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mdkeadiroiban: /win 522:16
mdkeadiroiban: sorry, typo22:17
mdkeadiroiban: was going to ask how the script went yesterday22:17
Rocket2DMnah hey22:19
Rocket2DMni setup bazaar and downloadd the jaunty and intrepid branches22:19
mdkehi Rocket2DMn22:20
Rocket2DMnto get a branch to show on https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc does it have to be registered FROM LP? or does doing it through cli also register it?22:20
mdkeRocket2DMn: either, but you probably don't need to push your branch to Launchpad at this stage, unless you particularly want to. Publishing the branch is optional22:21
Rocket2DMnas per a report earlier, my makefile was broken22:21
Rocket2DMni thought you had merged the fix22:22
Rocket2DMni also couldnt get yelp to show any content when i ran "yelp something.xml"22:22
mdkethe only broken bit in the makefile was the bit that generates a pdf of the serverguide, you're unlikely to use that. But yes, I merged the fix22:22
mdketo check your branch is up to date, run "bzr update"22:22
Rocket2DMnTree is up to date at revision 146.22:23
mdkeas for yelp, unfortunately yelp has an awkward bug which means that "yelp something.xml" doesn't work. You need to give it the full path, so "yelp /ubuntu/ubuntu-doc/repos/ubuntu-jaunty/something/C/something.xml"22:23
mdkeRocket2DMn: in what way is your makefile broken?22:23
Rocket2DMnah ok got yelp working, thanks for that22:24
Rocket2DMnlooks like im missing something from docbook22:25
dsas___("yelp `pwd`/something.xml" is often easier to type if you're in the same directory as the file you wish to view22:25
Rocket2DMnthanks dsas___ , thats exactly what i did :)22:25
mdkeok, that error isn't broken, you're just missing the necessary libraries to build html from xml22:26
mdketry "apt-get build-dep ubuntu-docs" to get all the possible necessary ones22:26
mdkehi there dsas___22:27
Rocket2DMnah i think thatll do that mdke , why didnt i think of that :(22:27
Rocket2DMnprobably b/c i figured build-essential was adequate22:27
mdkeit's not really obvious :)22:27
mdkeI can't recall if it's on the wiki22:27
Rocket2DMnif it is, i didnt see it22:28
dsas___was just looking at that, it's not.22:28
Rocket2DMnprobably should be on this page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Checking22:28
dsas___hi there mdke22:28
mdkei'll add it22:28
Rocket2DMnok the docs built on my desktop here, lets see how long they take on the old laptop22:30
mdkeshouldn't be too bad just to build the English ones22:31
mdkeit's the translations that really blow away the cpu22:31
Rocket2DMnyeah, the laptop is going on 5 years old though22:31
mdkeit will be fine :)22:31
Rocket2DMnyeah im sure it will make it22:32
Rocket2DMnmaybe ill fiddle with it at the LUG meeting tonight22:32
Rocket2DMnso do we prefer to make patches and put them in bug reports?22:33
mdkeI'm off for an early night, cya all22:33
Rocket2DMnalright, thanks, see ya22:33
mdkeRocket2DMn: yes, that's the best way to ensure things don't get lost22:33
adiroibanmdke: i have updated the stats http://ubuntu-docs-stats.tla.ro/ubuntu-8.10/23:32

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