NightroseHobbsee: he went to bed00:00
Nightrosecan I help you?00:00
HobbseeNightrose: ah, ah well.00:00
HobbseeNightrose: was just going to talk about what stuff was there for archive admin, but it can wait00:01
Nightrosealright :)00:01
nhandlerHobbsee: Just out of curiosity, how did you become an archive admin? Same way you became a core-dev ;)00:02
Hobbseenhandler: it was found to be a requirement as part of being on the release team.00:03
nhandlerInteresting. I didn't know that requirement existed00:04
Hobbseewell, it was while we actually did hard freezes00:06
NCommanderapachelogger, ping00:10
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NightroseNCommander: he's in bed00:49
NCommanderScottK, thanks for your comments on my core dev app01:00
astromme_Are there plans for jaunty to have 4.2RC or are you guys waiting until 4.2 final?01:15
vorianastromme_: yes the RC will be released on schedule01:17
astromme_vorian: Excellent, good to hear. I'm excited and it will be good to be able to build kdevelop again.01:18
astromme_Ohh, exciting, RC1 is due out tomorrow01:19
ryanakcaEwww... I'm using dapper as a rescue disk... looks... tacky... compared to KDE4 :)01:44
nhandlerryanakca: Why not use a more recent live cd?01:44
ryanakcanhandler: because I'm not sure if I have any other live cds burned (I have a tendency of not labelling things)... and I'd rather just take the shipit cd than go through the spindle...01:45
ryanakcaAnyways, all I need is fdisk01:45
nhandlerWhenever a new (K)Ubuntu is released, I order it from shipit. That way, I have a pretty copy01:46
ryanakcanhandler: I ordered a CD... but... I never received it... :/01:46
nhandlerWhen did you order it?01:47
* ryanakca checks01:47
ryanakcanhandler: hmm... didn't order any intrepid, but, for 8.06, 1 CDs requested on 2008-06-26. This request was not approved, so no CDs were shipped.01:49
astromme_I ordered an intrepid cd, came about a month ago (took a month)01:50
astromme_I go to college in Philadelphia, so I had it sent there... worked just fine01:51
* nhandler just accidentally uploaded to Ubuntu instead of PPA f***01:51
ScottKnhandler: I did that in Main during a freeze once.  Set you default dput target to something nonsensical so you always have to specify.01:57
nhandlerScottK: I just did that. The worst part is that the package just FTBFS. I think I know the issue. I'll test the fix in my ppa and then reupload01:58
nhandlerThis is funny. Yesterday, the lpia ppa buildd was taking forever to get to my packages. Today, it is building them faster than i386 and amd6402:07
nhandlerGood news is that I only have a few more packages to backport02:08
nhandlerShould I backport l10n?02:08
nixternalok, I want to get a proper count of hard drives on a machine and it needs to scale, so no counting /dev/sd* or /dev/hd* and such...what is the best way?02:23
nixternaldrives could either be sata, scsi, sas, and who know what the future holds02:23
nixternaldoes linux now place all info under /proc/scsci/ ?02:23
nixternalno matter the drive type?02:23
jjessenixternal: finally got to your blogs re; netbook, i love my dell mini 9 and i hack away at ubuntu-docs all the time on it02:37
jjessenixternal and have no problem iwth the keyboard02:37
nixternalI have tried the mini 9, keyboard sucks for me02:37
nixternalright now Samsung and HP have the best keyboards for my 2 slabs of meat at the end of my arms02:37
jjessereally?  i enjoy the keyboard, works great for me02:37
jjesselol at slabs of meat02:37
jjessejust updating vm of jaunty, wow there are a lot of updates, including a ton of new packages installed02:39
voriandon't install anything!!1111one02:40
voriangive it another 12 hours or so02:40
jjessevorian; too late i think :)02:42
vorianoh boy02:42
jjessehrmm was just downloading still02:42
jjessecanceled the download02:42
voriani think most of the x86 has passed though02:42
jjesselots of issues in jaunty?02:42
jjesseok i'll wait :)02:42
vorianno, 4.1.96 is about half way finished building02:42
jjesseah then i'll wait02:43
vorianoh yeah, you'd be in big trouble02:43
voriankde4bindings is still building for 38602:43
JontheEchidnanhandler: no, we don't generally backport l10n packages. There are like 40 of them :S02:43
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I also learned why bindings built so easily, it was an older version ;)02:44
nhandlerYeah, I noticed once I started getting a few FTBFS02:44
ScottKRiddell: Uploaded kde3bindings, so please accept into Universe when you get a chance.02:45
ScottKNCommander: You're welcome.02:55
ScottKbtw, /me plays Uno too.02:56
NCommanderScottK, Uno?02:56
ScottKIt came up earlier in the day.02:57
ScottKCard game.02:57
* ScottK just got done with 11 hours of backscroll.02:57
* nhandler notes there is ##uno02:57
ScottKjpds: Why didn't you ack Ardour for Hardy too?02:58
jjessewow ScottK you read all 11 hours of backscroll02:58
jjessethat's amazing02:58
ScottKAnyone know if we managed to stuff the late breaking konqmimedata.cpp patch into our 4.1.4 packages?02:58
* ScottK confesses to skimming some parts.02:59
jjessestill wow02:59
* ScottK got hilighted enough he had to look at most of it for context.02:59
* ScottK reads fast too.02:59
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ScottKBTW, I think I've cleared Jaunty of stuff that doesn't work with Amarok 2.03:16
* ScottK notices he blew right by NCommander on UTU in the process.03:16
nhandlerIs UTU up right now?03:17
ScottKNew URL.03:17
nhandlerWhat is it?03:17
nhandlerI'm going to suggest that they add the UTU to the hall-of-fame03:19
ScottKWhat happened to uploading 4.1.4?03:19
vorianit was uploaded earlier today03:19
ScottKnhandler: I've suggested it to emgent before.03:19
ScottKJust not accepted yet, I guess.03:19
vorian12pm est03:20
nhandlerScottK: Why to emgent? Go to jono or whoever is doing HoF03:20
* nhandler notes that that is how he got REVU added03:20
ScottKBecause emgent would either have to hand over the code of make UTU actually reliable.03:20
jjessewhat is utu?03:20
ScottKUp for 1 day in 7 doesn't do it.03:20
jjessenetowrk time out of me03:20
ScottKUbuntu Top Uploaders03:20
nhandlerScottK: True, the uptime would be an issue. But the code is very simple. norsetto gave me his old version. I then ported it to perl03:21
nhandlerIt is very similar to what emgent is running03:21
ScottKported/obfuscated, but yeah.03:22
ScottKConverting to Perl is by definition obfuscating.03:22
nhandlerScottK: In this case, the perl is about as obfuscated as its python equivalent03:22
ScottKThat can happen.03:23
ScottKThe difference is in Python you have to work to make it obfuscated and in Perl you have to work to make it clear.03:23
ScottKMind you, you might have said PHP and then I'd just have to be ill.03:24
nhandlerWell, lucky for you, I don't use PHP03:25
NCommanderScottK, **** ;-P03:28
ScottKnhandler: No.  I'd say lucky for you too.03:28
ScottKNCommander: Got kde4ilbs on armel fixed yet?03:28
NCommanderMy ARM board is about to go flying out the nearest window at the rate I'm going :-P03:29
ScottKPlease fix, then throw after.03:29
NCommanderScottK, bug apachelogger for me to comment on my core dev application03:30
ScottKapachelogger: Comment on NCommander's core-dev application.03:30
nhandlerDid apachelogger already comment on it?03:30
NCommanderPart of the reason why its stalle03:31
ScottKWe're in the follow-up section anyway.03:31
NCommanderMaybe in retrospect it wasn't the best idea to apply over christmas03:31
ScottKNCommander: Kirkland applied in October.  He's still not core-dev.03:31
NCommanderDid we become Debian NM and no one told me?03:31
nhandlerScottK: Isn't that why the MOTU Council is working on improving the process?03:31
* NCommander notes he still hasn't used his DD uploading powers yet03:32
NCommandershouldn't have said that03:32
ScottKNCommander: Sponsor an NMU for me?03:32
NCommanderScottK, let me guess? A little roll reversal :-)?03:32
NCommanderScottK, bug?03:32
nhandlerNCommander: Did you ever get a chance to look at that package again for me?03:32
NCommandernhandler, no03:32
ScottKNCommander: I didn't write the NMU fix yet.03:32
NCommanderkinda slipped off the radar03:33
nhandlerOk, np03:33
ScottKIt won't take long.03:33
NCommanderScottK, yesh, at least I only bug you for sponsoring when I have the fix already :-P03:33
* NCommander is shot03:33
* ScottK hands NCommander a band-aid03:33
NCommanderI can apperiate the irony that I have to sponsor you.03:33
NCommanderJust rewards and all that.03:33
ScottKNCommander: I've sponsored my AM in Ubuntu, so it all goes around.03:34
NCommanderwhats the NMU?03:34
* ScottK looks for the bug03:34
NCommander(or which maintainer am I going to be pissing off)03:34
ScottKNo one important.03:34
* NCommander installs KDE's build deps03:35
ScottKNCommander: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=51103703:35
ubottuDebian bug 511037 in python-dkim "python-dkim: tries to overwrite file owned by dkimproxy (again!)" [Serious,Open]03:35
ScottKpython-dkim is mine and the dkimproxy upstream just came back and gave the OK to rename stuff in dkimproxy03:36
NCommanderSo in other words, my inbox isn't going to be decimated by a POed DD?03:36
* NCommander has already experienced the "fun" in that03:36
ScottKNope.  Maintainer is not a DD.03:36
NCommanders/DD/D Something03:37
NCommanderScottK, remember to request the unblock once I sponsor03:37
ScottKNCommander: Sure thing.03:37
NCommanderExtra bonus tip: I recommend setting your urgency to high03:38
NCommander(its somewhat annoying waiting ten days just so the release team can unblock)03:38
ScottKOK.  I'd have gone for Medium, but you're the sponsor03:38
NCommanderDoesn't really matter03:38
NCommanderits your patch03:38
NCommanderif it compiles and doesn't break $WORLD, I'll upload it03:38
ScottKI'm doing it now.03:43
* ScottK is tempted to file an new bug on dkimproxy while he is at it, "Maintainer provided man pages complete crap."03:46
ScottKAt least the NMU template works.03:49
astromme_ScottK: Have you tried the Amarok 2 package? I can't seem to get a collection built. It shows the progressbar but no collection shows up.03:53
ScottKI have not, but others have.03:53
* ScottK looks at vorian.03:53
nhandlerastromme_: I tried out amarok 2, but I didn't actually try building a collection03:53
vorianastromme_: there is a fix in progress03:53
astromme_It was working fine for me with the neon 2.0.0 packages03:53
astromme_vorian: Oh, so it's known?03:54
vorianas soon as it clears the build machines03:54
astromme_Great, good to know.03:54
vorianyou can install mysql-server-5.1 to fix it now03:54
* astromme_ never remembers how important his dynamic playlists are until they're gone03:54
astromme_vorian: Alright, downloading. Fingers crossed03:55
* ScottK waits for the sid pbuilder to update .03:56
LaserJockvorian: is that going to make it into ~kubuntu-experimental PPA?03:56
vorianLaserJock: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-
JontheEchidnavorian: I got the fixed version a few hours ago03:57
LaserJocksorry, I meant ~kubuntu-memebers-kde4 PPA03:57
vorianJontheEchidna: then you are running x38603:57
LaserJockvorian: I have no mysql-server-5.1 here03:58
JontheEchidnayay for multiple archs03:58
vorianthe backported version has the necessary depends LaserJock03:58
vorianbut it will be called amarok-mysql-server or some such thing03:59
LaserJockI have amarok-mysql-data03:59
vorianthat's the one04:00
vorian11 hours!04:00
vorianyou'd think we flooded the build machines today or something :P04:00
astromme_lol =). Gotta love large releases04:01
astromme_Aha! Amarok 2 is taking much longer to scan the collection. I think that's a good sign04:02
nhandlervorian: i386 and amd64 have been really slow today for the ppas04:02
* vorian wonders what has a private build on official build machines04:03
ScottKNCommander: NMU diff mailed to the bug.  You want it some way else?04:04
* astromme_ is excited. His collection works again in amarok!04:12
* NCommander blows the dust off his sid chroot04:13
LaserJockbah, I wish you could set exclusions for the collection folder04:14
ScottKExcellent.  Once that's uploaded I'll know which package version to conflict with.04:14
* NCommander is amazed04:16
NCommanderA non-source upload04:16
NCommanderThis is a first :-)04:16
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NCommandermy chroot almost done updating04:17
vorianbug 26749704:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267497 in network-manager-applet "MASTER support for connection sharing missing - Was: networkmanager offers no simple function to make one computer's internet connection available to other computers, using Wi-Fi / WLAN" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26749704:21
mooglinuxthis the place to ask about problems in the 4.2 beta?04:22
vorianare you running jaunty?04:23
mooglinuxwell sound works in everything EXCEPT amarok. no, this is on top of inrepid, via the neon nightlies04:23
vorianwhat's not working with amarok?04:24
mooglinuxno audio output04:24
voriando you have other sound?04:24
mooglinuxyes, as far as i can tell everything else puts out sound, like vlc mplayer and even pidgin04:25
mooglinuxive tried goin into the system settings and rearranging the sound devices, to no avail04:25
mooglinuxit started when i got an error that 'sound device nvidia somethingorother is not working" when i logged in, and have not gotten sound since04:26
mooglinuxthat particular sound device has not worked at all, i might add.  its named as "NVIDIA CK804 with ALC850 (NVidia CK804)"04:30
mooglinuxwell this is strange. just changing the order under 'audio output' doesnt change the order for the subcategories. so i reordered the devices in each category, and now amarok returns the error that it could not find any collection plugins04:33
ScottKvorian: So mark down libmysqlclient16-dev on your list .....05:13
vorianScottK: amarok build-depends on libmysqlclient-dev, not libmysqlclient15-dev05:14
ScottKRight, but both 15 and the soon to be 16 provide that.05:14
ScottKYou want to make sure we get the 5.1 one.05:14
vorianah noted05:14
LaserJockyeah, you guys broke OO.o :p05:16
ScottKNope.  Server Team did the mysql 5.1 upload.05:18
ScottKNot our fault at all.05:18
ScottKThe fact that we were pushing them to get it done quickly had nothing to do with it.05:18
* ScottK is really glad he didn't upload mysql 5.1.05:24
* ScottK considered it.05:24
* ScottK goes to be before his head esploads.05:25
ScottKGood night all.05:25
cbrmsn support in kopete 4.1.96?08:58
cbrokay, the first thing when entering the 4.1.96 in jaunty is a message informing me that plasma has received SIGSEGV09:09
nihuimsn support in kopete 4.1.96   <-- yes!09:09
cbrand no desktop appears09:09
cbris that a known issue?09:10
cbri'm of course overly joyful that something like this still happens in an RC.. and am crossing my fingers for it to be a kubuntu issue :p09:10
cbroh.. kdebase-workspace is not updated yet09:18
cbrmaybe that's why plasma is being evil at me09:18
cbrdidnt notice that09:18
knusperfroschwill vpnc work again with knetworkmanager in 9.04?09:27
freeflyingnihui: for dependency reason, we can not have WML support in kubuntu(a.k.a. msn)10:03
freeflyingby now10:03
briseightLure: Hi! Thx for your help. Installing marble-data fixed my issue with digikam plugin.10:11
nihuifreeflying: ???10:14
nihuilibmsn -> kopete WLM support ~~10:14
freeflyingnihui: yes, for libmsn10:15
Tonio_hi there10:29
Tonio_I just tests rc1 packages on jaunty.... plasma is broken here, receiving a dbus time out error...10:29
Tonio_is that known problem or is that just my computer ?10:30
Tonio_Riddell: hey ;)10:30
Tonio_Riddell: I HAVE internet at home :)10:30
Tonio_Riddell: finally, since a couple of days :)10:30
Tonio_Riddell: libpackagekit and kpackagekit are waiting in the NEW queue, btw10:30
RiddellTonio_: what about policykit-kde?  isn't that needed first?10:31
Tonio_Riddell: also uploaded kde4 version of kipi-plugins10:31
RiddellLure ^^10:31
Tonio_Riddell: and working on k3b atm10:31
Tonio_Riddell: I'll wait for kde 4.2 to be released since there are commits everyday10:31
RiddellTonio_: Lure tried k3b from svn yesterday and said he couldn't get it to do anything with the CDs10:31
Tonio_Riddell: then I'll upload it10:31
Tonio_Riddell: as for network-manager-kde10:31
Riddellso test it out hard10:32
Tonio_they both don't work at the moment, so I keep them localy and test them every day10:32
Tonio_Riddell: I'll contact upstream for those 2 directly...10:33
Tonio_Riddell: so what about plasma ? am I the only one with a broken thing ?10:33
RiddellTonio_: working fine with me using packages from kubuntu-ninjas, I havn't looked at what's compiled in jaunty yet, maybe something hasn't compiled yet and there's an incompatibility10:33
cbroh nice, 4.1.96 works now10:38
cbrthat kdebase-workspace got built10:38
Tonio_Riddell: well I'll retry then :)10:42
Tonio_Riddell: I give policykit-kde a complete review toonight and will let you know10:43
Tonio_Riddell: still a bit messy in my appartment, so I'll be 60% available only for a couple of weeks.... I have to buy a few things I miss in there to be comfortable :)10:43
Tonio_Riddell: but I'm back, definately10:45
Riddellhe's back!10:45
Tonio_yup.... you cannot imagin how it is to live 7 month without any internet connection at home10:46
Tonio_Riddell: that's a nightmare for a geek10:46
Tonio_the good point is that you rediscover a couple of things :) like reading books and so on :)10:46
* Tonio_ reboots on linux and gives plasma a test10:46
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Test Upgrading! https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IntrepidKDE42Upgrades | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs
Tonio_it works :)10:51
Tonio_Riddell: is there a main inclusion report for libmsn ?10:52
Tonio_Riddell: we need this for msn support back in kopete10:52
RiddellTonio_: yes, as usual it's blocked on security review10:52
RiddellI'm going to just promote it to main after the alpha10:52
Tonio_as well as ssl support for jabber for gmail10:52
Tonio_I don't remember the required dep for that...10:52
Tonio_hum looks like this is done, great10:53
Tonio_Riddell: okay10:53
Tonio_Riddell: I saw that mysql-server if going 5.1, sounds good for us :)10:54
Riddellit's not10:54
Riddellnot in main anyway10:54
Tonio_Riddell: can't we get that done ?10:55
Riddellhopefully we can get something in, but not the whole thing10:55
Tonio_hum, all we need is the runtime right ?10:56
Riddellthe libmysql.a is all, and some amount of mysql-data10:57
Tonio_hum okay11:00
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houzhi, is here anyone using PyKDE4? i somehow can't use it :-(11:27
LureTonio_: hi! long time no read...12:00
LureTonio_: what version of kipiplugins did you upload12:01
* Lure has uploaded beta6 couple of days ago...12:01
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Riddellapachelogger: kdepim failed with  "/usr/share/cdbs/1/class/kde4.mk:4: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/patchsys-quilt.mk: No such file or"12:19
Riddellsomething wrong with the quilt detection you added to cdbs?12:19
nixternalwho broke koffice in backports?12:22
nixternaldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/koffice-data-kde4_1%3a1.9.98.5-0ubuntu1~intrepid1_all.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite `/usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/actions/object-order-back.png', which is also in package kde-icons-oxygen12:23
Riddellnixternal: what version of kde-icons-oxygen do you have?12:25
nixternalgood point :)12:25
nixternalI tend to forget I am not running kde4 from the main repos :)12:26
Riddellapachelogger: ah, it does have a patch12:27
* Riddell fixes12:27
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Tonio_Lure: I uploaded kde4 beta6 version12:55
Tonio_Lure: long time no see :) happy new year !!12:56
Tonio_Lure: hum, I couldn't see it in the archives.... did you upload in a ppa ?12:56
Tonio_hum kmail's currently broken...12:58
Tonio_ho kdepim fails, right...12:59
Tonio_Riddell: want me to fix kdepim ?12:59
RiddellTonio_: I just uploaded it12:59
Tonio_Riddell: okay, missing build-dep I suspect ?13:00
Tonio_hum file conflicts between kmousetool and kttsd13:01
Tonio_both have /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/actions/female.png13:01
RiddellTonio_: please update the bzr branches too13:02
seeleTonio_: did colomar get in contact with you again?  he has been having trouble using kpackagekit to get anything installed13:05
Tonio_seele: hum he contacted me 2 weeks, then I responded and fixed the packages on my ppa13:10
Tonio_seele: no news since then....13:10
LureRiddell: it was in ppa, and later to main archives13:10
Lureor better universe archives13:10
LureTonio_: ^^^13:11
LureTonio_: and happy new year to you too!13:11
LureTonio_: was your upload accepted or rejected (because of smaller/same version)?13:11
Tonio_Lure: hum lemme look :)13:11
LureRiddell: kdebase-runtime RC version missing in jaunty - know issue?13:12
Tonio_Lure: rejected, which is fine :)13:12
LureTonio_: I did beta version of both digikam/kipi13:12
seeleTonio_: hum.. i wonder who he talked to then13:12
* Lure is back in digikam/kipi hacking ;-)13:12
* Lure and ubuntu polishing ;-)13:12
RiddellLure: it's there, although not amd64 yet https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/kdebase-runtime/4:4.1.96-0ubuntu113:12
LureRiddell: ok, then I just need to wait13:13
seeleTonio_: this happens any time you try to install a package: "The backend took too much time to process the synchronous request - you need to fork!"13:13
Tonio_seele: well as I said him the packages are on my ppa for intrepid...13:13
Tonio_seele: https://edge.launchpad.net/~tonio/+archive13:14
seeleTonio_: yes, that is where we got it from13:14
Tonio_seele: he should have been able to test from there13:14
Tonio_seele: you also have to use the policykit-gnome thing at the moment since the kde equivalent is missing/broken13:15
seelehmm.. maybe that's the problem13:15
seelehuh.. no that's installed13:15
Tonio_seele: hum....13:16
Tonio_seele: what about the "policykit-gnome" package, is it installed ?13:16
Tonio_seele: with this one it is supposed to work...13:17
Tonio_seele: I expect to give latest policykit-kde a complete test toonight, on that purpose...13:17
seeleTonio_: yes policykit-gnome is installed13:17
Tonio_seele: weird.... what dosn't work then ?13:19
Tonio_seele: please report to me by mail, I'll give a test since I'll work on those toonight :)13:19
seeleTonio_: installing software doesnt work.  i'll send you mail then13:19
seeleis kpackagekit written in c++?13:20
cbrwoow, the folderview highlight effect looks so nice13:20
Tonio_seele: yes it is13:20
Tonio_seele: hum, works for me13:20
seeleTonio_: did you uninstall adept or maybe we missed a dependency?13:21
Tonio_seele: you may also need to check permissions and unsure your user is authorized software installation13:21
Tonio_seele: that's the purpose of policykit13:21
Tonio_seele: I haven't adept installed13:21
seeleso it asking me for the admin password isnt enough?13:21
Tonio_seele: to set permissions, you may have to start : sudo polkit-gnome-authorization13:22
Tonio_seele: check if your user is allowed installations, upgrades etc...13:22
Tonio_seele: policykit requires : user/group allowed a task and then if yes, auth mode (could be with or without a password and so on)13:23
seeleTonio_: aah, none of that was set.  hopefully that was the problem13:23
Tonio_seele: probably yes :)13:23
Tonio_seele: we'll have to be sure default settings are convenient on that point !13:24
freeflyingafter today's upgrade, plasma can not start13:24
freeflyinganyone suffered this?13:24
Tonio_seele: atm, policykit-kde works for authentication if password isn't asked, but fails authenticate with password...13:24
seelehuh, i think kpackagekit is also buggy.  i always get problems searching for software13:24
Tonio_freeflying: update again, will work :)13:24
Tonio_seele: didn't see many problems with kpackagekit for the moment13:25
seeleTonio_: do you have a minute to try something?  searching for "game" works, but searching for "games" gives me some backend forking error13:26
seeleack.. wtf.  now if i search for game again it gives me the forking error13:26
seeleTonio_: since it works on yours, i dont know if i have something screwed up or if it is a bug13:26
jpdsScottK: Needs source changes, I'll do the process described at help.u.c and get it done asap.13:28
ScottKjpds: OK.   I guess i missed that in the bug.  BTW, MOTU can upload source backports now, so you can just do it.13:29
Tm_Thmmmm, does motu still use revu?13:29
Tm_TI apparently got revu account 3 years ago13:30
Tm_Tor something13:30
* freeflying seldom use ruve now13:30
ScottKTm_T: Yes.  For new packages, but it uses your LP ID now.13:30
jpdsScottK: I don't have to do the stuff at: http://tinyurl.com/a5dpjx - just fire and forget?13:30
Tm_TScottK: I thought so13:30
freeflyingScottK: I can upload new package directly? is it?13:31
ScottKjpds: Since you're a backporter, you can skip the attach the debdiff and have it reviewed step as you can do your own review.13:32
ScottKfreeflying: Even MOTU are recommended to get their packages reviewed.13:32
freeflyingScottK: I just sposor upload for others from revu, is it ok?13:34
* freeflying need to learn more to catch up13:34
* vorian has his packages reviewed13:34
ScottKfreeflying: For non-MOTU it needs two MOTU to advocate for a new package, so if you're the second, certainly.13:34
vorianwhat needs reviewed?13:35
vorianI have some time while i try and fix kdeartwork13:35
jpdsScottK: OK; I'll get that done this evening.13:35
freeflyingScottK: is there any workflow documented now? thanks13:36
ScottKfreeflying: I'm sure there is, but I'm not sure where.  I'd ask on #ubuntu-motu.13:36
ScottKjpds: Great.13:36
* ScottK sees kgrubeditor on the component mismatches list. Does it need a MIR?13:37
Tonio_seele: currently buildging policykit-kde from svn.... I'll let you know if that works13:38
RiddellScottK: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MainInclusionReportKgrubeditor13:39
Riddell"Moved back into universe due to unresolved issues. Incompatibility with our standard grub configuration seems like a serious issue to me."13:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 262309 in kgrubeditor "kgrubeditor MIR" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:40
ScottKRiddell: Sounds like it ought to be unseeded then.13:40
RiddellI think we still hope to get it back into main, artimis seems to be saying he'll make the necessary changes13:42
seeleis there a kubuntu meeting planned before the end of january?13:46
ScottKOK.  So it doesn't hurt to leave it seeded in the meantime?13:47
ScottKWhat's up with KDE on amd64 anyone?13:47
vorianScottK: it's just running slow13:47
vorianall the important packages didn't finish first13:47
ScottKOf course.13:47
Tonio_seele: no issues searching either "game" or "games" here...13:48
Tonio_seele: maybe that's a packagekit issue, not the kde part...13:48
Tonio_seele: I'm running jaunty, so more recent version of packagekit13:48
Tonio_seele: also the kpackagekit content change a lot since the uds and my packages...13:49
seeleTonio_: ok.  i might have to just look at it in vb then13:49
Tonio_seele: policykit-kde content sorry, so it might give better results...13:49
seelehum.. ok.  we'll have to review it then13:49
Tonio_seele: do you run a jaunty virtual machine or so ?13:49
seeleTonio_: not at the moment13:51
Tonio_seele: oki13:51
seelei'm on a business trip now, so i'll have to set it up when i get back later this week13:51
Tonio_seele: I'll test on my side and will let you know about the technical review... I'll let you do the usability stuff :)13:52
seeleTonio_: right.  that's what colomar and I are working on, we just ran in to problems doing stuff :)13:52
Tonio_seele: hehe, I just hope it'll work for you as I can't test on intrepid13:53
Tonio_Riddell: very good news, we can now manage policyit permissions within kde :)14:00
Tonio_Riddell, seele: I have to say policykit-kde just works :)14:02
Tonio_Riddell: I'll probably upload to review toonight14:02
Tonio_Riddell: couple of bugs though.... I have to authenticate twice to get it to work...14:03
Tonio_seele: uploading on my ppa, in case you want it to work...14:03
seeleTonio_: jaunty only though? not intrepid?14:05
Tonio_seele: I'll upload on my ppa for intrepid14:09
Tonio_seele: then on jaunty14:09
Tonio_once the packaging has been reviewed14:09
Tonio_Riddell: still missing a couple of desktop files looks like14:09
seeleTonio_: cool14:09
ScottKTonio_: Does it handle debconf and stuff?14:11
Tonio_Riddell: fancy testing ? I can send you the deb file14:11
Tonio_ScottK of course not :)14:11
Tonio_ScottK it exports debian_frontend=non-interractive14:11
* ScottK thinks that's a very bad idea.14:11
* ScottK considers it a very 'Xandros' thing to do.14:12
=== foursixnine is now known as santiago-ve
Tonio_ScottK I consider debconf stuff too complicated for my mother14:15
Tonio_ScottK and people that want to play with debconf are generally using apt-get the cli way (I do that)14:16
* ScottK too, but one never knows for sure when it will come up.14:16
Tonio_ScottK what will your mother respond when she installs a package that depends on openldap for example14:16
Tonio_ScottK will she respond the "type in your DC name" question ?14:16
ScottKI would consider it a rare situation for a desktop, but just punting is the wrong answer.14:17
Tonio_or the "the file /etc/blabla has ben modified by you or a script, which version to keep ??"14:17
Tonio_there is just no way for them to respond this.... so we have to make it silent...14:17
ScottKWhich one do we keep?14:17
* ScottK doesn't recall which way non-interactive leans.14:18
Tonio_ScottK it accepts the default choice for everything14:18
Tonio_which can be bad in some cases, true14:18
Tonio_we have to handle the cases it can be problematic14:18
Tonio_but what is bad for us is 10 times better for the user, so I prefer this really14:19
ScottKI'd consider arbitrarily over-writing user config changes bad.14:19
Tonio_it won't, since the default is to keep the current file14:19
Tonio_which in 99% of the cases is fine14:19
ScottKIs it?14:19
mok0Version 0.10 of Stellarium is in REVU. This is a major new version written to use QT4. I am going to review it and it would be good if a couple of other MOTUs would track it too, so we can get it into JJ14:20
Tonio_is some rare case, where the config file has new options, then it'll cause problems, and we'll have to handle those very rare case, I agree on that point14:20
Tonio_but that's very, very rare14:20
ScottKOK.  That is exacly what Xandros did.14:20
Tonio_ScottK and I approve this way to do things14:20
* ScottK doesn't like it a bit.14:21
Tonio_ScottK installing a package should be silent, as it is on a mac14:21
vorianmok0: looking14:21
ScottKAnd when there's a sane way to do it, that's great.14:21
* ScottK notes it's a regression too.14:21
mok0vorian, you also should look at http://www.stellarium.org14:21
=== _newbie_ is now known as fale_
vorianmok0: i almost grabbed this app14:22
mok0vorian: for packaging?14:22
mok0vorian: so you are interested in reviewing too14:23
mok0vorian: great.14:23
mok0vorian: the packager has eliminated a bunch of patches, I think that needs to be checked14:24
=== fregl_ is now known as fregl
vorianmok0: commented14:46
mok0vorian: woot!14:46
mok0vorian: trying to install it on my machine14:46
vorianmok0: it should install fine for you, but i'm concerned about the patches14:47
mok0vorian: yeah14:47
mok0me too14:47
vorianit's hard for me to believe that 9 patches could be dropped, and the reason for removal was not documented in the change log14:48
mok0vorian: exactly14:48
mok0vorian: we need to figure out what those patches were doing14:48
mok0vorian: but most likely they no longer apply cleanly, so uploader just dropped them14:49
vorianmok0: i'll keep an eye on it.  He can have two weeks.14:49
mok0vorian: sounds good14:50
vorianit should be updated soon though14:50
vorianyup yup14:50
mok0I'll investigate som more14:50
vorianthanks mok0!14:50
=== fale_ is now known as FaleBot
davmor2Riddell: good news it starts up however on cd desktop there is a warning.  Sorry the program "nepomukservicetub" closed unexpectedly.14:58
mok0I'd like to see bug 288740 closed for JJ15:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 288740 in kdebase "logitechmouse udev rules not working " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28874015:07
Tonio_Riddell: fancy reviewing policykit-kde on revu ?15:55
Tonio_Riddell: even buggy we should get it in the repos, as it won't replace anything existing, there's no risk15:55
Tonio_Riddell: just uploaded, I'll give you the link15:57
ScottKvorian: Server Team meeting in ~a few minutes (after TB meeting finishes) in #ubuntu-meeting.16:00
vorianScottK: thanks :)16:00
vorianputting the finishing touches on kdeartwork16:00
davmor2Riddell: ubiquity crashes on exit16:01
Riddelldavmor2: make sure to report a bug on that16:01
davmor2trying to upload it now16:02
davmor2Riddell: bug 31680016:07
ubottuBug 316800 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/316800 is private16:07
* seele smacks her forehead16:07
seeleNOW they decide that they have time to help with design16:07
seeleand guess what.. they want to work on kpackagekit16:07
* seele writes an email THANK YOU FOR BEING SO LATE SIRS16:07
davmor2Riddell: changed privacy16:08
seeleRiddell: some german design group who was working with TT and matthias was trying to get to contribute to kde16:08
davmor2Riddell: I've let evand know too16:09
seeleoh interesting.. i *also* got an email from one of the apilink devs who want to work on kpackagekit16:09
* apachelogger waves16:10
Riddellall the rage16:11
seelei hope all this stuff wraps up well by february.. i dont think i'm going to have time once school starts16:11
seelei'm already putting more time in the kde/kubuntu than my job.. although "replacing time" is more accurate :P16:12
* jussi01 waves16:15
Riddelldavmor2: doesn't look KDE specific, have you tried the GTK one as well?16:19
* Riddell hugs seele 16:20
davmor2Riddell: not today no16:20
seeleoooh hugs16:24
* seele hugs Riddell 16:24
* LaserJock hugs whoever did the new choqok16:33
davmor2Riddell: general faulty I'll try again tomorrow16:34
Riddelldavmor2: phew :)16:34
apacheloggerneversfelde: you have been hugged16:39
apacheloggerTonio_: it appears to me revu ate your policykit upload, btw, I think It's better if someone else reviews it, so Riddell can let it through new16:39
neversfeldeapachelogger: why? and how can I escape? :)16:40
apacheloggerneversfelde: apparently LaserJock luvs the nu choqok, and I think there is no escape16:41
apacheloggermvo made a pretty b0rked changelog entry :|16:42
neversfeldechoqoK is very buggy here, probably I should delete the config files16:43
LaserJocki created a new config16:44
apacheloggerneversfelde, LaserJock: the compability problems are only config related?16:46
seaLneRiddell: i get "/etc/zsh/zshrc:12: unknown parameter: terminfo" and no terminal setup happens pgup backspace etc, happens with bash aswell, happened recently now 2 machines (only ones updated recently)16:46
LaserJockapachelogger: what do you mean by "compatibility problems"?16:46
apacheloggerLaserJock: AFAIK upgrading from choqok 0.1 -> 0.2 broke choqok pretty much and now apparently 0.2 -> 0.3 does again16:47
LaserJockapachelogger: it didn't like my intial config. I just recreated my accounts (as the config dialog is totally different) and it's working fine so far16:48
RiddellseaLne: there's no recent update of ncurses16:48
LaserJockI got both twitter and identi.ca \o/16:48
vorianapachelogger: its 0.3.1 (which was supposed to not break the config)16:48
vorian^5 LaserJock16:49
apacheloggera config should _never_ break16:49
Riddellhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/intrepid-changes/2009-January/thread.html  maybe glibc or linux could affect something like terminfo16:49
* apachelogger probably should tell upstream about kconf_update16:49
LaserJockapachelogger: well, I figure since this app is so new I'd give them some slack ;-)16:50
seaLneRiddell: yeah its weird i've not had any thoughts on the cause16:50
* LaserJock lets apachelogger be the bad guy16:50
* apachelogger notes that amarok never did that, not even in early releases, basically also because amarok didn't have any configuration :P16:50
RiddellseaLne: but you think it happened after an apt-get upgrade ?16:51
apacheloggerNightrose: pling16:51
neversfeldeconfig deleted and now it is totally broken^^16:51
Nightroseapachelogger: plong16:51
apacheloggerNightrose: already done?16:51
Nightroseapachelogger: nope - query16:51
seaLneRiddell: yeah on one machine that has been up for a while it is fine in existing shells but any new ones are broken on another machine that has been rebooted lots it happens all the time16:52
RiddellseaLne: what's in  find /var/cache/apt/archive -mtime 0 ?16:53
seaLnenothing (archives)16:54
Riddell-mtime 1 ?16:55
Riddellor increasing values of mtime?16:55
seaLnenothing obvious16:55
ScottKAre we shipping kpilot?16:57
seaLneRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/104432/16:57
RiddellseaLne: none of those look like the cause16:58
seaLneyeah, the fact that i just noticed that it is happening n my other machine with new shells worried me more than it happening on one machine, very annoying tho16:59
stdinRiddell: on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-2.0 it says: "Follow the Kubuntu Repository Guide to enable Recommended Updates (backports)", but backports would be Unsupported updates17:04
astromme_vorian: Are the RC1 packages built completely? sudo aptitude full-upgrade shows lots of breakage. (mainly in kdepim)17:05
voriannot quite yet astromme_, there are a tone of things waiting to be built17:05
vorianit's going rather slowly :(17:06
astromme_vorian: Is there a way to see the build queue?17:06
* astromme_ lols... ia64 110 builds waiting in queue17:08
* astromme_ uses amd64 however, which only has 36 in queue17:08
astromme_Hmm, I can see what it's currently building and the number in queue, but is there a way to see the actual queue?17:10
stdinastromme_: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+builds?build_text=&build_state=pending17:15
astromme_stdin: Thanks, that's what I was looking for.17:17
Tonio_Riddell: hum, my package won't reach revu for some reason I have to investigate...17:18
Tonio_Riddell: mind if I upload to the archives ?17:18
Tonio_Riddell: the packaging is super simple, and has no patch...17:18
RiddellTonio_: upload it to a web server somewhere for us to look over17:18
Tonio_Riddell: yup17:20
apacheloggeroh well17:21
apacheloggerI fixed gdebi-kde's icon17:22
apacheloggerthat is about all good news17:22
apacheloggerplasma crashes for unkown reasons and can't produce a sensible backtrace itself17:22
apacheloggervorian's kdm.init change breaks kdm if LANG= is not set in /etc/environment17:22
apacheloggerwhich is never the case on default intallations anyway it seems17:22
apacheloggerand yakuake is doing the popup dance17:23
Tonio_Riddell: dget http://planetemu.net/temp/policykit-kde_4.1.96~svn910476-0ubuntu1.dsc17:23
apacheloggerTonio_: bad versioning17:23
Tonio_apachelogger: ah ?17:23
apacheloggerTonio_: I talked to drf, and he's going to do backport releases, kinda like he did for powerdevil17:23
Tonio_apachelogger: how would you version this ?17:24
apacheloggerTonio_: 0.0+svn17:24
Tonio_apachelogger: that's for jaunty and 4.217:24
apacheloggerTonio_: yeah, drf will backport release policykit-kde for KDE 4.2, while policykit-kde actualyl targets 4.317:24
RiddellTonio_: 403 Forbidden17:24
Tonio_we use + now ? I've always used ~ for years ;)17:24
Tonio_Riddell: ah..... lemme fix17:25
apacheloggerTonio_: + makes it > $baseversion, ~ makes it < $baseversion17:25
Tonio_Riddell: should be okay17:25
apacheloggerdoesn't really matter but I find the idea of a version number lower than 0 a bit weird ;-)17:25
ScottKapachelogger and Tonio_: Either can be appropriate, but to use ~ you need to know what the next upstream release will be.17:25
Tonio_apachelogger: I want it < $baseversion17:25
* ScottK used ~ in the git snapshot of quassel he packaged.17:26
apacheloggerTonio_: well, baseversion should be 0.017:26
apacheloggeror 0.1 for that matter17:26
Tonio_apachelogger: so you'd version it 0.0+svn910476 ?17:26
apacheloggerTonio_: yep17:26
Tonio_apachelogger: honnestly, as this is temporary, I don't see the point :)17:26
Tonio_apachelogger: I'll upload a 4.2 version in 3 weeks :)17:27
apacheloggerthat is if upstream versions it as 4.217:27
Tonio_apachelogger: yep, and since the version I took was from kde svn, it makes sence versioning 4.1.96 imho :)17:27
apacheloggerTonio_: policykit-kde is not going to be part of KDE 4.217:28
Tonio_I could even drop the svn revision in fact...17:28
apacheloggerit was rejected from kdereview because no one reviewed it in time17:28
Tonio_apachelogger: it is in extragear, btw17:28
apacheloggerTonio_: yes, but it doesn't have version 4.1.96, does it? :P17:28
Tonio_nope :)17:28
apacheloggerthat is my point17:29
Tonio_apachelogger: still on 4.2 feature plan afaics17:29
Tonio_apachelogger: did that change ?17:29
apacheloggerTonio_: read above17:29
Tonio_apachelogger: and there's no way to get it reviewed in time ? that sucks...17:29
Tonio_apachelogger: 3 weeks before the release.... so stupid...17:30
Tonio_apachelogger: then I agree with your point, let's version 0.0 waiting for an official one17:30
RiddellTonio_: doesn't need to depend on quilt17:30
apacheloggervorian: ping ping17:31
vorianpon pong17:31
apacheloggervorian: why does var=$(grep "^LANG=" /etc/environment)17:31
apacheloggermake the init fail?17:31
Tonio_Riddell: ah !!! quilt was droped rom kde.mk ? good to ear17:31
apacheloggerTonio_: just made optional :P17:31
Tonio_Riddell: I didn't package for a couple of month, I didn't figure out that17:31
Riddell"This package was debianised by Anthony Mercatante <tonio@@ubuntu.com> on"17:31
Riddelldouble @17:32
Tonio_apachelogger: which is cool17:32
ScottKCuts down on spam17:32
RiddellTHIS_SHOULD_GO_TO_UNSTABLE not needed17:32
vorianapachelogger: no language environment17:32
apacheloggervorian: well, read above ... default ubuntu wouldn't have it there anyway ... but I wonder why it makes the whole script fail17:32
Tonio_Riddell: this also removed, and good to ear too :)17:33
apacheloggervorian: I am not sure LANG is the way to go anyway17:33
apacheloggervorian: much to unreliable since technically it could be set anywhere17:33
* Tonio_ realizes that leaving 4 weeks means having to learn everything again...17:33
apacheloggerI see17:34
apacheloggervorian: gdm does it the same way though17:34
vorianvery interesting17:34
apacheloggerkdm is superior to gdm though, so there ought to be a better solution ;-)17:34
NCommanderapachelogger, hola17:34
apacheloggervorian: well, their shell is better than ours it looks17:34
NCommanderScottK, the 96 issue is an ICE. I'm seeing if I can beg doko to look at it17:34
apachelogger*stealing code*17:34
apacheloggeraloha NCommander17:35
NCommanderScottK, not much I can do from my end17:35
voriani say for now we didtch the change until a sane solution can be found, apachelogger17:35
NCommanderapachelogger, please send something to my core dev application, its had two fatal shots taken at it17:35
apacheloggervorian: I'll try the gmd approach, it ought to work considering it is in their init script for quite some time now17:35
ScottKNCommander: Urgh.  Thanks for looking at it.17:35
* ScottK notes to apachelogger the gdm and gmd are two very different things.17:36
NCommanderScottK, yeah, its officially out of my ballpark.17:36
* vorian wonders what suse's init is ...17:36
apacheloggerScottK: I have $unreadable font today :P17:36
apacheloggervorian: they don't do init, they start yast, yast starts world, world starts universe, universe starts sue :P17:36
apacheloggerNCommander: I didn't really sponsor much ... so I can just say what I noticed from hanging out here, which might not be enough17:36
apacheloggerof course if someone tells me to make stuff up.... ;-)17:37
NCommanderapachelogger, you sponsored me plenty17:37
apacheloggerNCommander: for example?17:37
Tonio_Riddell: dget http://planetemu.net/temp/policykit-kde_0.0+svn910476-0ubuntu1.dsc17:37
apacheloggerNCommander: they might have been too good, which would explain that I can't remember :)17:37
Tonio_Riddell: sorry for the issues, I'll have to re-learn the current kde packaging things :)17:37
Tonio_Riddell: all fixed including the versioning17:38
Tonio_apachelogger: fancy reviewing too ?17:38
Riddellnobody makes perfect packages first time round17:38
Tonio_Riddell: true that, but those issues should have been avoided, as some things changed :)17:38
Tonio_Riddell: then you should drop libpackagekit-qt and kpackagekit from NEW17:38
Tonio_Riddell: they have the same issues17:39
Tonio_Riddell: I'll fix them in a moment.... while fixing my revu upload issues17:39
RiddellTonio_: W: policykit-kde: non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink usr/lib/libpolkitkdeprivate.so.4.1.0 usr/lib/libpolkitkdeprivate.so17:39
Notch-1hi all, should you take a look at this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/292159 ?17:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 292159 in linux "MASTER update-initramfs is disabled since running on a live CD but it is running from a flash drive. " [Low,Triaged]17:40
Riddellno need to include the .so17:40
RiddellNotch-1: we do KDE here, Linux isn't our bag baby17:40
apacheloggerRiddell: there is a -dev package for pk-gnome IIRC, we probably should do the same17:40
Notch-1here in kubuntu-devel you do only kde? :D17:41
Riddellapachelogger: if it's called "private" it shouldn't be made available I suspect17:41
Notch-1this bug is affecting only kubuntu, i think17:41
Tonio_Riddell: hum, yeah but do I have to write a rules entry to get it removed ?17:41
apacheloggerRiddell: generally speaking I was17:42
Tonio_Riddell: making the packaging more complex to avoid warnings..... sounds weird no ?17:42
Tonio_Riddell: this isn't a splited package...17:42
Tonio_Riddell: or even better, should I patch the CMake files ?17:42
RiddellTonio_: I think that's worth fixing else people might be tempted to use it17:43
RiddellI don't know if CMake can be changed to not install the .so17:43
Tonio_Riddell: well my mother wouldn't :)17:43
Notch-1Riddell: so ?17:45
Tonio_Riddell: fixing ;)17:46
RiddellNotch-1: I don't see why that would be Kubuntu specific, the Linux build is the same for all the variants17:47
Notch-1it seems to affect only kubuntu17:48
Notch-1there has to be a reason...17:49
Notch-1AND on #linux i got: "zcram » that's ubuntu-specific"17:50
Notch-1is an update problem, so i think that's very specific too...17:51
Riddellright, ubuntu specific, not Kubuntu, we are but one part of the larger Ubuntu family17:54
Notch-1i think that in ubuntu it works fine17:57
Tonio_Riddell: dget http://planetemu.net/temp/policykit-kde_0.0+svn910476-0ubuntu1.dsc17:57
Tonio_Riddell: this one should be good, then I'm fixing libpackagekit and kpackagekit17:57
Riddell" Initiali SVN snapshot"  typo17:58
RiddellTonio_: all good otherwise17:58
Notch-1on the bug page it seems that are all using kubuntu...17:59
* ScottK spies 4.1.4 in the build queue.18:00
seeleis it possible to downgrade?18:01
* seele doesnt want to run 4.2 beta 2 anymore Q.Q18:01
Riddellseele: you can uninstall kdelibs5 then reinstall again, entirely unsupported of course18:01
Riddell4.2 RC 1 should be out later18:01
Riddelllater today18:02
seeleoh.. RC 1 is good. i've been using neon for the past week because beta was too annoying18:03
seeleplease.. next time i talk about upgrading my work laptop to do software testing, someone hit me over the head18:03
Tonio_Riddell: oki, uploading then18:05
* jussi01 thwacks seele for last time... :P18:09
apacheloggerseele: you shouldn't be upgrading before me :P18:10
Tonio_Riddell: did you drop the packaging stuf in new ? I'll fix my revu problem and get them there toonight18:11
Tonio_Riddell: they have the same "this should go unstable" thing18:12
Tonio_Riddell: they shouldn't go in the archives since packaging is not good :)18:13
Riddellalways the perfectionist18:14
seeleapachelogger: lol18:14
apacheloggerno highlights18:14
apacheloggerI am working in the shell where I started plasma18:15
apacheloggernow my vim is all messed up :P18:15
Tonio_Riddell: bah, I did crappy work....18:17
Tonio_Riddell: or you can accept them and I'll fix later.... the packages are ready btw18:17
Tonio_Riddell: dget http://planetemu.net/temp/libpackagekit-qt_0.3.1-0ubuntu1.dsc18:19
Tonio_Riddell: dget http://www.planetemu.net/temp/kpackagekit_0.3.1-0ubuntu1.dsc18:19
Tonio_Riddell: you can review those and then I'll upload18:20
* Tonio_ going home, waiting for Riddell ping to upload18:20
cbrany idea why does kwin start to use 70% cpu after i watch a video with mplayerplug-in in firefox?18:28
cbrwhen i toggle compositing off and on again, it's normal again18:28
apacheloggeroverload of uglysoftware18:29
cbrokay, now i listened to a music track in mplayerplug-in.. no video.. and it started to abuse my cpu again18:29
cbrkwin did, i mean18:29
apacheloggeroverload of uglysoftware again18:29
cbrwell, it sucks but there is no alternative to mplayerplug-in in firefox18:30
apacheloggersure there is18:30
apacheloggerdragonplayer in konqueror18:30
cbrkonqueror is not an option to be honest18:30
cbrit lacks so many stuff compared to firefox18:30
Sputmore of an option than firefox18:30
apacheloggerjussi01: that would still cause overload of uglysoftware18:31
cbrthe vlc plugin has no controls and plays stuff even more seldom than mplayerplug-in18:31
* Sput wonders how people can survive using firefox18:31
apacheloggerfirefox is so ugly you would need feed it all the oxygen team to make it not cuase overload of uglysoftware18:31
cbri use it with the oxygen gtk theme18:31
cbrit's okay18:31
cbrand konqueror is extremely ugly compared to ff18:31
Sputexcept it's gtk, hence ugly18:32
apachelogger_the_ oxygen gtk theme18:32
cbrlook at the options.. i know people who would call it a clusterf***18:32
apacheloggeris the ugliest of all18:32
NCommanderapachelogger, I use firefox on KDE all the time ;-)18:32
NCommanderand thunderbird too18:32
apacheloggerthere, no sponsoring for you anymore18:32
cbralso, konq lacks addons, smartcard support to name a few18:32
cbrplus it looks worse18:33
NCommanderNo KDE on ARM then apachelogger ;-)18:33
cbralso konq doesnt officially support gmail18:33
* apachelogger wouldn't benefit anyway18:33
jussi01I just want the konq with webkit+flash...18:33
* apachelogger just wants standards18:33
NCommanderapachelogger, think of your users!! KDE on ARM is important to some of them18:34
apacheloggerNCommander: my feet are cold ... literally ... so no time to think of users18:34
apacheloggerbah, pbuilder creation failed18:35
NCommanderapachelogger, that's karma, and its a bitch18:35
kubotukarma for apachelogger: 418:36
jussi01how do you reduce someones karma? (dont you dare do it to me apachelogger) :P18:37
cbri wish you could use the kmplayer plugin in firefox18:37
apacheloggerjussi01: hum, dunno, I can show you though :P18:38
* jussi01 guesses...18:38
jussi01-- apachelogger18:38
kubotu223 items. Best: C (74); Worst: > (-22)18:40
jussi01who has 74?18:40
jussi01~karma Riddell18:40
kubotukarma for Riddell: 218:40
apachelogger~karma JontheEchidna18:40
kubotukarma for JontheEchidna: 718:40
jussi01~karma jussi0118:41
kubotujussi01 has neutral karma18:41
jussi01damn, I need some karma18:41
apachelogger~karma jussi0118:43
kubotukarma for jussi01: -118:43
apacheloggerjussi01: I thought you wanted karma?18:44
jussi01apachelogger: yeah, karma, not negative karma!18:44
apacheloggerjussi01: karma can be both18:45
jussi01apachelogger: when are the RC1 packages ready do you know?18:46
apacheloggerwhen I unbroke them :P18:47
apacheloggerand since I have cold feet that could take some time18:47
* jussi01 stops distracting apachelogger18:47
* seele gets apachelogger some slippers18:47
seeleRC1 gogogogo!18:47
apachelogger\o/ slippers18:48
apacheloggernhandler, JontheEchidna: someone backport workspace for poor seele and her broken workspace18:48
JontheEchidnathe intrepid packages are all built and ready to be copied18:49
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: not if you based workspace on the jaunty package18:51
apacheloggerthat breaks kdm on loads of systems18:51
JontheEchidnaoh, shit.18:51
JontheEchidnathat would be bad18:52
NCommanderapachelogger, have we replaced adept with kpackagekit yet?19:08
NCommanderare we planning to?19:08
apacheloggerNCommander: tonio sent the packaging url earlier19:09
apacheloggerfeel free to review it19:09
apacheloggeralso, we need it in miain before we can replace adept I guess19:09
apachelogger*main even19:09
NCommanderapachelogger, I'll put it on my wishlist TODO list19:10
DaSkreechRC today?19:19
seelesshh.. ninjas at work19:19
jussi01DaSkreech: [20:46:51] <jussi01> apachelogger: when are the RC1 packages ready do you know?19:20
jussi01[20:47:07] <apachelogger> when I unbroke them :P19:20
DaSkreechWhee for unbreakage!19:20
DaSkreechhow badly blody broke ?19:20
jussi01[20:49:55] <JontheEchidna> the intrepid packages are all built and ready to be copied19:21
jussi01[20:50:06] --> devfil_ (n=dfiloni@host186-254-dynamic.7-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #kubuntu-devel19:21
jussi01[20:51:16] <apachelogger> JontheEchidna: not if you based workspace on the jaunty package19:21
jussi01[20:51:20] <apachelogger> that breaks kdm on loads of systems19:21
jussi01[20:51:33] <JontheEchidna> oh, shit.19:21
jussi01ok, I now apologise for all the hilights...19:21
DaSkreechDoes anyone use KDM?19:22
DaSkreechconsole login and kdeinit ftw19:22
* jussi01 slaps DaSkreech19:23
DaSkreechWhy would there be such a discrepancy for Jackalope and Ibex packages ?19:23
Tm_TKDM <319:24
DaSkreech Istill want to theme the logout dialog19:26
DaSkreechI should put up a userbase page for awesome things KDE should do19:27
* DaSkreech wonders how long before someone makes a taskbar that replicates Windows 719:27
DaSkreechOh why didn't the beta 2 ship with slideshow for wallpapers?19:27
Tm_TI thought we got already19:27
DaSkreechWe did? where?19:31
* DaSkreech should put up an Ubuntu Wiki page on what sucks in Kubunt19:39
Tm_TDaSkreech: please do19:39
DaSkreechare we planning on backporting the plasmodified knetworkmanager ?19:39
Tm_TDaSkreech: backporting to what?19:40
jussi01DaSkreech: not till it works good...19:41
jussi01Ive latest svn and it still sucks19:41
seeledoesnt the knetworkmanager plasmoid require the new version of knetworkmanager which only works in 4.2?19:41
Tonio_Riddell: did you look at he packages ?19:44
* Tonio_ look why he can't upload to revu...19:44
Tonio_seele: I have been able to play with the plasmoid, but there are lots of bugs right now...19:48
Tonio_seele: I suspect the solid backend needs 4.2 stable, so maybe it'll work right now...19:48
seeleTonio_: right.  i think DaSkreech was talking about making it available for 4.1.4 which i didnt think was possible :)19:49
Tonio_seele: I suspect it won't indeed :)19:51
Tonio_seele: the point is it even doesn't work properly with 4.2 :)19:51
DaSkreechjussi01: Latest svn as in SVn 4.2 or svn 4.3 ?19:51
seeleTonio_: right :)19:51
jussi01DaSkreech: hrm... the one in sebas' post about it...19:52
DaSkreechseele: Oh no :-) I've been working getting everyone off 4.1 to 4.2 :)19:52
DaSkreech4.2 is doing wonders for impressions19:52
seeleDaSkreech: not too soon now. i can't wait to get rid of 4.2 beta 219:52
seeleeither by downgrade or upgrade19:52
DaSkreechyour dislike for wonky notifications notwithstanding19:52
DaSkreechwell today is the day for update :019:52
DaSkreechassuming that you care about KDM :)19:52
DaSkreechjussi01: Trunk is now 4.3 correct?19:53
jussi01DaSkreech: think so.. which is why it might be it doesnt work...19:53
DaSkreechYeah I would expect trunk to be horribly broken about now19:54
JontheEchidnathe plasmoid is made to work with 4.2, trunk 4.3 being shouldn't be the issue19:54
* DaSkreech tries very hard to unravel that sentence19:55
* JontheEchidna was being pestered by someone when he typed that19:55
JontheEchidnathe plasmoid is made to work with 4.2, trunk being 4.3 shouldn't be an issue19:56
* seele is confuse what is confusing about the sentence20:02
DaSkreechI'll read the blog post again I was pretty sure that it was a 4.3 project20:03
JontheEchidnawell, that's when it's going for inclusion20:05
JontheEchidnabut they're gonna keep it 4.2 compatible so that 4.2 distros can use it without having to wait for 4.320:05
DaSkreechAh sweet so it's more of a side port?20:19
sebasjussi01: if you don't want to hack on networkmanager, it's useless do compile it atm20:33
* sebas said that to many people already20:33
jussi01sebas: Ive realised.... thank you :) but it does look pretty there on my pane :)20:34
DaSkreechhows libknotify ?20:35
sebasyeah, you wouldn't believe how many emails I got with "it doesn't work" this and that ... bla lately.20:35
sebasWhile I thought I made it rather clear. DOES ... NOT ... WORK.20:35
sebasPeople making it work rather than asking for support for it would be more appreciated...20:36
jussi01sebas: I would if I could...20:36
jussi01sebas: but I wasnt complaining, honest20:36
sebasI just don't get why it's so unclear20:37
bobesponjaknotify and many stuff seem to be broken on jaunty20:37
smartersebas: do you need a deep understanding of NetworkManager api to hack on it, or does being a KDE dev is enough for most of the stuff?20:37
sebasI've bloggged about it so people know about its status, and be patient and not spread FUD about it20:37
sebasNot to encourage everybody to compile it and email me with support questions and mediocre UI ideas for it20:37
sebasAnd the number of "you don't forget to implement ABC, would you?" emails is simply annoying20:38
DaSkreechsebas: ooooh mediocre Ideas! Sounds like a new blog post20:38
sebassmarter: there's a lot of low-hanging fruit to sort20:38
sebasI don't know the NM API myself, doing more on the UI side20:38
sebasDaSkreech: yeah20:38
DaSkreechsebas: Throw up a JJ page for it on Techbase20:38
sebasI was more than once tempted to just reply "of course, moron."20:39
sebassmarter: Having some help with the non-plasma UI bits would be really useful20:39
* sebas goes back to releasing KDE instead. :P20:40
smartersebas: okay, I might try to hack on it a bit if I get some free time :)20:40
sebasCool :)20:41
sebasIf you run into problems, email me (sebas@k.o, wstephenson@k.o and coolo@k.o) someone will know :)20:41
ScottKAlpha 3 Freeze in < 1 hour, so if there's anything for Main that needs doing, it needs to get done ....20:41
* jussi01 is happy someone has volunteered :)20:42
smartersebas: okay :)20:42
ScottKOK, since smarter is going to make the NM plasmoid work, k3b is the big question mark.20:43
smarterScottK: uh, I didn't say that :P20:45
smartermight give a hand, but after viewing the TODO I guess it would require a lot more to get it ready20:46
doc__hi there20:46
ScottKYou're young and energetic.20:46
smarterScottK: but got tons of exams :p20:47
ScottKYes, and?20:47
smarterless time for KDE20:47
ScottKBah.  You need to work on your priorities.20:48
ScottKLess time for sleep, maybe.20:48
smarterI'm already über sleepy all the time, any less night sleep would mean that I'd sleep at school d:20:50
DaSkreechSleep while driving you aren't doing much then anyway20:52
ScottKBetween the sleep and the fear induced adrenelin you're pretty awake when you get somewhere.20:52
DaSkreechWhat are the mising bits for 9.04 ?20:54
ulaaslatest update broke my kde4 login20:54
ulaassomething related with kdeinit20:55
smarterulaas: apt-cache showpkg kdm20:55
DaSkreechwow that's pretty20:55
ulaasno kdm is cool! after user and pass all i get is a black screen and a mouse icon20:55
* ScottK isn't kidding. Hadn't planned on it, but did that exact thing yesterday.20:56
smarterulaas: have you checked if your disk or /home partition is full?20:57
smarterScottK: driving while sleeping? :o20:57
ScottKOnly a little bit at a time.20:57
ulaassmarter:this is a clean 1 part only install. so no issues there. plus i wiped my home folder as wellç20:57
* ScottK was very tired and doesn't recommend the practice.20:58
ulaasi am sure that this is from an update. however the problem is no wireless without kde.20:58
smarter[21:55:16] <smarter> ulaas: apt-cache showpkg kdm20:58
ulaassmarter: what to check? i am on windows now . yuck!!!20:59
DaSkreechScottK: you know that's like 1374651397 Times as dangeraous as driving drunk and 14 times as dangerous as driving dead ?20:59
ScottKWell if one of my kids had done what I did yesterday, I'd have grounded them.21:00
smarterulaas: hmm, simpler would be dpkg -l|grep kdebase21:00
smarterulaas: then report the version number you see(which should be something like 4:4.1.85-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1)21:00
ulaassmarter:also a way to connect wireless with wpa from console would be magic :) is there a way?21:00
smarterulaas: yup, but it requires some files editing and is quiet painful to do :/21:01
smarterthere's probably a guide for it on http://wiki.ubuntu.com or http://help.ubuntu.com21:01
smarteryou have to use wpasupplicant21:01
ulaassmarter: thanks! there i go....21:02
apacheloggersmarter: actually it's not really painful21:02
smarterapachelogger: I find it a lot more complicated than it should be21:03
DaSkreechsebas: Forward all questions about will WPA work to smarter :)21:08
smarterDaSkreech: pfff :p21:09
DaSkreechsmarter: make a techbase JJ page21:09
sebasDaSkreech: OT, do you know of a nice hotel in Kingston? :)21:09
sebasI need a bed from Thursday to Friday21:09
DaSkreechsebas: Oh lord you are landing in Kingston as well?21:09
DaSkreechWhat time ?21:09
DaSkreechUmm Hold on21:09
smarterDaSkreech: JJ? jaunty?21:10
DaSkreechLet see if I can get you a geek room21:10
DaSkreechsmarter: Juniour Job21:10
sebasWhat's a geek room?21:10
smarterDaSkreech: oh, the TODO file of the networkmanager applet already has lots of JJs :p21:11
DaSkreechsebas: A member of the LUG wanting to hang out with a celebrity dev :)21:11
apacheloggersmarter: trust me, debian makes this pretty bareable21:11
sebasDaSkreech: heh21:13
=== ScottK changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Main Archive: frozen for alpha-3 | Test Upgrading! https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IntrepidKDE42Upgrades | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs
mrvanesCan anybody tell me what's wrong with kdebase-runtime for amd64 at this moment?21:13
sebasDaSkreech: Just a nice hotel is OK for me as well21:13
ScottKmrvanes: Probably not built yet.21:14
sebasI'll be utterly wasted when I arrive, so won't be a very social guy21:14
ScottKamd64 builders are way behind.21:14
DaSkreechsebas: Alright I'll check Four seasons ?21:14
sebasLike ... 3 hours of sleep, then 20 hours of flying21:14
sebasDaSkreech: ehm, smaller, cheaper pls :)21:14
DaSkreechha ha :)21:14
sebasAt least ... how much if 4seasons over there? :P21:14
mrvanesHmmm... have a completely broken apt (suggesting removal of 30 packages) at the moment... turning thumbs and waiting....21:14
mrvanesbecause kdebase-runtime is behind...21:15
* jussi01 is not updating till tomorrow...21:18
smarter'night everyone21:19
mrvanesjussi01: you resp for amd64?21:25
ScottKmrvanes: It's not any one person, it's an automatic system.  It's just behind today.21:25
mrvanesah... ok, get it... thx21:26
mok0an impressive number of plasmoids are awaiting build21:33
DaSkreechWhat counts as impressive?21:33
mok0DaSkreech: oh, they are just plentyful in the list21:33
mok0DaSkreech: haven't counted'em21:34
DaSkreechI wonder if Mars land of mercy is packaged21:35
ScottKmok0: It's all or soon to be all of them.21:36
ScottKUpstream slipped a little libplasma3 abi change in on us.21:36
mok0ScottK: there are a couple sitting in REVU in the "needs work" queue21:36
ScottKmok0: Please feel free to work on them.  We want as much plasma packaged in this cycle as we can get.21:37
DaSkreechLike slideshows for the backgrounds?21:38
JontheEchidnaDaSkreech: I've always hade slideshow21:39
JontheEchidnawhoa, hade21:39
DaSkreechTo hell with it?21:39
mok0ScottK: plasmoid-adjustableclock has build problems; if you have access to a 4.2 build environement, please give it a try (I don't)21:40
ScottKmok0: You don't have a Jaunty pbuilder?21:40
mok0ScottK: yes, does it have 4.2 already?21:41
DaSkreechsebas: somewhere between 54 and 12021:41
DaSkreechstill looking21:41
ScottKmok0: 4.2 RC121:41
sebasDaSkreech: sounds ok21:41
mok0ScottK: ah, well then I can try building myself21:41
ScottKmok0: Without looking, I'm going to guess http://paste.ubuntu.com/104469/ may be relevant.21:41
mok0ScottK: thanks21:42
ScottKmok0: No problem.  That's what I've been fixing most of the afternoon.21:42
DaSkreechsebas: 54 != seasons21:45
ScottKapachelogger: If you haven't, would you update the quassel packaging in Neon to be based on our current Jaunty package?21:48
knusperfroschhi! will there be 4.2rc packages?21:48
DaSkreechOh right Quassel solves Konversation21:48
apacheloggerScottK: neon uses /opt21:48
DaSkreechknusperfrosch: Ja21:48
ScottKapachelogger: Yes, but I was thinking about the KDE integration, the SSL cert magic, etc.21:49
ScottKMerge our updates in21:49
apacheloggerScottK: neon is low-maintenance packaging :P21:49
ScottKThe KDE integration stuff at least should be low maintenance21:49
apacheloggerit is built with KDE integration21:50
ScottKI'd like to make sure it gets as widely tested as possible.21:50
mok0ScottK: yup, it's the same error. Can you refer me to one of the packages you've fixed? I've never worked with cmake before21:51
ScottKAnything in the archive that starts with plasmoid.21:52
ScottKmok0: How about plasmoid-spellcheck21:53
mok0ScottK: ok will take a look.21:53
ScottKmok0: IIRC you're a quilt fanboy, so it should be easy enough.21:54
mok0ScottK: I am :-)21:54
DaSkreechnixternal: ping21:54
sebasDaSkreech: I'm quite easy on that, something with a bed and no bugs should do21:59
sebasAnd preferably somewhere I dare going after dark, that's actually my main concern22:00
DaSkreechsebas: The lug LInk has that :) I'll ask later if Thursday night is good and let you decide22:00
sebasCool, thanks22:00
ScottKSo the funny part is I had 11 uploads hit jaunty-changes today, but it was such a busy day, I only had two in a row once.22:03
RiddellHobbsee: fancy bumping kdebase-workspace in jaunty on amd64?22:03
ScottKThe funny bit is that 2nd one has been sitting in New for a couple of weeks.22:03
nixternalDaSkreech: pong?22:07
nixternalmake it quick, I am at work still :/22:08
DaSkreechnixternal: Coming to Camp?22:08
nixternaldoesn't look like it22:09
DaSkreechnixternal: ok22:11
mok0ScottK: hm, that fix made it go further, but it's missing a header file called  ui_calendar.h22:12
ScottKmok0: Does it build-dep on kdebase-workspace-dev22:14
mok0ScottK: no22:15
* mok0 tries again22:15
ScottKmok0: FYI for next time http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=ui_calendar.h&mode=exactfilename&suite=jaunty&arch=any22:17
mok0ScottK: ah, what a cool trick, never thought of that22:17
jussi01can someone tell me where see if the builds for RC1 are done?22:21
vorianjussi01: what arch?22:27
jussi01vorian: amd6422:27
vorianjaunty or intrepid?22:27
vorianyou'll have just a little more time to wait22:28
voriannot much, things just have to finish building22:28
jussi01vorian: define "a little more time"22:28
voriani wish i could22:28
jussi01vorian: np. can you give me a guestimate? minutes? hours? days?22:30
vorianmaybe less22:30
jussi01ok,  :)22:30
jjessevorian: is it safe to update my jaunty vm yet?22:31
vorianjjesse: heavens no22:31
jjessevorian: ok, i know you told me last night not to22:31
vorianyeah, that will be hours22:32
LaserJockyeah, I'm still waiting on my Jaunty partition22:32
LaserJockdist-upgraded this morning to see if I'd get more, but no luck on getting plasma to live22:32
DaSkreechLaserJock: Where does it die?22:36
DaSkreechMy friend was having it die when it called qstardict22:36
DaSkreechI have no idea why it's calling that22:36
LaserJockwell, when I log in, it just goes black22:36
LaserJockI see notifications  and cursor, that's it22:37
DaSkreechLaserJock: what happens if you run plasma from the command line?22:38
LaserJockI don't know22:38
LaserJockI'll reboot here and give it a try22:39
jussi01ok, laziness kicking in, quicklink to jaunty images so I can test in VB?22:41
jussi01nvm, got unlazy22:44
LaserJockDaSkreech: well, my issue is that I have no kdebase-workspace-bin right now :-)22:55
DaSkreechLaserJock: Ha ha22:56
LaserJocknext time I need to be more careful in making sure all of KDE is there before dist-upgrading :-)22:56
LaserJockI just say kde stuff in the list and went for it22:57
mok0Hm, I have a missing library. Anyone recognize  undefined reference to `ClockApplet::mousePressEvent(QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent*)23:09
Nightroseapachelogger: Riddell: at the bottom of the 4.2 rc1 release note for kubuntu s/Bit/Big23:10
RiddellNightrose: fixed thanks23:11
Riddellpending cache23:11
* Hobbsee tries prodding it23:12
cbrhow do you use the official translations of firefox in ubuntu?23:15
cbrare they incorporated into the package?23:15
Riddellsupport in #kubuntu or #ubuntu23:16
Riddell(or to say another way, we do KDE and don't know about firefox)23:16
cbrmkay, i thought that maybe someone has run into the same issue, np23:17
mok0Does anyone have an example of a watch file to download a plasmoid tarball from kde-look.org?23:17
vorianmok0: it's not possible23:17
JontheEchidnanot possible23:17
mok0vorian: damn23:18
JontheEchidnadarn, beat :P23:18
mok0... and everything has to be re-tarred?23:20
mok0from kde-looks I mean23:20
JontheEchidnaunless the author does it right (tm)23:21
* DaSkreech prods back Hobbsee23:21
DaSkreechcbr: again Waaaay more people in #kubuntu and #ubuntu to run into that issue23:22
vorianmok0: what is thy package?23:22
mok0vorian: another revu loot23:23
vorianyours or are you reviewing it?23:23
mok0vorian: I am trying to build ti23:24
nhandlermok0: I just subscribe to the package on kde-look so I get notified by email when they upload a new version.23:24
Riddellaren't all clocks adjustable?23:24
mok0nhandler: ok, that's a poor substitute for uscan, thoug23:24
nhandlermok0: I agree, but it does work23:25
mok0Riddell: he, afaik it's the appearance that can be adjusted23:25
* nhandler has kept both of his plasmoids up-to-date in that way23:25
vorianmok0: linky?23:25
mok0vorian: why what23:25
vorianlink to the plasmoid page23:25
mok0vorian: there's a much newer version available23:26
voriani hope so23:26
vorianthis package will not build23:27
mok0vorian: that's what I'm trying to fix23:27
vorianthe CMakeLists.txt will need to be fix0red23:27
mok0vorian: I know, I almost have it working23:28
mok0vorian: except for a linking error23:28
* nhandler is updating to RC123:32
JontheEchidnaamd64 queue for jaunty is huge liek xbox23:33
* JontheEchidna hugs his i38623:33
* nhandler has i386 too23:33
nhandlerand intrepid right now23:34
vorianjebbeez! kdeutils, kdeplasma-addons, kdesdk, kdeadmin, kdetoys, kdebase-workspace, kdebase-runtime are all still in the amd64 queue23:34
* NCommander hugs his i386, amd64, lpia, powerpc, and armel23:34
nhandlerNCommander: Want to send me a machine or two?23:34
* nhandler needs to replace his crappy Dell Inspiron 600023:35
NCommanderthe i386 is mostly dead, the amd64 is mine, and the armel is needed23:35
NCommanderso no :-P23:35
NCommanderI could consider shell accounts23:36
nhandlerBut does anyone here have any ideas why I can't get a jaunty pbuilder working on intrepid?23:36
NCommandernhandler, whats the issue?23:36
nhandlerNCommander: Nah, that is fine. I just want a new computer ;)23:36
* NCommander shoots nhandler 23:36
ScottKnhandler: Do you have intrepid-backports enabled?23:36
* JontheEchidna needs to replace his uber crappy Compaq Presario23:36
nhandlerScottK: I should, I'll double check23:36
NCommandernhandler, whats the specific error with chroot creation23:36
* seele upgrades to RC23:37
* NCommander is trying to fix RC23:37
* seele hugs the kubuntu ninjas23:37
NCommanderScottK, so the ICE was seemingly fixed with the last compiler upgrade23:37
nhandlerNCommander: One second, I'll run it again23:37
NCommanderIf so, I'll work on descrewing KDE RC123:37
NCommanderAs an ARM porter, i don't think KDE will ever leave my TODO list23:38
Sputseele: do you have a good idea how quassel's welcome screen could look like (instead of the logo area), and are willing to do a mockup for us or give us some suggestions? the idea being that the user should be able to perform important tasks right away without looking through menus23:38
Sput(I think that was your idea even)23:38
seeleSput: i can give it a whirl, but can you remind me later this week? i'm out at a conference for a client so i'm a bit limited23:39
Riddellwelcome screen?23:39
Sputseele: sure thing :)23:39
Riddellimportant tasks right away++23:39
SputRiddell: on first start (i.e., with no networks active) quassel now displays a large area with just a logo on it... the idea is to make use of that :)23:40
Sputso some shortcuts for the user to edit his default identity (enter a nick at least), and connect to existing (default) networks23:41
Sputor something like that23:41
mok0vorian: yay new version built23:41
Riddellthat seems sensible23:42
seele  kuser: Depends: kdepimlibs5 (>= 4:4.1.96) but 4:4.1.85-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1 is to be installed23:45
nhandlerseele: Where is that?23:45
seelenhandler: apt-get after upgrading.  i saw that kuser didnt get updated23:46
seelethis too23:47
seele  python-kde4: Depends: kdepimlibs5 (>= 4:4.1.96) but 4:4.1.85-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1 is to be installed23:47
nhandlerTry doing an apt-get update seele23:48
ScottKNo kde4bindings yet.23:48
nhandlerScottK: It should be in k-e23:48
seelenhandler: i did right before i upgraded. about 10 minutes ago23:48
* JontheEchidna can't see it in -experimental23:49
* nhandler goes to look23:49
JontheEchidnaoh, beware that the copying page can't display all the packages in the ppa23:50
RiddellTonio_: poke23:50
JontheEchidnait's limited to 20, so you have to manually search for those that aren't on the apge23:50
LaserJockseele: you got:23:50
LaserJockThe following packages have been kept back:23:50
LaserJock  kuser python-kde423:50
nhandlerJontheEchidna: Talk about a UI bug23:50
nhandlerI'll get the rest23:50
JontheEchidnayeah :/23:50
LaserJockI think that bug has been filed somewhere23:51
LaserJockit's been around for quite some time23:52
mok0I learned something today. Another great day23:53
mok0g'night all23:54
seeleLaserJock: yes23:55
seeleand plasma crashes on startup and doesnt restart23:55
seeleso i'm back to using neon23:55
JontheEchidnathe plasmoids probably need copying too23:56
JontheEchidna(rsibreak and plasmoid-quickaccess23:56
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I'm including them23:57
LaserJockseele: that's on intrepid?23:57
JontheEchidna~karma nhandler23:57
kubotukarma for nhandler: 323:57
seeleLaserJock: yep23:57
nhandlerJontheEchidna: Ok, hopefully everything is there now23:57
seele~karma seele23:57
kubotuseele has neutral karma23:57
seelebetter than 0 karma23:58
xerosisI can confirm the plasma crashage on intrepid23:58
jjesse_~karma jjesse23:58
kubotukarma for jjesse: 123:58
jjesse_yay 123:58
jjesse_how did i get 1 karma?23:58
* ScottK guesses he has none.23:58
kubotukarma for nhandler: 323:58
ScottK~karma ScottK23:58
kubotukarma for ScottK: 523:58
jjesse_~karma scottk23:58
kubotukarma for scottk: 523:58
jjesse_is that launchpad karma or some other karma?23:58
nhandlerjjesse_: It is only for this channle23:59
seeleirc bot karma23:59
kubotuneversfelde has neutral karma23:59

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