cjwatsonYKYBHTLW you type ls instead of /names ...09:31
* StevenK can't expand YKYBHTLW ...09:31
cjwatsonyou know you've been hacking too long when09:32
persiaYou know you've been hacking too late09:32
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davmor2xivulon: I did a couple of tests for slangasek today on hardy.2 and umenu is throwing up an invalid cd detected on the 20090112.1 cd14:09
kirklandevand: hey, are you around?14:25
evandkirkland: hi14:26
kirklandevand: hey, i just saw slangasek's alpha3 freeze note and wondered if the encrypted home option might land in the graphical installer in time?14:26
evandI'll try to get it in and uploaded today14:27
kirklandevand: excellent, thanks.14:28
kirklandevand: ping me when you do, and i'll download the next daily iso and add some testing to the mix14:28
evandwill do14:29
xivulondavmor2: did not look at hardy14:35
xivulonI assume that the version has to be bumped up to 8.04.214:35
xivulonevand ^14:36
xivulonthat is both for wubi and umenu14:36
xivulonand isolisto.ini14:37
evandxivulon: Context?15:06
davmor2xivulon: I think so just checking now15:16
xivulonevand, I think that there is an issue with the new release of hardy15:16
davmor2xivulon: yes 8.04.2 is now the number for the cd15:16
xivulonwe still have 8.04.1 in the code, so that all the checks within wubi/umenu will fail in 8.04.215:16
xivulonyou basically have to grep the source for "8.04.1" and replace with "8.04.2" in both umenu and wubi branches15:17
xivulonevand could you take care of that? I can push that tonight15:18
evandugh, remind me why the check is so restrictive?15:18
xivulonIt just tries to make sure that ISO/CD is what a given version of umenu/wubi is supposed to be handling, it was set up to match the full version string15:19
xivulonwe can relax that in jaunty, but for hardy/intrepid, we will have to up the version manually15:19
evandof course, and please do change it for jaunty15:20
xivulonwill do15:20
xivulonif the urls change though it will require a manual change to isolist.ini anyway (which might be the place where we also keep the version string)15:21
evandcan we not just assume that all versions will follow similar form and grab the version from .disk/info, then use it wherever needed in Wubi15:22
xivulonthe issue is when I do not have an ISO at all, I have to download, so I need to know the version string (if it enters the url)15:23
xivulonYou could otherwise assume that ubuntu.com/releases/8.04 will always point to the correct "subversion" i.e. .../releases/8.04.215:25
persiaPerhaps a "current" symlink?15:27
xivulonat the moment the way it is coded in jaunty, is that you need to update the version string (and urls) in isolist.ini as a single entry point, if urls satisfy the above I can relax the version string match in the code15:28
xivulonso that 8.04 is ok also for 8.04.215:28
xivulonthat I guess depend on the webmaster, I am ok with any solution15:29
xivulonat the moment http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ and http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1 point to the same place.15:30
xivulonI assume that 8.04 already works as a sort of "current" pointer15:31
xivulonthat of course has to hold for all the flavors covered15:31
evandI was just going to mention that after I poked through the wubi code15:31
xivulonI will simply relax the version check in jaunty to accept partial matches15:32
xivulonfor hardy could you please do the changes? I think that steve would appreciate a quick fix there.15:35
evandalready on it15:35
evandbzr is just taking ages to branch15:35
xivulonyes the original bzr branch has a lot of junk in the history (my first one)... New one is much cleaner.15:36
superm1evand, are you planning another ubiquity upload for alpha 3?  i've got a few things i wanted to merge in for the mythbuntu frontend yet and wanted to see where you were at on it so i have an idea when i'd need to have everything mergable by15:37
xivulonhmm I might have half working wubi/umenu code by tonight... at least to the point of being able to install in normal circumstances15:39
evandsuperm1: ideally by tomorrow15:39
xivulonwith a few UI quircks15:39
evandI think I'm still safe to upload then15:39
superm1evand, okay yeah that should be fine.  i've got one more thing to do tonight15:39
evandxivulon: wonderful!15:40
xivulonwell still haven't sorted out the transparency issues (could do with some help from win32 devs, as the documentation I found is quite poor)15:40
xivulonand all the text is not finalized at all15:41
xivulonplus I have python subrpocess insisting in opening a shell every time it runs15:41
cjwatsonxivulon: 8.04 already indeed does work as a "current" pointer, by intention15:41
xivuloncjwatson, great so I will assume that from now on (jaunty), I'd guess that we can keep upping the string for intrepid/hardy15:42
cjwatsonintrepid is unlikely to get any point releases so you shouldn't need to worry about that15:42
xivulonwe will have to remember for hardy, it completely slipped under my radar for this release, sorry about that15:43
xivulonevand note that umenu is now already in the same package as wubi, so you only need wubi.exe, launching that when a CD is inserted should in fact display the umenu screen15:47
xivulon(so the theory goes...)15:47
evandcjwatson: whenever you have a moment, can you add wubi commits to the cia bot, assuming you find such messages to be appropriate here15:47
evandxivulon: noted; thanks15:47
xivulonI will rename the branches jaunty.intrepid -> trunk soon15:48
xivulonsorry jaunty.python -> trunk15:48
xivulonas soon as I can install at least on my pc15:48
cjwatsonevand: done, though of course it relies on all committers dealing with the client-side setup as usual15:49
xivulonwill setup cia (noted)15:50
cjwatsonevand: BTW, feel free to set yourself up on cia.vc and claim joint ownership of the ubuntu-installer CIA bot15:50
cjwatsonxivulon: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallerDevelopment has instructions15:50
evandcjwatson: didn't realize I could15:50
cjwatsonit has quite lax access control and relies on history in case of problems15:50
xivuloncjwatson: thx, I assume that the branch rename will not create particular issues15:51
cjwatsonCIA doesn't care much15:51
cjwatsonit'll just produce messages with the new name (assuming that 'bzr nick' matches the new name)15:51
evandneat, though not the easiest thing to find on one's own15:51
evandxivulon: 8.04.2 wubi uploaded to http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/wubi/Wubi-8.04.2.exe and http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/wubi/Wubi-8.04.2-standard.exe16:24
evandI'm in the process of modifying cdimage to grab the correction version when building for hardy16:24
davmor2evand: So it should be working tomorrow then?16:26
evanddavmor2: assuming slangasek or someone else generates new 8.04.2 CDs from cdimage, yes16:27
davmor2evand: Cool I'll try it out tomorrow then :)16:28
evandfingers crossed, I think I did that properly.  Next cd build of 8.04.2 should have the updated Wubi16:43
davmor2nice one (crosses finger to be on the safe side)16:44
xivulonevand thanks18:01
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bdmurrayIs bug 310083 a duplicate of something else?20:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 310083 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashed with KeyError in partman_edit_dialog()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31008320:09
evandShould be fixed with the next ubiquity release20:14
bdmurraynext being before Alpha 3?20:15
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