Andre_Gondimwhy jaunty don't come with openoffice 3?00:05
MelikAndre_Gondim,  it does00:07
Andre_Gondimmy apport had error and don't send bug to launchpad...., the error is "urlopen error The write operation timed out"02:26
toresbeHey, I'm not the only one without X, I hope?03:46
toresbe(EE) Failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist, 0)03:47
toresbeSame for "freetype" and "nvidia"03:47
RAOFtoresbe: X works fine here.03:52
fosco_change "nvidia" driver with "nv" or "vesa" and retry03:52
toresbeOh dear. I found the problem.03:52
toresbeYeah, I did some happy --force-all to install two nvidia modules and it is all good now.03:52
toresbenvidia-glx-(...) conflicts with xserver-xorg-core...03:54
toresbeand a bunch of other really rather necessary stuff03:54
fosco_as far as i know nvidia restricted drivers are not supported yet03:54
RAOFThe new version of the nvidia drivers that actually supports our X server is currently sitting in the NEW queue03:55
toresbeok, switching to nv04:02
toresbe(EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed (8)04:02
toresbe(EE) PreInit returned NULL for "Microsoft Natural? Ergonomic Keyboard 4000"04:02
toresbeHrmh, that worked.04:08
toresbeWHOA. gnome-terminal launch is an order of magnitude faster. Love!04:08
toresbeBut my dual-screen is, er, all funny.04:08
toresbeI suppose this will have to do until it comes out of NEW.04:14
toresbeI assume there's no way for me to grab packages from NEW?04:14
RAOFYou can just grab them from launchpad; they're in launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+queue04:15
toresbeOh, found it! Thanks!04:15
toresbelessee if this works.04:17
toresbeHrm, this is... less than stable :)04:23
toresbeand image corruption ahoy04:23
toresbe180.22 really isn't built for this ABI, either :)04:23
toresbeGraphics are frighteningly fast in comparison, though04:27
toresbeThe system is drastically snappier. I like this!04:27
toresbeGood night.04:27
Hotshot`does anyobody use Deluge Torrent client?04:31
johnweddwhats the good word on jaunty07:45
johnweddmost of my professional life is spent waiting for a linux i can replace Windows with, Ubuntu has let me down, i was wondering, how jaunty was coming along07:49
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fosco_johnwedd: waht are you looking for08:51
johnweddjust how its going08:52
fosco_going good, but jaunty is not a revolution in any way08:53
johnweddfosco_ i am curious, how come linux avoids anything similar to microsoft design philosophy09:11
fosco_don't understand09:11
johnweddwell, strickly from a astectic and widget design aspect, ubuntu, opensuse, and fedora tend to lean toward Apple concepts, and avoiding anything remotely microsoft in look and feel09:14
Melikapple concepts?09:14
Meliklike what?09:14
fosco_linux distributions tend to be linux distributionsany good ideas from any OS are wellcome09:15
fosco_linux distributions tend to be linux distributions. any good ideas from any OS are wellcome09:15
Melikwell apple os x and linux's are obviously going to be more similar because they are from the unix family09:16
johnweddi mean in a design aspect09:16
Melikhow is it similar to apple to apple in design?09:17
johnweddlook and feel09:17
johnweddfeels like linux, looks like mac09:17
TheInfinityyou never used a mac, hmm ;)09:18
fosco_don't think so :-/09:19
fosco_linux looks just as linux09:19
TheInfinityfosco_: although sometimes gnome or kde sometimes really loves to steal gui concepts from apple ;)09:20
fosco_well, this is common09:20
TheInfinitythe best example is the advanced network gui in gnome. its 1:1 apple. in every button, every tab, everything09:21
fosco_i use openbox as a window manager, don't think win nor mac have something like that :-)09:21
* RAOF wonders whether TheInfinity is looking at the same network-manager/OS X that he is.09:22
Melikopenbox is very nice09:22
TheInfinitynot network manager09:22
TheInfinitythe thing where you have a gui for nmap and several other things09:22
TheInfinitydont know the name in gnome09:22
RAOFOh, the network tools thingy?09:23
Melikanyone know a good SSH client?09:23
RAOFMelik: ssh?09:23
RAOFAs installed by default in Ubuntu?09:23
RAOFYes.  "ssh" is the good SSH client.09:24
Melik[-1246AaCfgKkMNnqsTtVvXxY] [-b bind_address] [-c cipher_spec]09:24
Melik           [-D [bind_address:]port] [-e escape_char] [-F configfile]09:24
Melik           [-i identity_file] [-L [bind_address:]port:host:hostport]09:24
Melik           [-l login_name] [-m mac_spec] [-O ctl_cmd] [-o option] [-p port]09:24
Melik           [-R [bind_address:]port:host:hostport] [-S ctl_path]09:24
Melik           [-w local_tun[:remote_tun]] [user@]hostname [command]09:24
Melikso which one do i use to connect :/09:24
TheInfinityMelik: man ssh :)09:24
BUGabundo_workjust a quick question: does the new dailies that suport ext4, need /boot on ext2/3 or it can be on ext4 too ?09:24
RAOFBoot can be ext4; both grub and grub2 support it.09:25
johnweddi guess i see mac as considering customers as stupid, and linux as considering its customers engineers, and windows seams to be the only happy medium. and thats not right09:25
BUGabundo_workthanks RAOF09:25
johnweddunderstand what i'm saying09:29
fosco_johnwedd: yes i understand, but don't think the same09:29
johnweddhow much time do you think the average linux user spends just getting his system to work?09:31
Meliki got my ubuntu system to work in 1 second09:32
johnweddMelik: how many times have you reconfigured and recompiled?09:33
fosco_johnwedd: about 20 minutes, installation time09:33
johnweddi mean fully work09:33
Melikyeah fully work 1 second09:33
fosco_system is fully functional once installed09:34
Melikcustomizing and configuring is a different story09:34
johnweddthats part of makeing a computer system09:34
fosco_not for me09:35
johnweddand you do what for a living?09:35
Meliki inhale O209:36
fosco_are you trying to flame johnwedd?09:37
fosco_then i don not understand you09:37
johnweddi trying to point out the end users need to be learn a new system without haveing system shock09:38
fosco_i spend much more time setting up a windows machine than a ubuntu box09:38
TheInfinityfosco_: always depends on what you need.09:39
fosco_of course :)09:39
johnweddi guess i really hate how linux makes you work your computer09:40
Melikno it doesnt09:40
Meliki spent more time09:40
Melikformatting my windows09:40
Melikthan "configuring" my ubuntu09:41
Melikive probably formatted windows like over 200 times09:41
TheInfinityMelik: if you know what you do you dont have to format windows all the time.09:41
johnweddthen why do i still have to dive into bash to get it to do something i want that i can do in windows in three mouse clicks09:42
TheInfinityjohnwedd: depends what you need and which hardware you use :p09:42
TheInfinityjohnwedd: cli can me much faster then gui09:42
johnwedddoesn't mean its easier, better, fun or not stressfull09:42
TheInfinityeasier if you learn it one time09:43
johnweddi shouldn't have to09:43
TheInfinityas i said - depends on your needs09:43
TheInfinityi'm a mac os-x user, and i can do almost everything with gui. but i have always a terminal open because its just faster and beter.09:43
johnweddi'm a graphic artist09:44
TheInfinityother mac user dont like cli.09:44
TheInfinityme too.09:44
MelikTheInfinity, i pirated software; so i got lots of malware through them and stuff09:44
TheInfinityMelik: so dont do so :)09:45
johnweddor rather, I'm a graphic artist, and i think FOSS zealots have there head up there ass09:45
Melikthats why i use linux now TheInfinity :)09:45
TheInfinityjohnwedd: you can use lots of open source software for graphics.09:47
TheInfinityand ubuntus aim is to provide a cli free os. although its difficult to archive this.09:48
Melik<johnwedd> then why do i still have to dive into bash to get it to do something i want that i can do in windows in three mouse clicks09:48
TheInfinity(and we are in an alpha channel :p )09:48
Melikthere were numerous times i had to go to windows registry09:48
Melikso windows isn't all that "user friendly" either09:49
johnweddTheInfinity: not the point, i love, OS, i hate zealots that have no understanding of the market ecosystem that motivates there innovations, with irrational hate for anything ressembling corporate structure.09:49
TheInfinityMelik: for user who just want msn and ms office it is ;)09:49
johnweddMelik: yes it is09:49
x1250hey guys, completely offtopic, but they are good tutorials, so here it is: video tutoriales for the GIMP, excellent ones: http://meetthegimp.org/page/21/09:50
Melikit just seems user friendly, because thats what you grew up with09:50
johnweddi still don't have to use a cli09:50
Melikyou've been all around it, you're used to it09:50
johnweddi grew up on prodos and bsd09:50
johnweddi paid my dues09:50
Meliki dont know.. but the most confusing thing to me was windows registry09:51
johnweddits settings09:51
TheInfinityjohnwedd: not really *g*09:51
johnweddkinda sorta is09:52
Meliki think the registry was the most unorganized thing ever09:52
Melik+ once u remove software.. values get left behind09:52
johnweddwhats the equivilent to it in Linux?09:52
TheInfinityjohnwedd: /etc09:52
johnweddor Mac?09:52
TheInfinityjohnwedd: /Libary09:53
johnweddand you still have to do the same stuff09:53
MelikIMO linux's "config" system is a lot neater and much more organized09:54
johnweddcan i use it with a mouse and does it have automated features that make sure i don't screw it up?09:55
TheInfinityjohnwedd: most win apps use it wrong. the concept of registry is not that bad.09:55
johnweddkinda makes you wonder how it entered into the conversation :S09:56
TheInfinityjohnwedd: you also dont use registry with mouse. and you can make MUCH worse things in registry09:56
TheInfinitymuch *bad09:57
johnweddsame in library09:57
TheInfinityjohnwedd: i dont know any osx app which needs root rights just because its bad coded :p09:58
johnweddi'm surprised it would even let a user to the root09:59
TheInfinitysudo su09:59
TheInfinityand you have a root bash :p09:59
johnweddyay! now what?10:00
TheInfinityyou can do anything you want then10:00
TheInfinitylike in ubuntu. or in windows using runas in terminal10:01
johnweddi can change hardware settings! oooh, wait. I can optimize the services for better running or boot time!......ummm no. k10:01
johnweddooooh, i know, i can shut down the unneeded gui and interface elements to play my games! ooh, yeah... o.O10:02
TheInfinityjohnwedd: at os-x? of course i can modifiy boot settings.10:03
johnweddcan you turn off the gui and replace it?10:03
TheInfinityjohnwedd: you can use gnome with xorg if you want10:04
TheInfinitykde also works afaik10:04
johnweddi don't, i want the same gui, only complete customized, same back end tho10:05
TheInfinitywhy? i mean you wanted something completely different :p10:06
johnweddonly looks different10:06
johnweddif it acts different, it'll throw me off10:07
TheInfinitythen you should use the os you ever used10:07
TheInfinityif you want?10:08
johnweddi don't10:08
TheInfinitythen you have to learn ;)10:08
Melikare we talking about osx or ubuntu?10:08
johnweddi lost track10:09
TheInfinityMelik: os-x for a few lines ;)10:09
ikoniaplease keep in mind this channel is for Jaunty discussion only10:09
johnweddi was bored10:10
TheInfinityikonia: i just wondered when this messages comes ;) ... sorry lecture in university is atm boring and too easy :p10:10
Melikdoes anyone get  a ../udev/rules.d error10:10
Melikat startup?10:10
ikoniano sweat, just a nudge10:10
ikoniaMelik: in the current jaunty build ?10:10
Melikyes ikonia10:11
ikoniaMelik: all good here10:11
ikoniaMelik: what rule is it complaining about10:11
Melikthe whole rules.d is missing or something10:11
ikoniaI've got mine10:11
Meliki can reboot and write it down10:11
johnweddimpatient for the ubuntu that will decend from the heavens, runs all the software i need and want (both open and closed) and cure 6 different types of cancer10:11
ikoniajohnwedd: what ?10:11
ikoniajohnwedd: check the /topic please10:12
Melikhold on im going to restart and write down the udev erro10:13
ikoniaMelik: cool10:13
johnweddikonia: topic noted and we where discussing design philosophies10:14
ikoniajohnwedd: which is not for here, thanks10:14
ikoniaMelik: hit me10:14
Melik[udev840] then blah blah blah ... /etc/udev/rules.d file not found or missing10:15
Melikthing is i do have ../rules.d10:16
ikoniaMelik: do you have /etc/udev/rules.d though10:19
ikoniaMelik: that should be a dir10:19
Melikits a folder10:19
Melikdirectory* w.e10:20
Melikhold on10:20
Melikactually* im going to call it a night10:20
Melikits 2 AM :$10:20
Melikgood night guys10:20
RAOFNote that /etc/udev/rules.d is not the place it used to be.10:21
x1250at last pulseaudio is working nicely here. Sound artifacts are gone.10:59
cumulus007is it true there are 4.2 rc1 packages in jaunty?11:03
* BUGabundo_work vents: uff what a long backlog!11:07
BUGabundo_workx1250: don't you miss the old volume control ?11:07
BUGabundo_workI know I do!11:07
BUGabundo_workI find myself starting alsamixer[gui] -c 011:07
x1250BUGabundo_work, I use almixer -c 0 too :S11:08
BUGabundo_workits the only way I know of setting the controls!!11:08
BUGabundo_workit was a shock to me, when I found out it was gone!11:09
BUGabundo_workis it going to be implemented in any other way before launch?11:09
cumulus007is it true that there are 4.2 rc1 packages in jaunty?11:09
BUGabundo_workor is THIS it?11:09
BUGabundo_worknew user will find them self lost, and old users will bash foruns about it!11:09
BUGabundo_workcumulus007: package??11:10
BUGabundo_workI can check from my archive11:10
BUGabundo_workor you can see in packages.u.c or LP/u/+source/PACKAGE11:10
cumulus007BUGabundo_work: I heard KDE 4.2 RC1 is in Jaunty11:10
BUGabundo_worknot yet AFAIK11:11
BUGabundo_workI think im still in beta 2 or 311:11
cumulus007okay, pity11:11
BUGabundo_workLOLOLOLOL I got to REBOOT blue thingys on my jaunty! come on!! one isn't enough?11:12
BUGabundo_workI would file a bug, but I have no idea on the package!!11:12
BUGabundo_workehehe UM maybe?11:12
x1250BUGabundo_work, I guess this is it :(. I use alsamixer to adjust the LFE, which the great new pulseaudio volume control, can't. Wow.11:12
BUGabundo_workI realy like the control over ANY app! much nicer!11:13
BUGabundo_workstill a bit too hiden, requires many clicks!11:13
BUGabundo_workI thought it would get  a dropdown under under the clock11:14
x1250BUGabundo_work, there are a lot of people who don't want to use pulseaudio, is there no other volume control for gnome-panel????11:16
BUGabundo_workseems not11:17
peterzkde4.1.96 packages seem incomplete and the combination of .85 and .96 seem to no fancy working well11:40
BUGabundo_workanyone has any idea what starts cam-server?11:45
BUGabundo_workits not on my init.d/rc**11:45
BUGabundo_workdid something break python today???11:57
BUGabundo_workdeluge won't start the GUI11:57
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BUGabundo_workneed a tip: what is the proper command to make a full DISK backup? dd to a targz file on a external disk?12:16
toresbeI've got the newest version of nvidia-glx-180, but it's still "ABI incompatible"14:28
toresbeAm I doing something wrong?14:28
TheInfinitytoresbe: you try to use nvidia css drivers with jaunty's xorg?14:29
toresbecss drivers?14:29
TheInfinityclosed source software14:29
toresbehah, I have three mouse pointers on my desktop now :P14:31
BUGabundo_worktoresbe: 3?14:32
BUGabundo_workhumm please confirm this to me! I'm using partimage from daily livecd to backup pc, before format to ext4. partimage, I guess uses ncursers, right? it seems to be leaving a trail of chars! I see stuff like 9secccc14:40
fosco_toresbe: jaunty has no nvidia restricted drivers support yet14:47
fosco_it is an X 1.6 issue14:47
toresbefosco_: Do you have a link to some info on it?14:50
toresbewiki, or something?14:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 308410 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Latest Xorg removes nvidia driver ... conflicting xserver-xorg-video-4" [Medium,Confirmed]14:53
BUGabundo_workfosco_ old bug14:53
BUGabundo_workstill around until upstream fix it!14:53
fosco_old bug but still there :-/14:54
fosco_let's see if alpha3 solves it14:54
BUGabundo_workyou don't hope14:57
BUGabundo_workgrrr partimage just makes a nasty image of the disc.... how do I mount it now??14:57
fastalibnss3 is not being found by any at least two gnome applications (probably all). How can I fix that?16:49
fastaIt is located in /usr/lib and I already tried adding it to the library path.16:50
fasta/usr/lib should be on the library path anyway, but that's a different discussion.16:50
hggdhfasta, since you moved to jaunty, or just after a dist-upgrade?16:55
fastahggdh: after dist-upgrade, but I solved it already locally here by reinstalling the libraries.16:56
fastahggdh: another few weird things (like a pcspeaker going off at boot time) also happened.16:56
fastahggdh: I don't really want to run this bleeding edge stuff.16:57
fastahggdh: I only wanted the recent nvidia driver and I just happened to install jaunty, because I figured it would support the latest hardware.16:57
hggdhfasta, bleeding edge, as the same suggests, usually makes us bleed...16:58
hggdhI suspect either you had an issue on dist-upgrade, or rebooting might solve (if some libraries were replaced)16:59
fastahggdh: I still have a problem with Evolution.17:00
fastahggdh: It's basically this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/31058617:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 310586 in evolution "evolution startup hangs with assertion `E_IS_SEARCHING_TOKENIZER (st)' failed" [Medium,Incomplete]17:00
hggdhfasta, as I stated, after a major dist-upgrade, you may be better off rebooting17:04
fastahggdh: that basically does an ldconfig, no? \17:05
hggdhand replaces any in-use libraries with the newer version17:05
hggdhthere may be ABI changes17:06
fastaStill, I rebooted a few times already.17:06
hggdhfasta, were you the reporter on the bug?17:06
fastahggdh: no17:06
hggdhfor the bug... evo is at 2.24.2, but gtkhtml is at 2.25.3. I dimly remember some quite heavy changes in gtkhtml17:08
wbonxHi all, I have a problem but is 'nt simple, so perhaps this is the right place were to ask17:14
wbonxI'm tryng to manage17:14
wbonxevents creating a file in /etc/acpi/event17:15
cecilwhat happen to ubuntu forums ? been off for hours.17:15
wbonxthe file is well formed but acpid doen't manage the action I wrote, only if I restart manually it with " acpid -d" it works17:15
wbonxso why acpi started via init.d script doen't manage the rule, and starting it with acpid -d works ?17:16
wbonxthank you everyone17:16
Alexia_DeathWhen will xserver's 1.6 rc1 hit repros?17:38
Alexia_Deathhmm, should ask this at ubuntu x instead17:39
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Kuaera"Break your system in bad ways" is accurate o_o;19:12
TheInfinityKuaera: but sometimes the breakage has lots of style! :)19:14
KuaeraTheInfinity: Indeed! Having my windowmanager [openbox] lock up, consuming 99% of my CPU and refusing to die is awfully stylish :P19:20
BotLobstais there an easy way to downgrade xserver-xorg and all of its dependencies to the previous version without specifying version numbers for each package?19:20
BotLobstaor does anyone know of a way to get the nvidia 180.22 driver working?19:29
toresbeif you find one lemme know...19:30
fosco__no way BotLobsta19:34
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* toresbe wishes there was some web site detailing the reason why nvidia is brrroken19:40
BUGabundo1toresbe: not only nvidia19:40
BUGabundo1amd and intel are the same19:40
toresbeBUGabundo1: I'd assume.19:41
BotLobstathe log file says its because of the driver ABI versions are different and that if you give the nvidia module the -ignoreABI option it might work19:41
BotLobstai just have no idea where to pass it that19:41
toresbeI've passed that. X crashes pretty quickly, as I'd expect, really.19:42
toresbeI just want an nVidia that works with the current ABI!19:43
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BotLobstahas anyone gotten their system back to a usable state after trying 180.22?19:50
legodude__BotLobsta: nope :(20:04
legodude__I can't even get 180.22 due to internet outage, but I have not heard anything good about it yet :(20:05
BotLobstalegodude__: there isnt anything good about it20:06
BotLobstai wouldnt get it whenever you get your internet back20:06
legodude__you've tried it?20:07
legodude__I can't even get nv to do anything sane20:07
BotLobstayea i tried it this morning20:07
BotLobstaand it didnt work20:07
BotLobstaand now im trying to get everything back to 180.11 but its still not working20:08
legodude__does it install nicely for jaunty or do you have to fiddle with stuff?20:09
BotLobstathe nvidia-glx-180 package installs fine20:10
BotLobstabut you supposedly also need to upgrade to the latest xserver-xorg packages20:10
legodude__I'll poke at it20:10
BotLobstagood luck with it20:11
bluesmokeman, i totally killed my system :/20:21
bluesmokesays it can't find things like libnss3.so.1d even though they are installed and I ran ldconfig20:21
bluesmokelibnss3.so.1d, libnssutil3.so.1d, libsmime3.so.1d, libssl3.so.1d, libplds4.so.1d libplc4.so.0d, and libnspr4.so.0d20:23
bluesmokeall are installed, ldd says they are not found20:23
* bluesmoke tries to remove ia32-libs20:25
bluesmokenope, that didn't help20:25
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Amaranthanyone know what could cause this? I'm at a bit of a loss20:27
Amaranthi'm guessing a broken binutils20:28
BotLobstabad path?20:28
Amaranthldconfig files the libraries just fine20:29
Amarantherr, finds20:29
Amaranthno other app will20:29
Amaranth$ sudo ldconfig -v | grep libnss3.so.1d20:32
Amaranthactually that doesn't show up in ldconfig output :/20:32
hggdhAmaranth, someone complained of something similar earlier today20:39
Amaranthdid they have a fix? :)20:39
hggdhthey stated they reinstalled the packages20:40
Amaranthi can't even get online on my ubuntu machine right now, ndiswrapper and broadcom-wl seem to only respond to networkmanager, messing with iwconfig does nothing20:40
hggdhand that solved it... (and, I think, a reboot)20:40
hggdh<fasta> libnss3 is not being found by any at least two gnome applications (probably all). How can I fix that?20:40
hggdh<fasta> It is located in /usr/lib and I already tried adding it to the library path.20:40
hggdh<fasta> /usr/lib should be on the library path anyway, but that's a different discussion.20:40
Amaranthhey that did it20:41
* Amaranth facepalms20:41
* hggdh thinks something went bonkers on the update20:41
the_owlhi, i just update my ubuntu to 9.04, but it has no sound, somebody else is the same?21:44
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* TheInfinity gibes the_owl an award for the best error description I ever heard21:58
the_owlTheInfinity: what do you mean?22:10
blueyedAnybody using cryptsetup here?22:36
RAOFblueyed: And needing to manually luksOpen their root at a busybox prompt?22:39
blueyedRAOF: yes, with 2.4.28? - haven't tried manually opening it, still on 2.6.27 because of it.22:40
RAOFIt's the fallout from watershed/udev changes; it's not the kernel, it's the initramfs changes.22:41
blueyedRAOF: bug 30920522:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309205 in linux "2.6.28: Keyboard not usable during boot (cryptsetup passphrase)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30920522:41
blueyedRAOF: I've thought about initramfs, too.. but did not want to rebuild the initramfs for my working 2.6.27 kernel.22:41
blueyedRAOF: can you edit the bug accordingly, please?22:42
RAOFNo, that would be a bad plan ;)22:42
RAOFOh, my.  That's not _my_ bug.22:42
RAOFI can boot just fine, I just need to manually open the crypt22:42
blueyedRAOF: ok. But you appear to know the root cause better than me..22:43
RAOFYour problem isn't the same as mine; I don't think I have any idea of the root cause.22:43
blueyedyou don't get the password prompt at all?22:43
blueyedWhat's the package for initramfs? initramfs-tools? or is it rather cryptsetup that provides them?22:44
RAOFI don't get the password prompt at all, until it drops to a busybox prompt.22:48
blueyedRAOF: are you using usplash? - I guess it'll drop to busybox here also, after a while? Is your /root encrypted?22:50
RAOFYes, yes.22:51
blueyedBut some kind of confirmation than at least.. ;/22:51
Melikhi everyone =)22:51
timinghaha Jaunty is certainly not yet stable :-)22:56
timingit's doing weird things. bu i'm used to it with alfa versions of ubuntu22:56
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