wolterem Drace first of all, are you going to have just ubuntu, or windows as well?05:35
DraceIm trying to setup ubuntu so I can retrieve my files that were on windows05:35
DraceWindows failed on me...05:36
wolteroh, if you just want ubuntu for that, you don't have to install it./.05:36
wolterit is enough with the live cd05:36
kurrataDrace:  cant you just reinstal windows?05:36
DraceI need to keep some files...05:36
DraceI want a copy of Ubuntu anyways05:37
kurratareinstaling wont delete your files just you /windows directory ;)05:37
DraceWell what it says is "All files will be lost"05:37
Drace"...in the user directioniry" something like that05:38
wolterDrace, well, but if you want ubuntu, let me show you how you will want to partition your drive.05:38
wolterso, how big is your disk?05:38
Drace120 Gb =/05:38
DraceI was hoping that by installing ubuntu Id have my windows files mounted automatically without going through the hassle of the terminal05:39
wolterok, will you want to install windows later on?05:39
wolterif so, which windows?05:39
DraceXP home05:39
DraceThe main reason im trying to get Ubuntu right now is to retrieve my windows files05:42
wolteryou will probably want an ubuntu partition of 10gb, a windows partition of 10gb also, and a massive other partition of 100gb05:42
DraceAlthough I dont think Ill need 10gb for Ubuntu05:43
wolterwhy not?05:43
Dracetoo much?05:44
DraceIts fine though05:44
Dracecontinue on05:44
wolterwell, you can give it a little less, like 6, but i recommend 10gb05:46
wolterem, so, how much space had you occupied in windows?05:46
DraceOnly like 5 Gb left...including the Ubuntu I have installed05:47
Dracewhich has a 10 gb partition05:47
DraceWhich I should of mentioned this earlier (forgot about it)05:47
DraceMy pc crashed and windows failed so I cant open up Ubuntu either.05:48
DraceMy solution was to reinstall or use livecd to retrieve my windows files and reinstall windows05:48
wolteroh sorry!06:19
wolteri forgot i was talking to you06:19
wolterlet me read Drace06:19
wolterDrace, are you still with me?06:20
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