Seeker`anyone seen the dell selling nvidia quadros for £12?01:28
Tm_TSeeker`: like to get me two of those? (:01:34
Seeker`its all over the net01:34
FlannelTm_T: nvidia octo, eh?01:34
Seeker`I put in an order for 1 just in case01:35
Seeker`no chance it will go through01:35
* Flannel has AGP only!01:35
Tm_TFlannel: ?01:38
FlannelTm_T: I have AGP for my graphics card01:38
Tm_TFlannel: so do I but what octo?01:42
FlannelTm_T: Oh, 2xquadros = 801:42
Seeker`I dont know why but I feel a bit nervous about having ordered one now01:43
Tm_TSeeker`: how so?01:44
Tm_TSeeker`: and did you order it for me?01:45
Tm_Tbecause I definately would like to use one of those01:45
Seeker`I ordered it for me01:47
Seeker`dont have the money to order more than 1 sadly01:47
Seeker`and just something doesn01:48
Seeker`t feel quite right about it01:48
nickrud Seeker` I hope they don't hit your for 1,29502:05
FlannelWell, if they bump the price you can cancel it02:06
nickrudFlannel, by the way storage, if you decide to use it, is confirmed02:07
Flannelnickrud: Sounds good.  Looks like we're also getting some good news on the GBJ front too.  One of the organizers has suggested we hold one in a room.02:08
FlannelWhich is nice, since we were sort of bummed about them overlapping.  But weren't really sure holding a BoF session as a bugjam would be appropriate02:08
nickrudexcellent. Some serious presentation experience for someone02:08
FlannelWell, if you read the logs from the meeting yesterday, we're hoping we can move our presentations there too, maybe three per day or two or something.  That'd be a lot more feasible.02:09
nickrudah, I see what you're talking about. But I think some people would get a lot out of just watching one02:09
Seeker`nickrud: part of their terms and conditinos that if things cange, you can cancel02:10
nickrudSeeker`, it was a joke more than anything. I'm assuming your credit card company protects you from that anyway.02:10
nickrudbut here's hoping for you :)02:11
Flannelnickrud: Yeah, We'll be holding a bug jam (hopefully) throughout the day.  Both running one, and going over how to run one, etc.02:11
FlannelOr, that's the plan anyway... Hopefully we'll have enough manpower.02:11
nickrudalways the key question when it's voluteer run. personal experience is estimate 60% show up02:12
Seeker`nickrud:                                                                                                                                                                   11.4 Customer indemnifies Dell for any claim which arises due to Customer’s own actions of which Dell had no knowledge or could not reasonably be expected to have02:12
Seeker`                                                                                                                                                                  had knowledge, or for any claim related to IM or IPR specified or owned by Customer & integrated into Product.02:12
Seeker`3.1 The Price that Customer has to pay will be shown on Dell’s Order Confirmation and invoices. The cost of freight, insurance, import or export, duties or other02:12
Seeker`associated costs such as delivery, sales, value add, excise taxes shall be added unless already specified as included in the Price.02:12
Seeker`woops, didn't that that would be so big, sorry02:12
Seeker`I've got and order confirmation stating £12 or so, so their only option would be to cancel, which I suspect they will based on the number that have been ordered02:13
nickrudthat protects the company anyway. 02:13
FlannelWell, does the invoice say 12?02:15
nickrudif someone misplaced a comma/period in a database, I'm sure it'll show everywhere02:15
FlannelRight, so: 3.1 The Price that Customer has to pay will be shown on Dell’s Order Confirmation and invoices.02:15
Seeker`order confirmation states £12.9502:16
FlannelIf they (likely) misplaced something, then you're not oblidged to pay it.02:16
nickrudFlannel, one last question my boss had: when do expect to arrive with the stuff?02:16
FlannelIANAL and all that fun stuff.02:16
* nickrud knew that02:16
Flannelnickrud: Erm... I don't think there'll be anything except for Sat night to Sun morning.02:16
Seeker`right, to bed!02:16
Flanneland... I don't know what time the expo is, so I can't estimate yet.02:16
nickrudFlannel, then that's even easier.02:17
nickrudFlannel, enough then, just keep me up to date on what I need to know02:17
Flannelnickrud: Yeah, since most people will be bringing stuff Sat morning.  Fri is just a setup time for us.02:17
FlannelJack_Sparrow: I too, am eating homemade soup!02:22
Flannelbut, I just throw everything into a crock pot02:23
Jack_Sparrowseeker, I just beat your price on that card by 8 L02:43
FlannelJack_Sparrow: That gutsyupgrades link isn't expired02:55
Jack_SparrowFlannel, The other one on feisty02:56
Flanneloh, must have missed it.02:56
Jack_Sparrowthat would still work if feisty was not eol02:56
Jack_Sparrowgtsy upgrade link is fine02:56
FlannelWell, going from Feisty to Gutsy still works, you just have to move to old-releases for feisty updates02:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:08
FlannelHi fdoving, how can we help you?06:53
Flannelmmm, nevermind.07:01
elkbuntuFlannel, i have to admit, i dont actually understand where he fits in09:16
elkbuntuhow long have the forums been down now?09:29
ikoniadidn't know they where09:57
elkbuntuabout the past 5 hours that i'm aware of09:57
elkbuntuone of the dual-booters at work decided to follow a tutorial to install virtualbox that involved messing with his menu.lst09:58
elkbuntu"it looked like something important, but i was following the tutorial"09:58
elkbuntuturns out he edited it in something that was not a plain text editor09:59
elkbuntuit took 2 hrs, but i finally untangled the mess09:59
elkbuntuand banned him from tutorials :P10:00
ikoniasonds tedious10:00
ikoniasome docs out there are so bad10:00
elkbuntuikonia, the fun part is trying to figure which partition is which, when you factor in stuff like extended partitions10:00
ikoniayes extneded partition numbering is annoying10:01
elkbuntuof course, repeated reboots into a livecd to do the fixing and the fscking at the end10:01
ikoniawise to fsck 10:02
elkbuntudidnt have a choice10:03
elkbuntuhe managed to unsettle a few dozen inodes10:03
elkbuntualthough, that could have been me fixing too10:05
elkbuntubut me having to do that was entirely his fault :P10:05
topylielkbuntu: what did you have there then? menu.doc perhaps?10:07
elkbuntutopyli, it might as well have been. it was binary garble10:13
theunixgeekelkbuntu: It's been well over 48 hours and you haven't unbanned me from #ubuntu-offtopic10:13
elkbuntutheunixgeek, because we had to talk first, and i have not seen you10:14
theunixgeekelkbuntu: well, may I be unbanned now? :)10:14
elkbuntutheunixgeek, do you understand yet why what you did was wrong?10:14
theunixgeekelkbuntu: yes10:14
elkbuntutheunixgeek, then just to make sure you understand correctly, would you like to tell me why it was wrong?10:14
theunixgeekelkbuntu: I let somebody troll knowing they had already done that10:15
elkbuntuthat's what you did, not why it was bad10:17
elkbuntutheunixgeek, do you understand *why* it was wrong?10:19
theunixgeekelkbuntu: it was bad because it involved people in something futile and useless that took their attention away from whatever chat they were involved in, including aimlessly flooding the channel10:19
elkbuntuexcellent. topyli as the banner, are you satisfied with this response?10:21
topylivery. ten points!10:21
Myrttiand a badge10:22
elkbuntuthe ban is lifted, you can now re-join on probation.10:25
theunixgeekthank you, elkbuntu and topyli 10:25
theunixgeekmay I /part this channel?10:26
Myrttiyes please10:26
Myrttithank you10:26
elkbuntuimmediately joins and asks for a free host...10:26
topylireminds me, whatever became of nbeebo :)10:37
topylion #debian and ##defocus. i guess he's happy10:38
elkbuntuseems we are his one-stop-shop for completely irrelevent stuff you could google for in half a second10:39
topylioutsourcing search10:40
elkbuntui wonder who that could possibly be10:41
topylimy guess is he just wanted to join -ot and feel the love10:41
elkbuntuikonia, is it your bestest friend, or someone else's?10:41
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:45
ikoniawho sorry10:58
ikoniaI was just outside10:58
elkbuntuikonia, is the otenet.gr buddy yours?10:59
ikoniayes it was him10:59
ikoniarats missed him10:59
ikoniaughhh to just do chatzill@athedsl.*.gr11:00
ikoniait's always him11:00
Myrttimoar coffee11:29
MyrttiI must have teleported to some alternative universe11:31
* Myrtti huggles popey 12:00
* popey huggles Mez 12:01
* popey huggles Myrtti 12:01
Myrttitheme of today: forgetting important stuff.12:23
MyrttiI woke up after three hours of sleep three hours earlier than usual to do - something I forgot12:25
Myrttithen I was going to ask someone - something important I forgot12:25
jussi01Tm_T: sabdfl is active in a meeting in -meeting now if you want him15:53
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: January 13 2009, 15:53:15 - Current meeting: Server Team 15:53
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:10
ubottuIn #ubuntustudio, K-4U said: ubottu: What is you gender? :')16:21
* Myrtti slaps K-4U and jussi01 16:22
Myrtti[18:24] ~~~h0tsh1t [n=h0tsh1t@] has joined #ubuntu16:24
Myrttioh snap16:24
PiciJack_Sparrow: ftw = for the win, not f** the world16:31
Jack_SparrowIt can mean both16:32
Jack_SparrowEven http://dot.com.do/BTWgloss.html       agrees16:33
PiciThe past few years its come to mean 'for the win' more often than not.16:33
jussi01Pici: +116:34
Ursinhanever saw that meaning other thing than for the win16:35
Jack_SparrowIm showing my age again16:36
Jack_SparrowFor 10 years it meant the other16:36
jussi01stdin: all yours mate. Ive had a long day and Ill probably hose someone...16:42
stdinjussi01: I'll probably just end up banning sooner or later16:43
jussi01ikonia: ping16:46
stdintritium: mandy666 is also on that IP16:58
ikoniajussi01: pong17:01
jussi01ikonia: pm -> :)17:01
tritiumstdin: talked with him/her.  Good attitude, so I'm removing.17:10
tritiumThanks for the notice.17:11
stdinthank FloodBot1, it notified me ;)17:11
tritiumAh ;)17:11
Tm_Tjussi01: bah, missed17:34
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (Neo_The_User spam)17:48
Jack_Sparrow@mark Neo_The_User #ubuntu  On join spamming users.. then quick part17:53
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:53
PiciJack_Sparrow: He has a history of doing that17:54
Jack_SparrowShould I add more to the mark17:55
Jack_SparrowStill catching my breath after my 4 mile hike..17:55
ubottujussi01 called the ops in #ubuntu-server ()18:23
jussi01[20:23:37] --> Lezdepeze_ (n=Lezdepez@p4FCBCBD3.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #ubuntu-server18:24
jussi01[20:23:39] <Lezdepeze_> http://www.to-6.net/?uid=26332018:24
jussi01!staff | ^^18:24
ubottu^^: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)18:24
vorianjussi01: did you see his quit message?18:24
jussi01vorian: heh... yeah, now i did...18:25
pricechildWow, just searched google for something and an ubuntuforums result popped up. And it recognises posts and when they were last made etc. and formats them.18:27
pricechildskypes one too18:27
Picipricechild: Thats pretty neat.18:35
pricechildI'm sure its been around for a while but we just haven't seen it.18:35
PiciI wonder if thats something google is doing automagically for all vbulletin installs or something from their webmaster tools18:37
=== pricechild is now known as Pricey
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:23
Amaranthis there a way to look up fdo bugs using ubottu?19:24
CShadowRunHey, i made a edit to ubuntu-uk's ubot5 at 19:08:05, can anyone approve that please?19:34
CShadowRunthe old pastebin URL has been broken for a while now so it needs to be changed to the new URL19:34
DavieyCShadowRun: It doesn;t look like it was forwarded here19:34
CShadowRun[19:08:05] [ubot5] Your edit request has been forwarded to #ubuntu-ops. Thank you for your attention to detail19:35
PriceChildCShadowRun: please suggest them to ubottu.19:35
CShadowRunthat's weird19:35
CShadowRunPriceChild so i ask for changes to ubot5, to you ubottu?19:35
* CShadowRun is confused19:35
PriceChildubot5 takes ubottu's database regularly19:35
CShadowRunah i see, ok19:35
CShadowRunbut isn't ubottu global and not just for ubuntu-uk19:36
PriceChildubot5 isn't just for ubuntu-uk19:36
CShadowRunhow comes !pastebin goes to pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org?19:36
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)19:37
ubottuPastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:37
CShadowRunah i see19:37
CShadowRunso i ask ubottu to change !pastebin-#ubuntu-uk19:37
CShadowRun!pastebin-#ubuntu-uk is <reply> Pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://ubuntu-uk.pastebin.com/ (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:37
PriceChildbut we now have your suggestion19:38
CShadowRunok, so you guys can fix that? :)19:39
PriceChildHmm is there a reason ubot5 is  muted here19:39
PriceChildubot3 isn't for example :/19:39
ubot3PriceChild: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:39
jussi01PriceChild: I dont think jpds change the addressed by character19:39
jussi01(in here)19:40
PriceChildjussi01: hmm?19:40
PriceChildoh, the real one19:40
CShadowRunso what am i supposed to do to get it changed? :)19:40
CShadowRunhttp://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org doesn't exist anymore19:40
jussi01CShadowRun: its called wait ;)19:41
CShadowRunok :)19:41
PriceChildSo it doesn't.19:42
webpigeonubuntu-uk.pastebin.com would be a suitable alternative19:42
jussi01CShadowRun: is there a reason you dont have the normal ubuntu pastebin there??19:42
CShadowRunjussi01 i don't think so19:43
PriceChild!forget pastebin-#ubuntu-uk19:43
ubottuI'll forget that, PriceChild19:43
webpigeonthanks :)19:43
PriceChildwebpigeon hasn't noticed it hasn't updated?19:44
PriceChildby the looks of it neither did cshadowrun19:44
jussi01PriceChild: does -uk use ubot5?19:45
jussi01theyll be back19:45
PriceChild1231875806 0113T194326 < CShadowRun> !pastebin19:45
PriceChild1231875806 0113T194326 < ubot5> Pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:45
PriceChild1231875843 0113T194403 < ~webpigeon> CShadowRun, \o/ thankyou!19:45
PriceChild1231875848 0113T194408 < CShadowRun> webpigeon :D19:45
PriceChild1231875897 0113T194457 < ~webpigeon> \o/ \o/ \o/ *Dances round the channel now that is most annoying annoyance is gone* \o/ \o/ \o/19:45
* topyli tickles jussi0119:46
topyliahem. right, back to -ot :)19:46
jussi01PriceChild: Ill be in the UK next week \o/ got time to come down and see me?19:47
PriceChildjussi01: where abouts?19:47
jussi01PriceChild: London, then Bath19:47
jussi01gonna go see ikonia19:47
jussi01Might have to go to Liverpool at some point, but we will see. (maybe not tho)19:48
jussi01PriceChild: monday 19 - mon 26 19:49
Seeker`jussi01: where in london?19:49
jussi01Seeker`: airport mostly, then travelling to bath19:49
Seeker`ah, so not really london then19:50
Seeker`how are you travelling?19:50
jussi01Seeker`: well depends on my host, I think it would be nice too look around a little ;)19:50
Seeker`so where in london? :P19:51
jussi01Seeker`: flying to london (dah), then depends on my host19:51
jussi01Seeker`: no plans yet!19:51
PriceChildI probably won't be very available, won't have opportunity to travel far.19:53
Seeker`most of the "London" airports aren't really in london19:54
jussi01I just realised its actually to gatwick... ( I think)20:01
Seeker`heh, thats not london :P20:02
jussi01where is that anyway??20:02
* jussi01 has no idea20:03
jpdsjussi01: South of London.20:03
Seeker`30 min drive or so outside the M2520:03
jussi01whats the m2520:03
jpdsjussi01: Orbital motorway of London.20:03
jpdsjussi01: Don't worry, all the airports have trains to London, so you can go to bath/wherever via there.20:04
Seeker`M25 is a large circular car park that people still insist on calling a motorway20:05
Seeker`it is generally thought to be the outer boundary of london20:06
Jack_Sparrowjrib, Seems he is up to no good on someone elses computer20:55
Jack_Sparrowtrying to run script in term as root on boot.. plus the hair on the back of my neck stood up20:58
* jrib wonders what is private so that it is ok to show a single stranger but not many20:59
Jack_SparrowSeeker`, I found that same card you were looking at for 4 quid21:03
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: I bet they wouldn't honour it21:05
Seeker`reports are coming through of orders being cancelled21:05
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: The card from Dell was £4.95, the rest was postage21:06
jussi01I just got grumpy at snux and mtecknology... Myrtti go be nice to them for me.21:06
Jack_SparrowHad to assume that would happen21:06
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: I cant say that I'm surprised21:07
Seeker`was worth a go21:07
Jack_Sparrowyou bet it was21:08
Jack_Sparrowbut for two different suppliers having it that cheap.. surprising21:08
Seeker`I suspect one of their suppliers screwed up21:08
Seeker`and they automatically update their prices to $suppliers_price * 1.x21:09
Seeker`where x is percentage markup21:09
Jack_SparrowAlright.  I'm off to play with the cube on my windows box... 21:10
Seeker`have "fun"21:10
Jack_SparrowI expect it to gag on 3d games but still interesting for 2d stuff21:11
jussi01Seeker`: only 1.x?21:11
Seeker`well, that allows for a 100% markup21:11
Seeker`or close enough21:11
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
Mezpopey: why the huggles?23:48
Mezpopey: oh, tabfail, nvm23:48
Seeker`lo Mez 23:50
Mezlo Seeker` :D23:57

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