HobbseeScottK: indeed.  The only things i actually can do are those exposed through launchpad.  If and when they work.01:08
Hobbseenixternal: oh dear...01:08
HobbseeScottK: all you need to do is to sort your mail based on the headers - pull out the bits you want, and blackhole the rest.  works a charm.01:39
Hobbseeapachelogger: you around?01:40
nhandlervorian has conquered the wolf ;)03:56
vorianit did rip off my face though03:56
nhandlervorian: Do you have this week off too? Or do you go back to work now?03:57
vorianI have this week off too \o/03:57
nhandlerYou are lucky. I have final exams this week03:57
vorianoh boy, i am sooo glad i'm done with that stuff.03:58
nhandlerOnly good news is that I get a 4 day weekend03:58
vorianThats great news!03:58
ScottKNow it's time to kill every amaork rdepend in the archive.  They're all broken.04:05
ScottKI'm actually busily patching out amarok support and such.04:11
ScottKNightrose, apachelogger, anyone: Does pacpl work with Amarok 2/KDE4?  It claims to have been recently rewritten, but doesn't say.04:40
ScottKif someone could hunt this one down, I'm really not sure how broken it is.04:40
ScottKIt may be a removal candidate.04:40
* seele wonders if/when ScottK sleeps04:41
seeleup late up early04:41
ScottKCome on, it's not even midnight yet.04:41
nhandlerScottK: What timezone are you in?04:41
ScottKSame as seele.04:41
ScottKWe actually live only about a 30 minute drive apart.04:41
nhandlerI'm probably about that far from nixternal (give or take 15 minutes)04:42
ScottKnhandler: Any chance you could play with pacpl and see if it works with KDE4?04:42
vorianScottK: pacpl looks only to be in jaunty04:43
ScottKYes, and?04:43
nhandlerScottK: Not right now. I want to get the backports that I uploaded today building before I go to bed. Tomorrow, I'm doing the other backports. I could maybe try on Tuesday though04:43
ScottKOK.  Tuesda would be great.04:43
nhandlerI'll try and remember, but a reminder would be great ;)04:44
ScottKnhandler: Don't foret.04:45
ScottKforget even.04:45
vorianhuh, that's odd04:46
vorianamarok built in my ppa with zero problems. now in the archives it says, Dependencey wait.04:47
voriani wonder what the difference is04:47
Hobbseewhat's it waiting on?04:48
voriani'm looking now04:48
* ScottK looks too04:49
ScottKvorian: That's in multiverse04:53
ScottKSince amarok is in Universe, it doesn't see it on the official buildds04:54
ScottKvorian: Whatever caused you to add that you need to make it go away.04:54
vorianit's just going to be missing a feature04:54
ScottKOK.  It'll have to be missed then.04:54
vorianroger that04:55
vorianand away04:56
voriandon't know how i missed that ...05:00
* vorian is redfaced05:00
ScottKvorian: It's easy enough to do05:01
vorianthat's why i sent it to my ppa05:01
ScottKDon't feel bad about mistakes, feel rotten about mistakes you leave for others to clean up.05:02
voriangood point :)05:02
vorianppa's are evil05:02
LaserJockand even then, as long as you offer then $cold_beverage usually you can get away with it05:02
ScottKAnd dangerous (still unsigned)05:02
* ScottK doesn't count "talk someone into fixing it for you" as leaving it.05:03
nhandlerScottK: They are getting signed05:03
ScottKnhandler: Yes, but not yet (at least not any I use).05:03
vorianthat still doesn't mean much to me05:03
voriananyone can sign a package, it's the person who's signing it that counts05:03
ScottKvorian: Without the signature you have zero assurance the package you downloaded from the PPA is actually from there.05:04
ScottKGoogle Kaminsky and DNS cache poisoning and then read until you are scared.05:04
ScottKThere is no actual fix for his attack short of DNSSEC.  All the fixing that's been done has just slowed it down.05:05
LaserJockseems like it's taken quite some time to get signed PPAs to roll out. the announcement was sent a while ago05:07
nhandlerLaserJock: Someone was saying earlier that they needed to get some new hardware05:08
ScottKI consider it par for the course for Launchpad and security design.05:08
LaserJocknhandler: right, but don't you figure that out *before* you announce it?05:09
nhandlerLaserJock: I would have thought so. And then, just the other day, you get Microsoft who does something very similar05:10
LaserJockI wouldn't expect "well MS does it" to be a particularly persuasive argument, but I guess that is an interesting point05:11
* nhandler doesn't think it was exceptable for either of them to make that mistake05:12
LaserJockconsidering it took almost 1.5 years to be "Fix Released" and it's still not actually released ...05:16
nhandlerIs the bug really marked fix released?05:17
nhandlerNight everyone05:19
LaserJocksince 18th of December05:19
ScottKGood night.05:23
ScottKOooh.  My first post Amarok 2 removal ....05:24
* vorian is out too™ 05:24
vorianawesome, so far so good on arm05:24
ScottKHobbsee: moodbar05:25
ScottKOr  Bug #316262 if you prefer.05:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316262 in moodbar "Please remove moodbar source and binary from Jaunty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31626205:27
Tm_TScottK: isn't that, ummm, wrong?05:39
Tm_TScottK: there's moodbar plasmoid05:39
ScottKTm_T: moodbar is for amarok 1.4.05:40
Tm_TScottK: but, there's moodbar plasmoid05:40
ScottKThe plasmoid must be built from another package.05:40
Tm_Tright, it's in plasma playground05:41
* vorian does not spy a moodbar plasmoid on his system and goes searching05:41
Tm_Tvorian: you prolly don't have it unless you have svn build from playground/base/plasma05:51
voriani was just grabbing it Tm_T :)05:52
vorianit looks perty05:52
vorianit would be great if someone could commit a COPYING file to that branch05:52
\shSput: thx a lot :) at the end of the month we will have a bigger party ,-)07:55
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
jussi01hrm, curious.... Im getting plasma crashes at startup as well as missing plasmoids (lancelot for one) when I try reinstall lancelot I get an error - did someone break something in the experirmental repo?10:34
jussi01The following packages have unmet dependencies:10:34
jussi01  plasmoid-lancelot: Depends: libplasma2 but it is not going to be installed10:34
jussi01E: Broken packages10:34
Riddellwe use libplasma3 these days in KDE 4.210:47
fabodanimo: no, some glitches remain: the tab especially.10:49
fabooups, some delay in the answer ;)10:49
Riddellfabo: did I see in your commit comments that qt 4.5 can't use kdesupport phonon?10:50
faboRiddell: not me. I have written a comment on the changelog that pusling raised. It seems there's an issue, but I didn't reached this point yet to confirm ... or not.10:52
jussi01Riddell: ahh, so someone needs to update lancelot then. wheres JontheEchidna ?11:01
NightroseScottK: i don't even know what that is tbh11:45
doc__hi there11:58
Riddellbuenas dias doc__11:58
doc__Riddell: buenos días :)12:01
Riddelloh well, nearly right12:02
davmor2Riddell: Ktranslate let you down ;)12:24
nhandlerAnyone know what is going on with the PPA lpia buildd?12:38
JontheEchidnajussi01: it's part of kdeplasma-addons in 4.212:46
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
Riddelldavmor2: how so?12:48
davmor2Riddell: just teasing12:49
Riddellah :)12:49
nhandlerOff to school now13:04
vorianLearn well13:05
ScottKNightrose: OK.  Thanks.  I guess I'll spend some time to see if Google knows.13:17
* Sput continues to work on predefined server lists for quassel13:30
Sputusing presets already works, now I need to hack in the default stuff :)13:31
ScottKSput: If there's some patch I can try out to produce debugging info for that minimize problem, just let me know.13:31
SputScottK: sure13:31
SputI'll tackle that in a few days I think, once I'm done with the other stuff I have on my table13:31
ScottKapachelogger: The C10shell pbuilder hook is worth it's weight in gold.  I've wanted pbuilder to do that since years.13:49
ScottKThank you very much.13:49
* Nightrose wonders how much such a pbuilder hook weights and if apachelogger could make a living with them13:53
vorianmeh, you killed my C10nanoshell :(13:53
JontheEchidnavorian: he merged it with the C10shell13:53
voriani just noticed13:54
JontheEchidnaexport EDITOR=nano in pbuilderrc, I think13:54
=== rdieter_away is now known as rdieter
JontheEchidnaand bleh, openoffice without openoffice.org-kde looks like fried armpit13:54
Nightroseargh @ JontheEchidna for flooding my inbox once again13:55
Nightrosedo i owe you cookies?13:55
JontheEchidnasure? :P13:55
Nightrose~order cookies for JontheEchidna13:55
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to JontheEchidna.13:55
* JontheEchidna has only done 23 bugs so far13:56
Nightrosewell tbh you are not the only one13:56
Nightrosea kde guy has been doing it as well tonight13:56
Nightroseinbox -> esplode13:56
ScottKnixternal: It's Alpha 3 release notes time (you said to ping you).13:58
ScottKnixternal: Item one is Amarok 2 in the archive, but not yet on the CD.13:58
emonkey-tnvidia-proprietary still doesn't support xorg 1.6 ABI (if I'm not wrong, I think ubuntu will have this in the issues too ...)14:06
emonkey-t^^ (just my 2 cents for the release notes )14:06
colomarseele: Hi, anything new from the kpackagekit-front?14:18
seelecolomar: i havent heard anything yet14:30
agony_anybody running amarok 2 in jaunty ?14:37
ScottKRiddell: Once everything that's pending gets processed, all the Amarok 1 rdepends/recommeds/suggests are dealt with.14:47
cbrso.. today my pidgin wont connect to msn14:47
cbrand kopete still doesnt have msn support in jaunty14:48
cbrownage :)14:48
cbrwebmessenger @ msn's site works though14:48
ScottKRiddell: I'm one upload away from time to make a decision on kdebindings for KDE3.14:48
ScottKRiddell: My proposal was to remove kita2 and dump bindings for KDE3.  apachelogger wants to keep them as long as they 'work' for 3rd party stuff.14:49
ScottKRiddell: Up to you.14:49
ScottKIf we go apachelogger's way, we'd make it kde3bindings.14:49
RiddellScottK: kita?14:52
ScottKIt's a japanese IM client not in Debian.14:52
ScottKRiddell: http://sourceforge.jp/projects/kita/14:53
ScottKRiddell: I already warned the guy that packaged it a month ago it might have to go away.14:53
Riddellhow about moving kdebindings to universe?14:54
Riddellor what's the rationale for removing it again?  just one less hassle?14:54
ScottKRiddell: OK.  Move it to Universe as kde3bindings?14:54
ScottKOne less hassle.14:55
ScottKThe more KDE3 stuff that dies the sooner the better.14:56
siekaczhttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_vNKxmokgKjU/SWpEpMVef5I/AAAAAAAAAek/UPEeLVNZHBA/s1600-h/zrzut-styczen-10.png - kde 4.2.60 :)14:57
RiddellI think universe would be my preference14:57
siekaczvery nice14:57
ScottKRiddell: OK.14:57
RiddellScottK: shall I do that?14:57
ScottKRiddell: Let me upload it as kd3bindings first.14:57
ScottKThen the next kde4bindings upload can be kdebindings.14:58
ScottKOne less diff from Debian.14:58
Nightrosehey folks :)   a user got this with jaunty packages: amarok:      [ERROR!] Tried to perform query on uninitialized MySQLe15:01
Nightrosecould it be that the amarok package is using the wrong mysql?15:01
Nightrosehe gets no collection because of this15:01
JontheEchidnayeah, me too15:07
* JontheEchidna afk for a bit15:07
nixternalScottK: can they be done tonight by chance?15:08
nixternalreleasw notes that is? if you have points, throw them on a wiki page and link me to them15:08
ScottKnixternal: Absolutely.  Need them by Wed.15:09
nixternalI will work on that stuff tonight then15:09
Nightrosevorian: poke15:10
Nightroseapachelogger: poke15:10
vorianNightrose: ouch15:14
Nightroseyou packaged it right?15:14
Nightrosecan you have a look?15:14
vorianyes mam!15:14
Nightrosethx :)15:14
RiddellI don't get that messages but I do have an empty collection15:14
NightroseRiddell: amarok -d15:15
vorianwhat's the problem15:15
Nightroseprobably build against the wrong mysql15:15
vorianok, let me get the build-deps15:16
Riddellmm, now I get  amarok:      [ERROR!] Tried to perform query on uninitialized MySQLe15:16
nixternaloh give me the beat boys and free my soul, i wanna get lost in your rock and roll, and drift away!15:16
nixternalI woke up to that song this morning...it is such an eye opener, I am ready to work now!15:16
vorianNightrose: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103942/15:17
Nightrosenixternal: haha morning then - ScottK poked you about release notes in case you havn't seen it15:17
Nightrosevorian: checking15:17
ScottKapachelogger and Riddell: I'd suggest go ahead and change kde4bindings to kdebindings.  I'm test building my kde3bindings right now.15:18
Nightrosevorian: yea - have a look at the intrepid package - it should have a custom mysql package15:18
Nightroseasuming the stock mysql package wasn't fixed in jaunty15:19
ScottKNightrose: We need to figure out how to make the official mysql package work for amarok too for Jaunty.  Can't have two.15:19
Nightrose*nod*   Aides really is the guy to talk to about that15:19
Nightrosehe did all the mysql vodoo for us15:19
* ScottK looks over at vorian.15:19
* vorian nods to scott15:20
voriansince 5.1 is in the universe and all15:20
Riddellvorian: if I install mysql-server-5.1 and libmysqlclient-dev my collection works15:56
Riddellso it needs something installed which isn't, data files or the like15:56
ScottKRiddell: My kde3bindings is still test building and I need to run off for a meeting, so I'll upload it tonight.16:02
jussi01JontheEchidna: did you see my issue before?16:03
JontheEchidnaplasmoid-lancelot is no longer a separate package16:03
JontheEchidnait's included in kdeplasma-addons16:03
jussi01JontheEchidna: ahh... that makes sense then16:03
JontheEchidnayup :)16:04
vorianRiddell: do you have to install libmysqlclient-dev to get it working, or will mysql-server work?16:14
Riddelllet me see16:20
Riddelljust needs mysql-server-5.1 vorian16:21
vorianRiddell: that's an easy fix then16:21
Riddellif you look in the PPA there's a package with the data files it needs16:21
vorianyet another kubuntu-debian difference16:21
Riddellbut depending on mysql-server-5.1 would be the quick fix16:21
voriani wonder what kind of feedback debian is getting16:22
apacheloggerHobbsee: I am around now :)16:39
apacheloggerScottK, Nightrose: so what is pacpl?16:41
briseightHi! digikam from http://ppa.launchpad.net/digikam-experimental/ubuntu  has problems. It fails to load pluings and exit. Any suggestion?16:43
apacheloggerthere is a party going on16:43
apacheloggerwhat the heck is digikam-experimental?16:44
apacheloggerNightrose: that mysqle error appears when one tries to be smart and not installes the deps of amarok-kde416:45
Nightroseapachelogger: ;-)16:45
Nightroseand havn't checked what that pacpl thingy is16:45
vorianneversfelde: please see bug 31628816:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316288 in choqok "New upstream version available" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31628816:46
vorianNightrose, Riddell, fix commited16:48
Nightrosevorian: gracias :)16:48
apacheloggervorian: shouldn't you see that bug?16:48
apacheloggerconsidering he already dropped a diff.gz and all :P16:49
vorianwell, that was for 3, there is now a 3.1 :)16:49
apacheloggerô mon dieu!16:49
voriani suppose i could sponsor this upload, and neversfelde can update from there16:50
apacheloggerRiddell: are you ok if I upload 4.1.4 all at once?16:50
* apachelogger thinks Riddell has to accept it piece by piece anyway16:50
apacheloggervorian: well, in any case make sure you commit the changes to $branch and prepare $backport ;-)16:51
vorianyup yup16:51
apacheloggeror let neversfelde do it ... delegation > work16:51
apacheloggerNightrose: http://pacpl.sourceforge.net/16:52
Riddellapachelogger: that's fine16:52
apacheloggerScottK: how is that related to Amarok?16:52
apacheloggerRiddell: ok16:52
Nightroseapachelogger: seems to have an extension for amarok16:53
Nightrosewhatever that means16:53
Nightroseat least the intro says so16:53
Nightrosenever heard of it before though16:53
Nightroseapachelogger: http://pacpl.sourceforge.net/images/pac_amarok.jpg16:54
apacheloggerScottK: in that case.. if it doesn't work with amarok2 it is due to pacpl being close-to-unmaintained and not having noticed that amarok got a new scripting interface half a year ago :P16:54
* apachelogger will sure be glad when he'll not be the only one to review a complete release16:55
apacheloggerall of .4 is signed by me :S16:56
\shapachelogger: you are the hero :)16:56
apachelogger\sh: and I am scared of what would happen if I screwed something up ;-)16:57
Lurebriseight: what plugins? kipi-plugins?16:57
Lureapachelogger: digikam-experimental are beta packages of kde4's digikam/kipi-plugins for Intrepid16:58
briseightLure: Marble16:58
apacheloggerLure: that should be in kubuntu-experimental really16:58
\shapachelogger: well, then you have more time to practice karaoke ,-)16:58
Lurebriseight: do you have marble-data installed?16:58
apachelogger\sh: haha, true :D16:58
briseightI can paste the log16:58
briseightI compiled from svn16:59
Lurebriseight: what is from svn and what from digikam-experimental?16:59
apacheloggerRiddell: all 4.1.4 packages uploaded, I recommend you check that all 20 arrived though :)17:00
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ping17:00
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: pong17:00
Lureapachelogger: 4.1.4? that sounds so last-year... ;-)17:00
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: got time to test a new approach to wotm?17:01
briseightLure: I've installed 0.10.0~beta8-0ubuntu1~intrepid~ppa117:01
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: sure17:01
briseightand also tried to compile17:01
briseightbut both have the same problem17:01
apacheloggerLure: yah, that is about what I said when scott mentioned that debian already uploaded it ;-)17:01
Lurebriseight: can you check if you have marble-data package installed?17:02
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: uploading17:02
Lurebriseight: this is known issue with kde 4.2/beta packages (should be fixed for rc by JontheEchidna ;-))17:02
apacheloggerLure: if I applied the right packaging :P17:03
briseightLure: I'm checking now17:03
* apachelogger was getting real confused from all the mails in his inbox17:03
Lureapachelogger: ;-)17:03
* Lure is waiting for rc packages to switch from kde-from-svn17:03
* apachelogger is wondering if he should switch at all17:04
apacheloggeryou people could work on jaunty while I focus my efforts on annoying upstream for 4.3 :P17:04
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: http://aplg.kollide.net/tmp/kubuntu-wotm_8.12_all.deb17:05
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: you will have to login though17:05
briseightLure: I have libmarble but not murble17:05
apacheloggerthere is now an xsession file that sets KDEDIRS17:06
Lurebriseight: you do not need marble (standalone app), but you need marble-data to prevent crash17:06
briseightLure: ok I'm installing also marble-data17:06
* Lure updated digikam-experimental description 17:07
briseightLure: it takes too long on my slow connection :( Ill try it tonight. Thx17:07
briseightLure: I'm complaing about the oddity of the error message17:09
briseight"initrd.img"  -  "/boot/initrd.img-2.6.27-9-generic"17:09
briseightPlugin Failure:  "initrd.img"  is not a valid Marble Plugin:17:09
Riddellbriseight: do you have marble-data installed?17:10
Lurebriseight: that confirms it is marble-data issue17:11
Nightroseargh @ whiners crying about closed amarok 1 bugs17:13
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: did something break? Oo17:15
NightroseJontheEchidna: *hug*17:16
Nightrose@ crybabies17:16
JontheEchidnakonversation just doesn't autostart for some reason :/17:16
apacheloggerstupid kde software, never works17:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: so, do you have nu wallpaper?17:16
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: success, although my pager is now 1 row instead of two17:16
apacheloggervery much so17:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: do you have usual kubuntu-default-settings stuff?17:17
* apachelogger is wondering what would cause the pager to go one-rowish17:18
JontheEchidnanope, everything else is as I left it17:18
apacheloggerno clue17:19
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: sounds unrelated though17:19
apacheloggerthe plasma-appletsrc only locks the wallpaper image17:19
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: if you find out why pager changed please poke me, thanks for testing17:22
* JontheEchidna isn't too concerned17:22
apacheloggernow we just need someone to select the images and deploy the package ;-)17:22
jussi01is the nepomuk/crystal search plasmoid packaged smewhere yet? (ie. this one: http://vizzzion.org/?blogentry=904 )17:23
ScottK-palmapachelogger: I think I got pacpl patched into submission.17:23
JontheEchidnajussi01: nope17:24
jussi01JontheEchidna: feel like being nice to me? ;)17:25
astromme_Is anyone else using Amarok2.0.1 from the jaunty packages? I get no collection with it.17:25
ScottK-palmapachelogger: I did KDE 3.5.10 packaged, reviewed, and uploaded essentially all by myself.  KDE4 with Cmake is easy.17:25
JontheEchidnajussi01: it'd pretty much be unusably slow since we don't have the sesame2 nepomuk backend17:25
ScottK-palmSo my sympathy is limited.17:26
jussi01JontheEchidna: oh. ok. :/17:26
JontheEchidnawhich we can't distribute since the software distributes binary blobs17:26
astromme_I was previously using Neon on jaunty which correctly scanned and produced a collection. I removed the neon packages, installed the jaunty, cleared out the configuration (.kde/share/conf/amarok* and .kde/share/apps/amarok) and hit scan.17:26
apacheloggerScottK-palm: doing it yourself is quite different from reviewing though17:26
astromme_JontheEchidna: Do you know if the binary blobs issue is going to be cleared up somtime? Or is it more likely that a second c++ based backend will be created?17:27
ScottK-palmYes.  More painful.17:27
apacheloggervorian: now that was a quick release ;-)17:27
JontheEchidnaastromme_: no clue :-(17:27
ScottK-palmIf I never type make -f debian/rules build-prep again, it will be too soon.17:28
vorianapachelogger: hmm?17:28
vorianI noticed my inbox asplode :)17:28
apacheloggervorian: choqok17:28
apachelogger+2 actually17:29
apacheloggerI have 20 extra mails about the .4 upload17:29
apacheloggerand then I will get 20 more for it failing on some arch17:29
vorianit didn't seem like i did that many at the time17:29
ScottK-palmWas it only 20?17:30
vorianthe build farm is bogged down too17:30
vorianfor 4.1.417:31
apacheloggerScottK-palm: it's always only 20 packages17:32
ScottK-palmI think quassel is going to solve our IRC client problem.17:32
apacheloggerfor backport/proposed anways17:33
* apachelogger gets ~60 mails for l10n uploads :D17:33
ScottK-palmAnyone know how k3b kde4 is looking?17:33
apacheloggerand someone will have to save me from drowning if thei FTBFS ;-)17:33
apacheloggerScottK-palm: we won't know until someone tests it17:33
apacheloggerwhich no one did AFAIK17:34
ScottK-palmThat and the NM plasmoid we really need.17:34
apacheloggeranyone wanna blog a bit?17:36
vorianabout what apachelogger17:36
ScottK-palmWhat about?17:36
ScottK-palmI think I can do that in my phone.17:37
apacheloggerI need some people to maintain kubuntu wallpaper of the month17:37
apacheloggeri.e. select a good wallpaper and deploy the package17:38
apacheloggernot much work, just need to have a couple of people with good taste so it doesn't depend on one lonesome ghost  ;-)17:38
seeleapachelogger: make a plasmoid and make it update automagically every month!17:39
apacheloggertoo much work :P17:39
ScottK-palmSounds like a job for nixternal.17:40
ScottK-palmLike docs, but even less wor.17:40
apacheloggernixternal could test k3b :P17:40
apacheloggerand help develop the NM plasmoid17:40
* nixternal is dealing with stupid vendors who do not QC their damn hardware worth a crap and now he has a total of 7 machines that can't provide their statistics correctly via SNMP17:41
apacheloggerScottK-palm: IMHO such small things are a good chance to get new people in17:41
ScottK-palmSure thing.17:41
* nixternal also has other things that need to get done first (ie. archive re-organization stuff) :/17:41
* nixternal goes back to dealing with stupid vendors17:42
* ScottK-palm wonders if nixternal doing stuff would count as new.17:42
nixternalno, it would count as a miracle that I am even doing stuff17:42
* apachelogger hands poor nixternal a cookie17:42
nixternalnum num num17:43
apacheloggeroh dear17:43
nixternalthanks for the cookie..I am starving17:43
apacheloggerno cookies for you anymore17:43
apacheloggerI haz nu wallpaper17:43
apachelogger<3 wotm17:43
apachelogger<3 weird acronyms17:43
apacheloggerthat wp looks like crap \o/17:44
apachelogger<3 when other people decide17:44
ScottK-palmapachelogger: I think someone who's also on planet.kde.org should blog that.17:44
apacheloggervorian, neversfelde: are you backporting nu choqok already?17:45
* ScottK-palm considers seele.17:45
vorianapachelogger: two shakes17:45
* apachelogger is on planet kde, but too lazy to blog :P17:45
apacheloggerthere was a time I tired to blog once every day17:45
apacheloggerlong long ago ;-)17:45
* ScottK-palm did that for about a week.17:46
apacheloggerRiddell: so, are we pushing .96 before or after the next kubuntu alpha?17:46
* apachelogger is wondering if the beta2 l10n is imported into rosetta yet17:47
* ScottK-palm votes for before.17:47
Riddellapachelogger: let's do it now17:47
apacheloggerRiddell: ok, please upload kdelibs, I'll follow with kdepimlibs17:48
Riddellapachelogger: is that the kdepimlibs with the patch I added?17:48
apacheloggerRiddell: yes17:48
ScottK-palmPlease make kde4bindings kdebindings17:48
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, you pushed a broken version to bzr :P17:48
RiddellI did?17:49
Riddellwhat was broken with it?17:49
* ScottK-palm will conveniently be offline for several hours.17:49
apacheloggerRiddell: didn't look into it, I just replaced it with the ppa version ... I think the .installs were not updated17:49
apacheloggerScottK-palm: if something breaks in bindings I will redirect all blame to you :P17:50
ScottK-palmChanging the source package name ought to be easy enough even nixternal could do it.17:51
* apachelogger had to do openoffice uno hacking today17:51
apacheloggerI am quite mind warped17:51
apacheloggerbut! I managed to finish that project17:51
apacheloggerno more uno for me17:51
* ScottK-palm vanishes17:52
* ScottK-palm quit17:52
apacheloggerwell, only rbot uno :D17:52
Riddellapachelogger: whatever were you doing?17:52
apacheloggerRiddell: binding openoffice to our CRM software17:53
apacheloggerwe will probably migrate from ms office17:54
Riddellkde4libs uploaded17:55
Riddellapachelogger: "our"?17:55
apacheloggerRiddell: our = the company I am part of ;-)17:57
Riddellyou have a job?18:00
Riddellkoffice2 built, I'll backport it to intrepid18:01
apacheloggerRiddell: yes, not even I can live on love alone :) ... doing sysadmin and minor software development at a local tax/business/bankruptcy/other-weird-economic-stuff consultant18:04
apacheloggerin february I am starting work in a retirement home though18:05
RiddellI fell like I should have known that18:05
Riddellretirement?  got bored of working already? :)18:05
NightroseRiddell: don't feel to bad about it - he didn't tell me either18:06
Nightrose(but i knew it anyway...=18:06
jussi01hrm, we got any backporters hanging around? Ive got one we'd love to have done soonish if possible.18:08
apacheloggerwork is like sleep, completely unnecessary and only invented to keep me from doing more sensible stuff ... like break kubuntu ;-)18:08
jussi01bug 29928718:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 299287 in hardy-backports "Please backport Ardour 2.7.1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29928718:08
jussi01its already to go, just needs a backport team member18:08
apacheloggerScottK, NCommander, jpds ^18:09
jussi01could someone try open this page in konq, and see if it crashes? http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/books/ubuntu_applications/konqueror18:14
jussi01Im using the b2 packages from experimental18:14
* Nightrose tries18:14
apacheloggerjust keeps on loading18:14
apacheloggerand loading18:15
LaserJockwhat's the difference between the ~kubuntu-experimental and ~kubuntu-memebers-kde4 PPAs?18:15
Nightrosejussi01: looks ok here18:15
apacheloggerLaserJock: -experimental is for pre-stable/experimental packages18:15
Nightrosealso beta 218:15
apacheloggerLaserJock: -members-kde4 is considered stable18:15
jussi01apachelogger: Nightrose sorry, forgot to mention I it was while I had the view mode set to webkitkde18:15
jussi01(didnt realise till I checked18:16
apacheloggerLaserJock: basically like $series-backports, just that stuff usually gets built faster in the PPA ;-)18:16
LaserJockapachelogger: should they in general contain the same software?18:16
Nightrosejussi01: hmm i only have webkit18:16
jussi01Nightrose: you get webkit by installing webkitkde package18:17
LaserJockI'm just reading vorian's amarok blog post and i noticed I don't have a new amarok :-)18:17
apacheloggerLaserJock: well, they both contain KDE software ;-)18:17
Nightrosejussi01: don't really have time now to install and test that - sorry18:17
jussi01Nightrose: thanks anyway18:17
LaserJockbut I have k-e and not kubuntu-members-kde418:18
apacheloggerLaserJock: amarok is a stable version so it would only be in -members-kde418:18
jussi01apachelogger: which -dbg package do I need to get som deven symbols from konq?18:18
apacheloggerLaserJock: if for example amarok was already releasing preview versions of 2.1 those would be available via -experimental18:18
apacheloggerjussi01: the crasp probably happens in webkit or webkitkde18:19
apacheloggerjussi01: we don't have dbg packages for the latter I think18:19
jussi01apachelogger: yeah, likely18:19
apacheloggerjussi01: also it wouldn't make much sense, webkit in Qt 4.5 is quite different from what we have18:19
apacheloggersame applies for webkitkde18:19
jussi01apachelogger: oh.18:20
* jussi01 goes away...18:20
apacheloggerjussi01: do you know some nice people who could maintain a kubuntu wallpaper of the month package?18:20
jussi01apachelogger: whats involved?18:20
apacheloggerjussi01: browsing kde-look regularily, choosing a very fine wallpaper every month and running a couple of scripts to deploy the packages18:22
jussi01apachelogger: I could do it, but Im not overly arty...18:22
apacheloggerjussi01: I'd like to have a group of people anyway18:22
jussi01although some of the studio guys might be interested, though they are mostly gnome people18:23
apacheloggerjussi01: you should convert them then :P18:23
jussi01apachelogger: Ill ask them anyway, they generally are happy to help with stuff18:23
jussi01(if you like)18:24
apacheloggersure.... I'd like to become wotm to be a cultural movement anyway :D18:24
apacheloggerlike youtube18:24
apacheloggerjust wallpaperish18:24
jussi01hehe, yeah18:24
jussi01well Ill let you know18:24
apacheloggernow, here is the bummer question ... how to deploy wotm?18:25
apacheloggerown ppa? existing ppa? no ppa?18:25
apacheloggerair mail?18:25
jussi01own ppa IMHO18:26
apacheloggeryeah, I think the same, but I am slowly drowning in ppas :P18:26
jussi01snail mail... with the source printed out so they have to type it themselves :P18:26
apacheloggernow that would be geeky18:26
apacheloggerthat said18:26
apacheloggerwe need an application to create real life wallpaper from a wallpaper18:27
apachelogger"I printed that whole room" :D18:27
jussi01apachelogger: are you thinking blue curl on your walls?18:27
jussi01would make a nice feature wall18:28
apacheloggerand you wouldn't have to open the window to get fresh air :P18:28
apacheloggerjust print a new row ^_^18:28
jussi01anyway, Im off for a bit18:28
* apachelogger hands jussi01 a cookie18:28
* Sput steals apachelogger's cookie jar18:29
apacheloggeroh dear oh dear!!!18:29
* apachelogger gets his laser screwdriver18:30
apacheloggerno one steals my pony cookies!18:30
* apachelogger throws the laser screwdriver at Sput and shouts "scoooby doooo"18:30
* Sput ducks18:31
apacheloggerWe are the swedish borg! Resistance is futile!18:32
* apachelogger assimilates Sput into a duck18:32
* Sput turns himself into a nice chinese dish18:32
* apachelogger takes his cookie jar and hides in the bunker18:32
* Sput pulls out his WZ 2100 Bunker Buster18:33
vorianLaserJock: i amended by post for intrepid users.  Thanks for pointing that out :)18:34
apacheloggerSput: no one ever busted the kubuntu bunker, ask the vorian18:34
voriantru dat18:35
apacheloggerhe locked it down like fort nox18:35
apacheloggerjust better18:35
Sputuh oh18:35
* Sput doesn't like cookies anyway18:35
apacheloggeroh my18:35
Sputthey're a security risk!18:36
apacheloggerwhy do you think am I giving them away for free? :P18:36
apacheloggervorian, neversfelde: if I understood the choqok dude correctly, then he appears to be pretty surprised of the 0.3.1 deployment speed ... good job I'd say :)18:37
vorianyes, nice work neversfelde18:38
* Lure is building k3b-svn to try it18:50
=== |newbie| is now known as fale_
LaserJockso does this firefox-qt package work?18:57
Tm_TLaserJock: isn't it Arora these days?18:58
LaserJockTm_T: I have no idea about it at all, I just see a firefox-qt package in a PPA. There isn't really a description of what it is18:59
Tm_TLaserJock: see arora-browser.org18:59
apacheloggerTm_T: no it is not18:59
apacheloggerLaserJock: no it is not either19:00
Tm_Tapachelogger: ah, I thought firefox-qt project kinda evolved to what we know now as Arora19:00
Tm_Toh well19:00
apacheloggerfirefox-qt was an attemt to make firefox use Qt, started by nokia as part of their effort to make their embedded stuff use Qt(Embeded)-only now that they pretty much own Qt, but since their main motivation was not to have the complete firefox gui use Qt the project pretty much stopped progressing AFAIK19:01
LaserJockI see19:02
apacheloggerarora on the other hand is a browser using Qt's WebKit trying to be a easy to use cross-platform browser similar to Firefox, with the differen that it uses Qt and WebKit, other than that it is indeed very similar to Firefox19:02
vorianRiddell: choqok is ready to go (its in k-u-t)19:02
apacheloggerhas some limitations with Qt 4.4's Webkit though (like no support for flash/or other nsplugins)19:03
apacheloggerwhich will pretty much disappear with Qt 4.5 (which also comes with HTMLv5 support AFAIK ;-)19:03
apacheloggerthat said, firefox-qt is not recommendable, arora is, especially since it got better support for google applications than konqueror19:04
Lurebtw, do we have qt4.5 test packages somewhere (like -experimental)?19:04
apacheloggerLure: Tm_T was working on it, but hit a problem, I didn't came round to look at it though19:04
LaserJockapachelogger: so why is it in the ~kubuntu-members-kde4 PPA? You told me that was the good stuff ;p19:05
apacheloggerLaserJock: firefox-qt is in -experimental if I am not mistaken19:05
apacheloggeroh cold tea \o/19:06
LaserJockhmm, I'll have to look19:06
* apachelogger should be writing less and drinking more19:06
apacheloggeranyone using jaunty?19:09
* vorian is19:09
* JontheEchidna is19:11
* Lure does19:11
apacheloggerI assume it is kinda usable then?19:12
Lureapachelogger: sure19:12
apachelogger+is any of you using vbox?19:12
Lureapachelogger: I normally switch soon after repos are open and do clean install with alpha 4 or 519:12
* Lure does not like stable system ;-)19:12
* Lure was booting manually from BusyBox for a week after recent LVM breakage ;-)19:13
* apachelogger uses KDE trunk until stable KDE arrives in $developmentseries19:13
Lureapachelogger: oh yes, and I use KDE from SVN currently19:13
apacheloggerKDE 4.3 \o/19:13
* apachelogger now installs vbox in a vbox :P19:14
Lureuh, k3b installed - now what to burn...19:14
* apachelogger needs to make sure it works before he can install jaunty19:14
Lureno need to worry, k3b does not list any device... :-(19:15
Tm_Tapachelogger: I seem to stick with trunk until, uhm, trunk becomes KDE5 and breaks19:15
apacheloggerTm_T: you should use 4.2 and polish it up for jaunty :P19:16
Tm_Tapachelogger: but it has no fun features!19:16
apacheloggerlike that matters19:16
Tm_Tfor my personal use it does19:16
* Sput needs his daily trunk fix19:16
Lureapachelogger: actually, just Device menu is empty19:17
* Lure is erasing CD-RW19:17
Tm_Tapachelogger: I prefer to find bugs and get them fixed before distros got 'em anyway19:17
* Lure is woken up by the trumpet ;-)19:17
apacheloggerTm_T: good thing as well19:18
vorianSput: just a suggestion if possible, make the default port for freenode 800119:18
apacheloggerLure: once I almost fainted because the trumpet was so loud :P19:18
Sputvorian: hmmm, with our new networks.ini that should be possible easily19:18
voriansaves unwary users of a nasty router exploit19:19
apacheloggermy vbox in the vbox just made vbox crash19:19
* Lure found some sysrescuecd.iso19:19
apacheloggerwell, vbox started, that is good enough for me19:19
smarterthe trumpet is back? cool :p19:20
Lureapachelogger: I forgot that trumpet plays, did not burn CD/DVD for ages...19:21
smarterLure: it has been removed by default in the latest k3b for kde3 releases19:22
Riddellvorian: so just backport what's in jaunty?19:23
apacheloggerRiddell: it needs changes due to the quilt stuff19:23
apacheloggerRiddell: I am uploading kdepimlibs because I am going to install jaunty now, feel free to retry once kdelibs is done19:23
* apachelogger hopes he will be able to boot :D19:24
vorianRiddell: there are changes19:24
Lureanybody with kde3 k3b?19:24
Lurewhat should be in Devices menu?19:24
Riddellvorian: so copy from kubuntu-updates-testing to intrepid-backports?19:24
vorianRiddell: let me check19:25
* JontheEchidna checks with his k3b-kde319:25
vorianRiddell: actually no, there were newer versions of libs in k-u-t19:25
JontheEchidnaLure: mount/unmount controls for the CD drive19:26
JontheEchidnaas well as info about the media in the drive19:26
* apachelogger reboots for jaunty install19:26
vorianRiddell: i'll get a build in a clean ppa19:26
LureJontheEchidna: thanks - that is missing in kde4-svn version19:27
LureJontheEchidna: info about media is actually shown in main window19:27
Riddellvorian: you can just upload to intrepid-backports19:27
JontheEchidnaLure: actually it's a menu action to show the media info pane I think19:28
vorianRiddell: yep19:28
* smarter tries to motivate himself to write a mail to the plasma ml about porting Kvkbd to Plasma19:28
Lureno good: simple data CD write returns some strange error and some defunct processes are hanging around19:30
Lurewill go back to simplier test - iso image burn19:30
* jussi01 sighs an prods apachelogger19:33
Lureapachelogger, Riddell: k3b is not ready for packaging :-(19:35
RiddellLure: the KDE 4 version?19:35
Lurecopy medium -> crash, create data medium -> strange error + hang19:36
LureRiddell: kde-from-svn19:36
Riddellthanks for testing it Lure19:36
Lureit looks good and it may be that only minor changes are needed19:36
LureI see it uses K3Process and I recall some problems with this19:36
Riddellthat and networkmanager makes out KDE 4 only plans problematic19:36
Riddellopenoffice too19:37
Luresince most of k3b work is executing other commands, it may be the root cause19:37
Riddell19:34 < pinotree> pusling: [20:20:18] <dfaure> kde packagers: please apply r910155 (i.e. http://www.davidfaure.fr/kde/bug-179921.diff) to your 4.1.4 packages19:37
Lurenetworkmanager does not look that far (plasma applet)19:37
Lureworks for me (tm) ;-)19:37
Riddellapachelogger, JontheEchidna ^^19:37
RiddellLure: wasn't making any connection for me earlier today19:37
LureRiddell: just UI is strnage sometime and no WPA-Enterprise (can use at work)19:38
JontheEchidnaI wasn't able to actually configure anything19:38
JontheEchidnasomething fiddly with permissions or something19:38
LureJontheEchidna: strange, just started to work for me 1-2 weeks ago19:39
JontheEchidnathe configuration dialog is completely greyed out19:39
smarterLure: doe k3b development appears to be active?19:40
Tm_Tsmarter: hibernate mode19:41
JontheEchidnasmarter: not really19:41
Tm_Tsmarter: some bugfixes in last weeks, but that's all19:41
Riddellapachelogger: I uploaded kdebase-runtime and kde4bindings, are you uploading the rest20:11
Riddellapachelogger: and 4.1.4?20:11
=== Czessi_ is now known as Czessi
=== LeeJunFan is now known as LeeJunF4n
quassel84quassel it is21:11
Tm_Tis not21:11
quassel84*switching to irssi*21:11
apachelogger_man that looks geeky21:13
* Nightrose wonders who quassel84 is21:13
apachelogger_must be me21:13
apachelogger_or was21:13
=== sebasje is now known as sebas
* apachelogger_ is xterming for .kde cleanup21:14
apachelogger_hum, that looks like I used every KDE app there is -.-21:17
apachelogger_haha, I still had apps/kicker lying around :D21:20
apacheloggerRiddell: 4.1.4 is already up completely21:26
=== glade88_ is now known as glade88
wonderfulthis is a nice client21:34
apachelogger<3 quassel21:34
apacheloggersmarter: talking too much again? Oo21:34
=== wonderful is now known as [v]
apacheloggerplasma exploded21:37
apacheloggervorian: did you make it crash?21:37
apacheloggerphew :)21:38
jpdsapachelogger: All those staffer addons.21:38
voriani don't think it would work for me21:38
smarterapachelogger: was?21:41
jussi01jpds: ping?21:41
* vorian smacks apachelogger 21:42
jpdsjussi01: Pong.21:42
smarteranyway, off for the night21:42
jussi01jpds: can you look at abackport for me?21:42
vorian-workspace had 14 changes, you made one of them silly21:42
jussi01jpds: bug 29928721:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 299287 in hardy-backports "Please backport Ardour 2.7.1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29928721:42
vorianthem, silly21:42
apacheloggervorian: hm?21:42
vorianno, i was calling you silly21:43
Tm_Tapachelogger: son, you are21:43
apacheloggervorian: don't get it21:43
apacheloggerTm_T: I wonder where I got that from21:43
vorianthere were 15 changes in -workspace, one of them you made21:43
Tm_Tapachelogger: me too, but I don't let it bother me21:43
apacheloggerTm_T: wise choice21:44
jpdsjussi01: Looks OK for intrepid.21:44
apacheloggervorian: I shouldn't have made that change?21:44
vorianna, it needed to be made21:44
jussi01jpds: yes it does, you are on the backports team, no? can you get it happening?21:44
JontheEchidnaamarok is almost down to 75 bugs21:45
apacheloggervorian: so what is the problem with it?21:45
* apachelogger is not really fast today21:45
jpdsjussi01: It's done.21:47
jussi01jpds: excellent :) thank you21:47
jussi01jpds: so when will you know about the hardy backport?21:50
jpdsjussi01: I'm not sure if I can upload directly to -backports pockets (for source changed backports) - I think I'm only supposed to do it on emergencies.21:52
apacheloggersilly me upgraded while .96 is being built21:52
apacheloggerthat explains the plasma crash though :D21:52
jussi01jpds: ok, we would _really_ like to have it asap - its important to studio users, so if you can follow up on it it would be fantastic21:53
apachelogger<3 yakuake21:53
neversfeldeapachelogger, vorian: do I have to do anything more for updating choqok?21:55
vorianneversfelde: nope! you did awesome21:55
apacheloggerlooking pretty is always a good idea though21:55
neversfeldewas not as difficult as I thougt21:55
apacheloggeryou never know if someone pays you a visit ;-)21:56
jussi01ok, nini all21:56
vorianwhat in the world are you talking about?21:56
jpdsjussi01: Hmm, lots of stuff to do: http://tinyurl.com/a5dpjx21:58
apacheloggervorian: UNO21:58
apacheloggerstupid bot -.-21:58
apacheloggerNightrose: does insanity still have uno?21:59
Nightroseapachelogger: dunno - might be missing since the move to jeffs server21:59
apacheloggerwho is up for a round of uno?22:00
apacheloggerNightrose: you gotta play uno with us22:01
Nightroseapachelogger: still wibbly22:02
Nightrosecan't play22:02
apacheloggerNightrose: well, I think playing uno would be perfect to stop that wobbly Nightrose effect :P22:02
* JontheEchidna can play uno22:06
apacheloggerlost focus22:10
apacheloggeranyway, shouldn't we like use oxygen for that language selector thing?22:10
* nhandler might actually be able to start on the bindings backport soon22:10
* JontheEchidna thought he whined about language-selector-qt's icon a while back :P22:11
JontheEchidnawork > whining22:11
apacheloggercore devs don't whine, they break things22:11
apacheloggerbug #16431622:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 164316 in language-selector "Administion > Language support shows different icon in launcher and window list" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16431622:13
apacheloggermvo is the lost22:14
apacheloggerbut it seems like the gnome thingy uses the icon shipped with gnome now22:15
apacheloggerso we should switch to oxygen and the language selector icon should be dropped completely22:15
apacheloggerbah, that same bug applies to the Qt interface :P22:17
apacheloggerbut vice versa22:17
apacheloggerwe get the globe in the menu and the UN flag in the app :)22:17
apacheloggeralso, shouldn't we like port that thing to KDE?22:19
apacheloggerfunnies, it is KDE but no one bothered to change the name ^_^22:25
apacheloggerNCommander: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4libs/4:4.1.96-0ubuntu1/+build/834937/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-armel.kde4libs_4:4.1.96-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz22:39
vorianmore uploads apachelogger?22:39
apacheloggerthey broke kdelibs again, looks doublish again22:40
apacheloggervorian: .9622:40
NCommanderapachelogger, ****22:40
NCommanderI still haven't even gotten the last round of patches to flow upstream22:40
* apachelogger doesn't even wanna look at his inbox22:40
* apachelogger blames sebas22:41
vorianapachelogger: did you upload the rest?22:41
apacheloggersebas: NCommander didn't get a free armel device and still cares whether KDE builds22:41
apacheloggervorian: yes22:41
apacheloggerall up now22:41
sebasapachelogger: what did I do wrong? :/22:42
apacheloggersebas: not you, KDE, do you have suggestions how we can push NCommander's compile patches in? ... bug reports don't seem to work very well22:43
sebasPost them to the relevant lists?22:43
sebasPossibly kde-devel22:43
apacheloggerNCommander: did you do that yet? :P22:43
NCommandermy inbox is already flooded enough to the point that its impraticial for me to subscribe to all of them22:43
sebasFor plasma, you can just commit if it's the usual qreal vs double crap22:43
NCommandersebas, that's most of it across the board22:44
NCommanderbindings still broken because pyqt4 still hasn't merged my patches22:44
sebasJust post to kde-devel and threaten to commit them :)22:44
apachelogger<3 threats22:44
NCommanderbut I don't have commit access ...22:44
NCommandersebas, does KDE have some sorta autobuild farm?22:44
sebasWe actually do care about portability ...22:44
NCommandersebas, its not KDE thats really all that broken22:44
apacheloggeryah sure :P22:44
sebasNCommander: Ow, then send them and ask someone to commit22:44
NCommanderQt's design is absolutely braindead22:44
sebasThat might not get 100% in, but a good part22:45
NCommander(in this respect)22:45
NCommandersebas, a good part is in22:45
LureNCommander: I can break KDE SVN for you ;-)22:45
NCommanderkdegraphics went in22:45
NCommanderhalf of kdelibs22:45
NCommanderhalf of kdebindings22:45
* Lure sent digikam/armel fix for review22:45
NCommanderkdebluetooth is already extremely broken22:45
apachelogger~google dirkboard22:45
kubotuResults for dirkboard: 1. ZOIG.COM - dirkboard: http://www.zoig.com/profile/dirkboard | 2. ZOIG.COM - dirkboard's amateur videos: http://www.zoig.com/profile/dirkboard-videos | 3. nl.html: http://milvetstravel.net/nl.html22:45
NCommanderI didn't bother with the ARM fixs there22:45
apacheloggerstupid google :P22:45
NCommander~google stupid google22:45
kubotuResults for stupid google: 1. Is Google Making Us Stupid? - The Atlantic (July/August 2008): http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/google | 2. Google is stupid!: http://www.ozzu.com/google-forum/google-stupid-t25174.html | 3. Porn, Sex, Wedding Rings, and Stupid Google Tricks: http://savethehumans.com/culturebashing/outbursts/porn_sex_google/index.shtml22:45
NCommanderO_o on #322:46
apacheloggerNCommander: http://developer.kde.org/~dirk/dashboard/22:46
apacheloggeronly i38622:46
NCommanderI *might* be able to contribute some automagic build love for KDE422:46
* apachelogger is wondering what automagic build love is :P22:47
NCommanderif ARM portability is a 4.2 release goal.22:47
sebasNot particularly a goal, but everyone agrees that we want things to work on ARM22:47
apacheloggeryou just don't do anything for it :P22:47
sebasBut not everybody knows about portability caveats22:48
sebasWell, the people who care do (Martijn, Ade, others, ...)22:48
apacheloggersebas: I guess NCommander could send a mail about that22:48
apacheloggerit's mostly the same issues anyway22:48
sebasThat would be cool, it's definitely not a 'political' thing, more that people don't know, aren't aware etc22:48
* apachelogger suspected something like this22:49
apacheloggersebas: btw, if nokia starts throwing cells (which aren't actually cells because they can't do calling) again, it would be cool if you could catch one for me ... I'd like to work on a kubuntu-mobile/-mid image once plasma-mid is usable :)22:52
sebasI'm not aware of anything like this planned atm, but sure :)22:53
sebasSo don't hold your breath for it.22:53
sebasI could lend you my n180 maybe22:53
sebasBut yeah ... first plasma-mid :)22:54
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: bug 31655922:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316559 in language-selector "Qt desktop file uses wrong icon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31655922:55
apacheloggerbtw, my 4.2 beta2 almost looks translated ... it appears rosetta imported the strings after all ;-)22:56
nelleryam I correct in saying that a build-depends on quilt is not necessary with kde4.mk in cdbs?23:07
nhandlernellery: I do not believe it is necessary in jaunty, but it is needed for backports iir apachelogger's email correctly23:07
nelleryso if a package is only in Jaunty, is it better to leave it, or remove it?23:08
Riddellif you're doing an upload anyway then you can remove it23:09
nelleryRiddell: alright thanks23:10
apacheloggernellery: as Riddell says, unless you want to backport $package to intrepid, in which case I recommend to leave the quilt dep, otherwise a autobackport becomes impossible23:10
nhandlervorian: amarok runs nicely23:44
Hobbseeapachelogger: ah ha.  found you.23:54
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