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anakronsomeone know why if i type this00:33
anakronsudo debdiff slingshot_0.8.1p-1.dsc slingshot_0.8.1p-1ubuntu1.dsc > slingshot_0.8.1p-1ubuntu1.debdiff00:34
anakronit doesn't work00:34
Hobbseewell, you don't need to sudo it, for a start00:36
anakronbut says00:37
anakronbash: slingshot_0.8.1-ubuntu1.debdiff: Permiso denegado00:37
anakronand i can't understand00:37
anakronmust be my error, but i can't see i00:37
Hobbseethen chown it to your user?00:37
anakrondont worry :)00:38
anakroni do it like root00:39
anakronbut it was chown error00:39
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RAOFSo!  Who wants to review nouveau-kernel-source!  Simple, fun, and makes a very nice open-source nvidia driver installable in Jaunty! http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=nouveau-kernel-source00:50
directhexRAOF, is it dkms based?00:51
RAOFWhich is mich easier than the wiki page suggests, it turns out.00:51
RAOFdirecthex: If you haven't seen a dkms-using package before, I'd suggest checking it out.  It's a good example, I think.00:52
* Hobbsee clubs RAOF with a dead ferret00:53
RAOFHobbsee: Sadness.00:53
RAOFFerrets are awesome.  They shouldn't be dead.00:53
* RAOF tickles his ferret.00:54
HobbseeRAOF: gnome-do keeps flipping back to open for the ssh.  Fix it, and I won't kill the ferrets and club you with them ;)00:54
Hobbseei didn't know you had a ferret.  I'd like to see this!00:54
* directhex feeds RAOF's ferret some cat food00:54
StevenKHobbsee: You mean my bug?00:54
* RAOF doesn't _actually_ have a ferret.00:55
HobbseeStevenK: yeah.  But now i'm actually being able to reproduce it00:55
* RAOF files "SSH Hosts shouldn't be openable" against do-plugins, and does some bug gardening there, too.00:58
StevenKYay RAOF!00:59
Hobbseewell, they should be openable.  just, they should never be the default ;)00:59
RAOFBut nothing _happens_ on open, right?00:59
* Hobbsee finds it useful to have a GUI for browsing remote machines, sometimes.00:59
Hobbseeno, it opens / on the destination machine.00:59
Hobbseein nautilus.  Works a charm when you actually want it to do that.01:00
RAOFOh, sweet.  That's broken here, sadly.01:00
Hobbseeor at least, did last time i tried it01:00
RAOFYeah, that's what it's _trying_ to do.01:00
RAOFWe may need to give it some gvfs love to make it work better, but that's what it's trying.01:01
RAOFThe relevance engine is next up on getting an overhaul.  That should make this better.01:02
* RAOF hopes he missed someone volunteer to review nouveau ;)01:16
ScriptRipperthe qemu pkg dependencies is now ok with universe01:17
ScriptRippernow i run into a new issue: dpkg-source: error: unrecognized file for a v1.0 source package: qemu_0.9.2svn6277.orig.tar.bz201:17
ScriptRipperare .tar.bz2 not allowed anymore?01:18
ScriptRipperdebian etch eats it!01:18
RAOFReally?  I thought that was reasonably recently introduced in dpkg.01:20
ScriptRipperdebian etch works, but lenny not.01:23
ScriptRipperthat is the strange thing01:24
directhexhmm, no.01:24
directhexbz2 is supported in dpkg, but not by the archive stuff01:24
directhexso you can create a local bz2 package, but not upload it01:24
ScriptRipperso i run into a new consistency check not present in etch?01:25
directhexquite possible01:28
ScriptRippernot upload it to the debian build system or the ubuntu build system?01:28
ScriptRipperso i should go back to .tar.gz then?01:29
ScriptRippersource files...?01:30
RAOFYeah; repack it to a tar.gz01:32
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* ScottK does a cruft cleaning victory dance. 5 removal bugs done of his today.03:15
ScottKThanks slangasek03:15
nhandlerCongrats ScottK03:15
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=== hyperair1 is now known as hyperair
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pwnguinRAOF: how much time / skill would I need to review nouveau stuff?04:13
RAOFpwnguin: Time?  Dunno; depends on how fast you are at copyright sweeps.  Probably a couple of hours.  It's not very complicated packaging.04:14
pwnguini guess the other thing is, im not motu04:14
RAOFThat is, of course, awkward.  You're welcome to give it a once over; if you find anything I can fix it before someone who could advocate it needs to look at it.04:17
HobbseeRAOF: how much crack is it on?  is it a new package, or waht?04:17
lifelesspersia: do you know where a schedule of the asia board meetings is?04:18
lifelesspersia: I keep misssing them cause announcements are sent after I finish work, and I don't read email in the evenings generally04:18
persialifeless, I only know of the one in my head, which goes 15:00 today, 9:00 on the 20th, 15:00 on the 27th, etc.04:18
RAOFHobbsee: It's a new package.  It's not really on any crack at all.04:18
persialifeless, I don't know how far in advance amachu has posted to the fridge.04:19
persiaYes, UTC.04:19
RAOFHobbsee: Packaging-wise, at least.  It's quite simple.04:19
lifelessok, well I won't be at todays04:19
lifelessthats 2am04:19
persiaNo, don't imagine anyone from the east will be there.04:19
RAOFHobbsee: It's also fairly safe; it shouldn't break anything for anyone.04:19
lifelessI'd like a ical feed for these04:19
lifelesscould you bring that up please04:19
lifelesspersia: ^04:20
persiaAn iCal feed?04:20
* persia knows almost nothing about iCal04:20
* nhandler still wishes the fridge would make their ical feed work with gcal04:20
persianhandler, It's an issue with the drupal plugin.  Feel free to chase the bug :)04:21
nhandlerpersia: I know it is. I don't have enough experience with drupal or ical to tackle this one.04:21
HobbseeRAOF: will there be gnome-do fixes if it gets reviewed?  :P04:23
lifelessnhandler: yeah, gcal is what I need04:23
RAOFHobbsee: There'll likely be a new gnome-do release if it gets reviewed, with plenty of shiny?04:23
Hobbseewill it fix the ssh connect issues?04:23
Hobbseeand how likely?  :P04:24
RAOFProbably not; that's related to something deep in the core.04:24
RAOFWe can't really pin something to the top of the priority for a specific item at the moment.04:24
RAOFImprovements to the relevance, including per-element relevance (so the fact that you use "open" a lot on files doesn't affect your ssh hosts), are coming after the next release.04:25
Hobbseehand me a URL then, and i'll attack you with a rubber chicken if the copyrighting is wrong ;)04:26
* Hobbsee blinks04:29
RAOFThat bad?04:30
Hobbseei just looked at the legal page04:30
RAOFI think I've got them all covered, but yeah.04:31
RAOFDamn.  I should have just stolen the copyright from the kernel!  That's where all those files normally end up!04:33
* Hobbsee wonders why debian/install is needed04:34
Hobbseeoh, you don't dump them all in the same place.04:35
HobbseeRAOF: presuambly one needs to update the debian/snapshot_hash when updating the package?04:37
RAOFHobbsee: I thought I set up a target to refresh that.04:38
RAOFLet me check.  It's been sitting there a while :)04:38
RAOFHobbsee: The get-new-snapshot target generates snapshot_hash04:38
Hobbseeoh, so you do04:38
RAOFWow.  That's quite a lot less trivial than I remember ;)04:39
HobbseeRAOF: I didn't check copyright, and I didn't try building it, but I can't find anything wrong with it.04:39
RAOFI'm reasonably certain copyright is OK.  Older versions of many of the files in there are in the kernel tree already, and the rest have clearcut copyright.04:40
RAOFWant to upload or ack it, then? :)04:44
HobbseeRAOF: i'm assuming the answer is "no", but this doesn't require internet access while building the binaries, does it?04:44
lifelessanyone know if dh_zope adds python to the dependencies itself?04:44
RAOFNo, it doesn't.04:44
RAOFHobbsee: ^04:44
Hobbseeoh good04:45
lifelessdoes it need to ? as python is implied by zope..04:45
RAOFlifeless: Do packages which call dh_zope also call dh_python?04:46
RAOFShould they?04:47
lifelessI think it may 'depend' :P04:48
RAOFAnother query: where is dh_zope, exactly?04:49
RAOFapt-file search dh_zope comes up empty.04:50
RAOFOr are you writing a dh_zope yourself?04:50
RAOFHobbsee: BTW, it should be safe for you to build and install the package.04:51
HobbseeRAOF: that's what i'm tryingnow04:52
RAOFWorst case: it kills your 3d :)04:53
HobbseeRAOF: found some interesting bits in the build log04:57
RAOFOh?  Pastebin?04:57
Hobbseedpkg-source: info: building nouveau-kernel-source in nouveau-kernel-source_0.0.11+git20081220-0ubuntu1.dsc04:57
Hobbsee debian/rules build04:57
Hobbseetail: cannot open `/usr/bin//changelog' for reading: No such file or directory04:57
Hobbseedpkg-parsechangelog: failure: tail of /usr/bin//changelog gave error exit status 104:58
Hobbseethe last 2 lines repeated another 6 times04:58
RAOFAh, right.04:58
RAOFIt's trying to evaluate CURVER.  I don't know why.04:59
Hobbseewarning, `debian/nouveau-kernel-source/DEBIAN/control' contains user-defined field `Original-Maintainer' is a little odd too, as i can't see why04:59
RAOFHobbsee: Because it's got me as the original-maintainer?04:59
RAOFI probably shouldn't be there.05:00
HobbseeRAOF: well, i'm not sure why it's cut off the XSBC- part05:00
RAOFBecause it's in the binary already?05:00
Hobbseeah, fair enough05:00
HobbseeW: nouveau-kernel-source: script-not-executable ./usr/src/nouveau-0.0.11+git20081220/scripts/create_bsd_pci_lists.sh05:01
HobbseeW: nouveau-kernel-source: script-not-executable ./usr/src/nouveau-0.0.11+git20081220/scripts/create_linux_pci_lists.sh05:01
HobbseeW: nouveau-kernel-source: old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file05:01
RAOFHm.  I wonder why those scripts don't come executable from git.05:04
HobbseeRAOF: it seems the other two in that directory did - just not those.05:14
RAOFYeah. I can fix that in get-orig-source if you think its worth it.05:15
HobbseeRAOF: advocated.05:16
RAOFHobbsee: Sweet!  I'll upload now.  Nouveau can be installable for Alpha 3!05:18
Hobbseethat's if it gets thru the new queue05:19
RAOFWell, yeah.  I guess so.05:19
RAOFHobbsee: And uploaded.  Thanks muchly!05:29
HobbseeRAOF: you're welcome05:29
fabrice_spHi. I'm upgrading a package to a new upstream version, and of the 2 patches that the package had is not used anymore. Should I remove the patch from the debian/patch or just delete from the series file?05:30
fabrice_sp"and ONE of the 2 patches"05:31
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RAOFTo push the bzr tree for that packaging I first need to create the launchpad project, don't I?  Has that changed with packagebranches yet?05:35
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persiaRAOF, You might want to ask james_w that, in several hours :)05:48
stochasticHi room, I've just made my first debdiff to patch this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jack-rack/+bug/211798 How do I go about getting it off my computer and into the stream?07:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 211798 in jack-rack "jack-rack open file hangs" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:00
stochasticshould I first post it to the bug as an attachment? or is there a review process?07:01
jmarsdenstochastic: If you have tested it and it works well for you, post it to the bug as an attachment.07:02
stochasticjmarsden, okay it's uploaded, is that all I need to do?07:10
persiastochastic, Once the patch is uploaded, subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug.07:10
stochasticokay, will do07:11
didrocksmorning o/07:45
RAOFjames_w: ping, re: where to push bzr packaging to in these sourcepackage-branch laden days.07:54
POXjames_w: well, adding it in Debian will need NEW again, so I guess it will be easier to add small diff in Ubuntu08:10
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porthosejames_w: added the additional info you needed to bug #316092, thx08:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316092 in ampache-themes "New Ampache themes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31609208:36
_rubenis there a way to override the installation of packages listed in Recommends: ?09:17
liw_ruben, yes, apt-get has an option to either disable it by default (if you put it in a config file) or per use (if you use the -o option); I forget what the option is called, though09:18
RAOF_ruben: In aptitude? Certainly.  List the package with a minus next to it (sudo aptitude full-upgrade idontwantyou-)09:19
* _ruben reads the manual one more time09:19
_rubenusing apt-get09:19
_ruben--no-install-recommends .. doh .. wonder how i could miss that :p09:20
directhex--without-recommends ?09:21
dholbachgood morning09:25
slytherinasac: I have a question regarding tuxguitar merge. tuxguitar launcher script looks for libxpcom.so (needed for documentation browser) in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9. But the installation of xulrunner on ubuntu is done in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.0.x. How do I solve the problem of libxpcom.so lookup?09:28
slytherindholbach: good morning.09:28
dholbachhiya slytherin09:28
stochastichi room, I'm in the process of stepping through packaging tutorials in an attempt to build a .deb for the calf plugin pack here: http://calf.sourceforge.net/ and I'm wondering if someone can walk me through the depends and build-depends sections of the control file09:29
liwstochastic, what you want to know about them?09:31
stochasticI'm not sure on what the difference between build-depends and depends fileds09:32
directhexstochastic, erm... do you need gcc to run nano?09:32
stochasticokay, should I just guess at the libraries required to run these plugins?09:34
stochasticor are there systematic means of figuring it out?09:34
liwstochastic, depends is for what the package needs when a user uses it; build-depends is what you need when you build it09:34
directhexstochastic, generally, you should use substitution variables and a sufficiently smart packaging helper tool for them to be calculated09:34
liwstochastic, shared libraries are usually determined automatically (rare exceptions exist); other stuff you mostly have to figure out by reading the source code09:35
stochasticdirecthex, sorry I'm BRAND new to this packaging thing09:35
liwstochastic, or by experimenting09:35
directhex${shlibs:Depends} is a good thing to depend on09:35
directhexit's populated by something, probably dh_makeshlibs in debian.rules09:36
StevenKdh_makeshlibs is for libraries to *make* them09:36
stochasticokay, so I only need to take the dependencies listed here: http://calf.sourceforge.net/?id=2 and find suitable packages in Ubuntu's repos and put those into build-deps09:37
directhexyeah, close enough09:37
directhexif your packaging helper is smart enough, you shouldn't even need to care about which dh_foo to run09:37
StevenKstochastic: Just make sure you put the development libraries in the build-deps.09:37
StevenKdebhelper 7 for the win09:37
directhexStevenK, yes!09:38
stochasticnow when it says it requires Expat XML parser, should I include the dev libraries, or the expat executable?09:38
directhexit's even mono-friendly, and does ${cli:Depends}09:38
StevenKstochastic: The development libraries, since things usually link against it09:39
stochasticI'm learning off the youtube videos by dholbach, but they kinda gloss over this section09:40
slytherinstochastic: when you are need a library for building your program, you usually need -dev package of that library since that is where all the header files lie.09:48
stochastichi again, I'm having further difficulties with build-depends in that same package when it comes to pbuilder10:15
stochasticI get a whole bunch of <package name> is a virtual package errors and it fails to build10:15
stochasticlike ladspa-sdk and dssi-dev and libjack-dev10:16
stochasticam I missing something obvious, or am I using the wrong packages?10:17
james_wstochastic: I believe you don't have universe enabled in your pbuilder10:18
stochasticok, that makes sense10:19
stochastichow do I fix that?10:19
james_wRAOF: there's not a special place on launchpad yet, so either under the project, or under your +junk10:20
RAOFjames_w: OK. Which means creating the project, I guess.10:20
james_wstochastic: I believe the fix is to edit your ~/.pbuilderrc and then run "pbuilder update --override-config"10:21
james_wstochastic: I've never had to do it though, so that might be nonsense10:21
james_wRAOF: yeah, you could use your +junk, but creating the project can be useful for other things, such as bug watches10:21
stochasticjames_w, I don't have a ~/.pbuilderrc10:22
james_wstochastic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Universe%20support10:25
dholbachjames_w: we shouldn't be doing sponsoring at the same time :)10:38
dholbachmid-air collision on bug 31653610:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316536 in nted "Please sync nted (1.4.17-1) from debian unstable" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31653610:38
dholbachalthough you were quicker :)10:38
james_wat least we agreed :-)10:38
james_wI'm on gpsd and ampache-themes now10:39
james_wpff, main :-)10:40
dholbachhehe, right10:40
* dholbach does metacity next10:41
Laneyyou should set them to in progress when reviewing!10:45
james_won goocanvasmm now10:48
james_wLaney: you can still have issues even then, but yeah it would help a bit10:48
james_won azureus10:55
stochastichmm, still on with this package I'm trying to build, it didn't seem to generate any dependencies; my debian/control file had: dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}10:59
liwstochastic, you're probably missing something earlier in your debian/rules file; can you post it to paste.ubuntu.com?11:01
stochastichere it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104333/11:03
stochasticjust what was automatically generated11:03
liwstochastic, I think you want to uncomment the line that calls dh_makeshlibs11:06
stochasticI'll try that, anything else?11:07
liwnot immediately11:07
stochasticliw, I still get the same issue11:13
liwstochastic, hmm11:13
liwstochastic, can you put the entire source package up somewhere so that I can play with it to see what the problem is?11:14
james_wstochastic: turning on DH_VERBOSE may give some clues11:14
stochasticwhat would you like, any of my packaging work, or just the source of the application?11:15
james_wstochastic: dh_shlibdeps is the call that should add ${shlibs:Depends}11:15
stochasticjames_w, should I just put the dh_verbose on line 75?11:17
james_wstochastic: nope, at the top of the file is a commented-out call to "export DH_VERBOSE=1" if you uncomment that the dh will tell you more about what it is doing11:18
james_wthe trace may be informative about why that variable isn't getting set11:18
stochastichere's the entire output of pbuilder with verbose on: http://paste.ubuntu.com/104339/11:26
stochasticI don't see anything obviously tracing that error11:26
stochasticthe error is way down at the bottom11:26
james_wstochastic: the issue is that the install rule doesn't actually install the program11:27
james_wit install the header files, and a few other things, but doesn't appear to install calfmakerdf etc.11:28
james_wat least I assume that is what is supposed to happen11:29
stochasticliw, I've tarred the whole kit and kaboodle up and it's here to download if anyone wants to fiddle: http://rapidshare.com/files/182751716/calf-packageAttempt.tar.gz.html11:36
stochasticit does look like the calfmakerdf is moved at lines 1128, 1132, etc.. and besides these are audio plugins so they're not really designed as an executable standalone11:38
liwstochastic, I'll have a look11:40
stochasticwell thank you all for the insights that have gotten it this far, unfortunately I do need sleep11:42
stochasticliw, if you find something I'm missing, or any explanation please e-mail me (e-mail is in the packaging) as I'd love to know where I took a misstep11:43
liwstochastic, sure11:43
slytherinstochastic: dh_makeshlibs is not the command you should use, rather dh_shlibdeps11:48
directhexthe usefulness of quilt suddenly becomes apparent, when looking at an rpm spec file with 54 patches in it11:55
liwhmm, stochastic's package doesnt end up with a substvars file12:00
liwwhich seems to be because he installs into debian/calf rather than debian/calf-plugins12:09
liwfixing that, there's still a complaing about misc:Depends12:10
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liwbut that seesm to be fixed in newer debhelpers so that's ok12:12
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thekornjpds: hi, FYI, I just added a tool to create credentials for the launchpad API to lp:~thekorn/ubuntu-dev-tools/use_launchpadlib12:34
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directhexhm, looks like my new ikvm packaging did the trick - i can't imagine the old package would have been able to gobble a gig of ram on the armel buildd during compile14:16
Laneyyou da bomb14:21
mok0doko: ping15:11
quadrisprodholbach: ping15:17
dholbachquadrispro: pong15:18
dokomok0: contentless pong15:20
mok0doko: oh, just going through my bug list, and bumped into bug 30819415:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308194 in lxml "[intrepid] Exception importing etree module" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30819415:20
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mok0doko: I will make a patch for intrepid, ok?15:22
dokomok0: sure15:23
mok0doko, did you remove cython building from lxml?15:33
apwif universe sponsors hang about over here, where to main sponsors hang out?15:34
mok0apw: in -devel15:34
dokomok0: yes15:35
apwmok0, thanks :)15:35
mok0doko: OK. It was my impression that you didn't like that15:35
ScottK-desktopapw: It depends a bit.  You can also find people in #ubuntu-server, #ubuntu-desktop, and #kubuntu-devel depending on the package.15:35
apwpm-utils and apport15:36
apwso i'll try -devel15:36
dokomok0: did I say that? hmm15:38
ScottKapw: I doubt anyone other than pitti is going to touch apport unless it's an emergency.15:38
mok0doko: you said something like "if lxml can't be built from source it should leave Debian"15:39
apwyeah, think he is away from keyboard this week15:39
ScottK-desktopSomeone who knows a bit of Python and is looking for a bug to fix, might want to look at Bug #31667415:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316674 in catfish "catfish can't find on path containing whitespace" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31667415:43
POX^^ I can check/sponsor this one thru PAPT15:45
POXi.e. upload it as PAPT member15:46
mok0ScottK, why not subscribe the pythonistas team to the bug?15:58
ScottKmok0: They are.15:58
ScottKThat's why I saw it.15:58
mok0ScottK, it's not on their bug page15:58
ScottKmok0: If a team is subscribed to a package, that doesn't mean all package bugs show up on the team bug list.15:59
mok0ScottKnot they are15:59
ScottKAll members of the team got bugmail on it.15:59
mok0ScottK, sorry: now they are15:59
mok0ScottK, the team was in the "Notified" column15:59
mok0ScottK, when I subscribed them, they moved to the "Subscribed" column16:00
* mok0 contemplates to join Ubuntu Pythonistas16:01
mok0ScottK, hey you are in it :-)16:02
ScottKmok0: I can even approve your request to join.16:03
mok0ScottK, heh16:03
pochumok0: no need to subscribe the team if they are notified, fwiw16:09
mok0pochu: notifcation is via mail, yes?16:10
pochuas subscribed is16:10
savvasI've sent a mail to contact at twotoasts punkt de about the catfish bug :)16:10
mok0pochu: I tend to forget about mails16:10
mok0pochu: but I often check the buglist16:10
pochuyou can check the packages one team/person is subscribed to16:11
mok0pochu, go on...16:11
pochue.g. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~pythonistas/+packagebugs16:12
pochuif you go to the bugs tab in launchpad, then click on "Show package report", you will get that16:12
savvashm.. there's a new upstream version, 0.3.2 for catfish16:12
pochuwhich are all the packages the team/person is in "also notified"16:12
savvas + fix search from folders with spaces breaking find16:13
savvasScottK: http://www.twotoasts.de/media/catfish/ChangeLog - this is probably fixed in 0.3.116:13
mok0pochu: LP is a never-ending source of amazement...16:13
mok0pochu: ok, I wont subscribe anymore bugs to pythonistas16:14
ScottKmok0: amazement/pain, but yes.16:14
ScottKsavvas: Any interest in packaging the new version?16:14
ScottKsavvas: POX said he would sponsor it for Debian and we can sync it from there.16:15
RainCTScottK: I've joined the team, can you approve me?16:15
savvasScottK: I'll try to package the new version :)16:15
RainCT(well, or just do that once you check your mail and see the new member notification.. I've no hurry :))16:16
ScottKsavvas: Great.  You might also want to join #debian-python on IFTC.16:16
ScottKRainCT: Sure thing.  Will do.16:16
savvasI'm still learning, but I think it's easy for this package16:17
ScottKsavvas: OK.  If you have questions, you can ask me here or on #debian-python16:18
ScottKAny motu-sru around?16:18
cody-somervilleI am16:18
ScottKcody-somerville: Would you please ack the ebox SRU?16:19
cody-somervillebug #?16:19
ScottKBug 27348616:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273486 in ebox "Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27348616:20
ScottKbug 31460616:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314606 in ebox "ebox and libebox don't support Intrepid gconf version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31460616:20
ScottKBug 25536816:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255368 in ebox "ebox: Depends: libapache-authcookie-perl but it is not installable " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25536816:20
RainCTnixternal: yes, Brainstorm is finally being updated today (actually, it looks like it already has been), but it doesn't look like that thing in Jono's post :P16:23
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sllhello! could anybody help me to package a set of objects please?16:32
jpdsthekorn: re: lplib - that's brilliant, I'll start merging it as soon as I can.16:34
sllIt's my firs time packaging, the objects are like plugins written in C, I need some help with rules file16:38
hyperairnhandler: codelite's ready for reviewing again16:39
cody-somervilleScottK, sommer: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ebox/+bug/27348616:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 273486 in ebox "Current eBox packages in intrepid don't work at all" [Undecided,New]16:41
shankhshi guys I know c/c++ and want to start developing some small softwares , but I dont know how to???Can anybody give me a starting point...please16:42
sommercody-somerville: yep16:44
cody-somervillesommer, I made some comments on your SRU application.16:44
sommercody-somerville: thanks, I'll address those items16:48
nixternalRainCT: argh, I was hoping I was correct ;)16:54
RainCTnixternal: if you have some other theory, I'll listen ;P16:55
mok0vorian: I looked at the patches; only one is still relevant. I might as well make the last change and upload16:58
mok0vorian: (in stellarium)16:58
cody-somervillesommer, Also commented on bug #25536816:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255368 in ebox "ebox: Depends: libapache-authcookie-perl but it is not installable " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25536816:59
vorianmok0: are you going to upload it then?17:00
mok0vorian: yeah why not. It is already in the archive17:00
vorianif so, the stellarium.desktop could use a patch as well17:00
mok0vorian: OK will take a look17:01
mok0vorian: It runs great on my intrepid amd 64!!!17:01
cody-somervillesommer, I just commented on #314606 now too17:01
mok0vorian: Very nice work they did to the interface!17:01
voriani'll have to play with it when the dust from kde updates settles down17:02
mok0vorian: uh-uh, I haven't dared take those on17:02
mok0vorian: still at 4.117:03
vorianits a spiritual experience17:03
vorianmok0: 4.1.4 should be hitting any time now if you use -proposed17:03
sommercody-somerville: thanks, should have updates to those sometime this afternoon or evening17:03
mok0vorian: tell me about it. I just had a spiritual experience when my sys disk crashed yesterday17:03
cody-somervillesommer, thanks17:03
mok0vorian: fortunately my home is on a separate disk ;-)17:04
mok0vorian: ... with backup17:04
voriannice, not too big a deal then. other than hardware loss17:04
mok0vorian: yes. This time, I bought a Server Edition disk17:05
Turlany possibility of you fixing Bug #285417? or is this package on main?17:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285417 in ubuntulooks "[intrepid] gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks can't be installed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28541717:05
mok0Turl, if you click on the "ubuntulooks (Ubuntu)" link on the taskbar, and then select the "Overview" tab, you'll see that it's in main17:07
Turloh, sorry then17:08
Turlis there any channel I can go to bug the main packagers? :p17:08
mok0Turl: is this a matter of changing a directory name?17:09
mok0Turl: core developers generally hang out in #ubuntu-devel17:09
mok0Turl, why didn't that elli222 fellow upload a patch?17:10
Turlmok0: it's changing the dependencies not to delete ubuntu-theme if I'm right, the bug has an explanation on how to repackage it to work correctly17:10
Turlmok0: no idea :p maybe he doesn't know how?17:11
mok0Turl: it's faster to make a patch than writing that long explanation :-)17:11
TurlI believe so :p17:12
mok0Turl, If you wanna fix it, we can guide you along here17:13
Turlreally it's for a friend, I don't want to install that theme :p17:13
mok0Turl: you wanna fix it? :-)17:14
Turlwill I need to install tons of packages? :p17:14
mok0Turl: I don't think so17:15
mok0Turl: perhaps some devel tools17:15
mok0Turl: but you'll need those the NEXT time you fix a bug lol17:15
Turlok, guide me then :=17:16
mok0Turl: first you need to go into a working dir and download the source package17:16
Turlany empty dir is ok, am I right?17:16
mok0Turl: yes17:16
mok0turl, what version do you want to make the fix. Intrepid?17:17
mok0Turl: do you know how to get the source package?17:18
Turlapt-get source I guess?17:18
mok0Turl: yes, if you're on the same version of Ubuntu17:19
TurlI got a diff.gz, a .dsc, a tar.gz and a dir17:19
mok0Turl: now unpack using dpkg-source -x <.dsc file>17:20
Turlok, done17:21
Turlnow what mok0?17:23
mok0Turl: go down into the topdir17:23
mok0Turl: what's that called, btw17:23
mok0Turl: ok. Now go into debian/17:24
mok0Turl: as I understand the bug, you need to edit the dependencies?17:24
mok0Turl: then you need to edit "control"17:25
Turlwith nano is ok?17:25
Turlor do I need to use some dpkg tool?17:25
mok0Turl: yes17:25
mok0Turl:  not yet17:25
mok0Turl, remove the line containing "Replaces: ... "17:27
Turlnow what?17:29
mok0Turl: do you know anything about ubuntu artwork? Because I don't17:29
TurlI now there are pretty ones and ugly ones :p17:30
mok0Turl: now you need to edit "changelog" and write a new entry at the top17:30
TurlI copy one and edit it?17:30
mok0Turl: yes, you can make a copy of the first entry and change it17:31
mok0Turl, you need to use a new revision string17:32
Turlubuntulooks (0.9.12-13) intrepid-proposed; urgency=low17:32
Turlwould that be ok? it said hardy-proposed on the other one17:33
mok0Turl: that will propose it as a fix for intrepid17:33
savvasScottK: I think I've finished with catfish: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=catfish https://launchpad.net/~medigeek/+archive/+build/83636917:34
mok0Turl: if you want to fix for hardy, you need to do the same for the hardy version of the package17:34
mok0Turl: when you're done, cd ..17:34
savvasScottK: I'm going to see if it actually works now with folders with spaces :)17:35
mok0Turl: then do "debuild -S -uc -us"17:35
Turlwhere can I get debuild?17:37
savvasTurl: sudo apt-get install devscripts17:37
ScottKsavvas: Since we are going to get POX to upload this to Debian, you want the revision to be -1 and the distro to be unstable17:38
POXScottK, savvas: acually, new upstream release of catfish is already in PAPT svn, Kmos: why didn't I upload it yet? (/me is too lazy to dig in his mails)17:39
ScottKsavvas: Might be good of you to review what's in the svn and see if you have anything of significance that's different.17:39
Turlmok0: installing, might take some timeƧ17:42
mok0Turl: ok17:42
Turlit installed exim :/17:42
Turlmok0: it threw a lot of errors :S17:43
savvasPOX: the changelog in svn shows 0.3.1 - http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/python-apps/packages/catfish/trunk/debian/changelog?op=file&rev=1943&sc=117:43
mok0Turl: the debuild command?17:43
Turla lot of "file or directory does not exist"17:44
mok0Turl: can you pastebin the output?17:44
ScottKSomething needs to be changed to depend/recommend postfix|mail-transport-agent instead of exim|mail-transport-agent17:44
Turllike /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/autotools.mk does not exist, /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk does not exist, ..17:44
Turlmok0: it's in spanish, idk if you want it all the same17:44
POXcody-somerville: you're catfish maintainer, why it's not uploaded yet?17:44
savvasScottK: it's been good for training hehe :) They've pretty much changed the same things I have, so that's good!17:44
mok0Turl: yikes. Try anyways17:45
POXcody-somerville: http://people.debian.org/~piotr/sponsor Q9 (if that's the reason)17:45
ScottKsavvas: You can also request a sync after it's uploaded to Debian.17:45
cody-somervillePOX, I'm simply too busy atm17:45
POXoh, ok17:46
POXI'll upload it as PAPT member then17:46
Turlmok0: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/99473/17:46
POX(after some basic tests)17:46
* mok0 looks17:46
mok0turl, sudo apt-get install cdbs17:46
savvasPOX: I made one for 0.3.2, the one in Debian svn is for 0.3.117:47
mok0turl, sudo apt-get install debhelper17:47
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POXsavvas: did you have to change something besides version?17:47
savvasPOX: I think it's the fix_makefile patch17:47
* Turl installs what mok0 said17:47
mok0turl, after that try debuild again17:48
cody-somervillePOX, thanks17:48
Turlmok0: it seems to have worked17:49
Turlthere's a little warning though, W: ubuntulooks source: ancient-standards-version 3.6.2 (current is 3.8.0)17:49
mok0Turl: yay17:49
mok0Turl: you should have a new source package in ..17:49
POXsavvas: send me `svn diff` output (or I'll prepare it myself)17:50
Turlmok0: I have some new files now, a .build and a .changes17:50
Turlis it OK?17:50
mok0Turl: sounds right. You should also have a new .dsc fie17:51
Turlmok0: I only have the old one :/17:51
TurlI guess it's been replaced?17:52
Turlwell, it seems to be the old one mok0. I cat'ted it and it has the old version number17:53
mok0Turl: what's in the changes file? (pastebin)17:53
mok0Turl, hmm, I think something went wrong with your changelog entry17:54
mok0Turl: you didn't update the release to -1317:55
Turlstupid me, I didn't :p17:56
mok0Turl: change it, and run the debuild command again17:56
TurlI have now -12 and -13 files17:57
savvasPOX: I'm still learning, can you grab it and compare it yourself? :) Here: http://savvas.radevic.com/packaging/catfish/10Fix_makefile.dpatch17:57
mok0turl, great. But you overwrote the original -12 files so you need to apt-get source again17:57
savvasPOX: It's mostly the same patch, but I've included the change to point to share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps17:58
Turlmok0: do I need to do everything from scratch?17:58
mok0Turl: no, just don't delete the -13 files17:58
savvasPOX: do I have to open a new upstream package request in Debian for this?17:59
mok0Turl: we just need to re-establish the -12 files that were accidentally overwritten17:59
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Turlnow dpkg-source -x ? or what?17:59
mok0Turl: yes17:59
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Turlready mok018:00
POXsavvas: no, I will just upload it and let you know to file a sync request bug in Ubuntu (I'll close the LP bug in changelog)18:00
mok0Turl: now run debdiff old.dsc new.dsc18:00
savvasPOX: ok, cheers! :)18:00
mok0Turl: replace "old" and "new" with the appropriate names18:01
Turlok mok018:01
mok0Turl: the output came to stdout, right?18:01
TurlI got a ubuntulooks_0.9.12-13.diff.gz if I'm right18:01
Turlyeah, some output came to stdout18:02
mok0Turl: ok, you need to pipe it to a file; I routinely would call it "ubuntulooks_0.9.12-13.debdiff"18:02
mok0Turl: let's check the debdiff file. You need to:18:03
mok0Turl: apt-get install patchutils18:04
savvasbtw, I noticed something in the dpatch file: "--- catfish-0.3~/Makefile.in2007-04-04 04:20:26.000000000 +0200" <- Does that ~ character stand for anything?18:04
mok0savvas: yes18:04
mok0savvas: patch needs it18:04
Turlmok0: it seems to be there already18:05
mok0turl, great. So do lsdiff ubuntulooks_....debdiff18:05
mok0Turl: it should tell you what files are modified by the diff18:06
mok0Turl: hopefully only 218:06
savvasmok0: I used catfish-0.3.2/Makefile.in instead of catfish-0.3~/Makefile.in and it built the package. Does that ~ mean something like .* in regex? :)18:07
mok0savvas: eerrr no18:08
savvasok now I'm officially confused :p18:08
mok0savvas: it's actually only important what's in the +++ line18:08
savvas+++ catfish-0.3/Makefile.in2008-05-22 02:45:33.000000000 +020018:09
Turlmok0: there are more than 2 files, but it's because I moved a dir in purpouse for it not to conflict18:09
savvasah I see, ok18:09
mok0savas, thats the one18:09
savvasthanks mok0!18:09
mok0Turl: ah, ok18:09
Turlnow what mok0?18:09
mok0Turl: how did you move that dir?18:10
Turlmok0: with mv, why?18:10
mok0Turl: because that way it won't be reflected in the package18:10
mok0Turl: it's not the right way to do it18:10
Turltell me how to move it and I'll do it from scratch then :p18:11
mok0Turl: but forgetting about that, you are in principle done. You could attach the debdiff to the bug and write a note that this fixes the ubuntulooks package18:11
mok0Turl: but the bug mentions making a fix in another package, too18:12
Turland how can I upload it to a ppa? so it's available for my friend18:12
mok0Turl: so you should go through the same thing with that, build a new package with a new release number, make a debdiff to the old package and upload the debdiff to LP18:12
Turlok mok018:13
mok0Turl: then the developers will look at your patches, and you will get a lot of karma ;-)18:13
mok0Turl: but we should look at that dir that you want to move18:13
mok0Turl: can you tell me what it is18:14
mok0Turl: yes you can upload to your ppa,18:15
Turlmok0: the dir is ubuntulooks-0.9.12/themes/Human/18:16
Turland I moved it to ubuntulooks-0.9.12/themes/Human-UbuntuLooks/18:16
Turland fixed the makefiles18:16
mok0Turl: ah18:16
mok0Turl: but when the package is built, it uses the orig.tar.gz which still has that dir in the same place18:17
mok0Turl: so the trick is not to move it locally, but install it somewhere else18:17
Turlhm, so what should I edit then?18:19
mok0Turl: err I need to figure out how it works first18:20
mok0Turl: during building, the package is constructed in a subdir to debian/18:21
mok0Turl: so, it creates a directory: debian/gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks/usr/share/themes/Human18:22
mok0Turl: the trick is to move it after compilation but before package building18:23
mok0Turl: and you do that in debian/rules18:23
mok0Turl, are you there?18:24
Turlyeah mok018:24
mok0Turl: are you following?18:24
Turlthe rules file has includes only18:24
mok0Turl: yes, but CDBS has some hooks you can use18:24
TurlI really don't know CDBS :p nor packaging, that's why you're explaining me18:25
mok0Turl: after the includes, make a new target called "install/gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks::"18:25
mok0turl, next line:18:25
hyperaircould someone review my package? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=codelite18:26
Turlmok0: for the target I just type "install/gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks::" ?18:26
mok0<tab>mv -f ddebian/gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks/usr/share/themes/Human/ debian/gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks/usr/share/themes/Human_somethingelse18:27
mok0Turl: yers18:27
Turlis it ok the ddebian or is it a typo?18:27
mok0Turl: debian18:28
mok0Turl: it's just the mv command from topdir to move the Human directory to something else18:28
Turlok :)18:28
mok0Turl: but the <tab> first character on that line is importatnt18:29
mok0turl, see here how it's done, about 1/5 down the document: https://perso.duckcorp.org/duck/cdbs-doc/cdbs-doc.xhtml18:30
mok0Turl: my wife just called me the 2nd time to tell me to come home for dinner... I gotta go18:31
mok0Turl: don't forget to document moving the directory in changelog18:32
iulianRainCT: ping18:35
RainCTiulian: pong18:55
iulianRainCT: What do you think about the removal of the revu-uploaders team?19:08
iulianRainCT: I mean, do we still need it there?19:11
RainCTiulian: nope19:15
iulianRainCT: OK then.  Do you have the power to deactivate it or should we open a question in launchpad and ask for it to be removed?19:24
RainCTiulian: I set it to restricted, that's all I can do19:24
* iulian wonders who can deactivate it.19:30
Turlhow can I sign a .changes file?19:31
TurlI already have my key19:31
iulianTurl: debsign -k<keyid> ...19:33
Turlthanks iulian19:35
Turlmy packages were rejected :/  PPA uploads must be for the RELEASE pocket.19:42
Turlwhat does that mean?19:42
iulianTurl: You should ask PPA questions in #launchpad.19:49
fabrice_spTurl, you used other version that normal release (hardy, jaunty, intrepid, ...) in your changelog19:55
TurlI used intrepid-proposed19:56
fabrice_spyou have to put intrepid19:56
fabrice_spHi. Where can I ask something about sbuild (it seems to leave sometime a temporary build partition that I cannot delete)20:09
ScottKfabrice_sp: Here's not bad.  A number of people who hang out here use it (not me, however).20:20
fabrice_spok. I just wanted how to delete them, as I haven't found for the moment why it's happening20:21
fabrice_sp(and I have 6 of them)20:21
fabrice_spI can't even umount them: Device is busy (and I rebooted several time my computer)20:27
maxbThis is sbuild in lvm mode, I assume?20:30
fabrice_spmaxb, yes20:33
fabrice_spI setup a lvm for that purpose20:33
maxbTry 'schroot --list --all-sessions'20:33
fabrice_sphere they are my 6 sessions20:34
maxbschroot --end-session --all-sessions (or do it individually)20:34
fabrice_spIt worked! You're the man, maxb ! Thanks :-)20:35
maxbAnd I've never even used LVM :-)20:36
maxbneed to find some spare hd space to play at some point20:36
fabrice_spI did that to have some software 'raid' for my home (already lost 2 times my home before)20:37
fabrice_spand I decided to use it also for building thing, and separating the chroot in  another 'partition'. Work great! :-)20:37
fabrice_spbut never access your lvm at the same time with gparted and system-config-lvm. You will lost everything20:39
fabrice_spanyway, thanks for your help! :-)20:39
AnAntcan someone direct me to an example package to help me in writing get-orig-source: target ?20:47
ScottKAnAnt: How about plasmoid-kbstate20:48
AnAntwhat's the source package name ?20:49
POXAnAnt: /me wrote recently this: http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/*checkout*/python-modules/packages/sqlalchemy/trunk/debian/rules20:52
ScottKAnAnt: plasmoid-kbstate.  It's only in Jaunty though.20:53
mok0hrmph. Damn mysql build clogging up the build queue21:07
directhexjms@destiny:~$ firefox21:11
directhexjms@destiny:~$ firefox21:11
directhexgo go free software21:11
joaopintodirecthex, exactly how does "free software" relates to your problem ?21:13
directhexjoaopinto, firefox crashes 30+ times a day. it gets annoying21:14
joaopintoI have no crashes with firefox, it most likely related to a plugin, or something specific to your configuration21:15
directhexnspluginwrapper/flash is certainly to blame for many of the crashes, but it seems not as many of them as i thought21:15
joaopintorelating a firefox crash with "free software" could be offending for free software developers21:16
ScottKdirecthex: Firefox isn't particularly free, IMO.21:17
directhexScottK, mmm, perhaps. i have a EULA here for you..... ;)21:18
lagajoaopinto: win21:18
Chris`Firefox crashes sometimes for me yet Windows XP crashed more, how does it relate to the freeness of it?21:18
ScottKdirecthex: Exactly.21:18
directhexfirefox is one of the media's poster children for a successful free software app. it's high profile. when it cocks up, it's noticed more than if the chicken scheme compiler isn't up to scratch, fr'example21:19
directhexand as an app people use constantly, infuriating when it dies21:19
mok0Firefox is stable as a rock for me21:20
directhexmok0, i386?21:20
mok0directhex: perhaps you should direct your curses at the wireless producers that wont release  their specs21:20
mok0directhex: amd6421:21
Chris`When a package gets removed for the reason "NBS" what does that mean?21:22
mok0Chris`: it's a binary package with no corresponding source package21:25
* directhex gives webkit another spin21:26
Chris`mok0: Thanks ;)21:26
mok0Chris`: for example if the source package has been renamed, the old binary packages will be "orphans"21:26
mok0directhex: are you looking at Chrome?21:27
directhexmok0, midori. does chrome's linux shell have advanced features like "pressing enter" yet?21:27
mok0directhex: I don't know21:28
stochasticHi everyone, I just finished my first package and uploaded it to my PPA: http://ppa.launchpad.net/stochastic/ubuntu  it's of the Calf audio plugins.  Please review and let me know how horrible my packaging skills are.21:31
directhexstochastic, cracked the variable substitution?21:32
lagastochastic: you should probably put it on REVU (?)21:33
stochasticdirecthex, yes, thanks to liw's advice it was a problem with it trying to make to debian/calf rather than debian/calf-plugins21:33
stochasticlaga, how do I do that - I'm new to all this21:34
lagastochastic: i bet it's documented on the MOTU wiki page21:35
stochasticok, I'll do a search21:35
ubottuREVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU21:36
stochasticok, it's in REVU now21:39
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stochastichmm, it looks like dput uploaded to REVU fine, but I don't see it there and my profile shows no uploads, am I just too quick for the system?21:45
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jpdsRainCT, james_w: We have lplib support in u-d-t \o/21:54
james_wthanks jpds21:54
james_wand thekorn21:54
jpdsEspecially thekorn.21:54
james_wjpds: would you write a mail to the list about what that means please?21:55
RainCTjpds: rock on!21:56
* RainCT hugs jpds and thekorn 21:56
jpdsjames_w: Sure, first shower and let brain cool down.21:56
=== khashayar_away is now known as khashayar
khashayarstochastic: from my experience, it can take a while before the package shows up on the web interface ;-)22:19
stochastickhashayar, I know you're good at backporting, and I'd like to upload a version of that package for intrepid to my PPA, is there anything special I need to do other than force the upload of the different version?22:22
khashayarstochastic: The only thing you need to do, is to make sure it has a different version number (limitation of ppa). That is, if your jaunty package is calf-0.0.17-0ubuntu1~jaunty~ppa1, your intrepid pacakge should be something like calf-0.0.17-0ubuntu1~intrepid~ppa1.22:24
maxbBut usually you wouldn't use ~jaunty at all since its the development release22:26
khashayaroh, and you in your .dput.cf, you could have a section for intrepid with "incoming = ~stochastic/ubuntu/intrepid". This will upload to intrepid.22:26
maxband the logical nesting is more ~ppa1~intrepid22:26
khashayarmaxb: That's right, no ~jaunty22:26
maxbConvention seems to be to do ~intrepid1, also22:26
stochasticok, so do I just rename the .changes file after I've debuild the package?  or does that need to happen before debuild somewhere?22:27
khashayarmaxb: really? I thought convention was ~release~ppa1, and releaseX for backports.22:27
ScottKstochastic: In debian/changelog22:27
ScottKThen debuild.22:27
stochasticok, perfect22:27
ScottKmaxb: I'd suggest the other way around.22:28
maxbbecause if you update the package in your ppa, you go to ~ppa2, and then you backport that22:28
ScottKmaxb: In Ubuntu Backports we use ~$RELEASEX22:28
ScottKSo ~ppaX will be a problem.22:28
ScottKShould be ~releaseX~ppaY22:29
maxbWell, I'm basing my suggestion off https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Versioning22:29
maxbScottK: What's the X for, in that model?22:29
ScottKmaxb: This is an Ubuntu channel.  Nothing to do with us there.22:29
ScottKNumber starting with 122:29
maxbScottK: I don't understand what you're saying. Given that Ubuntu is the only distribution with PPAs, how can documentation about PPA versioning not apply?22:30
maxbScottK: Yes, but what does that number mean? Attempts at backporting?22:30
ScottKYes.  Revisions.22:31
ScottKmaxb: It's written by Launchpad developers who are not Ubuntu developers.22:31
maxbIf ~ppaX indicates releases of a package in a ppa, and ~intrepidX indicates attempts at backporting, then the order of versioning significance dictates ~ppaX before ~intrepidX22:32
maxbBecause the first attempt at backporting the second release needs to be newer than the second attempt at backporting the first release22:32
ScottKmaxb: What happens if you upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid.  You need to move to the intrepid version of the package.22:32
ScottKHow do you ensure that with that broken model22:33
ScottKmaxb: It's really OT here anyway.  Go find someone on #launchpad that knows more about distro development than we do here.22:33
* ScottK heads off.22:33
maxbI am unconvinced the model I'm suggesting is broken. Is there a better channel to discuss the interaction between Ubuntu PPAs and Ubuntu primary archive?22:36
khashayarmaxb: I pm:ed you.22:37
maxbindeed, I just wanted the conversation to unambiguously show that I don't accept the assertion that that model is broken22:39
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RainCTuhm.. how can I install the nvidia 180 driver? I tooke the .deb's from packages.ubuntu.com but the version doesn't show up in jockey22:52
RainCT(as always I want to know something, no answers in #ubuntu :P)22:52
maxbRainCT: Install the -modaliases package, then jockey should know about it22:52
RainCTfunny, that's what I was doing right now :P22:52
RainCTmaxb: thanks :)22:52
maxbBut, what do you mean you took the .deb's from packages.ubuntu.com? Why not let apt get them for you?22:53
RainCTmaxb: because (and I've no idea why) I can't get APT to see it..22:53
RainCTupdates, backports, etc. are enabled and cache up2date22:53
RainCTbut I only see 180 packages in jaunty22:53
maxbThat's because they're in intrepid-proposed22:53
RainCToh. packages.ubuntu.com shows them in intrepid-updates22:54
RainCTgreat, jockey sees it now.. let's see if it works22:54
RainCTmaxb: failed to initialzie kernel module"22:56
RainCTmaxb: do I need to reboot'22:56
* RainCT should learn to type :P22:56
RAOFWhat's a major update binary nvidia driver doing in -proposed?22:58
maxbOh, it's actually in -updates now, I hadn't noticed.23:00
maxbHowever, it's a new-to-intrepid package, so it's strictly opt-in23:00
maxbprobably why it was considered SRU-able23:00
directhexdoes 180.22 support gtx295?23:00
maxb180 does ameliorate some severe compiz rendering issues, so that's probably also a reason for the SRU23:01
directhexhm, no, 295 unsupported23:02
RainCT(works now)23:02
bluesmokemaxb: Does it fix nvidia leaking texture memory into the compiz process?23:02
directhex"Fixed a regression that could result in window decoration corruption when running Compiz using Geforce 6 and 7 series GPUs."23:03
maxbDon't know about that one. I know it stops my window decorations from corrupting themselves often, which they did with 17723:03
RAOFbluesmoke: That's a good question.  I haven't tried that :)23:05
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Chris`Which section would a flight simulation program best fit?23:35
ScottKmaxb: I'll file a bug on help.launchpad.net when I get a moment.23:41
maxbWhere would such a bug belong? It's not exactly part of launchpad-the-project per-se?23:41
ScottKBTW, I don't accept that people managing to develop a really slow web tool gives them any particular expertise about Linux distro development.23:42
ScottKmaxb: Dunno.  In Ubuntu we have a project for web site bugs, I'd assumed that Launchpad would have something similar.23:42
ScottKGenerally I file against the launchpad meta project and someone triages it into the right place.23:43
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maxbok. By the way, are there any concrete examples of the number in ~releaseX being other than 1?23:44
ScottKSure.  It takes me more than one try on a not infrequent basis.23:44
maxbfor sourceful backports, then?23:45
ScottKmaxb: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive for a PPA.23:45
ScottKThat also shows you the multi-release model I suggest is appropriate.23:46
maxbIn a quick read through I don't see anything other than ~release or ~release1, but I do see foo~dapper1~ppa4 but foo~hardy1~ppa1 which is enlightenting23:48
maxbMy advocacy of ~ppaX~releaseX is founded on the assumption that any bump to the ppaX number is a crosscutting packaging change which *will* be backported to all release series23:49
maxbI agree that without that assumption, upgrading across releases is broken23:49
ScottKmaxb: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/clamav/+publishinghistory23:50
ScottKAlso ~ppa is a higher revision than anything you'll find in *-backports and that should be avoided too.23:50
=== khashayar_away is now known as khashayar
maxbAh, thanks, didn't know about that view, so I tried to skim though all of the superseded package info, and evidently missed bits23:52
ScottKClamav is about as tortured a package history as you are likely to find as it's a highly used package with lots of security uploads and stuff.23:54
maxbIs ~dapper1ubuntu0.1 just someone driving dch in a non-optimal way?23:55
maxbohh... I think I'm seeing the tortuous sense in it now23:56
maxbI agree ~ppaX is a bit of a nonsense all round, really. If you are doing further development of foo 1.0-1ubuntu1, then it makes more sense to go to 1.0-1ubuntu1ppa1 rather than 1.0-1ubuntu2~ppa1, I think23:58
maxbWhilst if you are doing a backport, it needs to be less than an official backport.23:58
maxbSo ~ppa loses either way23:58
savvasYay, catfish 0.3.2-1 published in debian: http://packages.debian.org/sid/catfish23:59

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