DanaGOh hey, anyone know of a nice ubuntu logo that would look good as a replacement for the HP logo on my BIOS boot screen?  I'd want it to be the same sort of style.05:33
DanaGYay for laptop that lets me set custom boot logo.05:33
DanaGeh, perhaps it wouldn't be as cool as I'd think.  Whatever.05:52
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_MMA_kwwii: I can't unsub us from bug 99508. :(13:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 99508 in human-theme "Titlebar incorrectly drawn with geforce 5/6/7, compiz and human-theme" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9950813:16
kwwii_MMA_: let me look into it13:18
_MMA_And that "Fix released" is crap 'cause it didn't fix on my 7 series card. :)13:19
kwwiihrm, I cannot figure it out either13:20
kwwiiI think because it is set to invalid for the human-theme we are still in the loop13:20
_MMA_Hmm.... Are you the owner/driver of the team?13:20
kwwiiit is assigned to compiz packagers13:20
kwwiinot the artwork team13:20
_MMA_Toward the bottm.13:21
_MMA_"Also notified" or something.13:21
kwwiinope, those just let me add another project or dist13:22
kwwiiahhh, I see what you mean13:22
kwwiibut I don't see how to remove it13:22
thorwilwow, i got a contribution via the forum :)13:37
* kwwii is feeling ill, going to lay down for a bit13:44
SealVfor you count?13:46
thorwilSealV: yes13:46

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