nubaeyo LaserJock01:33
LaserJockhi nubae01:33
nubaealways end up having to talk to you during weird hours01:34
Meshezabeelwhat's so weird about the hours?01:34
nubaewell, if one assumes that america is not the only place on the planet, u will quickly understand :-)01:35
Meshezabeelwhat do you mean, they've discovered other places???01:36
nubaeso anyway, I feel like getting stuff done... what should we be working on, oh BDFL01:37
nubaeas an aside the sugar community is depending on us for a ubuntu inclusion solutionn01:39
LaserJockus specifically or the  Ubuntu Sugar Team?01:41
nubaeincluding sugar properly in Jaunty is what Imeant01:41
LaserJockright, but are you saying that the Ubuntu Sugar team is gone?01:42
nubaewe are currently their saviour... in a a way... so I'm just curious what the ideas are01:42
nubaewell... not, not 100%01:43
nubaebut I have noticed many members missing01:43
LaserJockI see :(01:43
nubaethe question is. do we bring in Sugar, with its flaws and all else and make it a part of edubuntu?01:44
nubaeor not01:44
LaserJockwell, I don't think it's quite that black-and-white01:45
nubaepratically it would mean more of us turning the activities we choose to debs01:45
LaserJockwe can see if we can get it into Main, if not we shoot for as good of Universe packages as we can manage01:45
nubaeI prefer the prior01:46
nubaethought I know it requires work01:46
nubaewe make it main. and then decide which activities should also be main01:47
LaserJockjust gotta do it01:52
nubaewe got a lot of activity happening now for Jaunty01:54
nubaeu have an ideas of where we should be-- final?01:55
Ahmuckbring it in on a beta mode01:55
Ahmuckie, sugar-ng01:55
Ahmuckfor sugar next generation01:55
nubaeAhmuck: drive and ambition makes things happen01:56
Ahmucklike scribus does01:56
Ahmuckcorrect, but you don't want buggy software in a edu suite.  once it gets a bad name in an edu institution u may never get it back in01:56
AhmuckMeshezabeel: they've discovered other planets :)01:59
nubaeLaserJock: where should we be going?02:00
nubaeu are our project lead.... give us a satisfying answer02:01
LaserJockwell, I think we can put an initial effort in02:02
LaserJockif it wraps up well then it's all good02:02
LaserJockif there's still bugs we say it's a preview release and we need testers02:02
Ahmuckagreed.  a preview and needs testing02:03
Ahmucki'll be glad to do testing02:03
nubaebut thats still too unspecific... be a bit more specific02:03
nubaegive a game plan02:03
LaserJockok, so what do we need for the Sugar core?02:04
nubaewell whats there now works02:04
LaserJockok, so we move that into Main02:05
nubaethere are missing working dependencies.... like abiword02:05
nubaeessential for collaboration02:05
LaserJockwell, we do what we can02:05
LaserJockwe need to start by listing the specific tasks that need to be done02:06
LaserJockwe can then look at how much can be done in Jaunty and go from there02:06
nubaecan we fix the abiword stuff before letting sugar go into main?02:06
LaserJockfor me right now though Sugar is a rather nebulous thing02:06
LaserJockI don't know, depends on what it takes to "fix" it02:06
LaserJockpeople just talk to me about Sugar02:07
nubaeok, let me help u then cause I know...02:07
LaserJockI don't know about it very much but there are quite a few components02:07
nubaeok, so we talk about the components and we understand.... itsnot rocket science02:09
* LaserJock would rather sometimes have rocket science ;-)02:09
nubaeso anyway plan is..02:10
nubaeunderstand /accept core02:10
nubaethen choose activities that make sense02:10
LaserJockremember that we can leave a lot in Universe too02:11
LaserJockwe could leave the whole thing in Universe if we wanted to but we have room on the CD02:11
nubaeright, but I wrote an email with possible apps that could be the future of edubuntu... u should have commented02:14
LaserJockI will comment02:15
LaserJockjust been working on some other stuff lately02:16
nubaeanyway... What should I be working on now?02:18
LaserJockok, right02:21
* LaserJock notes not to try to hold an IRC conversation while taking a shower02:22
LaserJockthere's 4 important technical tasks as I see it for Jaunty02:23
LaserJock1) app bundle and metapackage new world order02:23
LaserJock2) replacement and desired general edu apps02:23
LaserJock3) Sugar02:23
LaserJock4) moodle02:23
LaserJocknubae: does that sound about right?02:24
nubaeyup i doodle02:29
LaserJock1 I think I got handled ok so 2,3,4 are up for discussion02:30
LaserJock2 I think at most we might get 5 apps changed02:30
LaserJockmore or less depending on how hard the deps are02:31
LaserJock3 needs to have somebody more familiar than myself to make up a todo list02:31
LaserJockwell Sugra in Main ain't gonna happen for Jaunty02:49
LaserJock18 MIRs would need to be done02:50
nothingmanhi, all03:00
LaserJockhi nothingman03:01
nothingmanwhat's new tonight?03:24
LaserJocknot a ton03:26
LaserJockwe were discussing Sugar and Jaunty earlier03:27
nothingmanoh, really?03:35
nothingmangot a link to the log?03:35
nothingmanI've been wondering how to integrate Sugar with ltsp03:36
LaserJockhmm, I don't think I do03:36
LaserJocknubae has been looking at some of that03:36
nothingmanyeah, I read his (long) howto on telepathy and empathy03:36
nothingmannot much out there on terms as sugar clients, though03:37
nothingmanand the networking dialog within sugar is a bit confusing03:38
nothingmanor, at least, I couldn't get two nested sugar-emulator windows to communicate when I had installed empathy/ejabberd03:38
nothingmanI would love to boot my (dead HD) laptops from a usb stick with sugar, and use the wireless as mesh03:40
nothingmannot that I probably really know what that would entail...03:42
* nothingman hears crickets03:47
LaserJocksorry, a bit distracted presently :-)03:51
* LaserJock spams edubuntu-devel and goes to bed07:23
nubaethis channel seems to have less and less people by the day...09:21
NilseHi, i would like to discuss about edubuntu10:41
NilseI dont know what I need, when I want to switch a school to edubuntu from an windows system10:46
DiskdocHi! I decided on idly asking around here about the problem with some terminals not starting since Edubuntu Ibex. i thought more people would have had this problem but it hasn't got much attention on the list, just the (older) NFS workaround.11:08
DiskdocI thought I'd try compiling a more streamlined/tuned kernel for the terminals but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I think I still can do it..used to be a Gentooer :)11:09
Diskdoc"Edubuntu Ibex"..Intrepid Ibex, rather. Sorry, tired as usual..11:10
generalsnushi guys. is it possible make a wireless access point with a laptop with x2 wlan cards? as in: recive a wireless signal on wlan card 1.. and have the other wlan card act as a AP.. kinda like a repeater12:52
sbalneavMorning all14:58
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LaserJockmoin all16:26
HedgeMagehi, LaserJock16:52
highvoltagemoin Mr Laser and Mrs Hedge16:53
HedgeMagegreetings, highvoltage16:53
LaserJockhola highvoltage16:53
highvoltagehow are things?16:53
* HedgeMage bought *really* good tea on her business trip :)16:54
LaserJockI just got up16:54
* LaserJock is not a morning person16:54
highvoltagehmm, tea. not a bad idea.16:55
* LaserJock is having some blueberry instant oatmeal16:57
LaserJockI managed to break some things yesterday and had the release manger and cjwatson on my tail ;-)17:00
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LnsFor anyone interested, here's an interesting article about Microsoft's educational initiatives and how afraid they are about GNU/Linux and Openoffice/Staroffice - http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09/01/12/211623018:50
* Ahmuck re-did the ltsp server this morning18:55
alkisgAhmuck: succesfully?18:57
Ahmuckyes, why?18:59
sbalneavogra: still around?18:59
Ahmuckwhen i do it that way, i do have to  re-create the users19:00
Ahmuckall of them :(19:00
alkisgAhmuck: I thought you were having problems with the network...19:00
Ahmuckah, yes, and hence the dumping the old ltsp installation19:00
Ahmuckfresh new server, and i'll do testing in a vm from now on19:01
LnsAhmuck: you didnt back up your passwd/group/etc files?19:01
alkisgI think there are some scripts that you can use to merge the existing users into the new installation. I think also the installer allows you to import them.19:01
LnsIts trivial to put them back after reinstalling19:01
alkisg(I do it manually, copying the entries from /etc/passwd ...)19:01
Lnsalkisg: yeah, but dont forget shadow/group/gshadow if applicable19:02
AhmuckLns: nope19:02
alkisgLns, that's what the dots (...) were for! :P :D19:03
Ahmucki just gave em generic passwords and forced them into new ones the next time they log on19:03
Lnsalkisg: oh didnt see that .. heh19:03
Ahmuckwould there be a problem?19:03
alkisgAhmuck: what about their user IDs, their documents, settings etc?19:04
Ahmuckah, i have a seperate /home partition19:04
alkisgIf you keep their directories, and create new users with the same names, they'll probably have different IDs19:04
Ahmuckso everything stays intact19:04
alkisgSo they won't be able to access their home directories19:04
Ahmuckack !19:04
Ahmuckno way of knowing what thier old id's were huh19:04
alkisgYou could see the /home folder19:05
* Ahmuck scribbles down lesson #119:05
Ahmuckthe /home folder would have thier listed id's ?19:05
alkisgls -n /home19:05
Ahmuckah, i could sudo chown  user:user /home/user_directory19:06
Ahmuckfor today19:06
alkisgWell, yes, but what if a users chown'ed a directory to give permission to one of his friends? You'd loose this...19:06
Ahmuckwell, that's not happened for sure19:08
* Ahmuck goes off to build svn hugin and kdenlive19:08
Ahmuckthe user would need to know how to chowned a directory?19:17
alkisgYou need to do this, they won't have access to do it19:17
Ahmuckso in the future i need to backup /etc/password ...19:18
alkisgYup! :)19:18
Ahmuckok.  i'll put that in my notes19:18
alkisgHow many users do you have?19:18
Ahmuckcurrently, just test users.  about 519:18
alkisgOK, try something like this:  for f in /home; do chown -R $f:$f /home/$f; done19:18
alkisgBut you'd need "sudo su" before this19:19
alkisgNah, it's wrong, let me fix this...19:19
alkisgThis is a little better: cd /home; for f in *; do chown -R $f:$f $f; done19:20
Ahmuckthat will fix my current problem?!19:35
Ahmucki guess?!19:35
alkisgAhmuck: I think so... A better script would read /etc/passwd instead of /home to get the users list (so it wouldn't try chown -R lost+found:lost+found lost+found - which will of course fail so there's no problem there) but I think this will work.19:41
LaserJockhmm, I wonder if we should do something with all the debian-edu packages19:54
LaserJockhighvoltage, ogra: ping20:19
highvoltageLaserJock: just-about-to-fall-asleep-pong20:19
LaserJockhighvoltage: I need a moderator of edubuntu-devel20:20
LaserJockhighvoltage: there is a message from Launchpad I need to have20:21
highvoltageLaserJock: want the message or want it moderated?20:21
LaserJockI want it forwarded to me20:21
highvoltageLaserJock: there aren't any20:23
highvoltage(no messages from LP)20:23
LaserJockhighvoltage: really? :(20:24
LaserJockin edubuntu-devel?20:24
highvoltagethere are just 7 spam messages20:24
highvoltageLaserJock: ah, wait. non-subscriber messages are auto-discarded20:24
highvoltageone moment...20:25
highvoltageLaserJock: it's changed to "hold", if you could let launchpad resend it20:26
LaserJockhighvoltage: ok, just hit the button20:27
highvoltageis it mantha@ubuntu.com or laserjock@ubuntu.com? I have both in my address book20:29
highvoltageLaserJock: got it?20:30
nubaehey greets22:53
nubaedid I miss anything?22:55
LaserJockI don't know, did I?22:56
Lnsnubae: yo23:08
Lnsyou can always view the logs.... ;)23:08
nubaehi Lns23:09
LnsI dont think you missed much23:10

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