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erb!help increase video size in mythstream00:41
Zinn!help increase video size in mythstream Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi00:41
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Guest28554is there a way to increase the size of the video window in mythstream?00:42
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RobertLaptopCan anyone help with lircd[5211]: segfault at 0 ip b7f47773 sp bfb3b280 error 4 in libusb-0.1.so.4.4.4[b7f43000+6000]00:51
RobertLaptopNothing is showing up on googles00:51
morphinexhowdy, is this the right place for questios about mythbuntu?00:53
Shadow___Xyes after reading the manual00:53
morphinexWell, I've googled around for my problem and haven't found anything. Basically, what is happening is when I specify a directory for a recording group, myth appends a / to the end.00:55
morphinexI want my recordings to be in /video, but it gets changed to /video/ and doesn't work bc the thing tries to write them to /video//filename00:56
Shadow___Xdo you want it to goto \video\ though00:57
Shadow___Xdoes mythtv have rw permission00:57
morphinexI'll double check00:59
morphinexWas that a split?01:08
pteagueshould there be a mythfrontend.real running on my backend?01:22
RobertLaptoppteague maybe.  If you install frontend+backup then mythfrontend starts automaticly01:24
pteaguek, didn't think the power outage caused the box to reboot due to the UPS, but it could have... just wanted to make sure it was ok to kill it... been getting some weird jerky stuff in the playback01:26
MythbuntuGuest39Hey, I need some help with sound if someone's around perchance?02:20
pteaguemight be able to help02:21
MythbuntuGuest39I'm not getting any sound from DVDs...either popping one in the drive, or after ripping them.02:21
MythbuntuGuest39Media files (like divx shows) play with sound without issue02:21
MythbuntuGuest39the *video* plays just fine for the dvd or the dvd rip, I just get no sound02:21
MythbuntuGuest39I can open the dvd or rip in vlc and I get sound02:22
pteaguethat's weird... i was going to say sounds like you might be missing an audio codec02:22
MythbuntuGuest39That's what I was thinking too, but then the files open in vlc without issue02:22
MythbuntuGuest39which player does mythbuntu use by default for dvd?  It just says "internal"...is it using some special player, or is it using xine or something?02:23
pteaguei think vlc has several things built into it...  have you tried looking up the media packages?02:23
MythbuntuGuest39what do you mean?02:24
superm1MythbuntuGuest39, it's built into mythvideo, it uses mythtv itself to play02:24
phunyguyanyone using the lirc config utility on the commandir website?02:36
bobbob1016My music visualizations are being animated slowly, anyone know what setting I need to change to fix that?02:39
bobbob1016I have an AMD X3 2.1ghz, so not a slow machine02:41
Shadow____Xconsidering its an amd procssor02:46
Shadow____Xit still is02:46
Shadow____Xsorry bobbob1016 i had to02:46
bobbob1016Shadow____X, No, you didn't.  2.1ghz is fast enough to decode 720p, and some 1080p, so that isn't slow.  Might not be an intel quad, but this beats the hell out of the c2d 1.6 I replaced it with.02:50
Zinnbobbob1016: Please watch your language.02:50
Shadow____Xc2d 1.6 is on the lower end02:51
bobbob1016Yeah, but still, for the $ this was the best, I'm using it with coreavc, so the extra core was worth it.  I needed HDMI out, and the only mobo's in that range with HDMI out were AMD02:52
Shadow____Xyeah i know the feeling i have a amd cs 2350 45 watt02:52
Shadow____Xyeah its slower but less head and less power02:52
Shadow____Xand its still dual core02:53
bobbob1016No idea with the visuals though?02:53
bobbob1016X3 is 3 cores02:53
Shadow____Xmine is a dual core02:53
Shadow____Xwhat visuals are you talking about02:53
Shadow____Xlike live tv02:53
Shadow____Xand all that02:53
bobbob1016the mythmusic visuals02:54
Shadow____Xand can you watch videos and tv fine02:54
bobbob1016Well, I don't have TV on it, but watching a video now02:54
phunyguyenable restricted drivers?02:54
phunyguyALSO, what graphics card?02:55
Shadow____Xwhat vid card02:55
phunyguywhat mobo?02:55
bobbob1016not sure offhand asus02:55
phunyguyprolly same one i got02:55
phunyguyyou got audio over HDMI?02:55
phunyguyme neither :(02:56
phunyguywe are SOL on that02:56
phunyguyjust so you know  ;)02:56
phunyguyits an alsa issue02:56
bobbob1016Ok, I'm using spdif out, no problem02:56
phunyguycustom kernel?02:57
bobbob1016but I want to get the visualizations working, anyone know?02:57
phunyguyyou said they are slow...02:57
bobbob1016phunyguy, No, just enabled it in the myth settings02:57
bobbob1016Different mobo02:57
phunyguyhow slow is slow?02:57
bobbob1016Like 4 frames a second02:57
bobbob1016or less02:58
bobbob1016When fullscreen, but minimized is basically fine02:58
phunyguyforget to enable glx in xorg.conf?02:58
phunyguyor dri?02:58
bobbob1016module glx is there, not dri02:58
phunyguynot sure which if not both that you need02:59
RobertLaptopOK.  can soneone tell where to look for bug reports.02:59
phunyguyadding dri can't hurt02:59
bobbob1016Load "glx" is in Section Modules02:59
phunyguydri is an option, right?02:59
phunyguynot a module02:59
bobbob1016Where do I add it?03:00
phunyguydude it really sounds like you are using the standard drivers03:00
phunyguyyou sure you enabled the restricted?03:00
bobbob1016Nvidia configured it, I have the nvidia settings there, let me chec03:00
phunyguywell it should say "nvidia" as the driver in xorg.conf03:01
phunyguynv is the standard03:01
phunyguynvidia is restricted.03:01
bobbob1016Section "Device" has nvidia03:01
phunyguyok good.03:02
phunyguygot a terminal up?03:02
bobbob1016an ssh one yes03:02
phunyguytry glxgears03:02
phunyguygotta have one up on the mythbox03:02
phunyguyfor glxgears03:02
bobbob1016glxgears animation works fine in the mythbox03:02
phunyguyim sure it does03:02
phunyguybut it may still be low frames03:02
bobbob1016ok, one sec03:02
phunyguymay "look" fine03:03
phunyguyalso, if you want to enable dri..03:04
phunyguythat link should show you03:04
bobbob1016When I tried glxgears, said mesa-utils not installed, could that be it?03:04
phunyguythat means you need dri03:05
phunyguyshouldnt need mase03:05
bobbob1016I installed it, but how do I see if frames are low?  It runs slow03:05
phunyguyi wouldnt think anyway03:05
bobbob1016Doesn't run slow*03:05
phunyguywill you click that link?03:05
phunyguythe frames come up in the terminal03:05
phunyguygives you an update like every 5 seconds03:05
Zinn!help Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi03:09
ZinnSorry I don't know about username03:09
h_thegeek!change username03:09
ZinnSorry I don't know about change username03:09
bobbob1016Ok, I added direct rendering, rebooting since ctrl+alt+backspace didn't change anything03:09
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bobbob1016phunyguy, +/-1960fps03:17
MythbuntuGuest78Is there a way to get mythbuntu to use vlc to view videos rather than the internal viewer?  Like putting vlc file://%s vlc://quit in the player settings?03:24
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest78: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/VLC03:25
RobertLaptopmyvideo under frontend settings03:25
MythbuntuGuest78I've tried that rhpot, but it's still using the internal player.  Do I need to reboot the box or something? (windows user...yes, I know.  :p)03:30
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest78 you sure it saved?03:32
rhpot1991and did you do it per a file type or just the default one?03:32
MythbuntuGuest78hrm...okay, I stand corrected03:33
MythbuntuGuest78a little anyway03:33
MythbuntuGuest78a divx I downloaded plays in vlc now03:33
rhpot1991if you go into the section where you add/delete file types03:34
MythbuntuGuest78but other files (like .isos ripped by mythbuntu) don't appear to be opening in vlc03:34
rhpot1991you can specify players per file type there03:34
rhpot1991odds are one of them has something like internal instead of default in there03:34
MythbuntuGuest78You sir/madam, are my hero03:36
MythbuntuGuest78Thank you thank you thank you thank you!03:36
rhpot1991glad I could help :)03:36
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quintenhi, is there a packaging problem? i'm trying to install the most recent -fixes branch on a recently installed myth box, using the uk weekly builds04:10
quintenthere's an unmet dependency though: The following packages have unmet dependencies:04:11
quinten  mythtv-frontend: Depends: liblame0 (>= 3.97) but it is not installable04:11
quinten                   Depends: libmyth-0.21-0 (>= 0.21.0+fixes19626) but 0.21.0+fixes18722-0ubuntu1 is to be installed04:11
quintenhowever, liblame0 appears to have been replaced w/ libmp3lame004:12
superm1quinten, on which release of ubuntu are you?04:13
superm1hardy, intrepid or jaunty04:13
quinten8.10, intrepid right?04:13
erb_i've coded the "PC" button on my mce remote to pm-suspend04:14
superm1yeah that's right.  you probably have the hardy repo added instead of intrepid then in your sources.list04:14
superm1we probably need to switch the website over to the right thing04:14
superm1tgm4883, ^04:14
superm1quinten, ^04:14
erb_i'm not sure on where to put the remote code though04:14
erb_i have it in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf right now04:14
erb_but when i hit the PC button it does nothing04:15
erb_so i made sure i setup the proper permission and did sudo pm-suspend on my myth account04:15
superm1erb_, it's got to be in ~/.lirc/irxevent04:15
erb_that worked fine and then the PC button woke it back up04:15
superm1if that file doesnt work, then ~/.lircrc04:15
superm1er work == exist04:15
erb_ok so make a file in .lirc named irxevent04:16
erb_and add04:16
quintensuperm1: doh, thank you. that was a stupid mistake on my part04:16
erb_begin button = Power prog = irexec repeat = 0 config = sudo /usr/sbin/pm-suspend04:16
erb_does that sound right superm1?04:16
superm1oh wait irexec is right, i was thinking something different with irxevent04:17
superm1so just put it in ~/.lircrc instead04:17
erb_ok so put that code just in .lircrc04:18
erb_and not worry about irxevent?04:18
erb_does it matter if the code goes before or after all of the include lines04:18
superm1i was thinking of something else with irxevent04:19
superm1doesnt matter where it goes04:19
erb_i'll try it now, thank you.04:19
erb_just gotta kill the lircd pid then restart it right?04:20
superm1no, just need to run irxev04:20
superm1no, just need to run irexec04:20
superm1i cant type apparently04:20
erb_alright i'll see how it goes04:20
erb_that's a no go04:22
erb_PC button still does nothign while the power is on04:22
superm1use ircat to test your lircrc04:22
erb_i did ircat -c ~will/.lircrc04:24
erb_just seems to be hanging there04:24
superm1press a button at that point04:24
superm1try pressing power maybes04:25
erb_nothing on the terminal showed up04:25
erb_i pressed a bunch of them04:25
erb_first power04:25
erb_that shows all the settings that i think are correct04:30
erb_but apparently not heh04:30
superm1no i see what's wrong04:34
superm1you need to launch irexec as the user whose home directory has that stuff04:34
superm1actually mythbuntu_session.sh (the default session launcher) might do it all for you04:34
erb_where is that .sh file?04:35
erb_ok i'm in the session.sh04:39
erb_i guess i need to delete my rc.local entry for starting up irexec04:39
superm1yes you do04:39
erb_and then i'm all set?04:39
superm1well in theory04:40
erb_took some time to read through the if conditions04:40
erb_i havent seen code in years04:40
erb_looks like if it greps the word irexec from my .lircrc it'll start up the daemon04:40
erb_at least i think so im not positive04:41
erb_so just simply delete the line in rc.local for starting up irexec04:41
erb_and reboot and pray for the bst?04:42
superm1well go ahead and try04:42
erb_sounds like a plan04:42
erb_this teaches me for never caring about how loud my system fans are04:43
erb_"why do i care if it sounds like a jet, its in my basement"04:43
erb_not anymore with the mythbuntu box04:43
erb_nope :(04:51
erb_it didnt run irexec on reboot04:52
superm1well try launching it your self manually by the command line as that user04:55
superm1(no sudo)04:55
superm1and just see that the other pieces are working04:55
erb_i just got it working04:56
erb_what i did was put the line back into rc.local04:56
erb_however i added the /home/will/.lircrc flag to it04:56
erb_it looks like the computer actually does a shutdown and not a sleep unless uptime it expected to be restarted (says up 1 minute in uptime)04:58
erb_my box is connected directly to the tv w/ s-video out and the BIOS loads on screen and it gets to the grub loading text04:59
erb_then the TV screen starts going haywire04:59
erb_then eventually it goes to the X screen before myth loads05:00
erb_i'm assuming X is trying to scan the monitor to see what kind of refresh rate/modes its capable of05:00
erb_how can i change it so that no matter what it loads up at 1024x768 @ 60hz05:00
erb_throughout the entire X boot process05:01
erb_this has nothing to do with the power button thing we just fixed05:01
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rhpot1991!stab tgm488305:27
* Zinn stabs tgm4883 with a rusty spork.05:27
Shadow____X1i am using a hamachi autostart script but it hasnt been working on my box any ideas\06:53
lagahads: some VPN software06:58
hadsMmm just reading it's Wikipedia page, using is silly.06:58
Shadow____X1hads it can be very usefull06:59
Shadow____X1simple vpn that gets the job done06:59
Shadow____X1point to point without opening ports06:59
hadsI believe you, using reserved address space is still silly though.07:00
Shadow____X1do you know the option to tell mplayer to buffer07:02
Shadow____X1nvm i believe i sfound it07:03
sceptiQwhere can i find a list of the supported devices?13:05
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* tritium wonders why he pays Schedules Direct $20/year for "NO DATA" listings15:30
jphilliptritium have a lot or a few?15:36
tgm4883tritium, whose your cable company?15:38
jphillipI recenctly contaced SD and had to switch my lineup, got rid of most of my missing data15:39
jphillipturns out there were 2 listings for my area and I picked the wrong one15:40
tritiumjphillip: a lot, tgm4883 no cable -- over the air16:01
tgm4883IIRC, you could check zap2it.com to see if they have data for your area, then you would know if it's a problem with their data or your system16:02
tritiumtgm4883: yeah, I recall after the upgrade from 0.20 to 0.21, I had similar issues.  I emailed SD for support, and they helped me verify that the XML data they were providing was good.  It's a fresh install, so something must need some tweaking.16:04
tritiumIt doesn't "just work"16:04
jphilliptritium sounds like you have channels that don't match up with the xml ids or something16:07
jphillipmay just need to change those16:07
tritiumjphillip: perhaps so.  I'll look into it.  Thanks!16:07
tritiumHave a good day, tgm4883, jphillip.16:09
jphillipyou too tritium16:10
Lokiasehello, how can I access my mybook NAS via mythbuntu?18:00
Lokiase[19:00] <Lokiase> hello, how can I access my mybook NAS via mythbuntu?18:03
lagaLokiase: ask the company who made your NAS?18:06
Lokiaselaga, I can access the NAS, via samba in kubuntu, but in ubuntu/mythbuntu, I don't know how it works18:06
lagawell, there are lots of ways to access a SMB share18:09
Lokiasetell me one, so I can see movies on my nas in mythbuntu18:10
tgm4883!manual | Lokiase18:13
ZinnLokiase: http://mythbuntu.org/installation_manual18:13
tgm4883Lokiase, read that, there is a section on SMB shares18:14
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Lokiaseok, i have googled, searched and tried for HOURES!!! Can SOMEONE please help me to access my mybook-NAS in mythbuntu so I can watch movies that are on my NAS with Mythbuntu???????????????????????18:48
Lokiasenobody??? 54 users and nothing????18:57
csyperskiI am a newb to Myth, and I wanted to know if it is possible to Stream Live TV from the Myth backend (or frontend) to PCs either using VLC/WMP or a Flash plugin?  We can get the system to record, and we can playback the recordings, but as soon as the playback hits what was live when we started playback it stops.  So in other words it doesn't continue streaming to the end of the program if the program isn't finished.  We are using Mythbuntu 8.10. 19:07
tgm4883csyperski, AFAIK, no.  You could try the windows frontend which I believe has live tv capabilities19:09
tgm4883csyperski, since you said WMP, i'm assuming you are using windows19:09
tgm4883csyperski, http://www.sudu.dk/mythtvplayer/19:10
tgm4883the non live tv version is included with the mythbuntu ISO19:11
tgm4883V5.0 has live tv features19:11
csyperskiYes, most of the clients with will be windows, we tried mythtvplayer 0.4.2, but it doesn't seem to handle live streaming.19:11
tgm4883yes, 0.5.0 does, before that it does not19:12
csyperskiWhen you say version 5.0 what are you refering too, mythtvplayer?19:12
tgm4883yes mythtvplayer 0.5.0.   XBMC also can do live tv sort of, but i'm not sure about the linux version19:13
csyperskiThanks much, I will check that out.19:14
Morphine_dripusing mythvideo, is it possible to have ONE listing of movies...if i have these movies split across 2 hd's?19:16
Morphine_dripif i have 2 mountpoints.../mnt/1, /mnt/2...in the utilities setup...i put in the /mnt....when i go to browse the new listing i see 1,2...i would like to see one giant merged list of movies.19:17
Morphine_dripi tried to get fancy and create a directory full of symlinks that point to the movies on the 2 drives and tell myth to look in <symlink> dir instead....it catalogued nothing. so it seems to filter symlinks19:18
tgm4883Morphine_drip, in mythvideo settings, you need to set your mythvideo dir as "/path/dir/1:/path/dir/2"19:20
tgm4883the : is the separater19:21
Morphine_dripyeah, my mistake. i did have the ':' separator...it mentions that character as a hint at the bottom of the screen.19:22
Morphine_dripeven so, i get the folders..1...2....then if i go into each folder i can see the videos...from the 'watch videos' link/menu i want to get a complete listing of the movies...all in one list.19:23
Morphine_dripusing symlinks wasn't any help19:23
tgm4883Morphine_drip, I got to run some errands, but did you set mythvideo as browsable, or do you have to scan for videos19:27
Morphine_dripi'll check now.19:27
Morphine_drip'video list browses files' is not checked19:28
tgm4883Morphine_drip, I dont know then, try unchecking "Show folders for database views"19:30
Morphine_dripok man19:30
Morphine_dripyeah, its already unchecked. thanks anyway man19:31
Morphine_dripquestion. it a directory contains an iso file (of a movie), that movies is listed in a blue colored text...whereas if i have a movie.img file in another directory...the directory that it is in is labeled in white. if i want to play each movie..i have to go into the white one....while i can play the iso in the blue dir just by selecting the dir19:47
Morphine_dripanyone know how i can get the behavior the same? dont care which way i go.19:48
MythbuntuGuest67my live cd wont start to boot any typs22:39
* Paladine is about to embark on installing mythbuntu on an HP T5700 Thin client :)23:20
Paladinejust waiting for the ISO to finish downloading23:21
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