x1250anyone noticed the new totem plugins, jamendo and the subtitle downloader? nice addons :)00:35
spitfire_though rhythmbox already supports jamendo00:36
spitfire_but subdownloader is great news;)00:36
x1250yep :)00:37
spitfire_x1250: I will backport it then :P00:37
x1250spitfire_, don't, let them upgrade, we need more testers >:)00:46
spitfire_x1250: what?00:47
spitfire_You say I should go jaunty? :P00:47
x1250are you not in jaunty?00:48
spitfire_x1250: nooo00:49
spitfire_just looking what's new;P00:49
spitfire_That's why I said "backporting" ;P00:49
x1250yep, didn't know you were in the good ol' intrepid.00:51
lamalexHey, does the graphical installer have ext4 yet or just alternate00:54
spitfire_x1250: can you modprobe --list |grep gspca for me?01:00
spitfire_modprobe --list |grep gspca01:00
x1250spitfire_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/103707/    ------- dont make it a habit :P01:02
spitfire_I needed to know it it's really there.01:02
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Nicekiwi9hi, is it possable to upgrade from Kubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 Alpha 2/01:23
spitfire_apt-get update -d ?01:27
spitfire_Nicekiwi9: update-manager -d01:28
spitfire_and then you'll have an option to upgrade.01:28
Nicekiwi9update manager isent istalled!? this is useing KDE 4.1 on kubutnu01:28
spitfire_\instructions from there^^01:29
Nicekiwi9those are the upgrade instuctions for Ubuntu, not Kubuntu01:30
Nicekiwi9to make that command work i have to install most of the Gnome and GTK systems and dependancies, over 200MB before u could run that update-manager :S01:31
Nicekiwi9that is NOT the command for upgrading Kubutnu01:31
spitfire_You want to upgrade because kde4 sucks?01:31
Nicekiwi9huh? :S01:32
Nicekiwi9KDE4 rules... i dont get what ur saying...01:32
spitfire_Nicekiwi9: I'd recomment you to get a livecd rather than upgrading.01:33
spitfire_And making clean install.01:33
Nicekiwi9:( i wish..01:33
Nicekiwi9but the liveCD dosent work with Wubi01:33
Nicekiwi9and i dont have any blank discs... so id rather not partition my drive so wui woudl be best but dosent work :(01:34
spitfire_test version just *don't* work:P01:35
spitfire_In one month they it will;)01:35
Nicekiwi9sigh.. alpha 3 comes out ina few days... guess i'll ahve to wait and hope for that one01:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,New]02:11
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
* DanaG wonders what's up with that kernel panic bug.03:22
terli*uses the DEBIAN folder in package generation*03:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,New]03:24
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Andre_Gondimif I replace intrepid for jaunty in sources.list will broke?05:35
nroot7I am upgrading to 9.04 and in the list of known issues, one issue is that it does not work properly with ATI drivers. Now I am using closed source ATI drivers right now. In case a problem comes when I restart the system, how should i revert to open source drivers?05:37
poningruAndre_Gondim, yes it will06:05
poningrunroot7, just blacklist the open drivers06:05
manusmadI just updated to 9.0407:20
manusmadand can login anymore07:20
manusmadwhen I boot I land up on command login07:21
=== manusmad is now known as nroot7
nroot7I just updated to 9.0407:22
nroot7and can login anymore07:22
nroot7when I boot I land up on command login07:22
nroot7how can I know what is causing the problem07:22
nroot7can anyone help me trouble shoot07:22
BUGabundoquestion: when is the next debian sync scheduled?08:34
BUGabundo'cause http://packages.debian.org/sid/pidgin-musictracker 0.4.13-1 isn't in yet08:34
BUGabundoshould I ask for a manual sync?08:34
allthebestisyetowhy is my Intel graphics card kinda slower in Jaunty?08:47
BUGabundoallthebestisyeto: please confirm me something08:49
BUGabundois your alt-tab slow too?08:49
BUGabundoI can only change windows by pressing twice!!08:49
allthebestisyetoBUGabundo: no it is fine08:50
allthebestisyetoBUGabundo: I have effects enabled08:50
BUGabundoI don't!08:50
BUGabundowhat make its even stranger!08:50
allthebestisyetoBUGabundo: I'm more worried about video playback08:50
allthebestisyetoBUGabundo: it flickers a bit08:50
BUGabundoX is under a lot of changes (again)08:50
BUGabundoI guess the intel driver still aint stable!08:50
BUGabundocheck their BTS to see if anyone is reporting slowness with current trunk X08:51
allthebestisyetoBUGabundo: bts?08:51
BUGabundoBug track system08:51
allthebestisyetoBUGabundo: address?08:51
allthebestisyetouh, I mean link08:52
BUGabundodon't know!08:52
BUGabundogoogle search it for intel linux gpu08:52
allthebestisyetoBUGabundo: I actually am doing it already08:52
allthebestisyetothere is a forums thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=4094e3ad27ac1bdf6ddc192f96a7d598&t=998754&page=408:55
vegadoes this one: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20090112/ already have EXT4 support?10:10
lucentvega: the Jaunty Alpha 2 release has ext4 support10:47
lucentnot for the installer though10:48
vegainstaller support is what i'm looking for10:48
lucentI was able to - however - boot JA2 and mount an ext4 disk10:48
vegathis article seems to suggest that it has since of yesterday: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_ext4&num=110:49
vega"as of yesterday, Ubuntu 9.04 now has install-time support for EXT4."10:49
vegaand it was written yesterday10:49
vegaso guess i'll give it a shot10:50
spitfire_vega: "January 9, 2009 daily spins"12:03
spitfire_so it' there for 3 days12:03
spitfire_Why not reiser4:/12:03
ikoniajust beta ?12:10
Volkodavwhere is a new evdev xkb layout file ? console something12:12
spitfire_ikonia: what?12:13
ikoniaspitfire_: reiser4 -sorry, thought you said ext412:13
spitfire_reiser4 is more stable than ext412:13
ikoniaspitfire_: resier4 is dead after the owner is in jail12:13
spitfire_ikonia: nope12:14
ikoniaspitfire_: it's been dropped from the default kernel12:14
ikoniaspitfire_: I read an article on it a few days ago, it's still being argued as I read12:14
spitfire_ikonia: never been there.12:14
ikoniaspitfire_: I know - but it's been dropped as an option for the kernel12:14
spitfire_ikonia: It's because of political issues i think:P12:14
ikoniaspitfire_: I think his company is still pushing ahead with it12:14
spitfire_ikonia: it is.12:14
ikoniaspitfire_: totally political yes,12:14
spitfire_And it is developed12:14
ikoniabut it's not in the kernel, so no point discussing it12:15
spitfire_ikonia: it'j just because linus doesn't want it12:15
ikoniaI don't care12:15
ikoniait's not in the kernel12:15
spitfire_ikonia: depends12:15
ikoniaso no point discussing it12:15
spitfire_ikonia: I have patched kernel that inludes it. Ubuntu patches it's kernel heavily so why not patch  it with reiser4?12:17
ikoniabecause they don't12:18
ikoniaso there is no point discussing it12:18
ikoniathe developers have chose not to12:18
Volkodavhttp://pastie.org/358596 where do I edit this file ?12:36
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pwuertzhi, I'm a bit confused about the intel driver situation in jaunty... isn't that new driver / gallium / gem / xserver 1.6 stuff supposed to finally solve that problem with opengl applications rendering the contents "over" instead of "into" the windows?13:06
pwuertzlike this strange behavior when moving/wobbeling glxgears around13:07
ahz Why can't I find the new package "bleachbit" in Add/Remove Programs (set to all packages) but I can find it with apt-cache on Ubuntu 9.04 alpha?14:21
ahz Why can't I find the new package "bleachbit" in Add/Remove Programs (set to all packages) but I can find it with apt-cache on Ubuntu 9.04 alpha?15:30
HapposadeWhat is name of installingserver, where Ubuntu will be downloaded?15:51
IntrepidOnehas Ubuntu decided to switch to LILO?16:05
IntrepidOneso why am I getting a perform liloconfig during the upgrade?16:09
PiciI vaguely remember getting that as well, but it still installed grub.16:09
pwuertzdoes someone know why opengl is still drawn as an overlay? despite the usage of dri2?16:14
CarlFKplay sound.wav, aplay sound.wav both work.  espeak hi does not - no sound, no error.16:46
CarlFKhmm, apt-get upgrade has a lot to upgrade...  lets see if that fixes it16:46
CarlFKupgrade, still nothing from espeak16:59
CarlFKthis works: espeak hi -w hi.wav && play hi.wav17:00
CarlFKand this: hi --stdout| play -t wav -17:04
CarlFKgoogle says:  edit the espeak.conf file, and set EspeakAudioOutputMethod to "pulse". ...17:11
CarlFKwhere is espeak.conf ?17:12
RyeBryequick question - I did an upgrade to jaunty one one of my machines last night and the ethernet card is now listed in lshw as "disabled" - what should i do to enable it and get my ethernet working again? It's Intel 82562V 10/100 NIC on the motherboard of a Dell E52017:15
RyeBryehmm.... looks like the driver is listed as ? in udev rules... I'll look at fixing that17:19
astromme_Is anyone using the Amarok packages from Kubuntu/Ubuntu Jaunty?17:28
astromme_I can't seem to get a collection. It scans but no collection shows up.17:29
astromme_It previously worked with the Neon packages (intrepid packages used on jaunty).17:29
s0u][ighthello #ubuntu is way too busy, how can i set the default of g++ to 4.2?17:38
ikoniayou don't ask in here if #ubuntu is too busy17:49
ikonias0u][ight: please ask in #ubuntu , this is for jaunty discussion only17:49
s0u][ighti understand :)17:49
ikoniathank youi17:50
ikoniayou even17:50
* astromme_ is sad that Amarok can't seem to put the results of his scan into a collection17:59
s0u][ightikonia, i found out what i needed myself ;)18:01
BotLobstais there any way to tell apt-get that its being stupid and it should do something other than what it wants to do?18:02
ikoniaBotLobsta: do you want to ask a real question, with real detail please18:02
robin0800BotLobsta: you could try aptitude instead18:03
BotLobstaso im trying to update to the latest openoffice that came out today and it wants to install some mysql stuff18:03
Piciapt-get --disable-studpidness18:03
ikoniaBotLobsta: ok, so there is some dependencies, why is that stupid ?18:03
BotLobstaand i looked through the dependencies and it doesnt need those packages but it wants to do it anyways18:03
ikoniaBotLobsta: how do you know it doesn't need them ?18:04
PiciBotLobsta: It doesn't grab that stuff from thin air, something must be depending or reccomending it.18:04
ikoniaBotLobsta: I mean what is the criteria your using to determain it doesn't need them18:04
BotLobstathe only way to get from openoffice.org-core to mysql-common is through libsasl2-218:04
BotLobstathat depends on libsasl2-modules | libsasl2-modules-sql18:05
BotLobstai already have libsasl2-modules installed but it wants to install libsasl2-modules-sql also18:05
ikoniathat seems sensible in terms of dependencies ?18:05
ikoniaso you've tracked the dependency and it look like it needs it18:05
ikonia(as I'm reading what your saying)18:05
BotLobstabut it depends on either one or the other18:06
BotLobstait doesnt need both18:06
BotLobstaunless im misunderstanding the | character18:06
ikoniaBotLobsta: are you sure, it looks like it needs libsasl2-modules-sql18:07
ikonia(from what your saying)18:07
BotLobstathis is what the depends line for libsasl2-2 shows18:07
BotLobstaDepends: libc6 (>= 2.4), libdb4.6, libsasl2-modules (= 2.1.22.dfsg1-23ubuntu2) | libsasl2-modules-sql (= 2.1.22.dfsg1-23ubuntu2) | libsasl2-modules-gssapi-heimdal (= 2.1.22.dfsg1-23ubuntu2) | libsasl2-modules-kerberos-heimdal (= 2.1.22.dfsg1-23ubuntu2)18:08
ikoniaBotLobsta: that looks like it's saying "I need these"18:08
BotLobstai thought if it said a | b | c it only needed a or b or c18:08
BotLobstaand that a, b, c meant a and b and c18:09
ikoniabut its not doing A | B | C, i's doing A B C18:09
ikoniaas I'm reading it18:09
BotLobstathe separator between libsasl2-modules and libsasl2-modules-sql is |18:10
ikoniaooh I see libsasl2-modules's the 2.1.22.dfsg1-23ubuntu2 package18:11
ikoniasorry, I'm miss-reading that due to line breaks18:11
BotLobstayea it is a bit confusing18:13
ikoniaBotLobsta: my terminal is wrong I'm miss-reading18:13
ikoniaso your saying libsasl2-modules-sql libsasl2-modules-gssapi-heimdal libsasl2-modules-kerberos-heimdal is one or the other, not all 318:13
ikoniaBotLobsta: is this OO3 from the ubuntu repo (jaunty)18:15
BotLobstai think it means it needs libc6 and libdb4.6 and (libsasl2-modules or -modules-sql or -modules-gssapi-heimdal or -modules-kerberos-meimdal)18:15
ikoniaI actually read that as "I need all 3"18:17
ikoniaI'll have to look a the synatax18:17
iamarockstarso what is the new feature expected in alpha3?19:16
charlie-tcaiamarockstar: perhaps the newest is ext4 support19:20
iamarockstarhmmm... k that is in the dailies also right.19:20
iamarockstarby the way i havent exavctly tried the alpha so could znyone tell me how the notification feature is looking like? does it work well? does it look as beautiful as in mark's blog' mockup presentation?19:22
charlie-tcayes. Everything in alpha3 should be in the dailies. I do not think any feature is held just for a release19:22
charlie-tcaI don't know about the notification feature19:22
iamarockstaranyone else?19:24
c_kornwill this "new design" be in jaunty already?19:53
fosco___c_korn, no news about it19:53
timinghello, when i run update-manager -2 i get an error about not able to download jaunty-security and jaunty-updates20:52
timingi use the nl. mirror20:52
timingthat's a known problem? or am i doing something wrong?20:52
timingO i have some sort of solution, i disabled updates and security first in the software sources preferences20:55
timingwell, bbl i think20:56
roeis there a known issue that is keeping OOo 3.0 out of jaunty?23:45
fosco_roe: OO3 is included in jaunty23:50
roelook at that, it wasn't 2 days ago23:50
fosco_take a look today :)23:51
roeyes I see23:51

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