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seb128tseliot: did you have a chance to look at bug #314406 yet btw?13:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314406 in gnome-desktop "xrandr plugin of g-s-d crashes on startup" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31440613:17
tseliotseb128: yes, but I'm waiting for Gnome's API freeze13:25
seb128tseliot: why?13:25
tseliotbecause I would like to adapt the patch to use the new functions in libgnome-desktop13:26
tseliotand I would like to write my patch only once13:26
seb128which means g-s-d will crash for everybody who changed their config upgrading to jaunty only because the upstream code might change again?13:28
tseliotseb128: no, it means that I would like to rebase my patch on the new code instead of simply keep adding functions which upstream drops13:36
seb128ah ok13:36
tseliotseb128: BTW doesn't the API freeze begin tomorrow?13:39
seb128tseliot: let me look at the schedule13:39
tseliotno, sorry, 1413:39
tseliotthe 14th13:39
seb128tseliot: it does start this week indeed13:39
tseliotgood :-)13:39
seb128I doubt anybody will do changes now13:39
seb128you can start working on your changes ;-)13:40
brycemm, new xserver
brycetjaalton: I'd also like to see the patch for bug #260138 in our new xserver21:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260138 in xorg-server "Xorg needs client limit raised" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26013821:23
brycetjaalton: should I wait until you've finished the xserver packaging (so I can test builds), or put it in git for now after ensuring the patch applies, or...?21:24
tjaaltonbryce: I was just thinking about it :)21:25
tjaaltonthe feature21:25
tjaaltonthe proto needs to be fixed first21:26
tjaaltonmaybe after alpha321:27
brycebug 260138 after alpha3, or the new xserver after alpha3?21:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260138 in xorg-server "Xorg needs client limit raised" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26013821:31
tjaaltonthat bug21:32
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: there are several input patches merged to 1.6 only recently...21:33
Alexia_Deathdid they get in?21:33
brycetjaalton: ok21:33
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: I'm not sure21:33
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: oh, if they were already merged it means that they are in the rc121:33
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: the last one was merged today...21:34
Alexia_Deathnot in rc121:34
Alexia_Deathand it fixes messed up buttons for tablers.21:34
Alexia_Deaththere also was a crash fix and history buffer fix.21:34
tjaaltonthen it was merged to master, not 1.6-branch21:35
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: cherrypicked for 1.6 all of them21:35
Alexia_Deathand merged to both afaik-21:35
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: which means they are in rc1..21:36
Alexia_Deatheven the one merged today?21:36
tjaaltonrc1 was tagged 33min ago21:36
tjaaltonoh, 23min21:37
Alexia_Deaththen they are in!21:37
Alexia_Deaththen theres only a little issue with wacom diver and we have HOTPLUG!21:38
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: sorry, I didnt know when rc1 was taged.21:38
tjaaltonnp :)21:40
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: when its inn I will have mpre testers for my hotplug daemon...21:41
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: it works btw;)21:42
Alexia_Deathgot a tablet yourself?21:43
tjaaltonI've got mine sitting idle..21:43
Alexia_DeathWith those patches in, all thats needed is a little hack in wacom driver to keep X from killing itself when devices are removed and then you can just run the daemon and all will work.21:44
Alexia_Deatherr... except perhaps pad buttons21:44
superm1bryce, i had a short call with NV a little bit ago, and i posed a question about upgrading the ABI on older driver releases.  they're not likely to be doing it on r177 and below, but likely r180 and newer only22:08
superm1makes you question whether supporting all the other "older" stuff at all in the archive will be worth it22:08
brycehrm, well until nouveau is better (or -nv de-obfuscates), that leaves us a bit stuck...22:09
tjaaltonI know who's going to get all the shit..22:09
tjaaltonoh, sh*t22:10
brycesuperm1: I've a call with them tomorrow, do you have suggestions for what I should communicate?22:10
* bryce passes out fans22:10
brycewish we could do stuff like that...22:12
tjaaltonmaybe we do need a plan-b regarding nouveau (2D)?22:12
brycehas there been much testing on older cards?22:13
tjaaltonno idea22:14
tjaaltonaltough, I'm not sure if it's better than -nv on those22:15
tjaaltonsome extra features yes22:15
tjaaltonmaybe it would be too much of an effort to make it supportable at this point..22:16
jcristaucanonical could hire a nouveau developer :p22:17
tjaaltonheh :)22:21
superm1bryce, well you can ask them to support more of  the releases, but from what i understand on how their development is working, porting the stub that identifies ABI supported in the driver becomes more and more work for them22:21
superm1bryce, so at least from the Dell perspective, we're asking them for current stable driver (r180) + unstable driver (r18[0+x]) match the ABI22:22
tjaaltonthere's a thread on nvnews.net where an update was requested (a couple of months ago), and they said that it was a WIP but low-priority... indeed22:23
bryceideas on quantity of cards that will become unsupported in -nvidia with this, compared with intrepid?22:24
brycefew, lots, ...?22:24
superm1bryce, so perhaps a good question to pose to them from your perspective is whether there is any intention of dropping cards with releases, or if they can try to focus on keeping cards supported going forward22:24
tjaalton6xxx and earlier are now unsupported22:24
superm1oh they are. psh :(22:24
tjaaltonwell, would be if it's true22:25
tjaaltonsince 173 was the last one supporting 5xxx, and IIRC 177 supported 6xxx?22:26
tjaaltonand 180 dropped it22:26
superm1man, that really sucks then.22:26
tjaaltonoh sorry, seems like 6xxx is supported by 180.2222:28
superm1if they can commit to not dropping cards, then can at least transition people from 177 to 180 at upgrade22:29
tjaaltonbut the ones supported by -96 and -173 would be lost22:30
tjaaltonbut hey, there's hardy22:30
brycefeh, really if they intend to stop giving ABI updates for those, and drop card support in the process, they should release the docs for those old chips22:35
bryceelse they'll just be encouraging people to switch to ATI/Intel22:35
tjaaltonwell, the GF5 series is maybe 5y old22:36
superm1well it's a question you can throw out at them at least about docs if they're not going to do ABI updates22:37
tjaaltonit would be really nice22:37
bryceyeah, like "would you be open to considering releasing docs for ...."22:37
bryceI think I know the answer, but it's worth asking22:38
tjaalton"beep - beep - beep ..."22:38
bryceif 6xxx is supported by 180.22, does that cut down the quantity of unsupported cards?  Or is it still "lots"?22:39
tjaaltonGF5xxx and the delta between 96/17322:40
tjaaltonie. the ones that 96 supports but 173 doesn't22:41
superm1sounds like it will be a fun call for you tomorrow :)22:42
tjaaltonlooks like GF4 & GF522:42
brycesuperm1: and shuttleworth will be on it too...22:43
superm1no pressure or anything22:44

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