LaserJockhmm, no RichEd04:59
nubaehey there RichEd11:23
nubaejust a quickie... me and Laserjock were looking at the help and community pages of edubuntu.org, can we put u as the general education contact?11:24
RichEdhi nubae11:24
RichEdthanks for all the work you have  been doing on this ...11:24
RichEdand yes indeed you can ... ta11:24
nubaecool, the apps list for 8.04 and 8.10 is up there too, as well as a revamped frontpage corresponding to the split between ubuntu education cd and the rest11:26
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highvoltagehi RichEd11:35
RichEdexcellent nubae ... hundreds11:41
RichEdhey highvoltage11:41
* RichEd waves11:41
highvoltageRichEd: are you still out of the country?11:41
RichEdhighvoltage: just back last week ...11:42
highvoltageRichEd: shew, you were gone long11:42
nubaehighvoltage: u are listed at contact for community/web, that is still correct?11:42
highvoltagenubae: I was just thinking about that, btw the new front page is very nice11:42
highvoltagenubae: I'm fine if you change it to your details, if you want11:43
highvoltagenubae: I'm fine with making changes, etc when required. although pips1 has actually been responsible for the site for about 2 years now11:43
highvoltage(or at least was supposed to be)11:44
nubaeit doesn't really affect what happens to the website, I guess its just a case of where emails go concerning community/web11:44
nubaedo u get a lot?11:44
highvoltageabout 1 every 2 months or so11:44
highvoltageusually a spelling correction or something simple11:45
nubaewell, I dont mind so much, if u prefer not to get the mail, let me know and I'll change it to my details11:45
highvoltageI don't mind at all. Could I forward the mail to you if I'm real busy at the time and can't get to it?11:46
nubaesure thing11:46
nubaeRichEd: have u heard anything further from Sugarlabs?11:49
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RichEdnubae: not since new year no ... i will touch sides with david soon ... will keep you in the loop11:55
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RichEdnubae: http://www.edubuntu.org/applications/8.10 & 8.04 look very slick ... much impressed !13:50
nubaeyah, we could do with more content, but not quite sure where to go from here...13:51
RichEdnubae: i'm working on some stuff ... will chat soon about sharing13:53
nubaeoh cool...13:53
RichEd(about ubuntu as a solution across the whole education requirement - from data centre to classroom)13:53
RichEdnubae: do you also get large white/blank linespacing in the application lists page ?13:54
nubaejust checking, in hardy.. yes13:55
nubaeI'll try and fix that...13:55
nubaethanks for the heads up13:55
RichEdnp ... presume it's a small style formatting wobbly13:57
RichEdotherwise ... it looks stonking ! very pretty & crisp13:57
nubaeyeah, its due to copying and pasting from dreamweaver...13:58
sbalneavMorning all14:50
LaserJockmorning morning Edu Land!16:11
LaserJockRichEd: pingy pingy16:12
RichEdpongy pong16:13
sbalneavHey LaserJock16:13
RichEdsbalneav: :)16:13
LaserJockRichEd: alright, I spend some time this weekend munging the seeds about16:14
LaserJockRichEd: I know have a new edubuntu-meta source package ready to upload that will give use ubuntu-edu-*16:15
LaserJockI have a question though16:15
LaserJockthe removal of metapackage can be handled in two different ways16:15
LaserJock1) if the metapackage is removed all the apps that it depends on are also removed16:16
LaserJock2) if the metapackage is removed none of the apps that it depends on are removed16:16
LaserJockI'm thinking that we'd want to do 1)16:16
LaserJocksince I think users will expect the "bundle" concept to be all or nothing16:17
RichEdmvo said that a package will look at whether or not an application was installed explicitly, rather than as a bundle16:18
RichEdthe explicit installs will remain, the bundled ones will be removed16:18
RichEddependencies will be removed iff no other application needs them16:18
LaserJockthat would be 1)16:19
LaserJockI also have the ability to do 2) though so I wanted to ask16:19
LaserJockubuntu-desktop is don't that way, for instance16:19
LaserJockif you remove ubuntu-desktop you don't wipe out your entire system ;-)16:19
LaserJockbut I think for us we always want to use 1) because we're not installing/removing core functionality16:20
RichEdi'll defer to your choice :)16:27
LaserJockRichEd: did you see the new homepage on edubuntu.org?16:35
LaserJockoh nice, I got an explosion incident report :-)18:13
HedgeMageDo you explode things often?18:48
LaserJocklast Spring semester though we had a grad student blow up a lab18:48
LaserJockso I guess just now the final report was given out18:49
LaserJockbasic result: don't mix nitric acid with methanol18:49
LaserJockwell, don't mix them and cap the container18:52
LaserJock~40 min later you get a big boom18:52
HedgeMageglad it wasn't me.18:52
HedgeMageno one was hurt, I hope?18:52
LaserJocknot too bad18:52
LaserJockthere was a grad student there18:52
LaserJockbut the hood doors took most of the blast18:53
LaserJockshe just got what looked  like a good sun tan and a few minor cuts18:53
* HedgeMage nods18:53
LaserJockthe glass container completely disintegrated into glass dust, they never found any of it18:53
LaserJockdidn't even find the cap18:54
HedgeMageMy knowledge of chemistry, unfortunately, is pretty limited -- I can cook, and I can make baking soda volcanos to entertain my son, that's about it.18:54
HedgeMageThough in my defense, I've never accidentally blown anything up, either.18:55
LaserJockthere you go18:55
HedgeMageI just got back from a business trip and am trying some amazing teas I picked up :)19:03
LnsHedgeMage: "amazing" meaning.. ? :)19:06
HedgeMageLns: meaning interesting and higher quality than I can buy near my home.  I got an earl grey + white, a Rooibus + Chai + Mate, and a White + Bamboo + fruit -- all amazing, though I think the last one is becoming my favorite of the three.19:07
Lnswow, that sounds really good19:10
Lnsi've been getting into green teas a lot lately19:10
Lnsvery nice alternative to coffee19:10
Lnshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/269188 - nspr got fixed, for Jaunty! That means Firefox 3 will be usable in LTSP !19:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 269188 in nspr "Extreme slowness, "Firefox is already running" error for >3 users launching Firefox in LTSP environment" [Medium,Fix released]19:11
LnsSo Im going to work on getting an SRU for Hardy.19:12
Lnsi'm waiting for someone in #ubuntu-testing to help me out with the process19:13
LnsAfter reading your blog post yet again, LaserJock =)19:13
LaserJockI need to reboot19:14
LaserJockgimme a minute and we can talk SRU ;-)19:14
Lnsnp =) thx!19:14
HedgeMageLns: this place had a great selection of those, too, I just could only afford to try a few in one trip!19:14
LnsHedgeMage: that is awesome.. once i get a bigger office that i can put a coffee maker in (yeah, its that small!) im going to be drinking green tea daily19:15
HedgeMageLns: there are also controlled hot water dispensers that you can set to the optimal temperature for the tea you are making at the time (whites, for example, are generally best steeped around 175F while many chais can be steeped at 208-220F)19:17
sbalneavLns: For all the talk of that bug, I've had absolutely NO problems with firefox here, running hardy.19:20
HedgeMagehi, sbalneav19:20
sbalneavhey HedgeMage19:21
Lnssbalneav: How many simultaneous users were launching at the same time?19:22
Lnsfor my situation its when a class comes into the computer lab, logs in and launches FF ALL at the same time19:22
Lnsso the server's entropy is exausted19:22
LnsBut 1-2 people launching it at a time seems to work fine19:23
LaserJockhmm, seems my reboot won't be so easy, my other partition is toast :-)19:27
LaserJockah well, I guess I'll reinstall19:34
Lnswhat did you DO?? ;)19:35
LaserJockLns: anyway, so you want to push for a SRU to Hardy/Intrepid for that Firefox thing?19:35
LaserJockLns: updated jaunty19:35
LnsYes please =)19:36
LnsIm reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates right now19:36
LnsHopefully we can convince the powers that be that this is SRU material, and not just a backport.. ?19:37
sbalneavLns: I've got 38 copies of it opened.19:38
Lnssbalneav: did they all launch FF at the same time (within 30 seconds of each other) ? That's where the entropy gets squashed pretty bad19:39
alkisgDoes this also affect intrepid?19:39
LnsI want a dummy mouse/kb driver for the server that sends random input so that doesnt happen ;)19:40
Lnsalkisg: not sure, all my sites are on hardy19:40
Lnsi'd assume so though'19:40
alkisgI've seen it happening some times, and I think it was both previously in hardy and also now on Intrepid. I thought the checking for newer extensions versions was to blame, though... Good news.19:41
Lnscould be - anything that uses /dev/random excessively (there were multiple fixes for FF "Places" mechanism that overused it, so they switched to urandom since it doesnt block requests if entropy runs out on the server19:42
LaserJockLns: I would talk to fta about doing SRUs since he's the one that did the fix in Jaunty19:43
LnsProbably doesnt affect FF as a localapp19:43
LnsLaserJock: ok19:44
LaserJockit seems like something that would be SRUable19:44
LaserJockbut it's probably better to have the Mozilla Team working on that they us19:44
LaserJock*then us19:44
Lnsok, im always in #ubuntu-mozillateam, im asking right now19:45
LaserJockI think Jaunty could be a pretty good release for Edubuntu19:45
LnsLaserJock: fta wants us to test the Jaunty fix before doing an SRU19:48
LaserJockLns: I agree totally19:49
LnsI dont have any Jaunty setups anywhere, anybody here care to test it out that has more than 3 thin clients to launch FF at the same time (with new profiles) ?19:49
LaserJockit's not a straightforward bug19:49
LaserJockwe really need to try to get a group of testers together19:49
Lnsi can post to the lists19:50
LaserJockit's a tough issue with LTSP as you need a whole other setup19:50
LaserJockwell, hmm19:50
LaserJockI wonder if we can make virtual LTSP testing labs with vmware/virtualbox/kvm19:51
LnsThat's what fta asked me if i had19:51
Lnsbut im running my own ltsp so it would conflict with that :(19:51
Lnsfta there's also my ppa, you can just dl the nspr debs for hardy, they have the fix19:51
Lns(he just said that)19:51
LaserJockoh sweet, my TV converter boxes just showed up19:52
LaserJockmy local ABC station went all digital today19:53
Lnslol, my tech and I were just talking about that 5 minutes ago19:53
LaserJockfirst in the state or something19:53
LaserJockI just got a blinking message "if you can see this you need a converter"19:53
LaserJockI'm curious if these things really work19:54
LaserJockI suppose I could go and buy a TV that *wasn't* made at least 15 years ago19:55
LaserJockbut that'd just be too easy19:55
Lnsor you could "kill your tv" ;)19:55
LaserJockyeah, well, there are a few shows I still like19:56
* LaserJock missed 24 last night :(19:56
Lnsi used to watch that one a bit19:56
Lns(in #ubuntu-mozillateam) Lns fta: if I used the packages from your PPA on Hardy and tested, would that be enough for an SRU request?19:57
Lnsfta yes19:57
LnsHopefully upgrading nspr isnt going to pull hundreds of packages down19:58
LnsIm going to reboot myself and then upgrade, i'll bb in a bit20:00
LaserJockwow, this digital stuff is amazing20:09
LnsOk, I've upgraded my own LTSP environment (nspr specifically) using fta's PPA. I'll try and write a simple procedure so others can do the same to test20:43
Lns"apt-get install" will upgrade a pkg if its available right, even if its already installed (but a lower version) ?20:45
LaserJockhmm, not sure20:46
LnsOk, here are the instructions to upgrade NSPR for hardy, if anyone spots any errors in the process please speak up: http://lns.wikidot.com/nsprupdate20:59
Lns(just updated right now if anyone's already clicked on it)21:00
LaserJockalright, I've just uploaded the new world order :-)21:52

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