lc2sue_: there is no system xml file00:02
sue_lc2: what is that line referring to then?00:03
lc2sue_: it's not referring to an actual file, it's just a directive to include the standard system menu00:03
sue_I tried modifying menu items in the .cache directory, but as the name suggests, the next time I installed a package, my changes were lost00:04
sue_lc2: where is the standard system menu located?00:04
lc2sue_: it's not located anywhere afaik, it's generated on the fly00:04
whileimhereHey out there. Sully question but I was wondering will I see much of an improvement on my 1 gig of ram system if I use XFCE over GNOME?00:04
lc2you might want to poke around /usr/share/applications00:05
lc2if you want to edit a menu item00:05
lc2whileimhere: what processor?00:05
sue_whileimhere: define improvement.. I find that xfce is much better than Gnome in more ways than just speed00:05
lc2whileimhere: GNOME doesn't eat anywhere near a gig of ram, so you'll have enough memory for either, consequently you won't notice the difference00:06
lc2whileimhere: xfce is significantly faster, but that might be the difference between a couple of milliseconds and a few milliseconds, and not something you'll notice, depending on your processor00:06
lc2but hey, try it, if you don't like xfce you can have your money back00:07
sue_whileimhere: has more interface options, for one00:07
whileimhereLOL I just was wondering if it will be worth my 45 minute download. I used it before and thought it was okay.00:07
lc2whileimhere: 45 minute download? are you already running linux?00:07
sue_only things I've run into so far are that the menu editor dosen't really do anything and the calendar program is rather crashy.. and wish it was integrated with the clock00:08
lc2sue_: yeah that and the add-a-launcher thing is fail on a biblical scale00:09
sue_lc2: oh yes.. it'd be nice to add items from the menu00:09
lc2sue_: yeah, that.00:09
whileimhereGNOME desktop00:09
sue_and it was funny that it doesn't use the icon browser that the menu editor does00:09
lc2whileimhere: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop00:10
lc2whileimhere: shouldn't take 45 minutes00:10
sue_I heard that they are replacing the xfce menu in the next release00:10
lc2sue_: oh cool00:10
sue_from what I understood, it should be using the "standard" menus.. so maybe the gnome menu editor will then work too00:11
lc2sue_: winrar00:11
lc2sue_: winnar00:11
lc2i'm happy with that, the only reason i only have like 8 launchers on my panel is because it takes roughly five years to add one00:12
sue_when I was working with the menu in the .cache directory, it was actually fine.. just too bad that my changes were lost, hehe00:13
lc2sue_: edit their entries in /usr/share/applications00:13
lc2that should do it i think00:14
lc2(disclaimer: i've not tried it)00:14
j1mcsue_: this is the best way i've found to edit the current xfce menu.  http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=4073000:14
j1mclook for the post by epimer00:15
j1mcnot user friendly but it works00:16
retourHave problems with FDD under Xubuntu - After reboot I have option Mount active - after single use it turns for permanently grey00:21
dopei have a p3 551mhz machine, can i run xubuntu on it00:23
j1mcdope: hi there00:24
j1mcdope: how much ram does you computer have?00:24
dopei think 51200:24
j1mcdope: you should be fine.00:24
dopecan i watch videos?00:25
lc2retour: i haven't a clue00:25
lc2dope: i run it in 384mb and yes, i watch po^H^Hvideos00:25
dopei've been having trouble installing00:25
j1mcdope: yes - dvd playback might be problematic because of your graphics card, but you could watch youtube and stuff like that00:25
dopeit hangs a lot00:25
dopebut i think that's a hardware issue00:26
lc2dope: try the alternative installer00:26
lc2the text-based one00:26
dopei did00:26
lc2oh ;(00:26
dopeit hung at 6% when it was installing the main stuff00:26
retourdope - without any problems!00:27
lc2dope: does it do that for both the alternative install and the normal installer?00:27
retourdo memory test00:27
retourBest - Verify your CD and THAN full memtest00:28
retourSoooo nobody is using floppies nowdays? hehe00:28
lc2retour: negative00:28
lc2i'm all into those newfangled "cd" and "usb" things00:28
retourwell I need it to install Linux on system with broken CD-ROM and too old BIOS to support USB boot00:29
lc2hm. ;(00:29
sue_lc2, jlmc, thanks a lot!00:30
lc2wait, what00:30
lc2sue_: you're very welcome, stick around00:30
lc2retour: you're going to install an entire system from floppies?00:30
lc2this is heroic00:30
retourGenerally easy - IF I can use Xubuntu on my any other 2 machines to make a floppy boot image for me BUT they both have issues00:30
lc2retour: you could try using it from the command line00:31
lc2(as i gather, you'd have to do that anyway)00:31
lc2(to make a bootable disk)00:31
retourNope - skeleton Linux runs from single FDD to detect USB pendrive and install itself from ISO image on it00:31
lc2retour: right, so you have a floppy disk image right00:32
retourYep and my console try returns even better results doing /dev/fd0 mount or umount it says bash:"access denied" ha!00:32
lc2yeah well, mounting it won't help you if you're trying to write a floppy disk image anyway00:33
lc2uh, i don't have a working floppy drive, it's still /dev/fd0 right?00:33
retourheh? can I do it into non mounted drive?00:33
retouryes /dev/fd000:33
lc2retour: yes, you can't do it any other way00:33
lc2sudo dd if=yourfile.img of=/dev/fd000:34
retourdd equals -> copy? Like using thunar and copy my file from HDD location into FDD?00:35
lc2no, dd = copy a file byte-for-byte onto its destination00:36
retourhmm I'm not getting it. Is dd + *.img file same as using burning app + ISO file to create CD with actual content and tons of files and folders?00:37
lc2retour: that's not an altogether bad analogy00:38
lc2think of your image as an ISO file, and yeah, you're just burning floppies00:38
lc2retour: /dev/fd0 is a device file, if you write to that, it will write *to the floppy disk itself*, filesystems be damned00:38
lc2your disk image is a byte-by-byte copy of exactly what a filesystem on a boot floppy should look like00:39
lc2i'm not sure if i'm making any sense, so feel free to inflict violence upon me00:40
lc2oh btw, don't do that if you've got the floppy mounted00:44
retourlc2: thank you for help. Aside of my FDD issues under Xubuntu I've used dd flopboot.img of=/dev/fd0 . Problem is that after that I've found same 1.4MB single *.img file on the floppy - Nothing looking like something making it bootable FDD00:44
lc2retour: it should be if=flopboot.img00:44
retourSo I only insert the floppy and go with a dd spell?00:44
lc2retour: but yeah00:44
retourWhaw - strange concept to me - thank for enlightement!00:45
lc2retour: most welcome, let us know how you get on00:45
lc2thank you for flying AIR XUBUNTU00:45
retourball: are you same ball from "hamradio"?00:48
ballhello retour00:48
ballyes, I am.00:48
ballbrb, fetching charger for this laptop00:48
ballhello cody-somerville00:53
ballback later, I'm being dragged away00:53
lc2also hi cody-somerville00:53
cody-somervilleHiya :)00:53
lc2wb ball01:02
ballHello AndyInkBlot01:04
ballwb retour01:08
lc2hey retour01:08
ball&73 ;-)01:08
retourhey ball!01:08
retourlc2: Big thank you for blowing off spiderwebs from my brain. NOT mounting it solved ALL my problems!01:09
lc2retour: woot. ;D01:09
lc2retour: so it worked?01:09
retourIt created proper WORKING floppy image! insted of attacking me with errors and simply copying image file into my floppy01:10
ballfloppy image of what?01:10
retourI only wonder what was on my floppy originally as every time system was trying to read it it was ending in almost freeze (bad sector?)01:10
lc2retour: for great justice01:11
retourI have to use floppy image of skeleton Linux to connect to my pendrive where ISO image is of the distro I'm installing (DSL) Damn Small Linux01:11
ballAh yes, I've heard of that one.01:13
lc2good luck with that01:13
retourlc2: good luck? should I expect any issues with it? I thought floppy part was the biggest one01:16
lc2retour: oh, no, just sayin'01:16
lc2it's like, lol floppy disk01:16
lc2i can't remember the last time i used one01:17
retourlc2: because of strange issues using old floppy (bad sector or demagnetized surface) how to format my old floppies under linux?01:19
retourformad /dev/fd0?01:19
lc2fdformat /dev/fd001:19
ballrefour: you don't format them, you make a filesystem on them.01:21
retourOH fdformat - exclusive spell for floppies! Thats good I was afraid of having to declare sectors, filesystem etc01:21
retourwell I have to tell you on one of them I executed fdisk with partition delete and make new DOS partition hehehe01:22
lc2retour: man mkdosfs01:22
lc2if you're that way inclined01:22
lc2(i've never used it)01:23
retournah I just wondered into wrong valley forgeting to ask you :D01:23
retournow I have your spell in my paper database!01:23
retourOK have a shot of Jagermeister and pile of old dusty floppies and magic splell - Time for some serious happening!01:28
lc2haha cool01:29
lc2btw, with fdformat, that will low-level format the disk but i don't think it'll create a filesystem thereon (as DOS format does), so yeah, see mkdosfs01:30
retourOK premature ejaculation. Here is my new error: Could not determine current format type: No such device01:31
lc2waiiit what01:32
retourwell wanted to say that I've got happy to early01:32
lc2retour: yeah that wasn't what i'm "what" about, i'm thinking about the "no such device" thing01:33
soulroothello, not sure if anyone can help?  I believe I unmounted my main partition in xubuntu and now my computer has a load error after power on.  I am running an older xubuntu cd in hopes of repair, but do not know how to remount the partition?01:33
retourAhh should I mount it NOW?01:35
lc2soulroot: sudo mkdir /what; sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /what01:35
lc2soulroot: i'm guessing it's sdb1, it probably is, but ls /dev/sd* to be sure01:35
lc2retour: to format it? no01:35
lc2...i never got to point out that mounting it won't help him fix it01:36
lc2oh well01:36
lc2retour: fdformat /dev/fd0u144001:39
lc2or it might be /dev/fd0H144001:40
lc2i'm googling, no working floppy drive to test it for you01:40
superm1has anyone tested the last few dailies for xubuntu jaunty?  is it booting up to the desktop properly?01:42
superm1i ask because the mythbuntu dailies from today are booting to black screen, with nothing that we recently changed likely causing it01:42
retourlc2: will try all your spells - hope none is a joke kinda "format HDD and reboot"01:43
lc2superm1: nosir01:43
superm1is there a dev channel i should ask in?01:43
superm1or just #xubuntu is the only one?01:43
lc2superm1: #xubuntu-dev01:44
lc2is the dev channel01:44
superm1lc2, i looked in there, but it's empty01:44
superm1oh xubuntu-devel probably01:44
retourlc2: I'm an idiot again! Works under root! Thank you for help!01:45
lc2superm1: oh sorry, my bad ;(01:45
lc2retour: hah :D01:45
superm1thanks lc2, i'll stick in there then :)01:45
retourlc2: Yep, thank you and nice to have somebody long enough into linux to work with floppies01:47
lc2retour: i first installed debian from floppies in 199801:47
lc2it was a triumph01:47
retourWOW! I remember installing W95 from 31 floppies or so. It was frikking labor and after 1-st boot a serious dissapointment01:48
lc2haha oh my01:48
arimakunalguien habla espaƱol??01:52
* lc2 pokes spanish speakers01:53
arimakunporque es incompatible xubuntu con wine ??01:53
zesssanyone know of a http mail client i can use for xubunt02:09
zessstrying to check hotmail but not through web browser02:10
lc2hey again zesss02:11
lc2gotmail may be of interest to you, if you're trying to fetch mail from a hotmail account02:12
lc2or getlive02:12
lc2apparently getlive is better02:12
lc2(personally, i don't know why everyone doesn't use gmail)02:13
zesssill try it02:23
zessswhere do i get         get live02:23
zessslc2 you there02:27
lc2zesss: yessir02:27
zessswhere do i get         get live02:27
lc2zesss: http://sourceforge.net/projects/getlive02:27
lc2(don't ask me how to install it, i haven't a clue, and don't have a hotmail account with which to test it)02:27
lc2(also, it seems to break pretty regularly from all i can tell)02:27
lc2can't you just like, use hotmail?02:30
zesssi guess soo02:36
lc2well, i've done my good deeds for the day02:49
lc2so i'm going to go kill some strangers then go to bed02:49
lc2failing that, go to bed02:50
User_can anyone see this?03:56
kebno :P03:57
=== User_ is now known as darren8808
kebstill can't see you :P03:58
darren8808trying again03:58
darren8808can anyone see me?03:58
kebdarren8808 i see your text in irc03:59
darren8808am I not see by everyone in the long list on the left... using chatzilla04:00
kebwell you can't be responsible for their software settings. if someone answers you eventually, you can be seen04:00
ballNew Mexico?04:02
darren8808newbe to this.. just have install questions for xbuntu04:02
darren8808yes. NM04:02
darren8808I mean xubuntu04:03
kebxubuntu works great for me04:03
darren8808working on a laptop install... boot from CD and it freezes on the logo screen where you have a bar running back and forth04:04
darren8808P3, 256 ram, compac armada, 30gb hd04:05
kebdid you verify the cd?04:05
darren8808was there supposed to be a menu b4 this where I had a chance to do that?04:06
kebyes on boot04:06
kebalso did you do a memtest?04:06
darren8808ok... I'll start up again and watch... brb04:06
kebyou should see the grub boot loader text04:06
darren8808ok... I'm there... chose check CD for defects04:07
kebprobly best to check memory first, because nothing else is valid if memory is bad04:07
darren8808ok... will re-boot and do again04:08
darren8808it's testing now04:10
darren8808is this test physical mem only?04:10
kebyes. what other kind of memory do you have?04:11
darren8808I'm wondering why it's taking so long04:11
kebit runs 8 tests, each exercising different aspects of the hardware and access to memory04:11
ballpretend memory04:11
darren8808well... u know windows put virtual memory on the HD... thought it might be trying to verify that write space04:11
darren8808I'll try to be patient04:12
keboh. the install process will create a swap space, which is "virtual memory"04:12
kebtest should go fairly quick with 256MB.  how fast is processor?04:13
kebor more to the point, what is the uncached speed of RAM access04:13
kebit should tell you just below the L1 and L2 speed04:14
darren8808I successfully installed ubuntu on a newer machine and pretty much know what to expect as far as updates, menus04:14
darren8808hold on...04:15
darren8808L1-8292 mb/s04:15
darren8808L2- 3759 mb/s04:16
darren8808at pass 25% now04:16
darren8808while I'm waiting.. is there a way for me to use a proxy to sign in here to b a little more anonymous?04:17
darren8808I'm using chatzilla04:17
darren8808aparently, my IP is visible04:18
kebthe most anonymous would be with Tor, https://torproject.org/ for details04:18
darren8808thanks.. will research later04:18
ballmemtest86 tells you cache speed?  Cool!04:20
darren8808124k reserved memory is for BIOS, right?04:21
kebhmm i think each machine is different, some might be 96K04:22
luis_good nite to u all guys i like to ask your help i am trying to launch zsnes but it just wont, i already tried to start it from terminal and also created a launcher on my desktop but nothing works y have xubuntu 8.10 can somebody help me pls????04:23
darren880853% now04:25
ball124K is an odd amount.04:25
darren8808the prog shows this number in a summary column and the bottom right next to "256M" which is my total physical memory04:29
darren880868% now04:30
darren88080 errors... I'm making progress04:35
kebluis_ what happens when you start zsnes from a terminal04:36
darren8808BTW... the install CD I made was from the std install ISO vs the alternate04:36
luis_keb it onlu appears numbers and numers04:37
kebluis_ type "dmesg" at the terminal after running zsnes and see if there is a segfault listed04:37
kebat the end04:37
kebdarren8808 it could be that you need minimum 384M to install xubuntu 8.10, i forget.  did you check the requirements on the website?04:38
ballUbuntu Server work on 256M04:39
ballI wouldn't try Ubuntu with Gnome in that.04:39
kebserver doesnt install the GUI04:39
darren8808I thought it said 128m... I'll look04:40
darren8808yes, std install req 128m to run live CD, 192 for full install04:41
darren8808it says for best performance u need 256m04:42
darren8808for some reason I'm at 111% now04:43
keblol did it finish test 8?04:43
darren8808yes.. now re-tesing but has a message...04:44
kebok you're good to reboot and test the cd04:44
darren8808pass complete, no erors04:44
darren8808yes... doing that04:44
darren8808running CD verify now04:45
=== wormsxulla_ is now known as wormsxulla
ballMem:    254540k total,   196160k used,    58380k free,    29884k buffers04:46
darren8808test complete. no errors04:52
darren8808back to language select page...04:53
darren8808try again?04:53
kebexcellent, so now you get to play with boot parameters04:53
darren8808don't know what to do from here04:53
darren8808do I choose english?04:53
kebis there a VGA mode install?  did it work in Live mode?04:54
kebwhat ever your preferred language is04:54
darren8808did not work in live mode... tried that already04:54
darren8808will choose english04:54
luis_ok keb here what i did, type zsnes on termnal and it only appears bunch of numers or codes, then i did remove zsnes from terminal with "sudo apt-get remove zsnes" and resinstall it with "sudo apt-get install zsnes" but still doesnt run04:54
kebdarren8808 did you try live mode with VGA graphics04:54
darren8808oh no... it continued without me.... damn04:55
darren8808if it freezes again... I'll re-boot and try to get back to the option menu again04:55
luis_keb i typed zsnes execute and appears some things and at the end ERRO OPENING FILE04:57
kebluis_ it is probably looking for the name of a game module to play as the first parameter.04:57
luis_thaats the problm if i cannot open zsnes i wont be able to play the roms04:58
luis_it worked with ubuntu and mint04:58
luis_but i have had big issues with those distros and so far xubuntu is workiing fine but this04:59
kebluis_ scroll back in the terminal after you run zsnes.  i just tried itmyself and it gave me an error message about /dev/input/event604:59
darren8808I made it back to the options menu... I'm thinking u want me to use one of the F key options at the bottom?04:59
luis_ok this dont say anithing like that but it does says this:05:00
darren8808F4 modes?05:00
kebdarren8808 sure try one to see what other boot optiosn are available05:00
darren8808F6 other options?05:00
kebdarren8808 you can press each in turn and read the options before any choice is final05:01
luis_UNable to poll /dev/input/event5 make sure you have read permissions to it and it keeps going with other 5 more lines just changing down o 005:01
kebluis_ yes that is what i see also05:01
luis_so what does that mean??05:01
luis_ate the nd it only says aborted05:02
darren8808keb - my F4 options are... normal, safe graphics, use driver update CD, OEM install05:04
darren8808so u prob want safe graphics05:04
darren8808I chose that and the menu just disappeared... but when I did F4 again, safe graphics is highlighted... so, try install again?05:06
* ball wonders what to install next05:08
kebball : i dont suggest zsnes ;)05:08
kebif luis_ comes back, can someone point him to page https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsnes/+bug/25042505:09
darren8808keb - same symptom... status bar runs back and forth for awhile then freezes05:10
darren8808CD stops spinning05:10
darren8808I'm re-booting again05:10
ballIs that a Nintendo SNES emulator?05:11
darren8808ball - u talking to me?05:12
kebdarren8808 ok then next might be booting with --noapic or similar things05:13
darren8808F6 menu has.. acpi=off (default), noapic, nolapic, edd=on, free software only05:16
kebyes try the noapic option05:16
darren8808so choose "noapic"?05:16
ballWhich of these is the American model?  http://gc.kombo.com/images/content/specials/snes.jpg05:16
kebball no idea i dont have a snes05:17
ballkeb: me neither, but I remember seeing a grey import just before they were released in Britain05:17
ballI /think/ it was the one with the purple bits.05:18
* ball shrugs05:18
darren8808this menu is different from the other... it pus an "x" beside the option so I can choose more than one05:18
ballI want an N64 just for WipeOut05:18
kebdarren8808 try them systematically.  fraid i can't help you more than that05:18
darren8808ok... trial and error..05:19
kebdarren8808 are there any usb devices attached? maybe unplug them first05:19
darren8808I only have one port and nothing plugged in05:20
kebdarren8808 how long did you wait after the logo freezes, maybe it is doing something that is slow on that old hardware05:20
darren8808you could be right... I was giong by the fact that I had no HD activity and CD spun down.... I will wait longer this time05:21
keb15 minutes is probably sufficient05:22
kebball the only game i play on any computer is Battle for Wesnoth, totally not a twitch action thing ;)05:24
ballpong's about my limit.  I get eaten by spiders in Tomb Raider.05:25
ballI want a PS3, but that's just for Linux purposes.05:26
kebdarren8808 i used to be able to press Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F2 when logo is showing to get more detailed display of bootup05:26
kebit would switch to a scrolling text console05:27
kebsorry mateys, to bed i must go05:28
ballkeb: sleep well05:28
darren8808ok... I think I've given it enough time... trying again05:32
darren8808this time, I'm removing the wireless card05:33
darren8808reading help stuff about lockups, etc...05:36
darren8808alt-F2 and CTRL-ALT-F2 has no effect05:39
darren8808doing install again with noapic and nolapic checked...05:40
darren8808now... finally... got past the freeze up point05:41
darren8808now have a black screen with "X" cursor05:41
darren8808now I'm to the "Install" window05:42
darren8808choosing keyboard layout... making progress... finally05:44
darren8808I'll let u know if I get stuck again... thanks for ur help05:46
darren8808oops... didn't realize keb was gone... oh well05:47
kj4hzw_hello all08:38
kj4hzw_anyone here today?08:39
investigate_911i'm here08:39
kj4hzw_how are you?08:39
investigate_911good :)08:39
kj4hzw_are you in law enforcement?08:39
investigate_911um... no.08:39
kj4hzw_then do you like Porsches?08:40
kj4hzw_wait, sorry.  i get it now.08:40
kj4hzw_have you been an xubuntu user long?08:40
investigate_911i kind of flick between *buntus... but i hope to stick with Xubuntu 8.10 for a while, because it's really really good.08:42
kj4hzw_i just booted the live disk on my laptop, looks great, doing an install now08:42
kj4hzw_i was running arch linux, probably my fave, but not on a laptop, apparently08:42
kj4hzw_i've tried almost all the ubuntus also. this box i'm on is hardy heron08:43
kj4hzw_i keep coming back to them08:43
kj4hzw_what is your profession? i'm a technician08:43
investigate_911i'm a hospitality student.08:43
kj4hzw_that good08:44
kj4hzw_student is good.  i'd like to be one again if i could08:44
kj4hzw_where are you? I am in North Carolina, USA08:45
investigate_911i'm in Christchurch, New Zealand.08:45
kj4hzw_wow, thats great.  other side of the world08:46
investigate_911not quite08:46
kj4hzw_are you an original kiwi?08:46
investigate_911well i mean i was born here.08:47
kj4hzw_cool.  i knew a veterinarian and his wife from there, back in the 70's.  he was a cool guy.08:47
kj4hzw_do you know if xubuntu 8.10 has an installer that runs from within windows?08:48
investigate_911don't know... are there other distros that have such feature?08:50
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.08:51
kj4hzw_hello all09:11
kj4hzw_and good morning09:11
kj4hzw_am I connected? please confirm09:12
knomekj4hzw_, yes you are.09:12
kj4hzw_thank you09:12
kj4hzw_how are you this morning?09:12
knomeuhh. fine. :)09:13
kj4hzw_thats good09:13
gabkdllywubi even comes with the xubuntu install CD (the desktop live cd)09:15
kj4hzw_ok. i'm doing an install from the boot menu, instead, but thatnks09:16
vince38Hi to all , Xubuntu 8.04 here, is there somone using a k7 kernel ? id like to have the output of uname -r please09:19
batcoder-7those seeem like some realllllllly low requirements09:24
kj4hzw_not for 1998 they werent : )09:24
TheSheepremember that linux can run on a ARM processors with 4MB ram :)09:25
TheSheepheck, there is a linux port for Nintendo DS09:25
batcoder-7this is specifically ubuntu09:25
batcoder-7and xubuntu09:26
kj4hzw_what can the DS run? a web browser or anything?09:26
batcoder-7those just seem way to low09:27
batcoder-7not sure if its xfce just got heavier09:27
batcoder-7xubuntu has like 200 daemons just running in the background09:27
TheSheepkj4hzw_: there is a separate web browser rom for it09:27
TheSheepbatcoder-7: note the minimal requirements are really the minimum to get it running -- not really usable09:28
TheSheepkj4hzw_: http://www.dslinux.org/09:28
batcoder-7not sure if i should try removing alto of services09:28
batcoder-7get a ubuntu base and just build from there09:28
kj4hzw_thanks mr thesheep09:28
batcoder-7i dont want tons and tons of daemons running in the background here09:29
kj4hzw_installing 8.10 now as a dual boot on this laptop09:33
kj4hzw_thinkpads dig linux09:33
jarnosPrivate folder is no more mounted; when I run "mount.ecryptfs_private" I get "keyctl_search: Required key not available"10:55
kj4hzw_hello all11:02
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
darren8808anyone here for help on a new install?14:26
darren8808keb - u there?  was chatting w/u last night14:27
darren8808is anyone there?14:33
darren8808I guess not!14:36
gabkdllyslow-motion: hi16:06
slow-motionhi gabkdlly16:07
student022Hi! I have installed Ubuntu8.04 on server B and run the gnome desktop on B, accessing it with nxclient from A. When I open a gnome-terminal from within the desktop on B, I get an error "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal". How to avoid this?16:42
student022I found reports on /etc/fstab or udev errors that prevent the /dev/pts directory from having the right settings. But /dev/pts/0 exits, so its probably something else.16:42
student022When logging in to B from A using ssh -X, I can open gnome-terminal without problems. It only happens under Gnome (or KDE with konsole, respectively.)16:42
student022lc2: is hm an expression that you have a look at my problem? let me know, if you need more details.16:44
lc2student022: hm is an expression that i'm thinking about it16:44
student022nice :-)16:44
lc2"This does not appear to be a bug report and we are closing it."16:46
lc2because like, something randomly not working when it should, not a bug, no sir16:47
lc2student022: do you have the same problem with anything other than gnome-terminal?16:47
lc2(e.g. install rxvt)16:47
student022first, I saw that bug report, but I don't see how it helps.16:48
student022i haven't noticed the problem with anything else, but the installation is very fresh and I haven' t tried much.16:48
student022i'll test rxvt...16:48
student022How do i start it, if i don't have a terminal? will it be listed in the accessories?16:49
lc2student022: yeah16:49
lc2uh maybe it won't..16:49
lc2(i just looked, heh heh)16:49
lc2try creating a launcher for it or something16:50
student022yes, I did that launcher thing for xterm. it showed no reaction at all.16:50
student022the launcher for rxvt flashes a window, but too quick to see anything inside. seems to be empty window.16:51
student022do you no any error files that I could examine?16:52
lc2yeah you might want to try dmesg16:52
lc2(if it's a more serious error)16:53
student022dmesg shows no output. maybe because server B is a virtual server??16:53
lc2wait what?16:54
student022what what?16:54
lc2"maybe because server B is a virtual server" <- ?16:55
student022did you get A and B in my initial question?16:55
ballIs it normal to have to log in at the console for sound to work?16:57
student022lc2: is the setup unclear?16:57
lc2student022: no, i think i tget it now16:58
lc2ball: yes16:58
lc2i get it*16:58
student022lc2: (btw, it's not xubuntu, but among several ubuntu channels you gave the only reply)16:58
balllc2: is there a way to fix that?16:58
lc2student022: yeah it doesn't make any difference, the problem isn't related to your desktop environment16:59
lc2ball: tell me the steps you go through in order to make sound work16:59
lc2student022: http://osdir.com/ml/arch.general/2004-11/msg00057.html <- have you stumbled across that yet?17:00
balllc2: well, this morning I logged in via ssh and launched a VNC server "vncserver -geometry 1024x768 -depth 16".  This gives me an ordinary desktop, but sound wasn't working.  I walked over to the console and logged in there and suddenly sound worked.17:00
ballI should be able to do anything via VNC that I can do from the console (within the constraints imposed by the firmware, obviously)17:01
student022ball: read the vnc documentation about sound. vnc forwards X11, while sound needs extra settings.17:01
student022lc2: yes, have been on that osdir link. but it says you have to create /dev/pts while that exists and works for me.17:04
lc2student022: oh.17:04
* lc2 thinks17:04
ballstudent022: I'm not expecting VNC to carry sound as well as video.  I am expecting sane mixer settings (or at least a working mixer).17:04
ball...at boot time, not when I log in at the console.17:04
student022lc2: still thinking?17:10
lc2student022: always17:12
lc2ball: have you been able to repeat that behaviour?17:12
lc2student022: try running a command like17:13
lc2gnome-terminal -x cat17:13
student022within the gnome desktop or from "ssh -X"?17:14
lc2student022: within the gnome desktop17:15
student022I put "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal -x cat"  into the launcher command. same behaviour (there was an error...) as starting from the applications menu.17:16
student022what is the purpose of -x cat?17:16
lc2to see if it's a problem launching your shell, rather than just any application at all, so test it with /bin/cat, which should give you an empty window until you hit ctrl+d17:17
lc2so *thinks*17:17
lc2oh here's something to try17:19
lc2change your command to:17:19
lc2gksudo gnome-terminal17:19
balllc2: I only noticed it this morning, but I'll do a cold boot and see whether it's consistent.17:20
lc2ball: kay17:20
student022well. I set the launcher command to "/usr/bin/gksudo /usr/bin/gnome-terminal". the result is:17:22
ballI wonder if I should try it on the Ubuntu Server box too17:22
ball...just to see whether it's an Xfce thing17:22
student022Failed to run /usr/bin/gnome-terminal as user root.17:22
ball...though come to think of it, I have Xfce on there too.17:23
lc2student022: ugh17:23
student022The underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program.17:23
lc2student022: oh.17:23
student022Contact the system administrator.17:23
student022I think it means nothing else than that /usr/bin/gnome-terminal failed.17:24
lc2student022: it could mean that, or it could mean what it says17:24
lc2student022: go to a console (ctrl+alt+F1) and do something like17:25
student022but it doesn't help, if I contact myself.17:25
lc2sudo rxvt -display :017:25
lc2(you can ctrl+alt+F7 (or F something else) to come back17:26
lc2sorry, alt+F717:26
student022can' t use these alt-Fx keycodes, because it is only a window within A. alt-Fx switches screens on A, not on B.17:28
lc2well damn17:28
lc2student022: i'm sorry, but i'm officially stumped17:29
student022thanks for your help. I give it up for now.17:29
lc2i hope one of the other ubuntu channels has some idea17:30
=== Tomato`HW is now known as Tomaat
TomaatWhat's the name of C++ Compiler package?18:19
TheSheepTomaat: gcc18:20
TheSheepTomaat: but best install whole build-essential18:20
Tomaatgcc is reeds de nieuwste versie.18:20
Tomaatalready newest version18:20
Tomaat./configure says it's not installed18:20
Tomaatchecking whether we are using the GNU C++ compiler... no18:21
Tomaatchecking whether g++ accepts -g... no18:21
Tomaatchecking how to run the C++ preprocessor... /lib/cpp18:21
Tomaatconfigure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check18:21
TheSheepplease dont paste here18:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)18:21
TheSheepTomaat: instal whole build-essential18:21
TomaatIt works18:23
=== Wasp is now known as Guest42257
robiledoes anyone know howto setup teamspeak ?19:40
robileoss does not work19:40
ubottuTeamspeak is the proprietry VoIP software see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak  For a open source alternative consider using Mumble http://mumble.sourceforge.net/19:40
mIRC632aHallo there!!21:25
mIRC632aWow lots of people here21:25
mIRC632aIs there anyone who could help a complete newbie like me to set my color depth to 16bit?21:26
mIRC632acan you boghog?21:27
boghoghrmm I'm afraid i dont know21:27
boghoga bit of a newbie myself21:27
dvdmmIRC632a: which version are you running? what displaycard you have?21:28
mIRC632ai am running version 8.1021:29
mIRC632aAnd I have... good question it's a really old integrated one21:29
mIRC632athx anyway boghog ;)21:29
lc2mIRC632a: yeah i can21:30
lc2if you've got enough memory on your card21:30
lc2wait, what version of xubuntu21:30
lc2oh, shit ;\21:30
lc2guys, 8.10 has done away with the xorg.conf right?21:30
mIRC632ais that a bad thing?21:31
lc2mIRC632a: it'd stop me from doing it the way i know best21:31
dvdmlc2: nope... I still have xorg.conf being created by nvidia utlity21:31
lc2mIRC632a: what colour depth are you in now?21:31
mIRC632ai suppose 24bit,21:31
mIRC632abut i don't know21:31
lc2kay well21:31
lc2try this at a terminal:21:32
mIRC632aI read that setting it to 16 would speed up my pc21:32
lc2uh *think*21:32
mIRC632ajust like that?21:32
lc2xdpyinfo | grep -A2 dimensions21:32
lc2and show me what it says21:33
mIRC632aok 1 sec21:33
mIRC632ahow do I type  | ?21:33
mIRC632aIt's on another pc..21:34
lc2copy-and-paste it into your terminal21:34
mIRC632ait's on another pc..21:35
lc2copy-and-paste it into whatever you're using to connect to that pc, then21:35
lc2i don't know where the | character is on your keyboard21:35
mIRC632aI'm not connected to it...21:35
lc2mIRC632a: oh.21:35
mIRC632aisn't there some tool to check that?21:36
mIRC632aAll terminal?21:36
lc2xdpyinfo > whatever.txt21:36
lc2grep -A2 dimensions whatever.txt21:36
mIRC632aI have written just xdpyinfo21:37
mIRC632aand it displays 24 bit21:37
mIRC632anope, im lieing..21:37
mIRC632ait says 24,1,4,8,15,16,3221:38
mIRC632aas per depth21:39
lc2okay, so yeah, there is a way to change that, but i can't tell you how to do it unless you're in front of the computer in question21:39
lc2because i'll need to see your current xorg.conf21:40
mIRC632ai am21:40
mIRC632abut its not connected to the net21:40
lc2mIRC632a: it needs to be connected to the net, ideally21:40
lc2mIRC632a: if you're feeling brave, though21:40
lc2sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:40
lc2you should have something like: Section "Screen"21:41
lc2immediately under that, you put21:41
lc2DefaultDepth 1621:41
lc2and that might well do it (disclaimer: i've not tried it)21:41
mIRC632asomething is happening.21:41
mIRC632aI'm waiting21:42
mIRC632athe file seems blank..21:42
william56hey, i just mounted three isos in a row to the same folder without unmounting, and now when i try to unmount it's saying that the device is busy.. anyone have any suggestions as to fixing it without restarting my pc?21:43
mIRC632aIt has asked for my password and then gives me an empthy text file21:43
mIRC632aIs it normally blank?21:44
lc2mIRC632a: remember that the last part of the command is case-sensitive21:44
lc2william56: make sure you're not cd'd to that directory (i.e. it's not the current working directory in any of your terminals)21:45
mIRC632aoh now it works21:45
william56i checked before i said anything, lc2.. actually, i ran umount on it once without any problem, then the second time was when i got the error. i had to kill an installer running under wine that was using the mounted folder, i think that's what's keeping it from unmounting21:46
lc2william56: that shouldn't, if a process dies then it's dead, it shouldn't have any open file handles therein or anything21:46
william56hmm.. too bad there isn't an app to see what has open file handles to what21:47
mIRC632aWhat should I do after saving and quitting?21:48
=== mIRC632a is now known as Pierocska
lc2Pierocska: hit ctrl+alt+backspace to restart x21:50
lc2william56: there is, lsof21:50
william56yea, i just noticed it in the umount error message.. i'm looking through the man pages right now21:50
william56oh, there it was, there WAS a terminal open in that folder21:52
lc2william56: ta-da21:53
william56thanks for the help21:53
lc2no problem21:54
PierocskaDo you guys think that an amd k6II @400 mhz and 384mb ram is enough to run xubuntu?21:54
* william56 isn't 100%, but bets that it is more than enough21:55
lc2Pierocska: yeah21:55
lc2Pierocska: enough memory, for sure, i run it in 384mb21:56
lc2Pierocska: firefox might be painful with 400mhz21:56
Pierocskacause it's extremely slow at the moment..21:56
PierocskaAny suggestions?21:56
PierocskaAnyway after the color depth change my monitor flickers as it would like to explode..21:58
PierocskaIs that a good sign :D?21:58
lc2in that case you might need to do more tweaks to your xorg.conf21:58
lc2if it flickers all the time, remove that line that i suggested21:59
PierocskaI didn't get any faster though...21:59
lc2Pierocska: i wouldn't expect it to get any faster22:00
PierocskaBy now the speed of my xubuntu is comparable to when I had windows xp installed...22:00
lc2Pierocska: you might want to try an even lighter window manager22:00
lc2windowmaker comes to mind22:00
Pierocskabut isn't this distro supposed to work on old pcs?22:01
zoredache_somewhat, but there is a certain point where old is too old22:01
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
PierocskaReally? And what's that point?22:02
zoredacheit varies depending on what specifically you want to run, and how much you can tolerate slow applications22:02
PierocskaHow do I know how to set the xorg for my hardware?22:03
PierocskaDoes anybody have an old pc here and managed to make it work acceptably?22:04
lc2Pierocska: depends on how you define "old"22:05
lc2i'm using it on a 1.3ghz athlon, and it works fine for me22:05
zoredachegetting a recent browser working is probably one of the most difficult bits22:05
PierocskaI don't need firefox22:05
PierocskaI just wont to open a window without waiting 10 seconds..l22:06
Pierocskaor more..22:06
PierocskaAcually maybe it bacame a little faster..22:10
al_caponei have a weird phenomenon occuring under xubuntu my louder and quiter keys (dell vostro 1310) work perfect but under ubuntu they only change the jack output level? is there any difference  in keymapping or where could this be from?22:10
lc2wow thanks for giving us like, a whole minute to answer your question22:12
lc2Pierocska: odd as it may sound, using a different theme often speeds things up22:12
lc2depending on the theme engine22:12
lc2ya might wanna try that22:12
PierocskaRight away22:15
PierocskaOh ok I found it22:16
PierocskaIt is faster22:18
PierocskaThat's a step forward22:18
PierocskaAnother really important thing..22:18
PierocskaHow do I share my internet connection?22:18
PierocskaFrom my windows xp laptop?22:19
PierocskaI have tried to connect a cable22:19
PierocskaBut nothing22:19
PierocskaI have set ip and subnet mask22:19
lc2wait, you want to share it through your laptop?22:21
PierocskaI managed with the eeepc but with this dell latitude I couldn't22:21
lc2i don't know, you might want to set a default route22:22
PierocskaIn fact it says that the cable is unplugged..22:22
PierocskaBut it is plugged..22:22
PierocskaIs there a way to install my video card drivers or something?22:24
PierocskaOr my monitor's?22:24
lc2your drivers are already installed22:25
lc2monitors do not typically need drivers22:25
lc2as for why it's saying it's unplugged when it isn't, idk22:25
PierocskaI'm pretty sure that I didn't set properly the windows part of the network22:27
PierocskaCause with the eeepc the connection was automatic..22:28
lc2quite possibly22:28
lc2bbiab, gotta do some work22:28
Pierocskaok thanks for the help22:29
PierocskaCan you guys help me to set up a network between a windows pc and a xubuntu one?22:29
PierocskaHey guys any suggestions to make my xubuntu run a little smoother on a really old machine?22:38
charlie-tcaWhat is your cpu and ram22:40
Pierocskaamd k6II 400 with 384mb of ram22:41
charlie-tcasame thing I use to test on. Run a big swap file? (up to 1 GB)22:42
charlie-tcaAlso, Epiphany-browser is easier on it than firefox22:42
charlie-tcaXchat instead of pidgin22:43
Pierocskaactually i have a problem with the swap file22:43
PierocskaIt gives me an error when i start xubuntu22:43
Pierocskaand I need to press control alt and del to start22:43
charlie-tcaWhat is the error?22:44
PierocskaSorry no error but It doesn't start till I press control alt and canc22:44
PierocskaI can wait also for minutes22:44
PierocskaSo you are also running such an old system?22:45
PierocskaIs It acceptably fast?22:45
charlie-tcaI don't use it full time. It is acceptably slow:)22:46
PierocskaOh..... ok22:46
charlie-tcaAre you using 8.04 or 8.10?22:46
PierocskaBut acceptably is a good thing..22:46
charlie-tca8.04 was slower, I think.22:46
Pierocskamy cpu is always working at 100% is that norml?22:47
charlie-tcaAlso, when I got a 64MB Nvidia video card, it picked up speed.22:47
charlie-tca(Upgraded from 8MB)22:48
PierocskaWhere are you from22:48
charlie-tcaIdaho, USA22:48
PierocskaAnd is it always working at 100% cpu?22:48
charlie-tcacpu at 100% might be normal, depending on what you are doing. I find it takes about 30 minutes to get things to settle down after boot.22:49
Pierocskaoh ok22:49
Pierocskawell I just have the system monitor opened..22:49
charlie-tcaI learned to start it, then leave it alone for half an hour before I do anything.22:49
PierocskaHow do I manage the swap file?22:50
charlie-tcaI am not sure, it should be doing it itself.22:51
PierocskaAnd How do I make it bigger22:51
charlie-tcaIf you have space on the drive, you should be able to simply use gparted to make it bigger22:51
Pierocskacause in the system monitor it says 0 bytes22:51
charlie-tcaIt only gets used if the system runs out of memory to run the applications.22:53
PierocskaI'm trysing to run more than an application per time..22:53
Pierocskanow the cpu went down to 80.. really strange..22:55
charlie-tcaTake a look at this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq22:55
charlie-tcaIt looks pretty good for explaining swap files22:55
Pierocskai still have plenty of ram..22:57
PierocskaSo that's not my biggest problem22:57
PierocskaThe reason of the system being slow must be the cpu..22:58
charlie-tcaBetween that and the video card, it will bottle-neck things22:58
PierocskaToo bad.......22:59
Grant-AHello, I am trying to set up a network in Xubuntu to connect to my Kubuntu laptop wirelessly, and I would like the network to only be visible to these two computers and to no one else, is NFS the best way to go with this?22:59
PierocskaHow do I know how big is my swap partition?23:08
TheSheeptwice the ram is the usual rule of thumb23:11
TheSheepif you want to just check the already created partition, then try 'free' in the terminal23:13
Pierocskaswap says 0....23:31
Pierocskathx bye!!23:43
william56anyone have a suggestion as to which download manager i should use?23:48
* TheSheep is happy with firefox's built in23:49
william56i just tried to resume a download and it restarted it23:49
william56firefox's built in downloader, that is23:50
TheSheepit depends on where you download from23:50
william56now it's canceled, and i've got a .part file that has around 75% of the file..23:51
TheSheepsome hosts won't allow resuming23:51
Odd-rationalewilliam56: try the downthemall firefox extendion...23:51
Odd-rationalewilliam56: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/20123:51
william56i thought that was for flashget or something23:52
Odd-rationalenah.. it is one of my favorite ff extension.. :P23:53
william56will i be able to resume that download that already got canceled in the default downloader, you think?23:53
* TheSheep only has two: "web developer toolbar" and "view source with"23:53
TheSheepwilliam56: it depends on the server you are downloading it from23:54
william56i think i was using filefront23:54
Odd-rationalewilliam56: with DownThemAll? no, i don't think it can do that...23:54
TheSheepif thye have enabled partial downloads on their web server, then you can continue23:54
william56i was thinking about getting a new download ticket, or whatever they call it, and going from there with the old download23:55
* william56 hates satellite23:55

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