CarlFKcan it_rsa hold multiple private keys?00:07
pwnguinbut you probably wanted id_rsa ;)00:12
CarlFKer, yeah, that.00:13
pwnguinactually, i donno about id_dsa00:14
CarlFKI would think ssh would have an option to specify which key it tried to use00:15
CarlFKif it supported multiple keys in one file 00:15
pwnguinor perhaps it tries all of them ;)00:16
pwnguinbut i dont quite understand why -kernel is the place to ask about ssh00:16
CarlFKit isn't.  I got confused :)00:19
CarlFK... for linux?  made me think this was #linuxhelp :)00:20
pwnguinok ;)00:20
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sorenHow do I pass a paramater to the modules that you're now compiling into the kernel?08:08
soren<modulename>.<paramter>=<value> on the kernel command line, perhaps?08:09
smb_tpsoren, put them into a file in /etc/modprobe.d. Format "options <module> <name>=<value>"08:21
smb_tpsoren, Oh forget it08:21
smb_tpShould get my eyes open08:21
smb_tpYeah, yours is correct08:21
sorenSo there's no way to change these values, since I can't rmmod and then modprobe with new options?08:35
smb_tpsoren, If the code has no /proc or sysfs interface I fear not.08:37
sorenOh, right.08:37
sorenAFAIUI, all module paramaters are exposed in sysfs these days?08:37
sorenAlthought, they might be read-only. :(08:37
mjg59soren: /sys/module/modulename/parameters08:37
mjg59Should be there even if it's statically linked08:38
sorenmjg59: But that doesn't necessarily mean I can change the value. Some might require a reinitialisation.08:38
mjg59soren: Right08:40
mjg59If it's marked read/write then it should work on the fly08:40
sorenHmm.. I don't even see processor.max_cstate exposed in sysfs anymore.08:41
sorenif the module_param is created with mode 0000, does that mean it doesn't even get exposed in sysfs?08:42
soreninclude/linux/moduleparam.h suggests that that is indeed the case.08:47
sorenSo I lose. :(08:47
sorenI have a laptop that makes a really annoying noise when on AC in C3 and C4, so I want to set max_cstate=2 when on AC and max_cstate=4 when on battery. I don't see a way to do that now.08:48
mjg59You can use the pm_qos stuff to mimic that08:50
mjg59If you set the dma latency to a number smaller than the C3 latency08:50
sorenWell, yes, that would work.08:51
sorenOk, so how do I find the relevant numbers?08:52
sorenAnd once I find it, I just write that as a signed 32 bit integer to /dev/cpu_dma_latency and hold it open until I switch to battery?08:54
sorenmjg59: in /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/power, the C3 line reads (among other things, of course): "latency[057]", and the same number for C2 is 001... So I just put e.g. 56 in /dev/cpu_dma_latency ?08:57
mjg59soren: Yeah, though I can't remember if the units are the same09:00
sorenmjg59: I'm not sure how to find out. include/acpi/processor.h just says the latency attribute is a u32. No mention of units.09:05
mjg59soren: I /think/ it's usec09:09
sorenLovely. That's what /dev/cpu_dma_latency expects as well, apparantly.09:10
sorenmjg59: Thanks. I'll tyr.09:10
sorentry, even.09:10
sorenmjg59: It seems to work. Thansk!09:46
sorenThanks, even!09:46
soren(typing is hard)09:46
mdz(wrong window)10:16
marijushello, did anyone mage to build 2.6.29-rc1? i tried yesterday but build failed...12:27
marijussorry typo... mage=manage12:27
TimStarlinghow do you debug the kernel in ubuntu?13:17
TimStarlingjust stare at the source until the truth becomes clear?13:17
TimStarlingthe buddha method?13:20
apwTimStarling, some of that yes13:47
ckingTimStarling: a combination of staring at the source and also the use of printk() :-)13:48
apwsome bits have debug you can enable, others you add as you stare13:48
TimStarlingI have a production server with a top that looks like this: http://p.defau.lt/?84j7MTR_v4d7BUgx5E91bw13:50
TimStarlingit works just fine for a few days, then dies13:51
TimStarlingI could add printk() all over the whole kernel (one of us thinks the bug could be pretty much anywhere)13:51
TimStarlingbut a few days' worth of output might be a bit ugly13:51
apwis that mysql really 30GB ?13:52
apwhow much ram do you have?13:52
TimStarling32 GB13:52
apwcan you define dies13:52
sorenErk... Those kswapd processes don't look too good.13:53
TimStarlingconnections to mysql time out, attempting to attach with strace hangs forever13:53
TimStarlingsoren: no shit13:54
apwhow is mysql aquiring all that memory?  large shm segments?  something else?13:54
sorenYou only have 1GBof swap?13:54
TimStarling30GB is normal13:54
TimStarling31 actually13:54
apwi would suspect the machine is trying to find something to release cause it has no swap13:55
sorenWith 32 GB of RAM and a mysql server that wants to eat 31 GB of memory, 1 GB of swap sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.13:55
apwand if the memory mysql has is anonymous this can trigger almost infinite list active/inactive list scanning13:55
TimStarlingit may be that the margin is too small, our DBA likes to set it real small13:55
apwin older kernels, what version is this13:55
TimStarlingLinux db18 2.6.24-22-server #1 SMP Mon Nov 24 20:06:28 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:56
TimStarlingstock ubuntu kernel13:56
apwyep ... .24 does not have the fixes for that13:56
sorenWhat else is running on the machine?13:57
sorenThe run queue is ~22..13:58
TimStarlingcould be FS-related, with the logrotate processes14:01
TimStarlingbut I've seen OOM conditions crash ubuntu kernels before so adding a bigger margin is an obvious thing to try14:01
TimStarlingapparently changing the FS was already tried14:02
TimStarlingcould be a block driver14:02
apwi would suspect the unevicatable pages problem at first glance, kswapd's running madly and achieving nothing14:02
apwnote they arn't in D writing stuff, they are running14:02
apwthe changes to fix that are major and so not likely to appear in a hardy kernel14:02
apw_if_ the memory that mysql is at least in theory swappable adding swap that will never be used may prevent the issue (iirc)14:03
TimStarlingare there fixes in 8.10 that I should know about?14:03
apwi believe the fixes are in 2.6.28, so that would be jaunty14:04
apwpossibly adding swap would tell you if that is the issue, though getting it back will be hard with only 1gb by default14:05
TimStarlingthe easiest thing is to reduce mysql's memory usage back to 28 or so14:06
apwif it is reliable there yes14:07
apwif the problem is the spinning lists issue, then that tended to get reported by people who had 32GB of ram or more14:08
apwand tended to have 0 swap as 'who needs swap with this much ram'14:08
TimStarlingmysql's memory usage is very stable, it just allocates a big chunk at startup and uses it for most things14:08
TimStarlingwe know enough to not set swap=0, lots of bugs if you do that14:09
TimStarlingok, going to reboot it, last chance if you want more data14:10
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TimStarlingpresumably there's some page table overhead, what's the effective amount of memory available for mmap() if there's 32GB physical?14:22
TimStarlingI'm just wondering if that 30.9GB virtual figure for mysql was hitting it14:23
apwi tend to work on the rule of thumb that 10% is used by the system but you were clearly 'at the end' as you kswapd was awake14:24
apwyou are only talking about having 1.1GB free, i have some 180MB missing even before the kernel gets going for the kexec kernel, so you are squeezing the entire system (other than mysql) into 900MB14:42
TimStarlinglooks like our (stable) 16GB servers have about 1.7GB free for non-mysql stuff14:48
TimStarlingso I should probably be thinking about keeping the same proportion free, ~3.414:49
TimStarlingwe would like to have graceful OOM behaviour at some point, we've had a lot of trouble with that on our application servers14:50
TimStarlingbecause they have a load-dependent memory usage14:50
TimStarlingmaybe we should package our own kernels14:51
rtgsoren: is there any reason we should enable CONFIG_NFSD_V4 in the hardy -virtual flavour?15:06
sorenrtg: I can't think of any, no.15:09
rtgsoren: thanks. looks like it must have been an oversight.15:10
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persiaGood day.  I'm trying to understand the difference between the "lpia" and "lpiacompat" kernel flavours.  A diff -u of the config confuses me, as config.lpia seems to have CONFIG_M586=y and config.lpiacompat seems to have it unset, which is contrary to the information I have previously received.  Is there a set of known devices on which the lpia kernel is not expected to work?16:25
rtgpersia: lpiacompat was built for a standard PC, e.g. a   non-Atom CPU.16:27
rtgat least, if I recall correctly.16:27
persiartg, That's the information I had before, which is why I'm confused at the config values I'm seeing.16:27
persiaAtom doesn't need CONFIG_M586=y and many "standard" PCs (e.g. Via C7M) do.16:28
rtgwhere is Amit? He knows all these details.16:29
persiaYou ask the hard questions :)16:29
rtgsoren: where does the JeOS kernel image come from in Intrepid? 16:39
sorenrtg: The server image.16:39
sorenIt's the same image, with a stack of modules ripped out.16:39
sorenI think BenC calls it subflavours?16:39
rtgsoren: this guy is complaining that NFSv4 doesn't work, but it _is_ enabled.16:39
rtgah, perhaps too may debs are ripped out?16:40
apwsconklin, ok ...  you have filed a bug for the apport changes.  acording to sources (#ubuntu-bugs) it seems the appropriate thing to do is to share that bug for all the changes for this overall feature so that they all have the same number and track together16:45
persiaWell, assuming they are all related to the same issue.16:46
sconklinapw: that makes a lot of sense16:46
sconklinI'm glad I gave it a generic title16:46
apwit can be changed anyhow!16:47
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fabbionehi gusy18:47
fabbionewho is in charge of the hardy-updates tree?18:47
fabbionertg: ?18:48
rtgfabbione: dude18:48
rtgfabbione: uh, smb_tp is the Hardy guy18:49
fabbionertg: hey.. who does pull from linux-2.6.24.x into hary tree?18:49
fabbionesomething is hutterly wrong in the kernels you are releasing18:49
fabbionesmb_tp_: you there?18:49
rtghow so?18:49
fabbionethere are missing commits18:49
fabbioneand changelogs are missing entries18:49
rtgmissing from stable?18:49
smb_tp_fabbione, I am18:49
fabbionesmb_tp_: i am looking at linux (2.6.24-23.46) hardy-proposed; urgency=low18:50
fabbioneaccording to the changelog:18:50
fabbionelots of entry for bug: #30160818:50
fabbionethat is merging into hardy18:50
fabbionebut upstream has:18:50
fabbionecommit 68b498d251d97de9adda518fda42cfe1451063b718:50
fabbioneAuthor: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>18:50
fabbioneDate:   Thu Mar 6 14:47:20 2008 -080018:50
fabbioneSPARC64: Loosen checks in exception table handling.18:50
fabbionethat is missing from the hardy tree completely18:50
fabbioneor at least is not in the released tarball18:51
rtgI think thats because we haven't incorporated all of the stable commits in Hardy as  we have for Intrepid. smb - is that still the case?18:51
fabbionethis is an example of a missing commit18:51
fabbionebroken changelog:18:51
fabbione  * Linux,
fabbione    - LP: #30163418:51
smb_tp_rtg, No the intention was to gte all.18:51
smb_tp_Let me see18:51
fabbione^^ points to the same bug as and they have no references to the 2 security bugs fixed in those 2 upstream releases18:52
fabbionesmb_tp_: i simply need to know if you are going to pull them all or not..18:52
fabbioneas easy as it, it means for me removing ubuntu from all my machines or keeping it around18:53
smb_tp_fabbione, They should all get pulled18:53
fabbionesmb_tp_: ok then you should check why that one is not there18:53
fabbionei know this is missing because without it my hardy sparc firewall doesn't boot18:53
rtgfabbione: its in the hardy git repo.18:54
fabbionertg: it's not in the released tarball18:54
rtgit may not have been promoted to -updates yet18:54
fabbionertg: it is according to the changelog...18:54
fabbionei don't use proposed.. that kernel has been copied from proposed to updates18:55
rtgfabbione: gimme a minute....18:55
fabbionesure even 2018:56
fabbionei am honestly worried that something in the release process went wrong18:56
fabbioneon the other side i also have the issues to keep my machines running :)18:56
fabbionei am sure you can understand18:56
fabbioneanyway you'll sort it out :)18:56
rtgfabbione: 2.6.24-23.46, right?18:57
fabbionedo you need any more info?18:59
smb_tp_fabbione, We well do18:59
fabbionemy wife is about to yell at me if i don't show up18:59
smb_tp_fabbione, No I don't think so18:59
fabbionei'll pass by in about 2 hours..18:59
fabbioneroot@vultus5:~/linux-2.6.24# patch -p1 < ../fix_sparc.diff 19:00
fabbionepatching file arch/sparc64/mm/fault.c19:00
fabbione^^^fix_sparc is that commit on top of that kernel..19:00
fabbioneso it is missing somehow :)19:00
fabbionertg, smb_tp_: found anything?19:41
smb_tp_fabbione, Yes, found some patches missing (including yours) for>2.6.24-419:42
fabbionesmb_tp_: ok!19:42
smb_tp_I did not understand however, the thing about
fabbionethat's something to do with changelog19:42
fabbionenot sure if it's automatically generated or manually done19:42
fabbionethen it's wrong :)19:42
fabbionelook at the same kernel changelog19:43
fabbione  * V4L: Fix VIDIOCGAP corruption in ivtv19:43
fabbione    - LP: #30163419:43
fabbione  * Linux,
fabbione    - LP: #30163419:43
fabbione^^ last two entries for that release19:43
fabbione.6 and .7 points to the same bug as .419:43
fabbione(or .5... doesn't matter)19:43
fabbione2.6.24.6 fixes one bug, not reported in the changelog19:44
fabbione.7 fixes another bug.. not reported in the changelog19:44
fabbioneas long as the fixes are there, this is "minor" but makes the changelog incomplete19:44
smb_tp_There might be some not in that log because they got fixed before with another name potentially19:44
fabbioneworth checking tho19:45
fabbioneneed to reboot my firewall.. brb19:45
smb_tp_The updates were only to track importing the patches from -stable that not yet went into hardy19:45
fabbionewell at least that fix works :)19:49
rtgsmb_tp_: I think I remember pointing out that there was a typo in the changelog for that bug number.19:49
maxbooi, what does SAUCE mean in Ubuntu kernel changelogs? Googling was unfruitful19:51
smb_tp_maxb, That is a patch that is not (yet) upstream19:51
rtgmaxb: we use it to denote patches that are either not upstream, or patches that will never get upstream19:51
smb_tp_rtg, Hm, somehow I am blind to that. I posted the missing 6 to the list19:54
rtgsmb_tp_: you are blind to what?19:55
fabbionesmb_tp_: did you check that manually or a git pull did show them?19:55
rtgoh, the typo?19:55
smb_tp_rtg, yes19:55
smb_tp_fabbione, I compared the export names and checked all missing from my list19:55
rtgsmb_tp_: maybe it was a different changelog entry.19:56
fabbionesmb_tp_: it might be wise to check the whole tree tho..19:56
fabbionesmb_tp_: just to make sure other bits didn't get lost in other pulls19:56
smb_tp_fabbione, I will double check that19:57
fabbionesmb_tp_: is linux_2.6.24.orig.tar.gz a pristine copy from upstream or is it generated from your git trees?19:57
fabbionesmb_tp_: if it's a pristine copy from upstream, then it's "simple"...19:57
fabbioneif it's generated from your git tree, you want to check the whole thing from scratch19:57
rtgfabbione: its pristine from upstream19:58
fabbionertg: ok.. then it's simple..19:58
smb_tp_fabbione, don't think that simple the orig is the tree at point of first release19:59
fabbionesmb_tp_: yes it's simple in git.. you can just branch out v2.6.24 in git and then compare the commits in your tree with whatever is in 2.6.24.x20:00
fabbionesmb_tp_: everything local to ubuntu has proper UBUNTU or SAUCE tags. EVerything else either matching commits (everything in .24.x should be there) or a very detailed commit entry20:00
fabbionebut starting from v2.6.24 tag and going, will reduce the load a lot20:01
fabbioneanyway.. again... you will sort it out :)20:01
smb_tp_I guess so :)20:02
fabbioneyou are all young guys full of energy :)20:03
smb_tp_who? young? :)20:04
smb_tp_fabbione, rtg Ok, I went through the remaining commits of 4,5 and 6. Looks like those from 3 were the only missing ones20:15
fabbione"Remote root kernel exploit..." ...20:16
fabbione^^doens't exist but can scare the hell out of people ;)20:16
smb_tp_heh, well you can scare people even by "panic can't find /" as a fortune message. :)20:18
fabbionespeaking of which.. do I get a pony for finding this problem? :)20:25
* fabbione really really wants a pony20:25
rtgfabbione: I'll buy you a beer the next time we cross paths, how about that? I can't afford a pony.20:25
smb_tp_Me neither20:26
smb_tp_But we can make two beers of it20:26
fabbionertg: ahha works for me.. 20:26
fabbionertg: even if i doubt somebody will ever fly me to a UDS or anything :)20:26
smb_tp_fabbione, There might be other opportunities ... :)20:28
fabbionesmb_tp_: very unlikely tho.. i am located in DK..20:28
smb_tp_I'm in DE (just one letter difference) :-P20:28
fabbionesmb_tp_: well you could.. rtg might be problematic :)20:29
rtgfabbione: Its Barcelona in the spring...20:29
fabbionertg: again?20:29
fabbionewe have been close to Barcelona20:29
fabbionertg: do you have dates already?20:30
rtgIt was Seville last time in Spain. this one is somewhere in the Catelonia district. May 22 I think.20:30
fabbionertg: there was one before Seville .. a long time before Seville.. in a small city close to Barcelona :)20:30
fabbionertg: at that time the kernel team was made of me and.. me...20:31
rtgah, I wasn't around for that one.20:31
fabbionenope :)20:31
fabbionenot even Ben was there20:31
rtgUDS - 25-29 May20:31
fabbioneIIRC it was right after warthy release20:31
fabbioneok.. i'll keep an eye20:31
fabbionecan't efford to fly on my own.. maybe i can find a sponsor or two20:31
rtgsend an email to Mark :)20:32
fabbionehe is not my only sponsor :)20:32
fabbionenight guys20:33
fabbionetake care20:33
fabbioneand try to get those fixes out :)20:33
fabbioneso i can finally stop building my kernels ;)20:33
rtgthey'll percolate in -proposed for awhile. Should be uploaded in the next day or so.20:34
smb_tp_Right, I am on it20:35
fabbioneyeah that's fine...20:35
fabbioneday more, day less.... worst case /. will have a nice story of 100's of Ubuntu machines being r00t3d :D20:35
lagais there a new root exploit?20:36
tjaaltonhum, how come linux-libc-dev is only for i386/amd64/armel? since it contains the drm headers now the xserver build fails on other archs (no drm.h)22:53
tjaaltonalthough armel fails too..22:54
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