TheMusoRAOF: You no longer have stuttering with your notebook hda and pulse? AWesome. Likely somethign to do with pulseaudio being updated last week.00:52
RAOFTheMuso: Indeed.  Yay!00:54
TheMusoRAOF: Thats great!00:55
iahello. if configure script requires some lib package for compilation, then binary version of lib should be enough, or -dev version also should be installed?01:27
jmarsdenia: If the code ebing compiled will use the library, you are likely to need the -dev package.01:29
iajmarsden: ok.01:31
pochuia: you need the -dev package too, as it will have the .pc file which configure looks for01:31
iaanother question. looks like it's a cycle process - i edit control file and add build-depends packages, runs pbuilder, at "configure" step script shows ordinary error, which tells, that one more package necessary for compilation, i edit control file and add this package name, run pbuilder again and so on... does exist some way (or script, maybe) which look through config* files and just shows all package deps at one time in one line? of course, i use dh_make01:41
ia, but looks like it doesn't take into account all requiring packaging deps.01:41
jmarsdenia: There's no automatic way to translate from the filenames a configure script uses to Ubuntu package names, that I know of.01:42
Hobbseeia: often websites will tell you what you need to build them01:42
jmarsdenBut you can perhaps read the README or INSTALL file that comes with the original source tarball and add most of what it will need from a requirements list you may find in there?01:42
Hobbseethat too01:42
RAOFIf you can read autofoo, configure.ac + apt-file can give you a lot of pointers.01:43
iaok, thanks very much for answers :-)01:45
jmarsdenIs it OK to ask for something from Debian experimental (yui 2.6.0) to be synced into Jaunty?  Or does the package have to be in sid before it can be synced?02:06
RAOFjmarsden: It's OK to sync from experimental, and it's happened a lot more this time 'round, what with the Lenny freeze and all.02:15
RAOFjmarsden: Just make sure that it's not in experimental because it's /experimental/ :)02:15
jmarsdenRAOF: Cool, thanks, I'm testing it now on Intrepid, but it looks fine to me so far.  It's needed as a prerequisite for webgui, a web app/CMS I am hoping to get into Jaunty...02:16
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brownianmotionHi folks, I'm trying to backport a package (virtualbox-ose 2.1) from jaunty to intrepid, but having some troubles...06:03
slytherinbrownianmotion: what trouble?06:03
brownianmotionslytherin: it doesn't build. http://paste.ubuntu.com/103777/06:04
brownianmotionkmk fails in what I assume is an unexpected way.06:04
superm1i havent looked at the build log, but kmk might need backporting too possibly06:05
brownianmotionI'm using the source from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox-ose/2.1.0-dfsg-1ubuntu2 and dpkg-source/dpkg-buildpackage06:05
slytherinbrownianmotion: have you made sure all the build dependencies are available in intrepid?06:05
brownianmotionOh. Hmm...06:05
brownianmotionHad problems with the build-deps initially, but now I've gone through the dsc and added everything.06:05
brownianmotionThen deleted the directory and started again from dpkg-source.06:06
brownianmotionAlways ends at the same place.06:06
brownianmotionChecking kbuild versions now.06:06
brownianmotionsuperm1: Worked! Installed kbuild 0.1.5svn from jaunty, now building. Thanks a bunch!06:12
superm1no prob06:12
ScottKpochu: We've uploaded Amarok 2 to Jaunty, so I started to take a look at emesene to see about dropping Amarok from it and decided I'm way to tired to think about it, so now would be a great time for you to update it/drop Amarok support.06:24
dholbachgood morning07:04
fabrice_spGood morning dholbach!07:09
dholbachhiya fabrice_sp07:09
Hobbseeevening horseman07:13
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dholbachhiya Hobbsee07:16
iulianGood morning dholbach.07:16
dholbachheya iulian07:17
dholbachcongratulations iulian :)07:17
iulianThanks ;)07:17
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\shmoins congrats iulian08:02
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slytheriniulian: Congrats. :-)08:23
iulian\sh, slytherin: Thank you.08:25
didrocksmorning o/08:43
hyperairwhen a source tree has files copyrighted by the same person, but with varying years, do i have to list all of them?08:48
hyperairas opposed to just path/* Copyright: <lowest year>-<highest year> Somebody08:49
iulianWhy is ubuntu-dev a member of the revu-uploaders team in launchpad? Do we still need the revu-uploaders team? REVU is now using OpenID and the GPG key will be automatically retrieved from launchpad.08:54
dholbachiulian: which keys will be automatically downloaded from LP?08:54
* hyperair feels ignored08:55
dholbachhyperair: just mention all the years in the same line, that should be fine08:56
dholbachif there's a 2004-2006 and a 2005-2008, just mention 2004-200808:56
iuliandholbach: "This team is no longer necessary, as now that REVU uses OpenID through Launchpad it will retrieve your key once you log in for the first time."08:56
dholbachhyperair: don't feel ignored that easily - IRC is an asynchronous medium - it sometimes just takes a bit08:56
dholbachiulian: so you have to have logged in first before you upload a package to it, is that right?08:57
iuliandholbach: Yes, you will need to log in before uploading a package.08:58
dholbachiulian: looks like the team then is truly obsolete08:58
dholbachiulian: we can close it down by filing a launchpad answers ticket08:58
hyperairdholbach: alright thanks08:59
iuliandholbach: Anyway, just to be sure, we should talk to some revu admins, like RainCT.08:59
hyperairdholbach: what about if the Copyright contains something like.. Copyright: ... Mj<F8>lner Informatics09:00
hyperairi'm pretty sure the <F8> shouldn't be there09:00
dholbachtry finding out what the name really is - I don't know, sorry09:00
iulianhyperair: You shouldn't change it if it's copyrighted under that name.09:02
iulianhyperair: Better talk to upstream.09:02
iulianSome archive admins might get upset and reject it.09:02
liwchanging it to the corresponding character in unicode is perfectly fine09:04
liwhyperair, see latin1(7) to see if F8 in iso-8859-1 charset would match what is intended09:05
hyperairliw: just did a google search. turns out "Mjlner Informatics" exists09:05
hyperairwithout the character <F8>09:05
hyperair       370   248   F8     ø     LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE <-- this?09:06
liwthat might be because google or some web page has dropped the f8 letter, though09:06
soren"Mjølner" sounds reasonable.09:07
sorenIt's the name of Thor's hammer, fwiw.09:07
hyperairi see09:07
iulianIt is MjØlner Informatics.09:07
sorenCapital ø? Seriously?09:07
iulianOh, well...09:08
* iulian hides09:08
sorenwww.mjolner.dk suggests otherwise.09:08
* directhex smites hyperair with a hammer09:09
* hyperair hammers directhex into the ground09:12
hyperairo noes. now i've damaged the ground09:13
* directhex bills hyperair for the damaga09:15
* mok0 bills directhex & hyperair for bad jokes09:17
* directhex sends a duck after mok0 to bill him09:18
* hyperair doesn't pay bills09:18
* mok0 ducks and avoids bill09:19
slytherindholbach: you don't need to 'be logged in' in revu for an upload. You just need to login once so that your key is synced. And as iulian suggests the revu uploaders is obsolete now.09:25
dholbachslytherin: yeah, that's what I gathered09:25
persiaObsolete, but perhaps still interesting until after 21st July.09:25
slytherinpersia: why?09:26
persiaBecause we don't have the other side of the code that is used for the key syncs, so it's currently an incomplete open implementation.09:26
persiaIf something goes wrong during the updates to LP, we may need to revert to the group.09:26
persiaAfter 21st July (or thereabouts), we should be able to see the code changes before they land, and coordinate, which makes the group less meaningful as a fallback.09:27
slytherinoh, you mean the open sourcing of LP. :-)09:28
persiaRight.  Currently we have a reverse-engineered solution, which works, and a fallback to a differently reverse-engineered solution.  I don't see the point of dropping the fallback until we really know we don't need it.09:29
slytherindholbach: do you plan to include anything specific to CDBS in your session in UDW?09:29
dholbachslytherin: I don't think so09:29
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directhex"it's evil, use dh7 instead"? :p09:31
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directhexhm, pidgin appears to need some emergency patchin'09:33
Laneyis this why i can't get on msn?09:34
directhexLaney, i can only find references to old bugs is the funny thing09:34
directhexLaney, but it's not just you09:34
LaneyIt's happened before09:34
* Laney hops over to hash pidgin09:35
stefanlsdLaney: not sure of ur exact issue, but i helped a user debug his pidgin connect to msn problem, and it happened that his isp (i think uk also) was doing some transparant msn proxying that was messing it up. let me try find bug09:35
LaneyI'm on JANET, doubt they do any of that09:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316252 in pidgin "Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book" [Undecided,New]09:36
LaneyOh, one of These Bugs.09:36
Laney"MSN is having internal server certificate  problems (Unable to retrieve Address Book).  Just wait09:37
directhexfailure on all protocol ver 15 serving. non-libpurple clients fall back to older versions on failure09:38
directhexand <v15 is fine09:38
Laney12/01 09:41:35 <@root> MSN - Logging in: Authenticated, getting buddy list09:41
Laney12/01 09:41:37 <@root> MSN - Logged in09:41
Laneybitlbee \o/09:41
directhexLaney, bitlbee will be using an old proto version09:43
directhexbitlbee-1.2.3/protocols/msn/ns.c:g_snprintf( s, sizeof( s ), "VER %d MSNP8 CVR0\r\n", ++md->trId );09:44
directhexthere you go, MSNP809:44
LaneyI don't need no fancy schmancy features09:44
directhexyay for free software - wanna know what proto something uses? apt-get source; grep09:45
directhexdear microsoft. LIES. love directhex09:46
slytherindirecthex: when you cross one evil (CDBS) to bit the other evil (java packaging) life becomes easier. :-P09:47
directhexslytherin, and multiply that by maven?09:48
slytherindirecthex: no, divide by ant. keep maven buried. :-D09:48
* directhex hands slytherin nant09:49
pochuScottK: uploading emesene10:27
directhexLaney, FYI, installing "msn-pecan" adds a MSNP12 lib to pidgin, accessible by creating an account of type "WLM" instead of "MSN"10:49
Laneyyeah I saw10:50
LaneyI'm taking the opportunity to do some work instead :(10:50
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slytherindoes anyone know if empathy can do video chat with gtalk?12:02
dholbachslytherin: does empathy allow that already?12:17
dholbachdo we have somebody who could lead the Ubuntu Developer Week GETTING STARTED session in portuguese?12:18
wgrantslytherin: I think it does. It does voice, at least.12:18
dholbach"Eu não falam Português."12:18
joaopintodholbach, "Eu não falo..." :P12:19
joaopinto"falam" is plural12:19
dholbachjoaopinto: haha... it's what translate.google.com said12:19
slytherindholbach: I don't know. I don't even know if empathy allows video chat on any protocol.12:26
dholbachslytherin: http://opencomputer.net/2008/08/18/a-tour-of-empathy-im-client/ suggest yes12:27
tuxmaniacdholbach: but the empathy at my place doesnt show up12:34
tuxmaniacas in video12:34
tuxmaniacmay be some extra plugin?12:34
* tuxmaniac checks12:34
dholbachtuxmaniac: no idea which telepathy-* package you need installed for that12:34
dholbachmaybe only with gtalk?12:34
tuxmaniacslytherin: leave and pidgina nd come on empathy now. We check right away if you are free :-P12:35
tuxmaniac*leave pidgin and12:35
tuxmaniacdholbach: btw, you coming to fosdem?12:35
dholbachtuxmaniac: no, I guess not12:36
slytherintuxmaniac: I am in office. We can check in night. :-)12:45
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tuxmaniacslytherin: ok12:54
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ScottKpochu: Thanks.13:16
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cyberixHello. I cannot find a bug about packaging python2.613:22
huatshello dear motu community :)=13:22
cyberixIs it just that I cannot search properly?13:23
cyberixCould someone please point it out to me so I don't file a duplicate13:23
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pochucyberix: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/python-for-jaunty13:25
pochuand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python2.6And3.013:25
ScottKcyberix: Python 2.6 is already planned for upload soon.13:32
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lidaobinghelp review fqterm: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=4482, thanks13:36
ScottKYokoZar: I thought you'd be interested in http://blog.cihar.com/archives/2009/01/12/cygwin_in_wine/ if you hadn't seen it.13:52
* persia waits 19 hours as fast as possible14:00
lidaobingthe archive function in http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/ no longer works14:10
lidaobingany know what's the problem?14:11
lidaobinga error log in : http://paste.ubuntu.com/103926/14:12
persialidaobing, What are you trying to archive?14:13
lidaobingpersia, I want to archive ibus, which is already in jaunty14:14
lidaobingpersia, and llk-linux, which is also already in it14:14
lidaobingpersia, and I have login14:14
persiaHrm.  Seems you need special rights, as it works for me.  Dunno which rights you need.  Please file a bug against REVU with the trace, and mention that it happens for you, but not for me, which may help the REVU Hackers track down the issue.14:16
lidaobingpersia, got it, thanks14:17
persiaAnyway, both archived.14:17
lidaobingpersia, some more need archive: ibus-m17n14:18
lidaobingpersia, and ibus-table, thanks14:18
persialidaobing, OK.  Doing them now.14:19
persiaSo ibus will be default for Jaunty, or still testing?14:19
persiaWhat about ibus-hangul ?14:20
lidaobingpersia, others still need advocate14:20
persiaIs there an ibus-anthy underway?14:20
lidaobingpersia, I think scim is still the default14:20
lidaobingpersia, yes, but it can't built under current ibus, still under investment14:21
persiaOh well.  I was hoping to test :)  Anything else for ja?14:21
lidaobingpersia, i make a mistake, ibus-anthy built well, but it can't use, i will crash when running14:22
persiaWell, it still doesn't work.  You have all the people you need working on it?14:22
lidaobingpersia, Hmm, I don't have enough time on this, :-)14:23
lidaobingpersia, and I need help14:23
persiaHave you sent a request to anthy upstream?  I know several of them use Ubuntu.14:23
lidaobingpersia, I sent it on ibus14:23
lidaobingpersia, check this: http://code.google.com/p/ibus/issues/detail?id=22214:24
lidaobingpersia, maybe you can forward to the anthy team14:24
persiaWell, I can mention it in a context that may gain attention, but it looks to me like the ibus engine isn't calling anything in the ideal way, although my python is weak.14:27
persiaI'm not sure if it would be considered an anthy bug, or an ibus bug.14:28
lidaobingpersia, for more information for packaging progress (and current work) ibus-anthy, check it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/31271514:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 312715 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] ibus-anthy" [Undecided,In progress]14:28
lidaobingpersia, do you know how to use ubottu (e.g. how to display help page?)14:29
persia "/msg ubottu help", I think.14:30
lidaobingpersia, don't work, :-)14:30
persiaTry "usage".14:31
lidaobingpersia, got it: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots14:31
lidaobingubottu, tell lidaobing about java14:32
ubottulidaobing, please see my private message14:32
bddebianHeya gang15:11
ScottKHeya bddebian.15:16
bddebianHeya ScottK15:16
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thekornhello MOTUs,16:33
thekornI'm looking at ubuntu-dev-tools right now and try to switch from py-lp-bugs to launchpadlib,16:34
james_whey thekorn16:35
thekornwhat's the reason for this "ubuntutools" package, which only contains this one ppaput.py script? - why is this script not in the package root16:35
james_wthekorn: jpds was looking at this as well I believe16:35
thekornhello anakron and james_w16:35
james_wthekorn: check the changelog for that16:35
thekornjames_w, ok, will check the changelog now, just asked because I thought anybody knows a reason offhand16:39
james_wthekorn: I know that it is given in the changelog16:39
thekornok, that's fine16:40
\shI hate my life I hate my life, repeat many times16:53
\shwhy didn't I learn a real job like butcher or mason16:55
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persia\sh, Just remember, it's easier to debug code or replace servers than to recut meat or replace walls, and that people have lower expectations for computers.16:56
\shpersia: not when you are dealing with crappy commercial software...:(16:58
persiaYeah, well, that's not entirely pleasant.16:58
\shthekorn: did you work further on the dbus integration of lp-api?17:03
thekorn\sh, hi, well kind of, lp:~thekorn/+junk/leonov.dbus.backend has some changes.17:08
\shthekorn: nice :) I'll check it next week...then I have again time to work on leonov and friends ... too much real life work these days17:09
thekorn\sh, I also put some work into the database things, unfortunatly it is in the same branch17:09
thekornI'm very bad in seperating different things into different branches17:09
\shthekorn: I was wondering if we should switch to storm...17:09
thekorn\sh, it is using storm17:10
\shthekorn: ah wonderful :)17:10
thekornso no more manual sql magic17:10
* \sh needs to change his new xmlrpc api stuff for work to use storm too...17:10
POX\sh, thekorn: /me recommends SQLALchemy17:23
POXas ORM17:24
POX(you mentioned storm)17:24
POXsomeone just reported a python-sqlalchemy 0.5-1 sync request (I had to block him a little bit though ;-)17:31
stefanlsdis there a better way of adding an m4_include([/usr/local/aclocal/pkg.m4]) to aclocal.m4.  thinking of some kind of abstraction...17:46
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slytherindoes anyone know why we have 4 packages for libavcodec? 2 stripped and 2 unstripped.18:00
andresmujicahi motu's!18:01
andresmujicacan anyone of you check bug #26285318:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262853 in ov51x-jpeg "ov51x-jpeg-source won't build against kernel 2.6.27, but 1.5.9 (already in Jaunty) would." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26285318:01
andresmujicathks in advance!18:01
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cody-somervilleRainCT, pochu: ping18:14
stefanlsdjames_w, lool: got a fix up for imview. hope its ok. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/30678518:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 306785 in imview "Please sync imview 1.1.9c-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed]18:14
james_wthanks stefanlsd18:14
pochucody-somerville: pong18:17
james_wstefanlsd: looks pretty good. Does the detection of the lack of X libs still work do you know?18:18
james_wstefanlsd: the disabling of imagemagick when there are no X libs I mean18:18
stefanlsdjames_w: let me confirm18:19
RainCTcody-somerville: pong18:20
stefanlsdheh. all the comments on DaD are gone...18:22
Adri2000stefanlsd: oh?18:28
Adri2000let me check18:28
stefanlsdjames_w: good call. doesnt really disable it if have_x=no. looking into it18:32
james_wstefanlsd: you can probably just move the magick stuff in to an else block after the warning about it18:32
stefanlsdjames_w: nodnod18:32
Adri2000stefanlsd: (I'll restore a backup in a moment, but trying to understand what happened first)18:32
stefanlsdAdri2000: cool.18:33
Adri2000comments on DaD are back18:45
stefanlsdAdri2000: what was the problem?18:49
fabrice_spHi. Is someone willing to review dvdstyler? It's at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdsty and already have an advocate18:50
Adri2000stefanlsd: dunno :) I just restored the backup from this morning18:51
stefanlsdAdri2000: heh. at least ur backups work.18:51
quadrisproemgent: ping18:51
quadrisprosebner: ping18:52
Adri2000stefanlsd: yeah fortunately. we did loose DaD comments in the past; that taught me to do proper backups :p18:56
loolstefanlsd: Did you try it out with and without imagemagick, and with imagemagick and --with-magic=no?18:58
stefanlsdlool: busy doing some more testing atm. james_w pointed out testing what happens when the xlibs arnt there. will test with and without imagemagick also18:59
loolstefanlsd: I think you should expand the description of your changes; e.g. "Reworked ImageMagick detection to use pkg-config" and also the aclocal thingy18:59
stefanlsdlool: kk. will do. thanks18:59
loolstefanlsd: I would actually rather see a proper fix for aclocal than perpetuating the situation that it's borken and even relying on it  :-/19:00
loolstefanlsd: For instance you could copy the interesting macros into m4/ or acinclude.m419:00
* lool &19:00
stefanlsdlool: kk. will look at using aclocal properly19:01
rhpot1991_laptopcody-somerville: you around?19:02
cody-somervillerhpot1991_laptop, yup19:02
rhpot1991_laptopcody-somerville: I've updated bug 297019 like you asked19:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 297019 in mythexport "mythexport relies on ffmpeg from medibuntu" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29701919:03
cody-somervillerhpot1991_laptop, It is a little hard to read. Can you make the field titles caps and put spaces between them19:07
cody-somervilleie. Test Case: -> \nTEST CASE:19:07
cody-somerville(\n being a line break)19:07
cody-somervillerhpot1991_laptop, and please attach the debdiff to this bug19:08
RainCTpochu: ping19:10
pochuhey RainCT19:10
rhpot1991_laptopcody-somerville: debddiff is there already, I'll edit to make it more readable19:11
rhpot1991_laptopyou want an extra space between each line then?19:11
stefanlsdcan someone unsubscribe u-u-s from bug #306785           - still a bit of work to do19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 306785 in imview "Please sync imview 1.1.9c-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30678519:12
cody-somervillerhpot1991_laptop, Right. I need to make it easy for other people to check to ensure that I did my job properly :)19:12
rhpot1991_laptopcody-somerville: are those titles named ok, just caps them?19:14
cody-somervillerhpot1991_laptop, yup19:14
rhpot1991_laptopok good19:14
rhpot1991_laptopcody-somerville: how is that?19:18
slytherinasac: do we still add abrowser alternative to the firefox depends/recommends?19:18
cody-somervillerhpot1991_laptop, Okay, can you seperate each bug with a line of characters or something? ie. ===========================19:19
rhpot1991_laptopcody-somerville: sure, done19:24
karoogahi, my package doesn't have the necessary licences in the src tar.gz.  Upstream is no longer replying to emails.  What would be my next step to get the package included?19:27
huatssuperm1: hey19:30
huatssorry to bother19:30
huatsI just saw cody-somerville post, and since I am the one who did the gnome-keyring package I wanted to help if I can...19:30
huats(cody told me to ping you...)19:31
anakronping thekorn19:32
thekornhello anakron19:32
anakronhi all19:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 315725 in slingshot "Menu launcher not created when Slingshot installed." [Undecided,New]19:36
anakroni have some problems with this bug19:36
anakronbecause when i download source code i can't find any make file or something like this19:37
anakronit's just run it with python19:37
anakroni wanna change a desktop file to add it right to menu19:37
anakronbut i dont know how i can test it19:38
jmarsden|workanakron: debian/rules is a Makefile... if you put the .desktop file under /debian and make sure debian/rules installs it, you should be all set, right?19:40
anakronits all in order19:40
anakronbut when i saw the main folder19:40
anakroni saw debian/ README.TXT and slingshot/19:41
anakronand readme tells that if you want to install it you must move to a folder19:41
anakronso i can't test in that way if my .desktop file was ok19:42
anakronnow ill replace older slingshot.desktop file in my installation with ubuntu with the new one19:42
jmarsden|workanakron: This is already packaged software... so installing it is done by dpkg, right?  So look at what the package does, and any maintainer scripts under debian/ ... you test by rebuilding the package (edit debiab/changelog of course) and then install your newly built package... just like any other package...?!19:43
superm1huats, are you familiar with the upstream changes in the upload per chance?19:43
superm1huats, spectacular :)19:43
anakroni was answering jmarsden|work19:44
superm1oh whoops, anakron looks nothing like huats, wonder how i read that wrong19:44
superm1huats, so grab me when you are back19:44
huatsI am here19:44
huatsnot very present but here :)19:44
huatssuperm1: so your question was regarding the upstream changes ?19:45
superm1huats, yeah, are you familiar with them?19:45
huatsa bit19:45
jmarsden|workanakron: So it sounds like you were reading a README that was for the original unpackaged sources, you can ignore info about how to install from such a README, it is obsoleted by the Debian/Ubuntu packaging.19:45
huatsbut not enough to tell you why it is broken19:45
superm1huats, well it appears that there is a process of GKD that is going defunct.  i'm not sure if it normally forks another process or how they get started19:45
anakronok thanks19:45
huats(oups I did a wrong copy/paste there)19:46
anakronok thanks19:46
jmarsden|workno problem19:46
huatssuperm1: I can't tell19:46
huatsthe update has been quite problematic since the upstream has a lot of problem doing a clean release19:46
huatsthe 2.25.4 was broken19:47
superm1what do you mean by "clean"?19:47
superm1oh similar types of problems then?19:47
huats(I showed them the problem)19:47
huatsthen they produced a .1 that also fails to build correctly19:47
huatsbecause of unfinished code in it19:47
superm1ha wow.19:47
huatsand then upstream revert it without a new release19:48
huatsthat is a patch I applied19:48
huatswell the release was messy :)19:48
huatssuperm1: may be you should contact the upstream author19:48
huatsdo you want is email address ?19:49
huatshe is responding overnigh usually19:49
superm1huats, well i filed a bug, so as long as they are responsive to that, that should be sufficient19:49
huatssuperm1: ok19:50
huatstell me if I can do anything19:50
huats(or send me an email I am not around...)19:50
superm1huats, perhaps you can help with getting a debug trace for this.  i'm not sure how we can grab one since it's only the process on login it happens, and i think gkd isn't ptrace'able19:50
huatsok I'll try to do that19:50
huatsI can't do it right now19:51
huatsbut during the evening probably19:51
superm1huats, sure.  you can grab the latest daily xubuntu or mythbuntu image from cdimages.ubuntu.com and boot it up in a virtual machine or real machine.19:51
huatsI'll connect my self then19:51
superm1either of them will show it19:51
huatsI'll do that19:51
superm1great thanks.19:52
huatsmail me if anything occurs19:52
huatsgoing to eat now19:52
randomactionHello. I have a couple of packages (namely, wget and cvs) that are used by the "get-orig-source" target of debian/rules. Everything, however, builds from source without them (even in pbuilder). Should these packages be listed as build-dependencies?19:57
slytherinrandomaction: nope19:59
slytherinrandomaction: get-orig-source is not run on build server so no need to add those dependencies.20:00
randomactionThanks :)20:01
anakronhow i can get my private gpg if im other place20:25
stefanlsdanakron: u need your private key with you20:26
anakronmmmm interesting20:26
iulianRainCT: I talk to dholbach this morning about the revu-uploaders team in Launchpad.  REVU uses OpenID now and I believe the team is no longer needed.  What do you think? Should we remove it?20:26
anakronits relevant if i sign with a differente key?20:26
stefanlsdanakron: depends what you are signing and for who. launchpad prob has your other key only.20:28
anakronbut i can upload it20:28
anakronand then launchpad can recognize it20:28
stefanlsdanakron: not sure if lp can do that, but i dont see why not. #launchpad will prob give u more info20:30
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apwhi there.  if the sponsorship process talks about how to present a fix for a package in terms of debdiff, if the fix is for a package which is lp bzr hosted there is no guidance as to what to do with your updated branch once it is ready20:45
jmarsden|workapw: Good point, james_w would have a definitive answer... I'd suggest that you provide a link to your updated branch in the LP ticket, where you would nornmally upload the debdiff.20:50
Laneyapw: You can propose branches for merging20:50
apwwhich of those would be the recommended way, link or propsing for merge?20:52
Laneyproposing it is the semantically correct way20:57
cody-somervillerhpot1991_laptop, Looking at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythexport/trunk/revision/44 it seems that more than just a few dependencies being added occurs20:57
ScriptRipperwho can help me with some multitarget .deb packaging for combi debian and ubuntu source pkg?21:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:10
ScriptRipperI was not sure if i am in the correct place, that why i asked to ask a question :)21:11
ScriptRipperBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), quilt (>= 0.40), binutils (>= 2.16), .... lots of other pkgs ..., etherboot21:15
LaneyIf you just ask then you either get an answer or get pointed to a better place to get an answer :)21:15
ScriptRipperbut only on debian. on ubuntu, i dont need etherboot dependency.21:15
ScriptRipperin my debian control file.21:15
ScriptRipperon debian i need to skip or something else.21:16
ScriptRipperhow do i do that?21:16
ScriptRipperso it is a packaging question for the control file in a source pkg....21:17
RAOFI can't think of a way.21:17
LaneyYou can generate control in the clean target, but it's not very nice.21:17
RAOFLaney: If you want people to go _mental_ looking at your package, I guess :)21:18
Laneypkg-gnome does this for the uploaders field21:18
ScriptRipperis it general practise to have multitarget pkgs which "if" ed dependencies for .deb?21:19
directhexScriptRipper, iffed for what reasons?21:19
ScriptRipperif debian do this, if ubuntu do that...21:19
LaneyScriptRipper: What happens if the etherboot depd is left in?21:19
directhexScriptRipper, ah, right.21:19
directhexScottK-desktop, best option is using a pipe in the deps - e.g. xulrunner (>= 1.9) | xulrunner-1.921:20
directhexScriptRipper, ^^21:20
ScriptRipperit tells me no etherboot pkg on ubuntu...21:20
directhexScriptRipper, second best bet is generating control (e.g. OOo does this)21:20
Laneyer, we have etherboot21:21
ScriptRipperlet me check why it tells me no etherboot then...21:21
Laneydo you have universe enabled in your pbuilder?21:21
directhex        500 http://mirror.ox.ac.uk intrepid/universe Packages21:21
* Laney burns ox.ac.uk21:21
ScriptRipperLaney: ah, i dont have.21:22
directhexLaney, it's quite fast on my office machines21:22
ScriptRipperi use main, not universe or multiverse...21:22
Laneythat'll do it21:22
ScriptRipperis that uncommon to use main?21:22
directhexmain is one of four repos, with a specific content set21:23
LaneyI think you have to pass --components to pbuilder to get universe21:23
Laneybut don't quote me21:24
directhexLaney, or set OTHERMIRROR?21:24
ScriptRipperhow is it organised? do the 3 others sit on top of main, or do the 3 sit on top of each other?21:24
Laneyothermirror probably works21:24
ScriptRipperwith its pkg meta data?21:25
directhexScriptRipper, main contains Free software "properly" supported by canonical employees, with priority security support & extra special care taken for things like regressions etc21:25
directhexScriptRipper, universe is everything else that's Free - community supported things21:25
ScriptRipperdirecthex: ah.21:25
ScriptRipperand multiverse?21:25
directhexrestricted is canonical-supported, non-free. multiverse is community-supported non-free21:26
Laneypackages in main have to (build-)dep only on stuff in main21:26
ScriptRipperdoes it sit on main or universe?21:26
ScriptRipperor as i like it?21:26
ScriptRippere.g. any combination?21:26
LaneyYou need main for restricted and universe for multiverse and main for universe21:27
directhexmain is required21:27
directhexehm... yes. /me hands Laney a bucket of commas21:27
LaneyI started typing that before I knew how it would end21:27
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ScriptRipperyou were very helpful. looks like I need no if in the end :)21:29
ScriptRipperI found also the construction "xulrunner (>= 1.9) | xulrunner-1.9" very interesting, because i can use that also from case to case...21:31
LaneyYou know, if you could have got away without the build-dep on Ubuntu, is it really necessary?21:31
ScriptRipperLaney: it is not, you told me...21:34
LaneyScriptRipper: But you thought you could do without it21:36
ScriptRippersorry, yes, *i dont need an if*21:41
ScriptRippertry to find out now why pkg contains etherboot dependency at all...21:41
LaneyI was just questioning your thinking21:42
ScriptRipperdo you know if qemu is in main under ubuntu?21:42
Laneyapt-cache show qemu | grep Section21:43
ScriptRippersees now lots of his packages in universe...21:59
vorian!info qemu22:00
ubottuqemu (source: qemu): fast processor emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.1-5ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 10049 kB, installed size 29096 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 powerpc alpha sparc arm armeb armel s390 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia)22:00
ScriptRipperi see lots of the packages needed in universe...22:00
ScriptRipperi package developer snapshots of qemu from svn.22:01
ScriptRipperuntil now, only debian worked22:02
ScriptRipperfrom now on, ubuntu and debian :)22:02
SilverBulletGuys, just to let u know of tje GetDeb Founder João Pinto Interviewed => http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=&hl=pt-PT&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pplware.com%2F2009%2F01%2F12%2Fentrevista-a-joao-pinto-getdeb%2F&sl=pt&tl=en22:06
ScriptRipperis it common practise to build a package by default against main or universe?22:06
SilverBulletsorry about the google translation, but i think it can be understanded22:06
RAOFScriptRipper: It depends on the package; the heirachy is basically main -> universe -> multiverse.  In the archives, a package may only build against its own component or higher (so, Universe builds against main+universe, but main only builds against main).22:37
RAOFScriptRipper: For 3rd party packages, build against whatever you like.  You'll almost certainly want to be building against universe, though.22:38
ScriptRippersorry, i missed maybe some part.22:38
ScriptRipperdo universe pkgs get security fixes?22:38
jdstrandScriptRipper: yes, from the community22:39
ScriptRippernot matter, the ubuntu delivered qemu is in universe. so my qemu-svn needs also to build against universe for the same reason...22:40
ScriptRippersame build requirements for the pkgs...22:41
ScriptRipperso ill do that.22:41
ScriptRipperand have to22:41
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james_wPOX: scapy dropped the scapy binary package, when we would still need it for transitions in Ubuntu. Could we get it back in Debian, or shall we maintain a small diff for that?23:33
james_wis there a Debian equivalent of the NBS report?23:49
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