alecwhHello, I would like to turn on my automatic vacation responder on Gmail, however, I'm worried that if I get bug report/question on my launchpad project, Gmail will respond to it with my vacation responder. How can I stop this from happening, or does Launchpad already protect against this?00:14
MTecknologyhow do I make the firefox search bar not use google.com/firefox - anybody have a clue?00:15
MTecknologysorry - wrong channel00:15
sinzuialecwh: We have not added vacation handling to Launchpad yet. It is discussed from time to time.00:16
alecwhsinzui: So, if I do get a bug report, my vacation responder on Gmail will reply to it, and it will show up on launchpad.net?00:17
alecwhis there any way to temporarily disable my ability to reply to reports on Launchpad, so LP will just ignore them?00:18
Hobbseesinzui: is there any ETA on getting it done?00:19
maxbDoes Launchpad not watch out for the Precedence header for this sort of thing?00:19
Hobbseemaxb: doesn't seem to, or doesn't work.  There have been some lovely bugs with many people and teams subscribed, and an autoresponder00:20
sinzuiHobbsee it is on the priority list for this year, but it is not scheduled for development yet00:20
alecwhare there any recommendations for avoiding this...? It is pretty important that I have a vacation responder.00:21
alecwhAnd I don't want to clog up bug reports, questions, etc.00:21
Hobbseealecwh: afaik, there is no way to disable bugmail.00:21
Hobbseealecwh: although, if you changed your primary address to somewhere else (like a gmail account or something), then that would work00:22
Hobbseeall the mail would be sent there, and just don't turn a responder on for that account00:22
alecwhHobbsee: not a bad idea, but I would also like the bug reports to be emailed to my primary email address. =(00:22
Hobbseeeither that, or you create filters that just send it straight to trash (or wherever your autoresponder won't respond to it)00:22
Hobbseealecwh: you can change it back when you get back00:22
maxb"Precedence: bulk" seems to be the standard header for this sort of thing, and gmail's autoresponder does send it00:23
maxb(If that's useful to put in a launchpad bug somewhere for when it gets done)00:23
alecwhHobbsee: well, I'll just have to go with that...00:25
sinzuiHobbsee: https://dev.launchpad.net/VersionThreeDotO/Registry I don't expect to be working on this kind of issue until the end of spring. Getting project registration will take up most of your time in the Registry.00:25
Hobbseealecwh: you're welcome.  There's really not a lot one can actually do, launchpad-side with mail00:25
Hobbseesinzui: spring.  Where are you?00:26
Hobbseesinzui: as in, which hemisphere's spring are you meaning?00:26
sinzuiHobbsee: sorry. I am think 5 months00:26
Hobbseeah, right00:26
Hobbseecool :)00:27
Hobbseeahh, hidden teams :)00:28
sinzuiHobbsee: That is happen now00:28
Hobbseethey 404 on their project page, not 403?00:29
sinzuiI really must put gerrunds on the ends of my words00:29
sinzuiHobbsee: They should get a 404. Trying to register a project under the same name should not imply the team exists00:29
Hobbseei guess the only part of that i've found is that it doesn't work for public teams with private ppas, which may not come under that banner00:30
sinzuiIt does.00:31
sinzuiAs does branches00:31
sinzuiI think there is a subtle amount of irony in that the two most important themes for the registry this year are make project and team organisation transparent, while also providing hidden projects and teams.00:33
Hobbseehehe :)00:36
Ryan52is launchpad down?00:42
jmlRyan52: I don't think so.00:43
jmlRyan52: but it seems v. slow -- much more so than normal.00:43
* Ryan52 got "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server."00:44
* Hobbsee gets that too00:44
Hobbseeedge's alive, productions down00:45
Hobbseejml: you tried edge, i presume?00:45
Ryan52how do I get at edge? I've seen URL's to it, but don't have the muscle memory yet.00:45
jmlHobbsee: yeah.00:45
HobbseeRyan52: edge.launchpad.net00:45
Hobbseejml: try production ;)00:45
Ryan52oh, right :p00:46
jmlHobbsee: yeah, mthaddon just confirmed it's down.00:46
Hobbseeah, good00:46
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mthaddonHobbsee: should be better now, we hope (have reverted some app servers away from the slave DB server)00:49
spm.. for larger values of "some" :-)00:49
Ryan52much better. thanks!00:50
RAOFIs anyone on the PPA team looking at the long-standing bug preventing anything using mono from being built on the amd64 PPA buildds?03:35
RAOFThis is bug #27003103:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270031 in launchpad-buildd "Mono segfaults on amd64 PPA buildds" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27003103:36
RAOFThis is getting a little annoying for gnome-do :/03:38
lifelessRAOF: how is that a PPA bug03:39
RAOFlifeless: mono only segfaults on the PPA buildds?03:40
lifelessRAOF: sure sounds like a mono issue03:40
RAOFThe same source builds fine locally in a pbuilder or sbuild environment, and just fine on the main archive buildds.03:40
RAOFFurthermore, the version of mono didn't change between it successfully building in the PPA and it segfaulting in the PPA.03:41
lifelessI'm not denying that there is something about PPA's triggering it03:41
RAOFIt _might_ be a mono problem, but there's something pretty specific to the PPA buildds that triggers it.03:41
RAOFAlso, if it is a mono problem, I'm utterly incapable of debugging it, and access to the PPA chroots would be pretty invaluable for debugging.03:45
lifelessgetting a backtrace of the segfault would be useful03:46
lifelessI think03:46
RAOFI suppose I could upload a package which ran gdb mono in the build process.  Is gdb scriptable?03:47
RAOFHm. -x looks to be the winner.  Let's give that a try.03:50
mwhudsonit's a bit of a pest03:54
mwhudsonyou'll probably want to put "set height 0" in your script to stop things like 'bt' stopping and asking you to hit return for more output03:55
RAOFset pagination 0?03:55
RAOFThat's generally what I set; that'll work, right?03:55
mwhudsonoh mayber03:56
mwhudsonwow 'help set pagination' is helpful03:56
RAOFLet's see if my awesome new package "mono-buildd-debug" works :)04:15
RAOFOh, dear lord.  mono-gac succeeds under gdb.  I hate you!04:56
mwhudsonthat suggests a workaround :)05:00
mwhudsonor maybe >:)05:00
RAOFI'll look at precisely what's segfaulting.05:03
LnsWould this be the right place for feature requests in LP?05:08
Lnsor should I file a bug report..? ;)05:09
mwhudsonLns: probably a bug report, not many people are around at this time of day05:09
Lnsmwhudson, right-o. =) thx05:10
Lnshow do you actually file a bug/feature request for LP? Whats the project name, its not launchpad :(05:16
Hobbseeit is launchpad05:16
Lnshrm..lemme try again i guesss05:17
Lnsoooooooooh, the numbers. Im blind. =p05:18
LnsCan someone explain the tags feature in advanced bug reporting section?05:22
LnsWhere is it used?05:22
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MFenare there any restrictions on what i can put on my ppa? can i host software there that isn't part of any launchpad project?05:33
mwhudsoni think being open source is the only requirement05:34
MFeni want to package a little python script but it isn't worth a whole launchpad project05:34
MFenok, that's good05:34
MFeni might package my vimrcs too, my team uses them a lot05:34
MFennot really sure how that would work though..05:35
Lnshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-report-tool/+bug/316645 - now see, since you see it here and a possible discussion might take place in reference to it, you see the importance of this feature on LP. :)05:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 316645 in launchpad-report-tool "Feature request: Search existing IRC, mailing list logs periodically for affected packages/project tags/keywords and link to it in bug report" [Undecided,New]05:46
Lnsits like peeking through an interdimensional portal...whhoah. =p05:47
Lnsan alternate method might be to program ubottu / irc bots to post comments on LP referencing the irc log / line number of log that references the bug...05:50
Lnsbut then you still need to think about mailiing lists too05:50
MFenLns: can it just fix the bugs too? i want to mention a bug in irc and then get a fix for it in an update the next morning05:56
LnsMFen, maybe if you can easily transfer paypal money to the project to get it fixed in a certain time frame...who knows, it might at least be partially possible ;)05:58
Lnssh*t thats actually not a bad idea either =p05:59
Lnslink to paypal for donations when you file a bug and the maintainers can either accept or not accept it06:00
Lnsif you are donating to get your bug fixed06:00
MFenLns: hell it sure isn't06:00
MFenbugbot: pay google $50 to port chrome to linux kthx06:02
Lnshmm.. it would have to dance lightly around the money issue though, i feel it'd be tricky to do it right and not seem like money is the focus (as it shouldnt be)06:03
Lnskinda opens a big can of worms06:03
RAOFAARGH!  I can't get mono to segfault under gdb on the PPA.06:07
MFenlns: maybe the default would be bugbot: pay google $love to port chrom to linux kthx06:08
MFen(btw, you guys seen LOLCODE? http://www.globalnerdy.com/2007/05/28/lolcode-the-lolcat-programming-language/ )06:09
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spitfire_can someone help me with devscripts?11:39
spitfire_I don't know how to get them to sign sources/packages.11:39
spitfire_with gpg11:39
wgrantspitfire_: debsign11:41
wgrantBut debuild will do that automatically in most cases.11:41
spitfire_peterz: but how to set devscripts conf file?11:41
spitfire_wgrant: it doesn't11:41
spitfire_Complaints about missing priv key.11:42
spitfire_But I obviously got it.11:43
spitfire_attaching -k<key> to dpkg-buildpackage works11:43
spitfire_but I want to have that in-config11:43
spitfire_I already edited /etc/devscripts.conf11:44
spitfire_and entered that key.11:44
spitfire_But it works only if specified manually, from command line by -k :/11:44
spitfire_wgrant: do you know how to deal with devscripts.conf?11:45
spitfire_anyone knows how to handle that?11:46
pochu_spitfire_: I think exporting DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME should be enough11:46
spitfire_pochu_: I had.11:47
spitfire_In .bashrc .11:47
spitfire_An works for dch11:47
spitfire_But not dpkg-buildpackage, nor pbuilder11:47
spitfire_*But not for dpkg-buildpackage, nor pbuilder11:48
spitfire_pochu_: and what about the issue with pbuilder?11:49
spitfire_I bugged a report of gst-plugins-base, and you answered.11:49
spitfire_any ideas about that?11:49
spitfire_Does everyone here who has ppa does it manually?11:56
wgrantspitfire_: I just set DEBEMAIL and co properly, and debuild does it all for me.11:57
spitfire_I'll check if everything's ok, and if i haven' misspeled anything.12:02
spitfire_wgrant:can the  character encoding be wrong?12:03
spitfire_I sued to have problem with gpg12:03
spitfire_showind strange sign in my last name:/12:03
spitfire_*uset to have a problem12:04
wgrantI don't know.12:06
wgrantMy name is nice and boring.12:06
spitfire_wgrant: any idea what the problem might be?12:06
spitfire_my last name is Ślusarczyk:P12:06
spitfire_so can you see it properly:P12:06
wgrantOf course.12:06
spitfire_yes, an "S" with "`"12:06
wgrant` or '?12:07
spitfire_rather '12:07
spitfire_But ie. gpg used to have a problem12:07
spitfire_My first key had strange sign instead of it.12:08
* wgrant plays with some Unicode UIDs on a new key.12:08
spitfire_Can it be a problem?12:08
wgrantI don't know.12:08
wgrantI'm about to find out.12:08
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spitfire_I'm on ubuntu 8.10, I haven't reconfigured encoding, just have set my local settings (Poland) and that's all.12:11
wgrantspitfire_: I just used a thoroughly UTF-8 key UID to sign a package - debuild signed it automatically.12:14
wgrantDo the characters show up properly when you list your key?12:15
spitfire_in the new key yes.12:17
spitfire_dpkg-buildpackage -S12:18
spitfire_gpg: [stdin]: clearsign failed: no private key12:19
spitfire_wgrant: that's mine: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0x7B00536E5351ED08D164CB152421F5647FDDB035&op=index12:19
spitfire_does it display properly?12:20
spitfire_my .bashrc http://pastebin.com/f4114e83912:25
spitfire_sent as it is.12:25
spitfire_can you see it encoding is the same in both:P12:25
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spitfire_wgrant: did you find out what's wrong?12:49
Fabien7do you have a doc about importing sourceforge bug reports to launchpad trackers?12:55
Fabien7or an automatic procedure for that?12:55
beunoFabien7, you want to move your project over from sourceforge?12:55
Fabien7well, at least the bug reports for now12:56
Fabien7maybe the whole stuff in a later stage12:56
Fabien7the project is not too small (stellarium)12:56
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beunoFabien7, if you file a question requesting it, an admin can get to it and do it for you: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad12:57
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Fabien7OK, great :)12:57
Fabien7and if I request a full move, an admin also will do it for me?12:57
beunoFabien7, I think so, yes. Maybe BjornT or gmb can confirm?12:58
* gmb reads scrollback12:58
gmbFabien7: As beuno said, if you file a question we can kick off the process for migrating the bugs. It's pretty straightforward but it requires some work on our side.13:00
gmbFabien7: Out of interest, which SF project are you thinking of moving?13:00
* gmb looks13:00
Fabien7it's already in ubuntu and has a launchpad project13:00
Fabien7we use it for translating maintly13:01
gmbFabien7: Cool. That makes life a bit easier.13:01
Fabien7just 1 more question: is launchpad always so slow, or is ti just now?13:01
gmbFabien7: It's always a bit slow; we're working hard to improve that. Are you on a high latency connection?13:02
Fabien7well, thanks guys, I need to leave, see you13:02
fta2could someone edit the whiteboard of a branch owned by a team without being part of that team?13:51
fta2someone i don't know just edited one of my branch.. scary :(13:54
affluxfta2: that's possible, yes.13:55
fta2afflux, really? it's bad. i feel unsafe now13:57
affluxfta2: It looks like it's intended, but I'm not sure for what use cases.13:58
affluxfta2: anyone can change any bug's status, so that looks rather like the idea behind launchpad13:58
fta2that's a security issue. i wonder how upstream could trust lp to host their projects then.14:01
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maxbfta2: Really? The edit branch pages says that only the owning user or team can do so14:10
fta2maxb, yes. I still have the email from LP.. And worse, it contains no diff, just the new version of the text.14:12
maxbreally? What branch, ooi?14:12
bigjoolsfta2: can you give me the branch URL please?14:14
bigjoolsfta2: I'm told that the whiteboards are editable by anyone, by design14:17
ScottKDoesn't make it a good design.14:18
* ScottK suggest filing bugs anyway.14:18
fta2I/someone should blog about that, or something. so people are aware that they should not trust whiteboards14:19
fta2in my case, the change was not evil, but it could have been14:20
bigjoolsfile a question or a bug and it'll get some attention from the Code team14:20
fta2bigjools, bug 31677314:28
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 316773 could not be found14:28
bigjoolsfta2: thanks, I'll point someone from Code at it14:34
beunofta2, I agree that anyone-can-edit whiteboards aren't good14:34
beunocomments are more appropriate14:35
jannekehow do i change the upstream VCS for https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/lilypond/trunk ?15:10
bigjoolsjanneke: let me find out for you15:11
bigjoolsjanneke: the best course of action is to request a new import15:13
jannekebigjools: ok, will do that, thanks15:13
kroepkehi! who would i best contact for stopping a vcs-import for a project?15:27
kroepkewe don't need to waste that resource any longer :)15:27
beunokroepke, just open a question requesting it:  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad15:28
beunoand an admin will kill it15:28
kroepkebeuno: great, thanks!15:28
beunokroepke, thanks for letting us know  :)15:28
savvasbeuno: actually, I think it's https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar15:32
savvaskroepke: ^ :)15:33
kroepkeoops :)15:33
beunosavvas, kroepke either is fine15:33
kroepke'k, since it's already done15:33
savvasah ok then :)15:33
beunosafe bet is /launchpad15:34
beuno(more eyes on it)15:34
kroepkeit's not urgent (obviously), just so we can save some trees in the process15:34
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voriandid you guys just update the ssl cert?17:09
bigjoolsvorian: no, what's your problem?17:12
voriani just got a ssl_error_bad_cert_domain17:12
andrea-bsthere are some parts of the page that are loaded via HTTP17:13
bigjoolsvorian: ok, it's a known problem and should be fixed when edge is updated next17:13
vorianI just wanted to make sure i wasn't getting spoofed17:13
andrea-bsbigjools: I've reported bug 316352 yesterday, is it a duplicate?17:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316352 in launchpad "YUI is loaded via HTTP" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31635217:14
* bigjools checks17:14
bigjoolsandrea-bs: yes yours is a dupe, I'll mark it now17:16
andrea-bsthanks, bigjools17:16
andrea-bsbigjools: it's always a problem for me to file bugs checking for duplicates: I don't know the differences between -foundations and -registry17:18
andrea-bsbigjools: perhaps launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+filebug should first list similar bugs before asking to select a project17:19
bigjoolsandrea-bs: file them on launchpad itself, and our QA team will triage them to the right place17:19
bigjools-registry is for the code that manages the fundamental data in LP, like people and projects17:20
bigjools-foundations is the core code17:20
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jarnosWould it be possible that Launchpad would show upstream changelog of a software?19:41
jarnos..when you are making a bug report. I am tired of writing bug reports of things fixed already upstream.19:42
Turlmy ppa packages got rejected with "PPA uploads must be for the RELEASE pocket."19:50
Turlany idea¿19:50
baccprov: ^^19:53
LaserJockmthaddon: ping19:57
mthaddonLaserJock: hi19:57
LaserJockmthaddon: regarding the claiming/merging of the edubuntu-devel LP team19:58
cprovTurl: PPAs do not accept uploads to post-release pockets.19:58
LaserJockmthaddon: what do you want me to do?19:58
cprovTurl: you have to use: hardy, intrepid, jaunty instead of hardy-updates, intrepid-proposed, etc.19:58
mthaddonLaserJock: there should be a link on https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-devel saying "is this a team you run?" - if you click on that and activate the team19:59
LaserJockmthaddon: right, but I dont' know what email address to put in there19:59
LaserJockmthaddon: that's why I asked for admin help :-)20:00
cprovTurl: despite of being published on the release pocket, PPA sources also fetch build dependencies from -security and -updates.20:00
mthaddonLaserJock: I'm guessing "edubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com" from the question you posted20:01
LaserJockcprov: that doesn't sound like a very good idea. People are then building on top of repos that their users may or may not have20:01
LaserJockmthaddon: ok, but is that going to send an email to the list? I'll get stuck in the moderation queue I think20:02
Turlthnks cprov20:02
cprovLaserJock: including the PPA repo itself20:02
mthaddonLaserJock: I'm not sure to be honest - it's the only way I can think of to try and get around the current bug20:02
LaserJockcprov: but what if you build on -updates but the users doesn't have -updates enabled? you can get some mismatches20:03
cprovLaserJock: meaning, if you know enough to enable a PPA, you also know that its binaries were built against -updates & security (or other specific archive deps listed in the PPA page)20:03
cprovLaserJock: worst case scenario is that the user won't be able to rebuild the source locally.20:04
LaserJockcprov: wait wait20:05
LaserJockcprov: the UI says nothing about building on -updates and -security20:05
cprovLaserJock: people extremely conservative about build-deps should only use PPA that only depends on Release pocket.20:05
LaserJockcprov: and worst case scenario is that PPA binaries are uninstallable20:05
LaserJockcprov: maybe I came in too late to the conversation but I thought you were saying that PPAs automatically build on -security and -updates20:06
cprovLaserJock: building on -updates + -security is the default build environment20:07
LaserJockok, so then that is very much an issue if users have turned off either20:07
cprovLaserJock: if you modify the bulding environment it will be listed in the PPA page.20:07
LaserJockyou're assuming people will have -updates and -security enabled when using the PPA20:08
cprovexample, https://edge.launchpad.net/~cprov/+archive20:08
LaserJockbut you don't indicate anywhere that that is the case20:08
cprovLaserJock: yes, and 99 % of the users do.20:08
LaserJockdoesn't matter20:08
LaserJockthat's a big no-no20:08
LaserJockyou're essentially mixing repos without telling anybody20:08
cprovLaserJock: when you say *you* you mean the user, we are not doing anything automatically.20:09
LaserJockno, the PPA is mixing repos20:09
LaserJockand then not telling *anybody* the uploader nor the downloader20:10
cprovLaserJock: what do you mean by "mixing" ?20:10
LaserJock-security and -update are different repos20:10
cprovLaserJock: the default ppa build env is exactly the same that the one used for upload to -updates20:10
cprovwhat's new about it ?20:11
LaserJockbecause you don't call the PPA -updates20:11
LaserJockyou call it main20:11
LaserJockso you're mixing main, -updates, -security and calling it main20:11
cprovrelease, main is a component ;)20:11
wgrantLaserJock: You can't turn off security.20:11
LaserJockwgrant: I can't?20:12
wgrantLaserJock: +edit-dependencies does show the pockets, but +index should probably also say if it's changed from the default.20:12
wgrantLaserJock: It's not a supported Ubuntu configuration.20:12
cprovwgrant: agreed, we can do that.20:12
wgrantMaybe it should always say, actually.20:12
wgrantBut that might be a bit confusing.20:12
wgrantbeuno will save the day.20:13
* beuno pops in20:13
LaserJockyou need to tell people what repos they must have enabled in order for the PPA to work20:13
LaserJockit's ridiculous to hide part of it from users20:13
wgrantIn fact, there's no way for a user to see that without checking build logs.20:13
cprovwgrant: since it's the default build behaviour, help.l.n/Packaging/PPA not would solve it.20:13
wgrantcprov: That last phrase didn't make sense.20:14
cprovwgrant: err, s/not/20:14
wgrantAnd putting things there doesn't seem to be right; I take that as more of a document for PPA owners.20:14
beunocprov, I'll let you take note of this madness and bring it up at our sprint in a couple of weeks  :)20:14
cprovbeuno: fine20:14
* beuno goes back to fixing blueprints20:15
cprovwgrant: I not keen about whether it's only documentation or a need note in the PPA page itself, both are easily fixable.20:15
wgrantbeuno: yay! They haven't been touched in years...20:15
beunowgrant, yeah, I'm trying to give it *some* love. Updating it to look 2.0-ish at a minimum  :)20:16
LaserJockthe PPA page itself should not that -updates and -security are required20:16
wgrantGood, good.20:16
LaserJockthe help page could give the PPA owners the heads up20:16
wgrantLaserJock: s/not/note/?20:17
LaserJockI have a few users who turn off -updates and they should know what they're dealing with when using a PPA20:17
cprovLaserJock: feel free file a bug20:20
wgrantcprov: Which of the uses of Obsolete as a publishing status is wrong?20:20
wgrantAFAICT you are trying to use it for two things which are completely different.20:20
wgrantAnd that is confusing.20:21
stochastichi, I'm trying to upload my very first .deb to my PPA, I've registered my GPG and SSH keys and activated everything, what do I need to do to get the file into my PPA?20:21
cprovwgrant: Obsolete == files not available anymore20:21
wgrantcprov: ... you're going to remove files from obsolete distroseries too!?20:21
cprovwgrant: we keep the metadata around (publishing date, changelogs, etc) but the actual files are gone.20:21
maxbstochastic: Start with http://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA20:21
wgrantThat doesn't seem sane.20:22
wgrantDoes the distroteam think this is alright?20:22
wgrantFor PPAs, sure, although I think the period that they stick around should be a bit longer.20:22
stochasticmaxb, whoops I guess I didn't see the section on uploading20:23
cprovwgrant: only superseded packages for obsolete distros are marked as Obsolete. The latest versions still Published.20:23
cprovwgrant: 30 days isn't enough, you think ?20:23
wgrantcprov: I know, and correct.20:24
wgrantRemoving history of a distribution feels like Debian.20:24
wgrantAnd that's not something that Debian does that I like.20:24
jcastrohi, I have a project that was being maintained by one person who wants to open up development a bit, so we created a new team and handed over the project to the new team. So next he needs to do a bzr push to ?? to get it under the team namespace?20:24
wgrantjcastro: You can move the branch to be owned by the team.20:25
cprovwgrant: binaries are consuming too much space already, it seems unsustainable at this rate.20:25
jcastroah, then it just works itself out?20:25
wgrantjcastro: Yes.20:25
cprovwgrant: we have to do something, I agree 30 days might be a little harsh, but we can certainly discuss a longer period.20:25
wgrantcprov: You do have to do something, but I don't think you do for primary archives.20:26
LarstiQwgrant: removing history of a distribution is something Debian does? Not as far as I know, keeping archives way past slink.20:26
wgrantLarstiQ: Yes, but they don't keep the packages that aren't published in the final release.20:27
wgrant(except for snapshot.debian.net)20:27
jcastrowgrant: it doesn't seem obvious to me how to move a branch to be owned by a team20:27
cprovwgrant: but we will do something in the same direction soon20:28
wgrantjcastro: Hit the edit button, which is next to what is, IIRC, the most often-missed button on Launchpad.20:28
wgrantjcastro: The exclamation mark that is meant to look like a pencil next to the branch summary.20:29
=== spm_ is now known as spm
jcastroI don't even see that, I only see an edit whiteboard option20:30
wgrantjcastro: You probably don't have privileges over the branch.20:30
jcastroah ok, I'll have him look20:30
LarstiQjcastro: alternatively, if you have a copy of the branch you want to make trunk, and you have access to the team, you could `bzr push:~team/product/trunk`20:31
LarstiQjcastro: like, I today did for lp:~bzr/bzr-hookless-email/trunk20:31
jcastrooh neat, thanks!20:32
jcastrothanks wgrant!20:32
Nafallomorning wgrant20:45
stochasticI'm trying to upload my first .deb to my PPA, but when I dput it I get a: gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. Error20:58
stochasticit's telling me it needs a signature file, how do I? where do I? etc...20:59
fred"man gpg"20:59
stochasticfred, that really does't explain things21:00
fredsearch for an introduction to gpg then :p21:00
stochasticso you're saying I need to run commands in gpg before uploading to the PPA21:01
fredI don't use PPA, but that's what that error is saying.21:01
bigonstochastic: you must generate your own key pair21:01
stochasticI have a key21:01
stochasticI even created the debuild with the -S flag21:02
stochasticeverything should be signed21:02
bigontry to use debsign21:03
LaserJockmthaddon: \o/, that worked, thanks a ton21:03
Ursinhastochastic, let me find the help page for that21:03
mthaddonLaserJock: sure, np21:03
stochasticso is it the .changes file that I'll need to sign?21:03
Ursinhastochastic, https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA21:04
bigonstochastic: and the .dsc21:04
Ursinhathis explain the steps21:04
stochasticUrsinha, no, I'm walking through those steps but it's giving me this error21:04
stochasticright after I do: $  dput my-ppa P_V_source.changes21:05
bigonstochastic: is the email used in the changelog the same that the one in your key21:05
stochasticyes, I double check that though21:05
stochasticyes, they're identical21:06
stochasticthey're also identical to the launchpad account21:06
stochasticsorry for the paste, but the full error reads: Checking Signature on .changes21:10
stochasticgpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.21:10
stochasticgpg: the signature could not be verified.21:10
stochasticPlease remember that the signature file (.sig or .asc)21:10
stochasticshould be the first file given on the command line.21:10
stochasticNo signature on /var/cache/pbuilder/result/calf_0.0.17-0ubuntu1_i386.changes.21:10
fiascohow from away is are the web services API from being released to the 'public'? in particular the restful API?21:10
stochasticbigon, thanks, debsign took care of it21:13
lamalexHow do I mark a blueprint as "won't implement"?21:36
thumperlamalex: priority "Not" ?21:54
stochastichi, I'm just curious, I've built and uploaded a package for jaunty to my PPA, but now I'd like to upload the same package for intrepid, what steps are needed to adjust it?22:16
wgrantfiasco: It's still in beta, but it's public...22:29
wgrantstochastic: debuild will tell you why it didn't sign it - it tries to sign automatically unless you pass it -us -uc22:30
stochasticwgrant, turns out I was trying to upload the binary version rather than the source22:30
wgrantstochastic: Ah, that would do it.22:31
fiascowgrant: orly! so we can use it? I found it really hard to navigate around launchpad and find what I was looking for22:34
fiascowgrant: don't suppose you have some handy urls that show you how to use the resful api?22:35
wgrantfiasco: launchpadlib makes it really easy to use from Python. https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib22:36
fiascowgrant: using drupal intergration (PHP)22:36
fiascowgrant: sou would have to write a lib to intergrate PHP with python22:36
wgrantAh, you'll probably have to implement it yourself, then.22:36
wgrantNo, you don't have to use Python at all.22:37
wgrantlaunchpadlib is just very convenient for doing it.22:37
fiascowgrant: sorry I'm not following, how would I implement it?22:37
fiascodoes the launchpadlib use rest?22:37
wgrantfiasco: See https://help.launchpad.net/API22:37
fiascocould I use this as a guide?22:38
wgrantNote the second bullet.22:38
fiascowgrant: yes, I've seen this before - not the most descriptive22:38
* fiasco clicks on the hacking document22:38
wgranthttps://help.launchpad.net/API/Hacking isn't bad.22:38
fiascowgrant: read that now :)22:39
glensorry for silly question, how do i checkout or browse code for this project? https://code.launchpad.net/ipod-convenience22:44
glen$ bzr branch lp:ipod-convenience trunk22:44
glenbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:ipod-convenience": Series trunk on ipod-convenience has no branch associated with i22:44
wgrantbzr get lp:~ipod-touch/ipod-convenience/trunk22:45
wgrantThe owner of the project apparently didn't link the trunk branch to the trunk series.22:45
wgrantAnd lp:ipod-convenience looks for the branch for the development series, which is trunk.22:45
oldman_i'm a little confused22:52
oldman_how do you cause the branchs in +approvedmerges to actually be merged into the trunk now they've been approved?22:53
thumperoldman_: currently manually merge23:01
thumperoldman_: plans are to intregrate with some tool23:01
oldman_so i need to bzr branch lp:project && bzr merge lp:approved-branch && bzr push ?23:02
thumperif you don't already have lp:project locally then yes23:02
thumperoldman_: although you are missing a bzr commit23:02
cody-somervilleoldman_, make sure you merge into the right branch23:03
oldman_sure :)23:03
hagnadoes lp have git support yet?23:07
cody-somervilleGit is painful :(23:10
hagnaahh too bad23:10
oldman_thumper / cody-somerville another question about bzr and merge really23:13
oldman_when I merge latest changes from another branch23:13
oldman_all commit messages for those changes are available via bzr log23:14
oldman_so a) why do I need to give a commit message when I want to commit them to my local repo23:14
oldman_and b) is there some suggestion text to use as a commit message at this point23:14
thumperbecause your comment might have nothing to do with theirs23:14
thumperb) no23:14
thumperit depends on why you are merging23:15
thumperyou could say "merging xyz to fix abc"23:15
thumperor just "Merging trunk"23:15
thumperor something23:15
oldman_yeah normally that is what I do23:15
thumperyou may also need to resolve conflicts23:16
spitfirePhilip5: I've got the question about your repo23:23
Philip5spitfire: shoot23:24
spitfirewhy don't you keyword your build properly?23:24
spitfirewith ~23:24
spitfirelike xine-1ubuntu2~ppa123:24
Philip5good question23:24
Philip5no reason just a miss in all cases....23:25
spitfirePhilip5: It can cause problems23:26
spitfireAnd if it can it WILL :/23:26
Philip5spitfire: i'll correct it when i update... but thanks for the notice23:26
spitfireyou're uploader already, you might know:P23:27
spitfireI can't configure devscripts to sign my pkgs automatically23:27
Philip5uploader in what way?23:27
spitfireit always says :no private key found"23:28
spitfireuploader in the way you have signed repo23:28
wgrantspitfire: You need to have your name, comment and email address in the changelog line match a UID on your key *exactly*.23:28
Philip5spitfire: true but it's just my own repo with a key23:29
spitfirewgrant: wait.23:29
spitfireBut if i added comment in gpg key?23:29
spitfireLike: Mieszko Ślusarczyk (spitfire) <mieszkoslusarczyk#gmail.com>23:30
oldman_it'd be nice if a --fixes lp:12345 change in trunk automatically caused the bug status to be changed to Fix Committed23:31
Philip5i think it use your mailadress and not the rest... but i'm not sure23:31
spitfireand in changelog I have Mieszko Ślusarczyk <mieszkoslusarczyk#gmail.com>23:31
wgrantspitfire: YOu need your changelog line to contain exactly 'Mieszko Ślusarczyk (spitfire) <mieszkoslusarczyk#gmail.com>'23:31
spitfirewgrant: ^^23:31
wgrantAnd that email address is wrong; your package may well be rejected.23:31
spitfirewgrant: so i should append (spitfire) to my name?23:32
Philip5spitfire: are you using my repo or just some packages from it?23:33
spitfirewgrant: fuck te hell it works :P23:34
wgrantspitfire: Excellent. Did you change the @ to a # just for the channel, or is that really what it says on the key?23:34
spitfirewgrant: yeah ;)23:35
wgrantTo which bit?23:35
spitfirei changed for orc23:35
spitfire@ to #23:35
wgrantOh, good.23:35
spitfirewgrant: to prevent spam23:35
wgrantOf course.23:35
spitfireirc ets logged, and bots search google:P23:35
wgrantBut I thought you might have done it on your key for the same reason.23:35
spitfirePhilip5: some of it.23:36
spitfireof course not all pkges:P23:36
spitfirebut I don't like it superseding my pkges.23:36
Philip5spitfire: hope it worked like a charm so far... i mostly upload packages that i use myself23:36
spitfireSo I sometimes have to loch them in synaptic23:36
Philip5you need to do that if you dont want to do that23:37
spitfirePhilip5: I had some conflicts, but can't say if it was because of you repo.23:37
spitfirePhilip5: but in the future -  keyword them ~23:37
Philip5usually they get solved with a  aptitude dist-upgrade23:38
spitfirePhilip5: I haven't looked into it seriously: do you  make all packages for amd64?23:38
Philip5almost none23:39
spitfireSo I'll leave just your deb-src :P23:39
spitfireand build them myself :P23:39
Philip5i don't use 64bit myself so i only make them on request23:39
wgrantThat's what PPAs are for.23:39
spitfirePhilip5: why?23:39
spitfireDon't you have at least core2?23:40
Philip5wgrant: i now but when i started to use ppa it was soo slow especially when i had to wait for a dependency package to be built before the main app23:40
wgrantPhilip5: You now shouldn't have to wait more than 20 minutes for a package to be published, and most things start building within a few seconds.23:41
Philip5but i have had so much problem getting some apps to work with 64bit so i use 32bit for old times sake were i know things work :)23:42
Philip5mostly thinking of sun java and flash23:42
Philip5wgrant: i know it's working much better now but when i started with the repo i was betatesting the ppa-service and it wasn't that fast at the time23:43
spitfirePhilip5: 64 bit a problem23:55
spitfireI guess you haven't used it for at leas one year23:55
spitfire*64 bit a problem?23:55
spitfirehe left:P23:55
spitfirewgrant: even flash is now 64 bit:P23:56
spitfire(I don't use it, i prefer gecko-mediaplayer for youtube).23:56
Nafallospitfire: rather, he's playing Unreal Tournament.23:58
spitfirewho Philip5 ?23:59

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