asacwhite: can you reproduce that anywhere?00:08
asacthe security focus thing only mentions IE00:09
asacoh below there is00:09
asacnot sure what it means :/00:09
asacwhite: if you can make something up for testing, feel free to00:12
whiteasac: you're sure MFSA 2008-53 doesn't affect xulrunner?01:01
asacwhite: yes. that and https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=459906#c3808:50
ubottuError: Error getting Mozilla bug #459906: NotPermitted08:50
asachmm ... without bugzilla account i cant show you ... but not important in this case. its sessionstore which is a browser/ feature (like i said above ;))08:51
BUGabundogood morning asac08:54
asacBUGabundo: hey08:56
asacwhite: even more its nothing 1.8.0 branch actually has ;)08:57
asac(session restore was invented for ffox 2)08:57
asac[reed]: trick needed: what kind of search flags do i have to set to see all bugs that have approval1.8.1.next* ?11:26
asac[reed]: (e.g. i want ...next? and ..next+) ;)11:26
asac[reed]: i think i have it. thanks12:22
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fta2asac, how come my url has not be shortened in identi.ca? I used the web site directly.14:53
fta2and i selected one of the free services14:54
asacfta2: the website only shortens when there is a need to shorten ;)14:59
asace.g. when your line would exceed 14014:59
fta2ff with an authenticated proxy is a nightmare. zillions of popups asking for a password *and* providing no reason16:38
asacfta2: at startup right?16:39
asace.g. multiple tabs fighting for a proxy authentication ;)?16:39
fta2yep, and when each addon wants to check for update16:40
asacthere is a bug for that ... i am sure ,)16:41
fta2this is under xp but i guess it's the same on all arches16:41
asacits even linked from launchpad ;916:41
asacyes its known16:41
asaci always thought that the "no reason" thing was due to our xul split16:41
asacbut seems its not16:41
asacmakes me happy16:41
asacso ... transition done16:42
asaclets see how many build failures will fall down on me now :(16:42
fta2how could we do the python xpcom transition? the current package comes from xul 1.816:43
asacfta2: does anyone depend on python xpcom?16:43
fta2i need one from 1.9 or 1.9.1 for openkomodo16:43
asacwhat is python xpcom?16:44
asacthe binding so you can run python components in-process of firefox/xulrunner?16:44
asaci think so, right?16:44
fta2i guess so16:44
asacfta2: atm it doesnt work, right?16:44
asace.g. we still get this python error in error console?16:45
fta2we disabled it in 1.9bsomething16:45
asacfta2: well its still in there her:16:45
fta2well, maybe not16:45
asac... anyway. i think the problem is that libpyxpcom.so isnt found16:46
asacso we need a glue fix here ... i guess16:46
asacfta2: does the py xpcom code actually still exist in trunk?16:46
asacif so, i know what to do16:50
fta2please fix it in 1.9.1 first, then I'll merge in 1.9.217:03
fta2i have to run17:03
plunhello.. fta or asac around ?17:43
plunsuper breakage with a clean install17:45
plunnm-applet: error while loading shared libraries: libplds4.so.0d: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:45
plunFF3.0 broken... and a bunch of other packages..17:45
plunFF3.1 Ok but libplds4  ???  what package does it come from ?17:46
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plunWell... found it and its Xulrunner as I can see...17:52
pluna mess...17:52
Lnsfta: Hey, LaserJock wanted me to ping you re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/269188 and a possible SRU for Hardy, would that be possible?19:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 269188 in nspr "Extreme slowness, "Firefox is already running" error for >3 users launching Firefox in LTSP environment" [Medium,Fix released]19:45
ftaasac, ^^ from plun, i guess you need to rebuild xul and nm-applet19:46
ftaLns, iirc, it's just nss, not firefox, right?19:46
Lnsfta: I guess so - nspr19:46
ftayep, nspr, not nss.19:47
LnsI just saw the comment from "LP Janitor" that it was fixed in jaunty19:47
LnsI cant test it as all my sites are hardy19:47
ftaLns, could you confirmed that it fixes the bug in jaunty before we start an SRU for hardy?19:47
ftanot even a VM ?19:48
Lnsno :( but im sure i can call on someone(s) to test19:48
ftathere's also my ppa, you can just dl the nspr debs for hardy, they have the fix19:50
Lnsfta: url me :)19:52
Lnsfta: if I used the packages from your PPA on Hardy and tested, would that be enough for an SRU request?19:52
* fta hopes asac will not complain :P19:55
Lnswell i'll call on the LTSP/Edubuntu people I know to test as well so we dont do anything without verifying completely19:56
LnsIm going to reboot myself and then upgrade, i'll bb in a bit20:00
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ftaLns, don't use my ppa completely, just my nspr so we know for sure it's it.20:11
Lnsfta: ugh.. ok this is what i just updated: http://logicalnetworking.net/other/nsprupdate.png20:12
Lnsgood thing i got a screenie ;)20:12
Lnsis that ok, or should i downgrade anything?20:13
ftayou got just that?20:14
ftadpkg -l | grep fta20:14
fta(i sign all my packages with ~ftaX)20:14
Lnslibnspr4-0d libnss3-0d libnss3-1d libpng12-0 pastebinit is what i upgraded to just now20:15
ftaplease downgrade at least nss.  png and pastebinit are not important as they are unrelated20:16
Lnsfta: ok i think im good now, downgraded libnss stuff to
Lnsbut libnspr4-0d and libnspr4-dev are your ppa versions20:31
Lnsand just locked libnss3-0d (and 1d) versions. i think thats it right?20:33
ftait is20:34
Lnsawesome, thanks fta - mucho appreciado!20:34
Lnshrm..locking versions in synaptic doesnt reflect in apt-get :(20:37
Lnsfta, can i safely remove your PPA after upgrading nspr?20:39
Lnsi cant recall some of the more involved apt situations20:39
ftayep, no problem.20:43
Lnsfta: thx20:43
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Lnsfta: FYI, I've posted this wiki to the LTSP lists so people can test. Im hoping to get a lot of tests done and get back to you for an SRU asap. http://lns.wikidot.com/nsprupdate21:47
ftaLns, ok21:48
BUGabundofta asac my FF3.1 lost most/all file asociation!22:32
asacLns: what is your plan?22:36
asacfta: whats the issue for plun?22:39
BUGabundoasac: ping22:47
BUGabundodoes alt+NUM work for you with FF?22:48
fta<plun> hello.. fta or asac around ?22:49
fta<plun> super breakage with a clean install22:49
fta<plun> nm-applet: error while loading shared libraries: libplds4.so.0d: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory22:49
fta<plun> FF3.0 broken... and a bunch of other packages..22:49
fta<plun> FF3.1 Ok but libplds4  ???  what package does it come from ?22:49
fta<plun> Well... found it and its Xulrunner as I can see...22:49
fta<plun> a mess...22:49
fta<plun> http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m16a5b2f422:49
ftaasac, ^^22:49
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ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: January 12 2009, 22:50:09 - Next meeting: Server Team in 17 hours 9 minutes22:50
BUGabundoasac: still having trouble with your ISP22:50
asacyeah ;)22:50
asacfta: what was the problem above?22:53
ftaasac, donno. you have all i have.22:54
asacfta: sure but you lead the discussion ;)22:54
asacok i see ... so probably the entropy fix of nspr22:54
BUGabundomine is pidgin! keeps crashing22:55
fta$ ldd /usr/lib/xulrunner- | grep plds422:55
fta        libplds4.so.0d => /usr/lib/libplds4.so.0d (0xb7f37000)22:55
ftaasac, .0d is still there?22:55
asacfta: plun? i dont know what issues he has22:55
asacfta: for me it sounds a bit like he has rotten old things22:55
ftafta@ix:~ $ ldd /usr/lib/xulrunner- | grep plds422:56
fta        libplds4.so.0d => /usr/lib/libplds4.so.0d (0xb802d000)22:56
ftathat's mine22:56
asacand i have:22:56
asac$ ls -l /usr/lib/libplds4.so.0d22:56
asaclrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 2009-01-11 13:59 /usr/lib/libplds4.so.0d -> libplds4.so22:56
asacafter the transition22:56
ftaoh, right22:57
asacthe relinking is done in maintainer scripts22:57
asacmaybe that failed for him?22:57
asaci think he tried to upgrade22:57
asacthat failed ... and the upgrade-abort case left him with bad links maybe?22:57
ftalet's see. i bet he started a thread22:57
ftahe said "super breakage with a clean install" btw22:57
asacthats his error message22:58
asacyou see what the root cause there is?22:58
asacclean install22:58
asacthe error is an upgrade error i guess22:59
Lnsasac: my plan is to test fta's PPA nspr package for Hardy to see if my issue with >3 LTSP terminals launching a FF3 session doesnt lag due to lack of entropy23:03
asacLns: ok. let us know23:04
Lnsasac: will do for sure23:04
asacfta: why is there no single word about where the random thing was fixed? was that an upstrewam commit?23:05
ftaasac, it's in changelog, but it was indeed committed upstream, so no tweak in our packaging for that23:06
asacLns:  you dont need to visit -testing to coordinate an SUR23:06
asacyou need to go through us ;)23:06
asacanyway, if that package fixes it for you we probably need to do a backport of the patch23:06
asacfta: right. i meant "why is there no single word in changelog about the where" ;)23:07
asacfixed upstream: or something would have been nice ;)23:07
asacbut all fine23:07
asacthe bug has the upstream link23:07
Lnsasac: ok, i know where you live (on irc) ;)23:07
asacLns: if you drop a confirm comment in bug and ask for hardy SRU i will probably see and do ti23:08
asace.g. nominate, backport, release23:08
ftaasac, it's the topmost entry, i thought it was obvious23:08
Lnsasac: ok, cool. I'll do that after getting at least 2 hardy-based confirmations from either my own sites or me+other LTSPers23:09
asacfta: sure23:09
asacLns: thanks23:09
Lnsasac: np, thank you guys for the fix(es) :) much appreciated by all of us LTSP net admins23:10
asacfta: found any thread from plun? you think he will come back?23:12
ftanope, none23:12
ftai guess he'll come back23:12
asachehe ;)23:12
asacnot sure ... maybe he is one of those that just reinstall ;)23:13
asacSetting up xulrunner-1.9 ( ...23:13
asac/usr/lib/xulrunner- error while loading shared libraries: libplds4.so.0d: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory23:13
asacdpkg: error processing xulrunner-1.9 (--configure):23:14
asacfta: are we running anything in postinst?23:14
asachmm. --gre-version23:15
asacfta: you really think that --gre-version is a good thing to do?23:15
ftayes, works well23:16
ftawhhat is the problem?23:16
asacnot sure23:16
asachave the feeling that postinst happens after links have been removed, but before they have been reinstantiated?23:16
ftadid I do that?23:17
fta--gre-version is not meant to be used in the xul package23:17
asacfta: yes23:17
ftait's for pkgs depending on xul23:17
asacyou use it there23:17
asacfta: but even on higher packages it could happen i think23:17
asacmaybe its the way i reshuffle stuff23:18
asaci do half in preinst ... the other half in postinst23:18
ftawell, at postinst, xul should already work23:18
ftano one complained with 1.9.1/2, it's the same code23:19
asacfta: not if nspr postinst is run after it i think23:19
asacit should23:19
asacpreinst moves stuff away23:20
asacthen unpack happens and all should be fine23:20
asaconly then .postinst stuff is called23:20
asacfta: ok ... so postinst.in should get XUL_VERSION=@XUL_BRANCH@ i guess23:21
asac(regardless of whether thats the issue at all)23:21
asacfta: oh.23:21
ftapostinst.in of what ? xul ?23:21
asacthe --gre-version is in debian/xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support.postinst23:21
asacalso in debian/xulrunner-1.9.postinst.in23:21
asacso the transition catched two bogus packages23:24
asacseahorse-plugins and epiphany-extensions failed everywhere23:24
asacepiphany-browser-dev: Depends: epiphany-gecko (>= 2.24.1-1ubuntu4) but it is not going to be installed23:25
asacwhy isnt that dependency wait?23:25
asacprobably a soyuz bug... given back to builders23:28
Lnsasac: fta: !!! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/269188/comments/18 =) =) =)23:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 269188 in nspr "Extreme slowness, "Firefox is already running" error for >3 users launching Firefox in LTSP environment" [Medium,Fix released]23:30
LnsThat is soooo awesome =)23:31
asactargetted bug23:33
Lnsthanks asac23:34
asacfta: does ~fta PPA already have native notifications?23:38
asacfor 1.9.223:38
ftahm, no23:38
ftanext batch23:39
ftai do that ~ twice a week23:39
asacyeah. thought you already did it23:39
asac(thats why)23:40
ftaupgrading to oo323:48
asacyeah me too23:49
asacfta: maybe you could just do a bzr bd --builder='debuild -S -sd' on current head and push it ;)?23:49
ftai hope it will be faster soon, i just signed for an upgrade to 18Mbps23:49
asacbut arent 6.8M/s  already more than 24?23:50
ftaasac, if you want it that hard, i can just push it, it's all automatic23:50
* asac is brave23:50
ftaMbit/s not MByte/s23:51
asacso ooo 3 looks exactly like 2.4 for me ;)23:51
asacoh there is a zoom handle23:51
asacthats nice23:51
asacbut has visual glitches ;)23:52
Lnsdarn, i was hoping they'd implement the ribbon bar =p~23:52
asacmaybe they have23:52
asacme looking at ooo is similar to my mom looking at ubuntu feisty vs. hardy ... "oh the background is different" ;)23:52
ftaasac, did you test that your libnotify stuff at least builds ?23:53
Lnsi love that about so many oss projects..even major revisions stick to their UI roots, which is really nice for the user23:53
LnsOk, i'm off to test out the nspr fix - wish me luck!23:54
ftawell, still as ugly as before23:55
asacfta: yes23:57
asacfta: just push23:57
asacfta: the code is already in current snapshot23:57
asacjust new packaging required23:57
asacfta: i tested that it builds and that it works if -gnome-support is installed and that it falls back to "normal" when its not installed23:57

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