asachmm ... new linux-headers00:20
asacdoes that mean there will be a new linux soon ;)?00:20
ftaasac, http://www.electronista.com/articles/09/01/09/dell.notebooks.ces.2009/00:34
asacfta: i see that xul is building. thanks00:54
asacmaybe i can even test it before ending day ;)00:54
LaserJockwas FF 2 removed in Intrepid?03:53
[reed]I hope so.03:58
LaserJock[reed]: I was actually hoping it wasn't04:00
LaserJockI wanted to test FF 2 to see if it had less CPU usage04:01
[reed]why not? Firefox 2 is being deprecated :)04:01
LaserJockwell, my wife's laptop gets thrashed by FF 304:02
[reed]because of what exactly?04:02
LaserJockand I was reading that it was more IO bound because of sqlite04:02
[reed]yeah, probably04:02
[reed]if the kernel team would ever fix their fsync() bug04:02
LaserJockit uses 100% CPU all the time04:02
LaserJockI added 1GB of RAM thinking it was that but it's not04:02
[reed]you might try downloading Firefox 3.1 and testing it04:03
LaserJockit's an older laptop but it really didn't seem like it used to be *this* bad04:03
asac[reed]: its unlikely that fsync bug will ever get fixed for ext3 (though i dont even know a bug id to be honest)08:37
asacimo you should ask users to test a different file-system ... maybe ext4 is better? ;)08:38
* asac still awake -> miracle ;)09:01
* asac gets coffee09:01
asacfta: 31645209:16
asacbug 31645209:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316452 in nss "[jaunty] last update broke some libraries (libnss3-1d, libnspr4-0d)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31645209:16
asacthere it is09:16
asacBUGabundo_work: one question: what do you mean by "orthographic corrector"?09:18
BUGabundo_workwell the spell checker!09:23
BUGabundo_workI guess I used to much Portuguese on it09:23
asacBUGabundo_work: ok ;)09:45
BUGabundo_workbut do you now know what I meant, asac?10:53
BUGabundo_workwas it your doing or was it in the spellchecker?10:53
asacBUGabundo_work: no ;) ... i guess its probably spellcheker that got fixed/updated10:58
BUGabundo_workbut FF was the only app that it didn't work with keyboard shortcut11:01
BUGabundo_workgwibber, kmail, OOo, etc all worked great!11:01
asacFF is still no real gnome app11:05
BUGabundo_worknor is Kmail11:08
asacfta: wtf ... someone edited whiteboard from ~mozillateam branch even though he is not a member of team?11:23
asacfta: ~mozillateam/songbird/songbird.head11:23
asacnot that i dont appreciate the content added there ... just feels like its a permission thing11:23
asacBUGabundo_work: i have no idea which keyboard shortcuts you are referring to ... are those standard bindings?11:23
* asac reveals that he doesnt use spellchecker intensively11:24
BUGabundo_workasac: the key between altgr and ctrl... the one that emulates mouse right click11:44
armin76asac: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Qwerty.svg <- the "application key"13:13
BUGabundo_workyeah that's it, armin7613:26
fta2Jan 13 12:23:57 <asac>  fta: wtf ... someone edited whiteboard from ~mozillateam branch even though he is not a member of team?13:40
fta2asac, yep, i wondered too. it's not me for sure13:40
fta2i don't see what has been changed.13:41
fta2asac, who is that guy btw?13:41
asacno clue (TM)13:41
asacdont know him13:41
asac"someone" ;)13:41
fta2bugsquad? could they update our branches?13:44
fta2i don"t see a diff in the email i got. the text looks like mine, maybe just the last line13:46
asacNO CLUE (TM)13:50
fta2ok, i'll ask on #lp13:52
fta2asac, read the answer :(14:00
fta2asac, it's not possible to run epiphany over ssh ?14:04
asacfta2: evo is worse14:05
asacfta2: epiphany at least runs in a chroot for me14:05
asacwhile evo just crashes14:05
asacfta2: cant you do a proper forward?14:05
fta2i have a proper port forwarding14:06
asacfor dbus?14:07
fta2well, no, X1114:07
asacnot sure if one can forward unix sockets14:09
asacif so it should be doable14:09
asacotherwise wait for tcp dbus14:09
asacfta2: actually ... why wouldnt that work?14:10
asaci mean you run ephy on remote host ... on remote host there is dbus .. that should work14:11
asacit doesnt need to be forwarded to your system i guess14:11
asacmaybe remote host doesnt have dbus running?14:11
fta2** (epiphany-browser:21819): WARNING **: Unable to connect to session bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-LzZUiyhzkn: Connection refused14:17
fta2asac, ^^ both sides have a desktop running so they both have dbus, it's a permission issue apparently14:34
asacfta2: i think its an env issue yeah14:44
asacfta2: ssh sets the dbus env ... to the file you have on your local system14:45
asacthat file doesnt exist obviously14:45
asacwhat you probably need to do is to create a dbus session on the remote session after logging in and setting the env to the path created b taht14:45
asac_another sad reconnect here17:38
vadi2Hi. Does anyone have experience with the firefox code that interacts with networkmanager to see network status?17:40
asac_vadi2: yes17:44
asac_vadi2: whats your idea (i am almost out for a while though)17:44
vadi2I need to ask network manager if the network is offline or no17:45
vadi2But unable to find any good tutorials on this so far.17:45
vadi2do you know anything that can help me started?17:45
asac_vadi2: is that a general question or in firefox?17:46
asac_in general its easy: just send a dbus message and you get the answer back17:46
vadi2no, I just know that firefox does this.17:46
vadi2well, tried - got access denied..17:46
asac_vadi2: did you try command line?17:47
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asace.g. dbus-send?17:47
asacvadi2: anyway ... have to run now. either wait a few hours; at best we can continue that in #nm channel (where others can help out too)17:47
vadi2not yet17:47
vadi2I will wait there17:48
asacvadi2: please ping me in 3 hours or so ;)17:48
asacotherwise i might forget17:48
vadi2see you17:48
ftaseems this guy likes backporting stuff. https://edge.launchpad.net/~debfx/+archive20:55
ftajcastro, gwibber has really troubles with "+". I had one in my password, nada. Alsa, when I paste a link with a "+", the shorted url resolves without the "+".21:07
ftajcastro, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/fennec/1.0~a2-0ubuntu1 gives me http://is.gd/fL38 which is "https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/ source/fennec/1.0~a2-0ubuntu1" (note the space instead of the plus)21:10
ftabad encoding21:11
ftas/really/real/; i should reread myself, especially when i type while talking one the phone21:13
jcastrofta: yeah it's a known bug21:15
ftajcastro, problems with backslash too. impossible to type \o/21:15
ftait shows o/21:16
jcastrohe just added moved his branch from personal to a small team21:16
jcastroso fixes should start going in much faster21:16
jcastrothere are a bunch of fixes sitting around21:16
Jazzvadoes anyone here know how to contact aza raskin? I want to ask him about packaging ubiquity extension...22:20
Jazzva(well, it's packaged actually, I just need to finish copyright file)22:20
asacJazzva: i already asked them i think23:12
asacJazzva: at best file a bug if ubiquity has a bugzilla component23:13
asacrefer to the fennec bug ... which is in progress23:13
asacJazzva: mozilla bug 47147423:13
ubottuMozilla bug 471474 in General "fennec/mobile-browser hg tree lacks LICENSE file in top-level directory" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47147423:13
ftaasac, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/fennec/1.0~a2-0ubuntu123:21
asacfta: luck ;)23:22
ftahm, my ppa is full, once again23:24
asaclet me check whether we have new nss/nspr transition bugs23:27
Jazzvaasac: it's stated that it's under trilicense, I just need contact information for the copyright file, and to ask upstream if they're happy with us packaging their extension :)23:27
Jazzvaoff for a while...23:28
ftaasac, hurry, alpha3 is frozen ;)23:28
asacfta: what is left to do for us?23:31
asacfta: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21134289/var-log-apt-term.log23:31
asacsomehow libnss was upgraded before libnspr?23:32
asachow can that be?23:32
asacdid i mess up the build depends lower bounds or what?23:32
asacDepends: libc6 (>= 2.7), libnspr4-0d (>= 4.7.3-0ubuntu1~), libsqlite3-0 (>= 3.5.9)23:33
asacthats ok23:33
ftait looks like it's the postinst step23:33
asacfta: Log started : markers are for independent apt-get update runs23:34
asaclook at the very bottom23:34
asacor isnt that true?23:34
asace.g. one marker for each upgrade23:34
asacfta: well grep can be tricky23:36
asaclook at the bottom of the log23:36
asacthere it is23:36
asaci see what you mean ;)23:36
asacanyway ...23:37
ftalol, grep is grep, it's not tricky, it gives you what you asked for23:37
asacno ... i thought you didnt look in the log at all ;)23:37
ftaso he install --reinstall libnss3-1d23:38
ftaand libnspr4-0d later on23:39
asacwh/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib/libplds4.so is not a symbolic link23:40
asacwhat sswatwhats the problem there?23:40
asacurgh ;;)23:41
ftaare you trying to do some form of utf8 art ?23:42
ftamy PPA now has 7G23:44
asacthats good23:44
asacits supposed to grow forever23:44
asacas history is preserved ;)23:44
asacso mozilla-central is heavily on fire again23:44
ftaasac, it seems wrong now, read the #lp discussion between wgrant and cprov for earlier today23:46
ftaasac, around 21:2023:46
asacam i on #lp?23:47
fta#launchpad, yes23:47
asacnope ... seems i wasnt (left again)23:47
asaci wasnt in at that time ;)23:48
ftaasac, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/01/13/%23launchpad.html  start at 20:2023:49
asacnew brainstorm ;) ... http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/23:50
ftalooks like old deb are gone after 30 days to me23:50
asac"only superseded packages for obsolete distros are marked as Obsolete. The latest versions still Published."23:54
asacnot sure what that means for ppas23:54
asacprobably doesnt apply there23:54
asacbut if we need it we can ask ;)23:54
asachow long does moz keep ffox dailies?23:55
asacseems like23:56
asac2004 at least23:56
asaccrazy ;)23:57
asaci doubt that you can do that with all revisions of a full ubuntu archive ;)23:57
ftaisn't it what snapshot.d.o is doing?23:57
asacyeah ... just thinking about it23:57
asacbut those are not dailies ;)23:57
asaclike what we want to do in ppa23:58
asaceven for each and every commit ;)23:58
asaccommit packages for ever ;)23:58
asacthink about it23:58
ftajcastro, do you plan to update the gwibber ppa soon or should I go on and make my own update?23:59
asacfeel the pressure of fta23:59
asacfta: how about shaping and uploading to archive ;)?23:59

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