PsynoKhi0I have a Hardy installation here that locks up if I load the module for the sound card, while the cdrom (on ide channel 2) is connected00:39
PsynoKhi0rather it locks up when playing sound for a while00:39
PsynoKhi0cat /proc/interrupts shows the second ide channel throwing lots of interrupts00:40
PsynoKhi0the cdrom player isn't mounted and I commented out the line in fstab00:40
PsynoKhi0the computer ran fine in fiesty and gutsy, and other distros on the hdd's partitions run flawlessly too00:43
PsynoKhi0any suggestion?00:44
PsynoKhi0http://paste.ubuntu.com/103338/ that's the output of cat /proc/interrupts, the cdrom unit corresponds to irq 15, I guess it's seeking media, though is there a way I can make it stop querring the channel?01:00
hidronico okay so ive extracted the firmware for bcmxxx to /lib/firmware after this the alternate driver program doesnt recognize anything i think the instructions for fwcutter are incomplete any suggestions are appreciated !01:19
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batcoder-7major problem my system wont boot wiht my lite on dvd write plugged in03:43
batcoder-7plugged in i mean connectd to the ide cable03:43
batcoder-7it stops booting and gives me a busy box terminal etc03:43
R1cochetdoes ur dvd share same cable as hdd?03:47
R1cochetbatcoder-7: ???03:49
batcoder-7it does not03:49
batcoder-7and if i plug a cd bruner into that same cable it boots just fine03:49
R1cochetata or sata?03:51
R1cochetare the jumpers set?03:52
batcoder-7the jumppers are set to master03:53
batcoder-7i can boot other live cd's just fine03:54
batcoder-7if i try to boot it off my HD with no cd in it03:54
batcoder-7it does the same problem03:54
batcoder-7if i try to boot an xubuntu live cd03:54
batcoder-7same issue03:54
craigbass1976I'm trying to add oowriter to my top panel.  Can't find the image to use as an icon...  Doesn't seem to be anywhere in /usr/share/pixmaps like any other program.03:54
R1cochetso are u trying to boot from cd or hdd?03:54
R1cochetcraigbass1976: openoffice writer?03:55
craigbass1976R1cochet, yes03:55
craigbass1976I thought right clicking on it in the menu might give me some options, but it just fires the program up03:56
batcoder-7R1cochet, hd but it wont boot wiht my dvd drive plugged in03:56
batcoder-7this is crappy03:56
R1cochetcraigbass1976: from synaptic?03:56
batcoder-7i need to brun a dvd03:56
craigbass1976R1cochet, it's installed, I'm just trying to put a launcher on my panel03:56
R1cochetbatcoder-7: is it a PATA or SATA?03:56
craigbass1976wondering where the png is03:56
batcoder-7its not Sata03:57
R1cochetcraigbass1976: 1 min03:57
batcoder-7so i guess Psata if thats what a stanrd ide is ?03:57
R1cochetii think i can find it03:57
craigbass1976R1cochet, no rush, give them a hand first.03:57
R1cochetyea PATA03:57
batcoder-7this sucks03:58
batcoder-7cant even boot my system with a dvd drive in it03:58
batcoder-7works fine if i try a cd rw though03:58
R1cochetcheck ur bios for boot order03:58
R1cochethmm weird03:58
R1cochetbatcoder-7: u might want to check in ##hardware03:58
R1cochetcraigbass1976: OOo installs to /opt/openoffice.....04:00
R1cochettry looking in there04:00
R1cocheti know man nut im looking also04:02
batcoder-7how much lighter does the current xfce run compared to gnome04:03
batcoder-7i know its a heated argument but a rough estimate ?04:03
R1cochetno idea i liked xfce more04:05
batcoder-7they say its ighter04:05
batcoder-7some people are sayng its just the same now04:05
craigbass1976R1cochet, I see NOTHING in opt; hunted around /usr/lib and found some stuff, but it's the images OOo uses in the programs themselves.04:06
R1cochetyea thats what ive come across so far04:06
craigbass1976batcoder-7, I just wiped my laptop over Christmas.  Had regular ubuntu, now running xub.  Much faster04:06
R1cochetcraigbass1976: what version of OOo r u using04:06
craigbass1976R1cochet, 2.404:07
batcoder-7craigbass1976, might be due to just a nice fresh system ?04:07
batcoder-7i dunno i assume its lighter but by how much i dont know04:07
craigbass1976batcoder-7, I don't know... This aint windows, so stuff tends to stay pretty clean anyway.04:07
craigbass1976If I need something faster, isn't there a fluxbuntu out there?04:08
craigbass1976Or I'll just run no GUI and vi everything...04:08
craigbass1976elinks on the net... oh yeah04:09
R1cocheti think there is a fluxbox04:09
batcoder-7fluxubuntu is not like04:09
craigbass1976R1cochet, I haven't used fluxbox in a couple years04:09
batcoder-7xubuntu etc04:09
batcoder-7poorly supported04:09
batcoder-7very slow release cycle04:10
batcoder-7btw its all using the same repo's here04:10
batcoder-7all thats being done is some guy is installing apps that he htinks are best suited for your desktop04:10
batcoder-7i wish i would have installed an ubuntu server then installed xfce04:10
batcoder-7system would prolly run faster04:10
batcoder-7most likely some background shit running that i really dont need04:11
craigbass1976I ran a xubuntu server for a while.  The new server is running centos, but it's named xub because I didn't want to wait for dns records to update04:11
batcoder-7i just said server because it comes clean btw04:12
batcoder-7i wouldnt run ubuntu as a server04:12
batcoder-7i use ubuntu stuff becasue its a faster release cycle and more suited for desktops04:12
batcoder-7but yet somewhat stable04:12
craigbass1976I laugh at the stable comment.  I can't remember if I've ever had a screaming fit at my computers since I quit windows, yet any of the windows boxes I've had to use at work still get me wound up tighter than a ten cent top with all the crashing they do04:15
craigbass1976R1cochet, so I broke down and just downloaded an icon, threw it into /usr/share/pixmaps/ and called it good.04:18
craigbass1976I'll find theones I was looking for, next week when I'm trying to find a missing php file or something...04:21
TheSheepcraigbass1976: try /usr/share/icons04:23
craigbass1976yeah that's where I had to go.04:23
TheSheepcraigbass1976: in particular /usr/share/icons/hicolor04:23
TheSheepthat's the default fallback04:24
craigbass1976Oh my God....  See R1cochet?  I knew they were right in front of me the whole time04:24
craigbass1976On that note...  I'm stepping out.  Thanks folks.  I've once again proven that sometimes I can't find my backside with both hands and a flashlight...04:28
patcheshi all07:14
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R1cochetwhere do i put fonts i dl'ed from gnome-look?09:05
GINZHello, I have downloaded the latest Xubuntu from the internet, created a bootable CD, and started to boot from it10:26
GINZbut the installation has stopped at the page starting "Completed codepage select function" and ending with a copyright line then [DR-DOS] A:\>10:27
GINZIt has the flashing square block, but no instruction10:28
GINZwhat can I do now?10:28
R1coch3tumm u might try to load in safegrafx mode10:30
GINZSorry i don;t understand10:30
R1coch3twhere it says try xubuntu, install, memtest..... hit f410:30
GINZis that early in the installation?10:31
R1coch3ti miss understood10:32
R1coch3tso u have already started the install and it froze?10:32
R1coch3tsorry cant help w/ that10:32
GINZOk thanks for trying10:32
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gopphello when I use likewise-open to join the domain, it joins succefully14:40
goppbut I can't seem to log on as domain administrator, it keeps saying Unknown id: administrator14:41
goppwhen I do su administrator Unknown id: administrator14:41
guyiomsudo -s15:20
PrebenRHi. I'm trying to turn off touchpad on an asus eee with xubuntu 8.1015:37
PrebenRI keep getting: Can't access shared memory area. SHMConfig disabled?15:37
PrebenReven if I have added Option "SHMConfig" "on" in the xorg.conf15:37
gabkdllyPrebenR: i believe there is quite a bit of info on the Ubuntu wiki about the eee15:45
gabkdllyPsynoKhi0: hi15:48
PsynoKhi0the output of  cat /proc/interrupts in hardy shows quite a lot of activity on my second ide channel, although it only has a single CD drive, umounted, is there any way I can get it to spam my bus for no reason?15:49
PsynoKhi0get it to STOP spamming, sorry :)15:49
PsynoKhi0I suspect it's the reaon why my computer ends up hanging after a while once the module for the sound card has been loaded15:51
bjwebbhow do i delete a saved session?16:30
PrebenRgabkdlly, yes, but nothing works16:37
PrebenRgabkdlly, do one need some kernel module loaded too? I cannot get the SHM to work16:38
yotuxhas anyone got online banking to work in xubuntu?17:18
nikolamWhat bank17:19
nikolamFor enterprise or Personal banking?17:20
nikolamI use IE 6 with wine for personal finance on web17:21
PrebenRnikolam, why would you want to use IE 6.0?17:30
nikolamThere are banks here that have web home banking solutions that only work with IE6.. sad I know17:36
wisniewskihallo can someone tell me whats the best driver for xubuntu 8.1 and firegl t2 mobile on a thinkpad17:58
C10uDsup guys19:36
C10uDi can't find a way to tell pam not to ask for password when loggin in19:36
C10uDfrom console19:36
C10uD(i'm not using gdm, xdm, kdm *dm or whatever)19:36
kebyou want no password on your system?19:37
C10uDjust at boot, i need it to boot without my intervention19:37
C10uDi found some NO_PASSWORD_CONSOLE deprecated settings, but i couldn't find how to do it editing pam settings19:38
kebi wonder what they do with live distro to login without password19:38
C10uDthey use gdm, i don't use it :p19:38
zesssi just put xubunt on my laptop was wondering how to get the dispalay to read 1024x768 this highest on the list is 800x60019:50
zesssanyone there19:53
zesssi just put xubunt on my laptop was wondering how to get the dispalay to read 1024x768 this highest on the list is 800x60019:55
nikolamzesss, I am not shure generally, but it is good thing to firstly select right graphics card driver/server20:04
zesssi mean everyhing comes up fine in 800x600 but this laptop doesnt use the whole screen in this mode but with windows 1024x768 uses the whole screen20:07
nikolamzesss, I had the same thing on every install, after installing/start of using right driver, new resolutions/frequencies appears20:07
zessswhere do i change the driver then20:08
nikolamwhat graphics Notebook use?20:08
zessslynx silicon20:08
zesssseems like the screen driver not the adapter20:09
lc24mb, feel the powah20:09
zesssi know20:12
zesssits only gonna be used for satalite radio at work20:12
lc2zesss: i had the same problem with my monitor, it wouldn't believe that it'd go above 1024x768 @ 56hz20:12
lc2zesss: i had to play with my xorg.conf for that to work20:12
zesssya lc2 so how did you fix it20:12
zesssmine wont go above 800x600 @56hz20:13
zesssim a noob20:13
lc2zesss: you'll have to find out the vertical/horizontal sync of your monitor (if there is even such a thing on LCDs, idk)20:13
zesssdont know how to edit stuff20:13
lc2sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:14
lc2hold on, i'll show you the relevant parts of my xorg.conf20:14
nikolamThat would be xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion package maybe?20:14
zesssnikolam:  yup20:14
zessshow do i install it20:14
nikolamfrom synaptic20:15
lc2sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion20:15
nikolamor sudo apt-get install /usr/share/man/man4/siliconmotion.4.gz20:15
lc2http://pastebin.com/m781f8abe is what i used to get my monitor to work right20:16
nikolamlc2, that is nvidia but he will ged idea20:16
lc2yeah, tweak to suit your setup20:17
nikolamsudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion20:17
zesssk im confused20:17
zesssin new20:17
zesssto linux20:17
lc2zesss: don't do any of that stuff to do with xorg.conf, only start with that if using the proper driver doesn't work20:18
zessszesss: <-------------------------------------nooob20:18
lc2tl;dr do what nikolam said20:18
zessscan i get a walkthrough20:18
lc2zesss: open a terminal, type what nikolam said, then reboot20:18
zesssi get this20:20
zesssxserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion is already the newest version.20:20
zesssxserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion set to manually installed.20:20
zesss0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 163 not upgraded.20:20
zesssis there a generic monitor i can install that would do 1024x76820:21
zesssshould i update with all those updates and see what it does20:22
zesssi got 167 updates20:22
lc2zesss: wow20:22
lc2zesss: well, it doesn't hurt to update, but that's not causing the problem20:23
zesssold version of xubuntu20:23
lc2ah me too20:23
lc2which laptop is it?20:23
zesss8.10 wont work20:23
zesssthinkpad i series 1171 series 220:24
zesssp3 650mhz 40gb hd20:24
zesssya it wont even display 640x48020:25
lc2^ o wow, modelines ;(20:26
nikolamhi i found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=994901&highlight=siliconmotion+driver20:26
nikolamseems like 8.10 driver for siliconmotion is not great because of some x.org changes20:26
zesssok looks like they never got it working20:32
nikolami never upgraded to 8.10. I stayed with 8.04LTS and happy with it..20:33
nikolammaybe older package of that could be installed?20:33
nikolammaybe even with force option (sudo dpkg -i --force *.deb)20:35
nikolamzesss, what version of xubuntu U use?20:36
zesssheroi n20:37
zesssmy laptop is a heroin addict20:37
nikolammaybe you could install debian-reference package, many interesting things is in that documentation20:38
nikolamlike how to port package to different distribution20:38
nikolam2 commands dpkg-source -x *.dsc20:39
nikolamand dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc20:39
nikolamand maybe some dependencies20:40
nikolamThat is for making older or newer package for current install20:40
zesssso i need to run a differnet distribution to get my screen full20:40
nikolamnope, i suggest to make older version of package for your current distribution20:41
nikolamand use that older version that hopefully works.20:41
nikolamDid those modeline lines worked20:41
nikolamalso look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf what driver is selected for X20:42
lc2(p.s. be careful with modelines, you can physically destroy your monitor)20:42
zesssyou want me to run thos commands20:42
nikolamget debian-reference and see for yourself20:44
zesssso those 2 commands you wrote you want me to write them in terminal20:44
zesssi havent20:44
nikolambut you could do  sudo apt-get install debian-reference20:45
nikolamto get manuals etc20:45
zesssnikolam:  what about anything in here
nikolamunder System> Debian reference. After that look for porting package to stable system, under surviving tips20:46
zessslc2 posted that20:46
nikolamWell he was saying that is for modeline line20:47
nikolammaybe that would be enough20:47
zesssoh so its something different20:47
nikolambut one should take care with frequencies20:48
lc2yes, and that's the last resort, manually configuring your monitor20:48
zesssbut that thread is on my laptop20:48
nikolamalso you can always just use vesa driver in xorg.conf and forget about anything else20:48
nikolamthen it is ok, if it is the same laptop :))20:48
zesssbut i have no idea on how to apply20:49
zesssand would prefer to try something that wont damage permanently20:49
nikolamgksu mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:49
nikolamsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:50
nikolamThen save20:50
nikolamAnd restart eather X with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace , or restart computer20:50
nikolamalso I think logout/login restarts X20:51
lc2zesss: show us your existing xorg.conf and we can merge those modelines etc into it20:51
zesss# xorg.conf (X.Org X Window System server configuration file)20:51
zesss# This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using20:51
zesss# values from the debconf database.20:51
zesss# Edit this file with caution, and see the xorg.conf manual page.20:52
zesss# (Type "man xorg.conf" at the shell prompt.)20:52
zesss# This file is automatically updated on xserver-xorg package upgrades *only*20:52
zesss# if it has not been modified since the last upgrade of the xserver-xorg20:52
nikolamhe can use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ to paste20:52
zesss# package.20:52
zesss# If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated20:52
nikolamahh.. too late..20:52
zesss# again, run the following command:20:52
zesss#   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg20:52
zesssSection "InputDevice"20:52
zesssIdentifier"Generic Keyboard"20:52
nikolamTRY to use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ next time, or now.20:52
zesssSection "InputDevice"20:52
zesssIdentifier"Configured Mouse"20:52
nikolamzesss, http://paste.ubuntu.com/20:52
zesssSection "Device"20:52
zesssIdentifier"Configured Video Device"20:52
lc2nikolam: he's lagged now20:52
zesssSection "Monitor"20:52
nikolamok ok20:52
zesssIdentifier"Configured Monitor"20:52
zesssSection "Screen"20:53
zesssIdentifier"Default Screen"20:53
zesssMonitor"Configured Monitor"20:53
zesssDevice"Configured Video Device"20:53
zesssSection "ServerLayout"20:53
zesssIdentifier"Default Layout"20:53
zesssScreen"Default Screen"20:53
zesssthey lag me for pasting20:53
lc2'tis okay20:53
nikolamuse http://paste.ubuntu.com/ to paste20:53
lc2but yeah, go there and paste it20:53
zesssand im back20:53
lc2that way we won't have to remove your nick from each line20:53
zesssi guess you need the link hey20:54
lc2one sec20:56
lc2hey nikolam what's the name of the driver if you're putting it in an xorg.conf20:59
lc2zesss: because of your weak video card i'm gonna put you in 16-bit colour if that's okay21:01
zesssit says trident for  driver21:01
zessshey as long as its full screen21:01
lc2where does it say that?21:02
zesssin the xconf file at the end of the page in the link you gave mee21:02
lc2yeah shouldn't it be siliconmotion though?21:02
lc2nikolam: what do you think sir21:03
nikolam"lynx", "lynxe", "lynx3d", "lynxem", "lynxem+", "lynx3dm", "cougar3dr" depending on model u see21:03
lc2oh, i'll use siliconmotion21:03
lc2zesss: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103637/21:03
lc2paste that into your xorg.conf21:03
lc2then go to applications -> settings -> settings manager, click "display", set to "default"21:04
nikolamthere is no siliconmotion on list i think21:04
lc2then ctrl+alt+backspace21:04
lc2nikolam: wait what21:04
lc2i thought we were using the siliconmotion driver here21:04
nikolamDevice is not siliconmotion, look at that manualpage21:04
lc2oh shi-21:04
lc2zesss: don't paste that then, lol21:04
zesssya i wasnt goin to21:05
nikolamOh yes it is I am wrong21:05
lc2nikolam: it is?21:05
nikolamyes, sorry but it have some options also21:05
zesssthanx you guys for all your help :o)21:05
nikolamok, siliconmotion21:05
lc2zesss: yeah, you're good to go now21:05
nikolamread again http://linux.die.net/man/4/siliconmotion if i missed something21:06
lc2however, i'm not responsible for your monitor exploding21:06
zesssso we gonna try lc2 pasting then21:07
lc2go for it21:07
lc2but yeah, after you do that you *have* to go and set the res to "default", that way it'll use whatever the xorg default is, which will be your crafty and dangerous modeline21:08
lc2restart X, profit21:08
zesssdo i need the line numbers too21:09
lc2that'll hose X if you do, heh21:09
zesssok pasted now what21:10
zessssave xorg21:11
lc2save it, then do what i said about setting the res to "default", then ctrl+alt+backspace21:11
nikolamyou are editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf now. save it21:11
zessshow do i set to deafault21:12
lc2zesss:  applications -> settings -> settings manager, click "display", set to "default"21:12
lc2it's at the top of the list21:12
lc2where all your other resolutions were21:13
zesssctrl alt backspace21:13
lc2see you shortly21:13
nikolamor logout21:13
lc2or ctrl+alt+backspace :>21:13
nikolamwell :)21:13
* lc2 crosses fingers21:13
lc2heh heh21:13
lc2in before his display going boom21:14
nikolamI forgot to mention..21:14
lc2nikolam: ahaha21:15
oemdid you miss mee21:15
lc2oem: sure did21:15
nikolamon my eee lcd/tft is working on 56hz21:15
lc2oem: did it work21:15
nikolamhe got modeline for 60.. khm21:15
=== oem is now known as zesss
zesssstill small screen21:15
lc2zesss: aaaa21:15
* lc2 thinks21:15
lc2zesss: when X started back up, did it die and then start up again?21:16
zesssthe screen did wierd things21:16
lc2heh oh21:16
lc2something's not right with that modeline21:16
* nikolam thinks to tell to zesss to upgrade graphic card21:16
* lc2 thinks21:16
nikolamzesss, U can also use Login by X server/VNC through network with tightvncserver21:17
zesssjust vnc to the laptop for full screen21:17
nikolamI used to watch movies through that kind of network-through VNC X21:17
nikolamIf laptop will not be used for X, anyway21:18
nikolamOk, guys, got ot go.21:18
zessssee ysa21:18
zesssthank you21:18
zessswooooot 170 updates now21:18
nikolamzesss, Also try to search ubuntuforums.org and post your problem there, also21:18
* lc2 is still thinking21:18
zesssdo you have to set a different mode cuz its lcd not a monitor21:20
lc2no, i don't think so21:21
lc2gimme a se21:21
zesssyour deafualt depth is 2421:22
zesssnot 1621:23
lc2yeah i figured it would be OK21:23
lc2paste that into your xorg.conf instead21:24
lc2save, restart as before21:24
zessshow do i get the xorg to come up again21:25
lc2sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:25
lc2OH SHIT21:27
lc2oh shi--21:28
lc2zesss: i made a mistake :P21:28
zesssit works21:29
lc2zesss: uhhhh it does?21:29
lc2hahaha wow21:29
zesssfull screen21:29
zessswhat was the mistake21:29
zesssi can change it21:29
lc2strange because line 49 of that config file should have broke it21:29
lc2is what it should look like21:29
zesssno 60hz is what it runs at in windows21:30
zesssneed the command for the config file again21:31
lc2i'm not sure that's necessary, if it works then leave it21:31
zesssya it works21:31
lc2i was pleasantly surprised by that21:31
zessswell good i could enlighten you21:32
zesssthanks for your help21:32
zesssis there anyway i can get my network to speed up with xubuntu21:32
zessskinda slow at getting updates21:32
zesssim on 10mb/s connection and i get 12kb/s getting updates21:33
lc2i doubt that's something linux is doing wrong, it's more likely to be a bottleneck elsewhere21:34
zesss200mb of updates21:34
lc2ouch ;(21:35
lc2are you sure it's not the servers being slow?21:35
lc2i.e. have you tried downloading any other file from somewhere else21:35
zesssinternet and everything else seems fast21:35
zessshavent tried to download anyhting yet21:35
lc2zesss: try it, so we can narrow things down21:36
zessswhere can i download something21:36
zesssfor ubuntu21:36
lc2just download any old random file bigger than a few mb21:36
zesssits just the updates21:39
lc2zesss: figures21:39
lc2okay go to applications -> system -> software sources21:40
zesssso do i still have to add locations to install programs21:40
lc2under "download from", go to "Other"21:41
lc2and try a different mirror from there21:41
zesssso if i want to add vlc to my machine i add it to the third party list21:42
lc2zesss: no, you should just be able to apt-get install vlc21:42
lc2or rather, sudo apt-get install vlc21:43
lc2same for most other popular packages21:43
zesssi have no sound21:43
lc2zesss: o noes ;\21:43
zesssit sees the sound card but i dont see a volume control21:44
lc2that's because you don't have one unless you add it21:45
zessswooot thats a good mirror 500kb/s21:45
zesssya im adding it21:46
zesssi forgot this is still in oem mode21:46
zesssubuntu kinda feels like old macintosh21:47
lc2i'm very fond of it21:48
zesssk installed volume control now where is it21:49
lc2right click on your taskbar at the top, "add new item", "volume control"21:50
zesssso to install apps i goto add remove applications?21:51
lc2that's one way of doing it, yes21:51
zesssvlc dont show in there21:52
lc2if you already know the name of the package, you do: sudo apt-get install packagenamehere21:52
zesssi found it had to click all21:52
lc2sudo apt-get install vlc21:52
Tmobanyone using xubuntu on a netbook here?21:53
Tmobhi zesss, i just bought a Dell mini 9, but i can't find a USB download21:53
Tmobi dont want to get a iso, etc.21:53
zesssyou said21:53
Tmobyes, mini 9 is a netbook21:53
lc2Tmob: uh it's possible but it looks pretty convoluted21:55
lc2and it still requires downloading the ISO, so whatever21:55
zesssthought you said notebook21:56
zessscan you boot off flash drive21:56
Tmoblc2, uh yea..21:58
lc2Tmob: yeah. ;(21:58
zesssgod full screen is sooooooo nice21:58
Tmobzesss, yes, you can boot off usb drives on most machines now a days..21:59
zesssnot on my pile21:59
lc2lol, technology22:00
zesssim glad this laptop will still boot off cd22:00
zessshar har har22:00
lc2my brother found a 100mhz 486 laptop22:01
lc2it couldn't boot off a CD22:01
zessshey lc2 to see my winwos shared files to i just put in the ip address22:02
lc2uh idk22:02
lc2i know you can mount smbfs from a terminal, but i don't know how/if thunar deals with those things22:03
lc2there's no network share browser in xubuntu?22:05
* lc2 wonders22:05
zesssi cant see one22:06
lc2how to do it with fuse22:07
lc2(that only works if the windows box is on all the time)22:07
zesssthere is smb4k22:11
zessswindows is smb network22:12
lc2kde ;(22:12
zesssi cant use it then22:12
AndyIBanyone have any optimizing tips for spotify in wine?22:12
lc2zesss: you can, but it's KDE22:12
lc2AndyIB: nosir22:12
zessswhats kde22:12
lc2zesss: it's another desktop environment22:13
zesssi dont think i have that installed22:13
lc2zesss: KDE programs will run fine under any other, but they'll look very different22:13
AndyIBkeep with xcfe or gnome. less frilly stuffs.22:14
Grant-AFluxbox would be my choice for low-memory machines22:14
Grant-Aor power-using22:14
jarnoslc2: Have you tried sshfs?22:15
zessslc2:  how do i command line map a drive22:15
lc2jarnos: i use it all the time22:15
AndyIBzesss,  "mount"22:16
AndyIBas in22:16
lc2zesss: sudo apt-get install fusesmb22:16
AndyIBor that22:16
lc2sudo modprobe fuse22:16
lc2eh, even better22:17
AndyIBnvm my comment zesss, jumped in too fast thar.22:18
zessstits ok22:18
zessssmb4k works22:24
zesssi like simple :)22:24
Grant-Awhat would you guys recommend for two linux computers wirelessly networking?22:26
Odd-rationaleGrant-A: you mean like to share files? try ssh, scp, sshfs, and the like..22:34
Grant-Aok, I'll look into them22:34
Grant-Athanks :)22:34
lc2yeah, sshfs is awesome22:45
lc2thank god we don't have to deal with NFS these days22:45
sue_menu.xml contains the line <include type="system" style="simple" unique="true" legacy="true"/>    where is the "system" xml file?23:58

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