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slomoseb128: please sync gstreamer0.10, gst-plugins-base0.10, gst-plugins-bad0.10, gst0.10-python and vala from debian/experimental :)09:09
seb128lut crevette09:09
seb128hey slomo, ok09:09
crevettesalut seb12809:11
mvoa gtkwhiteboard package in jauny :) now I just need a wii remote09:19
seb128hey mvo09:26
ftaseb128, bug 31591009:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315910 in cairo "Please sponsor cairo 1.8.6-1ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31591009:27
seb128fta: hey, thanks!09:27
ftasorry, took a while, i kept forgetting about it :P09:28
seb128that's alright ;-)09:28
mvohey seb12809:28
ftaseb128, if you can have a look at fennec in NEW, i'd appreciate09:29
seb128will do09:29
seb128mvo: could you have a look to bug #296373?09:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 296373 in gnome-control-center "proxy settings are not applied properly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29637309:29
crevetteseb128, I think you could be interested with https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/31252209:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312522 in metacity "[sponsoring] Please upload metacity 2.25.89" [Wishlist,Confirmed]09:29
crevetteit fixes ennoying bug with printscreen button spawning an error09:30
seb128crevette: I think mvo is using bzr for this one, could you try to ping him rather?09:30
crevetteseb128, he put the debian in bzr ?09:32
crevetteI'll ping him when I can09:32
crevetteI need to order the tee hsirt for fosdem first09:32
crevetteI have some issue09:32
mvocrevette: yeah, its in bzr, I'm happy to assist with the update09:39
crevettemvo, can we do that tonight?09:39
crevettehuuu, not tonight I have my training09:39
crevetteor after 11:00 pm in france :)09:39
mvocrevette: could be as easy as: checkout the branch, adding a new changelog entry, run bzr-buildpackage (it will download the right tarball from ftp.gnome.org and do the usual building)09:39
crevettemvo, ah okay09:40
crevettemvo, and should/can I commit my change myself09:40
mvocrevette: 11:00pm is a bit late for me :) anytime you want during dayligh hours :)09:40
mvocrevette: you can put it into your own branch and I can merge from that, thats very easy09:40
crevetteokay I'll try09:41
* crevette notes09:41
mvoafter you made your changes you just do: bzr push lp:~crevete/metacity/ubuntu09:41
mvo(or choose a different branch name instead of "ubuntu" if you want, but that is kind of the most comon one)09:41
crevetteokay, understood09:41
mvopersonally I find it easy than debdiffs, but its probably initially a bit harder (new commands etc)09:42
crevettehey, it nice to learn new things :)09:42
mvobut what I find nice is that basicly the same knowledge about bzr applies for doing regular development work09:42
mvoexcellent, thanks crevette09:43
crevetteyou're welcome09:44
crevetteseb128, we'll need to talk about nautilus-sendto, it ships new plugins based on package not in main, so how should I do ?09:45
seb128crevette: don't build those09:45
crevetteshould I split the package in two parts ?09:45
crevetteseb128, yeah but it is less fun :)09:45
seb128no you can't have build-depends in universe09:45
seb128just don't build using those options09:45
didrockshi everyone :)09:47
mvohey didrocks09:50
didrocksmvo: how was your week-end? :)09:51
seb128hello didrocks09:52
mvodidrocks: nice and relaxing :) I even went outside, but its -10°C here in the morning so it was a bit cold :)09:53
didrockshi seb12809:53
didrocksmvo: great one, very relaxing too. I didn't go outside because of the same reason (too cold ;))09:54
seb128could somebody copy the line of syncs slomo asked before?10:10
didrocksseb128: <slomo> seb128: please sync gstreamer0.10, gst-plugins-base0.10, gst-plugins-bad0.10, gst0.10-python and vala from debian/experimental :)10:14
seb128didrocks: thanks10:14
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asacseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103893/12:42
asacoops ... he isnt here ;)12:42
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pedro_asac: hi!, are you going to be around this thursday (Feb 15) ?12:48
pedro_asac: i'm planning to run a nm hugday, the product currently have ~250 new bugs :-(12:48
pedro_bonjour seb12812:49
seb128hey pedro_12:49
pedro_asac: i mean Jan 15 not Feb 1512:49
asacs13:42 < asac> seb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103893/12:50
asacpedro_: why not .... product has 250? i guess you mean package ;)12:50
pedro_asac: yeah, ok i'll setup everything then, thanks ;-)12:50
seb128asac: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-main-menu/0.9/gnome-main-menu-0.9.12.tar.gz? ;-)12:51
asacseb128: i knew it ;)12:51
seb128asac: feel free to upload your changes but updating to the new version would be better12:52
asacthanks. will give it a try then ;)12:52
huatshi everyone !13:21
seb128lut huats13:26
huatshello seb12813:26
huatsI was away this morning but I'll put on LP the seahorse update soon13:26
huatsnice WE btw seb128 ?13:26
seb128huats: nice one yes13:26
seb128huats: you?13:26
huatsgreat too :)13:27
huatsaway from my computer :)13:27
* didrocks is thinking that while huats is away from his computer, didrocks have to fix http://www.ubuntu-fr.org/telechargement13:46
huatsdidrocks: LOL13:47
* didrocks has to learn English too :)13:47
huatsmvo: hello14:13
huatsmvo: this is a semi-automatic reminder for the apt build regarding the sources description number :)14:14
mvohey huats, thanks!14:15
huatsno pb :)14:15
huatsseb128: I have updated the seahorse bug on LP15:27
huatsI hope it is correct..15:27
seb128huats: ok good15:27
seb128huats: I'm working on some else right now but I'll have a look and let you know later15:29
huatsI am not in a position to ask, since I did something wrong... :)15:30
asachmm seb is gone again ;)16:28
asacwhat is he doing all day ;)16:28
asacseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/103978/16:33
asacseb128: any objection ... anything you would upload before alpha3 still?16:33
asac(all those are no changes respins)16:33
crevettehey http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/11/business/11ubuntu.html?_r=1&ref=technology16:34
seb128asac: evolution will be updated to 2.24.3 today16:34
crevetteI was browsing the page and I found a known face16:34
asacok ... i will skip that then16:34
asacseb128: thanks16:34
asacanything else?16:34
asacseb128: fyi, nspr/nss is completely available everywhere ... so no need to set lower build-depends or something.16:35
seb128testing other updates, be back later16:35
student022Hi! I have installed Ubuntu8.04 on server B and run the gnome desktop on B, accessing it with nxclient from A. When I open a gnome-terminal from within the desktop on B, I get an error "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal". How to avoid this?16:41
student022I found reports on /etc/fstab or udev errors that prevent the /dev/pts directory from having the right settings. But /dev/pts/0 exits, so its probably something else.16:41
student022When logging in to B from A using ssh -X, I can open gnome-terminal without problems. It only happens under Gnome (or KDE with konsole, respectively.)16:41
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papa7775hello can someone help me out im having issue with a live cd18:58
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