cjhurm, I wonder how many shells student022 had open...00:44
* cj has been exhausting his PTY pool recently, too00:44
huatsmorning all09:08
asachuats: there?09:21
asacoh obviously ;)09:21
* asac should look at least 2 lines back before posting09:21
asachuats: seahorse-plugins ... i uploaded a no-change bump yesterday for nss/nspr transition.09:21
huatshello asac :)09:21
asachuats: i saw you have a new version waiting for upload09:22
asachuats: whats the status on that?09:22
huatsasac: let me check09:22
asachuats: (for whatever reason the no-change upload failed to build everywhere)09:22
huatsasac: I have been working on that upload last week09:23
asachuats: the "old" package doesnt build because it doesnt fine the gnome.h header09:24
asachuats: i can probably fix that by hacking configure.in09:24
huatsasac: let me check09:24
huatsbut 'mine' is building fine09:24
asacbut wonder if its worth it ... or if just uploading new version would be a better option09:24
asachuats: still would be nice to know why it built in intrepid, but not now09:25
huatsasac: yep09:25
asacseems some pkg-config provided gnome cflags previously, but doesnt do that now anymore09:25
crevettemvo, hey09:26
huatsasac: I will have a look in the next hour09:26
huatsI'll let you know ok ?09:26
crevetteI tends to think I succeed to do the bzr thingy for metacity09:26
crevetteI pushed the changes in a branch on lp:~bmillemathias/metacity/ubuntu if you interested with09:27
crevettehello seb12809:27
crevetteseb128, I wonder if latest brasero shouldn't conflict with nautilus-cd-burner because both of them install an extensions to burn CD in burn:// location09:28
crevetteand it ends to a http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56719109:30
ubottuGnome bug 567191 in File and Folder Operations "double topbar on nautilus folder for burn:// location" [Major,Resolved: notabug]09:30
huatsasac: the package you uploaded builds fine on jaunty but not on intrepid right ?09:30
asachuats: no it fails to build on jaunty everywhere09:31
huatsI'll have a look09:31
asachuats: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/seahorse-plugins/2.24.1-0ubuntu209:31
huatsand take that into account for my package once it is done09:32
huatsI'll have a look at yours09:32
mvohey crevette09:34
seb128hello there09:34
seb128hey mvo crevette09:34
mvohey seb12809:34
didrocksHi huats seb128, mvo  & crevette :)09:35
seb128lut didrocks huats09:35
seb128didrocks: still looking for updates to do? ;-)09:35
huatshello didrocks09:35
didrocksseb128: can't do them tonight, but tomorrow night, yeah, for sure :)09:35
huatsseb128: you see, didrocks refuses to work :P09:36
seb128didrocks: you are welcome to work on the gnome-games update whenever you want09:36
didrockshuats: some FOSS presentation tonight with framasoft :p09:36
didrocksseb128: ok, I schedule it for tomorrow so ;)09:36
huatsdidrocks: you say ;)09:36
didrockshuats: you know, some people have *real* job and can't do packaging during the day while they are supposed to do something else... ^^09:38
* didrocks runs...09:38
didrockswhy nobody believe me ? :(09:38
seb128didrocks: because you think doing packaging is not a real work?!09:39
seb128didrocks: are you calling me a slacker? ;-)09:39
huatsseb128: I think he is :)09:39
didrocksseb128: that's the reason why there was "while they are supposed to do something else..."09:39
* didrocks takes some cautious in saying this ^^09:39
didrocksand I say huats gives no support to me. I appreciate :)09:40
seb128huats: want an update to do? ;-)09:41
huatsseb128: sure, but I wont be able to do it this morning...;09:42
huatsjust this afternoon09:42
huatsseb128: I am having a look at the seahorse-plugins pb that asactold me09:43
slomoseb128: are you aware of any new gstreamer bugs? :)09:43
seb128slomo: no, either the upgrades work correctly or not a lot of people are running jaunty yet ;-)09:43
seb128slomo: we get bugs on other packages so I guess updates are working correctly ;-)09:44
seb128huats: which one?09:44
seb128huats: otherwise http://download.gnome.org/sources/xchat-gnome/0.24/xchat-gnome-0.24.3.tar.gz09:44
asacseb128: fail to build everywhere09:44
slomook :)09:44
huatsseb128: ok09:44
asacseb128: e.g. the no-change upload from esterday09:44
huatsI'll take it09:44
asacseb128: seems like some pkg-config or something dropped gnome cflags (my guess as it cannot find gnome.h during build)09:44
slomoseb128: you want to sync jack-audio-connection-kit from experimental and afterwards sync gst-plugins-bad0.10 from debian/experimental :) the former fixes the build failure in gst-plugins-bad09:46
seb128asac: right, they are cleaning libgnomeui usage so that might show such bugs now09:46
seb128asac: looks like it should build-dep on libgnomeui-dev directly if it's using it09:46
seb128slomo: ok, I didn't sync those plugins yesterday because somebody did an ubuntu update and I need to look if the changes are required09:47
slomoseb128: oh, it was already merged... then just sync gst-plugins-bad0.10 :)09:47
seb128"  * debian/build-deps.in09:47
seb128    - Add build dependency libsamplerate-dev. Fixes FTBFS."09:47
crevettehello mvo seb128 didrocks and other09:47
seb128slomo: is that something you know about?09:47
asacseb128: the build depend gets installed (e.g. libgnomeui-dev) ... whats missing is some PKG_CHECK_MODULES or something09:47
slomoseb128: yes, that's a jack-audio-connection-kit bug which was already fixed in jaunty/unstable ;)09:48
seb128slomo: ok good, will do the sync then09:48
asacor is there AC_GNOME_SOMETHING?09:48
seb128asac: http://download.gnome.org/sources/seahorse-plugins/2.25/seahorse-plugins-2.25.3.tar.gz09:48
seb128"* remove calls that pull in libgnomeui"09:48
seb128in the changes09:48
asacseb128: ah. the build failure was on the intrepid tarball09:48
asacbut probably worth a try to just upgrade there then09:49
asachuats: ^^09:49
seb128asac: right, they fixed the bug already, we just need the update, I'll get huats to do it09:49
seb128I'm about to sponsor seahorse09:49
asacseb128: he already has the update in launchpad09:49
asacseb128: i can sponsor that ... ah ok. go ahead09:49
seb128ok good09:49
seb128asac: well, I'm doing the new seahorse sponsoring, you can do seahorse-plugins if you want09:49
huatsasac: sorry I was just starting to look at the upstream changes ::(09:49
asachuats: nothing to be sorry about ;)09:50
seb128huats: not fast enough ;-)09:50
huatsand once again seb128 is way more aster than me :(09:50
asacafter all seb128 is a machine ;)09:50
seb128I'm not!09:50
asacsorry to confuse you ... you are german then ;)09:50
huatsasac: that is probably because I am eating too much, I am sure asac agrees ;)09:50
* huats remembers :)09:51
seb128huats: ">= 0:2.25.4"09:51
seb128huats: "0:", why?09:51
seb128when there is no epoch no need to use 009:51
seb128just write 2.25.409:51
huatsseb128:  that was my understanding of the policy09:52
huatsthat the soname was to be put there again09:52
seb128huats: I'm fixing that for you no need to update the bug09:52
asachuats: am i missing something? bug 316555 has no bits and so on?09:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316555 in seahorse-plugins "Please sponsor seahorse-plugins 2.25.3 into jaunty" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31655509:52
seb128huats: oh no, that's the package version there09:52
huatsasac: I have removed the stuffs09:52
asacok let me know. seems like it should just work09:52
huatssince I was wondering that something was to be done again09:52
huatsI putting them back right now09:53
asac(from what seb128 said)09:53
huatsasac:  done09:54
asacseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104303/ ... upstream committed tab indent ;)10:02
asace.g. if (!g_option...) line has tab, while the rest of the code has spaces10:02
seb128easy to mix spaces and tabs ...10:02
asacyes, but shouldnt happen on review ;)10:03
asacin emacs there is this great invention where you can define code styile at the top of file10:03
asaci think vim has the same10:03
asacmost likely gedit needs that feature ;910:03
seb128asac: right, quite some GNOME softwares use that10:04
seb128but that's not standard10:04
seb128ie, if you use gedit to code that's not used10:04
asacseb128: does gedit honour that?10:04
seb128and emacs doesn't display tab and spaces differently by default10:04
seb128asac: no10:04
asacprobably a long-standing feature request ;)10:04
seb128the new gedit is cool10:05
asacseb128: true. but isnt necessary if emacs just does the right thing.10:05
asacseb128: really?10:05
asacseb128: do i have that yet here?10:05
seb128it has the "number of space for a tab" in the bar10:05
asac(jaunty updated yesterday)10:05
seb128and an "use space" checkbox10:06
seb128so you can select the 1 tab = n space easily10:06
seb128you also have an option to draw space and tabs10:06
seb128it uses dots for space and an arrow for tabs then10:06
asacwhat i need is "auto-indent" ;)10:07
asace.g. when i hit tab ten times it shouldnt indent ten times ;)10:07
asacand should even indent backwards if thats required code wise when hitting tab ;)10:07
asacbut maybe i am too emacs focussed no this one10:08
seb128yeah the emacs way is cool10:09
asachmm seahorse-plugins doesnt even depend on any seahorse -dev package10:11
asachmm seems seahorse doesnt have -dev packages ;)10:11
seb128mvo: btw did you have a chance to debug python-apt yet?10:12
asachuats: ok uploaded.10:15
huatsasac: ok thanks10:15
mvoseb128: not yet, sorry10:15
asachuats: let me know if things go bad ;) (not sure if i get the email too)10:16
seb128mvo: that's alright, no hurry10:18
asacseb128: can you bin NEW lightning-sunbird stuff10:19
seb128asac: let me look10:20
seb128asac: done10:25
seb128mvo: btw there is a vte sponsoring request it's probably for you since you are the one which knows vte better there ;-)10:26
asacseb128: oh. more important libnm-util1 seems to be still in NEW too10:27
asachat definitly needs to get in before the alpha10:27
crevettemvo, ah you updated the metacity branch as well for 2.24.89 ?10:27
asacand promoted to main obviously10:27
seb128asac: ok, will new that too10:27
mvocrevette: not really, I played with it but didn't do it properly (got distracted by other stuff)10:27
seb128brb testing the seahorse update10:27
mvocrevette: so the update is still there to take :)10:27
asacseb128: can you promote that or do i need to ask cjwatson?10:28
asaci think pitti isnt here this week10:28
asacits just ABI bump10:28
crevettemvo, should I propose merging my branch to ~ubuntu-core-dev/metacity/ubuntu ?10:28
asacof libnm-util010:28
crevetteI'm not already fluent with the process10:29
crevetteah damn I forgot to commit10:29
crevettestupid me10:29
mvocrevette: yes, but I can do that now too10:29
crevetteI'm sot stupid10:30
mvocrevette: what is the branch name? I will merge10:36
crevettemvo, I forgot to commit, and I can't do it now10:37
seb128asac: ok, those have been newed too now10:39
mvocrevette: that happens, no problme. just ping me when its there10:39
seb128huats: the seahorse update seems to work correctly I've uploaded it10:39
crevettemvo, won't happen before tonight10:39
huatsseb128: ok10:39
huatsI have tested it too :)10:39
mvocrevette: I will be here until ~19:00 european time (maybe longer)10:39
crevettemvo, or I can ask my gf to do hte commit10:39
huatsseb128: thanks10:39
seb128huats: thank you for doing the update ;-)10:39
asacseb128: thanks. to main?10:46
seb128asac: yes10:46
asacgreat.... rock on10:46
* asac hugs seb128 10:46
* seb128 hugs asac10:47
=== davmor2 is now known as davmor2_away
crevettemvo, my gf did the bzr commit and pushed the revision to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bmillemathias/metacity/ubuntu11:42
mvocrevette: thanks, I will review/merge after lunch11:42
crevettethe only problem is the commit message, I couldn't help her remotly to deal with gvim11:43
crevettemvo, you're welcome, I'm pleased to learn bzr11:43
crevetteI'm not sure I did the right things though11:43
mvocrevette: looks good so far :)12:02
slomomvo: does ubuntu already use the new codec installation infrastructure? :)12:03
mvoslomo: not yet, but almost everything is in place (the missing bit is that I don't like the GtkLabel)12:04
mvoslomo: but because there is no "GtkTextView.set_markup" (or anything like this) I need to chagne the code there a bit to use a textview12:05
* mvo wants GtkTextView.set_markup()12:05
slomomvo: hm, that's the reason why i didn't use GtkTextView :P12:09
seb128what reason?12:10
mvoslomo: yeah, its freaking anoying :/12:10
slomoseb128: no GtkTextView.set_markup()12:10
mvoslomo: I can show you the diff when its there or just commit, whatever you prefer12:10
slomomvo: commit it unless it looks ugly ;)12:11
mvoslomo: I will do my best12:11
mvo(to not make it look ugly)12:11
mvothanks slomo12:11
racarrYou can sort of use gtk_text_buffer_insert_with_tags12:11
racarrto make it a bit less annoying12:11
racarrcompared to insert + apply12:12
racarror I guess insert_with_tags_by_name is even more convenient.12:12
mvoracarr: thanks, I think i will use the later12:13
racarrThe whole GtkText API is not fun to use at all :/12:14
mvoabsolutely, especially in python where I'm used to more convinience :)12:14
racarrIt's very powerful, but I think maybe there could be a rationale for a more convenient one12:14
racarron top of it12:14
mvoyeah, agreeed12:14
mvoqt had some nice stuff there last I looked (/me trolls  a bit)12:15
racarrAha. It has been a long time since I last played with Qt...12:17
asacseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104342/ ... also fixed in new tarball i guess, right?12:20
seb128asac: I didn't try but the changes list would indicate so12:21
asacok i will check that after lunch then12:22
=== davmor2_away is now known as davmor2
Nileshanyone here to help me12:32
hggdhseb128, hi... question: has evo 2.24.3 been already posted to the repositories? I know EDS has, and I can see evolution-common, but no other evolution files14:16
seb128hggdh: on what architecture? i386 should be available, could be a bit slower on amd6414:17
hggdhseb128, ah OK. I wonder about two new bugs already opened against Evo on 2.24.3... perhaps they are mixing versions14:18
seb128could be indeed14:19
seb128the text copy one seems weird though, I'm not sure how the libs update would change that14:20
hggdhseb128, there are two things new on 2.24.3: (1) trash and junk counters may go bonkers on some situations; (2) you may be greeted with a 'no such column: dirty' when starting it after upgrade14:22
hggdhbut it recovers from this14:23
seb128counts are being wrong in many cases since 2.24 anyway14:23
seb128I didn't get the error on upgrade14:23
seb128good to know but doesn't seem enough reason to block the upgrade, let's see what the user feedback is on those to start14:24
hggdhI agree14:25
hggdhafter all, this is why they are in -proposed ...14:26
hggdhseb128, one more question -- are you also publishing evo-exchange?14:27
seb128they will be copied to jaunty when the binaries are available everywhere14:27
seb128I didn't plan to, the changes list didn't seem so interesting, do you think it should be updated?14:27
hggdhlet me check... the other bug is on -exchange14:28
mvoseb128: could you please sync gnome-codec-install from debian/experimental?14:32
seb128mvo: ok14:32
seb128mvo: incoming rather I guess right now?14:32
mvoseb128: probably14:35
hggdhseb128, indeed it does not seem like we need e-e 2.24.3. There is only one fix, but I cannot access bugzilla.novell.com to see what it was about15:32
pochuUTSL :)15:33
hggdhseb128, a thread on evolution-list is suggesting e-e depends on the new evo/eds. I am querying about that15:54
seb128hggdh: depends in the sense of "the current version is broken after upgrade"? ie they broke abi in a stable update?15:55
hggdhseb128, I do not know yet, I am finding out... I am looking at the diff, but (right now) I cannot find a reason15:56
seb128did you try to ping srag about that?15:57
awalton__seb128, alex just fixed the popular scroll-bars-disappear-in-tabs bug15:59
awalton__if you want to backport the patch, looks straightforward.15:59
seb128awalton__: the patch tseliot did was not correct?15:59
awalton__seb128, not really15:59
awalton__you can't just stomp the adjustments like that15:59
seb128at least it motived alex to look at the bug and fix it apparently which is something ;-)15:59
awalton__lose scroll position, etc.15:59
hggdhtrying it now16:00
tseliotseb128: right ;)16:00
awalton__seb128, that is a good thing, very few people in the world know the voodoo to make that code wor16:00
hggdhseb128, luckybharath states there is a dependency for e-e on updated eds and evo. This seems, then, to have been overlooked on 2.24.3 (it should have been updated)16:03
seb128hggdh: the question is the other way around16:04
seb128hggdh: does the old e-e still work using an updated e-d-s16:05
hggdhseb128, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/104408/16:08
hggdhnot really helpful :-(16:08
seb128hggdh: I'm on the channel16:09
hggdhheh, sorry16:09
seb128that's alright ;-)16:09
seb128would be nice to find somebody to confirm if e-e is still working or not16:09
seb128I can upgrade e-e to 2.24.3 tomorrow that's probably a good idea anyway16:10
hggdhunfortunately, I do not have an exchange account. But there are at least two confirmed failures, one in the LP bug, and one on evolution-list16:11
rickspencer3is Till here?16:29
rickspencer3are we ready for the desktop team meeting?16:30
seb128I'm ready ;-)16:31
rickspencer3Martin is on Holiday16:31
rickspencer3so I think we're all here16:31
rickspencer3First - Review action items from last week16:32
rickspencer3For everything regarding tracking of packages that Dx team plans to touch -> see updated status on the wiki16:33
asacrickspencer3: do you know whether that's on wiki.ubuntu.com now? or still in private?16:33
seb128do you have the page name or url?16:33
rickspencer3asac: the table is still private, but David is working on it16:34
rickspencer3I think it's only private because dbarth hasn't had a chance to finish.16:34
asacyes. whats the URL again?16:34
asachttps://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuPlatform/Desktop/JauntyDxComponents ?16:35
asacah. ok16:35
asachmm. not much on it16:35
davidbarthrickspencer3, asac: which is not up to date; i'm still catching up to restore the content; i'm on it16:36
rickspencer3asac: yeah, there was a web-based wiki tragedy that blew away david's edits :,(16:36
rickspencer3for Specify back up plan for unpatched applications that use actions/timeouts ...16:36
rickspencer3 Plan is to patch existing notification daemon so that it only responds to the new notification daemon. Then when the new daemon receives a notification it can't handle, it passes the notification along to the old daemon to handle.16:37
asacso i guess we have to carry the Dx actions forward due to technical hazard ;)16:37
rickspencer3For specify support for Kubuntu and/or KDE apps running in GNOME expected for Jaunty -16:37
asacoh ... interesting approach. thanks. is that fallback documented on the to-be-resurrected wiki too?16:38
seb128which means we will have the old and the new daemon running?16:38
rickspencer3see the wiki16:38
rickspencer3I'm not sure how Dx plans to document the details16:38
rickspencer3seb128: it might be worth following up with Dx for details16:39
rickspencer3I think we should see it in a code drop soonish16:39
rickspencer3for asac to initiate major change process for libnotify and get patch on track for upstream inclusion ->16:39
asacyes, i can report on that16:39
rickspencer3asac: any comments on that?16:39
davidbarthseb128: the point is to tell us if you would be happy to maintain such a hack for now, or if we need to find something else16:40
asacpatch landed upstream; firefox-3.2 package with that feature is in ~fta PPA for initial consumption/testing for Dx team16:40
davidbarthseb128: knowing that it would be the safest path, ie relying on the existing implementation for things we intend not to support directly16:40
seb128davidbarth: that seems reasonable16:40
rickspencer3davidbarth: good point. I shouldn't have presented it as such a push.16:40
asacnext: backport to "old" branches (e.g. firefox 3.1, 3.0) and once we have samples for that send the major change process16:40
davidbarthseb128: cool16:40
davidbarthrickspencer3: ;)16:40
davidbarthasac: yes, tested this morning, that's great16:41
rickspencer3asac: that's very cool16:41
asacdavidbarth: rickspencer3: i will send weekly updates on the progress so you stay on top16:41
davidbarthasac: the intrepid build though, but i assume the jaunty one is sane too16:41
asacdavidbarth: i only tested jaunty ;) ... good to know that it works on older relases too16:41
davidbarthasac: super cool; in particular when you get some official feedback from mozilla as part of the change request16:42
asacdavidbarth: yes. i will try to be as transparent as glass on this ;)16:42
tkamppeterhi, sorry for entering late16:42
asacdavidbarth: one thing: currently notifications are clickable i think and they open the download manager16:42
rickspencer3tkamppeter: welcome to desktop team meeting16:42
asacdavidbarth: maybe you could make suggestions for how to improve that in future (doesnt need to be implemented right now=16:43
davidbarthasac: errr... not test that; thanks for pointing this out16:43
asacdavidbarth: its not a bad regression. but i think we could provide helpful input on mozilla on how to do that better in the long run16:43
asac(e.g. maybe display an icon in the ffox status bar and so on - lets user experience experts come up with something)16:43
davidbarthasac: right right; that's an important point; michael mentionned that they would drop that behaviour last time we discussed; i think you have the last meeting minutes in an email16:44
asacgood point. i think i didnt get last weeks minutes. did that get stuck somewhere? or is that a technical issue on my side?16:44
rickspencer3move on?16:45
davidbarthasac: to clarify; michael was ok to drop the "actionable" part of the notifications; but he does not represent the whole mozilla organization, so it's worth double checking with them as part of the change request16:45
davidbarthrickspencer3: sure, i'll follow up by email with asac on this particular point16:45
asacdavidbarth: right, michael is an internee. we should open a bug and suggest how to do it better if possible to track that.16:45
asacok lets go on ;)16:46
rickspencer3I didn't mean to rush you guys, sorry16:46
rickspencer3I wanted everyone to know that tkamppeter will be joining for our desktop meetings16:46
* asac waves at tkamppeter 16:46
rickspencer3I'm sure everyone knows that he has a contract to work on printing support in Ubuntu16:46
rickspencer3and he's done a great job with that in that past16:47
rickspencer3all specs should be drafted by end of this week16:47
rickspencer3I see that there are some not quite complete16:47
seelehas the new weekly meeting time been decided?16:48
rickspencer3seele: not yet, but it's on the agenda16:48
seeleshould i assume an email will go out on the desktop list?16:49
rickspencer3so, about the specs, what should we do to get the last ones into "Approved"?16:49
rickspencer3seele: Yes, it will be included with the minutes. I can call it out on top if it would help.16:49
asacrickspencer3: you have a link so we can take a look at which are still left?16:49
seele(oh youre in a meeting now? sorry)16:49
rickspencer3seele: n/p16:49
rickspencer3seele: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2009-01-1316:50
ArneGoetjerickspencer3: I'm in the process of fleshing out the GUI details and mockups with mpt.16:50
rickspencer3ArneGoetje: is that the only thing blocking you from completing now?16:50
ArneGoetjerickspencer3: basically, yes.16:51
rickspencer3seb128: for GDM, it looks like you are blocking on pitti16:51
seb128rickspencer3: no, he sent it back to drafting with some comments, technically tedg is the drafter but he seems to not draft so I'll do that this week16:52
asacseb128: do you need help on drafting https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/jaunty-desktop-network-changing ?16:52
rickspencer3seb128: sounds fine. I don't think there is too much urgency16:52
tedgseb128: Oh, I didn't realize I was the drafter.  Sorry about that.16:53
seb128asac: I didn't notice I was supposed to draft that one16:53
seb128asac: if you want to do it you are welcome ;-)16:53
seb128tedg: that's alright16:53
asacseb128: what i could do is go through the current wiki page, clean it up and write down the expected behaviour for each app (asking around what is wanted); also add test cases so we can verify and derive actions from it16:53
seb128tedg: I thought I was the drafter to be honest, I just noticed your name was there after writting the wiki page ;-)16:53
seb128asac: that would be nice, thanks!16:54
rickspencer3asac: thanks for that16:54
rickspencer3that would be very cool16:54
asacok . i will do that this week then. ... can someone reassign the "drafter" to me?16:54
tkamppeterrickspencer3, biff16:55
rickspencer3asac: I would if I knew how :P16:55
rickspencer3we can follow up later16:55
asacACTION asac to clean up jaunty-desktop-network-changing wiki; draft expected behaviour and test cases16:56
asacrickspencer3: sure. if you have permissions you can change the drafter there. maybe seb can change that?16:56
rickspencer3maybe I don't have permissions16:56
rickspencer3tkamppeter: what's up?16:56
asacanyway, not important as long as the action gets in the meeting report i will remember ;)16:56
rickspencer3asac: k16:56
rickspencer3moving along ...16:57
rickspencer3everyone to add some pet-bugs by next meeting16:57
seb128asac: you are drafter now16:57
rickspencer3Has everyone done this?16:57
seb128I've started looking through bugs but still have to do some work on that16:58
asacseb128: thx16:58
calci still have more work to do in this area as well16:58
ArneGoetjenot yet. language-packs and Rosetta kept me busy :( need some time to look through the tons of bugs I'm subscribed to...16:59
rickspencer3is everyone using the pet-bug tag?16:59
tkamppeterrickspencer3: The "rickspencer3: biff" means that you have got mail. This is IRCish.16:59
rickspencer3tkamppeter: thanks17:00
seb128I'll use "pet-bug" when I tag, didn't tag yet17:00
rickspencer3so, I'm taking it from the cricket sounds, and the limited list here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=pet-bug17:00
rickspencer3that we could make more progress on this this week17:01
rickspencer3I think it would help Martin out very much if everyone got this done before he returns from holiday on Monday17:01
rickspencer3so, please carry that action over17:01
rickspencer3moving on ...17:02
rickspencer3I got an activity report from everyone, so thanks for that.17:02
rickspencer3Next ... Maria needs a list of people who will be doing a presentation somewhere in 200917:02
rickspencer3anyone here doing a presentation in 2009?17:02
ArneGoetjenot me17:03
seb128I don't plan to17:03
rickspencer3next is meeting time17:03
calcrickspencer3: i'm going to have a discussion at Sun but not sure that it would qualify as a presentation17:03
rickspencer3please vote: should we move it back to 16:00 UTC?17:03
rickspencer3calc: okay17:04
asacrickspencer3: is that possible from your side (i think we moved it because you had a conflict)?17:04
rickspencer3I'll ask Maria to clarify what she needs there17:04
seb12816:00 or 16:30 is fine for european time so I don't care either way17:04
rickspencer3asac: yes, but I moved the conflict17:04
asaccool. i dont care though17:04
calci don't care time wise 16:00 or 16:3017:04
asaci think its ArneGoetje's say as he is in a "late" timezone17:05
tkamppeterfor me both 16:00 and 16:30 UTC work, too17:05
rickspencer3okay - I still have an occasional conflict with a manager meeting, so I would prefer to leave it at 16:3017:05
rickspencer3ArneGoetje: how bad is it to have it at 16:30?17:05
ArneGoetjeI just adjusted my core working hours, so that I work until 01:00 (17:00 UTC) and get up later in exchange. So, it's fine for me to keep it at 16:3017:06
rickspencer316:30 it is17:06
rickspencer3bryce: good morning :)17:06
rickspencer3any other business?17:07
brycerickspencer3: sorry I'm late17:07
rickspencer3bryce: n/p. We did assign you quite a few actions though17:07
bryceof course17:07
rickspencer3ACTION: everyone tag 10 pet bugs by Friday17:08
rickspencer3anything else?17:08
asacyes. i am unlikely to have 10 pet bugs. i mean if i have a pet bug i usually work on weekends to get that fixed. otherwise its not a pet bug ;)17:09
asacbut i can see17:09
rickspencer3asac: we can discuss offline17:10
rickspencer3I think the idea was to limit feature work slightly so that there was extra time during the development cycle to address issues which in a normal cycle would be hard to get to17:10
RiddellMain Inclusion Requests are blocking me again17:11
asacRiddell: ping me17:11
rickspencer3If this doesn't apply to you (or anyone else) we can deal17:11
asacRiddell: if you have something urgent17:11
asacRiddell: you have a list of outstanding MIRs you are waiting for?17:11
davidbarthrickspencer3: i've updated the JauntyDxComponents page17:12
Riddellnothing urgent, just gets in my way a bit that I get blocked on them.  qzion, qedje and google-gadgets currently (also libmsn needs a security review)17:12
asacRiddell: ah. did you figure out the questions i had about gadgets?17:13
asac(or did i forget to hit the sent button ;))=17:13
rickspencer3davidbarth: sweet. can you let us know when you move it to the Ubuntu wiki?17:13
Riddellasac: missed that, will review17:13
asacRiddell: ok will take a look at qzion and qedje17:14
asacdavidbarth: also, not sure if you still have that as an ACTION on your list, but could you also give us timeline for delivery of the individual parts? at best mark that in the wiki17:16
asac(doesnt need to be a "hard" milestone; just so we know when we can expect things to move)17:16
davidbarthasac: yep, i've discussed the planned code drops with rick but will add that to the page17:17
asacdavidbarth: great.17:17
rickspencer3good week everyone17:19
rickspencer3lots of progress, it seems17:19
asacthanks all17:19
asacdavidbarth: do you have more content about the vision of notifications which i could attach to the major change request? one resource will definitly be marks post; just wonder if there are other details/specs i should attach (so mozilla understands our vision)17:20
asac(fwiw, thats off the record/out of meeting question ;))17:21
seb128jcastro: hey, could you create a nautilus-sendto product on launchpad?17:22
jcastroseb128: sure!17:37
jcastroseb128: nautilus-sendto is the upstream module name I assume?17:37
jcastroseb128: nautilus-sendto is the upstream module name I assume?17:37
seb128jcastro: thanks17:37
crevettejcastro, yes17:37
seb128jcastro: yes17:37
jcastroalready exists17:38
crevettewow I 2nd just behind the seb17:38
seb128jcastro: hum, I'm wondering why we can't add upstream task to nautilus-sendto ubuntu bugs then17:38
jcastroah, let me check, which bug?17:39
jcastrosometimes the info in the project is wrong and you have to "relink" it17:39
seb128jcastro: try on any nautilus-sendto bug17:39
seb128jcastro: no, typing nautilus-sendto in the entry to search on component names doesn't match anything17:40
jcastroI was able to find it17:40
jcastrobut I'm on edge17:40
jcastrolet me have gmb check it out17:40
seb128let me try again17:41
seb128jcastro: wait17:41
seb128arg, that's me being stupid17:41
jcastrothe search result is kind of dumb though, it wasn't in alphabetical order17:41
seb128there is already an open task on the bug I was trying17:41
jcastroah, I see17:42
seb128jcastro: sorry about the noise17:42
jcastrono worries17:42
jcastroseb128: we are discussing "open upstream task" by default17:42
seb128ah good17:42
awalton__seb128, do you know if ubuntu is going to continue shipping n-c-b?17:43
awalton__right now we have a plugin clash between n-c-b and brasero registering the same plugin for nautilus17:43
awalton__("same" as in type-name, not in function necessarily)17:43
seb128awalton__: we discussed dropping it previous cycle and decided against that, need to try again now that they implemented the burn location17:44
seb128awalton__: does it crash nautilus or just displays a warning?17:44
seb128I read a warning about that in a bug17:44
awalton__just warnings17:44
awalton__and I think some users are actually seeing two bars, which is bizarre17:44
seb128awalton__: not sure what is the best course of action there17:46
seb128having nautilus-cd-burner and brasero conflicting?17:46
awalton__that's the only thing I can think of17:46
crevetteseb128, this is the bug I show you this morning if you recall17:46
seb128or maybe the brasero burn location thing should be binary splitted and that one should conflict17:46
awalton__or just kicking n-c-b to the curb, since brasero basically reimplemented it.17:46
seb128that would still allow people to use n-c-b and brasero17:46
seb128crevette: which one?17:47
=== asac_ is now known as asac
ubottuGnome bug 567191 in File and Folder Operations "double topbar on nautilus folder for burn:// location" [Major,Resolved: notabug]17:47
crevetteI asked to you if we should pyut a conflict in the packages17:47
awalton__if you can split the plugin out that would work17:48
* awalton__ just had to check to be sure.17:48
seb128crevette: I didn't read that17:49
seb128maybe I closed IRC when restarting my session to try some update and didn't notice17:49
seb128awalton__: that can be done, not sure if that's worth it, ie if any brasero user will prefer to still have n-c-b used for those tasks17:50
crevetteseb128, yep no problem :)17:50
awalton__maybe it's time to fire another mail to the list and ask?17:50
seb128awalton__: they are actively discussing it on desktop-devel-list on the 2.26 thread17:50
awalton__seb128, ah, that's good.17:51
jbarnesbryce: ping18:29
bryceheya jbarnes18:36
brycejbarnes: brb (pulseaudio issue requiring reboot...)18:38
jbarnesbryce: just wanted to update you on the dell issue18:43
jbarnesbryce: I have a patch that works for me now (just set up the machine yesterday) and wanted some more testers to confirm18:43
jbarnesbryce: I updated the upstream bug with the patch18:43
brycejbarnes: great, which was the bug #?  (Sorry, juggling too many)18:44
jbarnes18342 was the bug #, I duped it to 17292 though18:44
bryceoh was this that busted lvds one?18:44
bryceah yes that one18:47
jbarnesthe patch also helps some sony machines18:47
jbarnessucks that such a simple bug was open for so long18:47
jbarnesturned out to just be a bad mode like we thought in the beginning...18:48
jbarnesI guess if you want testing done it's best to do it yourself :)18:48
jbarnesonce I had the hw it only took a few minutes to find & fix the bug18:48
brycejbarnes: ok cool, patch https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=21910 looks simple enough, I can roll that into jaunty today I think, that should give adequate testing18:49
brycejbarnes: yeah isn't that the truth...18:49
brycewe're hoping to up to 2.5.99 soonish (I think timo tried last night but ran into build problems), I'm going to give it a shot myself today18:50
jbarnesit has quite a few good fixes18:50
jbarnesas does libdrm18:50
jbarnesfixes for compiz vt switch hangs in particular18:50
jbarnesand lots of GL fixes (in the q4 mesa release)18:51
brycehow's the 945 stuff coming along?  I recall you were concerned about some issues at uds18:51
tjaaltonjbarnes: our current -intel fails miserably with libdrm 2.4.3..18:52
jbarnesbryce: some people say the crashes have gone away for them18:52
jbarnesbryce: but we do have one guy who can fairly easily reproduce the hang, and it seems render related18:52
jbarnestjaalton: what happens?18:52
tjaaltonjbarnes: let me boot it up in failsafe..18:53
tjaaltonthe machine hangs, and the log has some drm related messages18:53
tjaalton[drm] mapped front/back/depth buffer18:54
tjaalton[drm] mapped classic textures at ...18:54
tjaaltonand there it hangs18:55
jbarneshm, can you get a backtrace?18:55
tjaaltonmaybe, I need to fire up the network first18:55
tjaaltonjbarnes: here's the build error.. mesa is too old (a snapshot of master ~month ago)? http://pastebin.com/m3a90934c19:02
jbarnesiirc that's a drm problem?19:03
jbarneslibdrm I mean19:03
jbarnessince i830_dri pulls in some stuff from there to figure out how to handle flip_t19:03
tjaaltonok, building against the headers from 2.6.2819:03
tjaaltonso something missing then19:04
tjaaltonjbarnes: the hang: http://pastebin.com/m1be4dea019:06
tjaalton(should probably install some dbg syms)19:06
jbarnesah yeah, I've actually seen that too; only intermittently though19:07
jbarnesyou should probably file a bug for it19:07
tjaaltonheh :)19:08
tjaaltonjbarnes: is that enough or do you need a better bt?19:08
tjaaltonI'm not sure what I'm missing19:08
jbarnesif you can get a full bt using gdb and putting a breakpoint before that assert it would be even better19:09
jbarnesor something like that19:09
tjaaltonjbarnes: something like this? http://pastebin.com/m1c3b057a19:12
jbarnesyeah that helps19:12
tjaaltonthe machine doesn't hang, ssh works if the network is up19:13
tjaaltonjbarnes: ok, filed bug 1954219:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 19542 in linux-meta "(Breezy) Promise PDC20378 PATA Support Gone?" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1954219:20
tjaaltonfdo bug 1954219:20
Amaranthfdo 1954219:23
jbarnestjaalton: cool thanks19:23
tjaaltonfreedesktop bug 19542 :)19:23
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19542 in Driver/intel "assertion failure when starting xserver 1.6beta3, intel 2.5.1 with libdrm 2.4.3" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1954219:24
mvoAmaranth: hey, nice to see you here again :)19:24
jbarneswe do triage every week so someone will look at it tonight probably19:24
Amaranthmvo: I've been here awhile :P19:24
mvoAmaranth: with your secret identify ;) ?19:24
Amaranthupgrading to jaunty right now, then looking into compiz++19:25
AmaranthI'm going to try to learn how it works by implementing some Windows 7 features in a new plugin :P19:25
mvoheh :)19:26
Amaranthso much for testing compiz++20:36
Amaranthjaunty exploded20:37
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth

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