Titan8990gurph: dkpg --reconfigure xserver-xorg00:23
VideoSmithHey guys.00:24
VideoSmithSlight problem.00:24
Titan8990gurph: unless you are confortable writing your own xorg.conf00:24
VideoSmith http://kdenlive.org/forum/new-question-problem-konsole00:24
IndyGunFreakgurph: can you right click the desktop and bring up propeties?00:24
VideoSmithCan someone read it and comment?00:24
JHook101i am totally clueless im trying to find and install ia32-sun-java6-bin00:24
gurphindygunfreak: nope00:24
IndyGunFreakgurph: well, you can try reconfiguring xorg..... strange problem though00:24
ubottuVideoSmith: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:24
VideoSmithGot it :P00:25
Morchubookoolkat: Ideally you should convince them to start using a cms. Much better for multi editor sites. Could maybe set up a copy of the site in a cms on your own machine to give them a demonstration.00:25
BLZVideoSmith:  no problem =)  It's just that you're more likely to get an answer if you just go ahead and ask00:25
gurphokay im going to go try this... it's installed on the computer im using now. dualbooted xp and ubuntu00:25
gurphbe right back00:25
JHook101anyone know how to get ia32-sun-java6-bin00:26
koolkatMorchuboo: wouldnt i have to port the site to a cms?00:26
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=== netsurf is now known as guest223
guest223i entered the correct password and it tells me that it is incorrect00:26
technopagan1I unfortunatly deleted my /usr/share/icons & now have some default icons missing. Can someone provide me with a way to get the default-contents of /usr/share/icons ? Thank you!00:26
caitlincan someone tell me the front end to compiz?00:26
IndyGunFreakJHook101: java is in the repositories00:26
guest223my encrypted volume no longer mounts00:26
Titan8990Jhook101: what is that you are trying to do?00:26
Morchubookoolkat: most likely, but would be a great way to learn the cms. big site?00:27
Jack_Sparrowtechnopagan1, boot a livecd and copy them to a flash drive00:27
Titan8990caitlin: it is ccsm00:27
Titan8990caitlin: compizconfig settings manager00:27
newmansanhow do i remote connect to a windows xp computer that is on my lan?00:27
Titan8990caitlin: in repositories00:27
technopagan1Jack_Sparrow: Good idea!00:27
VideoSmithI'm getting an error message in Konsole when I try to get this repository.  I have the error things spelled out in this link:  http://kdenlive.org/forum/new-question-problem-konsole00:28
koolkatMorchuboo: sent you the link00:28
Titan8990newmansan: depends on the kind of remote connection you need00:28
Jack_Sparrownewmansan, samba00:28
stegelhow can i test modelines for an hdmi connection?00:28
j-a-k-ehey, does anyone know how to setup bass redirection ie high pass and low pass filters for creatives x-fi driver?00:28
stegeli am trying to setup my box on a sharp aquous LCD00:28
JHook101Anyone know where and how to install ia32-sun-java6-bin00:28
d0wn_How to I remove packages from apt that I no longer need?00:28
newmansantitan: something like remote desktop in windows00:28
=== sol is now known as Guest39634
linxehd0wn_: apt-get remove ?00:28
Jack_SparrowVideoSmith, I take it you are talking about something other than our supported repos00:28
BLZVideoSmith:  if you're using KDE  you might have more luck on #kubuntu, that said, it sounds like a desktop-environment-independent issue...00:29
Pirate_Hunterhi im testing out wmii on my main comp so i can use on my lappy afterwards at the moment I luv it (they even included a welcome screen to get the user started) but yeah just wondering why is exiale giving me segmentation fault, tried googling and found no bugs listed, so could anyone help me with this?00:29
d0wn_linxeh: I mean packages that aren't being used by anything00:29
xopeyd0wn_: sudo apt-get autoremove00:29
Titan8990newmansan: pretty sure ubuntu comes with both a rdp and vnc client by default00:29
VideoSmithI'm using GNOME.00:29
Jack_Sparrownewmansan, I have alink that will show you00:29
d0wn_xopey: thanks00:29
linxehd0wn_: apt-get autoremove00:29
look2thestarsjhook101, try searching for restricted from synaptic, and/or the mediubuntu web site00:29
BLZVideoSmith:  oh my bad.  I just saw that you mentioned "konsole" so i assumed00:29
Titan8990newmansan: you can just install some kind of vnc server on the windows box or enable remote desktop00:29
BLZwhoops... thought that was my terminal00:30
newmansantitan: remote desktop is enabled on the remote computer00:30
VideoSmithBLZ: It was just what was under Applications > System Tools, so I dunno.00:30
crazyryanHey, how comes when I go into Services I can't edit any of them. They're all greyed out.00:30
newmansantitan: i just don't know how to connect to it in ubuntu00:30
Titan8990sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre00:30
xelectroxHi, I get this message while doing the final command to making opendns my permenant dns server: ifdown: interface eth0 not configured. How do i fix/configure this?00:30
Titan8990Titan: I'm not on a Ubuntu machine so I can't tell you exactly where the gui is00:30
endorphineis there a way to stop a user from changing the chmod of a specific folder even if he is the owner?00:30
BLZI keep getting the error "E: system-tools-backends: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" when i got to apt-get upgrade... what gives?00:31
Titan8990newmansan: I think I remember it being somewhere under applications00:31
Jack_Sparrownewmansan, http://www.debianadmin.com/remote-desktop-sharing-in-ubuntu.html00:31
Morchubookoolkat: would be quite a good site to learn a cms with. not too small to be boring but not too complex to be unmanagable. I would suggest you install a cms you like the look of and try it. They do make managing the sites much easier.00:31
DarkSotMDoes anyone know why twin isn't in Intrepid?00:31
crazyryanHey, how comes when I go into Services I can't edit any of them. They're all greyed out.00:31
ScottG489My mouse in ubuntu has been acting weird. It keeps creating multiple clicks when I only mean to click once or twice. For example if I open up a folder it will open up 1-4 windows. Any ideas?00:31
technopagan1Jack_Sparrow:  What about icons from programs that I installed manually? Will a simple reinstall of the program bring the neccessary icons for it back?00:31
crazyryanHey, how comes when I go into Services I can't edit any of them. They're all greyed out.00:31
Jack_Sparrowtechnopagan1, If you installed them manually and lost them you will need to manually do it again00:31
Uplinki need a flash editor00:32
eseven73crazyryan: you have to click the Unlock button first00:32
gurphokay... error00:32
crazyryanIt's greyed out00:32
gurph"bash: dkpg: command not found" or something00:32
koolkatMorchuboo: they have some sort of login page, there is a link to Login that is a grey color, I dont know if that is a cms aleady00:32
xopeygurph: dpkg00:33
gurphthat i tried too00:33
rsquareScottG489: That's been happening to me too.  I thought maybe my Dell mouse was getting screwed up, but it's only 5 months old00:33
gurphthen i got a huge help-list style thing00:33
rayluxopey, IndyGunFreak, Titan8990: his error clearly has nothing to do with X00:33
IndyGunFreakraylu: i said that from the beginning00:33
gurphwhat i tried to do was "dpkg --reconfigure xserver-xorg"00:33
Titan8990raylu: with an empty xorg.conf file?00:33
xopeyraylu: sorry, just responding to the misspelled dpkg00:33
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about flasheditor00:34
rayluTitan8990: the new X doesn't need an xorg.conf. and X has already loaded; that's how he logged in00:34
Uplinki need a flash editor please00:34
raylugurph: try moving .gnome and .gnome200:34
TheFunkbombwhat is the terminal command to find out what sound card I have?00:34
tiyowanUplink: Do you mean something to develop flash projects with?00:34
xopeyUplink: i don't know of one00:34
rayluTheFunkbomb: lspci00:34
Titan8990raylu: interesting, what does it use?00:34
Uplinktiyowan: yes, like a macromedia flash pro00:34
TheFunkbombthanks raylu00:34
rayluTitan8990: lots of guessing :D00:34
gurphraylu: what? how? kinda new to linux... =/00:34
JHook101I am still having no luck finding that java run time file i need00:35
raylugurph: mv ~/.gnome ~/.gnome-bak00:35
tiyowanUplink: Hmm...have you googled for "flash +ide +linux"?00:35
Uplinktiyowan: yes i have00:35
raylutiyowan: i believe there are none...00:35
gurphwell ill give it a shot00:35
gurphthat's the only command, then?00:35
Pirate_Hunterhi im testing out wmii on my main comp so i can use on my lappy afterwards at the moment I luv it (they even included a welcome screen to get the user started) but yeah just wondering why is exiale giving me segmentation fault, tried googling and found no bugs listed, so could anyone help indentify the cause?00:35
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository00:35
rayluUplink: your best bet is to try it with wine and, when it fails, install windows in a VM00:35
Uplinkraylu: there are no flash editors for linux? :|00:36
tiyowanUplink: I believe raylu's right. Flash is closed-sourced. I don't think you'll find something that runs natively on linux. Maybe you could try running Macromedia software under Wine?00:36
rayluPirate_Hunter: wmii is a panelling window manager, right?00:36
ScottG489rsquare: Yea I have a Dell mouse too. Its a laser mouse and I have had it for a while with absolutly no problems. I dont think it has to do with the mouse.00:36
Uplinktiyowan: yea i heard macromedia runs fine under wine00:36
Uplinki guess i have no other option00:36
VideoSmithHere's a question guys.  This is the reason I've been trying kdenlive.  Windows Movie Maker crashes on opening though I'm opening it with Wine.  What's the problem?00:36
tiyowanUplink: If you could hang on, I'll dig up the relevant link for Wine.00:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about twin00:36
Uplinktiyowan: i have wine ty00:37
gurpharright... going to give this thing a shot00:37
Uplinktiyowan: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=2300:37
rsquareScottG489: For me it's kind of random, though.  Half the time a single click is a single click.  The other half it's two or more clicks.  I found out that if I click really fast I can avoid it most of the time.00:37
ScottG489rsquare: Its weird cuz it doesnt happen consistantly at all. I could go around single clicking on this but then every few seconds it seems to add another click. So sometimes if I eve single click a folder it will open00:38
rsquareScottG489: But because of the randomness, that's why I figured it was a hardware malfunction.00:38
Pirate_Hunterraylu: dynamic tilling and panneling yup why?00:38
rayluPirate_Hunter: it only segfaults in wmii, not in gnome?00:38
tiyowanUplink: Yep. That's the one. :)00:38
Uplinktiyowan: ty00:39
=== sol is now known as Guest61132
tiyowanUplink: No worries, mate. Best of luck. Are you a flash designer?00:39
Uplinktiyowan: little ^^00:39
Uplinktiyowan: used to make animations for xat.com00:39
TheFunkbombYou know, the only thing holding me back from ditching windows completely is the ability to play Yahoo Literati00:39
VideoSmithHere's a question guys. This is the reason I've been trying kdenlive. Windows Movie Maker crashes on opening though I'm opening it with Wine. What's the problem?00:40
TheFunkbombI'm serious.  I wish I could get it to play00:40
Jack_SparrowVideoSmith, the problem with wmm or kdenlive00:40
Pirate_Hunterraylu: yup i know where this is goig maybe i should ask how do i stop it from happening and while im on this topic can you suggest a good cli player not server i.e. mpd00:40
Titan8990VideoSmith: not all wine programs are compatible, check the wine appdb00:40
rayluPirate_Hunter: er, it wasn't oging anywhere :P00:41
VideoSmithappdb?  Sorry for my ignorance, but...00:41
VideoSmithWhat is that?00:41
McFrostyanyone can help me with a PPC problem...00:41
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help00:41
VideoSmiththanks :)00:41
Jack_SparrowVideoSmith, wine questions should be directed to #Winehq people00:41
xelectroxHi, I get this message while doing the final command to making opendns my permenant dns server: ifdown: interface eth0 not configured. How do i fix/configure this?00:41
rayluPirate_Hunter: though you could try compiling from source.00:41
VideoSmithLol I've bounced from #kdenlive to #ubuntu to #winehq00:42
VideoSmithFun times XD00:42
stegelcan someone help me set up my ati hd3450 with rstricted drivers?00:42
mdgMcFrosty: What's up?00:42
gaintsurahey all I've recently upgraded to 2.6.24-23-generic and since then I've been getting this [  262.004597] APIC error on CPU1: 00(40) [  262.006488] APIC error on CPU0: 00(40) and its been causing lockups, hangs, and general problems. my /boot is only large enough to hold one kernel at a time (I wasn't thinking when I did that). Could someone help me get this figured out?00:42
geeksquadevery time starting now i boot my laptop i go to a terminal and i have to startx myself how can i fix this00:42
BLZstegel:  have you tried Envy?  it's not officially supported, but I personally swear by it00:42
Pirate_Hunterraylu: just seemed like it oh well i jumped the gun, well other than compiling exaile from source which would be annoying isnt there a way to get it to work without segmentaion fault funny enough firefox works great without a problem00:42
ubottustegel: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk00:42
BLZthat said, i like it00:43
McFrostyHow Comes my sound doesnt work on my PPC iMac G4?00:43
rayluPirate_Hunter: no idea. though you should consider submitting a bug report00:43
rayluPirate_Hunter: http://moc.daper.net/00:43
BLZMcFrosty:  dunno... what else can you tell us about it?  did you check to see if your sound adapter is supported?00:43
mdgMcFrosty: I had the same problem with 8.0400:43
TheFunkbombCan anyone figure out a way to play Yahoo Literati with ubuntu?00:43
emendoI know this is not the openoffice irc but in their channel it is hard to get noticed. The people are very helpful in this irc and because I use ubuntu it was an obvious choice. So, anyone familiar enough with openoffice's navigator?00:43
McFrostyyes but im using 8.10 PowerPC00:43
xelectroxHi, I get this message while doing the final command to making opendns my permenant dns server: ifdown: interface eth0 not configured. How do i fix/configure this? It seems like no one has an answer......00:44
Jack_SparrowMcFrosty, We dont support the ppc version... they have community support00:44
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:44
mdgMcFrosty: I went to a terminal - alsamixer and turned up the sound there00:44
ScottG489rsquare: so by hardware you mean its definitelly the mouse?00:44
gurphokay... new error00:44
McFrostyty mdg00:44
mdgMcFrosty: Let us know if it works00:44
rsquareScottG489: I don't know if it's definitely the mouse, but I suspect it's the mouse.  If it were the software, I expect it to be more consistent in its error00:44
geeksquadanybody help me00:44
JHook101anyone know how to increase ubuntu performance and speed00:44
stegelBLZ: thanks00:45
stegelthis is pretty easy00:45
McFrostywill do00:45
linxehJHook101: you need to define that a bit better00:45
mdgMcFrosty: Is this the G4 that is white with a round base?00:45
gurph"cannot stat '/root/.gnome'; no such file or directory00:45
BLZJHook101:  well there's a few ways... some risky some not00:45
rsquareScottG489: It also only happens when I left click00:45
rsquareThat's another indicator00:45
BLZJHook101:  what's slowing you down right now?00:45
JHook101Ok how would I increase the speed at which windows open and close on my desktop How would I increase the speed in performance in which program open and close or operate00:45
Pirate_Hunterraylu: ahhhh so much trouble i should probably move to a cli music player since thats what im going to use on the lappy but wmii on the main is so good especially the tabing function :D00:45
rsquareScottG489: Only one way to find out.  I'm going to get a new mouse tomorrow.  If it's still happening, I'll know it's not the mouse, and I can return it00:46
JHook101Well it seems that things are moving a bit slower then they did with windows xp pro installed00:46
domosoAnyone know how to get the left pane tree view back in nautilus?00:46
BLZJHook101:  the formar you can do... i'd google something like "menu show delay" and you can switch to a lightweight file manager like thunar00:46
Jack_SparrowMcFrosty, see also #ubuntu-powerpc00:46
McFrostyyes G4 is white round base00:46
fosco_domoso: press F900:46
domosoThe instructions say something about choosing it from a drop down list. I don't see no drop down list.00:46
JHook101Well how about increasing FPS when gaming on linux?00:46
mdgMcFrosty: I have one to those too  :)00:47
j-a-k-ehello, does anyone know how to setup bass redirection to a subwoofer for creatives x-fi driver?00:47
IndyGunFreakdomoso: you can also hit View/and check "Side Pane"00:47
BLZJHook101:  the later is more complicated.  You can try to change harddrive parameters to get faster read times, but that has risks that need to be understood00:47
McFrostywonderful since im new to linux do i have to open up alsamixer with the term?00:47
mdgMcFrosty: yes.00:47
McFrostywould you mind type me "blahblahblah" what to do since im just getting familiar with it?00:48
domosoYeah see, I thought it was that easy too. It's not working. F9 doesn't work. Going to view menu doesn't show a "side pane".00:48
mdgYou use the arrow keys to move left right  and the up/down arrows to increase decrease sound.  Press escape key when done00:48
Pirate_Huntercan someone suggest a good cli music player that doesnt only play songs in mp3 (raylu i did check moc)00:48
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.00:48
tyranosPirate_Hunter, mplayer00:48
gurphanyone? any help? ubuntu loads, only background and cursor load. no taskbars or anything.00:49
geeksquadi have a MAJOR problem my laptop boots to a terminal and i have to manually start x what can i do to stop this i dont want to reinstall ubuntu00:49
ScottG489rsquare: You wanna let me know? Cuz I'll get a new mouse too. i want wireless anyways for my laptop.00:49
geeksquadplease answer my last post i am desprate00:50
Gh0stygeeksquad: apt-get --reinstall install gdm00:50
droWhere can I request a repos file to be updated (eclipse is out of date by over two years)00:50
Jack_SparrowMcFrosty, double click the speaker icon00:50
j-a-k-egurph: have you got visual effect enabled?00:50
rsquareScottG489: If you're around in the next day or two, I'll let you know00:50
McFrostyno need MDG helped me00:50
domosoAny ideas how to get nautilus to display the side pane? F9 doesn't do anything. View menu doesn't have a Side pane option.00:50
Titan8990dro: you can always compile the source if you need a new version00:50
Pirate_Huntertyranos: No :p for minimalist system some ncurses players would be nice but they all look good so im asking here to see what ppl think is really good in feature, resources etc00:50
McFrostywhats the command to "open" alsamixer with term...00:50
rayluPirate_Hunter: mplayer will play them... but that's about all it does00:50
gurphj-a-k-e: compiz00:50
rayluPirate_Hunter: it's ok if you have playlist files00:51
mdgMcFrosty: If alsamixer does not do it, you can right click on the sound icon on the tool bar00:51
Pirate_Hunterraylu: nope not mplayer00:51
rayluPirate_Hunter: why not?00:51
mdgMcFrosty: First click on the ubunto icon on the toolbar00:51
mdgthen go to accessories and choose "terminal"00:51
mdgthen type alasmixer00:52
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: mpg123 or mpg321 ?00:52
domosoTypical....I never get the "easy" problems.00:52
McFrostysays command not found...00:52
Gh0stydoes mp3 and ogg and stuff i believe ...00:52
gurphwill "sudo apt-get remove compiz" get rid of compiz?00:52
Pirate_Hunterread my post to tyranos on the main comp its kl but not on the lappy00:52
domosoIt's always some obscure thing and noone knows the answer.00:52
Jack_Sparrowgurph, nope00:52
JolterHey guys! I get Access denied when trying to access to an NFS share! can anyone please help me ? I need this to work00:52
j-a-k-egurph: I'm by no means an expert on the subject, but try disabling compiz as a quick fix for now. I've had similar problems in the past that went away when I disabled it.00:52
Pirate_HunterGhosty: ty will do a search on that00:53
Jack_Sparrowgurph, compizconfig-settings-manager00:53
mdgMcFrosty: Did you follow the PPC setup guide at www.ubuntuforums.org for PPC?00:53
rayluPirate_Hunter: oh, you want ncruses?00:53
gurphj-a-k-e : kinda new. how?00:53
rayluPirate_Hunter: *ncurses?00:53
domosoWell, time to open up a conf file for nautilus I guess.00:53
gurphjack_sparrow: thanks00:53
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: but there is even better, just can't think of the name right now ... :/00:53
McFrosty...no i just downloaded the 8.10 alternate PowerPC.iso burned to disc and installed...00:53
Gh0stythere is still a powerpc iso? :o00:54
mdgso you haven't updated yet?00:54
McFrostyupdated to what?00:54
domosough man pages....it's so.....kernel 2.4!00:54
mdglet ubuntu update itself00:54
gerberI dowlnload ubuntu  is in my system , but i dont know how to get  it back, pls help00:54
nihhihow can i figure out what the nobody user's password is?00:54
ScottG489rsquare: if its not too much trouble could you email me? and did you drop your mouse recently?00:54
jribnihhi: why?00:55
Gh0stygerber: you dont make sense00:55
JolterHey guys! I get Access denied when trying to access to an NFS share! can anyone please help me ? I need this to work00:55
nihhijrib: I need to log in as them to run a script (long story)00:55
mdgMcFrosty: There is a "sticky" post at www.ubuntuforums.org in the PPC forum about setting up ubuntu - you have to do extra things for PPC00:55
tiyowangerber: Please clarify your question.00:55
Gh0styany ubuntu hackers comming to fosdem? :)00:55
McFrostyk ty ill check it out00:55
Pirate_Huntergerber: you downloaded ubuntu but you havent burnt it to disk if you got badwidth you can use wubi but its hell slow00:55
gerberHow can i get another copy00:55
Jack_SparrowGh0sty, Offtopic00:55
mdgMcFrosty: Good luck!  Catch you later  :)00:55
McFrostyTY =D00:56
Pirate_Huntergerber: if you want anther copy download it again?00:56
jribnihhi: you should probably explain it...  otherwise, 'man sudo', see -u00:56
Gh0styJack_Sparrow: well not exactly i need some help but i think face to  face will work much better :)00:56
JolterHey guys! I get Access denied when trying to access to an NFS share! can anyone please help me ? I need this to work00:56
gerberI download it once ,so i think is somewhere in my computer00:57
Gh0styin your /tmp maybe ?00:57
Jack_SparrowGh0sty, <Gh0sty> any ubuntu hackers comming to fosdem? :)             Is clearly offtopic00:57
nihhijrib: I need to run a perl script that does some things based on who you are executing it as... so i need to execute the perl script as "nobody"00:57
threethirtyhey everyone there is a callin linux help show going live in 5 mins on http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/3016700:57
j-a-k-ehey does anyone here know if it's possible to send bass to the subwoofer channel using the x-fi driver off creative's site? I've got the options of using alsa oss and pulseaudio00:57
jribnihhi: why?...00:57
Cation_H`Jolter: you should check the permission00:57
jribthreethirty: please don't advertise here00:58
mgolischnihhi: sudo?00:58
Pirate_Huntergerber: if you downloaded it just do a search for it xp can do that even mac00:58
Gh0styanyone here run yakuake on ubuntu?00:58
JolterCation_H`: yes but how? :)00:59
jribGh0sty: best to just ask the channel your question.  If someone knows the answer, they will try to help you00:59
Cation_H`Jolter: you can use ls -al in the terminal00:59
JolterCation_H`: Im a newbie when it comes to NFS :/00:59
Cation_H`Jolter: you mean NFS or NTFS ??00:59
Gh0stywell i run yakuake on ubuntu, when i switch to other workspaces then 1 the lower border is under the bottom taskbar (so i cant see the last rule of my shell anymore and my tab bar in yakuake)01:00
JolterCation_H`: NFS01:00
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.01:00
Gh0stybeen looking through bugreports but don't find anything like this ... :/01:00
JolterJack_Sparrow: yes I get it :P01:00
Cation_H`Jolter: for access deny when you access you computer??01:00
misc---hello, does anyone know the name of that app that is like a colour chooser, and shows you the html code etc?01:00
JolterCation_H`: Access denied when I try to connect to a NFS share01:01
gurphremoving compiz did not help01:01
nihhijrib: it converts mbox mailboxes to Maildir formatted email boxes01:01
gerberok thank you , i do have one more ? , I put it in windos xp the installation went fine, when i reboot it show windoxp in ubuntu ,but whe i choose ubuntu it goes black01:01
Cation_H`Jolter: maybe you don't have the permission on these others01:01
Jack_Sparrowgurph, I didnt see your problem just your request to remove ccsm01:01
j-a-k-ebeing something of a music nutter good sound is the only thing keeping me from switching to ubuntu01:01
Gh0stymisc---: gcolor2 ?01:01
misc---Gh0sty: ahhh that's the one, thanks!01:01
MorchubooJolter: How are you mounting the share? Also does /var/log/messages or /var/log/secure shed any light on what is wrong?01:01
nihhijrib: looks like the sudo -u command does what I need it to do01:01
Gh0stymisc---: next time try apt-cache search color picker in a shell ... :p01:02
Jack_Sparrowgerber, did you add a partition below ubuntu..  uuid's change01:02
gerberno . i just fallow the wizard01:02
JolterMorchuboo: yes the syslog shows that an unknown host was denied to mount /home01:02
JolterMorchuboo: on both computers01:03
JolterMorchuboo: I have both client and server on both computers01:03
ubuntu987hello, my boot splash has disappeared, why? how do i get it back?01:03
mgolischJolter: did you allow that computer to mount the share ?01:03
gerbermy computer is sc400 from dell01:03
ubuntu987its all ugly text now saying ok ok ok01:03
Joltermgolisch: in /etc/exports?01:03
mgolischJolter: yeeah01:04
steeleeyejoin #transmission01:04
iShockSo, Xubuntu isn't detecting a blank DVD I put in, any idea why?01:04
ubuntu987do i need reinstall kernel? would that fix it?01:04
Joltermgolisch: hmm I copied something that was supposed to be full read and write access01:04
Joltermgolisch: hold on a sec01:04
mgolischJolter: so you get that error when accessing the mounted share?01:04
maurerHey, can anyone reccomend a scheduling (not as in cron/at, but as in day-planner style scheduling) application? Preferably gnome based.01:04
gerberso what i;m doing wrong?01:04
mgolischJolter: if yes check the fs permissions on the nfs server host01:05
jribmaurer: there's evolution01:05
gurphif anyone said anything i missed it01:05
Joltermgolisch: when I try do mount the share I get access denied01:05
maurerjrib: That's likely overkill, doesn't that have mail and contacts management as well?01:05
Joltermgolisch: (rw,no_root_squash,async)01:05
jribmaurer: yes01:05
Joltermgolisch: that is a permission right?01:05
Gh0stymaurer: thunderbird with lightning plugin?01:05
HaberdasherI just installed ubuntu 8.10 without a hitch but when I boot into it it just takes me to a command prompt01:05
mgolischJolter: does that entry list the host that tries to mount it?01:05
Astr4yIs there a way to stop apt from updating your kernel?01:06
CoJaBoDoes anyone know if its possible to move mdadm RAID disks to another system?01:06
maurerGh0sty: Thanks, I'll look into that (already using thunderbird)01:06
McFrostyMdg I got it!!!01:06
Joltermgolisch: yes it does01:06
iShockSo, Xubuntu isn't detecting a blank DVD I put in, any idea why?01:06
iShockSo, Xubuntu isn't detecting a blank DVD I put in, any idea why?01:06
maurerCojaBo: Yes it is.01:06
Joltermgolisch: it shows it in syslog01:06
node357poor gerber I don't know what to suggest to you01:06
Gh0stymaurer: and furthermore i love the google calendar plugin :p01:06
jribAstr4y: don't install the metapackage for kernel images.  Though you probably want them, since they might have security updates01:06
maurerCojaBo: Just copy the /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf from system to system01:06
gurphremoving compiz via "sudo apt-get remove compiz{something}'' did not solve my problem.01:06
crazyryanHey, how comes when I go into Services I can't edit any of them. They're all greyed out and so is the unlock button.01:06
Jack_SparrowiShock, Repeating is not necessary and wont get you help any sooner01:06
crazyryanHey, how comes when I go into Services I can't edit any of them. They're all greyed out and so is the unlock button.01:06
Jack_Sparrowcrazyryan,  Repeating is not necessary and wont get you help any sooner01:06
crazyryanlol Jack01:06
crazyryanI understand, but it is very busy in here.01:06
crazyryanJust wanted to be heard, sorry.01:07
Astr4yjrib: I don't want it to update anything, the only time I want apt to touch my kernel is when i tell it to01:07
stegelBLZ, any experience getting audio over hdmi to work on the HD345001:07
maurerGh0sty: I used to use google calendar based stuff, but I'm working for a group that's paranoid (I know, unfounded) that google will steal info about what's going on, so everything needs to be local or on the org's servers :/01:07
gurphif i reinstall ubuntu over existing installation, does it keep my files and settings?01:07
Pirate_Hunterraylu:i installed moc but cant seem to run it with command moc yet it is intalled, how do i run moc01:07
ubuntu987hello, my boot splash has disappeared, why? how do i get it back?01:07
Gh0stycrazyryan: is your user in the wheel group ?01:07
CoJaBomaurer: Is there anything special I need to do? On boot-up, the new system immediately began to rebuild the array, destroying all data on them.01:07
crazyryanThe wheel group?01:07
Morchubooubuntu987: try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure usplash" from a terminal01:07
crazyryan(First time using Ubuntu)01:07
jribAstr4y: that's already what it does.  apt doesn't upgrade anything unless you tell it to01:07
Gh0stycrazyryan: otherwise i  dont think you can become root and so you cant change services ...01:07
iShockJack_Sparrow: Accident D: Can you help tho?01:07
maurerCojaBo: Rebuild? It's supposed to do --assemble01:07
Joltermgolisch: you got any tips?01:07
ubuntu987Morchuboo, thank you :)01:07
domosoAny ideas how to get nautilus to display the side pane? F9 doesn't do anything. View menu doesn't have a Side pane option.01:07
maurerCojaBo: At least, that's what it's done in my experience...01:08
Joltermgolisch: I ve been trying many hours :S01:08
nickrudGh0sty, crazyryan ubuntu doesn't use wheel; admin is the name of the group you need to be in01:08
Jack_SparrowiShock, Please  have patience and wait for an answer, repost the queastion every few minutes or rephrase it if you are not getting an answer01:08
domosogconf-editor shows the pane enabled. But I'll be damned if I can see it.01:08
mgolischJolter: again does the exports entry contain the hostname/ip of the client in question?01:08
Astr4yjrib: What i mean is, when i do apt-get upgrade, if it sees an updated kernel it will isntall it without giving me the option to deselect it, i'm not using gnome or kde.01:08
maurer(I've got an external chassis that I use mdadm for raiding and I switch it between two machines all the time, as long as the mdadm.confs are the same it works the same for me...)01:08
mgolischJolter: sounds like you try to mount the share from an unauthorized client01:08
iShockJack_Sparrow: I'm going crazy with this, Ubuntu has been nothing but a problem thus far ..01:08
Gh0stymaurer: well the lightning is just a personal calendar for you in thunderbird, if you want it groupwise i'd say try some webdav calendars ... (if its small enough this should work)01:08
Morchubooubuntu987: Is everything saying ok? it switches to showing the text if there is an issue booting.01:08
crazyryanmain group: admin01:08
CoJaBomaurer: The data (luckily just test data and some backup files) was already destroyed by the time the system reached the login prompt.01:09
Pirate_Hunteri installed moc but cant seem to run it with command moc yet it is intalled, how do i run moc01:09
domosoI've even purged and re-installed nautilus....still not Fing working01:09
Gh0stymaurer: hold on i was just looking into a package but not really tested it. just need to find back the url01:09
Astr4yPirate_Hunter: mocp01:09
jribAstr4y: apt-get upgrade should not pull in new kernels.  New kernels get pulled in with linux-image-generic depending on a new package and the new kernel should only get installed if you ask for it explicitly or apt-get dist-upgrade01:09
nickrudcrazyryan, in a terminal, type   groups  . You should see admin in the list you get back01:09
Joltermgolisch: well I entered the IP of the computer that was going to mount the share in /etc/exports... like /home
crazyryanit returns admin01:09
iShockSo, Xubuntu isn't detecting a blank DVD I put in, any idea why? I try to burn it, brasero doesn't find it.01:10
perillux1I am hosting a small website with apache2, is there any way to monitor the traffic?  a logfile?01:10
stegelif i go to sound settings I see "HDA ATI HDMI" but the only option I have is IEC958..any idea how to set this as my sound card?01:10
Gh0stymaurer: chandlerproject.org looks very promising (did not test it yet ... )01:10
BigMike????what is the name of the program that backs up ubuntu to restore so you can run it like it was before???01:10
IndyGunFreakiShock: try Gnomebaker.. iv'e never had much luck w/ brasero01:10
hidronicookay so ive extracted the firmware for bcmxxx to /lib/firmware after this the alternate driver program doesnt recognize anything i think the instructions for fwcutter are incomplete any suggestions are appreciated !01:10
jribAstr4y: anyway, you can choose to ignore my warning about security and remove that package.  And speaking of new kernels, I have to go load one now, be back in a bit :)01:10
joyromhi all01:10
Joltermgolisch: I have to get this to work :(01:10
joyromhow are you01:10
domosoIndyGunFreak, are you aware of the Nautilus conf file? I can't seem to find it.01:11
IndyGunFreakiShock: is brasero not seeing the blank disk, or is Xubuntu not seeing it?01:11
Joltermgolisch: and thx 4 trying to help me :)01:11
iShockIndyGunFreak: Seems to be Xubuntu..01:11
joyromanybody can help me for pcmcia umts card?01:11
mgolischJolter: strange, it should work if its the correct ip01:11
IndyGunFreakdomoso: nautilus conf file?01:11
Jack_SparrowHi joyrom welcome to ubuntu support..  If you have a support question please ask or for chat there are many other channels01:11
IndyGunFreakiShock: hmm, dn't know01:11
ubuntu987Morchuboo, i think there is no issue booting whatsoever but maybe it is.. anyway thanks for tip01:11
mogi22jrib, haha i did it!  thanx to you and look.  the bootE floppy linux mounts disks!!!01:11
Joltermgolisch: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
domosoIndyGunFreak, yeah, I can't get the side pane back, I figured I'd look into a conf file. I think everything in linux had a conf file.01:12
crazyryannickrud, i got admin back... is that good or bad?01:12
Pirate_HunterAstr4y: ty weird irssi aint notifying me of ppl sending me posts, could never get it to system beep but at least the window number should highlight :/01:12
iShockIndyGunFreak: Nothing at all in dmesg.01:12
jribmogi22: ah, cool01:12
IndyGunFreakiShock: can you play a DVD movie?01:12
BigMikecaffiene is good for DVD01:12
iShockIndyGunFreak: Yeah, played House a couple days ago, why?01:12
iShockIndyGunFreak: [    4.916669] ata2.00: ATAPI: UJDA770 DVD/CDRW, 1.00, max UDMA/3301:13
IndyGunFreakiShock: just ruling out hardware.01:13
iShock[    4.934212] scsi 1:0:0:0: CD-ROM            MATSHITA UJDA770 DVD/CDRW 1.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 501:13
nickrudcrazyryan, that's good, in that you're in the right group; odd, that you can't access services. Try system->admin->software sources01:13
joyromI have kernel 2.6.27-9 generic01:13
Cosworth1hey all can someone answer a question pls. Been using gutsy then hardy for ages and love ubuntu. But what is this intrepid rls? is it better to upgrade or stick with hardy01:13
Astr4yPirate_Hunter: np, took me a bit of looking around to get moc playing as well01:13
Morchubooperillux1:  apache2 logs by default to /var/log/apache2/01:13
joyrommy datacard umts is an option GX020201:13
Morchubooubuntu987: np01:13
iShockCosworth1: It's almost always better to upgrade.01:13
joyromwhen i put my card into pcmcia port01:13
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: just read about an nice article which sends you popups on your desktop if someone highlights you ... :)01:13
=== mehmet is now known as Guest4024
joyromit seems be run01:13
CoJaBomaurer: Any ideas?01:13
joyrombut then01:13
nickrudcrazyryan, do you get a dialog asking for your password?01:13
joyromI look an usbchi error01:14
BigMikewell if I upgrade from gutsy to hardy it wont run on my computer01:14
AgeManiacplease please pelase help :XX01:14
crazyryanSoftware sources gives me a dialog01:14
Cosworth1kk, what about support though, hardy is LTS isnt it, upto 2011? and intrepid is 2010 isnt it?01:14
AgeManiaci really fucked it up with linux this time :X01:14
crazyryani put in my password and that worked01:14
Jack_Sparrow!ohmy > AgeManiac01:14
ubottuAgeManiac, please see my private message01:14
domosoLets see if a dpkg --purge will get rid of any conf file.01:14
noelferreirahow can i get a XML file for gedit that enables PROLOG syntax higlighting (files .pl) ?01:14
iShockIndyGunFreak: Anything?01:14
crazyryanstill cant access services tho01:14
Joltermgolisch: damn i was stupid01:14
Pirate_HunterGh0sty: that looks handful do you mind sharing the link01:14
Gh0styAgeManiac: please ask your question and we'll answer if we know anything ...01:14
nickrudcrazyryan, then the sudo subsystem is working. I'm not sure about why the button would be greyed out ....01:14
Joltermgolisch: really stupid01:14
AgeManiacsorry Jack_Sparrow :X01:15
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: hold on ... trace it back in my history01:15
AgeManiacwell, its a bit long01:15
Joltermgolisch: it was commented01:15
joyromanybody help me?01:15
Pirate_HunterGh0sty: ok01:15
Morchubooperillux1: awstats is a common way to get web stats for your sites.01:15
iShockSo, Xubuntu isn't detecting a blank DVD I put in, any idea why? I try to burn it, brasero doesn't find it.01:16
mgolischJolter: lol01:16
Jack_SparrowiShock, Are you the only user in your system01:16
Gh0styPirate_Hunter:  http://thorstenl.blogspot.com/2007/01/thls-irssi-notification-script.html01:16
AgeManiaci was trying to install sound drivers from my motherbord cd (which included linux drivers) to play et because i had no sound, anyway, i went agead and installed them as root, then i restarted the pc and when i want to log in a window pops up and says: Start IM tough im01:16
iShockJack_Sparrow: Yeah, why?01:16
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: you need to also read the comments, there is even a slightly better frontend proposed, i tested it and it works nicely :)01:17
Jack_SparrowiShock, Just wanted to make  sure your user had burn rights to the cd01:17
iShockJack_Sparrow: Should I sudo k3b and see if it can read it?01:17
nickrudcrazyryan, that's part of the policykit authorization system, which I'm not familiar with, sorry01:17
Jack_SparrowiShock, give it a shot01:17
iShockJack_Sparrow: Should the light on my drive stay lit?01:18
Pirate_HunterGh0sty: ty really loving wmii especially default keys, allows straight use from install compared to the other ones i tried :'(01:18
Cosworth1it may be a bad disc, i find ubuntu doesnt seem to pick up cheap media to well iShock01:18
Jack_SparrowiShock, I would not think so01:19
mgolischiShock: no, if it does that it probably means the drive cant read/identify the media01:19
AgeManiaci was trying to install sound drivers from my motherbord cd (which included linux drivers) to play et because i had no sound, anyway, i went agead and installed them as root, then i restarted the pc and when i want to log in a window pops up and says: Start IM tough /etc/XII/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL linked to /etc/XII/xinit/xinput.d/default, /usr/bin/seahorse_agent: error while loading shared...01:19
AgeManiac...libraries: libasound.so.2 cannot open shared object file, no such file or directory01:19
AgeManiacthats my problem :x01:19
iShockJack_Sparrow: Nope, not detected as root, any where else I can look to see if Xubuntu itself can detect it?01:19
Cosworth1you need to try more then one disc01:20
Jack_SparrowiShock, does your bios see it01:20
Cosworth1to narrow it down01:20
iShockJack_Sparrow: Not a clue, how do I check?01:20
iShockCosworth1: I have.01:20
Cosworth1ah right k01:20
iShockI'm on like #8 now ..01:20
Jack_SparrowiShock, on boot it should show up, can the drive read a regular cd..01:20
fprintfAnyone feel like offering some help on a PCI Wireless card resume from suspend issue?01:20
Cosworth1have you checked for firmware updates for the drive iShock01:20
iShockJack_Sparrow: Yeah, no problem watching House on it, so it can even read DVDs.01:21
mgolischfprintf: whats the problem=01:21
=== BLZ is now known as n00b-helper
mgolischiShock: the media is probably incompatible01:21
IndyGunFreakmgolisch: thats something i hadn't considered..01:21
fprintfmgolisch, the wireless PCI card works great when I do a cold boot. However the card is not recognized upon resume from standby.01:21
iShockmgolisch: Why would it be? It's DVD-R01:21
MorchubooiShock: Try installing k3b or another burning program - might have better luck. Saying that, they are all front ends to the same tools. might be worth a go though01:22
Jack_SparrowiShock, k3b and brasero .. neither see it as a burner.. so no idea other than try a different brand of disk01:22
Gh0styfprintf: if you click left on your network manager, disable wifi01:22
Gh0styand then enable wifi again, does that work then ?01:22
iShockIt didn't work ... God <beep>, computers suck.01:22
mgolischiShock: you want to burn a dvd image right?01:22
fprintfI have tried shutting down "networking" in my /etc/default/acpi-support folder01:22
iShockmgolisch: Yeah, I got this shiny Windows 7 ISO sitting here01:22
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
fprintfGh0sty, no, it doesn't. The only thing that works is unplugging the card and plugging it back in.01:23
mgolischiShock: try sudo cdrecord dev=/dev/sr0 /path/to/file.iso01:23
Gh0styiShock: then its simple, its the iso that sucks :d01:23
MorchubooiShock: Its probably just protesting then ;)01:23
Jonyi need help with my gnomenu01:23
Cosworth1wow fuoco tools, converting xvid to flv for wii, file is over twice the normal size :S01:23
mgolischiShock: if you have multiple drives try sr1 and so on to find the dvd burner01:23
n00b-helperJony:  how so?01:23
AgeManiacis there a way to restore the previous driver?01:24
iShockmgolisch: If I'm getting the ISO from a Windows share, what's the file path?01:24
Gh0stysmb://windowspc/something ?01:24
mgolischiShock: you have to mount the share or copy it local first01:24
iShockmgolisch: It's mounted.01:25
mgolischcdrecord doenst wotk with gnome vfs paths01:25
helois luks the preferred way to encrypt a drive?01:25
Gh0styk3b does i think?01:25
MorchubooiShock: copy it to your home folder first then try again01:25
n00b-helperhelo:  it depends on the type of encryption.  is it a system volume or a non-system volume?01:25
Gh0styhelo: by far the best solution up to now01:25
iShockMorchuboo: Takes hours to copy a 2.44GB file.01:25
Pirate_Hunterhow do i reatach moc once i detach with q and can i use commands in terminal to control moc without going back into it?01:25
iShockmgolisch: It's mounted!01:25
storm-zenEvery time I open a terminal in intrepid, and I do something where it beeps at it, it keeps dumping my desktop.  Can I stop this unfriendly behavior?01:26
n00b-helperhelo:  truecrypt01:26
n00b-helperhelo:  without a doubt =)01:26
MorchubooiShock: if it takes hours to copy local, it still has to do that to burn it. the data needs to go through your machine.01:26
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: you reattach by running mocp. and yes you can use commands to control moc without it open.01:26
iShockMorchuboo: The share is mounted.......01:26
mgolischiShock: did you use the connect to server thing? then its not mounted01:26
unopstorm-zen, dumping the desktop?  what do you mean?01:26
Morchubooburning disks should always be done from local.01:27
CameronHi.  I have a netbook (dell mini) and when I switch users the wireless connection stops working. Looks like the wireless manager of the new user account isn't able to take over the network configuration from the other user.01:27
iShockmgolisch: Then why is there an unmount option?01:27
storm-zenunop: The entire desktop environment restarts.01:27
AgeManiaci was trying to install sound drivers from my motherbord cd (which included linux drivers) to play et because i had no sound, anyway, i went agead and installed them as root, then i restarted the pc and when i want to log in a window pops up and says: Start IM tough /etc/XII/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL linked to /etc/XII/xinit/xinput.d/default, /usr/bin/seahorse_agent: error while loading shared...01:27
AgeManiac...libraries: libasound.so.2 cannot open shared object file, no such file or directory01:27
storm-zenunop: Like I hit ctrl-alt-backspace, except that I didn't.01:27
AgeManiacis there a way to restore it or something? :x01:27
MorchubooiShock: but still needs to move the contents from the mounted directory to the DVD. so still transfering the data.01:27
unopstorm-zen, hmm /  xset b off01:27
JeffTaylorHi, I'm switching from 32 bit to 64 bit ubuntu, and I'm wondering if it's possible to just reuse my old home directory exactly as is...  Or will things blow up?01:27
=== ph33rz3 is now known as ph33rz
Gh0stystorm-zen: disable terminal bell perhaps ?01:27
iShockMorchuboo: I somehow feel you're an idiot, you just want me to sit here for the next 10-12 hours ..01:28
mgolischiShock: i highly recommend putting it localy first, network problems might screw your burn01:28
iShockmgolisch: No network problems ...01:28
storm-zenGh0sty, unop: Those are good ways to treat the symptom.  How do I fix the problem and still have beeps in the terminal?01:28
Gh0stythats something else ... :p01:28
mgolischiShock: it basicaly doesnt make a difference, the burning program needs to transfer the whole file anyways..01:28
ubottuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..01:29
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: thanx needed to make sure on the -h page i only found how to detach :p, what would be the standard command in terminal to play next song in moc?01:29
iShockmgolisch: I'll find you and murder you if this doesn't work.01:29
AgeManiaci am flemish :x01:29
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: mocp -f (play next song)01:29
storm-zenGh0sty: unop:  You may have guessed that didn't work..01:30
Gh0stylol AgeManiac01:30
mgolischfprintf: what doesnt work after resume?01:30
Gh0styAgeManiac: so am i01:30
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: try mocp --help01:30
mgolischfprintf: and what driver is used?01:30
patx|afkhow do i get the adobe flash player? I have tried downloading from the adobe site, get the flashpuggin-nonfree package, and the ubuntu restricted package, but I still can't watch YouTube videos. What should I do?01:30
Gh0stystorm-zen: ok check your logs when it happens? what does it say?01:30
mgolischfprintf: does it work after reloading the kernel modules?01:30
=== patx|afk is now known as patx
AgeManiacwell, hope you can help me with my little problem after storm-zen :p01:30
mgolischpatx: do you use noscript or something?01:30
n00b-helperpatx|afk:  did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras?01:31
dr_willispatx,  install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package. it will instll flash and more01:31
unopstorm-zen, i'm not sure what's causing that - you might want to file a bug report.  see !bug01:31
MorchubooiShock: ok - cdrecord - the program that is used to do the burning still needs the entire contents of the image so it can burn it to the DVD. It gets this over the mounted network drive so is transfering the entire image anyway. If you do it yourself first then the write performance will be much better01:31
Gh0stypatx: in firefox about:plugins lists flash?01:31
dr_willispatx,  you do NOT  need to or want to download it from the adobe site01:31
patxfirst two: no01:31
storm-zenGh0sty: what log would you check?  xorg?01:31
mgolischpatx: otherwise reinstall flashplugin-nonfree using apt-get to see if it somehow fails01:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swf01:31
fprintfmgolisch, my TEW-441PC PCI wireless card. I don't know how to check what wireless module it is using to see if it is reloading. I just plugged it in and in worked.01:31
storm-zen... wait... don't want to open a term to do this...01:31
ubottuShockwave is currently only available for Windows. To run it under !Wine, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Shockwave01:31
Gh0stystorm-zen: dmesg, /var/log/messages and xorg01:31
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: im reading the man page and there is no explanation in running moc through terminal01:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swfdec01:32
storm-zenGh0sty: How do I check dmesg without opening a term?01:32
MorchubooiShock: It maky take you ages to transfer it but it wont burn until you do01:32
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: what do you mean?01:32
slipstIf I find a bug in the save dialog or open dialog, then I'm supposed to file that as a nautilus bug right?01:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:32
Gh0stystorm-zen: there is also /var/log/dmesg ?01:32
majnoonthat was for me01:33
iShockmgolisch: It still remains that Ubuntu isn't seeming to detect my DVD ..01:33
mgolischfprintf: what does it look like in lspci? maybe put the complete output onto nopaste service01:33
storm-zenGh0sty: Ok, thanks.. Didn't know where it was located.01:33
mgolischiShock: thats why i told you to use cdrecord01:33
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: np just worked out how to do it wasnt thinking nvm01:33
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: :) np01:33
symptomI am trying to play swf files on Intrepid totem, vlc, avidemux, mplayer dont work at all.  SWFdec works for a few seconds then crashes.01:33
symptomlittle help?01:34
Gh0stysymptom: did you install codecs from medibuntu?01:34
patxstill does not work01:34
iShockmgolisch: How would cdrecord fix that?01:34
JeffTaylorI'm switching from 32 bit to 64 bit ubuntu, and I'm wondering if it's possible to just reuse my old home directory exactly as is...  Or will things blow up?01:34
patxand i am not using noscripts... i dont thnk01:34
fprintfmgolisch, going to look up nopaste now... I have the output from lspci ready.01:34
AgeManiaci was trying to install sound drivers from my motherbord cd (which included linux drivers) to play et because i had no sound, anyway, i went agead and installed them as root, then i restarted the pc and when i want to log in a window pops up and says: Start IM tough /etc/XII/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL linked to /etc/XII/xinit/xinput.d/default, /usr/bin/seahorse_agent: error while loading shared...01:34
AgeManiac...libraries: libasound.so.2 cannot open shared object file, no such file or directory. Is there a way to fish this problem?01:34
symptomwhich codecs? Gh0sty01:35
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: i wonder if wmii window option can do the same now that would be awesome (which apparently is also a tilling/panel wm smaller than wmii)01:35
mgolischiShock: you have to point it at the correct drive, so it eliminates possible problems in detecting the right devicenode to use and stuff01:35
storm-zenGh0sty: I just see pulseaudio messages, so far...01:35
mgolischiShock: and it will mostlikely tell you why it doesnt work if it doesnt01:35
Gh0stysymptom: do a google for medibuntu, it explains on the site how to install another repo with up to  date codecs for playing various video formats, also swf i think ...01:36
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: wmii do what?01:36
iShockWEll, I've copied almost half a GB ..01:36
symptomGh0sty, thanks01:36
Gh0stystorm-zen: well i guess thats just it, for some reason generating sound causes you x to crash? :/01:36
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: nvm it cant do it i have to use terminal ahh that would be too much to aks for01:37
storm-zenGh0sty: Only in the terminal...01:37
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:37
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: sorry, i'm a bit lost as to what you are/were trying to do...01:37
storm-zenGh0sty: I get a beep on IRC every time you say my nick, and can play music without this happening...01:37
fprintfmgolisch, I have pasted lcpci to http://pastebin.com/d300672cd01:38
Gh0stytry in your .bashrc set blength 0 or something (that beep length)01:38
AgeManiaccome on, someone say something atleast :(01:38
Gh0stymaybe that helps storm-zen  ?01:38
fprintfmgolisch, thanks for the recommendation on the service, that is sweet!01:38
Gh0stygoing on a wild guess though ...01:38
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: if i use mod4+p it calls up menu which i thought acted like terminal apparantely it doesnt so i cant control moc like that which is a shame01:38
mgolischfprintf: looks like it has a atheros chip, its mostlikely driven by the madwifi wlan driver01:39
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: oh, you mean dmenu?01:39
fprintfmgolisch, OK, so I guess madwifi is build into Intrepid Ibex now.01:39
j-a-k-edoes anyone know how to set a crossover frequency for pulseaudio?01:40
slipst/home/user   /home is the "parent folder" (right? or is there a better name?) of /home/user, what is /home/user to /home ?01:40
mgolischfprintf: yeah it is01:40
fprintfmgolisch, I can run a modprobe -list, but need some help setting up the wildcard to search for.01:40
dr_willisslipst,   the sub directory or child directory perhaps.01:40
fprintfmgolisch, otherwise it lists *everything* :-)01:40
slipstdr_willis, sub directory! thanks!01:40
mgolischfprintf: the module names start with ath01:41
mgolischatleast thats what i think01:41
fprintfmgolisch, so then 'modprobe -list ath*' should work?01:41
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: huh? whats that i just started using wmii today for like an hour i think so wouldnt know what that is01:41
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: you know what, that is a good idea! i think i'll setup my mocp to be controlled from dmenu too :)01:41
Morchubooj-a-k-e: strictly speaking it is a directory. folders are a windows meme. but yea you are right and im a pedant01:42
fprintfmgolisch, nothing. modprobe -list ath* gives me nothing.01:42
Odd-rationalePirate_Hunter: this is somewhat off-topic... would you like to pm me? or vice versa?01:42
Pirate_HunterOdd-rationale: u pm plz im still dont know how to pm on irssi *dont laugh*01:42
mgolischfprintf: strange01:42
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: /msg somenickname message01:43
* AgeManiac doesnt feel <3 here :(01:43
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: als /help could be interesting for you ;)01:43
ToadlipsNearly at my wits end...anybody wanna help me with an nVidia graphics issue? :)01:43
Pirate_HunterGh0sty: didnt know tere was a command help but thanks for that simple yet useful command01:44
Gh0styAgeManiac: its a very complex problem ... :/01:44
lu6ciferhow do I get midi working in ubuntu/01:44
dr_willis !midi01:44
ubottuTrouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo01:44
mgolischfprintf: does lsmod|grep ath list anything?01:44
Gh0styPirate_Hunter: also the plugin screen_away is very handy (put you auto away when you detach screen)01:44
fprintfmgolisch, yep.01:45
mgolischfprintf: should be ath_pci,ath_hal and some others01:45
fprintfmgolisch, exactly.01:45
Gh0styAgeManiac: tried already something like apt-get --reinstall install libasound ?01:45
AgeManiaclet me try that01:45
Pirate_HunterGh0sty: ive checked it yes it is when im using gnome better than beep which can become annoying01:45
fprintfwlan                  211952  5 wlan_ccmp,wlan_scan_sta,ath_rate_sample,ath_pci01:45
patxwhen i use apt-get i get an error of: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:45
patxwhat should i do?01:46
redrainHi, does alternate installation cd contain disk encryption?01:46
Gh0stypatx: do what it says ? :p01:46
j-a-k-eMorchuboo: I think you got the wrong person??01:46
IndyGunFreakredrain: i think it does.. don't hold me to it though01:46
mgolischfprintf: you might want to try reloading those after a resume and see if it works then, if not nopaste the output of dmesg it might have somekind of error message from the driver in it01:46
Gh0styredrain: yes it does01:46
AgeManiacGh0sty: but, im runing right now on the life cd, is it possible to install it in the ubuntu version in the HD?01:46
patxGh0sty: says i dont have acses01:46
redrainGh0sty, Thank you01:47
fprintfmgolisch, OK, I will try that. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I'll keep plugging away here!01:47
mgolischAgeManiac: yeeeah you need to chroot into the installation on the hdd01:47
ToadlipsGh0sty:  Might you be able to help me with an nVidia driver issue?01:47
Morchubooj-a-k-e: yep i did. do ignore me ;)01:47
Gh0styToadlips: ask your question in the channel ...01:47
Gh0stypatx access to what?01:48
AgeManiacmgolisch: any idea how do i do that? :X01:48
ToadlipsGh0sty: OK!01:48
Gh0stypatx with sudo in front ofcourse ? :p01:48
Gh0styAgeManiac: hmm you should first chroot your disk-install i think01:48
mgolischAgeManiac: mount the root partition and chroot into it01:48
j-a-k-ehello, does anyone know how to setup a lfe crossover in ubuntu ?01:49
ToadlipsHi All, I installed the 177 version of the nVidia drivers, ran nvidia-xconfig and restarted.  Now, all I have is text mode and a "no screens found" error from xinit01:49
slipstIf I find a bug in the save dialog, open dialog or extract dialog of the archive manager, then I'm supposed to file that as a nautilus bug right?01:49
mgolischToadlips: why did you run nvidia-xconfig? it should work perfectly without that01:50
Gh0styToadlips: what graphics driver do you have?01:50
AgeManiacmgolisch:  hmm, this is something like my 10th time in linux so i dont get it very well :X01:50
Gh0styToadlips: you can see with lspci01:50
AgeManiacmgolisch: how do i mount the partition?01:50
mgolischAgeManiac: using the mount command?01:50
ToadlipsGh0sty: I can see the 2x cards (7800GT in SLI) from lspci01:50
AgeManiacmgolisch: just type chroot?01:51
Toadlipsmgolisch: When I ran nvidia-settings, it told me I should run nvidia-xsettings01:51
Gh0styhmmm no experience with such new cards but i recall seeing problems with pretty new cards ... :/01:51
ToadlipsMgolisch:  I just did what I was told!  :)01:51
melxignospeak spanish01:51
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Gh0styAgeManiac: which disk / partition is your root partition on do you know that?01:52
pieceswhen playing movies in totem it stutters.  How do I fix this?  It normally happens when it is full screen01:52
Gh0styyou should be able to see if you can mount it01:52
mgolischToadlips: id try reverting to the std xorg.conf, it probably made a backup of the file before altering it01:52
Gh0stythen type mount and it will show01:52
=== Mud|afk is now known as Mud|ZzZzZ
Toadlipsmgolisch: I think it might have...I will try that right now...01:52
dotblankHow do I get the Dualshock 3 to work in ubutnu01:52
Gh0styAgeManiac: ok if you have that, just do in a console chroot /dev/something01:52
AgeManiacGh0sty: well, i see it in the explorer with all the folders01:52
mgolischpieces: maybe disable compiz01:52
Gh0styAgeManiac: eh no01:53
dro_I just installed eclipse 3.4 in Inrepid and ran eclipse -clean (because I added in features / plugin packages manually) and it replies eclipse isn't installed. How else can I run -clean?01:53
piecesmgolisch, never tried ill give it a shot01:53
dro_Btw, hello everyone. :D01:53
=== butterz is now known as butt3rz
Gh0styAgeManiac: it should probably be /media/something01:53
Gh0stysince it should be mounted before chrooting into it01:53
Gh0stythen run your commands01:53
dro_Any ideas? Anyone familiar with Eclipse Ganymede?01:54
mgolischdro_: i use it but thats it01:54
AgeManiacGh0sty: so mounting is like switching in the terminal to the other hard drive?01:55
dro_Hrm. Yeah, I'm running short on ideas...01:55
lee1733I am currently using seperate X screens for my dual-monitor setup. Is Xinerama a better option than this? I want to be able to have seperate wallpapers (or stretched across both), 3d rendering on both, and to be able to move windows from one to the other (which i currently cannot do).01:55
Morchuboomelxigno: !spanish01:55
AgeManiacGh0sty: sorry, i know it may be a bit annoying to work with noobs :X01:55
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:55
mgolischdro_: whats the problem?01:55
Hjonthnalguien que hable español?01:55
Gh0styAgeManiac: you first mount your disk (thats just like inserting your cd in the tray, but its a hdd)01:55
n00b-helperAgeManiac:  mounting is making a disk available for read/write01:55
AgeManiacyo hablo espa;ol01:55
VideoSmithGuys, what do I do with a .tar.gz file?01:56
AgeManiacpero este es un canal de ingles01:56
melxignoyo ambien01:56
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:56
AgeManiactienes que ir a #ubuntu-es01:56
Gh0styAgeManiac: then you do a chroot, thats like switching to that disk and that local environment01:56
n00b-helperAgeManiac:  usually it's done automatically (in windows for example) but linux handles volumes differently01:56
Hjonthnentre de pura casualidad01:56
hudnixlee1733: If you're using nvidia, twinview is the best option.01:56
Pirate_Hunterjust right clicked a window in wmii and put it as fullscreen but i cant get it back to normal again, so,eome help me plz?01:56
Toadlipsmgolisch: Changing xorg.conf to a previous version still gave me the same error01:56
n00b-helperAgeManiac:   and we were all n00bs at one point =)01:57
dro_mgolisch: How can I run eclipse -clean for Ganymede? I installed eclipse 3.4 via apt-get, but when I run eclipse -clean, it replies that eclipse isn't installed and tells me to get the one from the repos (which are severly outdated, as I"m sure you know).01:57
VideoSmithGuys, what do I do with a .tar.gz. file?  I'm trying to download something that is apparently transported in .tar.gz form.01:57
Hjonthnuso ubuntu pero no tengo internet asi que ya me voy01:57
melxignohjonth eres varon o hembra01:57
IndyGunFreaklee1733: twinview is pretty easy01:57
Hjonthnm quedo a mirar de que hablan01:57
Hjonthnsoy hombre01:57
Hjonthnde argentina01:57
Cosworth1VideoSmith, extract it01:57
dotblankHow do I get the Dualshock 3 to work?01:57
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:57
mgolischdro_: no idea, i installed eclipse in my homedir01:57
Cosworth1right click - extract01:57
Gh0stydro_: you should have used developer builds, not install shit from source01:58
VideoSmithbingo thanks!01:58
lee1733IndyGunFreak: Do I need an extra tool to be able to have separate wallpapers?01:58
unopGh0sty, language01:58
dro_mgolisch, so did I. So, does that mean I don't have to run -clean?01:58
knapris all kernel stuff C and asm? what is the rest? C and C++? what exactly is written in python in ubuntu? just highlevel stuff like simple GUI-apps or more heavy stuff too? isnt one packaging-system to some linux-distro written in python?01:58
AgeManiacwell, im right now at the terminal, /home/ubuntu (from the cd live) so i just type in the terminal chroot apt-get --reinstall install libasound01:58
VideoSmithWait now what?  It is showing me a list of files.01:58
mgolischdro_: what does that -clean do?01:58
Gh0stydro_: you have alternate repos with much newer builds if you install ubuntu tweak01:58
gerobEvening, I am looking for someone too guide me through getting my nvidia geforce 8600 gt installed in Ubuntu 8.10!01:58
Stormy-I try to install Ubuntu 8.10 by an ISO.. and by CD to.. but it starts downloading data from Internet instead of using from CD.01:58
Hjonthnalguien sabe como puedo modificar la resolucion de mi monitor01:58
Stormy-can anyone help me in this?01:58
Cosworth1VideoSmith well that depends on what it is and how you install it01:59
mgolischToadlips: how does that xorg.conf look like?01:59
symptomGh0sty, after I install the non-free-codecs from medibuntu still no luck01:59
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
n00b-helpergerob:  try envyng... it's not officially supported, but it works well in my experience01:59
dro_mgolisch:  it makes eclipse review the features / plugin folders to check and apply updated packages01:59
n00b-helperAgeManiac, what are you trying to do?01:59
symptomGh0sty, with the SWF files that is01:59
Stormy-I try to install Ubuntu 8.10 by an ISO.. and by CD to.. but it starts downloading data from Internet instead of using from CD.01:59
dro_Gh0sty: How'd I do that? I was asking about this earlier and was suggested to just get the 3.4 version from apt-get01:59
dro_I'm always open to new ideas...01:59
dro_Especially ones that limit / eliminate me having to manually update packages...02:00
n00b-helperStormy-  do you mean it does that to install software and updates?02:00
unopknapr, lot of GNOME is written in python (except perhaps the libraries) same with KDE .. lot of APT is written in perl, python and C02:00
jorvis_I recently switched from gentoo -> ubuntu, but keep having wireless problems.  It stops working but the Network Manager still shows I have a strong connection.  I have to restart each time - what logs should I be looking in to help find the problem?02:00
Toadlipsmgolisch:  It's got stuff in it, but I'm new to the xorg.conf file!  Would you like me to pastebinit?02:00
Morchubooknapr: the kernel is all C and asm. gnome is mostly C. KDE is mostly c++. Python is used for a lot of gui tools and programs.02:00
AgeManiacn00b-helper: trying to reinstall the sound driver because it wont let me use the ubuntu installed in the HD, so right now im in the live cd trying to repair the static ubuntu :x02:00
mgolischToadlips: yeah do that02:00
Pirate_Hunterjust right clicked a window in wmii and put it as fullscreen but i cant get it back to normal again, anyone knows how to get window back to original size?02:00
dro_Gh0sty, should I just google ubuntu tweak?02:00
snowveilI just put in a new SATA drive in addition to my current partitioned IDE drive, and now a current partition on the IDE drive will not mount02:00
Stormy-n00b-helper : Im doing a fresh install through WUBI.. it starts downloading the data and not using the ISO + CD.02:00
Gh0stydro_: search for ubuntu tweak with google, install it (its a deb file) open that one, then start that tool, its pretty self explanetory02:00
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n00b-helperStormy-  i thought that was normal...02:00
Gh0stysymptom: sorry not really sure then02:01
gTeai installed the vim-full package: sudo apt-get install vim-full, and when I run vim in easy mode: vim -y, gVim opens up in easy mode. I'm wondering how the -y option that's added to vim serves as a link to gVim so I can run vim from the terminal in easy mode with vim -y. Any help is appreciated.02:01
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
n00b-helperAgeManiac:  you're trying to reinstall pulse audio?02:01
Stormy-any help regarding it?02:01
Gh0styi'm off to bed, its 3am here, g'nite02:01
Hjonthn :(02:01
AgeManiacn00b-helper:  its libasound.s0.202:01
Toadlipsmgolisch: http://pastebin.com/f682956602:01
fprintfmgolisch, I found an error in my dmesg about ath_hal 'proprietary' taints kernel. Other than that, I don't see anything. I might have to just live with plugging and uplugging the card.02:01
n00b-helperStormy- i thought that was normal though for updates and software02:01
dro_Gh0sty: Thanks, I'll check 'em out.02:01
VideoSmithWhat I'm trying to load is kdenlive.  It's like Linux's WMM.02:01
Stormy-I installed the same in another pc.. it worked fine :o02:02
Stormy-Why not on this system, I even downloaded the 64bit version ISO.02:02
TriksterCan anyone help me find my www dir for my server?02:02
Stormy-it also gives the same.02:02
n00b-helperStormy- does the install complete?02:02
fwaokdahow can i get ubuntu to repair my harddisk??02:02
jorvis_Trikster: /var/www ?02:02
Stormy-it will take days to complete.. my internet is not that fine.02:02
mgolischToadlips: id try to get back to the original xorg.conf, this one doesnt look like it is02:02
mdgI have to reset my smb password after every few times I connect.  (Ubuntu 8.10).  Any one ever have this issue?02:02
MorchubooTrikster: default is /var/www/html02:03
Triksterjorvis_, no, it isn't there.02:03
TriksterNor there.02:03
n00b-helperStormy- i see... and you said this was using wubi?02:03
Stormy-I want to keep XP for my games, thats why using Wubi.02:03
Stormy-I have both the versions, 32bit and 64bit.. tried both of them.02:03
mgolischToadlips: i think if you boot the recovery entry in grub it has an option to fix the xserver, i think it replaces the xorg.conf with the default allmost empty one02:03
Stormy-ISO + Cds.02:03
unopgTea, vim -y  enables "click and type"  which isn't available in the terminal - so i guess, that's why gvim is used02:04
CoJaBomdg: I have one SMB share that won't connect at all02:04
butt3rzmdg: i think that samba disconnects after a short period of time if not used by default02:04
MorchubooTrikster: try looking in the config file for the site. Should be /etc/apache2/sites-available/ the file will have the base directory in it (document root directive).02:05
TriksterOh, wow, sorry jorvis_ and Morchuboo I am part blind, I didn't see it at the very bottom.02:05
TriksterI don't use Apache :O02:05
dotblankHow do I get the Dualshock 3 to work in ubuntu?02:05
mgolischdotblank: tried google?02:06
gTeaunop: i'm pretty certain that click and type mode is available from the terminal02:06
sdfjhjkgem install xdcc-fetch02:06
mdgbutt3rz, I'm ok with a disconnect, but it takes an smbpasswd everytime.  I'll look at the smb.conf to see if there is anything about a timeout.02:07
BobPenguinHello there. I have not been able to update my wine install for a while now, it seems there is a problem with the dependencies. Any hints? I get this message on the update manager: W: Failed to fetch http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/pool/main/w/wine/wine_1.1.12~winehq0~ubuntu~8.04-0ubuntu1_i386.deb Could not connect to localhost:4001 ( - connect (111 Connection refused)02:07
dotblankmgolisch: but to not much luck02:07
gTeaunop, :set mouse=a enables mouse positioning, and the other options set for easy mode should enable vim to act like a click and type editor, even in the terminal, no?02:07
mgolischBobPenguin: looks like a wrong proxy server is set up02:08
Digital8Is there a command to reveal what processor model is being used in Ubuntu? (e.g. Core2Duo E6500)02:08
mgolischDigital8: cat /proc/cpuinfo02:08
VideoSmithHey guys, a problem with a .tar.gz file.  I extracted from it and it made another folder.  I don't know what to do next.02:08
MorchubooBobPenguin: it looks like you were using a proxy, on port 4001 but it is no longer running02:08
butt3rzmdg: man smbpasswd02:08
unopgTea, yea, but it's also mappings like ctrl+c, ctrl+v, etc that are somewhat obtuse in a terminal - i'm not sure about this tho, you might like to ask in #vim02:08
mgolischVideoSmith: look in the folder? follow the instructions there or follow instructions from site/person you got the file drom02:09
techsupportis anyone here familiar with hlstatsx ?02:09
BobPenguinoh, ok. I played with some prosyx a while ago, but i'm not using any now. Can I fix this on synaptic?02:09
gTeaunop, thanks for your time02:09
mgolischBobPenguin: in the setting in synaptic disable the proxy there02:09
BobPenguinthanks a lot mgolish02:10
BobPenguinthanks a lot mgolisch02:10
Toadlipsmgolisch:  I ran dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:10
dotblankmgolisch: I have a dualshock 3. will it behave the same as a SIXAXIS02:10
mgolischdotblank: plug it in and try?02:10
MorchubooBobPenguin: yep - in synaptic select Settings-->Preferences. The proxy should be specified on the network tab02:10
dotblankmgolisch: it works plugged in but I can't find it in bluetooth02:11
unopgTea, apparently you can source  evim.vim within a vim session to make it behave in easy mode - as per  :help easy02:11
lwizard1is there a application to download flickr albums?02:11
Toadlipsmgolisch: startx still give me the same error "no screens found" :(02:11
mgolischnothing more?02:11
mgolischthe whole logfile would be helpful02:12
venportI have a noob question: My display is stuck at 800x600 but i know it will go a lot larger, (around 1680x1050). Anyone willing to help me fix this?02:12
unopgTea, how do you exit vim when it's like that? :)02:12
mgolischToadlips: its /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:13
rayluwhat should i use to calculate crc3 checksums (of files)?02:13
R0b0t1I've been trying to reset my system time (as Ubuntu doesn't allow you to pick central, for some reason...), however, once I restart, the changes are lost.02:13
Toadlipsmgolisch:  Thanks!!  Here it is....http://pastebin.com/f30eee57b02:13
butt3rzvenport: try system/preferences/screen resolution02:13
unopmgolisch, yea, though ESC doesn't take you into normal mode anymore02:13
mgolischunop: ok i dont use vim that often02:13
mgolischToadlips: nopaste the complete logfile02:14
gh0st2vim is your god02:14
venportbutt3rz Thanks I did that, but it only lists the 800x600 and somthing like 800x640, but my windows computer (connected to the same monitor via kvm) will go to to 1680x105002:14
dotblankmgolisch: I ran hidd --server --nocheck -n and it found the dualshock 3 however jstest shows it unresponsive02:14
Morchuboovenport: sounds like X is failing to DDC probe your monitor properly. Might need to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf - what monitor do you have02:14
Toadlipsmoglisch: sorry about that!  Here it is: http://pastebin.com/f77631bf902:15
venportI have an acer AL2216wbd02:15
Jack_Sparrowvenport, what video card?02:15
Morchuboovenport: that will likely be the issue. ddc probes through kvms often fail.02:16
butt3rzvenport: what is your video card?  did you try to update your video driver?02:16
venportJack_sparrow: just the POS built into the motherboard02:16
Morchuboovenport: to test, try plugging the monitor directly to the machine and rebooting.02:16
R0b0t1I've been trying to reset my system time (as Ubuntu doesn't allow you to pick central, for some reason...), however, once I restart, the changes are lost.02:16
venportBut it went to a larger Resolution before i installed Ubunto02:16
mgolischToadlips: it try to use the vesa driver, put a driver "nvidia" line somewhere in the device section in xorg.conf and try to run xserver again02:16
Jack_Sparrowvenport, it still has a chipset, and please lose the pox type of comments02:16
gTeaunop, Ctrl-o allows you a one-off in command mode ;)02:17
slipstraylu, libarchive-zip-perl02:17
Toadlipsmgolisch:  literally just the word "nvidia" in the device section?02:17
mgolischno : driver "nvidia"02:17
slipstraylu, then you do 'crc32 filename'02:17
venportOh sorry did not know that was an issue, (will not happen again), not sure what the video card is i'll have to take a look. I'll try going around the KVM02:18
jorvis_anyone know where logs for wireless are found?02:18
venportThanks,, i'm sure i'll be back02:18
unopgTea, that's horrible :)  -- anyway.    vim -S $(locate evim.vim | tail -1)02:18
butt3rzR0b0t1: try system/administration/time and date02:19
Cosworth1one last thing before i go if thats ok guys, thanks for the last answer. I need to make a bin bash txt file to autostart a program, is there a way to make it wait before it starts like wait 5 first then the rest of the code needed?02:19
unopgTea, you could create an alias for that.   alias evim='vim -S $(locate evim.vim | tail -1)'02:19
Cosworth1i have an app that loads first before i want it to02:20
mgolischCosworth1: sleep number_of_seconds02:20
MorchubooCosworth1:  sleep 502:20
Cosworth1mgolisch, many thanks :)02:20
cesar_boHello, I am using intrepid, starting in recovery mode, how ca n I connect to my network. since I thin using network manager is just for gnome,02:20
Cosworth1Morchuboo thanks as well :)02:20
gTeaunop, it is horrible =(. going for shared screen sessions for collaborative learning though, and i'm trying to get the click and type effect02:20
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.02:21
nickrudno private bots, please02:21
deagscan someone take a look at this if they are good with iptables and routing http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103642302:21
unopgTea, does that not work when you source evim.vim ?02:21
Toadlipsmoglisch: didn't seem to work adding driver "nvidia" to the device section, but I'm rebooting for the heck of it!02:22
SonofC4HELP lol i jus bought a game called "SILVER FALL" and need help getting it to run in Ubuntu02:22
unopgTea, it seems to work for me - the key maps seems to work too02:22
Jack_SparrowSonofC4, A windows game?02:22
SonofC4yessir and i hate windows02:23
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:23
SonofC4i know i have wine02:23
Cosworth1are you a girl?02:23
Jack_SparrowCosworth1, offtopic02:23
gTeaunop, hmm, no. I get the following errors: Error detected while processing command line: E484: Can't open file Session.vim. Press ENTER or type command to continue02:23
Toadlipsmoglisch:  When I first log in, it says "kinit: trying to resume from /dev/mapper/nvidia_eieaciad6"02:23
mgolischiShock: yeah?02:24
gTeaunop, then it proceeds to a regular vim session02:24
Jack_SparrowSonofC4, So you already know to ask in winehq on how to get your game going02:24
Toadlipsmoglisch:  and then "kinit: No resume image, doing normal boot..." and a text logon....02:24
SonofC4i did they sent me here02:24
bluedragonhello room02:24
Jack_SparrowSonofC4, Why would they send you here to get a game running under wine02:24
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:25
unopgTea, hmm - that's odd - and there's no Session.vim on my system or within any ubuntu package.02:25
mgolischToadlips: does the logfile still look the same?02:25
Jack_SparrowSonofC4, HAve you looked in the appsdb for your game02:25
bluedragonhelloo nice to meet ubuntu people lol02:25
gTeaunop, i did install the vim-full package. maybe that could explain it?02:25
bluedragonI have  question if some one can please help me out02:25
iShockmgolisch: Caught you in Windows.02:25
unopgTea, maybe you need to specify the right evim.vim  - that command i gave you uses the last one found - which might not be the right one02:25
SonofC4ehats appsdb02:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:25
storm-zenUmm... I can't type the letter 's' in my terminal anymore.  I can type 'S', but not 's'...02:25
Jack_SparrowSonofC4, Read back I posted the link after your first question02:26
SonofC4k h/o02:26
TheFunkbombhello folks02:26
unopgTea, that doesn't add up either - http://tinyurl.com/9sfxj902:26
Jack_SparrowToadlips, Who is that for02:26
bluedragonI have my nvida drivers and installed and everything and i have the screen resolution set to automatic but everything is still a little big what is it02:26
Toadlipsmoglisch: Sorry!  That's http://pastebin.com/f2bc63f8202:27
TheFunkbombwondering if anyone knows how I can play yahoo literati with ubuntu02:27
venportSweet morchuboo it worked02:27
Toadlipsmoglisch:  Do you see that it doesn't seem to find a primary video card because I have 2?  Is that a problem?02:27
Morchuboobluedragon: If you go to System-->Preferences-->Screen Resolution, can you select another resolution02:27
bluedragonwell it is for a laptop02:27
SonofC4Jack_Sparrow, yah i found it i beleive02:28
Digital8mgolisch: thanks02:28
Jack_SparrowSonofC4, cool.. enjoy02:28
Morchuboovenport: good stuff02:28
bluedragoni have nvidia version 17702:28
SonofC4No im confused what am i supposed to do now download the app?02:28
CoJaBoDoes anyone know if its possible to move mdadm RAID disks to another system?02:28
bluedragonscreen resolution is 1280 X 80002:29
unopgTea, maybe this.   vim -S /usr/share/vim/vimcurrent/evim.vim02:29
CoJaBoDoes anyone know if its possible to move mdadm RAID disks to another system?02:29
gTeaunop, haha, i do no know. Thanks again for taking the time out. I'm curious about the mechanism used when vim -y and evim calls gvim, though02:29
Morchuboovenport: is that how you want it?02:29
CoJaBooops, didn't mean to post that twice :/02:29
lee1733Is there a program that allows you to have seperate wallpapers using a twinview setup? Aside from making one large wallpaper in gimp. My monitors have different resolutions so this doesn't work for me.02:29
gTeaunop, if i could find out where that happens, i'm sure i could change the symbolic link02:29
venportMorchuboo, now is it going to set its self at the lower resolution every time turn it on now that it's plugged back into the KVM? or is there a way to make it stay02:29
fwaokda_whats the command to unmount a drive?02:29
venportMorchuboo at the moment it is02:29
Jack_SparrowCoJaBo, it is supposed to work.. I quit using raid a few years back02:30
bluedragonso would could be with my resolution02:30
gTeaunop, no dice02:30
Jack_Sparrowfwaokda_, umount02:30
unopgTea, i'm sure it's not a symlink .. as the help topic for 'easy' says - a GUI environment is used if one is available - sounds like vim deciding that for you.02:30
smartguyzflash not working in firfox02:30
fwaokda_Jack_Sparrow, how do i know what to put after it though... how do i find out what my drives label is?02:30
mgolischToadlips: add a line : Busid "1:0:0" to the device section and see if that helps02:30
Morchuboovenport: you will need to add a modeline to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:30
ubottuA Modeline is a config line in the X server configuration file that gives info about a connected display and how to drive it at a specified display resolution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFree86_Modeline for more details. Here are 2 links to generate modelines which fit your monitor: http://bohne-lang.de/spec/linux/modeline/ and http://xtiming.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/xtiming.pl02:30
CoJaBoJack_Sparrow: The problem I had was that on boot the new system immediately began rebuilding it and destroyed all data.02:31
mgolischToadlips: i think the driver is puzzled as it doesnt know which one to use02:31
Jack_Sparrowfwaokda_, sudo fdisk -l  for a start.. man umount for the second but let me see if I have an example for you02:31
butt3rzsmartguyz: did you install the restricted package?02:31
venportMorchuboo, like i said before i'm really new to this (less than 24 hours with linux) how do i change the config file?02:31
venportis there a tut out there02:31
fwaokda_k ty02:31
DigitalFizubuntu rocks!02:32
fwaokda_Jack_Sparrow, would my main drive already be unmounted though if im in on a usb drive?02:32
Jack_SparrowUmount: Example assumes the first partition..../eject /dev/sdc1 and umount /dev/sdc1 (with umount you could also use the mountpoint like umount /media/USBDRIVE02:32
DigitalFizi submitted a bug and it was confirmed and being worked on withen an hour lol02:32
Barridushmmm, can anyone answer an easy and quick (i assume?) question about where to install the boot loader for a dual boot ubuntu/xp box?02:32
exmachina1yay 64bit flash and java released02:32
Jack_SparrowBarridus, mbr02:32
Morchuboovenport: from a terminal (Applications-->Accessories-->Terminal) type "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" this will open the file as admin02:33
BarridusJack_Sparrow, so what would that be then out of the options i am presented with02:33
Jack_Sparrowfwaokda_, you can type mount but it spews lots more than you really want02:33
mgolischexmachina1: is that new? theres been java for 64bit for years02:33
CoJaBoDigitalFiz: I submitted a bug in Firefox 2 years ago and it still isn't fixed :P02:33
smartguyzbutt3rz: what's the name of the file?02:33
exmachina1mgolisch, 64bit java-plugoi02:33
matteo_Hi all, i have a RGB cable that connect my new lcd tv to my laptop ( a fujitso amilo PI), my laptop detects the TV but when i apply the new resolution i still see "no signal" on the tv... ANy tips? (with windows all works fine with FN+f4)02:33
exmachina1mgolisch, plugin**02:33
gTeaunop, interesting. Wouldn't that be accomplished with some logic that looks for (gvim) and if it's found, it runs it instead of vim. If so, finding where that logic is and modifying might help, no?02:33
Barridusi can pick sdb, sdb1 through sdb402:34
Morchuboovenport: before you open the file back it up! "sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup"02:34
Jack_SparrowBarridus, single drive or dual.. and it doesnt offer to install grub on mbr..  or are you trying to restore/repair grub02:34
exmachina1mgolisch, you basically don't need nspluginwrapper anymore for flash/java02:34
venportOK will do morchuboo02:34
Morchuboothen read the info about modelines and add the one you want02:34
Toadlipsmgolisch: I cannot believe it!!!  Do you know how long I've been trying to get this to work???? :)02:34
Jack_SparrowBarridus, Do you have one drive or two?02:34
BarridusJack_Sparrow, i'm just trying to install an ubuntu partition (or set of them with swap, boot, /02:34
Toadlipsmgolisch:  Thank you so much for your assistance!!  I really appreciate it!!02:34
gilHey,I'm getting choppy video playback in full screen (Ubuntu 8.04) and I'm getting the impression that it's due to my ATI card. Does anyone know if that'd be the case?02:34
venportGreat thanks lots of help02:35
Barridusi did so but it just skips right by and boots into xp02:35
bluedragonAny one have a solution for a the display being to big i have nvdia drivers install version 177 currenty display mode is 1280 X 800 but everthing still kind of big in windows it perfect plz help02:35
Barridusso i'm assuming i put the boot loader in the wrong place02:35
TheFunkbombNew question.  It seems as though I will only need XP for CS2 and Firefox to play Literati.  Is there an easy way to resize the partition to give Ubuntu more room?02:35
n00b-helpergil:  could be... what drivers have you installed? or are you using the standard driver?02:35
Morchuboovenport: no prob02:35
fwaokda_Jack_Sparrow, well my ubuntu and windows vista both wont boot due to the hdd being messed up I believe. I'm wanting to repair it (thinking its bad sectors or something like that) In windows I'd use chkdsk. What is the equivalent in ubuntu?02:35
dotblankHow do I determine the Product ID of a connected bluetooth device02:35
mgolischToadlips: i had problems like that before, thats why i guessed it needs that busid thing02:35
exmachina1TheFunkbomb, resizing your partition is NOT a trivial tisk02:35
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot02:35
mgolischToadlips: you are welcome02:36
exmachina1it's a VERY VERY non-trivial task02:36
TheFunkbombexmachina1, I figured as much :(02:36
techsupportcan someone help me installing HlstatsX ?02:36
exmachina1TheFunkbomb, it would be easier to just copy everything you need to a hard drive and just re-inall02:36
giln00b-helper: I didn't manually download any drivers, I went into Hardware Drivers, and enabled "ATI accelerated graphics driver" and it download them for me02:36
Barridusi wish i had an idea what to pick here02:36
Toadlipsmgolisch: I think I'll try to find some documentation on how to configure the xorg.conf file so that I can be a little more self-reliant and maybe return the favor to someone else! :)02:36
giln00b-helper: So, I guess that's standard, right?02:37
=== thebleh is now known as ZakK--
TheFunkbombexmachina1, ugh.  I was hoping that wasn't the case.02:37
n00b-helperyes it would be standard02:37
Jack_SparrowBarridus, I asked a couple times how many drives..02:37
Barridusoh i must have misunderstood02:37
Barridusthere are ... 4 drives on this box02:37
smartguyzbutt3rz: what's the name of the file?  I installed macromedia flash plugin....02:37
Barridus2 internal, two usb02:37
Jack_SparrowBarridus, windows and ubuntu on internals?02:38
Barriduswell only one drive is a system drive02:38
Jack_SparrowBarridus, I dont care aboutdata drives just os02:38
Barridusthe others are just for data/madia02:38
Barridusas far as i'm aware, i just need to deal with the one02:38
giln00b-helper: Are there other drivers I should be using or is there something else I should be looking at to get video playing smoothly?02:38
n00b-helpergil:  see my private message02:39
Barridusand need to pick which partition or what not to put the boot loader?02:39
Jack_SparrowBarridus, agreed are both win and ubu on the same drive and which drive is it02:39
Barridusit appears to be sdb, and i want both on one02:39
Jack_SparrowBarridus, is your system set to boot windows on that second drive position..02:40
Jack_SparrowBarridus, assuming windows is sdb102:40
Barridusi would assume so as it just does so without my say so02:40
Barridusyes xp is on sdb102:40
butt3rzsmartguyz: i think it is flashpluggin-nonfree02:41
Jack_SparrowBarridus, and xp has booted from there so sdb is the mbr you want to write grub into02:41
VideoSmithGuys I've got a bit of a problem that I tried to have answered before but didn't get too much of an answer.  I am working on downloading this program.  I got a .tar.gz file and when I extracted, it gave me a folder.  Where do I go from here?02:41
smartguyzflash not working in firefox, can anyone help me had to reload ubuntu02:41
Jack_SparrowBarridus, sda1 is the normal boot drive for windows02:41
BarridusJack_Sparrow, ok so i pick SDB?  the description of such is what appears to be a serial number for the drive hardware02:41
Jack_SparrowVideoSmith, read the instructions on the site where you downloaded that program02:42
smartguyzDedicated UBUNTU 8.04 system02:42
BarridusJack_Sparrow, its size appears to be the full size of the drive, not a partition02:42
kelbizzleVideoSmith: or look for and install.txt inside the folder02:42
Jack_SparrowBarridus, that would be uuid02:42
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:42
smartguyzhad everything working but decided to get rid of XP02:42
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  Ah I've got something there.02:42
kelbizzleVideoSmith: or a readme.txt02:42
butt3rzsmartguyz: i think it is flashplugin-nonfree02:42
Jack_SparrowBarridus, are you running the ubuntu livecd installer program02:42
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  it gave me this:  cmake . (If you want to install in a different path, use instead: cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/install/path) make  To install, become root:  sudo make install (enter root password at prompt)02:43
BarridusJack_Sparrow, for hardy02:43
smartguyzhad it working in 7.0502:43
Jack_SparrowBarridus, hardy is fine..02:43
smartguyznow I upgraded to 8.04 not working....02:43
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:43
Mr_Integralkinda off topic but: does any one know if i buy a domain from godaddy.com and a webserver if they will have php and mysql loaded allready or do i need to install them some how?02:44
Jack_SparrowBarridus, but if it is not seeing your windows partition I would back out of the installer02:44
kelbizzleVideoSmith: ok just type in a terminal window cd /home/kelbizzle/path-to-folder02:44
BarridusJack_Sparrow, it is02:44
kelbizzleVideoSmith: then type sudo make then sudo make install02:44
butt3rzsmartguyz: or try ubuntu-restricted-extras02:44
zachHi, which video driver should i choose when install arch in virtualbox?02:44
BarridusJack_Sparrow, i can list what it says completely if that makes a difference02:44
kelbizzleMr_Integral:  it will be preinstalled already02:44
Jack_SparrowBarridus, sudo fdisk -l  will help me  from a terminal session02:45
kelbizzleMr_Integral: they set it up02:45
Jack_Sparrowlast letter is L02:45
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  thanks m8 :)02:45
kelbizzleVideoSmith: your welcome homie!02:45
BarridusJack_Sparrow, well that'll be hard to do i think, as i'm not on that box and i can't find a way to get into a terminal session02:45
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  lol02:46
zirodayMr_Integral: asking in #ubuntu-offtopic might be better02:46
BarridusJack_Sparrow, that box is just sitting at the "advanced options" of the livecd installer02:46
Jack_SparrowBarridus, ctrl-alt-F1 or 2  or 3 or 4 etc  and F7 to get out02:46
krazedMr_Integral: They will.02:46
giorgioscusate se rompo un'altra vola ma mi serve di nuovo il link della chat in italiano02:46
bluedragonanyone know a good tutorial make your ubuntu like the matrix lol02:46
Jack_SparrowBarridus, if you are booting XP on sdb1 fine then write to the mbr of sdb02:46
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  slight problem02:47
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.02:47
VideoSmithIt gave me that.02:47
Jack_Sparrowbluedragon, See gnome-look.org02:47
kelbizzleVideoSmith: just try sudo make install02:47
bluedragonlooked there couldn't find a matrix  theme02:47
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:47
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  alright foo (lol)02:47
kelbizzleVideoSmith: HAHAHA MY NIG!02:47
kelbizzleCould someone help me troubleshoot a sound issue? I have a Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02). All the clues say it should be working.02:48
BarridusJack_Sparrow, well i hit ctrl-alt-f1 as you said, it appears to be hung at "loading please wait"02:48
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  cmon m8 lets go hit Microsoft.02:48
VideoSmithlol jk02:48
n00b-helperkelbizzle:  have you checked to see if it's supported?02:48
kelbizzlen00b-helper: yes sir alsa said it is.02:48
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  sorry it still says this:  make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.02:49
BarridusJack_Sparrow, should i just bounce the box and start over, and put boot loader on sdb?02:49
VideoSmithThis thing is getting pretty old.02:50
Jack_SparrowBarridus, I would start over create manually two ext3 and a swap and Personally I would move cables and move sdb  to sda and go for iut02:50
VideoSmithkelbizzle:  I attempted in another root shell (not that it'd help) and it still gives me that.02:51
exmachina1kelbizzle, pastebin lsmod02:51
BarridusJack_Sparrow, i can't switch the cables, they are two different form factors (system is ide, data is sata)02:52
exmachina1kelbizzle, actually , apt-get wgetpastebin02:52
bluedragonhow do i install a themes gnome-look.com gdm themes seem not work only the gtk.2.x02:52
exmachina1er apt-get wgetpaste02:52
Jack_SparrowBarridus, Ok..  mixing ide and sata has its own set of issues..02:52
Jack_SparrowBarridus, SDB it is02:53
exmachina1kelbizzle, then do "lsmod | grep ath | wgetpaste" and "lspci -vv | wgetpaste"02:53
VideoSmithThis is pretty damn dumb.02:53
BarridusJack_Sparrow, ok i will try sdb02:53
Netham45How would I make a partition that takes up the entire drive from the CLI02:53
BarridusJack_Sparrow, it's sort of what my gut told me but i didn't want to bork the os install without asking someone smarter than myself02:54
exmachina1VideoSmith, did you do ./configure02:54
Jack_SparrowNetham45, mkfs02:54
VideoSmithI'll try that02:54
Jack_SparrowBarridus, asking me was your second mistake.. :)02:54
VideoSmithroot@uTimothy:~# sudo make make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.02:54
* Barridus starts sweating02:54
VideoSmithwrong one02:54
exmachina1VideoSmith, did you do ./configure02:54
Netham45Jack_Sparrow, that'll make a filesystem, not a partition02:54
butt3rzbluedragon: drag and drop the archive into the display properties window02:54
Netham45I have an unpartiitoned drive02:54
VideoSmithIt did this:02:54
VideoSmith-su: /configure: No such file or directory02:54
exmachina1no /configure02:55
enovativi want to access my windows directory on my linux box thru samba...do i do this at the command line : smb:///nameofwindowsserver/c$ ?02:55
exmachina1VideoSmith, did you ./configure? the dot is very important02:55
VideoSmith-su: ./configure: No such file or directory02:55
VideoSmithI can see how it can be but it still don't like me.02:55
DigitalFizjrgp, thanks for telling me to submit a bug they already put it as confirmed and are working on it i suppose02:55
Tmobanyone here know how to control the upload speed on a NAT network? i have a user who is uploading too much and slowing down the entire network02:56
Morchubooenovativ: you can do it from nautilus - go to places-->home. When the window opens press ctrl-L. you can put it in the address bar then02:56
Jack_SparrowNetham45,  parted02:56
Netham45Jack_Sparrow, know an easier way?02:56
=== [maurice] is now known as nitridr
bballrdoes anyone know if/when Ubuntu is going to push the kernel 2.6.28 in 8.10?02:56
Jack_SparrowNetham45, livecd and gparted02:57
vocxbballr: probably never, since it makes little sense to have a new kernel. Only security upgrades are available.02:57
Jack_SparrowNetham45,  gparted-livecd02:57
BarridusJack_Sparrow, install is going.  yeah i know this is a "weird" setup but it's something i cobbled together to test to see if ubuntu will work for the purposes a as-of-yet unbuilt new box will need02:57
Morchubooenovativ: you can also go to Places-->Connect to server, similar to a windows mapped drive then. You may have problems accessing the admin shares though so may want to share out the folders you want on the windows server.02:57
Jack_SparrowBarridus, np good luck02:58
bballralright thanks just wondering02:58
Netham45Jack_Sparrow, I'm not local, I'm in through SSH.02:58
enovativMorchuboo: what i was trying to figure out was the correct syntax in accesing that windows directory02:58
Jack_SparrowNetham45, Helps to have all the facts with the question02:58
Jack_SparrowNetham45, Sorry cant help you02:58
enovativMorchuboo: i have been able to do this a few times just forgot what exactly to type in the address bar02:58
dattai have a .dat file which seems to be a RIFF audio file02:58
dattahow can i convert this to make it avi?02:59
enovativMorchuboo: i want to type: smb:///nameofserver/c$ but that is not working02:59
vocxDoes anybody remember a command such as "displayconfig-gtk", "configdisplay-gtk" or some such? I'm trying to set up my screen resolution, but I don't remember this command.02:59
j-a-k-ehi is anyone able to help me fix my menu.list file? I keep on getting a grub error 13 when I try to boot to windows02:59
Jack_Sparrowj-a-k-e, what drive is windows on02:59
Morchubooahh - ok. you will need to create a folder and mount the windows share in that folder03:00
Jack_Sparrowj-a-k-e, gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst                    sudo fdisk -l  to find windows03:00
McFrostySomeone Help me View Youtube on PPC i have Gnash and Totem Plugins installed the videos just turn gray? and dont play whats up with that?03:00
Netham45Jack_Sparrow, seriously? you're going to tell me to give you all the facts when you gave me a response that's not what I asked for? wow.03:01
Morchubooenovativ: mount -t cifs //<server name or ip>/<Share name> -o usrname=<windows user>,password=<password>03:01
Beaonany one avail for some tech support?03:01
Morchubooenovativ: something like that03:01
j-a-k-eJack_Sparrow: windows is on sdc (160 ide master)03:01
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:01
Jack_Sparrowj-a-k-e, and it has booted previously from that partition config03:01
runningduckI am trying to disable maximus, but none of the information I have seen on the web seems to work--sessions applet or removing package.  How does this process get launched?03:02
n00b-helperBeaon: what's your question?03:02
BeaonI would like to install UDF 2.5 support on Ubuntu 8.10, Im a typically linux newb FYI. +)03:02
mgolischrunningduck: its launched from your session03:02
FlannelNetham45: parted is the correct way.03:02
Jack_Sparrowj-a-k-e, set menu to boot hd2,0 for your window install03:02
Jack_SparrowFlannel, But he didnt like that answer03:03
Netham45Flannel, I asked if there was an easier way, I'm unfamiliar with parted.03:03
j-a-k-eJack_Sparrow: I cant say for sure, I just installed 8.10 over 8.0403:03
runningduckmgolisch, thank, but where?  I am fairly new to Ubuntu having used WindowMaker for many years.03:03
j-a-k-eI'll try that, thanks03:03
=== matt is now known as tropicflite
FlannelNetham45: Nope, nothing easier in the CLI03:03
Jack_Sparrowj-a-k-e, set menu to boot hd2,0 for your window install..           and try it03:03
Netham45all I get parted to respond with is, "Unable to open /dev/sdb - unrecognized disk label'03:03
mgolischrunningduck: System-Settings-Session, it should be somewhere there i asume03:03
FlannelNetham45: sudo parted03:03
mgolischrunningduck: atleast thats how i made it start on my eeepc03:04
Netham45Flannel, that's what gave me the error03:04
kelbizzleCould someone help me troubleshoot a sound issue? I have a Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02). All the clues say it should be working. It's recognized in lspci, lshw -c multimedia shows the card and it seems as if the modules are loaded. I have a theory on what might be happening.03:04
att0I am trying to use an application, but the bottom part is not showing (my display is only 1024 x 768). any ideas?03:04
McFrostySomeone Help me View Youtube on PPC i have Gnash and Totem Plugins installed the videos just turn gray? and dont play whats up with that?03:04
Morchubooatt0: if you press alt and drag anywhere on the window it will let you drag it around higher03:05
heloi haven't been able to install the netbook remix following the launchpad instructions... many of the packages are missing after i add the repos to sources.list03:05
att0Morchuboo: Perfect! Thank you03:05
Morchubooatt0: np03:05
storm-zenIs there a command to search apt?  I thought it was apt-search, but it seems that command doesn't exist?  Did my knowledge of other distros creep in?03:05
FlannelNetham45: try cfdisk03:05
tropicfliteatt0 is there an rc file for the app?03:05
Flannelstorm-zen: apt-cache search [stuff]03:05
patxhow can i make a ubuntu mail list?03:05
lespeastorm-zen: apt-cache search03:06
X-722Hail all.03:06
vocxMcFrosty: I don't want to discourage you, but I believe PPC is pretty much dead. I don't think developers care anymore for that architecture.03:06
storm-zenFlannel: lespea:  Thanks.03:06
butt3rzstorm-zen: apt-cache search03:06
mgolischhelo: did you refresh the package cache? like apt-get update ?or click refresh in synaptic?03:06
lespeastorm-zen: apt-cache show also gives you info on a package03:06
Flannelmgolisch: sudo apt-get update03:06
Flannelmgolisch: Oh, sorry03:06
Jack_Sparrowvocx, we dropped it back at edgy03:06
Morchuboohelo: what machine are you trying to install it onto. I have had issues with MSI wind (Advent 4211)03:06
runningduckmgolisch, hmmm, I think Canonical did something odd with my system, a Dell Mini 12 running 8.04+.  maximus is not listed under Startup Programs, only under Current Session.  I have tried many things with the Session applet, but it keeps coming back.  Is there a good ol' fashion text file I can edit to get rid of the thing?03:06
vocxJack_Sparrow: I know. But I believe some people haven't noticed.03:07
BarridusJack_Sparrow, if for some reason i have to do this again, is it possible to skip the system file installation?  it's already there so i'm just redoing it with the boot loader in a useful place03:07
Netham45Flannel, that's exactly the type of utility I was looking for.03:07
tropicfliteapt-cache search (name of package) or category.03:07
storm-zenanyone know if a new tab can be created in gnome terminal without the menu bar being present?  ( It interferes with jed? )03:07
mgolischrunningduck: no idea i installed that stuff manualy on normal ubuntu, how did you install it?03:07
helomgolisch: yeah, i did an aptitude update03:07
Jack_SparrowBarridus, Id let the installer do its' thing03:07
kelbizzlestorm-zen: ctrl+shift t03:07
mgolischhelo: what packages are missing?03:07
heloMorchuboo: hp 1030nr03:07
runningduckmgolisch: it was preinstalled from Dell.03:08
BarridusJack_Sparrow, ok, just seemed redundant.  XD  i'll stop worrying03:08
storm-zenkelbizzle: That's great!  Thanks.  :)03:08
mgolischrunningduck: oh i see03:08
kelbizzlestorm-zen: or you can right click on it03:08
storm-zenkelbizzle: Ah...03:08
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:08
helomgolisch: clutter, clutter-gtk, among others03:09
helolibclutter is there03:09
tropicfliteanyone here using screen?  Can you share your .screenrc file?03:09
mgolischhelo: probably the instructions where for a different version of ubuntu?03:10
GodfatherofEireHow would I add something to my shell's config file?03:10
VideoSmithGuys, it is still doing it.  Are there any more options?  Again, I'm trying to type "sudo make install" and it gives me this:  make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.03:10
borg-queen_i am trying to install kubuntu and the installation seems to go through correctly but when it tries to boot into the system i get "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/77944048-0d30-486d-856f-8da948837dd6 does not exist. dropping to shell"03:10
Digital8videosmith: are you in the right directory?03:10
bluedragonguys whats the best emulator known to ubuntu03:11
helomgolisch: ahh... didn't notice the different release labels... heh thanks03:11
vocxIn Ubuntu 8.04 I remember some graphical interface to specify the monitor model and resolution, it was run from the terminal with "displayconfig-gtk" or something. I can't seem to find access to that interface in Ubuntu 8.10, not from the command line or any other GUI.03:11
Hodappbluedragon: emulator of what?03:11
VideoSmithDIgital8:  What do you mean?03:11
bluedragonlike a super emulator for nintendo03:11
VideoSmithDigital8:  How do I get to the correct directory?03:11
Digital8videosmith: e.g. "cd /home/someplace"03:11
Digital8videosmith: wherever the files are that you are trying to make03:11
VideoSmithDigital8:  alright thanks :)03:12
tropicflitegodFather, do you have a .bashrc?03:12
krazedCan ubuntu use .RPM?03:12
Hodappbluedragon: most of those emulators are at near-perfect fidelity and realtime performance, so "best" isn't particularly meaningful if you regard the consoles as equal03:12
Morchuboobluedragon:  there are plenty. dont do emulation myself - search in add remove programs or synaptic03:12
Cpudan80vocx: yes that is the thing03:12
Cpudan80vocx: gksudo displayconfig-gtk03:12
lespeakrazed: I think if you install alien you can use .rpm's == but I don't know how well it works03:12
Cpudan80vocx: If you edit the menus (right click applications -- edit) its in the other group03:13
tropicflitekrazed, yes it can use rpm.  do a GIS for 'alien'03:13
PlasticmindEvening, everyone!03:13
Morchubookrazed: ubuntu CAN use rpms through alien but results vary. best to find a deb. what are you trying to install?03:13
tropicflitehey plastic03:13
vocxCpudan80: what group?03:13
Cpudan80vocx: Other03:13
Cpudan80vocx: its hidden by default03:13
krazedMorchuboo: VMware trial comes in .RPM and .bundle, I'm not 100% sure how to even go about using the .bundle file03:13
VideoSmithDigital8:  I gave it a shot and it does not recognize the directory.  I'm not quite sure it's being done correctly.03:14
mgolischkrazed: what trail?03:14
Digital8VideoSmith: linux is case ssensitive, be sure you're doing the caps right03:14
mgolischusualy they have tgz too03:14
Cpudan80vocx: the thing from the command line still works though03:14
krazedmgolisch: The one on vmware.com03:15
vocxCpudan80: mmm... well, it didn't run. And it's not in "Other". Are you using 8.10?03:15
VideoSmithDigital8:  Under desktop, the extracted folder from the .tar.gz file is called kdenlive-0.7.1 and that's what I put.03:15
mgolischkrazed: what product?03:15
Cpudan80vocx: Yes --- you need to run it with gksudo03:15
Digital8VideoSmith: did you untar it?03:15
mgolischkrazed: and i think they have a tar.gz too03:15
Morchubookrazed: the bundle is probably a tar.gz - if so you need to extract it to a folder.03:15
TheFunkbombis there linux spyware?03:15
Cpudan80vocx: You need to edit the menus to A) Display Other, B) Display Screens and Graphics in Other03:15
krazedMorchuboo: It just says .bundle which I found odd03:16
Digital8VideoSmith: such as "tar -xvjf kdenlive-0.7.1"03:16
VideoSmithDigital8:  I selected "extract here" and it gave me a folder that is untarred sort of.03:16
VideoSmithDigital8:  Did I do it right?03:16
Digital8VideoSmith: cd to that folder that you made03:16
mgolischkrazed: do file on it , it will tell you what it is03:16
pingyofdoomhi eimh03:16
Morchubooprobably just need to make it executable then. from terminal do chmod +x <file>03:16
Digital8VideoSmith:   cd /home/Desktop/kdenlive-0.7.103:16
Digital8VideoSmith: for example03:16
eimhpingyofdoom: hello03:16
j-a-k-eJack_Sparrow:  ok i tried setting the windows drive to hd2,0 under the root setting. Now it just freezes after it shows the "starting up" message03:16
Digital8VideoSmith: depending on whatever the folder is called, of course -- and be sure D is caps03:17
pingyofdoomeimh: I didn't think I would find you here03:17
VideoSmithoh caps03:17
Digital8VideoSmith: cd means current directory03:17
eimhI wanted to install ubuntu, I downloaded the latest iso and burned it to a cd, but there wasn't a setup.exe in it?03:17
eimhHow can i install ubuntu?03:17
Digital8eimh: did you make a dvd already?03:17
pingyofdoomubuntu does sound like a fun game...03:17
Cosworth1yeah Digital8 i told VideoSmith how to extract his files03:17
n00b-helpereimh:  a number of ways, are you trying to dual boot?03:17
eimhDigital8: yep, still in my dvd-rom03:17
us3rXeimh, reboot your PC with it in the drive. the rest is history =p03:17
Cpudan80eimh: Boot off the CD03:17
eimhn00b-helper: what is a dualboot?03:17
Digital8eimh: do you seek to install it on a raw hard drive? or within windows03:17
krazedVMware-Workstation-6.5.1-126130.i386.bundle.part: a bash script text executable03:17
vocxCpudan80: this is what I've got in "Other": Archive Mounter, Autorun prompt, Compiz, Decrypt file, Import key, Menu Editor, Metacity, Open folder, Theme installer, Verify signature.03:18
VideoSmithDigital8:  It still ain't quite working.03:18
RapscallionI have Xbox Media Center PPA in my third party software sources list but it doesn't appear in the software list after I reload it. What am I doing wrong?03:18
Digital8VideoSmith: www.pastebin.com so we can see what's happening03:18
n00b-helpereimh:  do you have windows or another operating system installed on your computer, such that you would lke to be albe to chose between that OS or ubuntu when you start the computer?03:18
eimhDigital8: Will I lose my windows when I install ubuntu? isn't ubuntu a program-like-something?03:18
Cpudan80vocx: you're missing stuff -03:18
BarridusJack_Sparrow - success!  thank you for all the advice here03:18
n00b-helperoh boy... eimh:  see my private message03:18
X-722Anyone here use nubuntu?03:18
mgolischRapscallion: is there anything in that repo? where there any errors refreshing the package cache?03:18
vocxCpudan80: that's all I got. This is puzzling, I tell you.03:18
Digital8eimh: it is an entire operating system. it can, however, be installed within windows on the latest versions -- and can be installed side-by-side with windows as normal03:19
Cpudan80vocx: Unless my stuff is left over from upgrading 7.10 --> 8.04 --> 8.1003:19
us3rXLooking for some help with Atheros AR242x Wifi and 8.10, i have followed many guides and still getting no where. Wondering if anyone could loan a hand or point me in another direction, i have tried madwifi and that didnt seem to work. =s03:19
eimhDigital8: hmm which should I prefer?03:19
Cpudan80vocx: Can you apt-get install the thing?03:19
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/d65940e9a03:19
Digital8eimh: that depends on how you want to use it03:19
Rapscallionmgolisch: no errors. I copied and pasted the repository path from the XBMC page03:19
eimhDigital8: I liked that cube style look, am I able to install just that feature?03:19
Digital8eimh: compiz/beryl? as seen on youtube videos?03:20
eimhDigital8: yep, I think so03:20
Digital8VideoSmith: type dir and pastebin it03:20
GodfatherofEireHow would I add something to my shell's config file?03:20
vocxCpudan80: I tried running but "command_not_found" said nothing about it.03:20
VideoSmithDigital8:  I don't quite follow.03:20
mgolischGodfatherofEire: add it to your ~/.bashrc03:20
mgolischGodfatherofEire: someone told you before03:20
MorchubooVideoSmith: you didnt leave a space after the cd and before the /03:20
Cpudan80vocx: All that thing does is edit the underlying xorg file ... you could edit it manually03:20
Digital8eimh: i have not used the ubuntu-within-windows method myself, but if you want to play games and all that jazz as seen in some of the videos..i'd go with a full install (assuming you're comfortable doing so)03:21
VideoSmithoh okay03:21
Digital8VideoSmith: type dir in terminal03:21
MorchubooVideoSmith: also typing "pwd" will tell you where you are (pwd = print working directory)03:21
Digital8eimh: doing a full install is as simple as rebooting with the dvd in your drive03:21
Digital8eimh: it will guide you to installing it in a side-by-side form,03:21
Digital8eimh: if you have two computers, i suggest that you use a 2nd one to ask questions during the install03:21
Cpudan80eimh: Yes you can install beryl, it works best if you have a good gfx card (non ATI)03:21
VideoSmithI'm at /home/timothy03:22
vocxCpudan80: I know, but it's simpler. Besides, I'd had to read on what exactly to edit. I'm not sure if it's in the "Monitor" section or where.03:22
GodfatherofEiremgolisch, I didnt notice any name flashing03:22
Digital8VideoSmith: you left the space out on the command you pasted us03:22
Cpudan80vocx: yeahh.... did you try apt-getting it?03:22
VideoSmithDigital8:  alright03:22
Cpudan80vocx: sudo apt-get install displayconfig-gtk03:22
Digital8VideoSmith: just do "cd /home/Desktop" to start , and then do dir -- pastebin it03:22
eimhDigital8: thanks for your advice03:22
Cosworth1ati works fine Digital803:22
eimhwill consider it some more i guess03:22
Cpudan80vocx: That is something that is apt-gettable03:22
eimhthanks for help03:22
Digital8eimh: you're welcome03:22
Cpudan80Digital8: should do ls - not dir03:23
vocxCpudan80: yeah, it's not there, But maybe it's "libdisplaymigration0".03:23
pingyofdoomI have installed ubuntu, and I was wondering how to install openbox and compiz at the same time03:23
MorchubooVideoSmith: also "cd /home/Desktop" will not work, you need "cd /home/Timothy/Desktop/kdenlive-0.7.1"03:23
ben_mh! guy$, I'm a fr33bsd hacker, s0 I kn0w my $h!t lolz i herd this Ubuntu is gud for hackr lik me, is it bettr then linus?03:23
Digital8Cpudan80: yes, you're right..my bad -- haha03:23
shan3hi all03:23
Digital8Cpudan80: I've spent too much time in windows03:23
n00b-helperben_m:  are you joking?03:23
Cpudan80Digital8: the command still works ;-)03:23
mgolischpingyofdoom: compiz should be installed allready03:23
Lantay77gah ubuntu randomly freezed and i had to ctrl + alt + backspace =(03:23
ben_mn00b-helper: wat03:23
n00b-helperi'm not sure if i should be laughing03:24
Cpudan80I think ls work in windows too ..03:24
MorchubooVideoSmith: ~ is also a shortcut to your own home directory so "cd ~/Desktop" takes you to your own desktop directory03:24
n00b-helperben_m:  about the hacking and ubuntu and linus and all that03:24
Lantay77dosnt freeze as much as windows tho!03:24
ben_mn00b-helper: other channel sed saim thing03:24
Cosworth1also Digital8 its compiz03:24
bobbyn00b: i'm laughing too03:24
n00b-helperbobby:  good, good. i'm not alone03:24
VideoSmithDigital8:  It's up.03:24
n00b-helperfunny guy03:24
Digital8Cosworth1: i think you grabbed the wrong name03:24
pingyofdoomYou don't get me, I am looking to run both at the same time03:24
n00b-helpersuccessful troll is successful03:24
shan3when using slim as the display manager in ubuntu, how o you reboot/halt since there is no root password to enter?03:24
Digital8Cosworth1: on that one comment03:24
=== bobby is now known as odium1
Digital8VideoSmith: pastebin url?03:24
mgolischpingyofdoom: how is that supposed to work?03:24
Cosworth1yes i did Digital8 sorry03:25
MorchubooVideoSmith: you can then do "ls" and see what the folder is called before going into it with "cd <name of folder>" then try the "./configure" command03:25
mgolischpingyofdoom: there can only be one window manager at a time03:25
Cpudan80shan3: You enter your password03:25
Cpudan80shan3: sudo halt .....03:25
=== ZakK-- is now known as thebleh
pingyofdoomWell how does Emerald work then?03:25
Digital8VideoSmith: cd desktop03:25
shan3Cdudan80: I tried that... itdoesnt work...03:25
Digital8VideoSmith: and then do dir again03:25
Cpudan80shan3: what does it say?03:25
Digital8VideoSmith: Desktop, sorry03:25
Cpudan80shan3 That is the shutdown command03:25
Digital8Cosworth1: haha, yes03:25
VideoSmithDigital8:  Alright.03:26
odium1i have a question. how do i install the frontend for xine?03:26
odium1better yet, i'm trying to find the codecs for xine03:26
stegelanyone have experience with getting audio over hdmi on a asus EAH3450?03:26
odium1to play dvd's03:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about codecx03:26
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:26
vocxCpudan80: can you please do something like "dpgk -S displayconfig-gtk" That should give me an idea on where to search this program.03:26
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m22da6daf03:27
venportI have a question: When i try and change the xorg.conf file using gedit it opens a new window (assuming it;s the xorg.conf file) but it's blank.03:27
venportWhy is it doing that03:27
shan3Cdudan80: ti shutdown i should type halt as the user name and root password as the password... if i type my password it simply goes back to entering the username03:27
Digital8VideoSmith: do "ls" and pastebin03:27
Digital8VideoSmith: no quotes, of course03:27
Cpudan80vocx: executing...03:27
shan3Cdudan80: have you used slim in ubuntu?03:28
Cpudan80vocx: its in /usr/share/disp.... and /usr/lib ...03:28
Cpudan80vocx: and /usr/bin03:28
Cpudan80of course03:28
Digital8VideoSmith: L as in listing03:28
vocxCpudan80: erm... the first word of a line should tell you a package03:28
VideoSmithDigital:  Oh, so ls with L instead of I03:29
Cpudan80vocx: The package is displayconfig-gtk - i told you that before03:29
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m5289440b03:29
SonofC4im lookingfor a yes or no answer to this questions: will a green screen camera and software work in ubuntu 8.0403:29
shan3Cpudan80: ti shutdown i should type halt as the user name and root password as the password... if i type my password it simply goes back to entering the username03:29
shan3Cpudan80: have you used slim in ubuntu?03:29
vocxCpudan80: mmm... but it's not in 8.10 repos... mmm... Let me double check.03:30
Digital8VideoSmith" cd kdenlive-0.7.103:30
Cpudan80shan3: do sudo -i first03:30
eseven73!info slim03:30
ubottuslim (source: slim): desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.0-1 (intrepid), package size 449 kB, installed size 792 kB03:30
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m15c8c6af03:30
Digital8VideoSmith: try your make command now (where you left off earlier)03:31
VideoSmithSo cd /home/Desktop/kdenlive-0.7.1 ?03:31
TheFunkbombis there a site where there is a crib sheet for all of the terminal commands?03:31
odinsbanewine set my video mode and I want to reset it... are there any simple utils.?03:31
Digital8VideoSmith: you're already in the right folder, but yes..thats how you'dg et there from scratch03:31
odinsbaneIt will go back to normal if I log out and log on. but...03:31
Cpudan80TheFunkbomb: there a millions of commands03:31
mgolischodinsbane: yeah xrandr03:32
Cpudan80TheFunkbomb: There are DOS --> Unix sheets03:32
TheFunkbombCpudan80, well, the popular ones03:32
butt3rzshan3: try entering nopasswd for /bin/shutdown in visudo03:32
vocxCpudan80: then can you please do something like "aptitude show displayconfig-gtk" to list further info03:32
MorchubooDigital8: no - "cd /home/Timothy/Desktop" or "cd ~/Desktop"03:32
TheFunkbombFor example, I have no idea what -i does03:32
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m3724c9fb03:32
venportFunkbomb, this bay far does nothave all of them but it could help you out03:32
Digital8Morchuboo: it's for a makefile03:32
Cpudan80vocx: What info you want?03:33
Cpudan80!info displayconfig-gtk03:33
ubottuPackage displayconfig-gtk does not exist in intrepid03:33
Cpudan80Must be left over from before ...03:33
Digital8VideoSmith: run a ls and lets see whats in that folder03:33
TheFunkbombvenport, thanks03:33
vocxCpudan80: hey, I didn't thought about that. See?03:33
shan3butt3rz: it doesnt work... no user is logged in... the halt command is given in the login screen of slim... so i cant use sudo03:33
j-a-k-ehi, isa nyone able to help me sort out my menu.list so that I can boot to windows? I keep on getting a grub error 13.03:33
Cpudan80vocx: weird ....03:33
Cpudan80vocx: But it makes sense, they dont use xorg.conf anymore anywya03:33
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m4531525f03:34
vocxCpudan80: I tell you. This thing only exists in 8.04.03:34
TheFunkbombHoly CRAP.  That's the first PDF I've opened in Ubuntu03:34
TheFunkbomband oh sweet, sweet Jesus03:34
TheFunkbombwhat a pleasure03:34
Cpudan80vocx: I am using 8.1003:34
mgolischj-a-k-e: please nopaste the menu.lst and the output of sudo fdisk -l03:34
hosifiedanyone using ubuntu in virtualbox with a windows host?03:35
butt3rzshan3 by entering nopasswd:/usr/bin/shutdown, it should let anyone wanting to shutdown the machine to be able to03:35
mgolischhosified: whats the problem?03:35
Cpudan80vocx: I had a hell of a time installing it too - the damn new formats and direct HAL configs are a PITA03:35
vocxCpudan80: of course they use xorg.conf, but only to override defaults, unless you can prove me otherwise.  And yes, probably yours is from the previous release. I just made a 8.10 fresh install.03:35
n00b-helperWho's the admin here?03:35
VideoSmithDigital8:  How's she lookin?  http://pastebin.com/m4531525f03:35
Digital8VideoSmith: ./configure03:35
Cpudan80vocx: No - xorg.conf file is gone -- it's all comments now03:35
Cpudan80vocx: all the lines are commented out03:36
hosifiedtrying to get the screen to autoresize03:36
Jack_Sparrown00b-helper, what do you need.  please /join #Ubuntu-ops03:36
venportWhen itry and edit my xorg.conf I see no text is that a problem? and if not how do i add a modline?03:36
n00b-helperJack_Sparrow:  just a couple of trolls to report, sir =)03:36
Cpudan80vocx: Try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:36
vocxCpudan80: no! Mine isn't all comments. Maybe you are using some nvidia or some such.03:36
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m6aa4f18303:36
Jack_Sparrown00b-helper, please /join #Ubuntu-ops03:36
Cpudan80vocx: No .... ATI piece of crap03:36
Digital8VideoSmith: just a moment03:37
Cpudan80vocx: You'rs should be all comments :-P03:37
Jack_SparrowCpudan80, please tone down the colorful language.03:37
TheFunkbombThis OS is amazing.  How is MS still in business?03:37
mgolischTheFunkbomb: why not?03:37
Cpudan80Jack_Sparrow: aww but doesnt everybody hate ATI :-P03:37
vocxCpudan80: I basically have things like "Section" "Automatically Configured Device" and such. But I was still able to override some option in my "openchrome" driver. That's why I'm telling you it's still used by the server.03:38
X-722Ive been asking myself that for 10 years, for reasons far greater than Ubuntu.  :P03:38
Digital8VideoSmith: before we go any further, may i ask if there is a particular reason you're trying to build this from source?03:38
KingOfDosjust wait a few more years, and the bug #1 will be solved a bit more03:38
Digital8VideoSmith: there's actually a precompiled deb for this program03:38
Cpudan80vocx: hmmmm03:38
Cpudan80vocx: Is this 8.10 desktop or 8.10 server?03:38
j-a-k-emgolisch: fdisk -l http://pastebin.com/m13ad95a9 and menu.lst http://pastebin.com/m2f40309003:38
VideoSmithDigital8:  hmmm...  I have no clue.  I just want to download the program for my individual usage.03:38
X-722Does anyone here use nubuntu as an os?03:38
Digital8VideoSmith: ok, do this03:38
batcoder-7so Lite On dvd drives have an issue with Ubuntu ?03:38
borg-queen_i am trying to install kubuntu and the installation seems to go through correctly but when it tries to boot into the system i get "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/77944048-0d30-486d-856f-8da948837dd6 does not exist. dropping to shell"03:38
TheFunkbombmgolisch, I have been using Windows since 3.1  I have never learned things so quickly than I have with Ubuntu.  Plus, the people here are much friendlier than you'll find with MS people03:38
vocxCpudan80: 8.10 desktop. And I meant the "X Server", or Xorg if you prefer.03:39
j-a-k-emgolisch: I did try changing root to hd2,0 but can only get as far as "starting ip" before everything freezes03:39
Digital8VideoSmith: go to system, administration, software sources03:39
Cpudan80vocx: X is still used ... but I still dont think the conf file does anything03:39
urnumdeiCan someone help me with my Ubuntu?  My sound randomly stops working03:39
Cpudan80vocx: Did you run that reconfig command?03:39
MorchubooTheFunkbomb:  see bug number 1 ;)03:39
Morchuboo!bug 103:39
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents03:39
hosifiedI didn't03:39
Digital8VideoSmith: click on the Third-Party Software tab03:39
FisherPricehay, can anyone help me with some motherboard/cpu hardware issues03:39
VideoSmithDigital8:  Got it...03:39
IndyGunFreakMorchuboo: lol, thats hilarious.03:39
Digital8VideoSmith: click add and paste in: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/baudm/ubuntu intrepid main03:40
zirodayFisherPrice: we need to know what they are :)03:40
FisherPriceI've replaced my cpu fan and heatsink03:40
Digital8VideoSmith: assure that its checked, click ok and save all that03:40
Cpudan80FisherPrice: and...?03:40
vocxCpudan80: I won't run it again, because it truly does nothing, basically writes a new xorg.conf.03:40
FisherPriceI removed everything03:40
urnumdeiCan someone help me with my Ubuntu?  My sound randomly stops working03:40
Digital8VideoSmith: bring a terminal window back up and run: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdenlive dvgrab frei0r  swh-plugins03:40
eseven73Am i seeing things or does ubottu have '!bug 1' as swipe at windows? LOL03:40
FisherPriceput most back, one at a time to make sure everyting was going well03:40
batcoder-7my ubuntu wont even boot with my lite on dvd writer plugged in ?03:40
Cpudan80vocx: what are you trying to do anyway?03:40
VideoSmithDigital8:  Hang on, it's processing or something.03:41
Cpudan80Maybe its easier to try and fix that03:41
batcoder-7it gives me a busybosy terminal what could be the issue ?03:41
Digital8VideoSmith: sure, it'll take a second to download the new repositories03:41
FisherPricethen when I put the hdd in ... nothing, it won't even get to the post03:41
snowveilso I'm trying to format a drive using Gparted and get the following error message: http://pastebin.com/d6dfda9e803:41
zirodayFisherPrice: okay, do you get a BIOS?03:41
FisherPriceI thought it might be the heatsink/heat issues03:41
snowveildoes anyone have any idea as to why this would be happening, and/or how to resolve it?03:41
FisherPriceblank screen03:41
warbullcan I defrag my partitioned hard drive in windows without screwing anything up?03:41
FisherPriceand yes, the video card works03:41
mgolischj-a-k-e: why do you use h2? sure its the right disk? its the 3rd disk which would mean its the ubuntu one if the bios has the same ordering03:41
Jack_SparrowFisherPrice, there is a hardware channel that can better help you with a pc the does not post03:41
FisherPriceand is installed03:41
mgolischj-a-k-e: *hd2*03:42
vocxCpudan80: ah, yes. My monitor is 1280x1024, but right now I have 800x600. So I wanted that program to detect the monitor. Instead of writing the Modelines manually.03:42
VideoSmithDigital8:  Got it.  Now what?03:42
X-722IndyGunFreak: from GT?03:42
VideoSmithDigital8:  It just finished processing.03:42
FisherPriceJack_Sparrow: where is it?03:42
Digital8VideoSmith: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdenlive dvgrab frei0r  swh-plugins03:42
IndyGunFreakX-722: yup..03:42
Jack_SparrowFisherPrice,  /join #hardware03:42
X-722<-- Ar-Jim   :)03:42
IndyGunFreakha... hells bells.03:42
Cpudan80vocx: and system prefs screen res doesnt do the trick?03:42
X-722small world  :)03:42
FisherPriceJack_Sparrow: thanks03:42
vocxCpudan80: nope.03:42
VideoSmithDigital8:  Broken package.03:43
urnumdeiCan someone help me?  My sound randomly stops working.03:43
Digital8VideoSmith: pastebin it03:43
X-722IndyGunFreak: Can I PM real quick?03:43
Cpudan80vocx: hrm...03:43
vocxCpudan80: I configured a monitor this same way back in 8.04, that's the reason I thought this "displyaconfig-gtk" was great.03:43
IndyGunFreakX-722: you have tob e registerd to PM... if you are, sure.. if youre not, type "/join #indygunfreak" w/o quotes..03:43
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m441e571103:43
Cpudan80vocx: yeah sounds like you have the wrong gfx card driver --- what card you using?03:44
Digital8VideoSmith: are you on ubuntu or kubuntu?03:44
adreignssok can any1 tell03:44
adreignssmy fault03:45
bullgard4I downloaded a file /home/<username>/.fr-JtIGrJ/gnome-vm-20060818 from WWW. What does  'gnome-vm' stand for?03:45
puffI have inherited a dell bluetooth keyboard, one of these: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/acc/P109356/en/setup.htm03:45
n00b-helperadreignss:  what's the question?03:45
slyf_Good evening all03:45
vocxCpudan80: I don't have the wrong driver. I have the S3 Unichrome Pro integrated graphics card, which used the "via" driver, but since 8.04 it uses "openchrome".03:45
Digital8VideoSmith: just a moment03:45
VideoSmithDigital8:  If it means anything, although I'm using Konsole, it's GNOME desktop.03:45
adreignsscan any1 tell me how too get my crystal sound card to work with pulseaudio snd-cs423603:45
puffI do not have the mouse and bluetooth dongle that came with it.  My laptop has bluetooth built in. I'd like to get this working.03:45
n00b-helperadreignss:  did you check if it was supported?03:46
Cpudan80vocx: hmmm03:46
techsupportanyone here familiar with hlstatsx ?03:46
adreignssnoo i know in  8.04 it worked when i added it to ect/modules03:46
crdlbvocx: unfortunately, I'd say you've kind of been left in the dust; the actively maintained open source drivers are getting better modesetting and xrandr stuff, so ubuntu has moved away from manual configuration03:46
j-a-k-emgolisch: im not too sure what im doing really.. The windows drive is sdb (the 160gig ide master) ubuntu is on sdc the 30 gig ide and the sda 320 gig  a sata drive03:46
adreignssim using 8.10 now03:47
n00b-helperadreignss ... and what steps did you take to get it working?03:47
vocxcrdlb: but, are you sure I can't override this from xorg.conf? I just need a few Modelines or such, right?03:47
adreignsspulseaudio is playing when i look at the volume meter but no sound out of speakers03:48
n00b-helperpuff:  what have you done so far?03:48
Digital8VideoSmith: sorry, just a moment still -- several things going on at once here03:48
halycondoes anyone know why I wouldn't be able to erase some of the software sources from Ubuntu?03:48
VideoSmithDigital8:  No probs ;)03:48
crdlbvocx: I would guess so, but I don't know anything about modelines03:48
adreignssi had to add sound card to ect/modules  but not in 8.1003:48
Cpudan80crdlb: But xorg.conf doesnt do anything ...03:48
ubottuA Modeline is a config line in the X server configuration file that gives info about a connected display and how to drive it at a specified display resolution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFree86_Modeline for more details. Here are 2 links to generate modelines which fit your monitor: http://bohne-lang.de/spec/linux/modeline/ and http://xtiming.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/xtiming.pl03:48
n00b-helperadreignss:  see my private message03:48
puffn00b-helper: Well, I was trying to follow this tutorial:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-setup-bluetooth-keyboard-and-mouse-in-ubuntu.html03:48
shan3butt3rz: it doesnt work... with the no password option in sudoers...03:48
n00b-helperpuff:     how far did you get?03:49
puffn00b-helper: The keyboard lights up and the bluetooth symbol glows bright blue on it, so I assume that the batteries are god.03:49
crdlbCpudan80: eh?03:49
n00b-helpermakes sense03:49
Cpudan80crdlb: isnt the xorg.conf file totally deprecated ?03:49
butt3rzshan3: what window manager are you using?03:49
vocxCpudan80, crdlb : In other PC, I had an nVidia card. I used the restricted manager to install the proprietary drivers, and it all went smooth, except the resolution was incorrect. So I used "displayconfig-gtk", selected the correct monitor, and it all worked perfectly. This was in 8.04, though. I'm telling you, this displyaconfig is the greatest thing, how come it lasted only one round?03:50
puffThe keyboard docs at dell say hold down the button on the back to make the keyboard detectable. The tutorial says run hcitool scan.  No results (well, hcitool sees my neighbor's mac, two floors away, but).03:50
shan3butterz ^03:50
heloit seems that the launchpad netbook remix install instructions are incomplete... it doesn't mention anything about adding netbook-launcher to the gnome session, or what to disable so it will run properly... are there some other instructions for NBR in intrepid?03:50
shan3butt3rz: xfce03:50
Cpudan80vocx: you could do something unorthodox ....03:50
puffThe keyboard has the MAC - actually I presume it's the "bluetooth device ID" - on the back.03:50
crdlbCpudan80: no, how do you think choose nvidia and fglrx?03:50
butt3rzand you have the option 'sudo shutdown -h now' in your slim.conf?03:50
n00b-helperpuff, can you see my private message?03:50
Cpudan80vocx: put the HH repos in and grab that deb03:51
Cpudan80crdlb: hmmm I was under the impression that it was all HAL files now03:51
j-a-k-emgolisch: so I'm guessing I need to set the boot device to hd1,0 then?03:51
Cpudan80crdlb: at any rate - it doesnt work exactly the same as before, some of the mode options dont work anymore03:51
Digital8VideoSmith: just to test out while you're waiting on me, try this03:51
Digital8VideoSmith: i want to see if we can resolve a couple of those first03:52
Digital8VideoSmith: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg inigo03:52
mgolischj-a-k-e: yeah try that03:52
crdlbCpudan80: yes, the xorg.conf is being slowly killed, but afaik it should still work for this03:52
j-a-k-emgolisch: alright, I'll let you know how it goes. Either way, be back soon.03:52
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m15a507af03:53
vocxCpudan80: I tell you, xorg.conf still does stuff. I don't know what you had to mess with, but HAL? That sounds creepy.03:53
Cpudan80vocx: not hal directly03:53
Cpudan80vocx: some stupid little files it reads03:53
mgolischvocx: sure it does03:53
Cpudan80why on earth they deprecated xorg.conf ...03:53
mgolischthey did not realy03:54
mgolischyou can still set stuff there03:54
crdlbthe driver should be able to modeset properly without user intervention03:54
vocxCpudan80: I like the way it is now. It's simple. You can override stuff and don't bother about what you don't know.03:54
crdlbthat the via driver cannot is a bug which needs to be fixed03:54
Cpudan80mgolisch: seems like they broke it apart before the ducks were lined up03:54
mgolischworks flawless here03:55
Digital8VideoSmith: what all do you have checked under software sources? on the first tab there03:55
mgolischhad xorg working with my 260 gtx with just one click in jockey-gtk03:55
mgolischto install and setup the nvidia driver03:55
vocxcrdlb: just for clarification, it's the "openchrome" driver now.03:55
crdlbvocx: ok, but I meant the driver for via hardware :)03:55
puffAnyway, according to the tutorial the next step would be to add a device definition for the keyboard to /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf03:56
mgolischworked instantly with 1920x120003:56
VideoSmithDigital8:  I can't copy paste it, but there are two things there.  I'll type them out.03:56
puffBut in my installation /etc/bluetooth doesn't have an hcid.conf.03:56
Digital8VideoSmith: www.isarapix.com03:56
EvolutionXtincthey Corpis nice to see ya in #ubuntu :D03:56
Digital8VideoSmith: screenshot will suffice03:56
EvolutionXtinctalso another good channel is #ubuntu-offtopic but this one is more for helpin'03:56
cyorxamp_Has anyone in here got a Dell 1525 that came with ubuntu?03:57
vocxCpudan80: and what files are those you talk about? Where are they?03:57
eseven73 Digital8 please make links clickable by adding 'http://' to the links :)03:57
Cpudan80oh ehh03:57
Digital8eseven73: sorry, it's clickable in Pidgin03:57
eseven73ah lol03:57
VideoSmithDigital8:  Too late sorry :P http://pastebin.com/m18177c0503:57
Digital8VideoSmith: Let me see the first tab. The one with checkboxes (universe, multiverse, etc)03:57
helowhat is netbook-launcher supposed to replace with netbook remix?03:58
Cpudan80they are fdi files is /etc/hal/03:58
Cpudan80vocx: ^03:58
=== thebleh is now known as ZakK--
qqxcan anyone here help me setup my bluetooth headset so ALL audio streams to it and the microphone works? or at least one or the other?03:58
Cpudan80vocx: I messed around with the keyboard ones03:58
shan3butt3rz: i just added the sudo... still not working... how will sudo and the user's password (without mentioning the username) help when we have to do this in the display manager... when no user is logged in...03:59
VideoSmithDigital8:  It's loading on Isara.03:59
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://www.isarapix.com/index2.php04:00
darkdelusionsAnyone have any ideas why my sound would play threw my headset and my speakers on my laptop? Its using the HDA-intel driver of evilness04:00
Digital8VideoSmith: take the image url from the little white field04:00
Digital8VideoSmith: "Direct Link to Full Image"04:00
vocxCpudan80: hehe, I only have one /etc/hal/fdi/policy/preferences.fdi and it's basically a template, does nothing.04:00
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://www.isarapix.org/pix60/1231646386.png04:00
mgolischshan3: lookup which command it actualy calls for shuting down the server04:01
KingOfDosdarkdelusions: you can turn of the output of the speakers on your laptop, and leave the headphone on04:01
mgolischshan3: it should be shutdown usualy04:01
darkdelusionsKingOfDos: I tried it.. it kills sound on both it seems04:01
cyorxamp_Lo, does anyone in here have the Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop that comes with ubuntu already on it?04:01
Cpudan80vocx: hmm I wonder what I have04:02
KingOfDosdarkdelusions: try to add other sources in the mixer04:02
Cpudan80vocx: maybe you could try pulling that displayconfig-gtk thing from HH repos04:02
KingOfDoson my laptop i've got a headphone and one for my speakers04:02
shan3mgolisch: '/sbin/shutdown -h now'  thats what it was... i changed it to 'sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now' just now in /etc/slim.conf04:02
KingOfDosand a master channel04:02
Cpudan80vocx: yeah I dont have anything in there other than what I put in04:03
Digital8VideoSmith: everything looks good there. show me what "cat /proc/version" says04:03
vocxCpudan80: okay, thanks for the chat. I'm off.04:03
mgolischshan3: what user does that slim thing run as?04:03
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m274574d804:03
mgolischif its root you dont need the sudo04:03
VideoSmithDigital8:  Btw gotta love your patience ;)04:04
qqxcan anyone here help me setup my bluetooth headset so ALL audio streams to it and the microphone works? or at least one or the other?04:04
shan3mgolisch: slim  is the display manager... running as root04:05
Digital8VideoSmith: thanks :)04:05
shan3mgolisch: so slim requires the root password to run the halt command04:06
Digital8VideoSmith: what verison of ubuntu is that supposed to be? it's actually a tad bit newer of a kernel than mine even04:06
Digital8VideoSmith: nevermind, this laptop hasn't been fully updated -- that's probably why04:06
Digital8VideoSmith: it's 8.10, right?04:06
VideoSmithDigital8:  Ubuntu 8.04 - the Hardy Heron - released in April 2008.04:06
mgolischshan3: why does it?04:06
Uplinkhow can i make my vuze the default torrent handler?04:06
mgolischshan3: if it runs as root it doenst need to use sudo04:06
Digital8VideoSmith: go back into software sources04:08
Digital8VideoSmith: and change the entry we added04:09
VideoSmithDigital8:  Remove it?04:09
Digital8VideoSmith: change intrepid to hardy04:09
GregTheGergYo, what's happenin peeps! ^_^04:09
Digital8VideoSmith: actually, wait a second..they don't have any hardy files on this site04:09
brettleyis there any way to speed up the load time on ubuntu?04:09
shan3mgolisch: yes thats what i was trying to say... but it does require you to give the root password... I just set the root password (enabled root) ad now it works...04:09
Digital8VideoSmith: let me check with the site for that software again04:09
kgodwinDoes anyone else find when running IE w/ Wine it takes over the entire CPU core and only dies if you kill it?04:09
VideoSmithDigital8:  kk04:09
deagsanyone here use iptables!04:09
shan3mgolisch: but it doesn;t solve the problem for me because i am trying to make a redistributable system...04:10
Digital8videosmith: go ahead and remove the one we addded for now04:10
Digital8VideoSmith: and we'll see if that fixes those other errors04:10
VideoSmithDigital8:  Removed.04:10
Digital8VideoSmith: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ffmpeg04:10
kgodwinGuess it is just me then. ;)04:11
beetlejuice_mastquick question - anyone familiar with SFTP files opening as read only in gedit?04:11
cyorxamp_Has anyone in here got a Dell 1525 that came with ubuntu?04:11
brettleyis there any way to speed up the load time? also, what can i get rid of? i need drivers though04:11
VideoSmithDigital8:  The lady's running!!!!!!04:11
Jack_Sparrowbrettley, YOu can lose the splash screen04:11
Digital8VideoSmith: good, we can get all the deps then04:12
VideoSmithDigital8:  It's chugging through the process!!!!!!!04:12
Digital8VideoSmith: i'll grab the names of the other ones and pastebin them for you04:12
rdancerhow do i build package from source? i got the sources using apt-get build-dep foo && apt-get source foo -- what now?04:12
Uplinkhow can i make my vuze the default torrent handler?04:12
beetlejuice_mastanybody familiar with SFTP opening files as read only?04:12
GregTheGergWeird question, does anyone know how to run a clustered ubuntu? What I want to do is combine two motherboards with AMD Phenom processors to make a video-grinding beast... Anyone got ideas?04:12
bluedragonI just finished install cairo-dock but where is it04:12
VideoSmithDigital8:  This look good?  http://pastebin.com/m3d6538c004:12
Jack_Sparrowbluedragon, drop to term and type cairo-dock  and after testing make a launcher for it04:13
HodappGregTheGerg: What video apps do you use that are cluster-aware?04:13
batcoder-7anyone here ever use Xfce ?04:13
GregTheGergWell, I don't know if it's cluster aware, but do you know if Handbrake is?04:13
batcoder-7is xfce not so light anymore or what ?04:13
shan3batcoder-7: i have04:13
batcoder-7a few people said it has got more hefty in the past few months ?04:13
Hodapphmmm. Handbrake... might be.04:13
Digital8VideoSmith: sudo apt-get install kdebase-runtime kdelibs5 libmlt++1 libmlt1 libqt4-dbus libqt4-svg libqt4-xml libqtcore4 libqtgui4 inigo04:14
Digital8VideoSmith: those were the other ones it called for04:14
shan3batcoder-7: yeah also xubuntu uses quite a few gnome apps... i myself have switched to fluxbox04:14
GregTheGergI would imagine it could, considering is has a max of 8 cores it can handle. ^_^04:14
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m3d6538c004:14
SJrXI keep having very buggy desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.10, title bars that become title, the squishy effect on windows never stopping, etc...04:14
VideoSmithAnd so I just copy-paste that whole bit in?04:14
Digital8VideoSmith: that first one (ffmpeg) went smooth04:14
beetlejuice_mastGEDIT not allowing ppl to open files thru SFTP?04:14
SJrXHow can I change the number of clicks required to activate an item in the task bar?04:14
eseven73batcoder-7: its' put on a bit of weight from what ive heard too. Could just be a rumor though, its still lighter than KDE and gnome04:14
beetlejuice_mastany php programmers in here?04:14
SJrXI am, beetlejuice_mast04:14
beetlejuice_mastwhat editor u use?04:15
shan3eseven73: yes definitely lighter04:15
SJrXI use an editor called Kate, that comes with KDE, it has the best syntax highlighting I've ever seen.04:15
beetlejuice_masti need to be able to edit remotely thru SFTP and gedit only allows me to open read only04:15
beetlejuice_mastdoes it have SFTP support?04:15
batcoder-7shan3, i still want a DE ;) fluxbox was good in 95 though :P04:15
SJrXDunno, my guess would be yes, since KDE supports almost anything.04:15
SJrXYou may want to consider, if you have SSH access, SSHFS however.04:16
Digital8VideoSmith: how's the next round coming along?04:16
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m2a4e1d1d04:16
shan3batcoder-7 there are a few good fluxbox distros out there...04:16
VideoSmithDigital8:  Seems smooth :)04:16
batcoder-7shan3, like ?04:16
Digital8VideoSmith: paste in    sudo apt-get install kdebase-runtime kdelibs5 libmlt1 libqt4-dbus libqt4-svg libqt4-xml libqtcore4 libqtgui4 inigo04:16
Digital8VideoSmith: ill see what the deal is with libmlt++104:17
batcoder-7fluxubuntu is not one of them ;)04:17
shan3batcoder-7: i use linux mint fluxbox04:17
SJrXsshfs allows you to access your files that are on another machine that you have ssh access too, it's really cool. Provided that your user is in the fuse group, then you can simply type "mkdir ~/remote_folder" then "sshfs user@host:/ ~/remote_folder" and you can access it exactly like it was your own04:17
batcoder-7shan3, yea now that might be good is it debian based?04:17
shan3batcoder-7: its not the lightest fluxbox distro but it has everything04:17
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m4353f3d004:17
shan3batcoder-7: its based on ubuntu04:18
batcoder-7i seee04:18
beetlejuice_mastidk about my user being in the fuse group04:18
Digital8VideoSmith: take the failed one out again04:18
batcoder-7lightest is not what i care about just light ;)04:18
SJrXBut I'd still switch to kate, as I love it's syntax highlighting, it knows almost everything and has a butt that just won't quiet.04:18
batcoder-7ubuntu has a big following which keeps packages up to date04:18
beetlejuice_masti'm using GNOME is that going to be a problem?04:18
Digital8VideoSmith: libmlt1 that is04:18
SJrXI have to suffer with GNOME for the moment now too.04:18
Jack_Sparrowbatcoder-7, But also note we dont support mint users04:18
batcoder-7shan3, xubuntu i am sure is still much lighter then regualr ubuntu04:18
beetlejuice_mastcool, well thanks for the help i'm going to go give it a try04:18
VideoSmithDigital8:  ?04:18
batcoder-7jack_blunt, loyal ubuntu user np ;)04:19
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P04:19
Uplinkbit torrent sucks!04:19
shan3batcoder-7: if you really want a DE there's mint XFCE which is what i am playing with right now..04:19
batcoder-7ubuntu is kind of like my dream for debian to be more up to date04:19
Digital8VideoSmith: sudo apt-get install libmlt kdebase-runtime kdelibs5 libqt4-dbus libqt4-svg libqt4-xml libqtcore4 libqtgui4 inigo04:19
Uplinki need a good torrent handler please04:19
batcoder-7shan3, its most likely not much different from xubuntu04:19
batcoder-7resource wise etc04:19
PlasticmindWhat version of Ubuntu... oh nvm04:20
batcoder-7i think xfce is still much lighter then Gnome04:20
Digital8VideoSmith: (sorry i didn't remove the duplicates, it'll just run them by you and give you the OK anyways)04:20
shan3batcoder-7: no... but it has some nice extras...04:20
Jack_Sparrow!startup > bluedragon04:20
ubottubluedragon, please see my private message04:20
VideoSmithDigital8:  http://pastebin.com/m44be60b804:20
VideoSmithIt has this "couldn't find" thing at the end.04:20
=== christiekoehler is now known as christiekoehler|
zirodayUplink: have you tried any of those in the list?04:21
shan3batcoder-7: and its pretty fast on the virtual machine i have here04:21
batcoder-7shan3, yea im sure04:21
Digital8VideoSmith: ok, let me see what they've got to say over on their forums about hardy04:21
Digital8VideoSmith: seems like that deb is just too 8.10 oriented for us04:21
VideoSmithDigital8:  So what does that mean?04:21
Digital8VideoSmith: we will see..let me see what the word is over there04:21
Uplinkziroday: what list? i tried azureus and bittorrent04:22
ziroday!torrent > Uplink04:22
ubottuUplink, please see my private message04:22
shan3batcoder-7: have you tried arch? i heard it is pretty light by default... i think they use XFCE04:23
zirodayUplink: try one of those apps listed there, or even the default one shipped with ubuntu, transmission04:23
=== exodus_m1 is now known as exodus_ms
Uplinkziroday: transmission is shipped with ubuntu? how come i dont have it04:23
zirodayUplink: which version of ubuntu are you using?04:24
j\mmydoes anyone know of the ubuntu designed for netbooks?04:24
* VideoSmith glared at kdenlive's website.04:24
zirodayj\mmy: ubuntu netbook remix?04:24
j\mmyim having a tough time getting any linux to work on these netbooks04:24
j\mmyso i would like to do a pxe based install04:24
zirodayj\mmy: which netbook is it and what is wrong?04:24
j\mmyi have a toshiba nb10004:24
j\mmywith windows xp on it04:24
Uplinkziroday: nvr mind i do have it, i just dont see it on the application panel... so how do i donwload a torrent file? on windows i click download torrent and the application uTorrent opens my torrent file04:24
mgolischj\mmy: id just install from a usb disk04:24
=== Eneloop42 is now known as Eneloop
mgolischmuch less pain04:24
Digital8VideoSmith: did my private messages come?04:25
j\mmyand im looking to do a pxe install...all the flavors of linux i have right now  are failing. is the ubuntu netbook remix available for download?04:25
zirodayUplink: download the torrent file, save it somewhere (like the desktop) and then double click it04:25
j\mmymgolisch, pxe is not the problem, its the kernels lacking drivers for this laptops hardware04:25
Uplinkziroday: then asks me to chose and application to open it with04:25
zirodayj\mmy: ubuntu netbook remix is a set of programs to make ubuntu easier to use (from a UI sense)04:25
VideoSmithDigital8:  PMs from where?04:25
mgolischj\mmy: it uses the same kernels04:25
stegelhmm, got hdmi audio working in vlc...but can't seem to get it to play in myth...anyone with experience here?04:25
zirodayUplink: saved to your desktop or in firefox?04:25
Uplinkziroday: both...04:25
mgolischj\mmy: what crappy thing is that?04:25
batcoder-7Shanix, it would be xfce making it heavier04:25
batcoder-7do you not like ubuntu ? ;)04:25
batcoder-7its all going to be about the same if you use the same apps04:26
j\mmywell, im just having a hard time detecting the hard drive04:26
Digital8VideoSmith: here on IRC, of course.. are you using java chat perhaps?04:26
j\mmyand the nic is not recognized04:26
qqxcould anyone here pls show me how you setup your bluetooth headset so ALL your audio streams to it and the microphone works? or at least one or the other?04:26
zirodayUplink: right, when its saved on your desktop double click. Select Choose Programs and pick transmission04:26
Digital8VideoSmith: ah, mibbit i see..04:26
* Plasticmind stares blankly.04:26
Uplinkziroday: doesnt let me select programs... just throws me a window with my dirs04:26
VideoSmithDigital8:  No I'm using Mibbit.com's.  I'm on here from this:  http://kdenlive.org/irc04:26
zirodayj\mmy: okay, have you tried a USB install? Its the recommmended method in these cases04:26
VideoSmithDigital8:  Feel free to send stuff to timothymark99@yahoo.com04:27
zirodayUplink: when double clicking the file on your desktop?04:27
Elijah1I am downloading gOS right now. What are your thoughts on it? I am trying to get my USB modem to work off a live CD, the computer does not have internet access.04:27
snowveilwhen trying to format a 200GB hard drive with gparted I get the following error message in the terminal window: http://pastebin.com/d6dfda9e804:28
zirodayj\mmy: taking another netbooks kernel is _not_ going to work04:28
Jack_SparrowVideoSmith, for your own safety,   change that email to something a bot wont pick up...   bl  ah  at  y   a   ho dot etc04:28
snowveilI've tried FAT32 and Ext2 and Ext3..every time gives the same error message...any ideas?04:28
j\mmyziroday, i was thinking the kernel off the install cd would work04:28
Digital8VideoSmith: join #videosmith04:28
VideoSmithJack_Sparrow:  Thanks.04:28
j\mmyziroday, i was thinking the kernel off the install cd would work...to at least have drivers for the nic and hdd04:28
trollboyanyone recommend a dns server that uses sqllite to store its data?04:29
zirodayj\mmy: erm, have you tried installing with live usb...04:29
essialCan anyone suggest a good window manager than can handle a lot of open windows without cramming everything together? KDE and Gnome's application button bar thing gets really tiny and unusable quickly04:29
essialer desktop, window manager doesn't matter04:29
j\mmyi will give that a look though04:29
zirodayj\mmy: well you should try that, its the best way around it04:29
gizmoi want to know how to detech my wireless using termnal?04:29
essialmaybe something that minimizes to icons or something04:29
Elijah1What is Ubuntu's current filesystem? I just read the new linux Kernel is going to be using EXT304:30
zirodayj\mmy: its very easy, burn a live cd. Boot it up on your main computer, select "Make a bootable USB disk", then use the USB disk on the netbook04:30
zirodayElijah1: ubuntu uses ext3 by default04:30
brettleyhow long would a 8gb sandisk cruzer micro last with the limited cycles runing ubuntu?04:30
kelbizzleCan someone help me fix a Sound issue? The card is recognized but there is no sound.04:30
zirodaybrettley: impossible to say04:30
j\mmyim just going to try and install windows via RIS04:30
Elijah1ziroday: Thanks04:30
j\mmyonto this laptop04:30
Elijah1ziroday: What does Mac OS X use?04:30
j\mmyjust to get rid of the f'ing boxstores install of winxp04:30
brettleyi just need an estimation04:30
zirodayElijah1: not sure, I believe HFS+ but could be wrong04:31
brettleyweeks, months, years04:31
zirodaybrettley: it would be measured in years, but beyond that we cannot help you.04:31
Elijah1ziroday: Ok, yeah thats it. Which one is better HFS+ or EXT3?04:31
brettleyi just need about a year of constant use04:31
zirodayElijah1: its hard to say, but you should be aware the linux cannot use HFS as a default file system. If using linux stick with ext304:32
bluedragonhaving problems with cairo dock04:32
Jack_Sparrowbluedragon, what problem04:32
bluedragonfinished installing it but there is a terminal window open whenever it is open04:32
bluedragonif i close termiinal window it closes04:32
Elijah1ziroday: Thanks, Ok I was wrong, The new linux Kernel is going to be using EXT4 not EXT3 http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/16854/04:33
snowveilyou opening it from the terminal window?04:33
zirodayElijah1: it still has not been decided whether there will be ext4 support in the next version of ubuntu04:33
bluedragonyeah no other way to open it04:33
Jack_Sparrowbluedragon, Have you restarted since you added it to your sessions programs04:33
Hodappis it normal for every single application that accesses my sound card to stall? except maybe mplayer...04:33
snowveiladd an & at the end of the command04:33
J-a-k-emgolisch: ok I got it sorted, the boot device was hd0,0 and I had to comment out the two lines that map the hd0 to hd1 and vice versa04:33
snowveilthat should solve the issue bluedragon04:34
snowveilIE, instead of "opera" it would be "opera &"04:34
qqxElijah1, when is the new Linux kernel coming out and when is th new Ubuntu version coming due?04:34
mgolischJ-a-k-e: hehe04:34
=== gaintsura_ is now known as gaintsura
bluedragoni will try the reboot first04:34
bluedragonbe right back04:34
snowveilcan anyone recommend another drive formatting utility other than gparted?04:34
zirodayqqx: the new kernel version is already out, the next ubuntu version is out in April04:35
sztomihi everyone. How can I enable usb-autosuspend on intrepid _for real_? Because I set the kernel options, and I did wrote the correct values to /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/power/level and /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/power/autosuspend. uhci_hcd is still on the top of wakeup list in powertop. Can someone help me?04:35
snowveilI'm having some issues formatting a drive for some reason04:35
qqxziroday, how do i get the new kernel04:35
Marfisnowveil, fdisk and and mkfs04:35
KittenKoderI am having a problem with my trash bin ... it won't let me empty something from it, anyone know how to access through the super user or if there is something else that will work? I am still too use to Windoze.04:35
zirodayqqx: that is not recommended, it is best to wait until the next version of ubuntu04:35
=== ZakK-- is now known as zkinion-
mib_eywuxranyone know why 8.04 running in a VMware window only offers 1 screen resolution (800x600)????04:35
Jack_SparrowKittenKoder, gksudo nautilus04:35
=== zkinion- is now known as zkinion
qqxziroday may i pm you04:35
Marfisnowveil, but then again...gparted is just a guy front end for them04:36
zirodayqqx: its better to talk here :)04:36
KittenKoderKK, thanks Jack_Sparrow.04:36
Jack_SparrowKittenKoder, gksudo nautilus       but please be careful, it is NOT forgiiving if you make a mistake04:36
nsadminKittenKoder: why won't it let you empty the trash?04:36
qqxi should say this in pm04:36
Elijah1qqx: The new Kernel is already out and Ubuntu 9.04 will have the EXT4 "option" and by 9.10 it should be default.04:36
kelbizzlemib_eywuxr: maybe drivers you need to install in the vm. Just a guess...04:36
KittenKoderIt just says "permission denied".04:36
zirodayKittenKoder: start nautilus with gksudo nautilus and go to your trash folder and delete the file04:36
timeracerrhi everybody. I've got this peculiar problem on Ubuntu. Today i've created a partition on another harddrive using gparted and i placed all my user files in there. Music etc, also pics for wallpaper. I've set a wallpaper to something in the menu/appearance. When i reboot the system, the background image doesn't set04:36
timeracerranyone knows what could be the problem?04:37
nsadminyou're better off in a shell... but that's not forgiving either04:37
zirodaytimeracerr: that is because the drive is not mounted on boot04:37
kelbizzlemib_eywuxr: check the restricted hardware if you have an ati or nvidia video card.04:37
Marfitimeracerr, check /etc/fstab and see where its mounting the drive04:37
qqxElijah1, may i pm you04:37
Elijah1qqx: yes04:37
=== christiekoehler| is now known as christiekoehler
mib_eywuxrkelbizzle: thanks.  i'll try that next.  it looks like VM thinks its just a generic display; hasnt even tried to *guess* a driver yet04:37
Elijah1qqx: I am a noob though04:37
brettleywhere can i get ati radion graphics drivers?04:37
kelbizzlemib_eywuxr: your very welcome.04:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:38
Gnea!kernel | qqx04:38
ubottuqqx: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages04:38
KittenKoderOkay, I tried the gksu(do) and it won't display the trash at all in it, giving a "cannot display contents" error, do I have to do a complete log out to make it work or does that mean it's something else?04:38
rogermuddtimeracer -- Is your wallpaper on the newly formatted driver? May be a permissions thing.04:38
ziroday!latest | qqx also see this04:38
ubottuqqx also see this: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.04:38
snowveilMarfi, fdisk gave errors as well, trying mkfs thanks :)04:38
Marfisnowveil, is the drive mounted?04:39
timeracerrMarfi: you're right, its not there. Can you tell me please how i add it? Im noob. thanks04:39
snowveilnot currently04:39
ziroday!trash | KittenKoder go to here in a root nautilus04:39
ubottuKittenKoder go to here in a root nautilus: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash04:39
Marfi!fstab | timeracerr04:39
ubottutimeracerr: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:39
zirodayKittenKoder: except change to ~ to /home/<username>04:39
snowveilfdisk -l lists it as /dev/sdb104:39
timeracerrthank you04:39
snowveiland using gparted /dev/sdb1 produces this output in the terminal window after trying to apply a format http://pastebin.com/d6dfda9e804:40
Marfisnowveil, you would have to use sudo fdisk /dev/sdb if you want to modify /dev/sdb04:40
snowveilMarfi, yeah, forgot to mention the sudo part...I've been doing that :)04:40
Jack_Sparrowsnowveil, INternal or external04:40
snowveilinternal, connected with usb->sata adapter :)04:41
snowveilplanning on putting in as internal once it's all set and done04:41
Jack_Sparrowsnowveil, that will be the issue04:41
snowveilwhy so?04:41
Jack_Sparrowusb.sata adapter..04:41
KittenKoderGot it, thanks to all who helped.04:42
snowveilgoing to try setting it to internal Jack_Sparrow, bbiab04:42
nsadmin!info libgtkmm-dev04:44
ubottulibgtkmm-dev (source: gtkmm): C++ wrapper for GTK+ 1.2 (development files). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.10-8.1 (intrepid), package size 714 kB, installed size 4660 kB04:44
=== Tails8119 is now known as Tails|UberSleep
KittenKoderOne last question, can't remember where I found it last time, what is the 'filename' character for custom command lines?04:45
dr_willisfile name character?04:46
nsadminKittenKoder: not sure what you mean04:46
dr_willisYou mean wildcard/regular expressions? like cat *.txt04:46
KittenKoderIn Windoze is was %1 ... etc.04:46
dr_willisresearch bash regular expressions. :)04:46
KittenKoderLike "python file.py" where "file.py" is replaced with what you click on through the GUI.04:47
dr_willisor bash scripting. It depends on how its being used. $1 i think in most shell scripts is the name of the first argument.  $0 is the name of the command..04:47
dr_willispython may have its own variables for that.04:47
nsadminthere are two areas you can look into, one is filename globbing, the other is regular expressions04:47
mib_eywuxrg'nite all.04:47
OinknessCan someone answer a really simple question for me?04:47
qqxcould anyone here pls show me how you setup your bluetooth headset so ALL your audio streams to it and the microphone works? or at least one or the other?04:47
nsadminOinkness: 29 because ice cream has no bones...04:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:48
OinknessNo offense but this is the third time I've visited and I've never had a question answered yet, so I was just checking if anyone was in04:48
dr_willisNew 'Chunky bone ice screem!'04:48
dr_willis1279 people here.. but it is 12:00 in the usa. ;)04:49
JFMcooli have no  sound on linux ubuntu04:49
gerberI just want to know ii i can use openbravo in ununtu ?04:49
OinknessI would like to know how to permanently delete a file, without going to the trash and clicking "empty trash" -- isn't there a faster way?04:49
nsadminalso, the more specific informative concise and complete you are, the higher quality the answer is goign to be, partly because more people will understand04:49
JFMcoolcan you help me04:49
dr_willisOinkness,  shift - menu - has a delete function i recall.. or use the command line04:49
mgolischOinkness: i think you can use shift+del04:49
mrwesOinkness: you can from the terminal with the rm command04:49
mrwesyes..and shift delete from nautilus04:49
dr_willisI recall some way to make the 'delete permently' always appear on the menus.. but i dotn rember how.04:50
nickrudOinkness, in a file manager window, edit->prefs->behavior tab, enable delete04:50
nickrudOinkness, three good answers this time ;)04:50
Oinknessyeah, i'm overwhelmed :O!04:50
dr_willisand its right there in the gnome docs probely :)04:50
dr_willisat least thats how i learned about the SHIFT delete thing...04:50
mrwesor a simple google :)04:50
LogicalDashWhat is a terminal command to hide my mouse?04:50
dr_willisIm not sure that Ubuntu Training book is still avail. it was a bit out of date04:51
mrwesHey doc04:51
OinknessI'm a linux newb so I need hand-on help, no doc can help me, I'm partially retarded as well04:51
nickrudonly doctors read documentation (required for malpractice insurance)04:51
OinknessI just hide my retardation in my perfect Grammar.04:51
bullgard4What is a 'JHBuild snapshot'? As in http://markmail.org/message/lm2bjkonnfcnvguk04:51
gerberdo you know guys know any free point of sale that work with ubuntu04:51
OinknessThank you guys :D04:52
nickrudbullgard4, apt-cache show jhbuild , it's a tool for getting source from the developer's tree and building automatically04:52
nsadminOinkness: there is a (fairly powerful and potentially dangerous) shell command called rm... I don't normally mention it, but it's exactly what you're asking for04:52
mrwesgerber: for retail?04:52
OinknessNow I just have to find a file to test it on04:52
nsadminanother shell command, touch, will make an empty file04:52
OinknessIn Windows when you hold down like, ctrl + shift and delete a file, it deletes forever bypassing the recycle bin XD04:52
bullgard4nickrud: Ah! Thank you very much for explaining. I will do more snooping now about it.04:53
Oinknesswhen I delete something I usually mean to do it, so i like it to be dead and not just hiding in a trash can04:53
Oinknesscause then someone opens the trash can and its like BOOM, ASIAN RAPE FANTASY04:53
mrwesgerber: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=1740404:53
mrwesgerber: and bananPOS04:53
davidmahi - does anyone know why you cant install WINE from the graphical pkg manager?  I had to use apt.04:53
johninlexhow would you check to see how much ram that you are running in ubuntu???04:53
mrweser bananaPOS04:53
nsadminOinkness: you should consider learning the shell...04:53
davidmasorry for the typos i am using a meso netbook.04:53
gerberthank you all04:54
OinknessIs there a shell guide? PDF?04:54
nsadminare you worried about showing asian rape fantasies to others?04:54
nickrudOinkness, think disney g rated perfect grammer in this channel, thank you very much ;)04:54
davidmajohninlex cat /proc/meminfo04:54
OinknessDisney is the work of Satan, don't insult me04:54
gumansome say asians.....?04:54
Oinknessand don't insult "grammer"04:54
miranda_psiOinkness: maybe you should try a sudo rm -rf / (its great for permanently deleting things :P)04:54
johninlexthanks Davidma ,  I know I have 3gig but part is shared for video04:54
dr_willisOinkness,  theres 10000's of guides/sites on using the shell/terminal/bash04:55
Flannel!danger | Oinkness04:55
ubottuOinkness: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!04:55
KittenKoderNot a Ubuntu question, but going to ask anyway, anyone know a good Python programming server/channel?04:55
PiciKittenKoder: #python04:55
nickrudOinkness, I put a blemish in everything I do, I don't attempt to approach perfection, blasphemeus ;)04:55
EberGuys, please, have fun with my image manipulation class ::: http://code.google.com/p/easygd/04:55
OinknessSo it was rm -rf /?04:55
FlannelEber: Please don't advertise here.  Try #ubuntu-offtopic04:55
PiciEber: Please don't advertise here04:55
davidmai searched google and could fnd nothin gon why the pkg manager won't let you install wine.  maybe some legal reason?04:55
dawis there a way to make firestarter start up automatically when my wireless connects?04:55
dr_willisdavidma,  not likely..04:55
nickrudOinkness, yes. Tath would destroy your system04:56
nsadminOinkness: don't run that command04:56
Picidavidma: I see it in add/remove just fine.04:56
Eberit's open source... not really an advertise :P04:56
dr_willisdavidma,  wine is legal to use...04:56
davidmapici try checking the box04:56
FlannelOinkness: No.  and don't repeat that.04:56
Oinknessx _ x04:56
Picidavidma: I already have it installed.04:56
davidmait refused to check the box when i tried, so i used sudo apt04:56
Oinknessdoesn't that mean fake?04:56
dr_willis<Oinkness> that command will delete EVERYTHING on the system04:56
nsadminOinkness: that command will try to remove every file on your system04:56
Picidavidma: File a bug then :)04:56
davidmaah i see.  well have you even seen the pkg manager refuse to check a box?  no error message or anything it would just not check it.04:56
Pici!bugs > davidma04:56
ubottudavidma, please see my private message04:56
nsadminOinkness: like I said before... rm is powerful04:57
mrwesgerber: http://sourceforge.net/search/?type_of_search=soft&words=point+of+sale04:57
FlannelOinkness: I believe holding shift while deleting will bypass the trash04:57
bluedragonwhat folder houses the programs that you installed04:58
OinknessNow right click menu has "Move to Trash" and "Delete", I guess delete would be LETHAL! MUA HA HAA! GOODBYE FOREVER FILE! *KILL!*04:58
mrweshe was already told that04:58
davidmapici go the ubotto msg04:58
* dr_willis guesses - delete is.. delete...04:58
davidma will do04:58
Oinknesskeep telling me, i have memory problems04:58
=== bimoseptyop is now known as Guest16937
Oinknessi had a head injury over the summer04:58
nsadminbluedragon: /bin /usr/bin /sbin /usr/sbin (four folders)04:58
Oinknessrequired 8 staples04:58
FlannelOinkness: Please keep on topic.04:58
bluedragonthanks nsadmin04:58
PiciOinkness: #ubuntu-offtopic is the offtopic channel. #ubuntu is for support only.04:59
Oinknesswhat is the topic? deleting files?04:59
dawis there a way to make firestarter start up automatically when my wireless connects?04:59
FlannelOinkness: Ubuntu support04:59
nsadminbluedragon: have you seen the tricks dpkg can do? dpkg --help04:59
OinknessIs there a HTML editor that will let me edit CSS layers? For Ubuntu :D04:59
bluedragonwhat is that04:59
OinknessCSS positioning layers04:59
FlannelOinkness: there's no such thing as a CSS layer.  But try nvu04:59
Flannel!html | Oinkness05:00
mgolischOinkness: any texteditor lets you do that..05:00
ubottuOinkness: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/05:00
nsadminbluedragon: what's a package you want to find out where it puts things?05:00
valroshey, nvidia x server settings arent saving the overclocking settings i change, they revert back to overclocking disabled on restart05:00
bluedragonwell i am trying to install cairo theme05:00
OinknessI've tried Amaya and it comes close but doesn't let me edit the layers (no effect when you click them) and KompoZer just crashes with gusto05:00
valroscan anyone help?05:00
bluedragonand it stilling me to put the file in the themes folder in cairo but can't find it05:01
mrwesVi is a good html editor05:01
davidmais synaptic the graphical apt front end?  want to get the terminology right in the bug report.05:01
OinknessI had high hopes for Amaya because I learned with Dreamweaver and XHTML05:01
nsadminhow are you trying to install it?05:01
Flanneldavidma: it's an apt frontend, yes.05:01
bluedragoni like emacs better than vi though05:01
mgolischOinkness: why dont you use dreamweaver if you are used to it?05:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:01
bluedragoni just got the theme from gnomlooks05:01
OinknessDreamweaver doesn't work on Ubuntu05:02
node357Oinkness, even in wine?05:02
eseven73You can run KompoZer for Windows in WINE, I had to do that a few times cause KompoZer crashes when you click on menus05:02
OinknessI tried installing the portable and regular versions through Wine to no avail :(05:02
=== eightyeight is now known as atoponce
bluedragonand it says to down load the file and extract in the themes folder admin05:02
Picibluedragon: You don't need to extract themes, just drag the archive over the theme appearance window.05:02
nsadminbluedragon: when you're installing things outside of the package manager, you're the one with all the info about what things go where05:03
=== atoponce is now known as eightyeight
Pici!changethemes > bluedragon05:03
ubottubluedragon, please see my private message05:03
mgolischOinkness: i just run all those tools i need in a vmware vm05:03
mgolischlike visual studio and stuff05:03
Oinknessvmware vm?05:03
Elijah1Will Ubuntu 8.10 support a USB 727 Modem from Sprint out of the box?  I can't connect this computer to "get" anything. I need it to just work. How would I do this?05:03
mrwesOinkness: Dreamweaver works in a windows XP virtualbox05:03
mgolischOinkness: yeah a virtual machine05:03
Oinknesssounds complicated :O05:04
mrwessounds lazy05:04
OinknessI have the CS3 Master Suite, if I could get that to work on here, that would be fantastic05:04
mgolischwith virtualbox its not realy05:04
eseven73VirtualBox is easy to use05:04
davidmawhat is maximus?05:04
mgolischit has that cool seamless mode, so you display the startmenu+taskbar of the windows vm on your linux desktop and just start apps from it05:05
mgolischthe windows will just be beamed onto your desktop05:05
eseven73mgolisch: i love that feature05:05
tanis143Hiyas all, got a couple of questions if anyone doesn't mind05:05
macvrhi all... i just noticed that when i right click an empty space and choose "create document" i now have an option> 'logFile' ... i didnt have this in ubuntu 8.04 is this a new 8.10 feature or why has this crept into the options?05:05
dr_willisdavidma,  a tool used in the ubunt-netbook remix to maxamize all windows05:05
GodfatherofEireHow would I edit the xorg.conf file to globally remap a specific button press in all of ubuntu?05:06
snowveilk quick question, I just formatted my hard drive, and it appears to have formatted fine, it's added to my fstab, but I don't have permissions to add/unmount it...how would I change this? chmod?05:06
OinknessSo CS3 would work in Virtual Box on Ubuntu? It's not going to ruin my vision like the Virtual Boy is it?05:06
davidmadr_willis do you know if the 'ubuntu add / remove programs' is synaptic or something els?05:06
linuxdudeis their a way to find out whos stealing my bandwidth ,i have a wep password05:06
davidmai want to file thecorrect bug report.05:07
macvrsnowveil: change the permissions in the AUTHORIZATIONS> HAL05:07
dr_willissnowveil,   what filesystem?  most of that is controlled in the fstab05:07
Flannel!bugs | davidma05:07
ubottudavidma: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots05:07
snowveilfilesystem is ext305:07
GodfatherofEirelinuxdude, I'd suggest checking at the router05:07
GodfatherofEireSee who's using it05:07
dr_willisdavidma,  just a similer front end to the normal packageing system.. I never use it. I perfer synaptic or th command line05:07
davidmaflannel ok05:07
mgolischdavidma: its something else05:07
Flanneldr_willis: Oh, sorry.  add/remove isn't synaptic.05:07
eseven73Oinkness: of course it would assuming you had a windows VM05:07
Flanneldavidma: ^^05:07
macvr snowveil: just change the permissions in the AUTHORIZATIONS> HAL > storage05:07
davidmaflannel just wondering what to put in the bug report05:07
GodfatherofEirelinuxdude Do you know your routers local IP?05:08
mgolischi think its called gnome-appinstall or something05:08
GodfatherofEirelike, 192.168.xxx.xxx05:08
Flanneldavidma: But, if you just describe it thoroughly, even if you don't have the exact name correctly, they'll be able to sort it out.05:08
mrweslinuxdude: most routers are at
GodfatherofEireThen check there in the DHCP client list05:08
* fivetwentysix never really saw the point of add/remoe05:08
iameliteDoes anyone know a program to convert .toast to .iso05:08
mgolischdavidma: gnome-app-install   << thats the name05:08
* Oinkness farts05:08
dr_willisiamelite,  cant say ive  ever seen/heard of the .tost extension befor05:08
linuxdudecan i find out where that person whos stealing lives05:09
tanis143Ok, does anyone know of a good video capture program? I've got a vstream xpert 2000 video capture card that I would like to use05:09
fivetwentysixmrwes, or
Flannelmrwes: Neither is that.05:09
iamelite  .toast is Mac standard CD image.05:09
macvrhi all... i just noticed that when i right click an empty space and choose "create document" i now have an option> 'logFile' ... i didnt have this in ubuntu 8.04 is this a new 8.10 feature or why has this crept into the options?05:09
snowveilwhich authentication option should I choose from the dropdown lists?05:09
iameliteI have to burn it out of mac, in pc on lin or win05:09
OinknessThat was unnecessary >.>05:09
suuurferis SE Linux any more secure than Ubuntu?05:09
FlannelOinkness: Please stay on topic.05:09
fivetwentysixActually every company uses a different default router ip05:09
GodfatherofEirelinuxdude, no, but you can block access to them05:09
OinknessI'm still waiting for clarification on the CS3 / Virtualbox thing05:09
eseven73I answered you Oinkness05:09
eseven73Oinkness: of course it would assuming you had a windows VM05:10
GodfatherofEire!info selinux05:10
ubottuselinux (source: selinux): Security-Enhanced Linux runtime support. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.3 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 124 kB05:10
OinknessWhat is a windows VM?05:10
OinknessI dont have windows installed or anything05:10
linuxdudeso i cant find them and confront the moron whos stealing ?05:10
macvrsnowveil: add ur self to the internal drives section05:10
tanis143VM stands for virtual machine05:10
GodfatherofEirelinuxdude, nope05:10
silv3r_m00nhi there05:10
eseven73Oinkness: its kinda like a emulator, but you'll need the windows cd or .iso file for it to work05:10
linuxdudeis their a radar that i can use to find the culprit05:10
silv3r_m00ni have a tar.gz file with may .deb files .... how can i install all of them together ?05:11
=== rob is now known as Guest48368
dr_willissilv3r_m00n,  sudo dpkg -i *.deb05:11
snowveilmacvr, I'm already in the list05:11
eseven73!VirtualBox > Oinkness05:11
ubottuOinkness, please see my private message05:11
nsadminsilv3r_m00n: unpack the tarball in an empty dir, cd there, dpkg -i *05:11
snowveilmy other drive is accessible, however this new drive is not05:12
macvrsnowveil: then u should be able to mount/unmount if u have hte permissions set correctly.... if not what is the error u get when u try to mount?05:12
snowveilcan not read/write mount or unmount except as root05:12
nsadminthe issue of where they came from and whether they will work on your box is left as an exercise :)05:12
linuxdude is their a radar that i can use to find the culprit,any software available05:12
Flannellinuxdude: No05:12
silv3r_m00ndr_willis: nsadmin: thanks05:12
mgolischsnowveil: its normal, only root can mount/umount filesystems05:12
GodfatherofEire1linuxdude, not really, it would require an undue amount of work, better to just switch to WPA2 encryption, with a secure passphrase05:13
* tanis143 looks sullen, had high hopes of seeing how fast he could turn vhs to dvd with his system05:13
GodfatherofEire1linuxdude, and if possible, change and hide the SSID05:13
mgolischsnowveil: for the permissions you might want to set compatible permissions on the filesystem05:13
nsadminlinuxdude: how many more times will you ask the same question?05:13
macvrsnowveil: select grant and select the user and select no constraint, that should do it...05:13
snowveilmacvr: mount: only root can mount /dev/sda1 on /media/seagate05:13
TheFunkbombHey, is anyone able to play Yahoo's literati (java game) with Ubuntu?05:13
mrwessnowveil: paste the fstab setting for that drive05:13
linuxdudeok i guess ill just have to share my internet with a freeloader05:13
snowveil/dev/sda1       /media/seagate  ext3    defaults        1 205:14
macvrsnowveil: what's ur fstab?05:14
tanis143dude, just lock it down05:14
tanis143Switch to WPA2 and you'll be good05:14
nsadminlinuxdude: you could put up a name for the net like Ilogurpackets05:14
tanis143Or just look up their mac address in your router and block that mac address05:14
TheFunkbomblinuxdude, why not slap some security on your AP?05:14
somethingtodolinuxdude: you can try hacking his box when he connects, or making a proxy that returns every web request as something silly ;_P05:15
linuxdudeill just buy a new router the supports wpa05:15
=== FD`AMD|tekster is now known as tekster
teksteranyone here able to assist me quickly with getting my x-fi xtreme gamer sound drivers working? :<05:15
tanis143omg how old is your router?05:15
dr_willissomethingtodo,  :) been there.. did that...05:15
macvrsnowveil: is sda ur home or root? if not just comment it out  of the fstab05:15
TheFunkbombor, you could set up a honey pot that just loops him through the grotesque underbelly of the internet05:15
snowveilsda is my new drive05:15
dr_willisremvoe your antannas or cover them with foil so he cant get signal :)05:15
snowveilsdb partitions are home and root05:16
OinknessIs there a Flash program for Ubuntu? For making and exporting Flash animations / ActionScript games?05:16
GodfatherofEire1linuxdude, seriously though, how old is that router05:16
TheFunkbombchange your SSID to "IStabFaces"05:16
teksteranyone have an x-fi xtreme gamer sound card?05:16
mgolischOinkness: not that i know off05:16
macvrsnowveil: just add "#"  to the fstab line for sda no need to add the line to the fstab05:16
mijaelstandhello guys, somebody could to tell me how i can to listen a internet radio with firefox?? i have the totem plugin for wmp but it doesnt works... =(05:16
linuxdudefuck it ill just share it why be a bitch about it as long as they dont steal all my bandwidth05:17
bluedragonstill having problems with installing a new theme in cairo where is the cairo themes folder05:17
* tanis143 rolls his eyes05:17
Oinknessmijaelstand: Do you have Rhythmbox Music Player? o.o05:17
GodfatherofEire1tanis143, seconded05:17
teksteranyone have an x-fi xtreme gamer sound card?05:17
somethingtodolinuxdude:  might as well have fun with it though.  Make a proxy and watch everything he does online...05:17
nsadminTheFunkbomb: or to "byusingthisnetyouagreeIcandoanythingwithyourpackets"05:17
mrwesmijaelstand: you could goto www.shoutcast.com05:17
Oinknessmijaelstand: That has radio / Last.fm and stuff, and you can set an option to make it close to the tray bar.05:17
mijaelstandyeah man..05:17
TheFunkbomblol nsadmin05:17
tanis143somethingtodo, if he doesn't know how to lock down his wireless, think he could do that?05:18
GodfatherofEire1tekster, if I remember correctly they dont really support Linux05:18
mijaelstandim going to there05:18
davidmathe add/remove app is 'gnome-app-install' and appears to be a python app.05:18
syntax\ERROR: Issue calling the dbus service:org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.UnmappedError.RbShellPlayerError.Code4: Playback position not available <-- i get this with conky.. how can i fix this?05:18
davidmaquite impressive that it 0runs fast as it does.05:18
teksteri downloaded a driver that they have on their site, but having trouble installing05:18
somethingtodoHey, just saying what I would do.05:18
teksternot sure if it worked or not05:18
TheFunkbombpoor dude can't even lock down his router.  I bet has a b protocol05:18
GodfatherofEire1tekster, sorry, dont know then, last I heard they were still unsupported05:19
nsadminis that like a b movie?05:19
tanis143I'm sorry, I know I'm new to linux, but when people give me the answer I dont act like an ass about it05:19
teksterhm ok05:19
snowveilmacvr, I am able to mount, but still unable to write to it05:19
GodfatherofEire1tekster, but that was a while ago, so idk05:19
tanis143Heh, I feel lucky that I got my resolution to finally stick at 1280x102405:20
mgolischsnowveil: you need to set apropriate permissions on the filesystem, so your user can write to it05:20
teksteryeah, im new to this whole ubuntu stuff. but i downloaded the driver, did the 'make' and 'make install' as it says, now when i reboot it should work right?05:20
macvrsnowveil: in fstab u only need to mention the root , home , swap partitons ...... thats wierd , i'm not sure why u r not able to write , try restarting X or reebooting and check if the problem still exists05:20
mgolischtekster: yeah05:20
nsadmintekster do you have to reboot?05:21
bluedragonwhere are programs files stored looking for the cairo dock themes folder any suggestions05:21
teksterim about to reboot now actually05:21
mgolischprobabaly not but thats much easier05:21
snowveilmgolisch, how would I go about doing that?05:21
mrwessnowveil: where is the mount point and/or directory? and who is the owner of that directory?05:21
teksterlet me re boot and hope that ubuntu doesnt freak out and not boot again05:21
mgolischsnowveil: using chmod/chown05:21
snowveilmount point is /etc/seagate05:21
mrwessnowveil: you might need to do a chown on it05:21
tanis143Ok, so does anyone have any suggestions on video capture software?05:21
mrwes /etc/seagate? weird spot05:22
snowveilI created it05:22
mrweswhy there?05:22
snowveilwhy not?05:22
snowveilI'm sorry :)  /media/seagate05:22
mrwesok ok05:22
mrwessnowveil: goto a terminal and do an ls -al /media/seagate05:22
mgolischsnowveil: are you the only using that drive?05:22
mrwesand see who the owner is05:23
snowveilyou know, that may be it...I created /seagate as root05:23
mgolischthe owner is root05:23
mgolischwho else05:23
mgolischif thats not been changed05:23
* tanis143 flops on the couch that just happened to be in the channel05:23
snowveilyup, root root05:23
Asad2005Is it possible to reset or change user password by editing /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow05:23
mgolischyou probably want to run sudo chown username:username -R /media/seagate/05:23
mrwessnowveil: chown yourusername:yourusername /media/seagate05:24
mrwesoh..yah -R05:24
eseven73dont forget sudo mrwes05:24
mgolischAsad2005: not realy05:24
teksterwell, rebooted and still no sound :/05:24
tanis143I think I could get back into IRC, been so long since I've been an addict05:24
mgolischAsad2005: unless you can gerate the hashes yourself, but thats a bad idea usualy05:24
mgolischAsad2005: just use passwd05:25
tanis143And now that I've given up gaming, I've got to find something to waste my time with05:25
eseven73rebooting really is a windows concept, usually not needed in Linux05:25
iggykoopatekster: once you build the driver you may need to run sudo modprobe [the module name]05:25
teksteri see05:25
teksterhave to figure out how to do that05:25
iggykoopai know the intel one is snd_hda_intel depends on the driver05:25
jalonsohey everyone, I have a little problem, I am trying to access my init.d file, but in terminal it only shows up when I do the 'locate' command05:26
jalonsonano doesnt open it up05:26
teksterwhere would i see the module name?05:26
bluedragonwhat up with adobe flash in fire fox it kind of sucks05:26
davidmaflannel, pici: BUG FILED  oops sorry05:26
Asad2005mgolisch, Is this only because of shadowing ? I mean if a system is with out a shadow then deleting the password field in /etc/passwd will do ?05:26
snowveilok, ran chown05:26
bluedragonany suggestions05:26
mgolischjalonso: sure its there?05:26
bluedragongo to05:26
iggykoopainit.d is a folder not a file05:26
teksterwould it be in the folder that was created after the tar zxvf etc05:26
tanis143jalonso, make sure you type in the directory properly, linux is case sensitive05:26
davidmathis meso notebok has no capslock light.05:26
iggykoopawell what sound card is it? may have to google it05:27
snowveildrwxr-xr-x  2 mike mike 4096 2009-01-10 23:58 .05:27
snowveildrwxr-xr-x 10 root root 4096 2009-01-11 00:18 ..05:27
teksterx-fi xtreme gamer05:27
snowveilthis is my output05:27
tekstercreative soundblaster05:27
GodfatherofEire1Also, what should one do if there is NO sysrq key on the keyboard05:27
snowveilstill unable to add files to the drive05:27
GodfatherofEire1Like, none whatsoever05:27
mgolischsnowveil: can you write to it now?05:27
iggykoopak let me see if i can find it05:27
teksterit was the driver that they have for linux on their site05:27
jalonsomgolisch: tanis143: it shows up when I do the 'locate' command, but when I nano it, it shows up as a blank file05:27
tanis143Godfather, its the prtscn key, just have to hit shift05:27
davidmais Wine usable?  I last played with it in 1995.05:27
jalonsomgolisch: tanis143: is it blank by default?05:28
tanis143david, I use it just fine05:28
mgolischjalonso: locate uses an index file, it only holds files/folders of the time the index was created05:28
GodfatherofEire1tanis143, nope05:28
tanis143I dunno, jalonso, I'm a newbie myself05:28
mgolischjalonso: that doesnt mean anything05:28
mgolischjalonso: look if ls lists it, if not its not there05:28
tanis143What keyboard do you have Godfather?05:28
GodfatherofEire1tanis143, yeah05:28
GodfatherofEire1Logitech S52005:28
iggykoopajalonso: init.d is a folder not a file...thats why it shows up blank05:28
davidmawine is struggling mightily to fire up internet exploder05:28
teksterwhat is the file extension usually for a module?05:29
jalonsoiggykoopa: Oh05:29
eseven73you can manually update the 'locate' database 'sudo updatedb'05:29
mgolischtekster: .ko05:29
teksterk ty05:29
macvr hi all... i just noticed that when i right click an empty space and choose "create document" i now have an option> 'logFile' ... i didnt have this in ubuntu 8.04 is this a new 8.10 feature or why has this crept into the options?05:29
jalonsoiggykoopa: thats what I needed to know, now on to the E17 IRC channel05:29
teksterwell, no .ko files in this05:29
tanis143david, why on earth would you want to use IE?05:29
nickrudmacvr, do you have a file in ~/Templates named logFile ?05:30
Pici!ies4linux | davidma05:30
ubottudavidma: ies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!05:30
tanis143Even on my windows machines I use firefox05:30
nsadminmaybe he has to test05:30
dr_willis<macvr> sounds like an improper file in  ~/Templates ,  which you can easially change/remove05:30
macvrnickrud: oh... s ...!05:30
macvrdr_willis: nickrud thanx guys this was driving me crazy! i recently added the file there! and FORGOT!05:31
dr_willismacvr,  :)05:31
teksterbah im so lost with this05:31
nickrudmacvr, welcome to _my_ world ;)05:31
egaudethey everyone, got a question.  I got the windows 7 beta ISO.  I have no removable media to burn it to (dvd/usb).  I want to copy the dvd contents to an ntfs partition, add it to grub, boot and install from there.05:32
iggykoopatekster: the creative site said something about this See the latest ALSA-Project driver for Module snd-ca0106 so try sudo modprobe snd-ca0106  longshot if thats the right one though05:32
macvrdr_willis: nickrud  :)05:32
SJrXegaudet,  good luck, that will never work.05:32
gogereaver1egaude try !windows05:32
teksterok ty, lemme look05:32
gogereaver1egaude sorry #windows05:32
SJrXegaudet,  I believe there are ways of booting a DVD image off a USB stick05:32
DarkSotM_windows is kinda picky about its media05:33
dr_williswindows is kinda picky about  everything. :)05:33
gogereaver1DarkSotM_ you can make a usb bottable windows but this isnt the place for it05:34
gogereaver1DarkSotM_ they added supports due to netbooks05:34
mgolischit even worked before05:34
mgolischwith cloning05:34
egaudetI'm not a big windows fan but i'd like to try windows 7 .  I just don't understand why I can't read a bunch of files off of the mounted iso05:34
mgolischor hacking the cd to load the usb storage driver during setup05:34
nickrudegaudet, if anyone has done it, probably ##windows will know05:35
bluedragonhelp where is the cairo themes folder located lol05:35
gogereaver1egaudet try the windows chanel on irc05:35
nickrudegaudet, and this ain't that place05:35
egaudetok i'll try that channel, thanks guys05:36
teksteriggykoopa: still havent found anything on the creative site yet thats useful :/05:36
bluedragonhow to install a theme in cairo from gnome-looks05:37
nickrudbluedragon, I've never heard of cairo themes ....05:37
iggykoopatekster: heres a howto on it http://technostuff.blogspot.com/2008/04/there-is-still-problem-with-beta2.html05:37
bluedragonit's in the gnom-looks.com site05:37
mrwessnowveil: you get that drive working?05:37
nickrudbluedragon, you mean a theme called cairo?05:37
bluedragonand it says to extract content in the cairo themes folder05:38
teksterthanks lemme look05:38
bluedragonnickrud how about this were are programs installed05:38
snowveilstill fooling with it05:38
snowveilnot working yet05:38
snowveilcomparing permissions with my old drive with this one, going to chmod it to match permissions05:39
nickrudbluedragon, I'm at the gnome-look site; how about a link to the one you're talking about05:39
snowveilsee where that takes me :-/05:39
bluedragonk hold up a sec05:39
bluedragonchecked it out nickrud05:40
j\mmyah i cant wait to get the retailers OS install off this laptop05:40
DarkSotM_anyone know why twin was takin out of intrepid?05:40
nickrudbluedragon, ah, cairo-dock theme. Like it says, ~/.cairo-doc/themes/05:41
gogereaver1j\mmy lol must be vista on a low end laptop05:41
iggykoopaif anyone wants to try out a power management gui I'm working on go to this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=988309 . people have had good results with it so far but I need more people to test it out.05:42
bluedragonwhere is that05:42
bluedragonis there a folder ~/.05:42
gogereaver1iggykoopa err ubuntu has a gui for that05:42
macvrbluedragon:  u do realize it is for the DOCK?05:43
nickrudbluedragon, that's exactly where it's at. ~ is a shortcut for /home/<username>05:43
* Oinkness farts and runs away real fast05:43
tanis143Allrighty then05:43
nickrudbetter as a part message05:43
iggykoopalet me elaborate..the gui I'm working on has options for a lot more stuff than the default ubuntu stuff.05:43
* tanis143 sprays some Frabreeze 05:43
snowveilgot it able to be written to05:43
lulwuthey all, anyone who have any experience mounting a second drive?  I dont seem to have permissions over it, it is /media/home and it shows up nicely in my places but i cannot add folders or content to it05:44
bluedragonbut there is not .cairo folder05:44
j\mmya place to stand a place to grow ontari-ari-ari-o05:44
macvrbluedragon: have u installed the cairo -dock?05:44
snowveilhaha lulwut that's what I just spent a bunch of time doing05:45
bluedragonyes macvr05:45
nickrudbluedragon, then you most likely don't have cairo-dock installed. It's an alternate to the normal gnome panel05:45
bluedragonit's installed05:45
lulwutsnowveil: did you figure it out and can you help me?05:45
jinja-sheepWhat's the command line to eject disc? >_>05:45
user1_Greetings, I have an unrecognized MP3 player, could someone help me to use dmesg ?05:45
nickrudbluedragon, if you do, just create the directories:   mkdir -p ~/.cairo-doc/themes05:45
tanis143Anyone have any idea's on a good program for video capture?05:45
mgolischlulwut: what filesystem is on it?05:45
snowveillulwut, open up terminal and type "ls -al /media/home"05:45
lulwutIT is ext305:45
snowveilwithout the quotes05:45
snowveildisplay the output05:46
macvrbluedragon:  /home/bluedragon/.cairo-doc  should exist , else as ^nickrud said05:46
snowveilalso, do the same for another drive you have mounted under media05:46
lulwut ls -al /media/home total 24 drwxr-xr-x 3 root root  4096 2009-01-10 01:58 . drwxr-xr-x 6 root root  4096 2009-01-10 02:23 .. drwx------ 2 root root 16384 2009-01-10 01:58 lost+found05:46
user1_(unrecognized mp3 player) I tried lsusb, and did a diff, comparing the results when the device was not plugged in, they were the same :(05:47
tanis143You have your permissions set wrong lulwut05:47
snowveilok do these two things05:47
mgolischdo both: sudo chown username:username -R /media/home/ and sudo chmod u+rwx -R /media/home/05:47
=== tanis143 is now known as Tanis143
Neondog82if i install windows 7 will it mess up GRUB?05:47
snowveilsudo chown -R username:username /media/home05:47
mgolischups you can leave the x away :)05:47
snowveiland then sudo chmod go= /media/home05:47
gogereaver1Neondog82 it would overwright it05:48
davidmapici thx for the ies4linux tip.05:48
snowveilthat should take care of it lulwut05:48
bluedragonk thanks guys see ya later05:48
davidmatanis just using IE to try out wine basically!05:48
Tanis143Yeah david?05:48
gogereaver1Neondog82 you can put it back thow with supergrub or the ubuntu live cd05:48
Neondog82gogereaver1 how to I install windows 7 without messing up the MBR?05:48
lulwutdo I put my username in there in place of username?05:48
Tanis143Ok, that works05:48
mgolischNeondog82: you cant05:48
Jack_SparrowNeondog82, You dont05:48
Tanis143I tried using wine to install ms money05:48
davidmai should probably find a worthwhile windows app05:48
davidmalike firefox in wine05:48
mgolischyoull need a livecd to restore grub afterwards05:48
user1_Neondog1: use a virtual machine or ask in #microsoft05:49
Neondog82so just reinstall grub with a live CD05:49
lulwutso it would be sudo chown -R adam:adam /media/home ?05:49
gogereaver1Neondog82 yep05:49
Mba7ethare there any microsoft specific channels around ?05:49
davidmatanis did it work?05:49
mgolischlulwut: if adam is your username, yes05:49
snowveilspeaking of MS Money...is there any hope for tax software under linux, or can you run taxcut/turbotax under wine?05:49
user1_Mba7eth: no05:49
gogereaver1Mba7eth #windows05:49
Tanis143Nope, the ms works installer didn't like wine05:49
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:49
macvrMba7eth: ##windows05:49
Tanis143But I have used to it for other programs like mirc and other stuff05:50
user1_snowveil: there is gnucash05:50
mgolischlook there @ snowveil05:50
Mba7eththanks all :)05:50
SaidaI was wondering if somone would be willing to help me.05:50
snowveilmgolisch :)05:50
mgolischSaida: depends05:50
user1_Saida: just ask05:50
lulwutcool, I think it worked05:50
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:50
macvr!ask |saida05:50
ubottusaida: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:50
SaidaWell I just installed Ubuntu onto my laptop.05:50
Tanis143I too was wondering if turbotax worked in wine05:51
lulwutsnowveil: I cant seem to create a new folder in it though, it is greyed out05:51
user1_Saida: new dell?05:51
SaidaAnd the wireless card I am using is a Atheros 802.11 Lan Card05:51
SaidaIts an HP05:51
SaidaHP G5005:51
nickrud!appdb | Tanis143 Mba7eth05:51
ubottuTanis143 Mba7eth: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:51
davidmathe bot has a blurb for everything05:51
snowveilnot sure about that one :)05:51
Tanis143I already have my w2, probably use put it on my lappy with vista on it05:51
snowveillemme search a bit, I'm having the same issue apparently05:51
mattycozehey is there any GPS software for linux?>05:52
user1_Saida: you might search the ubuntu forum for that model's name05:52
Neondog82saida have you updated your install?05:52
SaidaIm using 8.1005:52
lulwutsnowveil, when I right click in it and go to properties I cant do anything because it still says I am not the owner05:52
mgolischlulwut: did you do the sudo chmod u+rw -R /media/home/ ? it should give your user read and write permissions05:52
user1_Saida: the comptuer name,,05:52
SaidaDesktop edition05:52
davidmacan i see all the bot answers?05:52
guestmanis there an opensource dev C++ for linux i could use05:52
lulwutmgolisch, no lemme try that05:52
macvrlulwut: u still havent set the permissions right05:52
guestmani just switched from windows05:52
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:52
disappearedng_hey how do I install xtst and xlib?05:53
user1_guestman: gcc ?05:53
SaidaIm dual booting vista and ubunto05:53
snowveilI was close mgolisch, looks like yours was right though05:53
Tanis143just go to the package manager, search for those and install them05:53
user1_guestman: you may already have it05:53
SaidaAnyways the wireless internet card is not working and i have no clue what to do05:53
disappearedng_can I do it with apt-get?05:53
lulwutStill didnt work for me, maybe I need to start at the beginning,05:53
Tanis143That I dont know05:53
mattycozehey is there any GPS software for linux?>05:54
mgolischlulwut: do ls -al /media/home again05:54
Tanis143Ok, well I'm out, gotta go to sleep for work tomorrow05:54
somethingtododisappearedng_: depends on your distro.  Google it to figure out the package name.05:54
Neondog82Saida have you updated your installation of Ubuntu?05:54
* Tanis143 waves05:54
mgolischlulwut: what does it look like?05:54
SaidaIm using the latest release05:54
disappearedng_wow something to do you are here again!05:54
DarkSotM_mattycoze: try gpsdrive05:54
lulwuttotal 24 drwx------ 3 adam adam  4096 2009-01-10 01:58 . drwxr-xr-x 6 root root  4096 2009-01-10 02:23 .. drwx------ 2 adam adam 16384 2009-01-10 01:58 lost+found05:54
mattycozeDarkSotM can you download maps for it?05:54
SaidaI jsut installed 8.10 today05:54
DarkSotM_mattycoze: yep05:55
user1_could someone help me to use dmesg, to get a mp3 drive working ?05:55
SaidaBut if there is an update i cant install it because my wireless card is not working05:55
Neondog82Saida did you go to System -> administration -> Update Manager05:55
Neondog82Saida cant you plug it into your router?05:56
SaidaYa it says that Atheros 802.11 Lan Card is activated05:56
user1_Saida: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WirelessTroubleshootingGuide05:56
SaidaWhen is plug it in it dosent connect to the internet05:56
lulwutmgolisch: any idea what I did wrong?05:57
somethingtodoyea, I get around05:57
Neondog82saida, whats the computer model again?05:57
user1_Saida: some laptops have a physical switch on the side,, that got me once05:57
mattycozeDarkSotM i'm not familiar with the GPS chipsets available, is there anythign that works best with gpsdrive?05:58
SaidaI have one of those but when i click the buttion nothing happens05:58
macvrlulwut: does ur fstab have the line for this media?05:58
DarkSotM_mattycoze: try to get the thing to output in NEMA and GPSD will read it just fine05:59
SaidaHere is my laptop05:59
guestmanquestion.. if i have windows install.. can i install ubuntu on the remainder of the hdd..so i can keep everything i ihave on windows05:59
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:00
mgolischlulwut: hm maybe it needs the group to have write access too, try sudo chmod g+rw -R /media/home/ and see if that helps06:00
Jack_Sparrowguestman, the livecd will see the windows install and setup a dual boot.06:00
user1_could someone help me to use dmesg, to troubleshoot a usb drive (mp3) ?06:00
guestmanand if i wanted to unistall linux thats possible too?06:00
user1_Saida: perhaps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97717906:00
DarkSotM_mattycoze: Sorry i misread it,  I have a Magellin SportTrak Map that works great (other than battery life)06:01
mgolischuser1_: yeah nopaste the dmesg output06:01
Jack_Sparrowguestman, You dont uninstall it you just install whatever you want over the top or just delete the partition06:01
SaidaI tryed that didnt work06:01
user1_mgolisch: thanks!06:01
syntax\would i need to reboot to access music applet?06:02
Digital8Is there a quick/painless command or way to determine drive and partition numbering? e.g. hd0,0 0,3 etc06:02
Jack_Sparrowsudo fdisk -l06:02
lulwutIts working now guys~! muchos mercis y gracias06:02
Jack_Sparrowlast letter isL06:02
mgolischDigital8: for grub?06:02
Digital8mgolisch: yes06:02
SaidaAny idea?06:03
mattycozeDarkSotM okay i see; well i'll give you the gist of the project i'm trying to do; basically pulling apart an old laptop at the moment (P3 997.5MHz, 504Mb mem - no HD) and I was considering just booting with ubuntu (perhaps puppy linux if that doesn't work) and try and get a GPS chipset to slot in via the PCMIA card slot :p06:03
Digital8Jack_Sparrow: thanks for that command - though it doesn't list the numbers...i assume i should just count starting from x,0 then?06:03
Jack_SparrowDigital8, yes.06:03
Jack_Sparrowsda1 is  hd0,006:03
mgolischit should be06:03
Jack_Sparrowsdc3 is hd2,206:04
=== christiekoehler is now known as christiekoehler|
DarkSotM_mattycoze: I got no exp. with pcmcia gps'es Mine just connect thru the serial port06:04
mgolischbut the bios might have a different order06:04
user1_mgolisch: dmesg http://www.nopaste.com/p/acEJa9OHT06:04
mgolischid just try to complete some grub command that involves such a drivenotation in grub06:05
mattycozeoh okay yeah i have a 22pin printer serial port at the back of this one06:05
mgolischusing tab06:05
mattycozehehe showing its age06:05
nickrudgrub can use uuid's now, in place of hd0,0 notation06:05
mgolischit shows filesystem types and stuff06:05
mattycozefriend gave it to me and i figured it wouldn't take long to do something useful with it...06:05
mgolischso it easy to figure out the right thing06:05
DarkSotM_mattycoze: I would suggest looking up gpsd as well it's the deamon that talks to the gps06:05
DarkSotM_mattycoze: I mean the 9 pin com port06:05
tyler_dI cannot find the log file for bind9 on ubuntu 6.06 server, not located in /var/log/query.log, as well I could not find it using find or locate(after updatedb)?06:06
mattycozeDarkSotM ahh okay; fair enough;06:06
user1_mgolisch: I have a lot of these error -71 I think that is the device06:06
mattycozewell i'll expeirment.06:06
DarkSotM_mattycoze: i used to like gpsdrive up with kismet to log where all the wifi hotspots were in town bout 6 years ago06:07
smartguyztries everything google adobe youtube06:07
=== Octoroks_ is now known as Octoroks
davidmacan you use apt to install wine apt or do you have to do it ghetto-style, like untarring8 files in /usr/local06:07
nickrud!wine | davidma06:07
ubottudavidma: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help06:07
PadhuI want adobe flash for my firefox06:07
dr_willisdavidma,  wine is in the repos06:07
Jack_Sparrowdavidma, sudo apt-get install wine06:07
mattycozeDarkSotM hehe yeah i was just reading something about that; looks like a mean wardriving setupo06:07
smartguyzstill need help to get flash working06:07
YANPI have a problem.  I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my machine and when I try to install it, it says I/O Error Reading Disk and when I try to try ubuntu without installing it on my machine...it gives me pages of errors.06:07
nickruddavidma, many like using the wine from winehq, see the link above06:07
YANPWhat is the problem?06:07
DarkSotM_mattycoze: yah it was fun06:07
davidma i've got wine now wondering about installing apps06:08
smartguyztried everything google adobe youtube06:08
dr_willisam i the only person tha tjust instals '' sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras '' to install flash and has no problems with it?06:08
Jack_Sparrowdavidma, /join #Winehq06:08
_Ciddavidma:  most "wine" apps ..are windows apps...run their installer (windows installer)06:08
DarkSotM_mattycoze: would still do it but II can't patch my wifi card for moniter mode anymore06:08
dr_willisdavidma,  wine setup.exe06:08
nickruddr_willis, nope06:08
mattycozeDarkSotM yeah i know; i think it can still be done on atheros wifi cards06:09
dr_willisDoes  the next release need to have a LARGE icon/doc file that tells people to  install ubuntu-restricted-extas  from the start? :)06:09
nickruddr_willis, most everyone that doesn't muck around with stuff does that just fine06:09
Jack_Sparrowdavidma, read the tutorial above to get wine setup correctly06:09
FlareFlare!caps > smartguyz06:09
ubottusmartguyz, please see my private message06:09
teksterbah i give up on this sound :|06:09
DarkSotM_mattycoze: lots of cards still can, just not mine ;-(06:09
nickruddr_willis, in fact, I just let ubufox install it for me06:09
smartguyzGood night all msg me if you can assist06:09
mattycozeis it a broadcom?06:10
smartguyzver 7 worked fine06:10
YANPI have a problem.  I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my machine and when I try to install it, it says I/O Error Reading Disk and when I try to try ubuntu without installing it on my machine...it gives me pages of errors.  What is the problem?06:10
nickrudeseven73, the ubuntu additions to firefox06:10
nickrudsmartguyz, just what have you done, trying to get flash running?06:10
mgolischuser1_: maybe its a problem with the usb controler or its driver(s), do other thumbdrives work?06:11
smartguyzlet me paste you06:11
HarassmentPandaCan any one help me configure exim4?06:11
Digital8Jack_Sparrow: i'm helping someone reinstall grub after having installed a windows bootloader - does root (hd0,0) bring it back to the defaults used by ubuntu's installer?06:11
mgolischuser1_: or external usb disks or something06:11
DarkSotM_it's a 6 year old intergrated 802.11b06:11
nickrudsmartguyz, sure,  http://paste.ubuntu.com  is best06:11
user1_mgolisch: yes a usb drive works,06:11
eseven73YANP: have you tried burning the cd at a slower speed?06:11
user1_mgolisch: the only driver for windows is unsigned06:11
Some_uxYey! I finally managed to get ubuntu AMD64 to connect to the net using l2tp via my cable modem !06:12
davidmawow i'm totally blown away.  dl'ed firefox windows, it auto-launched the wine program extractor, and it just worked06:12
techsupportanyone here familiar with hlstatsx ?06:12
davidmai thought i'd have to spend hours futzing around with ini files or junk like taht.06:12
SaidaDoes anyone have any idea why my wireless card isnt working?06:12
eseven73davidma: why firefox for windows ?06:12
usserdavidma: i second that06:12
user1_Saida: check the troubleshooting06:12
DarkSotM_because he can06:12
FlareFlareSaida: Is it a broadcom card?06:13
nickrudbrowser rendering comparisons06:13
Some_uxHow do i check the speed using Ping ?06:13
smartguyz[sudo] password for smartguyz:06:13
smartguyzsudo: ./flashplayer-installer: command not found06:13
smartguyzsmartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~$ cd \Desktop06:13
smartguyzsmartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~/Desktop$ cd \Flash1006:13
smartguyzsmartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~/Desktop/Flash10$ sudo ./flashplayer-installer06:13
FloodBot3smartguyz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:13
YANPI have a problem.  I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my machine and when I try to install it, it says I/O Error Reading Disk and when I try to try ubuntu without installing it on my machine...it gives me pages of errors.  What is the problem?06:13
smartguyzCopyright(C) 2002-2006 Adobe Macromedia Software LLC.  All rights reserved.06:13
SaidaNot that i know of06:13
nickrudsmartguyz, http://paste.ubuntu.com is the place to paste06:13
mgolischuser1_: i had a similar problem on one my laptops and solved it by removing the usb 2.0 driver using modprobe -r ehci_hcd, when it pluged it back in it worked06:14
nickrudsmartguyz, then provide the link06:14
dr_willissmartguyz,  the file needs tobe executalbe.. and  i always isntall flash with the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package.. NOT via that installer.06:14
FlareFlare!pastebin > smartguyz06:14
tritiumI can't add the volume applet in xfce4 on 8.10, no matter how many times I try.06:14
ubottusmartguyz, please see my private message06:14
eseven73DarkSotM_: dont get me wrong im not a windows hater, i got xp running as we speak in Vbox i was just curious why he needed Firefox for windows06:14
davidmaeseven73 just messing ith wine, i do some web dev at work too.06:14
davidmaneed to test different browsers on different OSs.06:15
davidmaso does spyware work with wine? haha-1106:15
user1_mgolisch: what do you mean by plugged in back in? physically or did you reboot?06:15
iandouglashey all, quick question -- asked in #hardware but didn't get very far. If I needed to rebuild my box for a dual boot machine that's booted into ubuntu 90% of the time for programming and multimedia work, and winxp for 10% of the time for some gaming, should i be looking at intel cpus, or amd? and which sort of video hardware should i look for that will give decent cross-platform support?06:15
nickruddavidma, get virtualbox and run xp/vista in there. You can run them in their native environment, no subtle bugs due to wine06:15
mgolischuser1_: i just pluged the thumbdrive back in after running that command06:15
davidmanickrud is this commerial or O/S06:15
eseven73nickrud: thats a good idea06:15
Digital8Is there any obvious reason that "setup (hd0)" would fail in grub? (errror: cannot mount selected partition)06:16
nickruddavidma, open source. You can also use their free as in beer one if you need usb06:16
user1_mgolisch: oh got ya, is ehci_hcd specific for your needs or should I run that command as well ?06:16
nickrud!info virtualbox-ose | davidma06:16
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.4-dfsg-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 6137 kB, installed size 20720 kB06:16
DarkSotM_eseven73: sorry just couldn't resist06:16
davidmado you have to have windows license?06:16
jinja-sheepnickrud:  I learned something about WINE. ;)  http://ardchoille.nfshost.com/Linux/WineRunsWindowsViruses06:16
davidmai only have an ancient copy of win98.  anyway back to linux.06:17
nickruddavidma, yes.06:17
davidmabah forget it.06:17
davidmawell, i mean at work i'll use it.  not home.06:17
smartguyzsmartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~$ sudo ./flashplayer-installer06:17
smartguyz[sudo] password for smartguyz:06:17
smartguyzsudo: ./flashplayer-installer: command not found06:17
smartguyzsmartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~$ cd \Desktop06:17
smartguyzsmartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~/Desktop$ cd \Flash1006:17
smartguyzsmartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~/Desktop/Flash10$ sudo ./flashplayer-installer06:17
FloodBot3smartguyz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:17
* FlareFlare hates Windows06:17
nickrudsmartguyz, live up to your name, use http://paste.ubuntu.com :)06:17
mgolischuser1_: its the usb 2.0 driver module06:17
SaidaIts an Atheros AR5007 8002.11b/g WiFi Adapter06:17
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user1_mgolisch: thanks I'm still a newbie to linux06:17
davidmajinja sheep i was wondering the same thing.06:18
smartguyz/usr/lib/firefox ....not working.....?06:18
nickruddavidma, I asked work for a license for my virtualbox at home. They gave it to me because they knew that work is the only reason I'd ever use it :)06:18
joejcwhen does jaunty releases?06:18
nickrud!jaunty | joejc06:18
ubottujoejc: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.06:18
nickrudsmartguyz, paste the stuff you've been trying to paste on http://paste.ubuntu.com06:19
tarheelcoxnI have a USB stick with an ext3 partition that doesn't have the right permissions when it automounts. Where is the right place to set those permissions? (clearly not /etc/fstab)06:19
user1_mgolisch: thank you so much!!06:19
mgolischuser1_: does that work?06:19
kompulsa_dot_comGood night.06:20
tarheelcoxnI found http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=393743 but that's a dead end on the usb ext3 automount front06:20
user1_mgolisch: yeah, it poped up immedatly I minimized it trying to see if it worked or not took me a few seconds to realise06:20
nsadmintarheelcoxn: ext3 has unix-style permissions, you just use chmod06:20
ghindoQuick question to all of those who use alternate wm/de:  What application do you use to manage your network connections, if not NetworkManager?06:21
Digital8still looking for input on "setup (hd0)" failing in grub06:21
mgolischuser1_: did it load that module again? if not it will be running usb 1.1 now but still that would be better than not working at all06:21
nsadminmaybe you should be more specific what you mean by "right permissions"06:22
Barridushi, anyone got a link to something that's useful in setting up file sharing for hardy desktop?06:22
mgolischuser1_: does lsmod|grep ehci_hcd gives anything back?06:22
tarheelcoxnnsadmin: chmod once and next automount it will be correct?06:22
Barridusi just need a good point in the right direction06:22
nsadminmaybe you should be more specific what you mean by "right permissions"06:22
smartguyzThought this was real time support SORRY !!!06:22
tritiumsmartguyz: it is06:22
user1_mgolisch: no nothing is returned,, which means it's a usb 1.1 .. right?06:23
eseven73ghindo: me personally just boot up into gnome or kde when i need to mess with settings like that, then i switch back to Icewm or Window Maker, xfce or whatnot.06:23
mgolischuser1_: yeah06:24
nickrudsmartguyz, you have to do your part. I'll ask one more time: put the stuff you've been trying to paste on http://paste.ubuntu.com06:24
user1_mgolisch: thanks a lot!06:24
smartguyzwill do thanks06:24
ghindoeseven73: Interesting, thanks.06:25
eseven73ghindo: np06:25
davidmaso what's the deb/ubuntu equivalent of rpm06:25
nickrud!who | smartguyz06:25
ubottusmartguyz: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:25
davidmasorry, equiv of rpm -qa06:25
davidmadpkg -l06:25
dr_willis!apt | davidma06:25
ubottudavidma: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)06:25
nsadminwhat's -qa?06:25
davidmaokay, i meant to list all files in a pkg06:25
nsadmindpkg -L pkgname06:26
davidmansadmin rpm -qa lists all pkgs on the system, like dpkg -l06:26
tarheelcoxnnsadmin: lists all installed packages06:26
davidmansadmin thanks06:26
davidmasorry for the multe06:26
nsadminalso... you might try dpkg --help06:26
davidmamulti-line questions i am using a meso with a tiny keyboard, and to make it more cofusing i use dvorak keyboard layout06:26
davidmathe enter key is near the -06:27
YANPI have a problem.  I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my machine and when I try to install it, it says I/O Error Reading Disk and when I try to try ubuntu without installing it on my machine...it gives me pages of errors.  What is the problem?  I am using the CD they sent me...06:27
DarkSotM_YANP: Sounds like the drive is failing06:27
YANPSo my CD Rom drive is dead?06:28
nsadminor your hd06:28
eseven73YANP: does it work in other OS's?06:28
davidmayanp i had similar problems, and ended up doing an 'alternate' install using usb flash and network06:28
davidmabut that was complicated.06:28
davidmai'm startin8g to dislke CDs anyway.  slow.06:28
YANPI haven't tried it on a different machine.  My computer is only two years old...06:28
mgolischi usualy do install using debootstrap anyways06:29
davidmayanp do you have a flash drive06:29
* nickrud smacks mgolisch 06:29
YANPYeah, 1gb06:29
eseven73well age has nothing to do with it, a drive can fail after its first 5 mins06:29
YANPI am a noob... :-\06:29
DarkSotM_YANP: does it have a check cd contents option or something similar?06:29
YANPIt has check cd for defects option06:30
tritiumeseven73: it can, but age *does* have something to do with it.  Are you familiar with the bathtub curve?  Failure rates do increase with product age.06:30
mgolischyeah the install cds should have that06:30
nsadminYANP: instead of claiming you're a noob or whatever, just say you don't want to work all that hard for results...06:30
eseven73tritium: I know but i was jut making a  point06:30
DarkSotM_YANP: try that and see what it says06:30
YANPnsadmin, I am a noob..I have been trying for 3 days now...06:30
davidmayanp do you have another OS alraedy on the box? see if you can read the CD there06:31
nsadminwhat's your point in saying so, out of curiousity?06:31
YANPMy computer freezes too..or maybe it is the drive that freezes06:31
davidmaif you get really ambitious copy it to a flash drive.06:31
Matias_32buensss.... alguna mujer que me entienda? Je06:31
davidmaand boot off the flash if your bios supports it06:31
DarkSotM_davidma: but if his drive went I don't think it would copy06:32
nsadminYANP: I'd like to suggest you run a memory test program06:32
davidmaprobably true06:32
YANPIt is 1gb ram06:32
nsadminI think you should test it06:32
smartguyzposted goodnight.....06:32
nickrudsmartguyz, now give me the link so I can see it06:32
nsadminif your computer freezes, I'd want to know if it's the computer or somethign running on it06:33
xMopxHas anyone else ever had Ubuntu destroy the bootmgr on a seperate, Vista partition?06:33
davidmayanp i would try to find another box and put the CD on a flash drive.  Look up syslinux too, you'll need to make the flash drive bootable06:33
YANPI am going to look for that USB Flash drive thing.06:33
davidmayanp there are some wiki pages on doing a flash install.06:33
davidmagoogle will turn them up06:33
DarkSotM_I had a drive that gave me I/O errors... the cable was only half way pluged in06:33
nickrudsmartguyz, try   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras , that will install flash 'the ubuntu way'06:34
rokr1hello all06:34
YANPdavidma, I am reading the ubuntu page right now.06:34
DarkSotM_pendrivelinux.org i belive06:34
lee1733Any time I try to open a program on my second monitor (second x session), it freezes X. What could be causing this?06:34
lee1733or rather, freezes my panels.06:35
Cotowarmay i ask what the discussion topic is?06:35
davidmayanp good luck with it.06:35
nickrudCotowar,  type /topic06:35
davidmait can be done but it can be tricky too.06:35
mgolischlee1733: you have a desktop on both?06:35
YANPdavidlockwood, Thanks, and thanks for all the help guys.06:35
nsadminYANP: you might as well get the ram test out of the way first... arrange to have it boot from the usb stick and run it06:35
rokr1i got a problem in usin 3945 wireless card in UBUNTU Intrepid06:35
rokr1can any 1 help me06:35
mgolischlee1733: does the rest still work?06:35
eseven73!ask | rokr106:36
ubotturokr1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:36
lee1733mgolisch: I can open anything on my first monitor and it works fine, but whenever I open something from the panel on my second monitor, it freezes.06:36
nsadminrokr1: If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask on a support mailing list06:36
joljamwhat is the mirc channel name for unix shell scripts06:37
rokr1ok ubottu06:37
nickrudjoljam, #bash , I think you're looking for06:37
smartguyznickrud: smartguyz@smartguyz-laptop:~$  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:37
smartguyz[sudo] password for smartguyz:06:37
smartguyzReading package lists... Done06:37
smartguyzBuilding dependency tree06:37
smartguyzReading state information... Done06:37
FloodBot3smartguyz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:37
dr_willisMirc + unix shell scripts?06:37
smartguyzubuntu-restricted-extras is already the newest version.06:37
nsadminjoljam: what shell?06:37
nickrudsmartguyz, please, please don't paste here. You've been muted several times now06:38
dr_willisjoljam,  they are 'irc' channels. :) mIRC is one of many irc clients.06:38
nickrudsmartguyz, so, put the output on http://paste.ubuntu.com again06:38
_Cidsmartguyz:  that pastebin thingy is not a forum post, its just a way for us to exchange  output etc - fast and easy :-)06:38
xMopxHey guys, whenever I boot ubuntu then try to boot my vista partition, Vista says BOOTMGR is missing and I have to TOTALLY reinstall it. Any ideas?06:39
smartguyzwhat good is this I need help and you are muting and what not....06:39
mgolischlee1733: strange , can you start programs on the second screen using the cmdline? like DISPLAY=:0.1 program or something06:39
smartguyzWOW !!!06:39
_Cidsmartguyz:  you still need help? ..that install should have worked :-)06:39
Flynsarmyis it worth trying to install the nvidia forceware 180.22 linux display driver? Would it make videos less cpu-intensive?06:39
nsadminsmartguyz: your name is not giving me much faith :)06:40
FlynsarmyOr should i just stick with the driver from the ubuntu repository06:40
Cotowarwhere in this client can I view commands and poosibly join a different server? I cannot seem to figure it out and have not used irc in a long long time.06:40
nickrudsmartguyz, because if every one pasted here it would be impossible to work here06:40
lee1733mgolisch: I can press <super>+t and open a terminal on the 2nd monitor and run everything fine. It's just when I click things from the panel.06:40
kgodwinCotowar: Which client?06:40
Cotowarnvm, im dumb06:40
rokr1my problem is i cannot use 3945 wifi card in ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid kernel version 2.6.27-9-generic when i use network manager 0.7.0 to create a new Ad-hoc connection NM applet icon runs for few sec. and wireless option greys out... iam using restricted common blah blah ...what to do any solution06:40
Cotowari just got it06:40
smartguyzI know UBUNTU is the future but you are giving me a hard way to go......06:40
nickrudsmartguyz, we're happy to help, but we've been doing this a long time and have learned what works06:40
kgodwinCotowar: It is ok, we love you anyway ;)06:40
nsadminsmartguyz: irc is not the best medium for large quantities of info06:41
rokr1my problem is i cannot use 3945 wifi card in ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid kernel version 2.6.27-9-generic when i use network manager 0.7.0 to create a new Ad-hoc connection NM applet icon runs for few sec. and wireless option greys out... iam using restricted common blah blah ...what to do any solution06:41
rokr1any 106:41
nsadminirc in combination with other ways is more helpful06:42
=== _sigterm is now known as sigterm
sarmisakrokr1, I am using 3945 for a long time now, but have never used it for adhoc. should work ok though.06:42
microchip420hey guys, i am having an issue with my external HDD, i connected it to a friend's pc, which is a Windows OS, and now it will not mount06:42
Digital8rok1: did you already try ndiswrapper?06:42
smartguyzI use video but I am unable to view flash at the moment06:42
michaelyaohuge number of people06:42
Digital8rok1: or b43, or similar06:42
smartguyzuse video for training06:42
joljamis there any one here who knows unix shell scripting and can help me06:42
smartguyzit  works for me ....06:43
rokr1can i use wicd instead of NM...??06:43
Digital8rokr1: if you know where to obtain your windows drivers, ndiswrapper could do the job06:43
_Cidgood :)06:43
nickrudsmartguyz, so, did that command work?06:43
sarmisakmicrochip420, you have to force it through a terminal try this; sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/disk -o force06:43
Cotowardoes anyone else have a problem with random freezes in Ubuntu 8.10? my laptop randomly freezes up and I have to hold the power button06:43
rokr1will it help06:43
Digital8rokr1: ndiswrapper allows you to use a windows driver in ubuntu06:43
microchip420sarmisak, do i need to insert the name of the HDD?06:43
michaelyaono my ubuntu is working fine, but it doesn't seem to download a driver when i ask it too06:43
Digital8rokr1: there's lots of good guides on the forums on how to use it06:43
sarmisakmicrochip420, you should switch /dev/sdb1 with the correct device name, yes06:43
DarkSotM_joljam: What kinda scripts?06:43
microchip420kk, just a sec06:43
mgolischrokr1: i think i saw that somewhere, i think it had to do with some of the wlan stacks configuration modules not properly detecting the country settings from the device firmware, it had to do that with some country profiles certain wlan channels can not be used or something06:44
smartguyznsadmin: no I already have the latest 1 o files updated....06:44
Cotowari get this problem both after screwing in my kernel a bit, and from a clean install. I've been keeping tabs on what and when the crash happens though06:44
rokr1ok ndiswrapper i get ndisgtk that one06:45
FloodBot3rokr1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:45
michaelyaoMy problem is : i wanna download a nvidia graphics accelerator .06:45
michaelyaoi've tried the system>admin>hardware driver, but it freezes at 0%06:45
michaelyaoi've also tried changing my software sources, but same06:45
Digital8rokr1: i'm too unfamiliar with it, i'd only be able to read information from the forums to tell you..06:45
johninlexHow do I send messages between PCs on my home network? other than ytalk06:45
rokr1ok ok my bad06:45
TheFunkbombCan someone please try to play Literati on Yahoo Games?  I desperately want to get that to work so I can ditch Windows all together06:46
Digital8rokr1: but i can tell you that it does work at least with some cards, i've tried it myself06:46
_Cidjohninlex:  echo foo | write johnin    :-)06:46
rokr1my card is 394506:46
michaelyaofunk, whats you're probelm?06:46
rokr1old one digital806:46
smartguyzEnjoy  UBUTU just need my video....06:46
TheFunkbombmichaelyao, I can't get it to work.06:46
sloopyTheFunkbomb, i play on occasion... have no problems with it06:46
TheFunkbombit is Java based06:46
HarassmentPandamichaelyao: I had a similar problem when I first installed, mine was because I was already running a package manager at the time but there wasn't an actual error displayed about this being the problem06:46
Cotowaroh, heres another couple of random problems I have with 8.1006:46
rokr1had problem with X3100 but it was solved06:46
TheFunkbombsloopy, well, at least I know it can be done06:46
michaelyaorawr too many people asking for help, too little exp people06:47
rokr1but problem with 394506:47
Cotowarhow do i get an external monitor to work in 8.10?06:47
michaelyaoerr, are you using firefox?06:47
DarkSotM_johninle: try "net send * [message]"06:47
rokr1man tats tooo much06:47
michaelyaohave you downloaded flash etc?06:47
TheFunkbombsloopy, what java do you have installed?06:47
michaelyaotry going to iminlikewithyou.com and play a few games there06:47
sloopyTheFunkbomb, on the machine i play, i have the sun java 6 installed06:47
michaelyaosee if that works06:47
smartguyzwill hang out here for a bit BBL06:47
TheFunkbombsloopy, that's what I have too06:47
TheFunkbombmichaelyao, I will try06:47
michaelyaoanybody have an idea on downloading graphic cards?06:47
microchip420sarmisak, you still there?06:47
HarassmentPandamichaelyao: I had a similar problem when I first installed, mine was because I was already running a package manager at the time but there wasn't an actual error displayed about this being the problem06:48
sarmisakmicrochip420, yeah06:48
johninlex_cid that did not work06:48
microchip420sarmisak, pm?06:48
michaelyaopanda, i'm freezing at -%06:48
HarassmentPandaI was as well06:48
DarkSotM_downloading graphics card?06:48
lee1733I am running separate X sessions on dual monitors connected to an nvidia 8800gt on Ubuntu 8.10. Any time I click a program from the panel of the second monitor, the panels freeze and sometimes a blank error message pops up. I can open programs on the 2nd monitor from the command line. What could be causing this?06:48
HarassmentPandaare you sure you don't have any other package managers running06:48
_Cidjohninlex:  why not, did it say?   you just looking to echo a message to someone else on the same machine?06:48
michaelyaoi've run hardwar driver by itself, so there no 2 package manger runnign06:48
michaelyaoand i've also changed my softwar sorce to random places06:48
TheFunkbombmichaelyao, that site worked fine06:49
_Cidjohninlex:  oh, sorry - you said to other PC - you want to look into net send06:49
TheFunkbomblet me try yahoo games again06:49
nsadminsmartguyz, so I'm going for food... if you want to get better results try being: specific, informative, concise, complete... oh, and after the burrito, I'm practicing scales06:49
HarassmentPandaI don't think changing to random places will work06:49
michaelyaokk, huh06:49
_Cidjohninlex:  sorry, never done that before, looking now - guessing there is something as part of samba06:50
microchip420sarmisak, pm?06:50
Cotowari have a thinkpad t61, and in 8.04 I could connect an external monitor, but in 8.10, I cannot. the monitor is the same in both cases, but 8.10 does not even recognize it is there. Can anyome help me solve this?06:50
TheFunkbombit worked!06:50
DarkSotM_johninlex: you could set up a jabber server06:50
_Cidjohninlex:  is you just type in 'net send'  it gives pretty good help :)06:50
TheFunkbombno, it just bombed FF out06:51
johninlexyea _cid I was reading on it now06:51
smartguyznsadmin: I pasted all the information here http://paste.ubuntu.com/103397/ this is my problem in detail.... what more do you want....?06:51
johninlexDarksotm What is jabber server06:52
fox_jazza chat server06:52
nsadminsmartguyz: do you really want to know?06:52
nickrudsmartguyz, you never pasted the results of the command I asked you to run06:52
nsadminI want a burrito, a pony, three chicken tacos... and hold the cilantro please!06:52
DarkSotM_johniinlex: It lets you run your own instant messanger server06:52
TheFunkbombit makes me force quit the window06:53
nickrudnsadmin, wrong device, you need a phone06:53
Cotowarsmartguyz: did you try going to youtube, and adding gnash when the flash vid won't work? that's how I always do it06:53
nsadminI have a phone... wanna burrito :P06:53
fox_jazzanyone using hyperV06:53
nsadminok, so I'll be around after awhile06:53
smartguyznickrud: the results is nothing happened did you read th last line....?06:53
CotowarI generally add gnash, swf, and the third option in there just so I know it will work06:53
DarkSotM_johninlex: I used to have on set up in side my network to talk to my brother across the house06:53
johninlexDark I was just wanting to let other people that uses my network to know if I was going to shut it down06:54
nickrudsmartguyz, no, it got cut off. the bots cut off more than 3-5 lines. That's why we use http://paste.ubuntu.com06:54
mgolischrokr1: you can try reloading the cfg80211 module with for forcing a regulatory country profile06:54
DarkSotM_johninlex: then net send is pry your best bet06:54
nickrudsmartguyz, used to be people would paste 100+ lines here, no one could work till they all scrolled by06:54
johninlexbut see there is two computer that is Windowzzzz06:54
nsadminnickrud: he did, he pasted... now I'm gone... really...06:54
smartguyzcolowar: yes I did same results nothing no video....06:54
nickrudnsadmin, no, that was the results of the adobe flashh installer06:55
Cotowarthat's dumb06:55
nsadminoh ok06:55
Cotowari remember i had a hell of atime with it once...im trying to remember what I had to do06:55
nsadmingive him the pastebin pipe script06:55
nsadmin!pastebin pipe06:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebin pipe06:55
mgolischrokr1: like sudo modprobe -r cfg80211 abd sudo modprobe cfg80211 ieee80211_regdom=6406:55
DarkSotM_johninlex: I used to broadcast net send * in the windows computer labs at school06:56
Cotowarsmartguyz: i noticed you were in no particular directory in your pastebin post06:56
nickrudCotowar, depends on what's been done already. Sometimes it takes more surgery, sometimes less06:56
johninlexok  installing it now through Synaptic06:56
nsadminsmartguyz Download http://pastebin.ca/download/paste2pastebin.pl and install libwww-mechanize-perl.  Then pipe your output to perl paste2pastebin.pl.  You can also "aptitude install pastebinit" if you are on lenny/sid.  Upload a file to http://pastebin.ca/upload.php pipe to "nc paste.dyndns.org 1234".06:57
smartguyzCostwar: /usr/lib/firfox not found....?06:57
Cotowarnickrud: i couldn't get it from a clean install, only one time though, every other time has been cake06:57
nickrudCotowar, probably a time when adobe had a new version out, but ubuntu hadn't updated it's installer06:58
Cotowarsmartguyz: have you gone to www.adobe.com and saved a .deb package to your desktop?06:58
Cotowarnickrud: exactly the problem06:58
DarkSotM_johninlex: I'm not sure but windows *may* have turned this feture off by default06:58
tritiumI can't open my DVB card with VLC or xine.  After installing dvb-utils, I noticed this issue with udev: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103400/06:58
levanderI'm using Google Earth.  Does anyone know what the green and brown blocks all over the map mean?  Can't find it in the help docs.06:59
smartguyzColowar: yes I have....06:59
johninlexwell we will find out in a few sec I have my laptop beside me to find out06:59
Cotowarthe ./flashplayer-installer should be in the package06:59
Cotowari think...06:59
DarkSotM_green=grass brown=dirt?06:59
Cotowarim not that awesome with linux, all i really do is programming and facebook06:59
nickrudtritium, that's really old school, pre udev. And I can't get my dvb working either.06:59
jan247hi guys, was hoping to ask about openvpn. my vpn connection works using the command line, but doesn't work with the plug-in for the network applet06:59
davidmagoogle earth runs on ubunto?07:00
tritiumnickrud: which is old-school?  dvb-utils, or the error?07:00
Cotowarbut honestly im just trying to think of all the things that i get stuck on myself07:00
tritiumdavidma: yes, google has a repository for it07:00
DarkSotM_davidma: ya I got it on mine, native too07:00
tritiumdavidma: as well as a few other apps07:01
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository07:01
RyeBryeAnyone here using RT2860 with WPA?07:01
tritiumnickrud: note that I *could* use my DVB card with xine and VLC on 8.0407:01
nickrudtritium, the error. that static dir is a holdover from when all devices were created at once , not dynamicallly using udev07:01
* RyeBrye wonders if ubottu can be set up to respond via PM - because seriously... how many people give a crap about the download URL for google earth?07:01
davidmawell thanks all.07:02
bazhangRyeBrye, /msg ubottu07:02
Cotowarapt-get vs. aptitude....everyone's thoughts?07:02
BerzerkerHi, I have a Dell Vostro 1500 that I'm installing Ubuntu Ibex on, and I'm trying to set up wireless. ifconfig -a shows wlan0, but it doesn't show in normal ifconfig and it won't connect07:02
tritiumnickrud: I wonder why I'm getting that on 8.10, then07:02
silv3r_m00nhi there07:03
silv3r_m00nsuggest a nes rom emulator07:03
_CidCotowar: personal preference :)   I like apt-get <shrug>07:03
nickrudtritium, you should file a bug, maybe. I just looked in there and nearly all the old devices are no longer created07:03
rokr1hi purple07:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emerge07:03
nickrudtritium, used to be over a thousand entries there07:03
CotowarCid: doesn't apt-get just get the stuff you ask it to get though?07:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about portage07:03
tritiumnickrud: thanks for checking.  I do have a ton of entries listed there.07:04
_CidCotowar:  what else do you want it to do?07:04
CotowarCid: dependencies07:04
nickrudtritium, heh. I have less than 5007:04
_CidCotowar:  nah, does that too07:04
CotowarCid: I've heard the difference is that aptitude will remove the dependencies if you used it to install, whereas apt-get will leave them there07:04
CotowarCid: i fear extraneous files...it reminds me of my windows days...07:05
tritiumCotowar: no longer an issue, since apt-get autoremove does the same thing07:05
DarkSotM_apt-get will remove if you use apt-get autoremove07:05
_CidCotowar: hehe ..apt can clear those..but true..its an extra command07:05
_CidCotowar: what Dark said :P07:05
nickrudtritium, well, less than a 10007:05
tritiumnickrud: 289 items in my /dev/.static/dev/07:05
DarkSotM_I still like emerge, nothin' beats an ebuild07:05
_CidCotowar:  I gotta admit, i never even really looked at the alternatives, I came from Debian, and just love apt-get .... habbit I guess07:05
nickrudtritium, what dvb?07:06
tritiumnickrud: DViCO Fusion HDTV5 RT/Gold07:06
CotowarCid: I'm still relatively new to Linux, though I've done some slightly tricky things in here07:06
bazhangBerzerker, what chipset07:06
BerzerkerBroadcom 431107:06
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:07
=== b14ck is now known as blackhatt
nickrudtritium, I've a haupauge dvr-1800. atsc is supposed to work, normal not. Strangely, I have the opposite :) Haven't really troubleshot it much yet07:07
Berzerkerbazhang: there's no page for 8.1007:07
johninlex_cid that would work but I am having a little trouble trying to figuare it out07:08
Berzerkershould I use the Hardy page?07:08
bazhangBerzerker, should work07:08
tritiumnickrud: hmm07:08
DarkSotM_anyone get twin to work in intrepid?07:08
nickrudtritium, got the firmware in place, and it's recognized. myth sees the card, but doesn't play hd. That's as far as I've had the inclination or time to mess with. I don't watch much tv on my computer07:09
bazhang!info b43-fwcutter07:09
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:011-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB07:09
lee1733I am running separate X sessions on dual monitors connected to an nvidia 8800gt on Ubuntu 8.10. Any time I click a program from the panel of the second monitor, the panels freeze and sometimes a blank error message pops up. I can open programs on the 2nd monitor from the command line. What could be causing this?07:09
tritiumnickrud: yeah, mythtv works with the card just fine.  It's just xine and vlc that can't, and those post-install errors have me puzzled07:09
XarosHi, I have been affected by the Advanced Power Management issue (I fixed it now), and my Load_Cycle_Count on my primary drive is very high. Should I be worried about the disk failing catastrophically?07:10
CotowarCid: I tried starting on Ubuntu 7.10, then moving to Gentoo... I was completely lost. I even have trouble in Fedora 9. Its cool though, I have no fear when it comes to screwing up my computer. I can just pop in the Live CD and reformat it07:10
Berzerkerbazhang: apt-get install doesn't find b43-fwcutter or b43-firmware07:10
DarkSotM_lee1733: check the X log for an idea whats wrong07:10
bazhangBerzerker, do you have the repo enabled07:11
nickrudtritium, I wouldn't expect anything to actually use those static devices anymore. Back when I was following kernel stuff, roughly during the switch from devfs to udev, the talk was of simply dropping all the static stuff. some complained, so the static ones got moved.07:11
Berzerkerbazhang: is ubuntu universe enabled by default07:11
bazhangBerzerker, its in component main07:11
_Cidjohninlex:  the actual syntax you mean?07:11
koleMy music folder has disapeared, I can find the files, my music player can play them... but its not in places nore is it in my file manager?07:11
tritiumnickrud: I agree.  xine and vlc are looking in the right place, but nothing's there for them to find07:11
_CidCotowar:  well, welcome to the power of linux ;-)07:12
tritium!info cdparanoia | RyeBrye07:12
ubottucdparanoia (source: cdparanoia): audio extraction tool for sampling CDs. In component main, is optional. Version 3.10.0+debian-1 (intrepid), package size 30 kB, installed size 108 kB07:12
johninlexI am trying to use netsend through a tty07:12
drkopevolution + nokia (symbian) via bluetooth - sync how-to. who knows?07:13
koleany way to fix it? I already tried editing my user-dirs.dirs07:13
Berzerkerbazhang: yes it's enabled07:13
bazhangBerzerker, and you updated? paste.ubuntu.com with sources.list if there is any doubt07:14
_Cidjohninlex:  you tried:  net send <user/computer/ip> <message>07:14
Berzerkerbazhang: hang on07:14
CotowarYea, i've been in for about a year, and I really haven't done anything too tough. I set up a virtual machine, recompiled the kernel, and installed a few things from source. not too tough07:14
johninlexone sec07:14
Uniquekto po russ govorit ??? =)))07:14
Terinjokeshey guys! i want to use ubuntu on a laptop where wifi doesn't work out-of-the-box. what do i need to download to a USB drive to set it up (broadcom 4318)07:15
bazhangUnique, #ubuntu-ru07:15
CodyRoTerinjokes: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197102&highlight=ndiswrapper+howto07:16
Terinjokesi downloaded the broadcom firmware07:16
CotowarI was wondering, is it possible to transfer some of my Kernel files to a flash drive, so that my computer can only boot if the drive is plugged in?07:16
=== cdavaz is now known as ChrisDavaz
h4ruhow to comand remote msql in ubuntu?07:16
TerinjokesCodyRo: seriously, still pushing ndiswrapper? why not b43-fwcutter, and the code that is in the linux kernel?07:17
Berzerkerbazhang: didn't update, that found fwcutter...didn't know it doesn't auto update.07:17
dr_willisCotowar,  theres secure, theres paranoid. and then theres Tin-Foil-Hat Paranoid. :)07:17
bazhangTerinjokes, b43-fwcutter07:17
_Cidjohninlex:  I think I got it now .... forget net send ..   try smbclient:   smbclient -M Hello -I <ip address here>07:17
Cotowarim just wondering if it can be done07:18
Terinjokesbazhang: i know... what files do i need to download to install the package? i got the firmware file07:18
CodyRoTerinjokes: Good question ;)07:18
DarkSotM_Cotowar: You could keep grub and the kernel on it and boot that way07:18
Netham45Cotowar, sure, wipe your HD's MBR, and put grub on a memory stick set to boot off of the C drive. :D07:18
johninlexbash: syntax error near unexpected token `<' I got that error by the way07:18
Terinjokesbazhang: is all I need on at the bottom of http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/hardy/b43-fwcutter? (ie, debhelper is already installed)07:18
bazhangTerinjokes, that extracts the firmware (b43-fwcutter)07:19
_CidCotowar:  dont do the <'s   thats just to indicate that you put your message here07:19
balrog__im having trouble with xournal07:19
_Cidwoops, wrong person07:19
_Cidjohninlex: dont put the <'s there - they are just indicating that is wher eyou put your string07:19
GrayvonHow can I give the network manager applet permission to connect automatically on startup to my router through my wireless adapter?  I don't want to have to enter my pw everytime07:19
DarkSotM_Cotowar: the problem with that however is that anyone with a bootable disk could still boot the system07:19
Terinjokesbazhang: scratch that... i would need gcc for that page... why isn't b43-fwcutter compiled for ppc?07:20
_Cidjohninlex:  smbclient -M Hello -I   (or whatever the machine you are trying to talk to has for IP)07:20
CotowarWhat I mean I guess is that I would have part of the kernel on the HD, and part on the USB07:20
Cotowarkind of like a security dongle for software07:20
bazhang!upgrade | chris_07:20
ubottuchris_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:20
bazhangTerinjokes, no idea about ppc, there is a channel for ubuntu-ppc though that may know07:21
Terinjokesbazhang: idle...07:21
DarkSotM_Cotowar: I saw a peice of software that was sposed to do just that, I forgot the name thou )-;07:21
DarkSotM_Cotowar: let me see if I can find it07:21
CotowarI think it would be interesting to try it07:21
Cotowarand i have nothing better to do...really07:21
_CidCotowar:  generally speaking, if you want that kind of security ..I am not sure I would use Ubuntu ....I mean, you easily could - but you might want to hang out with some of the super security nuts ...they tend to stick to pure Debian ..or other obscure distros that only they know themselves ;-)07:22
lolwutanyone familiar with network sharing?  when I right click to share a file it then errors back telling me I do not have authority and to contact my network admin07:22
zamaraxhi, anyone else ever have a problem where installing extensions in firefox just hang on 'waiting;07:22
Knottsanyone here have an idea why enabling a nvidia driver would freeze the computer after rebooting???07:22
Barridusgood evening gurus, is it possible to set a ntfs internal data drive to automount?07:22
CotowarYea, I wanted to try a couple different flavours, but I'm a retard on the command line, even though I know and understand exactly what I want to do, and how the computer does it07:23
GrayvonHow can I give the network manager applet permission to connect automatically on startup to my router through my wireless adapter?  I don't want to have to enter my pw everytime07:23
CotowarI just got linux in a nutshell, basically a 900 page compilation of linux commands and how to use them though07:23
DarkSotM_If you want secure use openBSD07:24
Cotowari actually have a copy of dragonfly BSD07:24
lolwutany support guys around?07:25
Knottsanyone here have an idea on why enabling a Nvidia driver would freeze ubuntu after restart?07:25
Cotowaroh, and have any of you guys read into the vulnerability of firewire connections?07:25
lolwutoh well, I will try back tomorrow07:25
mattgyver83I hope this isnt a silly question, is there a way to paste clipboard text into the terminal via command line, not ctrl+p07:26
Knottsanyone at all?07:26
ushimitsudoki!ask | Knotts07:26
ubottuKnotts: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:26
lolwutCotowar, no, but maybe you can and report back to us07:26
Cotowarhang on, i forgot to type my response07:26
lolwutushimitsudoki: are you familiar with network sharing?  when I right click to share a file it then errors back telling me I do not have authority and to contact my network admin07:27
rogermuddmattgyver: ctrl+shift+v or right-click and select "paste"07:27
GrayvonIs there somewhere you can tell the system what actions require your pw?07:27
mattgyver83rodgermud, im trying to paste selected text into the terminal, pretend no mouse07:27
Knottswhy would enabling any Nvidia grafix driver through hardware drivers, cause ubuntu to freeze on startup after restart?07:27
holisasl plz?07:28
ushimitsudokilolwut: I'm sorry I don't know where one right-clicks to share a file07:28
rogermuddthen cntrl+shift+v07:28
rogermuddyou have to add the shift to the normal routine07:28
Cotowarlolwut: the way firewire is set up give it direct access to the physical RAM chip in the computer, meaning anyone with access to the firewire port can theoretically steal the data in your RAM, and can also run memory overflows and such without the OS being able to stop it07:28
Cotowarholis: 13/f/fl07:28
lolwutushimitsudoki: I can right click a folder to enable sharing, but it says that I do not have permission07:28
ushimitsudokilolwut: in Nautilus?07:29
lolwutushimitsudoki: I recall seeing that name07:29
butt3rzGrayvon visudo is used to edit your sudoers file - you to define no password for certain actions.07:29
lolwutushimitsudoki: I did dl the windows file sharing thing just now07:29
DarkSotM_Cotowar: I can't find it but basicly it encrypt your file system and keeps the key on a usb drive so you can't boot with out it let alone read anything07:29
Cotowaryea, thats what im talking about07:30
johninlex_cid thank you and I will do more studing on these two and get them working and again thank you for your help07:30
Knottswhy would enabling any Nvidia grafix driver through hardware drivers, cause ubuntu to freeze on startup after restart?07:30
DarkSotM_try looking up truecrypt07:30
johninlexand you to Darksotm_07:30
balrog__im having trouble with xournal, the input is not acting correctly.  there seem to be edges for the stylus on the xournal paper that i cant draw over, but the paper extends beyond the edges of the stylus limits.  anybody know how to troubleshoot xorg.conf (on Intrepid) still?07:30
CotowarPS, i need to get an ironkey07:30
ushimitsudokiKnotts: do you know where in the process it is freezing up?07:31
DarkSotM_Cotowar you pry don't need an ironkey07:31
_CidCotowar:  thats not a real vurnability :-)07:31
Knottsushimitsudoki: it freezes before login, right after loading page. thats all i can tell.07:31
Cotowarlol. but it fricking explodes if you dont know the pw07:31
Terinjokesbazhang: i don't think i'm going to get it working07:32
_CidCotowar:  did you hear about the security leak in the keyboard? ...someone can enter commands and get output back :)      Physical access can't be made 'hacker-safe'  ...I get the feeling we are drifting off-topic here btw07:32
DarkSotM_if you just encryp the files in the file system and save a few bucks07:32
Terinjokesi can install a binary, because one hasn't been compiled (and released), and I can't go from source, because then I have to track down all the packages needed to do that07:32
Knottsushimitusudoki: only way i can get around it, is to use the fix xserver command.07:32
Terinjokesbazhang: ^^^07:32
butt3rzGrayvon: Administration/Login Window - to setup no password option'07:32
=== Berzerker is now known as Berzerker|away
ushimitsudokiKnotts: Did you try to use grub to boot into single mode? This will give you the command line instead of going right into X. Then, you can use "startx" to try to load X. That way you might be able to see the errors better. Maybe take a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:32
fabius11help install ubuntu 8.1007:33
lolwutushimitsudoki: Nautilus has nothing to do with sharing over a network does it?07:33
CotowarCid: nah i mean the way its set up. USB for example, does not have direct memory access, thus the OS knows what you are doing, and can prevent memory overflows. granted, there are software workarounds, but im just saying, Ubuntu has no clue what you are sending over firewire.07:34
ushimitsudokilolwut: no. that is why i don't understand what you are talking about right-clicking on. I use NFS to share files myself. Samba is another option.07:34
Terinjokeslolwut: samba is a popular way of sharing over the network (windows sharing)07:34
fabius11c'e qualcuno italiano?07:34
Knottsushimitsudoki:  how do i boot into single mode with grub?07:34
aatahey i know this isnt the perfect place to ask, but could anyone recommend a really quick/fast booting distro that i can run on my desktop primarily for web browsing and music?07:35
CotowarDoes anyone here follow ReactOS? its basically an opensourced version of Windows XP07:35
ushimitsudokiKnotts: at system boot, you should be able to press "ESC" to see the grub menu ... like after your BIOS loads and devices are checked ... in the menu that comes up then, it should be the second option ... this is from memory but I think it's right07:35
TerinjokesCotowar: i do07:35
Cotowaraata: ubuntustudio is a good media version, or try Xubuntu, as its really low profile07:35
davithello i was wondering if i could get some assisstance with chmod on a extgernal drive07:36
TerinjokesCotowar: been a while since i've looked though07:36
lianimatorthe latest update has made Image Viewer open very slowly..07:36
rogermuddaata" I think #! (Crunchbang)is a popular choice here along with Arch.07:36
lolwutTerinjokes: I am looking to create file sharing over my local network, but between this ubuntu box and 2 macbooks07:36
Knottsushimitsudoki: ok thanks. using the root command line.  so i should go ahead and try to load a driver again. and  use the startx command from root, right?07:36
CotowarTerinjokes: same here, i was just wondering how far they were with it...not that i need it07:36
aatacotowar ubuntustudios a bit too hardcore i just need it for basic browsing/flash and listening to music... im trying to set the computer up for my kids07:36
SaidaOk here i got again lol, I have a Atheros AR5007 802.11b/g WiFi Adapter in my Hp G50 laptop.  I dual installed 8.10 Desktop edition of Ubuntu and everything went well.  Then when i got to the desktop right after I install Ubuntu I tryed to turn on my wireless adapter and I had no luck.  "Also LAN Line isnt working either"  So I enabled  the wireless network and no networks showed when I left click on the little computer monitor icon nect to t07:36
chenhello,every one.07:37
ushimitsudokiKnotts: the driver should already be loaded ... you can see it in the boot process or check /var/log/dmesg ... then you can either "startx" or "init 3" to get X up. For troubleshooting, I would just startx as root, just to see what happens. that's where i would start anyway07:37
rogermuddaata: Have you tried Xubuntu?07:37
davithello i was wondering if i could get some assisstance with chmod on a extgernal drive07:37
Terinjokeslolwut: http://www.lathi.net/pages/afp-rendezvous-on-linux07:37
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview07:37
techsupporthow can i get nano to show line numbers ?07:38
Cotowaraata: oh, maybe go with fedora? its probably the most user-friendly distro after ubuntu when new users are concerned. it does everything you need, and its reasonably fast.07:38
Terinjokeslolwut: a little out of date, but might help07:38
FireFox||there you go davit07:38
fabius11qualche esperto italiano?07:38
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)07:38
SaidaDoes anyone have any ida how I can get my wireless card to work?07:38
Knottsushimitsudoki: ok thanks. ill give it a shot. tho i dont know exactly what im doing lol.07:38
adam7!wireless | Saida07:38
ubottuSaida: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:38
aatahmmm cotowar ill check it out. is the best way to get a really quick boot to compile a custom kernel?07:38
Cotowaraata: or maybe run ubuntu 8.04 32-bit with noting but eliza installed on it.07:38
DarkSotM_techsupport: Ctrl^C07:38
davitfirefox||: i just cd to dictionarty and do tat?07:38
SaidaIve checked that any nothing seems to work07:39
adam7aata: Arch can boot in <30 sec using the stock kernel IIRC07:39
aata!eliza > aata07:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eliza07:39
fabius11nel canale italiano non ce nessuno07:39
adam7!it > fabius1107:39
ubottufabius11, please see my private message07:39
Cotowaraata: IDK about that, it might be worth your time to just by more RAM for the comp. its cheap and does wonders for speed.07:39
aataadam7 archlinux/07:39
adam7aata: yep07:39
Cotowareliza does movies, music, and photos i believe07:39
FireFox||davit this might help you more : http://www.catcode.com/teachmod/07:39
Cotowarits a great program, i absolutely love it07:39
aataadam7 ill check that out07:40
TerinjokesCotowar: i've never used it for anything good... on my PPC system, almost as slow as XP07:40
Knottsushimitsudoki: one more question please. how do i look at /var/log/xorg.0.log or /var/log/dmesg ?07:40
JCDGhey does someone know any program to make movies, as simple as Movie maker?07:40
aataadam7 cotowar what about debian?07:40
ushimitsudokiKnotts: you can use less "filename"07:40
ushimitsudokiKnotts: you can look at them without being root07:41
CotowarTerin: I had it set up on an old dell at college. we had quite the system going for file sharing, and used the Dell to play all the vids on the giant TV.07:41
davitfirefox||: I enter chmod -R 777 and i get chmod: missing operand after `777'07:41
adam7aata: it's pretty fast too, at least last time I tried it07:41
Cotowaraata: I know nothing about Debian07:41
Cotowaraata: try going to www.linux.org, and looking around there07:41
ushimitsudokiKnotts: if you want to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf you will need to do so as root, using something like "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf"07:41
Cotowaryou will find many things that might work for you07:41
aataadam7 cuase i just installed eee-debian on an eee pc and with a custom kernel got it to boot up in < 30 secs07:41
ushimitsudokiKnotts: you will not be editing logs in /var/log obviously07:41
aataso i was just thinking ....07:41
Cotowarget a solid state drive to boot from07:42
Knottslol obbbvious to you maybe. haha07:42
FireFox||davit:  is that read and write all?07:42
Cotowaractually don't. they are expensive07:42
adam7aata: Debian might be a good idea if you're used to Ubuntu07:42
CotowarIdea time!07:42
davitfirefox||: yah07:42
aataadam7 i was thinking just install a basic text based system (debian)07:42
Cotowarokay, so you know those little tiny MicroSD cards that go into phones?07:42
aataand then install something like lxde07:43
aataon top of it07:43
FezzlerI used Window Shade Rollup effect to hide a running app, now I can't get it to drop down again???? Can't lose data!07:43
SaidaThank you Ubottu I think I found a solution07:43
Terinjokesaata: or jump over to Gentoo and have fun07:43
adam7aata: yeah, that would work well07:43
ushimitsudokiKnotts: look for errors in /var/log/dmesg and /var/log/Xorg.0.log. If you can't figure anything out, then pastebin them so someone in this channel can take a look07:43
jinja-sheepFezzler:  Click on the titlebar?07:43
YANPhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-gSMl2cafQ&NR=1 ROFL @ 2:3507:43
aataadam7 :P and if i install lxlauncher, i can make it look like an oversized eee pc :P07:44
FireFox||Check out that website davit there is an easy overview07:44
adam7aata: you probably could :)07:44
CotowarI was thinking about making an array of MicroSD cards and booting my OS from there via eSATA connection on the front of my laptop07:44
Knottsushimitsudoki: sorry for the trouble. but what command i use to view the logs? just typing the location in term doesnt show me.07:44
ushimitsudokiKnotts: less07:44
Cotowarhow plausible is this?07:44
davitfirefox||: ok ill look over it now07:44
adam7Cotowar: you could do it, but chances are those cards are really slow07:44
ushimitsudokiKnotts: like this: less /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:44
dr_willisCotowar,  theres secure, theres paranoid. and then theres Tin-Foil-Hat Paranoid. :)07:44
adam7Cotowar: HDD would be much faster07:44
Knottsno such file/directory07:44
nsadminaata ubuntu (or debian, or gentoo, or slack, or linux kernel + libc + gcc + bash) can be a basic text-based linux07:45
FezzlerPlease don't let me lose hours of data due to  Desktop Effect!07:45
Cotowaradam7: not necessarily. they are basically mini solid state drives07:45
ushimitsudokiKnotts: no no that can't be right ... at least I hope not. check spelling ... and use TAB-completion to make sure you get the file name right07:45
adam7Fezzler: how did your roll the window up07:45
adam7Cotowar: so are SD cards07:45
dr_willisFezzler,  metacity --replace to disable the effects perhaps..  I didtnt hink the rollup stuff was a 'effect' a lot of windo wmanagers have that.07:45
butt3rzthere is a minimal install ubuntu that is text based also07:45
adam7Cotowar: and SD cards aren't very fast07:45
Cotowarthe only reason people don't do it already is they have a limited number of write cycles07:45
Knottsok tyvm that got it open.07:46
FezzlerDouble click title bar07:46
nsadminFezzler: ok, back up your storage :)07:46
adam7aata: you could do an Ubuntu server install07:46
FezzlerApp is Blender07:46
CotowarI was thinking RAID 0 on like 10 of them07:46
ushimitsudokiKnotts: at this point you are looking for lines preceeded with (EE) - errors07:46
Fezzlernsadmin> :)07:46
adam7Cotowar: if they get 5MB/s read, then you're just approaching the speed of a SATA drive07:46
aataadam7 hmmm i think im going to go with debian i like the way it works with apt-get :P07:46
Cotowarthey get 20MB/s07:46
Knottslol, is there a "Find" feature in term? cuz this list is looong.07:47
CotowarI looked around for a long time, found all the info on them, down to the pinouts and which are the data lines07:47
nsadminFezzler one pont I'n trying to make is you're responsible for your files... there's no "letting" you lose your data07:47
Cotowaralso found the microcontroller to route the data, similar to striping on a standard RAID controller07:47
ushimitsudokiKnotts: yes, you can use grep ... like this: grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:47
FireFox||Cotowar: so you have a real raid controller for hooking up a lot of cards?07:48
Fezzlernsadmin>> Thank mom!07:48
Knottstyvm ushimitsudoki07:48
CotowarI want to build it07:48
CotowarI think it can be done07:48
nsadminFezzler: and no one else is your mom too, besides your mom :P07:48
adam7Cotowar: but what's hte point? (other then it sounds cool)07:48
Knotts(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)07:49
DarkSotM_wow midnight already07:49
Cotowaradam7: its fast, and if you buy enough drives ($16 a pop or less), you can outperform a solid state drive, and can boot in like 5 seconds07:49
adam7Cotowar: but then you'll be limited by CPU07:49
Cotowaradam7: I was also thinking about installing it in my car07:49
adam7Cotowar: and I'm still not convinced they are that fast07:49
Fezzleradam7>> I think Blender didn't like the rollup effect or my graphics card doesn't07:49
Cotowarthey are07:49
davitHello how can i make ubuntu see an external drive as a flash drive07:49
adam7Fezzler: now that's possible07:49
adam7davit: plug it in?07:50
Cotowari didnt believe it myself07:50
ushimitsudokiKnotts: alrighty then, how about you check dmesg and see what's up there. You can use something like: dmesg | grep -i nvidia. Don't paste results in this channel, use pastebin and link07:50
davitadam7: i wanna make it usb startup disk but it wont show up in menu07:50
adam7davit: why do you need to make an external drive a flash drive?07:50
ushimitsudokiKnotts: oh also, check if the nvidia driver is loading: lsmod | grep -i nvidia07:50
Knottsok ushimitsudoki,07:50
davitadam7: i dont have a large usb flash drive so i using external one07:50
Knottsuhmmm. how do i use the pastbin and link?07:51
Fezzlergot it back!  saved.  will not run blender windowed again!07:51
adam7!pastebin > Knotts07:51
ubottuKnotts, please see my private message07:51
FireFox||Cotowar: I also think that the number of drivers in RAID0 , however very effective and performant wont profit very much from a 9nth driver or 10th extra07:52
CotowarI was mainly thinking embedded systems OS, if you couple with a nano-ITX mobo would work nicely in a car for those car computers07:52
Knottsthanks adam707:52
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:52
davitany help?07:53
* herra tosses DarkSotM_ a can of beer. (1 beers have been ordered).07:53
ubottuBeer is always appreciated.07:53
FireFox||Also you might be interested in the SD to SSD boards arround07:53
FireFox||not very expensive07:53
CotowarFireFox: as long as you dont have more data throughput than the cable can handle, you'll be okay. and the computer can handle it as far as CPU clock cycles, seeing as those are in the billions. you can get a 3.3GHz wolfdale for like $16907:53
Cotowarwhat are theese SD to SSD boards?07:54
Knottsis this correct?                   http://paste.ubuntu.com/103416/07:54
FireFox||they allow you to place let's say 4 SD cards on a board and convert this in to 1 space available as SSD07:54
Cotowaryea, thats kind of what im thinking about07:55
ushimitsudokiKNotts: also pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf pls07:55
adam7Cotowar: you can do the same thing easily with a USB hub, a couple of flash drives, and fakeraid07:55
Cotowarnot as small though, and USB maxes out at 480 MB/s whereas Sata is 3GB/s07:56
davitis thre anyway to make an external drive an installer?07:57
CotowarI did think aobut trying with a 96 GB/s infiniband cable, but I don't have hundreds of $$ to drop on this stuff07:57
FireFox||Cotowar: I actually think your cheaper off to buy a real ssd, these things are getting very cheap.:)07:57
CotowarYea, but its not as goony07:57
useruseruseruserhello everyone07:57
Cotowarand I can't save up money like that very well07:57
Knottsushimitsudoki: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103418/07:58
CotowarI have to buy little pieces07:58
adam7Cotowar: I think that if it were as simple as that, we would all be using SSDs now07:58
Cotowarthe trouble is that SD cards are flash based, and have limited write cycles07:58
DarkSotM_davit: like a usb installer?07:58
Cotowaryou would wear out an SD card in a couple months if you used it for a normal HD07:58
davitDarkSotM_: yah07:58
Cotowarhowever, if you are booting from it, you aren't writing to it as far as I know, so you can use it much longer07:59
lee1733I am getting this error -> AUDIT: Sun Jan 11 01:35:06 2009: 9558 X: client 4 rejected from local host <- in my X log. Could someone have a look at my xorg.conf and make sure everything is correct? http://paste.ubuntu.com/103417/07:59
DarkSotM_davit: check out pendrivelinux07:59
davitDarkSotM_: will it allow me to istall ubuntu?07:59
nickruduseruseruseruser, please stop07:59
useruseruserusernickrud: ok08:00
ushimitsudokiKnotts: one more thing pls. i want to check that you aren't loading the nv driver too. check: lsmod | grep -i nv ... is the just plain "nv" module loaded?08:00
Cotowaralso if you wanted to you could try to set up a RAID 5 on it, so you don't lose your crap when a drive finally fails08:00
DarkSotM_davit: It tells you how to put the cd on a usb drive to test/install whatever and it has it for more then just ubuntu  www.pendrivelinux.com08:00
Cotowarhonestly though, it is cheaper financially to do it with microSD cards, the real cost comes in labor08:01
CotowarIDk, it was jsut an idea08:01
Cotowari might try it with the christmas money I got, but we shall see08:01
Knottsi dont know what im looking at ushimitsudoki               http://paste.ubuntu.com/103420/08:01
Cotowarokay, now for one of my many gripes with ubuntu 8.1008:01
DarkSotM_gripe away08:02
davitDarkSotM_: Ok thanks alot08:02
corpissto much like vista?08:02
CotowarI cannot install my icon set from 8.04, as it says i need the clearlooks engine to run the icons08:02
corpissoh wait, that's kde08:02
Cotowarhow do i get clearlooks installed?08:02
ushimitsudokiKnotts: poop I don't see anything obvious there08:03
adam7Cotowar: gtk2-engines08:03
DoonzHow do i force a rescan of my hard disk08:03
adam7Doonz: unmount the drive and run fdisk /dev/sdx08:03
Doonzlike say i just plugged it in to an esata slot08:04
DarkSotM_my main gripe sofar with ubuntu is I can't get twin working08:04
Doonzhow do i make the system rescan for a new drive?08:04
Cotowaradam7: youre saying just do an aptitude install gtk2-engines?08:04
adam7Doonz: just run fsck /dev/sdx where sdx is the name of the drive08:04
adam7Cotowar: yep08:04
Knottsushimitsudoki its a fresh install aswell, it worked fine untill version 8.04 and 8.10, when i upgraded, i cant get my grafix drivers to work :(08:04
Cotowar1 sec08:04
adam7Cotowar: according to apt it includes clearlooks but it should be installed by default08:04
Cotowaroh sir, thank you08:05
DarkSotM_maybe I'll just go back too gentoo (-;08:05
Cotowaryou have made my whole week :D08:05
gerobKnotts: I have been having a hell of a time getting my nVidia drivers to work as well08:05
Cotowarnow to test it out08:05
Knottsgerob: have u made any progress? lol08:05
ushimitsudokiKnotts: have you tried nvidia-xconfig?08:06
gerobno i have crashed my Xerver and not been able to recover it 4 times now08:06
michaelyaowhat does 'Ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release i386 (20081029.5)'08:06
DarkSotM_thats just the release name08:06
Knottsushimitsudoki: yes and i got an error, nvidia driver x not found, something like that.08:06
sarmisakmichaelyao, which part didn't you get?08:06
adam7michaelyao: it's the Ubuntu 8.10 (named Interpid Ibex) x86 release08:06
gerobKnotts:  I havent tried it myself but have you tried Envy?08:07
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk08:07
Knottsgerob: no i havnt, what is envy?08:07
adam7!envy > Knotts08:07
ubottuKnotts, please see my private message08:07
gerobKnotts:  It manages your grafix drivers and setting from what I understand08:07
Knottsushimitsudoki: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103422/08:08
adam7!envy > gerob08:08
ubottugerob, please see my private message08:08
ushimitsudokiKnotts: no no you have to run that as root: put sudo in front08:08
maploinhi, is there something wrong with yesterday's updates and the flash-plugin?08:08
gerobI just really dont want to have to reinstall again08:08
Cotowaradam7: thank you! you have fixed my biggest gripe with 8.1008:09
MoguriI don't think I've ever seen that many people in one irc channel before o.O08:09
michaelyaoah sorry guys08:09
michaelyaoerr, again 'Ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release i386 (20081029.5)'08:09
DarkSotM_Domo Arigato Mr. Ubottu08:09
Knottsushimitsudoki: exact same error08:09
adam7Moguri: there aren't even that many people in here today :P08:09
michaelyaoit says i needa stick into the c.d drive08:09
jesspherhi all08:09
michaelyaoin order to update my nvidia driver08:09
adam7michaelyao: what didn't you understand the first time?08:09
Cotowarokay, next gripe with 8.10...08:09
michaelyaosorry, i was in another channel08:09
jesspheri got a beginner question08:09
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
jessphercan you guys help me?08:10
Cotowarjess: go for it08:10
tritiumadam7: note that envy is not recommended08:10
adam7michaelyao: scroll up :)08:10
michaelyaoah, ic ic08:10
michaelyaoty adam08:10
adam7tritium: never said it was :)08:10
michaelyaoany tips on where to dl and burn on c.d?08:10
Knottsushimitsudoki: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103423/08:10
jesspherhow can i install flash plug in for firefox on xubuntu 8.10?08:10
Knottsgerob: u going to try envy?08:10
michaelyaoor was it just the thing i dled to installed on ubunto08:10
gerobadam7: Im kinda new to this whole thing ... do I !envy in my terminal?  And is there anything I should make sure I have before I install Envy?08:10
michaelyaojess are you using firefox?08:10
ushimitsudokiKnotts: what does the new /etc/X11/xorg.conf look like?08:10
gerobKnotts:  haha yah08:10
michaelyaonow you're using?08:11
adam7gerob: first, read the envy information08:11
adam7!envy | gerob Knotts08:11
ubottugerob Knotts: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk08:11
jesspherim using the xchat08:11
Cotowarjesspher: have you tried going to youtube and hitting install flash player?08:11
jesspheri downloaded to flash thing08:11
lee1733Could someone take a look at my xorg.conf and see if everything is correct? http://paste.ubuntu.com/103417/08:11
jesspherbut i dont know what to do with it08:11
adam7gerob: as you can see it says not supported and not really recommended08:11
Cotowardi you install flash or gnash?08:11
jesspheri don08:11
jesspherthink so,08:11
tritium!enter | jesspher08:11
ubottujesspher: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:11
MoguriMy ubuntu 8.10 64bit install is running really slow for some reason. Like laggy slow. And I'm running an Intel Core 2 Duo T8100, 3GBs of RAM and an NVIDIA 8600m GT. Also, my themes like to disappear on occasion and I have to restart gnome-settings-daemon to get them back. Any ideas?08:11
gerobadam7: haha thats not much help08:12
michaelyaoMedia change: please insert the disc labeled08:12
michaelyao 'Ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release i386 (20081029.5)'08:12
michaelyaoin the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter08:12
michaelyaoany tips on this08:12
FloodBot3michaelyao: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:12
Cotowarjess: check your private chat08:12
adam7michaelyao: system -> admin -> software sources and uncheck hte CD option08:12
michaelyaosorry flood bot : P08:12
adam7gerob: I know :/ what problem are you having?08:12
Knottsushimitsudoki: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103424/08:12
michaelyaoty adam08:12
Flannelmichaelyao: That's your install CD.  You can disable that if you'd like.08:13
ushimitsudokiKnotts: and if you try to startx now, with the new xorg.conf? same error?08:13
MoguriI think tomorrow I'll install the 32bit version to see if I get better results.08:13
gerobadam7: when i install the nvidia drivers i lose my Xserver.  when I boot normal it goes to tty108:13
=== pablo is now known as pabloguion
gerobadam7: and I can't restore it with a xorg backup08:13
Knottsushimitsudoki: i have to reboot to startx again correct?08:13
ushimitsudokiKnotts: no08:14
tritiumgerob: use the ubuntu restricted drivers manager, not downloads from nvidia.com08:14
adam7gerob: try sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old-`date` then reboot08:14
pabloguionhello. i need somebody explain me some concepts about DKMS08:14
gerobtritium: I have tried it both ways08:14
DarkSotM_Knotts: just try >startx08:14
=== junglist_ is now known as wsts1
sfuentesdoes anyone know how to enable a mouse touchpad after awaking a laptop from sleep mode?08:14
pabloguioni have this error Error!  Build of fglrx.ko failed for: 2.6.27-9-generic (i686)08:15
Knottsushimitsudoki: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103425/08:15
gerobadam7: right now I am on a fresh install and havent bothered even trying the graphics drivers yet.  I think my xorg.conf would be empty wouldn't  it?08:15
Cotowarhow do i get dual monitors working in 8.10? i have a known good monitor, and it works fine on the same computer in 8.04, but 8.10 doesn't even know its there08:15
ushimitsudokiKnotts: just startx ... not sudo08:16
tritiumpabloguion: why are you building it?  It's already packaged for you.08:16
Knottsits on that pastbin also ushimitsudoki08:16
tritiumCotowar: with the screen resolution applet08:16
MoguriDoes a constant 30~40% cpu usage on an Intel Core 2 Duo in 8.10 sound normal? It seems quite high to me :s08:17
adam7gerob: should be -- is it not working?08:17
adam7Moguri: are you using the System Monitor?08:17
ushimitsudokiKnotts: ah i missed that ... hold one08:17
Knottsushimitsudoki: 10 down is just startx lol08:17
pabloguiontritium i'm installing a packet i did myself08:17
Moguriadam7: That and the top command.08:17
gerobwell I dont have visual effects or 3d capability at the moment08:17
Knottsushimitsudoki: sorry for the confusion08:17
adam7Moguri: ok -- don't use the system monitor, because it itself takes like 30% of one core on my AMD system08:17
Moguriadam7: But not both at the same time. I realize the system monitor uses a fair amount of cpu.08:18
gerobadam: well I dont have visual effects or 3d capability at the moment08:18
ushimitsudoki1: delete ~/.Xauthority and try "startx" - no sudo again. 2: if you still get locking errors, reboot.08:18
ushimitsudokiKnotts:  1: delete ~/.Xauthority and try "startx" - no sudo again. 2: if you still get locking errors, reboot.08:18
adam7Moguri: does top say what is using the cpu?08:18
RoyallMy mouse keeps right clicking without me asking it to08:18
ushimitsudokiKnotts: these are a different class of errors than what we originally started talking about08:18
RoyallLike, sporatically, randomly, every 5 seconds or less08:18
lee1733I am getting this error -> AUDIT: Sun Jan 11 01:35:06 2009: 9558 X: client 4 rejected from local host <- in my X log. Could someone have a look at my xorg.conf and make sure everything is correct? http://paste.ubuntu.com/103417/08:18
Moguriadam7: Highest is udev with 11% o.O08:19
Moguriadam7: Than xorg with about 10%08:19
RoyallI'm writing something in Geany and suddenly I'm undoing things08:19
Cotowartritium: the applet doesnt see the external at all. its like its not even plugged in.08:19
lee1733Royall: Is overtype on?08:19
Knottsushimitsudoki,  lol ok. can u tell me how to do that exactly please?08:19
MoguriAnd things are slow. Like there is lag just from typing. o.O08:19
adam7Moguri: xorg is fairly normal, although if you aren't doing anything it shouldn't be doing anything08:19
ushimitsudokiKnotts: 1: rm ~/.Xauthority08:19
RoyallNot just in Geany08:19
adam7Moguri: this computer is using 64 and it is fine, not slow at all08:20
RoyallJust rightclick menus popping up08:20
adam7Royall: desktop or laptop?08:20
Moguriadam7: I must have messed something up than :s08:20
adam7Royall: you sure you aren't hitting the touchpad with your hands?08:20
pabloguionmmm im sorry, my error is Error!  Build of fglrx.ko failed for: 2.6.27-9-generic (i686)08:20
RoyallTried unpluadafaf08:20
RoyallThis is terrible, I'm rebooting08:21
pabloguionand then Error!  Build of fglrx.ko failed for: 2.6.27-9-generic (i686)08:21
Knottsushimitsudoki: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103429/08:21
pabloguionthen Consult the make.log in the build directory but it is clean08:21
Moguriadam7: I think it may have been a theme I tried to use or something. Cause, gnome-settings-daemon keeps crashing too :s08:21
adam7pabloguion: why don't you just use the fgrlx shipped with Ubuntu?08:22
gerobadam7:  If I try envyng-qt, is there some way for me do a backup so I dont have to download all the updates again if it crashes?08:22
Moguriadam7: But I can't tell if it was this way before doing things since I just did this install today, and a bunch of other things :s08:22
Cotowarcompiling from source is ./configure | make | make install right?08:22
MoguriCotowar: I think so, yes.08:22
ushimitsudokiKnotts: alrighty then. re-start again and come back again in single mode. right after logging in, try "init 3". If you are getting locking errors, that is better than the first error where nvidia wasn't even loading. I have to go for a little while, so try that and if it doesn't work, prepare a paste bin with the information we already looked at so someone else can easily pick up08:23
Cotowarthought so08:23
pabloguioni need to remake it to use propietary drivers08:23
adam7gerob: in /var/cache/apt/archives there are a bunch of packages. if you copy them to another disk before you reinstall and then put them back in /var/cache/apt/archives before you update, you won't have to download all hte updates08:23
pabloguioni have an ati radeon 9250 is very problematic08:23
MoguriCotowar: Well, one at at time ;)08:23
ushimitsudokiKnotts: if you are still around when i get pack i will ping you and see how it went. good luck08:23
Moguripabloguion: 9250's in Ubuntu is a pain :s08:24
Knottsushimitsudoki,  thanks alot for ur time. enjoy ur day08:24
adam7Cotowar: you don't want to pipe the output08:24
pabloguioni know it08:24
adam7Cotowar: do ./configure && make && make install08:24
pabloguioni know how to install 3d support in free drivers08:24
gerobadam7: ok ill stick them on my 8gb usb drive08:24