sadmac2_Keybuk: interesting15:25
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Keybuksadmac2: when you're just doing WEXITED, it's fine15:26
Keybukbut as soon as you add in things like WSTOPPED | WCONTINUED, the wait queue can change under you15:27
Keybuk(something previously queued for WCONTINUED can change to WSTOPPED or WEXITED under you)15:27
sadmac2true story15:27
Keybuk(anything can change to WEXITED, etc.)15:27
keesjwouldn't upstart benefit from a second thread to qeue this stuff?19:18
Keybukkeesj: ?19:20
keesjsorry I must have misred. I was thinking there was a problem waiting for a child because of a broken system call19:32
Keybukthe syscall provides a flag that is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot19:50
Keybukbut it didn't break anything, because I was just using the flag to be clever19:51
sadmac2Keybuk: chocolate teapots are delicious20:50
sadmac2I fill mine with CRACK20:50
TMLWhere would I find upstart's equivalent of /etc/inittab?20:56
TMLOr am I perhaps barking up the wrong tree? Trying to help a friend who is on Ibex, without understanding how it works. We want to add a tty listening on the serial port for connecting a laptop to, so the box can run entirely "headless".20:58
sadmac2TML: /etc/event.d21:05
sadmac2TML: but you'll probably need more than that21:05
* sadmac2 isn't sure what manpages ubuntu ships for the jobfiles21:05
Keybukthe default ones ;)21:15

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