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Celtioreplease, where can i find blueman deb for ubuntu 7.10 lpia ?14:20
Celtioreyes : http://blueman.tuxfamily.org/14:21
persiaThat's kinda cool.  Doesn't look like it's even in jaunty though.  Probably needs packaging.  I'm not sure it would backport cleanly back to 7.10 though.14:22
persia(integration with NM 0.7, etc.)14:23
persiacrevette, You tend to look at bluetooth stuff a lot: do you know any background about blueman?14:23
crevettepersia, no at all14:23
crevetteI tend to update the package I use :)14:24
crevetteIt worths to be tested14:24
persiahttp://blueman.tuxfamily.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=40:version-06&layout=blog&Itemid=71&layout=default looks pretty.14:24
persiaBut I don't think it would fit on a MID well: seems to have a lot of MDI design behind it.14:25
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jroesis there a separate channel for the netbook remix team?15:56
persiajroes, There's no channel for the netbook remix team.  As elements of netbook remix are brought into Ubuntu, it is expected that this will be the right channel.  In anticipation of that, some of the netbook remix team are present.16:03
jroesah, ok16:05
jroeswell, I'm a halfway-decent developer and the netbook remix project piqued my interest, so I was thinking about buying a netbook, and I wanted to see what brand,model I should pick up that would allow me to help make ubuntu's netbook support broader, would anyone around here happen to know?16:08
persiajroes, Speaking generally, I'd suggest getting something that you like, that has the features you want.  Unless you're excited about fixing kernel drivers, you'd do better with something with well supported components.16:11
persiaMost of the work needing doing is really at the usability layer, as part of defining what makes sense on that class of device, rather than on getting a given component to work.16:11
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