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Flannelblah.  wrong factoid.  Maybe I'm getting old.00:58
nickrudflannel, I took a look at your scale page under the loco; are you that far behind in finding everything?01:53
Flannelnickrud: Well, I don't think anyone's actually filled in anything on that page.01:54
nickrudexcept you01:54
FlannelI haven't filled in everything01:54
nickrudone thing I may be able to offer; a space to keep stuff overnight if necessary; my office is about a mile away01:54
Flannelnickrud: oooh, that would be much nicer than the current setup.  Which is me pile everything into my car and drive it to UCLA where I'll be staying.01:55
Flannelor at least, everything that needs to go home overnight01:55
nickrudI think I can guarantee the space over the weekend. I'll talk to my boss tomorrow. 01:55
FlannelSounds good, thanks01:56
FlannelWe're not really behind though.  This is around the same timeframe as last time.  Although I would like everything to be set and covered a week or two beforehand.01:58
nickrudI was teasing a bit; a month and a half to go is a lot of time.01:58
FlannelLast year we more or less decided we were going like a week ago ;)01:59
nickrudI remember asking you if you were going, you said no. I do remember it being really close01:59
Flannelnickrud: You're welcome to attend/lurk at the meeting tonight (in one hour)01:59
nickrudas long as it's over by 8, 24 is on. (I can't believe I just wrote that last sentence)02:00
nickrudkk. I'm going to join now, or else my little brain will forget02:01
tritiumGood evening.03:56
FlannelHowdy tritium 03:57
tritiumHow are you, Flannel?03:57
FlannelDoing fine.  How about yourself?03:57
tritiumDoing fine, thanks.03:58
FlannelFirky is apparently causing trouble in -ot05:13
Flannel(he's got a few nicks, but that'll show up in /lastlogs, Jettson...somethign and opersts and markpee05:13
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ubottuIn ubottu, ajmorris said: silence is can haz conversation?07:07
FlannelAlright, anyone avail for -ot?07:08
topyliFlannel: just arrived. looks interesting07:11
Flanneltopyli: I think its settled actually.07:11
FlannelI got dmsuperman to stop.07:11
topylii saw, was surprised :)07:12
FlannelHe may claim selective reading, but one of his previous comments was kickable in and of itself.07:12
topylihe often does that. will be banned eventually i'm afraid07:13
topylislow learner07:13
FlannelEh, once he starts getting removed and/or short term bans due to it, he'll learn.07:15
FlannelOr react violently and one way or another find his way elsewhere07:15
Flanneleither due to long term bans or just plain stubbornness07:15
Flanneltopyli, mind nudging him?07:40
topyliyeah i think he's back to "normal" again07:40
jussi01topyli: http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS1969296587.html08:24
Tm_Tjussi01: hummm?08:25
jussi01Tm_T: Id love one of those... and topyli and I were talking about them the other day...08:26
Tm_Tindeed! except, I usually need height in display :p08:28
jussi01Tm_T: its not any worse than a normal netbook...08:29
topylijussi01: that's one sexy device. $1200 for the ssd version though...08:30
jussi01topyli: yeah, thats the only real downside08:30
jussi01but hel yeah, Id love one... maybe the company will buy it for me...08:31
Tm_Tjussi01: :p08:33
topylilet me know if it will, i'll apply for a job there as well08:33
Tm_To wai i canno get to tokamak08:34
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, aubade said: !pressbutton is reply recieve bacon08:56
ubot3In #ubuntu-offtopic, aubade said: !pressbutton is reply recieve bacon08:56
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Myrttijussi01: too late10:01
jussi01was waiting for it10:01
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.10:06
FlannelMyrtti: I'd drop that topic10:24
MyrttiFlannel: just did.10:24
FlannelMyrtti: with aprilhare anyway.10:25
MyrttiI hate lag.10:38
Myrttilag is the mind killer10:38
Myrttigot to love the spam subject lines11:46
Myrtti"Making in a monster tool" oooooooh, I've always wanted a toxic green wrench.11:47
elkbuntui needs early night. cyas12:06
ikonia##club-ubuntu-fr ???? really ????12:24
Myrttiikonia: sadly, yes.12:25
ikoniayou can swear in french in there then12:25
Myrttiyou did know there was -nl already, right?12:26
* Pici yawns, then facepalms12:26
ikoniaMyrtti: nope12:26
* ikonia brushes up on his cursing in different language12:26
Myrttihas been for ages12:27
Myrttiit SUCKS.12:27
Tm_TPici: hmmmmm, can you find out all bans I have set in #kubuntu ?13:05
PiciTm_T: Search the bantracker for your nick?13:06
Tm_Thmm, maybe I should, thanks13:06
PiciTm_T: And only check show existing mutes and existing bans13:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:23
ubottuAn error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.13:23
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:23
ubottuAn error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.13:23
Myrtticonversation in jaiku "a picture that depicts 'cloud computing'"13:29
Myrttimy suggestion: mold or shrooms.13:29
Tm_Thi Myrtti and kids14:00
PiciHello again14:00
Picijussi01: ping14:09
jussi01Pici: yes?14:11
Picijussi01: no bot14:11
Picijussi01: nevermind, looks to be rejoining now14:12
* jussi01 ignores Pici :P14:12
jussi01Pici: I wasalready on it :)14:12
Picijussi01: Ah :)14:12
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ikonia15:01 -!- asus [n=asus@] has joined #ubuntu15:02
ikoniais that asustek ?15:02
Jack_SparrowStill Sleeping it seems15:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:17
jussi01oldy, but a goody... http://kuvaton.com/kuvei/unix_licence_plate.jpg15:40
stdinTm_T: you can use "oper:Tm_T chan:#kubuntu" to see all your activity in #kubuntu15:49
Tm_Tstdin: thanks15:49
ubottuIn ubottu, DJones said: !msnpidgin is MSN have recently changed the connection protocol for MSN clients, as a result, later versions of Pidgin are unable to connect to MSN servers.  A temporary fix is to "Sudo apt-get install msn-pecan", restart Pidgin and then edit your MSN accounts to change the connection type from MSN to WLM.  This method will not support offline messaging however. Alternatively, please wait for the developers to issue a fix.16:24
Tm_Tjussi01: stdin: hmmm, crisis!16:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about plasma16:27
stdin!search plasma16:27
ubottuFound: plasmoids-#kubuntu-kde416:27
Jack_SparrowShould we make a temp factoid for MSN and pidgin/amsn16:28
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: perhaps, what's your information about it and what source?16:28
Jack_SparrowAnd all the complaints in the channel16:28
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: it's also affects newest Kopete16:28
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: and our team is investigating it too (:16:29
Tm_Twe have temporary solution it seems16:30
* Tm_T loves opensource <3<3<316:30
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: perhaps something like...16:33
Tm_T!search msn16:33
ubottuFound: msn, hotmail, jabber, pidgin, kopete16:33
Tm_Tubottu: brokenmsn is MS apparently upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients to unable to connect, shame on them16:34
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Tm_T said: ubottu: brokenmsn is MS apparently upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients to unable to connect, shame on them16:34
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:34
Tm_Tubottu: brokenmsn is MS apparently upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients to unable to connect, shame on them16:34
ubottuI'll remember that, Tm_T16:34
Tm_Tfeel free to fix that one16:35
Jack_SparrowSo !brokenmsn  noted16:35
Jack_Sparrowthat should be enough as it is16:35
Myrttioh noes. it's mneptok.16:39
* Pici hides16:39
Garyhey mneptok 16:46
PriceChildgrrrrr msn16:46
Ursinhait seems kopete still works16:46
Tm_TUrsinha: not the newest16:47
Tm_TUrsinha: using new msn implementation16:47
Ursinhaoh.. I see..16:47
Tm_TKopete: 0.70.5016:47
Tm_Tsays here16:47
Ursinhamy boyfriend says he's still able to connect, let me see his version16:48
Tm_TUrsinha: prolly older16:49
Tm_Tatleast KDE 4.2 series required16:49
Tm_Tthat would be 0.60.x16:49
Ursinhahm, he's using kde 3.x yet16:50
Tm_Tthat's ancient16:50
Tm_T0.12 series I guess16:50
Ursinhayes, precisely16:52
Tm_TUrsinha: see version, see date: http://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/kopete-05050-01.png16:53
ubottuIn ubottu, ankit said: skype is running16:54
UrsinhaTm_T, according to him it's the newest version of kde 3.x series16:55
UrsinhaTm_T, I see16:55
Ursinhabeautiful desktop, btw16:55
Tm_TUrsinha: well it is16:55
Tm_TUrsinha: but it's just that development hasn't been happening there since, well, 2006 (:16:56
Ursinhahe's about to migrate to kde 416:56
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:56
Tm_TUrsinha: current.png in same location is what I have now, in middle of remaking my windecos and stuff16:56
UrsinhaTm_T, cool :)16:58
Jack_SparrowIs this the right syntax  !no brokenmsn is a !brokenmsn MS apparently upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients to unable to connect, shame on them16:59
Tm_TJack_Sparrow: I guess16:59
Jack_Sparrow!no brokenmsn is a !brokenmsn MS apparently upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients to unable to connect, shame on them17:00
ubottuI'll remember that Jack_Sparrow17:00
PiciJack_Sparrow: use <reply>17:00
Myrtti!no brokenmsn is <reply> MS upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients unable to connect.17:00
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti17:00
ubottuMS upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients unable to connect.17:00
Tm_TMyrtti: nothing to shame on that?17:01
Jack_Sparrowthanks Myrtti 17:01
MyrttiTm_T: they upgraded them, what's there to be shamed?17:01
Tm_TMyrtti: not telling us too (;)17:01
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:01
MyrttiTm_T: it's not like they're obliged to inform the rest of the world, since they assume they rule the world all by themselves.17:01
Tm_TMyrtti: I know17:02
Jack_SparrowIm gonna go hide17:02
Tm_TI know it way too well17:02
Myrttiif it fixes some security holes in their protocol/service, then I'm more than happy17:02
Tm_TI wonder if they did17:02
Tm_Tanyway, we got our workaround already, thanks to libmsn being somewhat sane17:03
Jack_Sparrow!no brokenmsn is <reply> MS upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients unable to connect.  Workaround is just sudo apt-get install msn-pecan, and then restart pidgin and create an account of type wlm and supply your MSN credentials17:18
ubottuI'll remember that Jack_Sparrow17:18
Jack_SparrowNudge me if you have an issue with the new factoid17:19
Jack_Sparrow!no brokenmsn is <reply> MS upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients unable to connect.  Workaround for pidgin 2.5.2 users is sudo apt-get install msn-pecan, and then restart pidgin and create an account of type wlm and supply your MSN credentials17:20
ubottuI'll remember that Jack_Sparrow17:20
stdintoo many "and"'s in one sentence for my liking17:21
Jack_SparrowThats the prob with cut and paste.. will work on grammar now17:22
Jack_Sparrow!no brokenmsn is <reply> MS upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients unable to connect.  Workaround for pidgin 2.5.2 users is sudo apt-get install msn-pecan. Restart pidgin, create an account of type wlm and supply your MSN credentials17:22
ubottuI'll remember that Jack_Sparrow17:23
Jack_Sparrowstdin, Better?17:23
stdinyep, except for the extraneous spaces ;)17:23
stdin!no brokenmsn is <reply> MS upgraded their MSN Messenger servers, causing newest 3rd party clients unable to connect. Workaround for pidgin 2.5.2 users is « sudo apt-get install msn-pecan » Restart pidgin, create an account of type wlm and supply your MSN credentials17:24
ubottuI'll remember that stdin17:24
Jack_SparrowNOw you're just nitpikkin17:24
stdinevery byte counts :)17:24
Jack_SparrowEvery bit if you are working for the military17:25
stdinthen again « and » are 2 bytes each, so oh well17:26
Myrttilacks a full stop in the end17:29
topylior an exclamation mark!17:29
Jack_SparrowMArk Twain said exclamation marks are like the author laughing at his own joke17:30
Jack_SparrowWhat does he know.. he is dead17:30
topylimight have been true back in his time. he never knew the wonders of canned laughter and APPLAUSE signals17:32
Piciikonia: Sorry, just got back to my desk, reading the scrollback now17:54
ikoniaPici: not a problem17:54
ikoniathe guy is just making stuff up now17:54
ikoniawhat is AntiSpamMeta17:57
ikoniabot just joined #ubuntu 17:57
PiciIts an allowed bot.17:57
ikoniait was a part, not a join, my mistake17:58
PiciWhat was that?18:16
Piciikonia: ^18:17
ikoniathe kick ban18:17
ikoniais that what you mean18:17
Piciikonia: Indeed18:17
ikoniain pm 18:17
ikoniaflooding me with !!!!18:17
ikonialet him back in after kicking me18:18
ikoniastayed quiet in the channel18:18
ikoniaflooded me with !!!18:18
ikoniawhich was what I'd asked him to stop in pm18:18
PiciI only asked because I didnt see any channel activity.18:18
ikoniaso removed him, clear he just wants trouble18:18
ikoniaand rightly so18:18
ikoniaI'll note it in BT in a moment18:18
ikoniahe thinks he can get away with it in pm 18:18
ikoniahe was mistaken18:18
ikoniamuted him first (after the kick) and he kept going , so he got removed again18:19
ikonia(just be clear for the logging)18:19
ikoniaheads up on #archlinux-offtopic18:26
ikoniaknown issue people joining18:26
ikonia708:37 < sakoV2> F U UBUNTU!18:27
PiciGotta go to a meeting, hold the fort ;)18:27
ikoniaokey dokey18:28
Jack_SparrowIm on thin ice, I just had to tell her that her issue was not  OS but operator error in the app she was running..   I'll burn for this one18:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about voip18:46
Myrtti!search voip18:47
ubottuFound: bostonvoip, teamspeak18:47
ubottuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Boston/Participate  go on you know you want to18:47
Myrttiwhen the hell was Boston?18:47
Myrttilike ages ago?18:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sip18:47
Myrtti!search sip18:47
ubottuFound: 18:47
Tm_T"the buzz is of excitement having Ubuntu installed"18:49
* Tm_T hides18:49
ubottubostonvoip has no aliases - added by ompaul on 2007-10-29 16:01:2418:50
jussi01!forget bostonvoip18:50
ubottuI'll forget that, jussi0118:50
Tm_Terr, ankit18:51
ubottuIn ubottu, mossmon said: my name is vesa19:11
Piciyour name is mossmon19:29
* Flannel often laughs at his own jokes. Maybe I ought to use more exclamation points.19:34
Seeker`because exclamation points help you stop laughing?19:35
ikoniapidgin just started working with msn, doesnt look like a protocol issue after all, or MS rolled back their changes19:41
jussi01Seeker`: context: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/104081/19:41
Seeker`ikonia: I was having problems connecting earlier19:42
Tm_Tikonia: it is protocol issue19:42
ikoniaTm_T: how did it start working then ?19:43
jussi01mine has worked all along.... with bitlbee19:44
Seeker`also, webmessenger wasn't working19:44
Myrttijussi01: because you're not using libpurple19:45
jussi01Myrtti: ;)19:45
jussi01I get the cast off on friday \o/19:46
jussi01cant wait19:46
Seeker`jussi01: cool19:47
* Pici sighs19:47
Seeker`jussi01: the cast of what? red dwarf? :P19:47
jussi01Seeker`: the cast on my broken leg... but of course you knew that...19:49
Seeker`jussi01: I did know that. Above was my attempt at a joke.19:49
Piciikonia: can you move it to PM or something, I think we're taking up too much channel space19:50
ikoniaits done19:50
Seeker`who what where?19:50
MyrttiI get a bum rub on Friday! \o/19:50
ikoniasome guys going on about the PS3 in #ubuntu19:50
Seeker`ah yes19:51
Seeker`Myrtti: ?!?19:51
Seeker`ikonia: mayhaps you should get out a shiny boot19:51
ubottuUm thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...19:51
Myrttimeh, like you didn't know about my sciatic hiney19:52
MyrttiI've been complaining about it for year and a half19:52
ikoniaFlannel: is too quick19:52
FlannelSorry for stealing your fire19:52
Seeker`his 1337 op skillz19:53
ikoniano no, your qicker19:53
ikoniaquicker even19:53
Myrttihe's on ot...19:54
ikoniaMyrtti: make him go19:54
Myrttiwas it #ubuntu-ppc or #ubuntu-powerpc?20:01
PiciMyrtti: ppc forwards to powerpc20:02
topyliMyrtti: wanna play some more?20:04
Myrttitopyli: peelopallo?20:04
topyliyes :)20:05
topylilong game, this20:05
Myrttihe's on my firing line atm, so one misstep and he's gone20:17
ikoniaI can't see him even speaking20:18
FlannelNor can I20:18
Myrttithat's right... I'm just anticipating him to come up with something "witty"20:18
Myrttiif I know internet trolls at all, he's either going to part or flood the channel with something idiotic20:19
nickrud_Flannel, how much stuff do you think you'll need storage for?20:19
Flannelnickrud_: What? Oh20:20
Flanneluh, a few computers, monitors.20:20
FlannelThat's really it.20:20
nickrud_for example, would it all fit on an 10x4 table?20:20
nickrud_cool. 98% cleared then :)20:21
FlannelI suppose we may have more than a few computers, but I fully intend to throw the extra CD burning boxes in my car in case we need to tweak buntustand overnight.20:21
nickrud_yeah, I still can't see you having more than that size, in an 8x10 booth where people have to work20:22
FlannelYeah.  Well, did you look at the images from last year?  We don't really work "in" the booth much.20:23
FlannelAlways thinking outside the box ;)20:23
Flannelbut, the point still stands20:24
nickrud_heh. Clogging the aisles20:25
FlannelIndeed, indeed.  Works out really well with demo computers with taller tables.20:25
nickrud_One important thing: this is a security building, we would need to provide a manifest so the staff will let you take it out in the mornings20:25
FlannelWe can take care of that manifest in the evening when we drop them off, right?20:26
ikoniaare you guys doing something fun ?20:26
nickrud_yes, or a day or two before if possible. Not all staff are equal, some can accept manifests and others can't. Guess who works late ;)20:26
Tm_Tikonia: always20:26
Flannelikonia: California LoCo is doing SCaLE20:27
ikoniaooh cool !20:27
Flannelnickrud_: Alright.  Hopefully I'll be able to get it all taken care of earlier then.20:27
FlannelI'd sleep better that way anyway, knowing exactly which computers we'll have, etc.20:27
nickrud_Flannel, so I should get back to work. But storage isn't a problem, and you know about a manifest (close, perfection isn't necessary) a day in advance.20:28
FlannelYep.  Thanks20:28
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: thank you for joining the #ubuntu-ops channel20:37
Tm_Tikonia: what's this?20:38
PriceChildNGL-Jabrroa: Hello?20:38
NGL-Jabrroaok now what20:38
PriceChildNGL-Jabrroa: You are being forwarded from #ubuntu.20:39
NGL-Jabrroayes im not dumb but thanks20:39
NGL-Jabrroawhy do you want me in here?20:39
PriceChildNGL-Jabrroa: Sorry I was under the impression you didn't understand because of your parting and joining.20:40
ikoniasorry about that20:40
ikoniamy connection dropped for a second20:40
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: I brought you in here after Jack_Sparrow kicked you, 20:40
NGL-Jabrroayes i know thaat20:40
ikoniaI just wanted two minutes of your time as what's going on in #ubuntu can't continue20:40
ikoniaapologies for the slow response20:41
NGL-Jabrroawhat do you want?20:41
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: I just want you to acknowledge to stop messing around and playing games in the channel20:41
NGL-Jabrroai am not20:41
NGL-Jabrroatalking about ubuntu20:42
ikoniacome on, you are20:42
NGL-Jabrroais not playing20:42
NGL-Jabrroano i was talking first about ubuntu on the PS320:42
ikoniaok, so you kept talking about PS3 when you where asked manyt times to stop20:42
Seeker`NGL-Jabrroa: is it a deliberate attempt to annoy us then?20:42
NGL-Jabrroano UBUNTU on it20:42
ikoniayou make up stuff about running the PC version of ubuntu on PS3 hardware20:42
NGL-Jabrroai was answering questions20:42
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: I appriciate you where answering questions but you where asked to stop20:42
NGL-Jabrroacuz you went crazy20:42
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: the user was being pointed at the correct support resourcves20:43
NGL-Jabrroayea and we looked :)20:43
ikoniayet you kept discussing it20:43
NGL-Jabrroaand we moved on20:43
ikoniayou where asked not to 20:43
ikoniathen you tried to pretend you where using a PC version on your PS3 so you could keep talking20:43
ikoniait's tedious - it's not needed20:43
NGL-Jabrroabecause it makes no difference20:43
ikoniait does20:43
ikoniait makes a difference that the version your discussing is not supported20:44
ikoniaand also - people asked you nicley to stop20:44
NGL-Jabrroaok if i came in and said the same things about the pc version noone would care20:44
ikoniaand people found the correct support resources20:44
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: well, the fact that the PC version is different would give out bad advice20:44
NGL-Jabrroano it was the official PC 32 bit version20:44
ikoniaon a PS320:44
ikoniayour running the intel 32bit version on a Ps320:44
PriceChild#ubuntu is a support resource manned by volunteers. We don't appreciate people wasting our time and deliberately causing trouble.20:44
NGL-Jabrroayes i have a hard modded ps3 bud20:45
ikoniais that honestly what your saying20:45
NGL-Jabrroaim not20:45
NGL-Jabrroayes it is20:45
ikoniawhat so your PS3 now has an intel processor onit20:45
NGL-Jabrroayou ccould say its added20:45
PriceChildI don't think its worth any more time wasted.20:45
ikoniaI agree20:45
Tm_TNGL-Jabrroa: what you say is nonsense and unless you don't have some hard proof on your side, please stop talking nonsense20:46
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: I'll remove the forward to this channel for you, I just request you stop trying to cause an issue20:46
NGL-Jabrroawell since you just cant seem to be smart enough to mod even a PS3 you have no place bieng an op20:47
ikoniaseriously, you seem switched on, just place nice20:47
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: you don't have to be the best technically to be an op20:47
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: so thats a pointless comment20:47
Tm_Toh well20:47
Seeker`the phrase "pics or it didn't happen" comes to mind20:47
Tm_TSeeker`: exactly what I'm meaning, but didn't want to say it that way20:48
Seeker`neither did I20:48
Seeker`but I was about |<->| close to saying it (not to scale)20:48
ikoniaI'm going to find out about the possability of this hardmod20:49
ikoniacurious now20:49
Tm_Tikonia: indeed, but it's not ps2 anymore if you put intel inside20:50
Tm_Tit's pc in ps3 casing20:50
ikoniaI cant see how it would be possible20:50
ikoniadue to a.) hypervisor being dead b.) the Os not working on x8620:50
ikoniahe's not very friendly20:55
Tm_Tikonia: still?20:57
PiciTm_T: hence my ':)'  in #k20:59
* Myrtti grunts at her sciatica21:00
Tm_Tyour what?21:00
Piciback/butt nerve pain21:00
Tm_TI got that kind of pain too21:01
PiciAparrently quite painful, my father has just sarted to get it.21:01
Myrttimine isn't that bad anymore, but sometimes when I'm just contemplating on life and everything, it emerges to the surface of my conscious mind and then it's really difficult to ignore21:02
Jack_SparrowMyrtti, May I suggest a good book..  Pain Free by egoscue.. I could not walk for 5 months.. got that book and was walking in 4 weeks21:03
Seeker`heh "Can anyone not busy help me out real quick" if you dont know the solution to the problem, how doyou know it will be quick21:03
Jack_SparrowI am downloading a cube like addon for windows atm.. I had never heard of it.. but DeskSpace   ? Looks like a cube desktop to me21:04
Seeker`looks like 502 bad gateway to me21:05
Jack_SparrowIm there now21:06
Jack_SparrowJust refreshed to be sure21:06
Jack_SparrowYEa thats it, comes up here21:09
ikoniaok, he just got busted21:15
ikoniano intel Ps3 - no 2GB ps321:15
NGL-Jabrroahello again21:16
solid_liqhey, why am I banned from #ubuntu?21:16
NGL-Jabrroahaha you too?21:16
solid_liqI don't know why21:16
NGL-Jabrroame either21:16
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: you know why - please leave21:16
NGL-Jabrroai was talking about ubuntu :)21:17
ikoniasolid_liq: I'll be with you in 2 minutes if thats ok21:17
solid_liqikonia: sure21:17
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: yes, as was I - you know why your banned21:17
NGL-Jabrroaand now you come try to ruin other channels21:17
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: please leave21:17
ikonia!idle > NGL-Jabrroa 21:17
ubottuNGL-Jabrroa, please see my private message21:17
NGL-Jabrroai saw it21:18
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: great, could you leave please if you have nothing to discuss about your ban21:18
l0flshey is their an op in here than can help me out with op abuse in #ubuntu21:18
ikoniasolid_liq: just looking at your request21:18
ikonial0fls: sure, what's up21:18
solid_liqikonia: okay21:18
Jack_Sparrowsolid_liq, Did you use the nick...  "ShanDooo", not only the link he posted (DON'T CLICK) is not appropriate, but it caused both my Konqueror and my Firefox to freeze solid.    21:18
ikoniasolid_liq: be with you asap21:18
solid_liqJack_Sparrow: nope21:18
l0flsikonia:  should i pm you the transcript?21:19
Jack_Sparrowsolid_liq, Ok, one sec, looks like the floodbot21:19
ikonial0fls: you can put it in a pastebin if you want21:19
l0flsikonia: okiedokie21:19
solid_liqJack_Sparrow: k21:19
ikoniaJack_Sparrow: have you found solid_liq's ban21:19
ikoniaNGL-Jabrroa: Please leave21:19
Tm_Tikonia: may I help him a bit?21:19
Jack_Sparrowikonia, floodbot21:20
ikoniaTm_T: who ?21:20
l0flsikonia:  http://pastebin.com/m4341170321:20
Tm_Tikonia: NGL-Jabrroa21:20
Jack_Sparrowikonia, no comment attached21:20
l0flsikonia: check it out and let me know if i was wrong cause i feel i was not wrong and i was down wrong21:20
Jack_Sparrowikonia, Jan 11 2009 15:14:221:20
ikoniaTm_T: sure but based on what I've just seen in other channels and his total lies/attitude I won't be removing the ban21:20
ikoniaJack_Sparrow: thanks, I couldn't find it21:20
Tm_Tikonia: neither would I21:21
Jack_Sparrowikonia, We can remove that one21:21
Jack_Sparrowsolid_liq, One more sec21:21
ikoniaJack_Sparrow: if you see it - please remove21:21
solid_liqJack_Sparrow: k21:21
ikoniaTm_T: hahhhhh now I see the help21:21
ikoniaTm_T: sorry21:21
Tm_Tikonia: np21:21
ikonial0fls: look, to be honest, your talking about a topic thats not acceptable, you where asked to stop, and you wanted to try to work around it rather than just stopping21:21
ikoniaTm_T: didn't know you could do that21:21
ikoniaTm_T: gratzi 21:21
Tm_Tikonia: there's not much I cannot do21:22
ikoniaTm_T: obviously not21:22
Tm_Tikonia: part of being semigod21:22
l0flsikonia: thats true  i just thought a ban was kinda harsh21:22
Tm_Tl0fls: is not21:22
ikonial0fls: well, come on, you started a topic thats not great, you where asked to stop, you tried to work around it, come on, just stop21:22
Tm_Tl0fls: but removing it is free to be discussed, ofcourse21:22
Jack_Sparrowsolid_liq, Done, thank you for your patience21:22
ikonial0fls: you know it's not a good topic for a linux support channel21:22
ikonial0fls: and look at the dicussion with other uses it started21:22
solid_liqJack_Sparrow: thank you :D21:22
ikoniaJack_Sparrow: thanks man !21:23
l0flsikonia: thats tru just a little bit offtopic :)21:23
ikonial0fls: it's more than that, as you know21:23
Myrttilittle bit?21:23
ikonial0fls: and you could have just stopped21:23
Myrttiit's offtopic for *EVERY* *SINGLE* Ubuntu IRC channel21:23
l0flsTm_T:  ban is gone it was temp ban21:23
ikonial0fls: look at all the other people discussing it after you mention it21:23
ikonial0fls: I wouldn't give it a second thought then21:24
ikonial0fls: re-join the channel and get back into participating21:24
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)21:24
ikoniadon't give it a second thought21:24
l0flsikonia:  thats the problem i dont think before i speak but i will now21:24
l0flstake care all im reallylllly late for class21:24
ikonial0fls: good man21:24
Tm_Trush hour21:26
nickrud_Tm_T, what's your preferred incense?21:31
Tm_Tmy preferred what?21:31
Tm_TI know that's a name of the band21:32
MyrttiTm_T: suitsuke21:32
nickrud_as a demi-god, you don't rate burnt entrails, but incense is reasonable21:32
Tm_Tnickrud_: whatever makes you feel better21:32
nickrud_cool. I keep a few varieties around, just in case ;)21:33
Jack_SparrowMyrtti, Did you see the name of that book.  I highly recommend it21:33
MyrttiJack_Sparrow: yeah, I have to look if I can find it21:33
Jack_SparrowMyrtti, I feel strongly about it and if you cant find it let me know.  I have been to his clinic in Del Mar and I cant speak highly enough about what it did for me21:34
Jack_Sparrowbrb< I just gotta try this cube in windows21:35
nickrud_nothing like adding more breakage to windows, although I do use something that provides 4 desktops21:36
Flannelnickrud_: The powertools one?21:41
nickrud_Flannel, http://www.codeplex.com/vdm21:42
nickrud_provides a nice, floating switcher that shows above ubuntu in a full screen vm. 21:43
Jack_SparrowCube in XP Pro.. Gotta Love it21:46
FlannelAh.  There's a MS one too.  I tried it once, it munges the taskbar stuff21:49
jussi01people here still use wndows? o.O 21:55
Seeker`jussi01: my room gets a bit dark otherwise21:56
Seeker`daylight is nice occasionally21:56
jussi01Seeker`: overated...21:56
jussi01anyway, bed time for me21:56
Jack_SparrowFlannel, Seems to wwork fine, but didnt push it much22:03
FlannelJack_Sparrow: What does?22:07
Jack_SparrowThe cube in XP ppro22:07
Jack_Sparrownickrud, Hold down the fort, I need to start making dinner...  22:10
nickrud_Jack_Sparrow, I'm at work on a short break ....22:10
FlannelDinner? its 2!22:11
Jack_SparrowFlannel, Making soup from scratch, smoked turkey legs and fresh veggies etc22:39
Jack_SparrowFlannel, Besides I am old, I am allowed to eat dinner at 4pm22:39
Jack_SparrowCrashBandicoot, How may we help you today22:40
CrashBandicootwrong room22:41
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:42
ikonialooks like a forwarder thats just realised he's not in #ubuntu22:45
Jack_SparrowI dont see a ban.. some are close.. but not on him22:46
nickrud_name is very familiar22:47
Jack_SparrowI think it is John Nelson22:48
Jack_SparrowIt is... He fessed up22:48
ikoniahow did you guess ?22:50
ikonia@bansearch [c0re]23:05
ubottuMatch: [c0re]!*@* by ikonia in #ubuntu on Dec 18 2008 16:45:52 (ID: 8083)23:05
ikonia[c0ma] = [c0re] ?23:06
ikoniaor c-0-r-e23:06
ikoniac-0-r-e's account has been deleted so I'm wondering if it's [c0ma]23:07
ikoniacan't see the ip's c-0-r-e was using though due to cloak23:07
ikoniaGary: PriceChild freenoders can you look23:07
ikonia22:51 < [c0ma]> put the live cd in your microwave for 30 seconds then try to  boot it...23:08
ikoniamakes me think it is him23:09
Seeker`makes me think its a troll even if it isn't him23:23
ikoniabe nice to know if it was23:23

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